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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 31, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. breaking news right now at 11:00, the house passes a resolution, formalizing the impeachment investigation. this opens the door to public hearings. good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura today. craig boswell is in washington with the latest. craig? >> hi, marcus and kris. in addition to setting the rules, it also puts lawmakers on record for the first time. >> on this vote the yays are 232, the nays are 196. the resolution is adopted.
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>> reporter: for only the fourth time in history, congress is moving forward with a formal impeachment investigation of a president. >> what is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy. >> reporter: today, the house voting to take the investigation into president trump into a public phase. >> democrats are trying to impeach the president because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box. >> we are here today because brave, dedicated public servants and patriots are standing up for democracy. >> trying to put a stamp on it doesn't make any less of a sham. >> reporter: allowing public hearings, the staff attorneys to question witnesses and the president or his attorneys to participate in the proceedings. the president has complained about a process that so far has played out behind doors. >> there's one single obsession on capitol hill and it's getting
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rid of donald trump. >> reporter: focusing on the call between president trump and the president of ukraine, questioning whether there was pressure on a foreign leader to dig up dirt n a political rival. the latest of several witnesses, morrison, adviser on russia and europe, stepped down from his post on wednesday and is testifying against the wishes of the white house. >> reporter: >> after today's vote the full house is scheduled to go on a week-long break. committee members will stay behind and continue with several depositions next week. >> craig boswell in washington, thank you. be sure to stay with nbc news for continued coverage on the impeachment inquiry. "nbc nightly news" has a team of reporters covering today's vote and we'll have live team coverage at 5:30. now to the latest in the
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kincade fire still burning in sonoma county. some relief for all but a few thousand sonoma county fire evacuees are not headed home t yet. nearly 77,000 acres are burned. it is 60% contained. of the 282 buildings destroyed, we learned there are 141 homes total destroyed. some 90,000 some homes are still under threat. s sonoma county officials are holding an emergency meeting this morning to figure out how they're going to cover the cost of the damages as a result of the kincade fire. pete suratos joins us with the details. as soon as we talk about saving lives, right after that, we wonder where is the money going to come from? >> reporter: that's right, kris. that's usually the next step, following events like this. there's an emergency meeting
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taking place here, the board of supervisors are relating on fast tracking funding when it comes to taking care of damages following the kincade fire. the board the first resolution was to adjust the fiscal budget to appropriate money from the county's emergency uncertainty fund and put that money into the newly formed kincade fire disaster fund. $2.5 million was set aside for that emergency fund at the start of the fiscal year. that was actually in anticipation for events like the kincade fire. the second resolution was to be expected, to ratify the proclamation of a local emergency, resulting not only from the kincade fire, but also the series of wind events, which, of course, led to those ongoing power shut-offs in sonoma county and throughout the bay area. sonoma county officials don't have an estimate of the cost to the county from the kincade
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fire. governor newsom proclaiming a state of emergency, the county is expected to be reimbursed for at least a portion of those costs. the next board meeting will take place at its regular time on november 5. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. a number of kids evacuated from the kincade fire won't be able to trick or treat tonight. jan engle, she and her colleagues at the sonoma county fairgrounds are throwing a party for kids staying there. she's gotten dollar tree to donate boxes of candy and is expecting safeway to do the same. >> the kids are really worried about halloween. one of the mothers told me yesterday, well, it would have been a lot better if i thought to bring myself a second shirt but instead i grabbed her halloween costume. kid is bouncing up and down. >> not really on our mind this year. we have other things on our mind, getting home, hoping our house is safe.
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that's what we're hoping for. >> that will be great for the kids as well as those parents there. fairgrounds already had those pumpkin carvings. they had a contest for that. tonight's party is from 6:30 until 8:00. should be a great time. >> try to keep it as normal for the kids as possible. so you can't say we can't do it. >> right. they're dealing with so much right now. >> bless their hearts. >> another thing they're thinking about there, the forecast. it was cold this morning across the bay area. >> it was. >> temperatures in the north hit freezing in some places. >> live look at the golden gate bridge where it is going to warm up but there is a spare the air alert in effect because of the fire. meteorologist kari hall is here with halloween and the smoke forecast. >> yeah. we've had some good news today. i wanted to show you a comparison shot. yesterday, looking from st. helena at the kincade fire, you see all the smoke coming off from the hills. we had some lower containment yesterday. this is what it looks like
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currently from that same view. we are seeing much less smoke and also you can see the fire retardant on the hills as they get more containment. here is a look at the outline. fire perimeter. over 60,000 acres burned. that's a lot of land burned but we are starting to make some headway. we're starting to see smoke drift n you can't even see the hills here looking from san jose. you can see the downtown area in the foreground. some drifts of smoke coming in. a lot ofs that been blowing off the coast. we'll see the shift in the wind going into the afternoon. that will bring that smoke into the east bay and eventually down into the south bay. we'll talk more about the air quality in time for trick-or-treating and what else is ahead for the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. in the south bay, authorities are investigating a shooting at a light rail
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station. it happened in south san jose. this was the scene after deputies arrived. shot and killed by a vta security guard. apparently it started with a confrontation between the guard and that man, who witnesses say was threatening people with the knife. deputies say the guard shot the man only after other attempts to subdue him failed. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. heartbreaking news for the golden state warriors, steph curry is out with a broken hand. nbc bay area's bob redell is live for us outside the chase center in san francisco. do we know how long curry will be out with this broken hand? >> reporter: right now, we do not know. that is an unknown there, marcus. it will depend on whether or not he needs surgery for his broken hand. you'll also recall, the warriors have had a tough start this season with a losing record of 1-3. then you add this broken -- this injury to steph curry.
