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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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areminder we have that weekend work for b.a.r.t., so there will be bus bridges. thanks so much for joining us today. we'll be back at 7:25 with a local update. have a great weekend. good morning. california burning. new wildfires erupt across the state. 50,000 forced to flee their home. back east, a massive storm taking aim at millions up and down the coast this weekend. breaking overnight, investigating itself. the justice department now opening a full blown criminal investigation into its own russia investigation. straight ahead, is it a legitimate inquiry or the president's political revenge? terminated, astros top executive fired accused of taunting female reporters in the
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locker room. harvey weinstein turns up at a public event in new york city d isonfronted by multiple women. >> nobody is going to say anything? nobody's really going to say anything? >> how it all went down from the people who were there. walking free. felicity huffman going to be released. and eddie murphy about to make his highly anticipated return to snl. >> they want to see me do buckwheat and mr. roger's neighborhood. >> and he could finally land an academy award. >> today, friday, october 25th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from
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studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. nice to have you with us on a friday morning. we've got two big weather stories unfolding as we speak. wildfires have erupted across california, forcing mass evacuations this morning. and to prevent even more fires from breaking out, power has now been cut to hundreds of thousands there. >> meantime, a tropical system in the gulf of mexico is set to bring soaking rains to the south today and through the weekend. we're going to get al's forecast in minute. we're going to start with the fires. joe fryer is in santa clarita. good morning. >> good morning, guys. first of all, i'm wearing the goggles because the winds are so strong they're blowing ash all over the place. the fires, they are starting suddenly. they are moving quickly. and they're leaving behind a path of destruction like the house you see behind me there this is a scene that is playing out all across the state. we've got hot, dry weather mixed with the whipping winds.
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a recipe for disaster. overnight north of los angeles, the tick fire exploding, wind driven flames ripping through neighborhoods, devouring homes, charring thousands of acres and pushing firefighters to the brink. >> the high winds and high heat, this was very quick to burn. more than 50,000 people forced to evacuate with very little notice. >> when i first saw it, i didn't realize how it got that big so fast. >> reporter: multiple freeways shut down as a precaution making the evacuations even more complicated. crews calling for extra help to fight flames propelled by stiff santa ana winds. >> we can not let our guard down. we're going to fight this aggressively. >> go. go. >> reporter: it's a similar scene in northern california, flames racing through parts of wine country, wind gusts topping 70 miles per hour. >> all that leads to fire behavior that is erratic and moves quickly. when that happens, fire fighting
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is essentially ineffective and turns into a mass rescue. >> reporter: wildlife cameras monitored by several universities capturing a sudden burst of flames in the distance that is believed to be the start of the kincade fire in a they ma sonoma county. 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate and dozens of structures destroyed. many here already without power after pacific gas and electric issued preemptive blackouts to customers hoping to prevent fires. on thursday, pg & e filed a report with state regulators saying one of the high voltage transmission towers which was still operating malfunctioned around the time the fire started. though the fire's cause is still under investigation. >> the fact that we found it or cal fire and are investigating doesn't tell us what caused the fire or where it started. >> reporter: this morning from rural vineyards to subdivisions,
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unpredictable fires are burning through california, a new normal for the golden state. right now we've got at least a dozen fires burning right now across california. and conditions are ripe for more fires and flareups throughout the day to day and the weekend. wind gusts still today could top 50 miles per hour. in fact while we were driving to this location, the highway h-- fire jumped highway 14, a very scary situation. that prompted more evacuations in this area. we also saw more houses catching on fire this morning. another dangerous situation, the wind is a huge worry because the embers can blow from one house to another house catching those houses on fire. that is one reason not too long ago we had fire crews out right here, there is a hot spot in this house behind me, they put that hot spot out to try to keep the fires under control. meanwhile in northern
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california, they are expecting a little reprieve today, but the windy conditions are expected to return again this week end. they are not out of this yet. back to you guys. >> be careful out there. so scary. one of the fire officialsed to us the three fires in that l.a. area just became one overnight. and al is here with more. >> good morning, guys. you can see we've got a wide area in southern california that has the potential for fire rapid fire spread and extreme risk to the west -- i should say east of san diego. we'll watch that. this other system developing, we're going to have a 70% chance of this becoming a tropical system, whether it does or not, it's going to impact the eastern half of the country. you can already see the rain now, heavy rain from houston into new orleans. this thing is going to get caught up in this front. and it will be pushing to the east. heavy rain, very heavy rain for the gulf. flash flood watches going up now.
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saturday, downpours move from ohio into mississippi with enhanced threat for flooding. and then sunday we look for heavy rain, northern new england, new york, all the way down to washington, d.c. travel delays. this stretch is all down the i-95 corridor. heavy rain up to five inches in the lower and mid mississippi river valleys. as far as roads and airports, take a look. today, it is for houston, new orleans, memphis, nashville, and atlanta by late in the afternoon. for tomorrow, cleveland, cincinnati and chicago, the roads a mess. in the morning, washington, d.c. afternoon, late afternoon and evening, new york and boston back to pittsburgh and charlotte. a real mess, savannah. >> al, thank you. we'll get to your forecast in just a minute. now to washington. nbc news confirming this morning that the justice department's inquiry into the origins of the russia investigation is now a criminal investigation into itself essentially.
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nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest on this as well as the impeachment developments. >> good morning to you. president trump long attacked the russia investigation as a witch hunt and a hoax. and now this major development, his own justice department investigating whether the origins of it crossed legal lines. overnight, democrats cried foul accusing the president of using the justice department for his own political purposes. >> reporter: this morning, a bombshell from the justice department. now investigating it according to a person familiar with the matter, the russia probe into the 2016 russia interference resulting in the mueller report is a criminal investigation into the very agency that was conducting it. led by u.s. attorney john durham who now has the power to subpoena witnesses, empanel a grand jury file charges all against his own officials. former director of national intelligence james clapper reacting overnight.
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>> i found the timing interesting given the increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: democrats blasting the inquiry and attorney general william barr who is overseeing it. >> where is this investigation going? it makes no sense. so bring it. bring it attorney general barr. >> reporter: jerry nadler tweeting that it has become a vehicle for president trump's political revenge. for more than two years, president trump repeatedly tried to discredit the russia investigation. >> total witch hunt. the entire thing is a witch hunt. >> reporter: calling for an investigation into the origins of the probe. >> and they'll be able to see how this hoax, how the hoax or witch hunt started and why it started. >> reporter: while former special counsel robert mueller's investigation found insufficient evidence of a conspiracy, he reported 140 contacts between the trump campaign and russians and outlined ten instances of possible obstruction of justice by president trump.
