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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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kincade fire came to windsor were everywhere. >> ash on the floor. >> earlier in the day evacuated families were hungry for news and a warm meal. hundreds came out to the giere food bank event in santa rosa to pick up fresh groceries and a handshake from governor gavin newsom. >> thank you, brother. >> how you doing? you all right? you good? awesome. sorry about all this. >> you just heard the goverr apol who 1 checks calfire's website daley to see if his home ne, till standing. it's in the car. alked t. >> what did you miss most about your house? >> making their way inside homes. and they're clearing out everything from the refrigerator most of the food has gone bad by now and also clearing out the smoeng from rooms and we should
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note that there is still an evacuation warning for people here in windsor as well as healdsburg and parts of santa rosa. that basically mean that is families can return home but it's at their own risk and police urge the folks do not let your guard down. you should still be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice in case there is another emergency related to this wildfire. latest in windsor, mels oi colorado. >> we want to give you perspective now just how big the fire is. take a look here. this red spot, this is the entire burn zone. about 120 square miles. thaeps about the size of sacramento or fresno. now we show you the burn scars from theub kincade map you can get details on the size of the fire head to the fire. to get a close are look at the instagram account at nbc bay area. well another spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. and yes it's halloween. the smoke from the wildfires still a concern. the air district says good to moderate air is expected through
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much of the bay area. but in the north bay where the fire is burning near windsor and santa rosa conditions could be unhealthy for sensitive people. parents a heads up there. some are evacuated and coming home. one in san francisco is concerned about smoky air there. >> we're staying put until i hear from this from the captain that everything is okay. and i really want to make sure that the air quality is all right. i don't want to put myself through that again. >> about 40 people stayed in the evacuation center in san francisco. it's expected to remain open as late as friday. >> a lot of itchy eyes and sore throats. let's get a live look outside. sand rafael, fremont in the middle of the screen and san jose on the right side. let's bring in jeff ranieri. talk about the air quality and is this wind going to blow everything out. >> we'll still have to deal with the on and off areas of air quality through tomorrow. wind gusts not as gusty at the lower elevation as expected only about 15 to 25-mile-per-hour.
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higher he feels up to 60 in the healdsburg hills. mount diablo at 56. on the fire lines, the most growth today on the kincade fire was right there on the eastern side towards middletown. but as we have heard of course firefighters are making some tremendous progress on in fire. i don't see any major concern on the wind as we head right into the upcoming weekend. we'll see some variable winds, 5 to about 10-mile-per-hour even rain ahead in the long range s i'll have details on the frost advisory for the same areas that were evacuated and starting to head back in. it's going to be a cold morning again in about 15 minutes we have this. >> thanks, in marin county the power become on for most people. the others still in the dark since saturday. nbc bay area ali wolf in mill valley where how people are coming there. ali. >> well, janelle, an update about a minute ago we saw the
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lights come back on finally at this gas station that we are at in mill valley. you can see the lights on behind me. the neon lights lit up but people we spoke to today tell us they under the fire risk is very real but have been questioning why the out annual in this area has to last so long. cleaning up in the dark. mandy fernandez's family owned extreme pizza in mill valley. >> everything has gone bad. >> the business lost power around 6:00 p.m. during the public safety power shutoff. she came in this morning expected power to be restored instead. >> it was all stinking. >> she found spoiled dough and the light out. >> i have to throw the food, the cheese, dough. >> fernando says she feels terrible for everyone attacked by the kincade fire but wonders why the blackout lasted so long here. >> i have all the sympathy with them, all the feelings for them
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but at the same time, they are losing a lot of business. >> i can't go buy things. i can't get gas. >> losing power impacted daily life and work for eric roberts. he is getting tired of waiting for the outage to end. >> i think pg&e is taking their time turning it back on. >> in sand rafael neon signs lit and shopping centers full but even with power restored some businesses are recovering unable to reopen. fernandez says it's the same story at extreme pizza. >> it's taking hours to get on the normal track. >> reporter: so the official word from pg&e on the website their outage map says the 4,000 customers in this part of marin county without power expecting to see it come back on by tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. but at the gastation here it could happen earlier a well site for people living and working here. reporting live in mill valley, ali wolf nbc bay area news. >> fingers cross the power comes
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back on sooner thank you. just into thes newsroom. moments when a fire erupted on the island. the pg&e transformer showering sparks on the grass below. the east contra costa firefighters now believe pg&e equipment was thes cause of the fire. a second fire broke out a few hours later. they say malfunctioning pg&e equipment sparked the fire. >> this is a statewide event preponderate multiple fires down in the l.a. area. among them north of los angeles in seemy valley. the easy fire raging out outside the presidential reagan ronald ray reagan library. horses warneding free symbolic in the rafrm area of the country. all kinds of livestock herded on trailers as animals were evacuated with the people. >> we currently have approximately 7,000 homes under evacuation orders most mandatory orders.
