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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 1, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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happy 2020, everyone as a new decade begins, celebrations continue throughout the world. some even breaking records more troops to iraq. the trump administration will send almost 800 additional u.s. soldiers to the middle east in the wake of the massive protests at the american embassy in baghdad. the epic battle down under australia consumed by more than 100 wildfires. thousands trying to escape the scorching heat seeking refuge at the beach and the water.
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animals in a desperate fight for survival the dramatic scene in florida after a boat slams into a jedi the amazing rescue literally on the rocks. and a bizarre scene as pope francis offers well wishes for the new year and slaps back one overly aggressive fan. it's january 1st "early today" starts right now good morning to you. thank you for waking up with us. i'm cori coffin. the world has come together once again to celebrate new beginnings ♪ wow. that's france with the stunning light show and fireworks illuminated greece in bright colors at midnight they hope the new year will bring more peace and a better economy. now to a more futuristic spectacle in dubai
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impressive but maybe not quite as iconic as the celebration happening in new york's times square for that let's go to nbc's chris pollone. >> reporter: so it turns out that an unexpected cold, steady rain shower that moved over new york city early tuesday evening did very little to dampen the spirits of the million plus people who packed in here to watch the annual ball drop, counting down the final moments of 2019 and welcoming in 2020. throughout the night people waited some 12, 13, 14 hours standing in metal pens waiting for the big moment, entertaining themselves and were entertained by major music acts, people like sam hunt and alannis morisette they watched that giant waterford crystal ball come down and they welcomed the new year with enthusiasm.
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after that though is the problem. it's the cleanup that job lies on 200 sanitation workers from new york city more than 3,000 pounds of confetti were dropped on this celebration when the clock struck midnight. now those 200 workers are spending the entire night well into the morning cleaning all of it up. last year they collected 65 tons of garbage happy new year in times square i'm chris pollone. >> here at 30 rock we are already seeing that confetti the united states sending over 700 soldiers to the middle east after an attack on a u.s. embassy in baghdad thousands of demonstrators swarmed the compound trying to break its walls. last night president trump took time out of his new year's eve gathering to warn iran of any military conflict. >> i want to have peace. i like peace and iran should want peace more
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than anybody so i don't see that happening. i don't think iran would want that to happen it would go very quickly >> now the state department says that the embassy is secure at this hour. nbc's hans nichols is following this one for us. >> reporter: it was a sudden and brazen attack. thousands of iranian-backed demonstrators chanting "death to america" as they stormed the u.s. embassy in iraq here using a battering ram to try to pierce the armored entrance lobbing smoke bombs onto embassy grounds. embassy guards watching from the roof protesters lighting fires, though they never got inside the walls of the massive embassy complex. the pentagon dispatching 100 marines from kuwait to shore up defenses president trump tweeting the u.s. embassy in iraq is and has been for hours safe and that iran will be held fully responsible saying they will pay a very big price
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this is not a warning, it's a threat the demonstrators are angry over sunday's u.s. air strikes against iranian in iraq and syria. secretary state mike pompeo reacting >> i'm confident president trump will authorize whatever it takes to keep american young men and women safe >> reporter: the u.s. still has some 5,000 troops in iraq who have been a recent target of iranian-backed violence. u.s. apache helicopters shooting flares to disperse crowds at the embassy. >> the fact that we are sending the marine fast teams and moving helicopters overhead is an indication that we are taking this very seriously and it is a very, very dangerous situation >> reporter: and late last night in a new speech from kim jong-un, he warned that the world would soon witness, quote, a new strategic weapon in the near future. he also blasted washington's, what he called gangster-like response on denuclearization
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now, no comments from the president responding to that he did call the u.s. response to the embassy tax the anti-benghazi. cori >> hans nichols with that latest development there. a new year's eve crisis going into 2020 now into australia where wildfires continue to rage through the country. officials say at least 112 blazes have burned over 10 million acres and have killed more than a dozen people including three firefighters and a 3-year-old child thousands of residents forced to take refuge to the beaches and trying to escape the scorching heat more than 2,000 firefighters are now combating those blazes officials say those fires are being fed by intense heat and winds. so far the massive blazes have destroyed over a thousand homes since fire season began in september. bringing it back closer to home here in the deadly crash of a small plane near kansas city it happened shortly after takeoff from an executive
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airport. officials say both people that were on board were killed. now to this interesting and just wild video out of the vatican. pope frances visibly startled when a woman grabbed his arm in st. peter's square a woman suddenly yanked him forcefully he abruptly wrenches his hand free, kind of slaps it away. the overzealous woman made the sign of the cross as the pope approached, but it wasn't clear exactly what she was saying to him as she grabbed him well, a happy new year to all of you and a happy new to the new dogs the american kennel club has added two new breeds to its pretijous list the argentinean dogo is a protective breed designed for hunting. they have been known to take down animals as large as mountain lions and wild boars.