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it comes as republicans escalate their assault on the house impeachment inquiry. one of the president's closest allies lindsey graham introducing a resolution backed by over 40 republican senators calling the process i illegitimate, demanding a floor vote and due process. >> i think if we were doing this you'd be beating the [ bleep ] out of us. i'm saying there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and this is a dangerous way to do it. >> lindsey graham calling for the proceedings to be open. back in 1998, then representative lindsey graham said he supported closed door depositions. it's also worth noting that it is typical for lawmakers to hear from witnesses in a closed setting during the early stages of any congressional inquiry and democrats say they are planning to hold open hearings soon, savannah. >> i know there is a new poll out about the impeachment inquiry.
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what are you learning about it? >> our new nbc news survey showed a nation divided. 49% of respondents said he should be removed from office. the exact same amount, 49%, are against it. but here's the other notable take away. voters are very sharply divided along party lines. 90% of republicans and republican leaning independents are against impeachment and 89% of democrats are in favor of it. >> craig joins the table. surprising concerns about the most downloaded apps. >> yeah. we were talking about tiktok this morning. it is popular between tweens. some are worried that app may pose a threat to national security. hallie jackson joins us to explain. what are we talking about? >> listen, we hear a lot and talk about the leaders of facebook or twitter getting grilled on capitol hill.
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tiktok may be next. that is after a letter from chuck schumer and tom cotton calling the app a potential counterintelligence threat. the app that has taken teenagers by storm -- now facing a storm of a different kind accused of posing a possible security risk. with more than 500 million active accounts around the world, tiktok lets them post short edited video clips from cute pets to epic fails and even celebrities. but now all eyes are on the people behind the app. two top senators targeting the chinese tech company that owns tiktok in a letter to the director of national intelligence asking for an investigation into tiktok and other chinese based companies warning they may pose a national security risk. >> this is a threat to american security when china has data on 110
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million americans, who knows what they do with it >> the terms of service say the company will automatically collect a user's location, browsing history and information from messages sent within the app. but users browsing for viral videos can opt in to share gender, age, phone contacts, even payment information creating a digital profile for users which lawmakers worry could end up in the hands of the chinese government the senators also warn the platform could be a target for foreign influence campaigns like those carried out by russia during the 2016 election in a statement, the company says in part, we store all tiktok users' data in the united states with backup redundancy in singapore. we're entirely outside of china and none of our data is subject to china law it is not first time that tiktok faced controversy. "the wall street journal" reported that they've been used by islamic state militants to spread isis propaganda the videos removed for violating
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the tiktok policies adding growing concern the platform may share more than just a quick laugh. so what is the likelihood that tiktok cooperates with lawmakers? the company says it is committed to being a trusted and responsible corporate citizen in the u.s. which they say includes working with congress and all relevant regulatory agencies craig? >> hallie jackson in washington, thank you. former presidents bill clinton and barack obama are among the dignitaries paying tribute at the funeral for elijah cummings. he spent more than two decades in congress. he was a life long civil rights advocate more recently he also served as a key figure in the impeachment inquiry of president trump as the chairman of his committee. cummings died last week at the age of 68 from complications of long standing health issues. cummings was the son of share croppers he had a career as lawyer. elected to congress. nancy pelosi called him our north star
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and yesterday cummings became first african-american member of congress to lie in state at the u.s. capitol an honor he richly deserves the world series resumes tonight. but a move made by the houston astros yesterday is dominating the headlines. the team's assistant general manager fired over inappropriate comments directed at a group of female reporters nbc's kathy parks is at the nationals park with more o this good morning. >> hoda, good morning. game three of the world series heads to nats park later on this evening. there is a lot of excitement and energy in the air. but it's been tempered a bit by the controversy with the astros. it has shaken up the front office and now the team's on damage control >> reporter: this morning houston astros assistant general manager brandon taubman is out of a job, fired for making offensive comments to female
7:16 am
reporters after the team clinched the american league pennant. >> his behavior was inappropriate and not representative of who the astros are and our culture and what we stand for. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" reported that taubman turned to a group of three female reporters and yelled half a dozen times, thank god we got osuna i'm so glad we got osuna they picked up roberto osuna while he was still serving a 75 game suspension for domestic violence criminal charges against him were dropped as part of a plea deal then the team criticized the report accusing "sports illustrated" of attempting to fabricate a story where one does not exist. but on thursday, the astros general manager reversed course and apologized >> it was incorrect. it was wrong and that's all we can really say at this point. >> reporter: but he called taubman a valued employee whose comments were out of character he personally apologized on tuesday saying his comments were unprofessional and
7:17 am
inappropriate. major league baseball has launched its own investigation but so far has not released any findings on tuesday, the league saying in a statement in part, everyone in baseball must use care to not engage in any behavior that could be construed as minimizing the egregiousness of the act of domestic violence. the controversy casting a cloud over the start of the world series the astros manager hoping now that they can just play ball >> we're very sensitive as a club to everything that's gone on but i would like to -- we have our hands full getting to game three and getting a win in this series >> and we reached out to brandon taubman for a statement. we haven't heard back. the mlb also had no comment on his release. but on a separate note, if there is a game five in the world
7:18 am
series, it will be here at nats park and president trump acknowledged to reporters yesterday that he plans to attend but stopped short of saying he'll be throwing out the first pitch. guys, back to you. >> all right kathy at the nationals park, thank you. >> let's go back to the weather. we'll get the weather forecast busy day for you >> it is we're looking again at the santa ana winds. we're going to look at what is happening at the beginning of next week. we're not out of the woods yet a flood threat through the mississippi valley beautiful weather across the great lakes and northern plains. nice day along the mid-atlantic coast. rain in southern florida we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we will see smoke drifting into the bay area. it's a spare the air alert today. we'll see the thickest smoke into parts of san francisco as well as the south bay later on this afternoon into the evening. after seeing another hot day into the low 90s, we'll still have another hot day tomorrow, but not as windy. then the winds pick up late on saturday, as we prepare for a high wind and fire event. and that's your latest weather. coming up, the moment that harvey weinstein showed up at a new york city event and confronted by several outraged women. and then felicity huffman scheduled to be released this weekend. what is next for her plus the new evidence revealed in the lori loughlin case.
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. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm lawyer r.a. ciga i'm laura garcia. the numbers of acres burned is close to 22,000 now. share katsuda is live where houses have been reduced to ash. the numbers are shocking. >> reporter: 22,000 acres, very shocking. you can see behind me residents still trying to get into the area to close off the evacuation areas, and the only ones allowed in so far are vineyard owners. you can see on pine flat road,
7:27 am
there were still active flames, still trees on fire and a lot of hot spots. five fire engines are up here making sure the fire doesn't spread. just about five minutes away on guisers road we've seen cars destroyed, and downed trees and power line. so it's still very dangerous here. kari hall is checking the weather for this weekend. >> we still will have a lot of win and smoke drafting in, as we go into the next couple days. today is the smoke creating an unhealthy day for people getting outside. we're going to mostly see the smoke in the north bay, but the rest of the bay area will see the smoke drifting in. also another high went event. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. we have a traffic alert, north 280 into geneva getting into francis.