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some are voluntary. with an estimated 26,000 residents affected. >> now the fire has charred about 1,300 acres. but with winds gusting up to 60-mile-per-hour, the potential for a lot more damage is dramatic and big potential there. the forecast calls for high winds, through tomorrow. and look here. a dash camera captured the flash watch for it there on the right happened early getty fire broke out near brent wood. today the cause of the fire a e branch upon a live power line. the sparks caused this fire. right near the getty museum. threatening some of the highest priced real estate forcing celebrities including lebron james, and former governor arnold schwarzenegger is to evacuate .. the fire burned about a dozen homes. >> now to news in washington lawmaker drafted a bill expecting to lead the public impeachment hearing against president trump. members of the house rules committee debated lanl today in
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advance of the he vote. meanwhile closed door testimony continued from two state department ukraine advisers. current advisers catherine kroft says she was told the order to withhold military aid to ukraine came at the direction of the president. >> i think we know that there was a direct link between the suspension of military aid and what the president and mr. giuliani were seeking namely political dirt on a prospect of opponent. >> republicans insist a white house summary of president trump's phone call with the leerpd clears him of wrongdoing but yesterday the national security councils top ukraine expert told experts the summary omitted krurm words and phrases. a shift in strategy for the presidential campaign of kamala harris announcing she is cutting staffers and spending at baltimore headquarters. she wants to focus efforts and money in iowa. top staff and consultants are getting pay cuts and many campaign workers in other states will deploy to iowa, the
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nation's first statement. >> changeding her life forever in the public spotlight. today one of of her first public appearance since testifying in the confirmation hearing of justice kavanaugh. christine blaisy ford spoke a crowd of more than 1,000 in santa clara. mar marrien favro in santa clara. >> attending a lunchening here at the santa clare convention center. she told the audience when she contemplated whether or not to share the story she was inspired by actions of anita hill. dr. christine blasey ford became a houmds name last year when she alleged that u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back when they were both teenagers. today the ywca silicon valley gave her the empowerment award for speaking up.