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and this dog, they love the water and are known as cheerful friendly companions. i'd like to bring in meteorologist michelle grossman. do you think that's going to be the next brand that everybody loves and everybody wants to get? >> like the new labradoodle and can i say that the dog needs a barrett? >> not everybody can pull off the bangs. >> let's talk about weather. we are looking at some very warm temperatures for many of us. lots of temperatures above normal for this time of year minneapolis 34, that's above freezing 10 degrees above what is typical for this time of year and that slides to thst oe eamany spots
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that's good news we are going to keep it at least cloudy, dry, if not some sunshine in some spots yes, no complaints, cori, looking very good. we do have a storm in the pacific northwest. we will talk about in a bit. >> so we will get through the first day of 2020. >> and tomorrow looking good too. >> this is great football weather. texas longhorns putting on a show for the last day of the decade texas defense kept the utes out of the end zone. they pulled away in the third quarter. quarterbacks sam ehlinger and they turned on the jets for a 49-yard td texas wins it 38-10. still ahead, a little hindsight in 2020. we will look back to the biggest stories of 2019.
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this collision take a look here nbc's kerry sanders is in fort lauderdale with this report. >> reporter: it wasn't until first light that rescue teams finally had a clear picture of the accident scene under cover of darkness, four people on this 42-foot boat slammed into a jetty near fort lauderdale at port everglades. one of the passengers ejecting 15 feet, landing on her head in the darkness with two-foot sea swells, paramedics had to time their jump from the rescue boat to the slippery rocks >> how lucky is it for anybody to have survived a collision like this? >> the jetty itself does not have warning lights. police telling us they want the captain to explain how the boat outfitted with expensive electronics missed spotting the jetty on radar investigators say they do not know if alcohol was involved, but they are conducting tests to
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we want to know what you think was the biggest story of the 2010s. go to to tell us. as we begin this new year and this new decade, we reflect on the past 12 months that included everything from a grippaling government shutdown to a devastating fire at notre dame here's nbc's chris jansing >> reporter: the finale of the decade kicked off in historic style, dubbed "the year of the woman," a record-setting number sworn into congress including one breakout star she's known by her initials, a.o.c. but in a year where the government shutdown in january >> i know a temper tantrum when i see one. >> reporter: a defiant president was impeached in december when democratic candidates debated the mueller report rolled out, and protests over abortion laws rolled on. >> my body, my choice! >> reporter: not all the big
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news was about politics. a divided d.c. did some major bipartisan celebrating the washington nationals with a heart-stopping expectation defying world series win >> they have climbed to the top of baseball's highest peak >> reporter: seems tom brady and the patriots are always expected to be in the super bowl these days they were and they won >> look at this. how could this not motivate you? >> reporter: a stunning comeback for tiger woods at the masters his first win after a decade-long championship drought. the u.s. women's world cup emerged victorious too but the history books will also record the teen's impact on the fight for pay. >> we have to be better. >> reporter: making history as well, 16-year-old greta thunberg with the eye-roll scene around the world riveting attention to the threat of climate change >> how dare you? >> reporter: california fought another round of destructive fires. in brazil the amazon burned and
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ignited a debate over deforestation. dorian, one of the most powerful hurricanes in the atlantic, decimated the bahamas. >> when you drive around there is a smell of death here >> reporter: while the notre dame came down and the photo of a father and his 23-month-old-daughter drowned in the rio grande came to symbolize the failure of the system. the world lost some true icons in 2019. >> as president i knew i could always count on elijah being honorable and doing the right thing. >> reporter: we said good-bye to elijah cummings, a sharecropper's son who rose to power in congress. to nobel laureate tony morrison, luke perry, and disney's star cameron boyce, just 20 >> i've always been really into makeup
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>> reporter: at 21 kylie jenner turned fame into a major fortune. >> she has become the youngest self-made billionaire of all time >> reporter: there was so much steam on the oscar stage between bradley cooper and lady gaga, statements were issued denying a relationship funny how photos can tell tales. melania trump and justin trudeau broke the internet with a kiss on the cheek 2019 seemed the year amazon took over and boeing >> a number of companies are saying they don't want their staff on them. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg was called before congress twice >> this isn't about helping the politicians. >> it is hate speech ♪ >> reporter: and walmart walked away from the gun business walmart announcing yesterday that it will discontinue sales of handgun ammunition and ammunition that can be used with military-style rifles.
