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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2019 5:30am-7:00am PST

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good morning. breaking overnight. why was he free? new details emerging this morning b b about a the terrorist shot and killed on the london bridge after stabbing some people to death. police say he was released from jail last year after he was convicted on terror related charges. this morning, the dramatic takedown and new fears another attack could be coming. the long trip home. a coast to coast storm making a post holiday mess for millions on the road and in the skies on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. highways shut down by heavy snow. airlines cannes ling and
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delaying hundreds of flights. what you need to know before you go home. shopping spree. shoppers on black friday flocking to malls, b spe but sp more online. shelling out $7.5 billion in cyber space. the new record. the teals you have to see to believe. all that plus speaking out. famed tenor int interview since he was accused of sexual harassment. shocking body slam. a chicago police officer relieved of his duties after he was caught on camera throwing a suspect to the ground who allegedly spit on him. and ho, ho, no. if you're shopping for a christmas tree this weekend, we'll tell you why you might have to shell out a lot more green today. saturday, november 30th, 2019. >> from nbc new, this is "today"
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with chenell jones and dylan drier. >> welcome to "today." thanks for joining us. i'm happy to have my white house colleague, kristen welker here. >> good to be here on a busy saturday news day. >> and weather ta. first though, our top story. that terror attack in london. this morning, we are learning new details about the man who authorities say went on a stabbing spree in the heart of the city. it turns out that he was released last year after serving time in jail for terror related offenses. erin is near the london bridge with the latest. good morning. >> the key question here in london this morning, how could this have happened, especially when you consider the suspect had been convicted of terror related offenses, plaud u iing
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terror attacks. he had been released from prison early. electronically tagged. security sources say the morning of the attack, he attended a workshop about prison rehabilitation, speaking about his own prisoner experiences before launching the deadly rampage. this morning, new details about the terror, released from jail in 2018 after serving a reduced sentence of almost eight years for plotting to blomb the londo stock exchange and u.s. embassy. he was wearing an electronic tag. the who unfolding across realtime across b social media. ordinary people pinning the suspect to the ground. plain clothed police officer walking away with a knife then police shot fire. we're hearing more about the heroes who stopped the deadly
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rampage. >> he was wielding two knives. >> thomas says when he saw the attack, he jumped out to help. >> we sort of pinned him to the ground, trying to stamp his wrist, try to release the knife as r it were. kick the knife away. >> police say the attacker wearing a fake suicide vest began a rampage here before moving on to the bridge, killing man and woman who are yet to be named by police and injuring three others. two and a half years ago, three terrorists inspired by isis rammed their vans into a crowd before launching a knife attack, stabbing people at nearby restaurants and pubs, killing eight. >> this country will never be divided or intimidated by this sort of attack and our values, our british values, will
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prevail. >> campaigning in london for the general election now suspended out of respect for the victims. that election is 13 days away. there's a sense this could get political. especially when you consider the questions about the government's decision to reduce the terror threat level from substantial to severe. >> by the way, there was also a stabbing incident in the netherlands on friday. what more do we know about that? >> another scary stabbing incident took place in the hague, b about a 45 minute plane ride. happening hours of the london attack. a suspect stabbing three on a busy road in the middle of black friday shopping bf g inping bef away. they're still searching for him. the motive unclear. >> thank you. now to the other big story. the weather. with millions headed home after
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thanksgiving on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. a power house storm is making life miserable. dave price, it's a busy weekend in the weather department. >> and a real mess, kristen. the nasty weather is the last thing travelers need right now. this weekend bringing dangerous highway conditions, hundreds of flight delays and the storm, which is now working across its way through the country, is bringing travel and tragedy. dangerous weather across the country as travelers try to get home. in san diego, a dramatic rescue friday knignight after a van dr into flood waters. officials are searching for three children, missing since their motor home was swept off the road. >> we're continuing, especially with the fact there's cold weather and young children. >> three confirmed tornados as high winds knocked down trees in
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teenics and damaged the roof of this house. now the rain is coming in. >> so it went through the attic. went through here, down through this floor and to the floor beneath. >> highways in and out of flagstaff were closed blocked by two feet of snow and power was out at the grand canyon. colorado could see 50 mile per hour winds today. a ground stop at denver international airport temporarily delayed flights friday night. airlines like american and delta are now waiving flight change fees for travelers traveling through the country including new york, boston and minneapolis. the storm sweeping east this holiday weekend. in kansas, i-70 is open, but driver driving is treacherous. minnesota is under a storm warning until sunday afternoon. >> we did sell out of our snow blowers this morning.