7:28 am
you have two lanes open, two lanes closed. 101 clear. everything else is moving smoothly. we have the build holding steady. back to you and the "today" show. the big problem, a brand-new wind event by sunday. it will be even stronger. for continuing coverage of the wildfires, the weather and pg&e blackouts, connect with nbc bay area.
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it is friday it is october 25th, 2019 hope you have good weekend plans. we have a great crowd on our plaza. we're going to visit with them in a little bit. get a little tv time. >> yes, absolutely let's get right to the stories we're following. several major wildfires raging out of control in california winds pushed fires into neighborhoods in los angeles a number of homes have been burned 50,000 people there told to evacuate in northern california, fire that started wednesday has now destroyed dozens of buildings there. american troops in syria have been told to prepare a strategy for protecting oil
7:31 am
fields in that country from isis the goal is to keep isis from using oil money to fund future terror activities. a defense official did not reveal how many u.s. troops might be involved. he said the number would not be in the thousands president trump vowed thursday that the u.s. will never let a reconstuted isis have the oil fields now to video that has a lot of people talking this morning it shows women confronting disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. anne thompson has that story good morning >> good morning. harry weinstein kept a low profile since the allegations against him surfaced but when he showed up at an event here in new york this week, several women made sure to voice their frustration. >> we have an elephant in the room >> reporter: new video showing several people angrily taking aim at harvey weinstein. the disgraced movie mogul making a rare appearance out wednesday night at a club in new york
7:32 am
city he was confronted multiple times, including by a comic who skewered him from the stage. >> didn't know that we have to bring our own rape whistle with us tonight. >> some in the audience could be heard boo'ing. >> oh, shut up no just kill that group therapy for rape survivors >> revealing she is a rape survivor >> i never got to confront those guys so just a general. [ beep ] to whoever >> reporter: later saying as a comedian and survivor of sexual assault, i couldn't not say something. another person at the club also confronting weinstein. >> nobody is going to say anything i'm standing four feet from a rapist and nobody is going to say anything >> reporter: she says weinstein
7:33 am
was surrounded by young women, writing online in some ways tonight was a horrible painful reminder the power a man like weinstein holds even now weinstein's representatives telling nbc news he was out with friends, enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. calling the scene uncalled for, down right rude, and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public weinstein who has mostly stayed out of the public eye since dozens of women leveled accusations of sexual misconduct against him two years ago, saying in a brief statement, "we should all be offered the courtesy to voice opinions and be heard and to even get answers. i am glad we all still have these rights." now weinstein is currently facing multiple court cases stemming from allegations of sexual assault and intimidation. he has pleaded not guilty to all of those charges against him and has repeatedly denied engaging in nonconsensual sex
7:34 am
>> meanwhile, as we understand it, there was another new lawsuit filed this week by actress rose mcgowan >> right, she filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against weinstein and two of his attorneys and an investigative firm saying that in the runup to the me too movement as she talked to journalists about what she said harvey weinstein did and she claims he raped her, she said they tried to intimidate her and smear her and that's why she filed suit. >> all right anne thompson, thank you now to the college admissions scandal felicity huffman is set to be released this weekend. the pressure is growing on lori loughlin to make some kind of deal any ghel alma miguel almaguer is joining us with the latest >> she is one of the first parents to plead guilty and the first to go to prison. after receiving a short two week sentence, she'll also be the first to go home but many are wondering what comes next for the hollywood
7:35 am
star walking the yard in her green jump suit with a fellow prisoner, new images of the actress turned inmate come just days before felicity huffman is set to be a free woman sunday she will leave this sprawling penitentiary outside san francisco on wednesday, able to return to her massive estate in the hollywood hills huffman will begin her one year of supervised release, serving 250 hours of community service, she's already paid a $30,000 fine >> my friends call me brie >> reporter: she is best known for her role on "desperate housewives," but in a letter to the judge before sentencing, her husband wrote, "it's not clear when or how felicity will resume her acting career. after her prison photos went public, martha stewart who served five months in a federal correctional facility weighed in >> well, she should style her
7:36 am
outfit a little bit more she looked slumpy. she made a horrible mistake. horrible and she is experiencing what happens. >> reporter: while tv personality jane buckingham was sentenced to three weeks in prison after pleading ty to fraud charges, lori loughlin and her husband continue to maintain their innocence, just hit with the new conspiracy to commit bribery charge, prosecutors unveiled more evidence saying her husband wrote in an e-mail, i had to work the system, after the couple allegedly made their older daughter bella look like a rowing recruit to get into usc this morning, one actress headed towards trial while another is nearly free to go home >> you've been following this. they added that criminal charge which expands the possibility that she would get more prison time what are we talking about? >> she could get five more
7:37 am
additional years she had the opportunity to plead guilty if she wants. the case is headed towards trial. she'll be back in court in january. >> all right miguel, thank you very much. coming up, we have willie's trip to waco for a visit with chip & joanna gaines wait until you hear what might be in their future >> first though, head injuries are not just major concern in football now also soccer, especially for women who play what some of the sport's biggest stars now doing to help themselves and future generations. that's right after this. ing. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm.
