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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 1, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the bay," the first "today in the bay" of the year. >> it's wild. i can't believe it's 2020. >> well it's here. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we want to wake up with fireworks. we slept through last night when you get up as early as we do. there they are, gorgeous skies for the fireworks there along the embarcadero. vianey said there was a little bit of fog. >> it was a good night. it was a little chilly but aside from that, if you made the decision to go, you probably knew you had to take a coat. >> in san francisco you always have to. >> exactly. so that fog right now is still rolling in along the coast and continuing for the next on and off two weeks. the dry weather pattern will take over. we have the fog, the view of the city there. look how nice downtown san jose looks. nice overall temperatures. i want to give you a closer look
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at how the current temperatures are. 44 degrees in san jose. 45 in apa low alto. half moon bay notice the fog there, 48 degrees and limited visibility up to the north bay and running a few degrees warmer in santa rosa and pacifica compared to where we were at yesterday. all right, so how are the roads doing? here is a view of the bay bridge toll plaza, usually the metering lights turn on at 5:25. i think i can make a solid prediction and say that's probably not going to happen today. if everyone continues to go on about their day and enjoy these traffic-free roads we should be in the clear. we have this accident that just popped in hayward. i'll find out what that's about in the chp report and be back with an update coming up shortly. >> thanks, vianey. across the bay area officers have their hands full with more than just crowd control on new year's eve. thom jensen is live outside of
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san francisco police headquarters tracking the number of shootings since last night. thom? >> reporter: and there were at least three that we know of right now. one of them close to a very big new year's eve bash here in san francisco near ft. mason. it happened at about 9:35 last night near the ft. mason center for arts and culture, where there was a big i heart radio bash going on last night. two men were shot there. police say one may not survive. a spokesman telling "today in the bay" that his injuries are life-threatening. they hope somebody may have seen something. when they cleared the scene this morning, i went by and people were still leaving that party and police want to hear from anybody there who may have heard or seen anything that could help with their investigation. meanwhile in the north bay, in petaluma, petaluma man is
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starting 2020 in the hospital with gunshot wounds as well as petaluma pd tells us that he was shot by a neighbor not once but twice. there is no motive for this. this happened at about 5:00 right in the apartment complex parking lot next to mckinley elementary school. >> the victim more than one gunshot wound appears to be two appears both the parties reside in the apartment complex. >> san jose pd also investigating a new year's eve shooting after police, neighbors found this man with gunshot wounds taken by an ambulance to the hospital. our photographer was on the scene looking for evidence or looking for a suspect, or motive. they'd like to hear from anybody who knows anything about the shooting that occurred near kennedy avenue last night.
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across the bay in oakland chris are not reporting any shootings thankfully on new year's eve. there was a lot of that illegal fireworks and gunfire going on. no injuries from any of that gunfire as far as we know this morning. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> officers certainly kept busy last night. thank you, thom. san francisco just ended the year with its lowest homicide count in decades. according to "the examiner requestthis morning, there were 41 murders in total in 2019, an 11% decrease in homicides compared to 2018. san francisco police department contributes the decline to a series of factors, including community policing and anti-violence prevention groups. all right, we showed you the legal fireworks in san francisco along the embarcadero. these are illegal fireworks that happened last night, from our oakland traffic cameras. we periodly saw fireworks shot from several areas where there
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were no sanctioned events. police so far not saying whether they made any arrests. in san jose, camera crews captured people shooting off fireworks despite the threat of punishment. police are touting strict enforcement, even promoting an online site to report illegal fireworks activity. we don't know the identity of the man who died trying to chase down thieves who went into a starbucks and stole his laptop. the man ran after the thieves who jumped in a car and took off. >> just drive fast and the young man's body swing, you know, swing to us, the car parking on the side street, right eye and the right forehead was bleeding very badly. >> police are trying to remind everyone property can be replaced but your life cannot. witnesses say the thieves drove
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a dark colored suv. police are not saying whether they have a suspect description. happening today a news conference to announce sexual assault lawsuits against belomen prep. it was filed under the recently passed california child victims act. the act extends the statute of limitations and gives victims a three-year window to bring lawsuits in cases that were previously barred by statute of limitations. we reached out to the school but the offices are closed. california leaders are having tree thinning projects but takes a long time to get the tree removals approved. regulators approved a state permitting process. leaders can use an annalysis rather than starting from scratch. projects that usually take three
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to five years to get approved will happen in less than a year. starting today your uber and lyft rides in san francisco will cost you more. a new tax was voted into effect for all rideshare companies with rides that start in city limits. lyft and uber have to pay a 3.25 tax on that private ride. it drops to 1.5% on the shared ri ride. some of the biggest waves in months are rolling into the northern california coastline. later today the ways mavericks surpass 35 feet. headed out to the beach don't leave your pets unattended and don't turn your back on the oce ocean. >> don't leave your babies off the leash. >> dogs. >> right, dogs, sorry. i'm a fur baby, a fur mama.