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my shovels are slowly depleting. >> cape cod has seen fierce winds already. so has philadelphia. >> i heard a sound like a bomb and i was scared. >> so now we've got two storms. one beginning to make its way towards the west coast, but this is the big problem now. a low pressure system centered over nebraska and to the north of this system, we have gusts of winds 60 miles per hour, blizzard conditions probably and thunderstorms. 23 million people at risk. advisories posted from great falls to the east coast. this in advance of what we're expecting to roll through this populated area tomorrow and that spells trouble for people who are traveling. let's talk about delays today as the front edwins to move thu. we have a b possibility of ref, severe weather from eastern texas, louisiana, mississippi and arkansas and travel delays
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at minneapolis, paul. chicago, another huge travel hub. atlanta as well and as the second storm gips to make its way into the west coast, sacramento, san francisco and morning rain into los angeles. now that strong storm begins to move on towards the east as another system begins to roll to the west so we're busy on both coasts. now as we roll into tomorrow, we're talking about snowfall tot totals, which wind up by the inning beginning of the week upwards of a foot or more in some locations and major travel delays as people try to begin to get back home. kristen, peter. >> just treacherous for all those holiday travelers. thank you so much. we'll get the rest of your national forecast in a new minutes. president trump is spending the holiday weekend at his fls estate. he's facing a new deadline deciding on whether he'll participate in the impeachment
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hearings. kelly o'donnell has more. >> the president has some decisions to make. will he send his lawyers or white house lawyers to the next hearing and will he request any of his own witnesses? the choice puts him in a bind because he's complained about being excluded, but he also calls it a sham process. the president spending the rest of this long holiday weekend in florida and facing a new deadline from house democrats. by 5:00 p.m., december 6th, the white house must notify the house judiciary committee if the president intended to participate in the impeachment hearing going forward. this new letter from nadler friday describes a months long effort in which president trump again sought foreign interference in our election for his personal benefit by urgie i ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden.
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cooperation now could understcu his rallying try the supporters. >> a witch hunt and they're pushing the impeachment witch hunt. >> the white house called it an illegitimate sham partisan process. this comes as the president is on the world stage, making his first trip the to afghanistan to visit troops as a thanksgiving surprise. >> we're boldly confronting america's adversaries and pursuing a foreign policy based squarely on our national interests. >> and beginning tuesday, the president is in london to mark the 70th anniversary of the nato alliance, meeting european leaders including france and germany, with a reception hosted by queen elizabeth. expect the white house to highlight the contrast. as the president is representing the country overseas, house democrats will hold their next public hearing on impeachment wednesday.
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and the wednesday hearing has a soon er deadline. tomorrow, for the white house to respond, but the new deadline next friday is much more sweeping and it covers any of the future proceedings held by the judiciary committee and in part, democrats don't want to have any last minute surprises. peter. >> kelly, thank you. john harwood covers washington, the economy and national politics for cnbc. john, good morning. >> morning, peter. >> let's talk about the president if we can. house democrats giving him a deadline of next friday for he and his lawyers to decide if they're going to r participate in what he is decried as a partisan sham or if they're just going to sit it out. what's his calculus here? >> well, i think as kelly laid out in her piece, the president's overarching goal here is to discredit the process. and by participating, you lend some credibility, so i think the widespread expectation is that he will not participate. remember, house republicans
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earlier in the process, were complaining it was secret process then when they had b public hearings with the intelligence committee, they said oh, it's a partisan circus. republicans want to make everyone think this is an illegitimate effort by democrats to overturn the results of the election. i would not expect the president to be a participant. >> it's high stakes for democrats as well, right? they have the election that's going to be heating up in the new year. many americans seem to have already decided how they feel about this entire process. so how much pressure is there on democrats to move the needle? >> i think there's a lot of pressure, kristen, and it will come particularly in how the house judiciary committee outlines those articles of impeachment. this is an opportunity for democrats to raise the stakes of this process as we get to the actual impeachment and the clarity in which they can make their case against the president
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will determine what a lot of those casual voters who haven't really turned in when they see this is something really grave for the country, that's the moment where democrats have a real opportunity. that's where they've got to do it if they can. >> speaking of democrats, the 2020 race is heating up. now just two months away from the first contest. there appears to be some shifting amongst the democrats. warren's numbers are dropping. joe biden remains the same. buttigieg is rising. how do you see the state of the race? >> i think big story is the rise of pete buttigieg. now joe biden has been resilient even though he's not leading in iowa or new hampshire, he has that very strong base among african-american voters. can his position now to rebound in south carolina if he shouldn't win those first two states, but i think the drama
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now is whether or not warren is restart the momentum, go at buttigieg. buttigieg is counting on biden to fade and if that is the way in which he gets into a one one-on-one with elizabeth warren, bernie sanders of course has been resilient. he's still in the race as well. but this thing is wide open with two months to go and you can't even rule out the idea that one of the lagging candidates, whether it's corey boy booker o klobuchar could make a run late in this process. we've seen in iowa, if you get hot in the end, you can get some takeoff and the fact that it's the, the caucuses are in february rather than january, gives them more time. >> always a good reminder that window's closing. thanks. also this saturday, the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. now that black friday has come and gone and with 25 days to go until christmas, hard b to believe. retailers are pull iing out all
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the stops to get your business and so far, business is very good. especially online. blaine alexander is outside a target store in georgia with more. good assignment today. >> b absolutely, good morning to you and you know what, i think we found the secret to beating all of the crowds. this target store doesn't open for another 45 minutes so it's probably the only time that you'll ever see the ales this empty, but at target stores around the country and other stores receive plenty of this. hot of deals inside, but numbers show more and more, people are relying on their smart phones to shop this holiday season. ready, set, shop. from crowded stores to online clicks, it's beginning to look a lot like a record setting holiday shopping season. >> once the flood gates open, it's non-stop, steady. >> and for many retailers, online shopping is the gift that keeps on give iing. on black friday alone, consumers spent $7.6 billion online. a new record. that's more than $5 million
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every minute. >> we've seen a 33% increase in online pick up in store. our surveys indicate that 82% of shop shoppers that are going to take advantage of that mar buying method will continue to shop once they get to the store to pick up their items. >> in all, on line sales are projected to hit $143 billion this season. and on black friday, more than 40% of online purchases remain from smart phones. a great option if you're not up to braving the crowds. on a scale of one to ten, how is black friday going so far? >> we just got here and i'm ready to leave. >> too many people. we can't concentrate. >> some of the biggest discounts this year are on items like sports apparel and alliances and big screen tvs, you can expect to see the largest discounts on cyber monday. around 30% off. all of it, enough to send shoppers flocking to the brick and mortar stores for the sales or just for sport.