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stephanie gosk is here to tell us about ground breaking research >> good morning. recent years we learned much more about cte, the progressive brain disease. it's found in some athletes who experienced repetetive concussions or subconcusive hits to the head. typically lee research looks at former football player, but now a leader in the field is turning towards women who play soccer. why? because frequent headers are so key to the sport >> here's that free kick >> reporter: collisions in women's soccer are tough to watch. >> completely banged heads on that play. >> reporter: in the 2015 world cup, morgan brian fell to the ground grabbing her head her opponent on the field bleeding >> sending it in there >> reporter: but what if a move like this was just as dangerous? alex morgan now famous header earlier this year. no contact with another player, just the ball, the head, and the neck it's a common play performed by
7:43 am
players of all ages. but done over and over could it lead to the degenerative brain disease cte? >> when we think about cte, we think about football players why are you studying female soccer players >> because everyone thinks about american male football players and so we need to figure out if if other athletes and both men and women are prone to getting this brain disease >> reporter: dr. robert stern is hoping to get answers. in a first of its kind study started this week. >> here's the scary part heading the ball seems to have an effect on the brain even after just a season, there are changes in different types of brain functioning >> reporter: the boston university study will will follow former professional soccer players for a year collecting information about their brains through a blood test, mri and cognitive analysis
7:44 am
among the participants, some of the sport's biggest names, michelle acres and brandi chastain, a long time star player who now wonders if things like forgetting her keys are signs of something more troubling. >> is that just getting older or is that maybe, you know, soccer? was that from heading? i was very brave i absolutely wanted to head the ball as a sign of my toughness and contribution to my team. >> reporter: the data will be compared with former football players and women that didn't play soccer. >> there is such a need to include women in medical research in general. they've been understudied. >> reporter: one of stern's goals is to help battle a common misconception that concussions are solely to blame for cte. is it possible for someone to never have a concussion and develop cte? >> for sure. we have seen lots of cases of individuals that had no known concussions and, yet, they have
7:45 am
full blown disease of the brain. >> reporter: chastain who now coaches at santa clara university knows the study's conclusion could lead to radical changes like minimizing headers in the sport she loves >> if you value good soccer, most of the good soccer is played on the ground with your feet so for me, it might actually help >> reporter: her player safety is one of her top priorities and inspiration for her to be part of the study. >> i thought that could be a better legacy than yes, i did score a goal in the world cup. but how could i leave soccer in a safer place? >> the study will look at women over the age of 40 who played five years of organized soccer results are expected next year >> interesting it's not just -- i mean the fact that it's not just concussions can you never have a concussion and still get cte. what else do they know about women's head related injuries and soccer >> yeah, i mean they're looking at -- this is the first with women. but they are doing more and more
7:46 am
research on soccer itself. and this week a in you study came out in the uk that showed that former male professional soccer players are 3 1/2 times more likely to develop dementia and other brain diseases now that research establishes a link without establishing causation and that's an important distinction. even so, it raises those red flags. >> you think about even kidsyoua playing soccer like their brains are developing you see them all the time doing that you don't know what the long term result of that is >> right and i learned this over the course of doing this story in the u.s., u.s. soccer has banned heading for kids under the age of 11. but you can imagine studies like this one could change those rules even further it's controversial people are very passionate about heading in soccer. >> you said, it's not just the collisions we know those are dangerous. but just repetitive doing that headers can be a problem >> thank you, steph.
7:47 am
>> thank you move over to mr. al roker. >> we want to take a more in-depth look what is going on out west you can see right now in the west, there is 16 active large fires. 34,000 acres burning since 1970, changes to climate change, the wildfire season in the west is 105 days longer. there are three times as many large fires now than there were in 1970. six times as many acres burned so we are seeing much much more activity happening 25 million people at risk right now. much of california isolatedind gusts 70 miles per hour high heat, low humidity. it dies down later today look what happens sunday into monday strong cold front across california high wind watches for northern california so there is another santa ana event happening there. and monday into tuesday we look for high pressure building causing a strong fire threat and lots of winds for southern california so their threat is going to continue into next week. that's what's going on around the country. here's
7:48 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we will see drifts of smoke coming in. it's a spare the air alert today. we'll see it first in the north bay, then into the rest of the bay area. it's still going to be hot, just asot as yesterday, in many areas reaching into the upper 8s on, low 90s. tomorrow we're still hot, but not as windy. the winds pick up late tomorrow evening into sunday as we once again watch out for a high fire danger and damages wind event. you often talk about the weather we're seeing and connection to climate change intensity of the wildfires, is that an example? >> the intensity and length of the season we're getting to a point where there is no wildfire season. it's all year long >> straight through. >> all right thank you. just ahead, meghan markle speaks out at a new event overnight and also brought along a special guest, her husband we'll hear from both of them after these messages
7:49 am
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good friday morning. we can take a live look outside in walnut creek, we can see the layer of smoke. it's a spare the air art day due to the kincade fire. the smoke is drifting into the rest of the bay area. we'll see it mostly during the afternoon from san francisco to the east bay on southward. it also will be a hot day with highs reaching the low 90s, anywhere from the coast to the inland area. by the weekend another high-wind event. continuing into sunday. and the mountains up to 75-mile-per-hour gusts. that could down some trees and cause some damage. we'll be watching out for that, even as temperatures cool off into early next week. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute from mike. a better ride. the earlier traffic alert has cleared. into san francisco from the north say south 101 slow, but recovering out of the robin williams tunnel. that earlier crash cleared there. the bay bridge toll plaza has a backup, but remember it's friday, so san jose, for example, holds steady. really the worst is north 87 into downtown. back to you. happening now, we're following developments in several stories. a short time ago firefighters gave us an up date on the kin dade kei, growing up to about 33,000 acres. it's destroyed at least 49 structures. that number is unchanged from last night. in the past few minutes we learned that felicity huffman has been release fred federal prison where she was serve ago 14-day sentence. and the body of an unfan was
7:58 am
found overnight on a conveyor belt at a recycling facility in san jose. check our website for updates.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
and the east coast prepping for a massive storm. al is live with the latest forecast. plus, murphy's law. al talks with comedy icon eddie murphy about his return to the spotlight. >> this stuff all came together right at the same time. like, back to back to back. >> what he is saying about his new movie, hosting "snl" and heading back to the standup stage. >> i'm 58 now. so i don't think i'm going to
8:01 am
approach it the same way. and something gained. willie sits down with chip and joanna to talk about their biggest renovation yet. >> chip loves this building for years. he takes me up to this ballroom. i can see it. i can see the history. >> what's next for the couple and their family. today is friday, october 25th, 2019. ♪ >> georgia peaches in the big apple! >> what's up, washington! >> trish is turning 40! >> happy 70th birthday! >> hoda and savannah, how old are you today? >> i'm 3. it's my birthday! >> happy birthday, little one. >> i'm 3. >> and even wearing an nbc shirt. i love that. thanks for being with us on a friday morning. it's a good friday. the plaza out there. >> we're very excited. we want to let you know that our october to remember is
8:02 am
continuing. it's going to end up with a bang. >> yeah, it is. >> monday. nba legend magic johnson will be here in studio 1-a. >> then on wednesday, we have hollywood icons robert de niro and al pacino. >> and friday fashion designer stella mccartney is stopping by. can we continue this in november? >> i know. we have halloween next week, too. >> that's right. a lot to look forward to. >> let's get to the news. raging wildfires in southern and northern california, more than 50,000 people forced to flee their homes overnight. joe fryer is just outside of los angeles. joe, good morning. >> savannah, good morning, the wind are so strong i'm wearing the goggles because ash is blowing everywhere. the fires are leaving behind a path of destruction like what you see behind me here. one worry is flareups like you see there. the strong winds could take an ember, blow it into an another house and catch that house on fire.