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>> i was like, what? >> leaving the airport a little backpack. >> yes. of course not to children. >> don't leave your children around the water either. it's one of the swells where you see the waves crashing up against the pier and quickly turn dangerous. the strongz winds offshore are continuing to send that swell to our coastline. what does this mean for us? the beach hazard statement will remain in effect today and tomorrow because of the large breakers and the sneaker waves use extra caution near the coast. colors help you figure out how call the waves are. red is upwards of 17, 20-plus feet. we'll keep this for the next two days or so. don't leave your pets, your dogs off of the leash.
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never try to swim against the rip current. you'll get too tired. try to see if you can catch a glimpse of the sand and swim parallel to the shore. the water is cold anyway, don't go swimming. avoid it. admire it from afar and take a picture of it and send it to us and we can share it on social media. for whose who get back to work if there are any accidents. a report of a new accident this one i was going to check up on it. san mateo bridge no accidents to report on the bridges overnight. here is a look at our traffic map the crash i told you i would look into in hayward and i checked the chp reports and it looks like there's a crash blocking the exit ramp westbound 92. there are traffic restrictions because of the earlier crash. doesn't look like anybody was hurt but it may cause some delays near that exit ramp.
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drive times right now really smooth, westbound 580 toward the richmond bridge eight minutes. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge eight minutes. i'll keep a close eye on the weather and your traffic throughout the entire morning. another update coming up soon. >> looking forward to it, vianey. 5:10. the end of an era, next here on "today in the bay," the final good-bye to beach blanket babylon. and ahead at 5:25, taking action to curb teen vaping. the potential ban the federal government is expected to announce this week. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
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elliott. you came back!
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it is 5:13. you may encounter fog along the coastline or headed up to the north bay, half moon bay expect to keep the patchy fog for the first half of the morning. visibility not too bad, about eight miles, six miles through santa rosa. we've gotten down to a quarter mile, not too shabby. we will keep some cloudy conditions through today and our temperatures will be in the 50s, even a couple low to mid-60s for the interior valley. great way to start the first day of the new year. let's get a check of how the roads are doing, a live look at the span of the bay bridge, no major accidents to report. good drive times throughout the entire bay area.
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back to you. you don't have to be a sports fan to understand sometimes the score doesn't matter. >> two rival teams came together to make a boy's wish come true. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas shows us the memorable moment. >> reporter: the petaluma high school football team going into their last game of this season. >> on your mark, get set, go. >> reporter: did not have what coach rick crist would call a good record. >> it was a tough year. it was a tough year for the wins and losses. >> reporter: but for that final game against rival casa grande, coach crist had a play up his sleeve he knew would turn the trojans' losing record into a winning season. >> we ran flex 25 draw, and he was the draw. >> he is aidan spillane, a
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17-year-old senior with cerebral palsy which makes it hard for aidan to speak but when it comes to football it's easy to understand. >> throw it. >> reporter: aidan's dad, brett, says his son fell in love with the sport when he was a little boy. being a part of that team brett knew would mean the world to aidan. >> prior to the freshman year and during that summer, i called up coach and said is there any way to get aidan involved in the team in any capacity. the coach said absolutely, we'd love to, maybe make him the water boy. >> reporter: coach crist never regretted that decision for a moment. >> didn't miss one practice, not one time. not one game, not one practice. he embodies everything as a coach you want your program to be. he's all about us instead of him. >> reporter: at the end of the last game of his last season as water boy, coach wanted the
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moment for once to be about him. so they handed him the ball and watched him score. >> if you watch the video he does a little hop after he scores his touchdown and for aidan to express himself to that regard speaks volumes to how excited he was. i'm not a cryer but nature but yeah, i broke down and cried. i was lucky to be that person to choose that, but there's millions of people that would make that decision if you knew aidan. >> beautiful story. >> it's been nice to share some good stories with garvin tom th. after a 45-year run san francisco's iconic beach blanket babylon held its last performance. ♪
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>> beach blanket babylon known for costumes, hat and hair and celebrities and politician spoofs and one rousing song after another is no more. president trump was included in the show, so was nancy pelosi, her song was about impeachment, her song drew a big cheer and reaction from patrons including governor gavin newsom. >> my grandfather and dad taking me here. i had the privilege of taking my kids to the matinees. eight a remarkable show. ? sad to see it go. >> i was crying with her. >> yep. it was very touching to watch them say good-bye. >> the producers of the show say it was the right time to end the 4r5-year run. there has been no announcement as to what might take its place
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at the theater in san francisco. the royals are ringing in the new year with a photo of baby archie having a cuddle with his dad. look at that hat. harry and his wife posted the photo to their instagram account as part of a post looking back to 2019 and archie's first back in may. >> big news. >> that was big news. >> i love me some meghan markle. >> have some tea with her. >> imagine? my gosh. what a start to the decade. i like that. i like that. you know, and i don't know about you guys, are you planning on spending any time outdoors today? >> we'll say yes and see what happens. >> don't go to the gym, it will be packed, just go outside. >> they'll be open new year's day? >> isn't it their busiest? >> i thought today, could you start on the 2nd. >> start on day one.