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>> it's different than walking into the store and shopping. >> so you like being among the crowds. >> love chaos. >> you heard her. she absolutely loves chaos and many people love flocking to these stores. believe it or not, if you're searching for the deals, the calendar may work in your favor this year because thanksgiving was later this year, so there are fewer days between thanksgiving day and christmas day, meaning stores are certainly competing for your attention and money. rolling out plenty of o incentives this year. back to you. >> thank you. zblnc this morning, there's an investigation underway in chicago after video surfaced of a police officer bodily slamming man to the ground on thursday. he was caught on video throwing the 29-year-old to the sidewalk at a bus stop on the south side. police say the man had been drinking and the officer took him down after he threaten ed te officer, licked him and spit in his eye. accord tog a police spokesperson, the officer has
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been quote, relieved of his police powers while an vest xwags is underway. and a turn now to get another check of weather impacting millions across the country, dave. >> it is. the place to be is florida right now. that's for sure. the sunshine state getting that name for a reason. this is what it looks like. blizzard conditions through the northern plain states. gusty winds to 60 miles per hour. below average temperatures in the northeast and that a sets us up for strong storms tomorrow and severe weather in texas, heavy downtowers. by the evening, with windy conditions along the coastline, a wind advisory is in effect from 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m., wind gusts, at 30 miles an
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hour. and temperatures in the 50s. >> and that's a quick look at your weather picture, folks. >> david, thank you very much. coming up, placido domingo speaking out for the first time since he was accused of sexual harassment by more than 20 women. plus, "the weekly download," including a little boy tt washa
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we are back, now, on a saturday morning with "the weekly download," our look back at the week that was. >> that's right. among the stories, we covered a terrifying explosion in texas. a late-night chemical plant explosion rocked a community in texas. the blast caught on doorbell
5:53 am
video cameras. >> my whole house shock. >> social media posts showing blown-out windows and garage doors. >> amazingly, no one was seriously injured. two prison guards appeared in court on monday, charges of falsifying records, on the night accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein died by suicide. the guards were trying to cover up their dereliction of duty when they were supposed to be watching epstein. they're going on trial next year. the guard's lawyer says the guards are being scapegoated for larger issues within the bureau of prisons. a 5-year-old now walking on his own, after being thrown from a third story balcony at mall of america last april. >> he tells people all the time when he gets hurt, i fell off a cliff. but angels caught me and jesus loves me. a dramatic rescue at yosemite national park. free solo star alex hamil went
5:54 am
into action when she fell. >> her rope and equipment all caught her as expected. she escaped more serious injuries. i'm glad i was there to help. >> he's a rational and calm person. it was nice to have that voice in my ear. >> despite some high winds, the world-famous balloons wowed the crowds at the macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york. this year's parade featured astronaut snoopy and green eggs and ham. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera. thieves pull off a massive jewel heist, making away with gems, statues and more in minutes. a bear in california gave a family quite a scare when it pulled open the door to the suv. >> no, no.
5:55 am
>> before climbing inside and getting himself stuck. one brave hero opened another door to help the guy get out. and a chihuahua in louisiana took its owner's car for a spin while she was pumping gas. somehow putting the suv in reverse, and rolling backwards across the street. incredibly, no one was hurt. and finally -- >> a friend of ours, asked me to let you guys in on a secret. her initials are hoda kotb and she's engaged. >> what? >> our good friend, hoda, made the surprise announcement this week that she and her long-time partner got engaged. >> he got down on one knee. and he said, will you be my wife? >> a big congratulations, hoda. we could not be happier for hoda. i love that smile. >> how about her reaction? >> they were really surprised. >> now, we have to explain to our daughters that their parents are getting married. >> i hope we're seated together at the wedding.