8:03 am
it's one reason firefighters are bracing for another long day. overnight, just north of los angeles, the tick fire exploding near santa clarita. the flames ripping through neighborhoods, devouring homes, charring thousands of acres and pushing firefighters to the brink. >> the high winds and high heat, this is very quick to burn. >> reporter: more than 50,000 people forced to evacuate with very little notice. >> when i first saw it, i couldn't -- i didn't realize how it got that big so fast. >> reporter: crews calling for extra help to fight flames propelled by stiff santa ana winds. >> we cannot let our guard down. we're going to fight this aggressively. >> reporter: it's a similar scene in northern california, flames whipping through wine country, wind gusts 70 miles an hour. >> that leads to fire behavior that is erratic. when that happens, fire fighting
8:04 am
is ineffective and turns into a mass rescue. >> reporter: cameras catch touring a sudden burst of flames in the distance that is believed to bes start of the kincade fire. 2,000 people forced to evacuate and dozens of structures destroyed. many here already without power after pacific gas & electric issued blackouts to customers hoping to prevent fires. this mning from rural vineyards to popular subdivisions, unpredictable fires are burning across california. a new normal for the golden state. and there is no sign of relief. the conditions are ripe for more fires and flare-ups today. in fact, as we were driving to this location this morning, the fire had jumped a major highway in this area and burning on both sides of that highway right up to the edges. >> so scary, joe. thank you very much. this morning the justice department is opening a criminal
8:05 am
investigation of itself. while reviewing the origins of the russia probe, it's not clear what possible crimes the department is looking into. but president trump tried for years to discredit the russia investigation as an illegal witch hunt. some democrats are skeptical of the move as well as the motives of william barr who is overseeing it. this as republicans are escalating their assault on the hoist impeachment inquiry. dignitaries and family and friends are remembering elijah cummings. barack obama and bill clinton and hillary clinton are speaking at this morning's service for the life long civil rights advocate. the maryland democrat was in congress for more than two decades. and recently served as a key figure in the impeachment inquirof president trump. cummings died last week at 68. he was honored as the first african-american member of congress to lie in state in the u.s. capitol. >> it is 8:06. time for a boost. >> we have a boost.
8:06 am
>> arlington school crossing guard is a diehard washington nationals baseball fan. so getting to see them in the world series was like at the very top of the bucket list. some parents found out about that, they took up a collection and then they gave jeff a big surprise. >> we got you these tickets. >> what? >> so wonderful. >> go nats! go nats! go nats! go nats! go nats! >> cute. the parents paid more than $2400 for that pair of tickets. joe said he's going to take his wife to the world series game this weekend. maybe you'll see him. >> by the way, he had the mascot there on his chest. just ahead, meghan markle and harry's new mission in the wake
8:07 am
of that emotional documentary revealing how they feel about life in the royal spotlight. then al going one-on-one with eddie murphy, getting to the bottom of this semiretirement? >> what i would like to do more than anything is not have a schedule and just be within earshot of my children and just do nothing. that's my favorite dish. >> mine too. >> the oscar buzz surrounding his new movie. but first, these messages. ♪ wh ♪ life is better with you ♪ whoa whoa ♪ whoa whoa ♪ life is better with you ♪ i know just one thing is true... ♪ life is better with you ♪ 50% off sale this weekend!... plus - take an extra 20% off!...
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pronamel repair can actively help repair weakened enamel. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth's surface. pronamel repair takes it to the next level. we're back today something we've been talking about all week we'll hear al's interview with eddie murphy >> it was worth the wait i got to meet up with eddie at the four seasons hotel in new york where we had a wide-ranging interview talking about his new film, upcoming return to 30 rock and "snl" and so much more his character may not care for movie critics.
8:12 am
>> it is dreadful, humorless and a technically terrible movie >> man, nobody cares what the critics say. >> but murphy in real life might. there is a great critical buzz about this how does oscar buzz feel >> that is gratifying. it never sucks to get oscar buzz >> yeah, who says that >> there are many buzzes about [ beep ] it hasn't happened >> rapping and tapping is my game >> the movie tells the real life story of the making of a 1970s film >> dolemite. >> filled with car chases and bad kung fu. he fought to make what would become a classic >> cut >> at his core, this guy is looking for the american dream he was a dreamer >> he was a dreamer.
8:13 am
that's what his talent was his comedy is super crude and literally went in the alley and got it from if homeless guys but he believes in it.ient is br you're doing. if you really believe in it, whatever it is, you know, ut and that's the most important ingredient is belief in whatever you're doing if you really believe in it, whatever it is, you know, ut it will pop-up. >> do you know karate? >> no, but i'm a fast learner. >> a re-emergence for the 58-year-old. i interviewed you i think 2008 and you said at 50 you were going to retire. >> yeah. i did. i did. i kind of -- it was -- i kind of semiretired. i'm still kind of in the semiretired state. but i like to do more than anything is just not a schedule and be within earshot of my children and do nothing. that's my favorite dish. >> his schedule is packed with sequels in production for "beverly hills cop" and "coming to america." >> good morning, my neighbors. >> "coming to america 2. why now?
8:14 am
>> just came together. it's almost like stuff happens in cycles. >> he is working on a standup special for netflix. his first in decades did you have to do anything different to get back into it? >> well, you have to go to the clubs. i haven't started doing that yet. i would just do the same thing as i always did. because i never wrote stuff out on paper i would be like having a conversation and i would say something funny. and it's like oh, that's funny and i would try it on stage. and i've always done that i just stopped taking it to the stage >> you have kids now you have ten kids. will that change the comedy you do >> you know, the last time i did standup i was 27 years old i look at some of my old stuff and i'm like, man, i cringe. >> how come? >> you just, you know, sometimes we just -- i can't believe i said that. oh, my god and you're looking at yourself look what i have on. i'm 58 now so i don't think -- i don't think i'm going to approach it
8:15 am
the same way >> however when he hosts snl in december, he'll be taking the same approach as he did when he was in the cast. bringing back some fan favorites. >> the people that are checking for me to host that show want to see me do the characters that i did on that show >> this is how you answer the door in my neighborhood. >> who is it >> they want to see me do mr. robinson's neighborhood and gumby and buckwheat. ♪ three times a mady >> do people still come up and do their best gumby imitation? >> no. if you know gumby, you're our age. it's not a lot of people in their 50s and 60s walking up to me doing schtick >> that iconic laugh -- [ laughing ] punctuating the best comedy of
8:16 am
our past and likely our future you talk about the difference between 27-year-old eddie murphy and the 58-year-old eddie murphy what would you tell if you could tell your younger self that you know now >> there is no one thing the 27-year-old isn't trying to hear [ beep nobody got to say. so don't even waste my breath on it beware of this and watch out for that because i've been really blessed. i'm as close as you can have to have a charmed life. take it easy, bye-bye. >> i could have talked to him for over an hour he was very, very upcoming talking about he's finishing "coming to america 2," getting ready to do "beverly hills cop 4. >> he hasn't done standup in 30 years. >> i know. that's crazy >> dolemite is terrific.