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coach steve kerr even admits it's been a tough spot. curry broke his left hand in a game against the suns. you can see the play. curry and other suns collided on the court. banes did draw the foul for that play but curry did not return to shoot the resulting free throws. he will undergo a ct scan to see if he needs a cast or surgery. >> that's going to be hurting us for sure. it's a very crazy fall, too. you know, we need him, though. we need him. this team is going to stay strong like always. >> you think so? >> yeah. go warriors. >> it's going to be terrible. he's the shooter and the main
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guy. it's going to be a long, terrible season. >> this is an opportunity, you know. go back to the drawing board with the team and coaching staff and see what we can do to prepare for each game, day in and day out. big thing i see is opportunity for a lot of people. >> steph curry's wife ayesha tweeted out our entire family thanks you all for the love and support and prayers for steph. when love sur passes life's hurdles there's nothing you can overcome. we stand in our belief of impact over legacy. this is god's way of showing him, you, i, us how to. kerr said he could tell banes felt really bad but also noted, stuff happens. bob redell. nbc new. >> now we'll see who will step up. many fans clearly upset and
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worried about the season ahead. some are now convinced that the warriors are snake bitten, writing that the team just can't catch a break. others are wondering which warrior player will step up and fill steph's shoes. many people hoping a return sooner than later. another video showing the removal of iconic movie theater signs in the south bay. do you recognize them? at the dome century 21 theaters on san jose's winchester boulevard across from santana row. those that were built in 1964 and given historic status. now two of the three classic san jose theaters are coming down. it's all to make way for new mega office building next to santana row. now to trending video of a dangerous and illegal sighting on the bay bridge. a driver spotted someone on an e-scooter on the lower deck. caltrans truck may have been moving in to assist the rider. new law took effect this year
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does not allow e-scooters on roads or highways with a speed limit of more than 25 miles per hour. it is worth noting that the law does not require adults to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter. >> less than smart decision there. coming up for you, a deadly quake hits the philippines. now a search for survivors. a look at that damage people are dealing with. >> twitter taking a stand. the social network won't be taking money for political ads. that puts it at odds with facebook, the debate over political money online.
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welcome back. developing story. at least five people are dead in the philippines after another earthquake struck the country. the 6.5 quake hit this morning. it's the third this month. that shaking caused previously
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damaged buildings and those homes to collapse. 20 people have died since the first quake struck on october 16th. the island lies on the specific ring of fire. the arc around the pacific ocean is where most of the world's earthquakes occur. [ bell tolls ] there you have it, the opening bell. the dow not looking too great. now to details on a major shift. twitter is announcing it's banning political ads starting next month as they fend off threats from misinformation from foreign countries like russia and china ahead of the 2020 election. jo ling kent has the story. >> reporter: twitter ceo jack dorsey making a big statement,
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banning all political ads on the social media giant starting november. the billionaire tweeting announcement, writing in part while internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions. dorsey's move, ramping up pressure on mark zuckerberg, who has faced major criticism since facebook announced it would not fact-check political ads posted by candidates. citing concerns over freedom of speech, defending the move to lester holt. >> in a democracy, people need to decide for themselves what is credible, not tech companies. >> do you feel like you're giving a green light to politicians that -- >> no, look. >> -- lie, lie, lie? >> political speech is probably the most scrutinized speech of all in the world. >> reporter: dorsey hitting back, without naming zuckerberg, tweeting this isn't about free
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expression. paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today's democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle. some on capitol hill agreed, taking aim at facebook's policy during a hearing with zuckerberg last week. >> do you see a potential problem here with a complete lack of fact checking on political advertisements? >> well, congresswoman, i think lying is bad. and i think if you were to run an ad that had a lie, that would be bad. >> so you will take down lies or you won't take down lies? it's a pretty simple yes or no. >> reporter: president trump's 2020 campaign saying putting a ban on political ads a dumb idea and another shot at conservatives. >> to either accept the responsibility tore truth or question whether they should be in the business at all. new at 11:00 for you, china officially starting
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commercialization of the 5g services today. the country's three telecom companies, super fast 5g starting tomorrow. the three telecom operators have pushed 5g registration with discounts and free 5g data allowance. the companies have managed to attract interest of more than 10 million subscribers after they were granted licenses for the technology in early june. the curtain will reportedly rise again at lafayette's long dark movie theater. historic theater will open in the fall of 2021 thanks to a donor who recently pledged $2 million. the theater closed in 2005. the opening will coincide with the 80th anniversary. dr. christine blase ford spoke publicly for the very first time since the hearings