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still to come, we talk to small business owners about booming sales and how they compete against the retail giants. plus, chrissy teigen pulls a prank on john legend after he was named good saturday morning, 5:56. a look outside at downtown san jose. in the park. the tree was lit. but we are under a microclimate
5:57 am
weather alert. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper, vianey arana has a look at the microsoft forecast. i saw all of these warnings about high winds. >> yes, this is the calmest we will be right now. the first half of our day, because you can see it churning off the coast, making its way in, right toward the bay area. what does that mean for us? we have a scan going this morning, and it is taking a little bit off the coast but by the afternoon, we are talking about widespread heavy downpours. the wind advisory is set to take effect set at 10:00 a.m. through this evening, because of gusty winds from 20 to 30 miles an hour. and the bay and valley, anywhere from two inches, and some areas could be getting five inches. >> all right. see you at 7:00. vianey, thanks. three, two, one, light it
5:58 am
up. >> wow, and there she is. the beautiful tree illuminated kicking off the holidays and as vianey just said, gearing up for the rain and wind, the new storm is moving. in but christmas in the park organizers are ready, and say they're ready for all of the wide weather. last night, the festive parade down market street kicked off san jose's annual christmas display for some 40 years, the beautifully decorated christmas tree has been the main attraction. and this weekend, it could be threatened by the buckets of rain predicted to head our way along with fierce winds. organizers have a crew ready to batten down the hatches. >> just really kind of focus on making sure things are tied down, and we cannot do anything about the ornaments flying off the trees, but we can do our best to manage, keeping the trees up, and lit. >> the executive director of christmas in the park says they did have high winds a couple of years ago, and that forced them to shut down the park for one night. it sounds like this year they will be ready.
5:59 am
and travelers beware, fears of mudslides has caused sections of 101 to be closed this weekend. paul's slide, that section will be closed at 1:00 and mud creek will be closed. the road will be reopened when it is safe. at 5:59, coming up this morning, on today in the bay, a shortage this holiday season, on the holiday staples, christmas trees. we will tell you why this problem started developing ten years ago. that and all of the top stories and the all-important forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime we will send you back to the "today" show.
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we are back on this saturday morning, november 30th, 2019, with a look at gorgeous rockefeller center christmas tree. the scaffolding is being held down. three days away, the three will be lit for the holiday season. people to people traffic, photos taken with the tree. you can wash it on wednesday night with a bunch of amazing performances. it's all right here on nbc. >> i cannot wait. one of my favorite things to be here, the tree lighting. real talk here. tree might be smaller by
6:01 am
comparison r, but if your weekend plans have you picking out yours, coming up later, we'll tell you why this years can be more expensive. >> we want to edwbegin with a ck of the headlines. first, storms making travel a mess for millions of americans, beginning that long ride home after the thanksgiving holidays. the latest in a series of big storms is rolling in, making its way towards the northeast this weekend with airports already facing hundreds of delays and cancellations. western states already hit hard by heavy rain, snow and wind are now bracing for a new round of storms. and snow and wibd continue to create major driving conditions on major highways. >> and new details about the terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in london friday. police say the 28-year-old was just released from jail last year after being convicted on terror related charges. two people were kill and others injured in the attack which started at fishmonger's hall and
6:02 am
ended on london bridge. bystanders helped by pinning suspect and preventing even more harm before police shot him to death. and a scary moment at a festival in texas. a metal beam fell off the ferris wheel. there were several festivalgoers standing underneath the ride. no one was injured in that accident. the ferris wheel was immediately shut down for repairs. and also this morning, we're hearing from the famed tenor speaking out after he was accused this year of sexual harassment. kathy park has more. >> he has performed in the u.s. for decades, but hasn't been on stage here in the states since an allegation became public in august. now in a new interview, he's trying to set record straight saying he's been quote, gallant, but chivalry, adding his
6:03 am
gestures may have been misinterpreted. ♪ the world renowned opera♪ world-renowned opera singer, placido domingo, is speaking out for the first time, since being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. the baritone sat down ahead of a performance in spain, disputing the claim and calling the experience a nightmare. no doubt, they had been the most difficult months of my life. everything happened so fast. in august, the associated press reported more than 20 women who worked with domingo had accused him of sexual harassment or inappropriate sexually-charged behavior, saying he threatened their careers if they refused him. domingo called the claims, some dating back 30 years, inaccurate. an ifl jud have felt judged but
6:04 am
haven't been convicted of a crime. he resigned from the l.a. opera, where he was a general director. he withdrew from performances at the metropolitan opera in new york, where he had performed for 50 years. those that know me and treated me well, know that i have never behaved in the aggressive way they have painted me. domingo has not been charged with a crime and found new refuge on european stages. receiving a standing ovation in salzbu salzburg. his first performance since the allegations were made public. and domingo says he has no plans to cancel european appearances and he wants to keep singing until at least 2021. he had a lot to share. >> indeed. kathy, thank you for that. dave joins us with another look at the forecast. like clockwork, in time for the ride home, the weather got bad. >> it will continue to be a problem.