8:17 am
i'm somebody to have remembered the original he is so good in this. but the cast is amazing too. in fact, at 9:00, we're going to be talking to keegan michael key and titus burgess. and the movie is in select theaters today >> i know what i'm doing >> download dolemite is my name. we're going to start off today with jimmy and jimmy people obviously probably mix up jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon. they got together to show they're not that similar the truth is, we're very different jimmys in a lot of ways i was born in brooklyn, new york. >> i was born in brooklyn, too >> okay. so not a great example by me but we're different like what did jimmy fallon have for breakfast today? >> i had oatmeal with baby carrots on top >> that's what i had
8:18 am
but that's a pretty common breakfast. >> totally >> okay. count of three, name your five favorite breakfast cereals, ready? >> sure. >> go. fruit loops, lucky charms, count chocula and trix next >> that's cute >> actually, he's in brooklyn this week. >> that's right. that's true. next up, cold play dropping new music. releasing two new songs from the double album called "everyday life." the first of the two new tracks is called "the orphans." here's a little bit of that. ♪ light up the moon >> it's ♪ >> it's a catchy one
8:19 am
they should. cold play if you're out there, chris, if you're up early, come to studio 1-a and get on the plaza. chris' son moses, a credited writer on that song. >> what? how old is he? >> 13. the double album comes out on november 22nd. ariana grande a collaboration that you didn't know you needed. a remix of good as hell. teasing fans about holding up a grande here's a little clip of that ♪ ain't worrying none going to let my hair go ♪ ♪ he don't love you anymore rock your body out the door ♪ ♪ check my nails baby how you doing ♪ ♪ baby how you doing >> hoda is into it >> yeah. >> you forget that voice
8:20 am
that vocal range >> you're right. >> quickly, this is about a cat. the cat is cinder. short for cinderblock. she is trying to lose a few pounds for holidays. doing it on the treadmill. she is not exactly thrilled to be there >> whoa. >> are you working out [ meowing >> who wants to be on the treadmill with water >> look at that motion >> that is good work >> trying to lose a few pounds cinder, we're rooting for you. i don't know the water situation. >> it's for dogs and stuff they can fill the tank up so puts less weight on the joints so they can float a little more. >> why can't we have that? >> i have one at home. i put the treadmill in the tub >> i know. i connect. >> i connect too >> me too. >> cool.
8:21 am
>> how about a little weather, mr. al roker >> it's the click we needed. here's what we need right now. we need to know there is a low pressure system that could become a tropical system over the next two days, 70% chance this thing is going to merge with a front and bring a lot of rain, especialnto the lower to mid mississippi river valley upwards of five inches possible. one to two inches as you get into the northeast airport and roads today, a mess between memphis, nashville, atlanta, houston you move into tomorrow, it's going to be up into cleveland, chicago, st. louis, cincinnati, atlanta. and then as we move into sunday, the northeast gets it. by the late afternoon, early evening for new york, boston, pittsburgh, washington, d.c., and we're looking at charlotte, showers and thunderstorms as well next half hour, we're going to look at the world series forecast over good friday morning, i'm kari hall, a live look outside in walnut creek. we can see a rlayer of smoke
8:22 am
coming in. we'll see more smoke coming in especially this afternoon for areas south of the north bay. 2:00 to 10:00 tonight. and going through the forecast another hot day tomorrow and then on sunday we're getting ready for another high wind event and also a high fire danger. and that's your latest weather. we have the latest on the royals good morning yes. despite speaking out about the intense and sometimes negative media scrutiny they're under recently, prince harry and duchess meghan markle are not slowing down >> this morning, meghan markle taking center stage, prince harry at her side. >> thank you for letting us crash the party. >> she is hosting a roundtable discussion how to achieve gender equality with activists. >> what you're all capable of is incredible but when you work collectively, our intention today is create a
8:23 am
task force we can't have a conversation about women's empowerment with just women >> earlier in the week, she opened the summit of a group of young ambassadors from around the globe. beaming and confident, striding to the stage, insisting on a hug instead a courtesy in a sweet moment she is unhappy in an explosive documentary. >> when people are saying things that are just untrue and they're being told they're untrue but they're allowed to still say them, i don't know anybody in the world that would feel like that's okay. >> underlining harry's battle with the press over privacy issues, saying they causing his wife mental anguish just as they did with his mother princess diana >> look, any woman when they're, especially when they're pregnant, you're really vulnerable so that was made really challenging. and then when you have a newborn, you know, i would hope that people of the world would
8:24 am
get to a point where you just see us as a couple who is in love, right? >> baby archie's first foreign tour, a bit challenging for his parents. >> life with a 5-month-old. >> i was going to say challenging. >> as life is, any mom can relate to that >> but clearly, delighting them too. >> he is bouncing up and down. >> he is the happiest. >> like all parents, a young baby making life more hectic but also bringing endless joy. >> as they do. meghan markle and harry have a full schedule of engagements until they start a six week break around mid november. but until then, you'll see them out and about. >> okay. >> thank you >> guys, just ahead, willie's visit with jim and joanna gaines including some real talk about
8:25 am
-- oh, babies and stuff like that in a very personal demolition lesson. >> very good anybody want a sausage >> yes the answer is yes. >> we have big game day coming up the grill dads are here. >> they're great there they are they're the boys they make some mean -- topnotch food. going outside. we're grilling and getting ready for the weekend. first, a quick check of your local news
8:26 am
good friday morning, i'm kari hall. we have a micro climate alert. we have smoke drifting in today. here is a live look outside. v visibility clear now. due to the kincade fire, it will come in from the north and it will bring the smoke into the bay area as we go into the rest of the day and we'll also have hot temperatures reaching into the upper 80s lower 90s, and then we will have a high fire danger going into the weekend from saturday night through
8:27 am
monday, we will see gusty winds picking up. it includes all of these areas shaded in yellow as we mostly are looking at elevations above 1,000 feet. gusty winds picking up in the forecast for saturday night and into sunday. we'll also have some much cooler temperatures and we'll see the cooler air staying with us through the beginning of next week. morning temperatures dropping back into the low 40s, but we will continue to have updates on the high fire danger and the gusty winds moving in with our temperatures dropping in san francisco from 85 today to the upper 60s by the end of the weekend and we'll see more 60s throughout the rest of the forecast.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for the most delicious taste imaginable. that's no ordinary cheese. no. it's kerrygold. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
8:30 am
welcome back, everybody. it is 8:30 on a beautiful friday morning. tgif. it is friday. i'm trying to talk nice and it is tgif it is fri-yay. i'm trying to talk nice and slow so everybody gets a little tv time out here. >> great crowd >> we made it. it's friday. >> yeah. >> a little friday crowd moment. >> yeah. >> i am looking for debbie and marcy. how convenient what part of massachusetts >> central mass. >> i'm from oregon >> you're from oregon.