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>> reporter: after a shooting kills 22 people in its store in el paso. the next day people woke to the news that a gunman in dayton, ohio, took nine more innocent lives. >> two cities, 13 hours, 29 lives. >> reporter: the courts were a busy place former dallas police officer amber guyger sentenced to ten years in prison for shooting botham john. with an extraordinary act of forgiveness. felicity huffman spent 11 days in jail. she and fellow actress lori loughlin, the highest-profile parents in the college cheating scandal. but actor jussie smollett walked away for an alleged hate crime hoax trump associates were tried, convicted, and jailed. and joaquin el chapo guzman. >> and sexual predator jeffrey
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epstein allegedly committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial. his friendship with prince andrew led to a disastrous bbc interview. >> you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender? >> it was a convenient place to stay >> forcing the prince to largely resign a royal baby archie born to an american mom becomes seventh in line to the throne and can you spell s-o-l-d o-u-t? they declare the popeye's chicken sandwich is here to save america. but even presidential tweets couldn't save sean spicer on "dancing with the stars. still not nearly as flashy as that pink carpet and one more star to mention before we let 2019 go.
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with 2019 now in the rearview mirror, we want to take a look back at the biggest events in the last 12 months there was fun to be found. nbc's rafael seth takes a look at the lighter side of this past year >> reporter: before we dive into the new year, let's retrace our steps through the old one. 2019 was like kissing an alpaca. a little scary, and probably not something you'd want to repeat even the easter bunny was in a mood handing out seasoned beatings but to get to a smile, sometimes you have to slap the frown right
4:27 am
off your face. we start with a competition in denmark where the power and majesty of equestrian meets the skill of air guitar. ♪ this piano man in switzerland hit all the high notes while suspended in midair for a tune he hoped would not end in b-flat other musical moments included this donkey duet ♪ an orchestra playing it cool with instruments made of ice and the armed forces paying tribute to the song of the year. this woman inspired a case of the feels by bringing her best friend to work, but if your spouse is your friend, i wouldn't recommend it. we reaffirmed some truths in 2019 birds of a feather do flock together, and kitties love to play with string but sometimes it's best not to keep your eye on the ball. in sporting news, juneau the
4:28 am
otter rocked the rim and a harlem globe trotter jumped out of a plane. but somehow a sky diver won her sports championship indoors. winter competitions bring dramatic moments, some before the games even start curling has become such a popular sport that sometimes you have to use the players as pieces but if you've ever felt like you were up a creek without a paddle, try going without a creek. this race was eventually canceled after a seemingly obvious discovery. >> kayaks are not designed to work on the snow >> reporter: other things that do not go together, a jacuzzi on a boat ballet and dinosaurs and a bunk bed of nails. so moving forward let's turn the chaos into art like pig-casso. it's reasonably expected to have a few hiccups on the journey just remember to stop and smell
4:29 am
the flowers. >> this was absolutely the best story we've run so far in 2020 >> we were like smiling ear to ear. [ laughter ] i'm going to carry you on my back to the
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and good morning to you. january 1st, new year's day, the first "today in the bay" newscast of the year and you made it. >> are you out there? >> somewhere in carl you can see carl the fog sticking around for us today. i don't know, did he cause trouble last night? i don't know. we'll talk about him in a bit. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. i would not want to be a street sweeper in new york today. crews worked to pick up the confetti around 3,000 pounds of it before sunrise. last ig


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