6:05 am
not only into the end of the holiday weekend, but the beginning of next week, as well. let's look at the weather wall and take a look at things right now. this is happening. this is a look at our satellite and radar picture, heavy, heavy snow, through the upper plains states, bringing rain through chicago, a strong line of thunderstorms through texas, louisiana, mississippi and arkansas, right along a cold front. all beginning to push towards the east, so that low pressure system advances, and the cold front moves through, spreading that bad weather. blizzard conditions, as we mentioned, for the northern plains. limited visibility and the strong storms spread across the gulf coast and into the south. that's through tonight. now, rolling into sunday, that snow and wintry mix all beginning to push into the northeast. the busy airports. that 95 corridor. if you look right here, you see the blues, the pinks and the greens. that's rain into ice, into snow. we could wind up with significant accumulations and a
6:06 am
we are tracking a rain and windy saturday ahead. you can see that storm system just off the coast, beginning to make its move into the bay area. satellite right now, we can expect to see light rain for the first half of the morning, but by mid morning, we will begin to see heavier rain, spreading from north to south, throughout the entire bay area, with a wind advisory expected to be in place through monday morning. 20 to 35 mile-an-hour winds. >> and that's a quick look at our weather. coming up, kacey musgraves out with new music in time for the holidays. up next, it's two days after thanksgiving. how long can you safely keep eating the
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today's "medical round joup." did you ever wonder how long you have to eat the leftovers in the fridge before they go bad? >> we have a lot of them. dr. john torres is here with answers to those questions, including how to beat the holiday blues. everybody has the leftovers tucked away in the refrigerator. how long can people eat them and make sure they don't get rotten? >> three to four days is the basic rule of thumb for these different types of food, for the most part. pies and pastries can last a little longer. get to the refrigerator within two hours of eating, those are the things you can have three or four days later. i called the epa and said, what if you wont to freeze it? yeah. as long as it's in the three-day to four-day period, you can freeze it. you want to make sure you heat
6:11 am
the leftovers appropriately. >> anything you should throw out today? >> you know, we're at day two. nothing at this point right now. you want to go ahead and keep everything. if the ham gets sli s slimy, yo to get rid of that. >> if it gets to the smell test, toss it away. let's talk about this season. the days are shorter. it's darker earlier. a lot of people with the winter blues and seasonal effective disorder. how do you combat that? >> two things that have bun commonality. winter blues, a lot of us get that. we're feeling down or sad. the days are shorter. we don't get enough sunlight. seasonal effective disorder affects our life on a daily basis. getting light therapy. when you're inside, turn the lights on as early as you can. when the lights go down, when the sun goes down. diet and exercise are important. and the last tip, moderate
6:12 am
comfort foods. when we get the winter blues, we start craving carbs and sugar. those are the worst things. you get the sugar rush and the sugar low. you want to moderate it. healthy fruits and vegetables. >> another thing that people want to think about is the flu. and eight patriots were out with the flu. what should people know? is it too late to get a flu shot? >> it's not too late. you want to get it now because of the traveling that is coming up. it takes two days to take effect. you will be traveling to other parts of the country. flu is here. there's been four pediatric deaths. the flu is taking its toll. the main thing, you're going into different areas and touching different objects and shaking people's hands and kissing cheeks. when you cough, cover up when you cough. you want to do that, as well. get vaccinated, very important. and exercise and diet, those things will help keep your healthy all season.
6:13 am
>> next time, we ask what you do with the leftovers. >> exactly. recipes in addition to medical advice. >> appreciate you being here. thanks. coming up, how one online retailer is helping thousands of small businesses succeed thi lasdies and gentlemen, your attention please. geico would like to take a moment to say thank you to our military service members at home and abroad for all their hard work and sacrifice. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you. geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years. well you remember what happened last year. you can't bring a backup thanksgiving to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in. phase it in? yeah, phase it in.
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this morning in today's "holiday consumer," the advantages of shopping small, as you walk or drive around your neighborhood today. you might notice a lot of shops advertising some big holiday sales. >> that's because it's small business saturday, an opportunity for locally owned stores to get you to spend money in your own hometown, rather than sending it to some retail giant. but it also means business for businesses online, as well. jo ling kent is in minneapolis this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. happy small business saturday. did you know that 99% of american companies are small businesses. and these retailers are trying to compete with the amazons and walmarts of the world to grow and reach you. and they are leveraging tech companies like etsy to make a personal connection.