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involving justice brett kavanaugh. >> at the santa clara convention center, blasey ford accepting the women's empowerment award. she testified then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers. >> i was focused on telling the u.s. senate what had happened to me. i simply thought that it was my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my position would do the same thing. >> the keynote speaker of the event was the 89-year-old labor and human rights activist, who encouraged all women in the audience to vote and pursue leadership positions to help fight against discrimination. it is halloween. you've probably seen pictures on your facebook or twitter feed. friend across the nation, their
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kids are wearing coats over their costume. >> across the east it is raining so we can really not complain. we'll see a nice evening across the bay area. a few drifts of smoke, major issue for air quality. it is all clear right now. walnut creek. we, at times, see the smoke coming in. this shows you the upper level wind pattern and where we are seeing it drifting in. where we see the darkest -- brightest blue color shows much of the smoke blowing off the coast. in the past 24 hours we've also seen that smoke through the central valley and into parts of the east bay. that's something we'll be watching out for. it does move. so it's not going to be the same type of air quality all throughout the day. we've seen some improvements out there. and we are seeing some on the satellite imagery, some of that smoke moving into parts of the east bay. so, going into the rest of the afternoon, expect the changes in the air quality. but we won't see very poor air
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quality throughout the day. so our temperatures right now are still fairly cool as you get ready to head out for lunch in the upper 50s and low 60s. you still do need a jacket. seeing those temperatures spike in the middle of the day, reaching into the mid 70s. we'll reach 76 in napa and in concord. 76 in palo alto while san francisco stays in the 60s for our inland forecast and time for trick-or-treating. it starts to cool off again at 6:00. 67 degrees and coming down to about 60 degrees at 8:00. more for the same in the bay. not really a wide range in temperatures. we'll see a start at 64 degrees at 6:00 and 61. we've been seeing mostly an offshore wind as high pressure stays to the west of us. that will continue to be the case as we're not going to see that high pressure really moving too much over the next several days. the main story will be nice continued weather, lighter winds.
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no major pressure gradient causing gusty winds. there are some storm systems lining up out there in the pacific. that high pressure is going to bloc it and steer it to the north of the bay area. we're going to stay dry even going into the end of next week. so, no rain in the seven-day forecast. our temperatures staying nice and mild. slightly warmer than normal. going into the weekend we're in the upper 70s in the inland valleys and this is the weekend we'll fall back, setting our clocks back one hour. and in san francisco, we're also looking fairly pleasant. just watching out for that air quality over the next several days. kris and marcus? >> thank you, kari. coming up tonight as we mentioned, it's trick or treat. we'll take a look at the most popular costumes so you can find out if your kid is one of a kind. a new deal to create the world's fourth largest car maker. it would reportedly create an industry heavy weight with 9
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and today is the day to trick or treat yourself. it is halloween. many of your kids will be going door to door, knocking and
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saying "trick or treat." the most searched costumes, google says, is the "it" clown, popular series of horror films. also rounding out popular costumes, a witch and spiderman. these next costumes we're about to show may not have made the list but some of them are old. we're taking them back old school for you on this throwback thursday. take a look at this here. this is me. >> love it. >> as michael jackson, the king of pop. that was back in the '80s. i had my glove, socks, penny loafers. who do we have here? >> these little babies. >> bella is a pumpkin and a.j. -- i don't know what he is. >> some hero. >> look at that dolly. she's so cute. this year different, right? >> yes. we're going to reveal that on social media tonight. i'll dress up too. >> i don't want to brag but i had a matchy matchy costume although this is his natural
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state. my horns hold up my halo. thank goodness i have big hair. it covers a lot. tonight i'm going to be a procrastina procrastinator. >> what are the kids? >> my older daughter is medusa. i'm worried because i spray painted her snakes and they were still tacky. like we might lose a head of hair. and an adorable cow. >> and after that you go to chick-fil-a for free sandwiches. >> i was like why a cow? she was like, i don't know, what do you want me to be, a tomato? >> so random. >> we'll have great weather this evening for trick-or-treating. inland areas reach the mid 70s. we're heading down to 41 so around sunset, you know, the kids might want to put on a jacket. >> they won't want to. >> they'll be running back and forth so much, having a good time. >> we'll put the fire pit in the
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driveway and hang out. >> great idea. >> like sanford & son. >> there you have it. a costume in itself. all right. >> have a great halloween. be safe, folks. you know when you're at ross and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. right now on "california live," get ready to lose your mind and your voice. >> i'm so glad i found you. are you scared? >> no, no. >> i'm not scared! >> then terror below deck. >> we're going ghost hunting. >> and "scream" star jamie kennedy has a brand new trick. >> this is pure evil. >> and some spectacular new things guaranteed to raise your spirits. >> stick around for my magic potion. ooh. >> it's all happening right now on a halloween special "california live." ♪


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