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>> i was focused on telling the u.s. senate what had happened to me. i simply thought to a my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my position would do the same thing. >> dr. ford also encouraged women to be strong. >> everyone has the power to inspire others. be courageous, stand strong, be yourself. >> many woman women here applaud ford's decision to share her story. >> a very, very moving, because i very much relate to the experience that she had from my early 20s appear my college years, very, very similar behaviors were going on. and i -- she is a hero the way she stood sfwlup attendees also inspired by keynote speaker labor activist dolores jaurta. she spent her life fighting to for worker rights and against discrimination. i asked her what she sees as the biggest problem americans face today. >> apathy. the fact we have a lot of people that don't vote and not
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informed. i thinks in the biggest problem we have. >> both her and ford speaking from experience inspiring others by their actions. dr. ford said when she did testify decide to testify she never she too would inspire others to speak out. i should mention that nbc bay area was one of the sponsors for today's event. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, news. >> thanks, marianne. up next within the past few hours twitter makes a major announcement involving political ads on its site. will facebook follow? our business and tech reporter breaks it down. >> back to the continuing coverage of the fire in sonoma county, we followed the red cross as it assesses life changing damage. and as people head back to homes in marin napa, sonoma counties we have a frost advisory for tomorrow morning. we'll let you know how cold coming up in six minutes.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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a huge move by twitter this afternoon. it's banning political ads op the site. the announcement madepy ceo jack dorsey as social networks face heat for spreading misinformation into the election here here. spot budman with reaction. a lot of the criticism aimed at facebook. >> yeah, janelle, you couldn't miss the timing here. jack dorsey making his
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announcement right as facebook announced its quarterly earnings. twitter clearly throwing down the gauntlet on political ads. it was a safl of launched fittingly via a tweet. twitter ceo jack dorsey announcing that his company will no longer take political ads. a shot across the bow at fellow bay area social network facebook and the ceo mark zuckerberg. >> i believe that -- that it is important for people to be able to hear and see what politicians are saying. the speech will be heavily scrutinized by journalists and other people. >> what does it mean for twitter users? >> i think jack dorsey realizeds it's easier to ban it than fact check. >> social media professor matt cab on the says with more political troefrps loom on whatever network you use it's more important than ever to be skeptical. >> i think there has to be a
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buyer beware thing. be slow to believe, thoughtful about it, check multiple sources. find sources that have an editorial process. >> we can also tell that you twitter's ad ban will take place starting november 22nd. by the way, during the facebook conference call, zuckerberg said that political adz count for less than 1 o of one% of the fv ref snu. >> home security cameras cau thieves red handed but now milpitas police need help finding them look at the photos are photos from homes near the great mall in milpitas. investigators believe these men might be working together to steal packages. they've already arrest add 17-year-old girl but are still looking for the men. investigators are encouraging people limping in the milpitas to send packages to places where people are home to workplace. >> well the red cross playing a big role in the kincade fire. when the fire broke out the red cross set you evacuation centers
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for hundreds of evacuees what we see is the sky ranger, live over healdsburg. in sonoma county and like so many cities in sonoma county. healdsburg is tight knit and community oriented. this afternoon dozenings of evacuees allowed back to properties. but you can see many of the properties destroyed. that is a home. you can see the swimming pool there. a lot of people --ot people comingk to the properties but to see this and how disappointing and disheartening this is really restarting so many things again this is ove healdsburgright right now our nbc bay area sky ranger. and when we wehey t set up evacn centers for hunts of evacuees. opening 16 shelters and filled to capacity. but now as people return to the homes the role it will play will change. now turning to helping people get home and settled and to assess what they need to do to get lives back together.
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we saw our sky ranger we see the homes destroyed. that's step one the red cross can certainly help. >> it's years of recovery as we have seen in the fires in the past. the wind fortunately tied down. containment doubled overnight which was great news. >> it's incredible. able to under 40 to 607-mile-per-hour gusts get the containment that they did get. so as we take you into the microclimate forecast tonight, we want to start off with a look at the air quality. and you can see the moek off towards thit ie diwas not extre for a lot of the bay area. but some of the fine part cals did filter down. we want to let you nothrough tot chance of the thickest smoke will be right in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area it's moderate. and of course all of this depends on how much more containment they can get on the fire. more containment means less smoke. but we also could have smoke particles moving in from the fire in southern california. we will keep a close watch on this. if you missed your update on the kincade fire earlier, there are