8:31 am
we're best friends. >> for how long? >> a long time >> dozens of years >>nd you're also, as i understand it, a knitter >> we are knitters >> and you brought along something for us >> we did. we did we brought -- we knew there were new babies coming or were here at the today show, so we brought some sweaters. we have one for hope >> baby hope gets a sweater. >> hope happens first. >> but wait, there is more and then hal came along. >> baby hal. >> savannah, will you give this to your neighbor >> i love this >> and there's more. >> yeah. this one is for dylan. >> i'll take this one. >> all right >> a lot of babies here. >> and carson, i understand you're going to have another one. >> wow >> boy, they've been busy. >> they've been busy so we got busy >> did you hear what she said?
8:32 am
they've been busy so we got busy >> hey now >> thank you so much >> thank you guys so much. >> i'm going try it on after the show. >> so sweet. >> when you start measuring it in sweaters, you see the real baby boom. >> thank you >> oh, my gosh >> coming you, willie gets his hands dirty on demo day with chip and joanna gaines >> we know it's going to be a great game chiefs taking on the packers this sunday. of course, the food will be pretty darn good as well the grill dads are talking sliders and brats. i love a brat. >> i love a brat >> the countdown for the big halloween extravaganza is on craig revealed the clue yesterday. we're not telling you, of course you had a clue what was the clue? >> once a royal always a royal >> okay. i don't know what that means >> i'm going to give you a clue now. >> we're ready >> i don't have any idea what my costume is
8:33 am
last year i was wearing leather, this year i'll be doing one better i'll be rocking a sweater. not a baby sweater >> i love that >> all right we're going to give a lot more clues next week. we'll lead up to our big reveal on halloween which is a week from thursday. >> remember the chris farley bit? >> yeah. >> and a little coat put that on. hey, by the way, look who i see, smokey bear! >> smokie! >> here is the reason why smokey is here. it's fall. it's prime time for bonfires and camping and as we've seen in california, that means a higher risk of wildfires. smokey is here to share and you guys, what's going on? so here's the first statistic. nine out of ten wildfires are actually started by people so that means they're preventable, right >> that's correct. they are preventable
8:34 am
smokey reminds us it's about personal responsibility and minding the weather when we're outside. >> you know, a lot of people, cooler weather a fire pit is going on things like that what do we need to know about that >> well, one thing we need to know is before we actually start our fire, whether we're hunting or having a fire pit, we want to make sure we know the local regulations. and then also mind the weather >> all right very good. of course, smokey, it's your 75th birthday. >> it is >> you look fantastic. >> you haven't had any work done, have you >> and you're rocking jeans. >> we've been having a great year >> smokey and maureen, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> let's check your weather and see what we got going on for you. world series weather that's right tonight 6:30 partly cloudy there at the nationals park, d.c. tomorrow, isolated shower or two. and 60 sunday at 8:00, 69
8:35 am
the rain will be coming to an end. i think they'll get the game in if they need a game five that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your good morning, i'm kari hall, we're leading into another hod day. highs in the upper 80s and low 90s and by the weekend a fire weather watch for elevaons 1,000 feet and it is all because our winds are increasing with a scold frocold front movi. we will alsoave the potential of getting gusts up to 40 miles per hour. and that is your latest weather. getting ready for the best night, that's right. there is only one sunday night football "football night in america"! the green bay packers, aaron rodgers flying on in to
8:36 am
arrowhead stadium. kansas city. increasing clouds. 47 pat mahomes, i don't know. we'll see if it he's there it's going to be a good one. we do know packers-chiefs sunday night "football night in america" hoda >> that was epic >> coming up next, willie geist's firsthand look at a massive renovation project for chip and joanna gaines that's years in the making. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back with willie geist. >> 18 months after chip and joanna ended their show, they're on to the next big project including the massive renovation
8:39 am
of an old building into a boutique hotel luckily for me, chip needed a little help with demo day. >> this is demolition day. >> what's today? >> demo day. >> this whole thing has to be demolished you start from the bottom and you kind of see it this thing starts coming loose get under this thing >> yeah. >> use your legs not your back there you go low base there you go yeah >> chip and joanna gaines love a fixer upper. but the nearly century old and largely abandoned grand kareem shrine in waco gives new meaning. >> tell me what you saw in this place? this is a big leap. >> yeah. i would start with what chip saw in this place. because the story of my life,
8:40 am
thit fort chip loved -- i get this building for years. he takes me to the ballroom. i could see the history. >> the massive renovation project will convert the building into a hotel. to accommodate the fans who now flock to waco. that must be a crazy thing to know that people across the country and around the world are flying into dallas, catching a connection to waco to come and buy things at magnolia or catch a glimpse of you two >> a crazy honor i've never been a humble guy you know, that's not a thing you naturally assume about me. but in this experience, it is so humbling >> in september of 2017, chip and joanna made the surprise announcement they were walking away from one of the most popular shows on cable television to make family life with their five children a priority >> that wasn't an easy decision. >> i'm sure. >> we wrestled with counsellors for lack of a better term to help us articulate, do we want to do this or not?