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the final dash for the holiday shopping season. shoppers rushing into big box stores and searching for deals online, too. but small businesses are hoping to take center stage on small business saturday. there's nothing small about it. shoppers spent almost $18 billion at local shops this day last year. heather parker's business began with a bow tie. >> i started with a faoster dog that i was having trouble getting adopted. i made him a bow tie collar and hedopted that weekend. >> reporter: she started her shop nine years ago on etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and unique goods. now, business is booming with a studio, five employees and a brick and mortar retail store. >> etsy taught me how to run a
6:18 am
business. >> reporter: shopify and amazon host small businesses like parker's. >> most small businesses fail. they want to get the tools to get noticed and recognized. >> reporter: etsy ceo john silverman wants to give owners to build their brand. how does etsy work for a business that is trying to compete? >> creativity can't be automative. we have over 2 million sellers who use their creative energy to run a global business on etsy. 89% of them are women. and 91% are businesses of one. they can run that from their living room. >> reporter: silverman's goal is for items sold on etsy to be unique. >> in a day when people want fewer things, they want things that express their identity, things that have meaning for
6:19 am
them. >> reporter: and customers keep coming back for more. >> people return because we put so much love and put effort into every piece. >> reporter: for parker, this is more than a job. it's a labor of love. >> i thought i was helping one dog out by making a collar. and i realized, you can follow your passion and do something that you love. >> jo, for the folks who are headed out today to shop small, what do you need to know? >> reporter: yeah. you want to hop on social media and look at #shopsmall. check out the retailers and eateries near you and look for local discounts. a bunch of ways to serve. but hit the street and go to your town center. there's going to be deals on that front. >> never too early to get started on the holiday shopping. jo, thank you for that. >> you've been at it for a couple weeks now. still to come right here,
6:20 am
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6:26 am
. good saturday morning. 6:26. a live look outside over oakland as we are are under a microclimate weather alert. thanks for joining us on this last day of november.
6:27 am
i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at the microclimate forecast. wind and rain. >> it may seem calm now, but we are in a microclimate weather alert ahead of the storm, that is already starting to make its way in. so if we look at satellite radar, you can see it just off the coast, a pretty powerful storm, we have been talking about in atmospheric river form developing, and pretty much what that means is heavy rainfall rates, a lot more per hour, so it increases the amount of rain that we're getting, as the day goes on. microclimate highs for today, forecasted to be in the 50s, but don't forget your coat. rain boots. it is going to be a great option for you. you might not want to bring your umbrella though. i know that sounds crazy to say but the winds will be gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour and a wind advisory will remain in effect through monday and a lot to talk about, and certainly going over the timing of that coming up at 7:00 a.m. we need to watch you at 7:00. vianey, thanks. three, two, one, light it
6:28 am
up. >> they are kicking off the holidays in downtown san jose. but also gearing up for that rain and wind vianey was just talking about, as the new storm moves in, and christmas in the park organizers say they're ready for the wild weather. last night, a festive parade down market street kicked off san jose's annual christmas display. for some 40 years, the beautifully decorated christmas trees have been the main attraction, but this weekend, they could be threatened by buckets of rain predicted to head our way, along with those fierce winds, vianey was mentioning. organizers say they're ready. >> to really just kind of focus on making sure things are tied down, and we can't do anything about the ornaments flying off the trees, but we can do our best to manage, keeping the trees up and lit. >> the executive director of christmas in the park says they did have high winds a few years ago that forced them to shut down the park for one night. and travelers, bee aware.
6:29 am
it appears mud slides are forcing 101 sections to be closed, the section of the tall slide will close at 5:00 today. and then tomorrow morning, mud creek will close. the roads will be reopened when they are considered safe. coming up this morning, on today in the bay, a shortage this holiday season of a holiday staple. we're talking about the christmas tree. we will explain the reason why this problem actually started developing a decade ago. we'll have that and more on all of the top stories and the important forecast, coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. right now back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning, breaking overnight, why was he free? new details about the terrorist taken down on london bridge, after a stabbing spree that left two people dead. police say the attacker was released last year after he was convicted of plotting to bomb the london stock exchange. and this morning, we're hearing from one of the men who took down the suspect. the long trip home. the coast-to-coast mess traveling for people coming home after thanksgiving. a slew of delays and cancellations as the storm heads to the east coast. we'll have the latest.