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still who hot spots on the eastern side. so folks in middletown still watching out for that. but, again, 30% containment. no gusty winds heading throughout the upcoming weekend. but here is the other thing you have to watch out for. if you are heading back into your home after being evacuated or for some reason you are still in the shelteth bay. low to mid-30s even isolated 20s possible withensive flants and space the heater be let's get the latest on the temperatures for tomorrow morning. going down to 40 for the south bay. 41 peninsula. trialy feemg the chill at 38. number one kmil in the north bay with average of 33 degrees 45 in san francisco and the east bay at 38. find the jackets. you might need something a bit heavier than you had lately. temperatures by the afternoon though, a nice rebound, look at
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this down in the south bay have you up to 75 in san jose. 7 in morgan hill. through the east bay bumping up about 2 to five degrees. 76 in cord con. 72 hayward. the peninsula 74 in redwood city. and 70 in daly you with little doing trick or treating, really beautiful weather by the afternoon. 7 1 in the mission. 68 in the marina through the north bay 75 in novato. 73 in clearlake and 76 in napa with light winds out of the west as 6:00. what about the trick or treat forecast? if you go out late tomorrow evening it's going to be chilly by 7:00 p.m. 63 degrees. and down to a a here at 10:00 p.m. and once again, the smoke really depends on that fire containment. . and we'll have more reports tomorrow. my extended forecast, smooth sailing into the weekend. upper 60s and low 70s in san francisco. and nothing big heading into
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next week. inland valleys at 76 tomorrow. upper 70s through the weekend. and then check this out. we are still holding onto maybe the possibility of some rainfall by november the 15th. i have put that on there as kind of something to look forward to. we definitely could use the rainfall. so right now, we're holding onto to it and have more on this as we get close. >>reporter: there is smiles for tomorrow with hal zbleen yes be it will be good. >> thank you, jeff. >> sure. >> up next a blockbuster event to the south bay process some of the best athletes on the ice trying to earn a spot in the olympics. we have the details. also ahead, lester holt anchoring nightly news from southern california near the fire lines. from seemy valley, california, i've been watching this battle. stopping the fire from crossing a ridge line you can see me moving around, the santa ana winds strong. the fire has grown leaps and
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bounds since 6:00 this morning. let's watch the water drop about to make a drop here they were trying to stop it from crossesing the ridge line. the power lines i'm told are life. this is very dangerous work right now. most of the firefighters below and the chopper pilots there you see they are trying to hit the hot spots trying to keep it from reaching the subdivision about a maf highly or less from here. we'll have full coverage tonight on nbc nightly news. tomorrow on "california live." horror night at universal studio. >> and ross a real life ghost hunter onboard a haunted ship in the bay. it happens on the halloween special edition of "california live." >> tomorrow morning on nbc bay area. with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored
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to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. a live look at the shark tank in san jose. and this is the place to be. u.s. figure skating announcing today it will hold the 2021 u.s. championships right there at the s.a.p. center. january of 2021. that means the nation's top figure skaters will return to
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the bay area. that's a big deal. this is the third time in a decade that the s.a.p. center hosts the even. some of the stars to look forward to. 14-year-old alissa the liu training in elbowed. she made history at the championships becoming the youngest u.s. skater to land a triple axle. >> the largest cell phone make ner the world had interest trouble with the flip phone is now double down. samsung launched the first followedable phone in september. customers complains the screens broke easily. but it looks like the company plans on developing in concept. today samsung showed off a phone folding in different ways horizontally and vertically like a flip phone. no word when they hit stores. >> one of the best movies of all times and items from the movie consume the years. we'll explain. tv just keeps getting better.
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tonight at 6:00 it's a popular tradition at rodeos across the state. but one bay area county says no more. the reason it wants to get rid of mutten busting. the story at 6:00 tonight. >> finally at 5:00 this is a big deal if you love the movie greece. we do. pay attention. olivia nutten john having a
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auction auction attention off 500 pieces of clothing and personal items, including her black leather jacket. >> wow. >> and skin tight pants worn in the movie grease. you better shape up. the outfit. >> not if iting. >> selling for between 100,200,000. the pink lady jacket and original script from grease. all money going to a cancer treatment center she started in australia. that's a big deal. >> that's a big deal. great iconic items. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. as a nd he were lester holt anchoring nightly news from the fire zone in southern california. >> back at 6:006:00. home to see you it then. bye. the new wildfire burning out of control here in southern california tens of thousands of new emergency evacuations. we are with residents fleeing the flames.
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>> time to get out don't sit around. >> millions under an unprecedented extreme red flag warning powerful santa ana winds hing hurricane force, spotting firenadoes. we are inside the inferno on the front lines with firefighters. the race to save the reagan library the dramatic images, the fire burning feet from the pavilion released from the raid


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