8:41 am
and i would say the overwhelming majority of those people said when you turn that television show off, all of this other stuff will come crumbling down >> but the gaines' empire has only grown with theiown magnolia tv network launching next year and chip thinking about another big project. >> i can see crew having a little sibling >> oh, geez. >> i love this woman. >> when i'm 50, chip wants more kids this is going to be like the headline forever >> so as can you see there, seems to be chip pushing his agenda on joanna the argument is that crew is a young baby the other kids are older chip says joanna, let's give crew a baby. i said easy for you to say >> joanna gets two votes on that one. >> we'll see the rest of the conversation with chip and joanna gaines, tune in this weekend to "sunday today. >> we always love watching you thank you. next, we're going to shine a
8:42 am
light on a remarkable wounded warrior using his story to help inspire young people facing similar challenges first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. and we're back now with our series honoring our military it's an opportunity to shine a light on our men and women in the armed services, of course, >> natalie morales met up with a veteran that is really making a difference with an incredible message. hey, nat >> good morning. he is one of the most inspiring people i've had the privilege to spend time with and we're sharing his story today with help from our sponsor cigna. he has overcome challenges with a message of strength, determination, and positivity
8:45 am
every day. redman ram was an navy corpsman at 18, he deployed to afghanistan with a third marine division in 2011 he treated wounded warriors on the front lines. witnessing some injuries too horrific to bear >> somebody stepping on an iud was the first injury that i witnessed and eventually what happened to me >> just a few months of deployment, ramos was running across the battlefield to help a verely injured soldier who minutes before stepped on an explosive device the danger so great that ramos, too, stepped on an ied >> the best thing that ever happen to me >> losing your leg >> led me into a wonderful life of being active and motivated and just happy >> it's a message that ramos shares with others facing similar challenges he volunteers with a group of young amputees, teaching them
8:46 am
how to use their prosthetic legs >> you can >> he is part of team caf, challenged athletes foundation an organization providing opportunities and support to people with physical challenges. >> for the people like myself who have been just given so much from the foundation to finally try to give back >> during his work with the foundation, our sponsor cigna, the global health insurance company, stepped up to support his efforts. >> redman's story to me, it reinforces a lot of powerful messages, selfless service, continuing to serve and support others >> you subscribe to the philosophy success through struggle >> yes >> what does that mean to you? >> it means that if you want to succeed, if you want to reach your absolute best success, the only way you're going to be able to do that is to actually place yourself in a state of struggle as much as you possibly can. >> you use your experience, your injury to really come out on the other side and talk about it and
8:47 am
to motivate others with what you went through why was that important to you? >> because i feel like me stepping on the ied or me getting injured in general was this beautiful life switch moment that changed my life for the better i want everybody else to be able to experience this just incredible feeling and mindset i don't want them to have to step on a bomb >> after years of motivating others, the retired navy corpsman decided to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. and for him that meant competing in the invictus games for team usa. >> i wanted to show the world that you don't have to let your physical surroundings define you. i always say that obstacles are just really opportunities to succeed and grow and going on the amazing race is really my chance to kind of prove it. >> while he came in fourth place, did he win the heart of his then girlfriend and then he proposed to her on a skydiving trip eight months after walking down
8:48 am
the aisle, the couple expecting their first child. >> everyone always said he's going to be such a great dad to a girl and we're lucky now because we're going to have a little baby girl. >> now that i'm having a kid, the fact that i get to come out here and somehow just motivate some children that are really face something really big physical struggles, it is even more important to me i hope that i get to continue to do this for the rest of my life. >> as you see, he's such an inspiration, such an incredible human being. redman and his wife are days away from becoming new parents we wish them all the best. you can see they're going to be incredible parents and in recognition for the great volunteer work that redman is doing with caf, ten bikes are being donated by cigna >> that will go a long way in helping others >> it will great story. >> thank you >> let's send it outside to al what do you got? >> okay. so your sunday game day spread,
8:49 am
inspiration courtesy of the grill dads we're talking brisket and brats. who wins you decide you decide but fit, this is "today" on rs
8:50 am
the more things in your home you make yourself, the more it feels like your home. there's something just really special about putting in our own time, sweat, blood, tears into our home. we're learning how to do these things as we go. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's really fun. we want to create a place for more people than just ourselves. i'm cándida. i'm jeff. and we're airbnb hosts. ♪
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we're so happy to be back on "today," these are the grill dads >> they're here. they're going to give us a tasting preview of the big game sunday night chiefs taking on the packers both teams at the top of their divisions. could this possibly be a super bowl preview we don't know. i'm not sure about mahomes playing. we'll get you to green bay and your cute little cheeseheads mark, walk us through what we're cooking. >> kansas city is known for burnt ends we're doing burnt end sliders. this is brisket. you want to focus on the point for burnt ends we have garlic powder, onion powder, salt, cayenne and
8:52 am
pepper >> this will make the rub. >> the if you're going to put this in the oven, add smoked paprika so you get the smoked flavor without throwing it on the grill. mix that around. you can't overseason this meat >> it requires a lot to do -- >> we're going to put it in the green egg. >> amazing >> we got it set up. incorrect over here with hickory and oak. >> so you're going to put this on it's a ceramic oven. you can actually bake cookies in these things crazy what can you do. how long will the brisket be in the egg? >> it will have a couple steps the first step is going in you're going to get a good bark and then take it out at 150 degrees and wrap it. >> yep >> take it up to 190 degrees then we cut it into about one inch cubes >> yeah. >> oh, gosh. >> stop it kansas city.
8:53 am
>> so good! >> this is kansas city >> heres where it becomes burnt ends we have honey. we got some barbecue sauce back brown sugar. and then we put it back in the oven >> that's like a glaze on top. >> yeah. >> then you put it back in the grill and bring it up to about 203 until it is tender and then i'm calling this a slider i hope that's okay >> that's fine >> and then -- we're going to load it up. >> all right what is your verdict >> then the vegetables >> you can bite into that. so good. freaking out over here >> you have green bay? >> all right >> come on now we're going to show you how it's done >> so cute, i like that. >> all right so what are we making? >> we're going to make some beer brats today. >> beer brats. [ applause ] >> we're making homemade mustard today.
8:54 am
i'm serious. i'm making it. we have yellow and brown mustard seeds. they're spicy. >> all right. >> we're going to mortar this a little bit if you don't have this, use a spice grinder or you can buy mustard. >> okay. so what we're going to do is take this and pour it in here with horseradish we're going to add brown sugar we're going to add apple cider vinegar and tumeric. kicking it >> now what? >> we're going to heat up onions we have red chili flakes pickle juice, a secret there and then we're going to add, obviously, a bunch of beer we're going use a lager. we're going to add the beer. this is just a regular stout beer just look for a good wisconsin brat >> all right cover up the beer. >> why do you like the lager >> it gives it a really good
8:55 am
acidic kind of earthy flavor to it you're going to cut it with the onions and mustard and carson is going to have some beer >> oh, my gosh >> out of a dish okay we're going to -- for real we're going to take a brat and build this brat. we're going to put some onions on it. then we're going to put our spicy beautiful onions on there. >> look at craig's plate >> here you go come on. >> wait. carson, come here. come on. >> who wins? kc or green bay? >> i think they're going to go to sudden death. >> okay. >> these are really good >> great >> all right there we go. >> so good >> big green egg thank you. you can find the grill dads recipes on
8:56 am
sunday night on nbc. >> we have a lot coming up tomorrow peter and i decide to have a team field trip and we went to apparently one of the scariest haunted houses in the country. peter was more afraid than me. so we're going to show you that tomorrow >> i'll tell you more of the interview with eddie murphy. i am scott mcgrew, the kincade fire grew about 50% overnight. the fire destroyed at least 49
8:57 am
structures. that number is changes and containment is just 5%. we have crews in sonoma county talking with crews that are just waiting to find fout they can return home. check ourwitter feed as well with the very real related chance of fire outag this weekend. and a body has been found at a san jose recycling facility near the 101 interchange. a worker made the discovery early this morning. medical examiners are trying to find out how and when that baby died. felicity huffman has been released from federal prison in dublin. she has been scheduled to leave on sunday. more news at 11:00 a.m.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
ts liv from studio1-a from rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." it is friday. i'm here with al and craig. dylan is still on vacation. you see her watching tv and on her tummy. that's #goals. we have a great show for you. you got to sit down with the castst upcoming film. >> mr. eddie murphy and titus burgess and it was a blast. eddie talked about everything. therapy talked abt


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