6:31 am
and more green for evergreens. the americans across the country heading out this weekend to find the perfect christmas tree. why the pines, firs and spruces could cost you more this year. today, saturday, november 30th, 2019. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a good-looking crowd here on a post-thanksgiving weekend. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. our tree will be lit up this week. >> i can't wait for that. we have such a big crowd. they're here to see the tree. here to see us. we appreciate that. >> a little shopping to boot. >> we have a big saturday. a lot of headlines we're tracking. we want to begin with today's news and what we learned
6:32 am
overnight about a man in a stabbing spree in london. authorities say he was released last year on terrorism-related charges. erin mclaughlin is in london with the latest. good morning, erin. >> reporter: hi, kristen. serious questions being asked in london this morning. the suspect, now dead, believed to have been convicted of plotting terror attacks, released early from prison. a judge warning that he still posed a significant risk to the public. he was electronically tagged. security sources saying the morning of the attack, he was at a hall adjacent to the london bridge, attending a prison rehabilitation experience, speaking about his own experiences, before launching a deadly rampage. this morning, details about the london bridge terrorist, identified as usman khan, after
6:33 am
plotting to bomb the new york stock exchange and the embassy. he was wearing an electronic tag. the horror unfolding in real-time across social media. ordinary people pinning him to the ground, and surrounded by police. plainclothes police officer, walking away with one of the knives. and then, shots fired. we are hearing more from the heroes that helped stop the rampage. >> he had two knives. one was duct taped to his hand. the guys were pinning him to the ground. kind of try to stamp as hard as they could on his wrist, trying to release the knife. as it were. and kicked the knife away. >> reporter: the attacker, wearing a fake suicide vest, began the rampage at this hall, an event focusing on
6:34 am
prisoner rehabilitation. haunting echoes of an attack that happened 2 1/2 years ago. three terrorists inspired by isis, rammed their van into a crowd before launching a knife attack, stabbing people at nearby restaurants and pubs, killing eight. >> this country will never be divided or intimidated by this sort of attack. and our values, our british values, will prevail. >> reporter: campaigning in london for the general election, now suspended, out of respect for the victims. and that election is 13 days away. there's a sense that this could get political, especially when you consider the questions about the government's decision to reduce the terrorist threat level from substantial to severe. >> erin, thank you for that. let's turn to the story impacting millions of people across the country. a pair of storms having a
6:35 am
significant impact on many folks heading home from the thanksgiving holiday. dave price has more on where these storms are headed. dave, good morning. >> it is just a mess, folks. good morning to you. there's hundreds of cancellations and delays at the airports. and it's expected to get worse tomorrow. and it's a mess all over the roads, too. in flagstaff, arizona, major highways shut down with more than two feet of snow falling in the area. and in kansas, i-70 open. but condition s treacherous. and there is more of that to come. let's go to the maps right now and talk about it. it's snow in the northern plains states. it's rain and thunderstorms as we head to the south and east. a big area of low pressure working towards the east. another storm system pushing into the west coast right now. watches, warnings, advisories. 23 million people at risk. we're seeing some of the edadv e advisories pop up, along the eastern seaboard, where the storm system will roll into
6:36 am
tomorrow and sunday, as well. that will create the huge issues travel-wise. there's the first storm approaching the west coast. this is the severe weather we're seeing today. an inch to two inches of rain. gusts of 60 miles per hour, creating airport delays in the midwest today, in minneapolis and chicago. major hubs as we head through memphis and st. louis. out west, sacramento, san francisco and los angeles during the morning, that's today. into tomorrow, the storm system advances through the midwest and the east coast. there are our big problems. and snow and ice as we head through tomorrow. that's going to create issues in new york, boston, detroit, and all the way back west, through seattle, portland, and san francisco, as this storm system begins to move to the north, in that part of the country. now, as far as total snowfall, as we head into monday, we could be talking about, in some locations, upwards of a foot or more through sections of the upper midwest and all the way through the northeast.
6:37 am
this, as we wrap up a holiday weekend and head back to work and school on monday. it is not going to be an easy go. kristen? peter? >> dave, thanks so much. we'll get the rest of your forecast later. president trump is back at his florida estate for the rest of the holiday weekend. the president is facing a new deadline from house democrats. they're giving him until friday, december 6th, to decide if he will participate in the impeachment hearings moving forward. the next public hearings will be held on wednesday. news out of the nfl, where the league is punishing one of its players from betting on football games. arizona quarterback josh shaw will be suspended through the 2020 season, for betting on multiple games this season. the suspension was handed down on friday, by nfl commissioner, roger goodell. shaw has not place eplayed for cardinals yet. he was placed on injured reserve. how about a little "morning
6:38 am
boost." >> let's do it. >> christmas came early for shoppers in california, when they found out their groceries were paid for by a mystery woman. ta-da. >> well, it turns out, that's pop star, sia, who decided to surprise shoppers in a walmart by taking care of their bill at the cash register. the singer is known for covering her face behind a black and white wig but decided to ditch it for this outing. she told shoppers she had just won the lottery. the star went largely unrecognized, but some people caught on, taking pictures with the star and sharing her generous act across social media. talk about paying it forward. >> you don't have to be a celebrity to do something like that. pay the toll for a car behind you. >> we'll think about that. still ahead, why climate change means you could be paying more for your christmas tree this year. >> we're back after this. oh! oh! oh!
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6:43 am
tlths there's 25 days to go until christmas. that means a lot of people will be hunting for their tree. >> but this year, your christmas tree could cost you more than in the past. sarah harman is here to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the weekend after thanksgiving is the perfect time to think about your christmas tree, right? if you are your heart set on the real thing, prepare to pay more. there's fewer trees to go around this year and shoppers will pay a premium. for the browns, cutting down their christmas tree is a rite of passage. >> it comes from the ground. take care of it. >> reporter: it's not just the tree. it's the whole experience. what do you think? across america, trees are coming down. >> timber. >> reporter: but prices are not. >> it will be $100.
6:44 am
>> reporter: at this farm, the average tree costs around 100 bucks. a fresh-cut christmas tree averages $76, double what it cost in 2008. blame it on climate change. rising temperatures, wildfires and drought have made farming more challenges. by the time someone walks off of a lot with one of the trees, you've invested nears in it. trimming it, fertilizing it, watering it. 100 bucks is starting to look like a deal. >> right? >> reporter: across the country, record-breaking heat destroyed thousands of christmas trees in michigan, north carolina, missouri and oregon over the last two years. and some farmers are finding it's just not worth it. for many families, though, there's no substitute for the real thing. >> do you always get a fresh-cut tree? >> always. every year. >> why? >> it smells like christmas. that's what christmas is all about. >> reporter: with christmas just
6:45 am
25 days away, prepare to shell out a little extra green for that evergreen. guys, people are wondering what's the most environmentally friendly option? buying a real tree locally and composting it or recycling when you're done. if you opt for the artificial tree, use it as long as you can, rather than chucking it in the landfill come january. >> i was trying to get back to the hotel thanksgiving night. the trees were lined up along the streets of new york. turkey wasn't done. and people had trees out there. >> absolutely. all around our neighborhood in d.c., there were trees everywhere. the big challenge is to get it before christmas and get it decorated. >> i want to see you with an ax. >> dave is on the plaza. >> when the trees are out, the city smells so good. and it smells like the holidays. hi, everyone, on the plaza.
6:46 am
nice to see you. we have friends in from wisconsin. let's take a check of the weather across the country and see what's happening. we have big trouble all over the place. the northern plains states could see blizzard conditions. gusts up to 60 miles per hour. severe weather, stretching from east texas into louisiana, arkansas, mississippi, rain through the ohio valley, on into the northeast. as we head into tomorrow, a big wintry mix and rain rolls into the west coast and the pacific northwest. that's a quick look at the good morning, this is probably our calmest start of the day, because look at what we've got coming into the bay area, we've got this atmospheric river that is expected to bring widespread rainfall, and heavy downpours and also gusty winds. the microclimate highs for this afternoon, don't forget your rain coat and rine boots, temperatures in the 50s, and inland wind as well.
6:47 am
rain all the way through today and tomorrow and into the start of the workweek. that's a quick look at your weather picture. >> dave, thank you. coming up, chrissy teigen's
6:48 am
6:49 am
we are back. dave has a look at today's "pop start." >> are you ready? >> we're ready. >> let's do it then. we go to kacey musgraves. the grammy winner has another reason to celebrate the holiday season. her christmas special just went live. the kacey musgraves christmas show premiered on friday on amazon. ♪ rockin' around the >> she sings holiday favorites
6:50 am
with other stars like camilla cabello, james cordin. up next, chrissy teigen. the cookbook author, wife and model's husband, john legend, was named "people" magazine's sexiest man alive, peting out peter alexander, shockingly. >> a distant second. >> you're in the running. chrissy will not let anyone forget. she had the cover made in fun pajamas and surprised john on thanksgiving. take a look at that. >> yes. killing it. let's do this. >> sexiest man, baby.
6:51 am
>> killing it, indeed. chrissy posted this story on instagram. john seems shocked at the unique outfit. the story has expired. but you can see a picture of her and friends in the festive outfits. >> are those outfits sold on etsy now? >> i'm sure they are now. and now, just in time for the holidays, a number of movies are making a splashl. "frozen 2" have you seen it yet? >> no. i want to. >> the hit takes us into the world of anna and elsa. the film has raked in nearly $200 million. there's also "knives out." that stars chris evans, jamie lee curtis, and many others. that's putting a knife in the heart of niaysayers. the film has pulled in $15 million from just two days of
6:52 am
the holiday weekend. and it's expected to grab nearly $50 million when all is said and done. don't forget, there's "clean and fill." it's produced by our sister company, universal pictures. >> "frozen" may be the only picture for the girls. >> we're going to see "knives out." coming up, why robert pattinson gets i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop. when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express today, small business saturday, and see how shopping small adds up.
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we're back. willie has a good one with robert pattinson. he gets nervous before an audition. >> i used to get so paralyzed with anxiety before auditions and stuff. i couldn't even -- i couldn't do anything in the audition. i think i had been ctrying to figure out a way to get rid of the anxiety by calming yourself down. >> that's tomorrow on "sunday today."
6:57 am
good morning, i'm kira klapper, coming up next on today in the bay, dangerous weather hitting the bay area, bringing with it strong winds and heavy rain. vianey arana is tracking the storm and bringing us the latest information. plus, despite the weather, thousands of people showed up for the kickoff of christmas in the park. the san jose holiday tradition is, it prepared for the wintry weather? >> also, with thanksgiving behind us, christmas trees take the spotlight, and it is a headline a decade in the making.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good saturday morning, it is 7:00 on the dot, on this november 30th, the last day of november, and we are under a microclimate weather alert. here is a live look at our doppler radar, on the right, the golden gate bridge on the left, it doesn't look so bad out right now. but it is coming. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper


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