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>> no, we're not starting with that "i'll start tomorrow" attitude. start today. run outside you'll take advantage of how stunning the first day of january, first day of 2020 is. look at this view of downtown san jose. a clear sky going on there and meanwhile, in san francisco, we do have the fog that was starting to roll in. it's not too bad now. a solid view of the skyline and right now our current temperatures not very cold. we're not in the 30s but we are in the 40s. as soon as you step out the door here is a look, 44 degrees in san jose. 49 in oakland. 45 in santa rosa. 50 degrees in san francisco and satellite radar right now we're going to be dry for today and headed into tomorrow but i have a couple changes to tell you about a. let's get to our temperatures. highs for toot 51 degrees. 57 in san francisco and this is what i mean when i say get out and enjoy the day, work out. we have a mix of sun and clouds.
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it's just right for any outdoor activity. the start of 2020, what can we expect in our weather jut look? temperature also remain near to below average and our next rain chance moves in in on the 1515t1515t 1515th. we're expecting more rain as we started our rainy season and we had a good amount of storms to end the year 2019. the next few days, i said january 15th and here it is. you can see the storm system the majority of it looks like it will stay far off to the north but it may bring the chance of seeing some late showers into friday and saturday areas north of the golden gate bridge and notice how it breaks apart as we head into saturday afternoon that will make way for a dry sunday. 57 degrees in san francisco our
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high thursday 59 degrees and we start to get the cloud cover rolling in friday and the spotty chance of a shower, less than a tenth of an inch in some areas. not a big rain maker. san francisco and inland areas temperatures remain in the 60s. let's get a check of how the oh so quiet roads are doing, wow, look at the bay bridge toll plaza, watch when the sun comes up we'll see the birds flying over it and more birds than cars because that's typically what happens this time of year, san mateo bridge i don't see any cars on this side. what's going on over there, a cuppal approaching there and the bay bridge span the crash earlier in hayward exit ramp along westbound 92. doesn't seem to be a big problem now but starting to cause restriction right near the exit ramp, westbound 92 and aside from that, the drive times throughout the bay, westbound 92 to the san mateo bridge look at
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that, 13 minutes. you don't have to take your coffee to go. enjoy two cups this morning. back to you. >> we'll need a little bit. coming up, a car crash going viral online. two cars crash right next to facebook headquarters. we'll show you the video next and let you decide who is at fall. >> new year and new ban an ec ecigarettes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:24 for you. on the peninsula, a car crash caught on camera. look at this dash cam video posted on reddit in menlo park. you can see the white car is caught in slow moving traffic so it decides to cross over three lanes quickly. before it reaches the right lane, another car plows into it. users on reddit are debating who is at fault. most are blaming the white car for changing lanes too quickly >> it was. you can't change three lanes of traffic, that's from chp sanchez. a message for package thieves in milpitas. police are onto you. the department says it's do i looking at security videos and saying the largest populated
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areas are commonly targeted in neighborhoods around great mall parkway and montague expressway. the flu is taking the life of another person in another california county. placer county health leaders say a child died from the flu and from complications yesterday, that is the first death in placer county. "the sacramento bee ""reports 46 people have died from the illness since the start of the season in the last four months. if you haven't had your flu shot you have time to get one. the fda is preparing to ban the sale of dlafrd ecigarette cartridges. the "wall street journal" reports the federal announcement could come friday. most dlafrd cartridges like these made by juul will be pulled from sale under the plans with only tobacco or menthol flavored allowed but the ban reportedly will not affect tank systems found in vape shops. those allow users to mix their
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own nicotine liquids. this just in, you'll want to hear this if you have a baby who is sick. a voluntary recall on liquid ibuprofen is expanding. it was made by tryspharma and sold at walmart and cvs, the equate or the cvs brand. some batches have higher levels of ibuprofen than written on the label and that could be dangerous for infects affected by the adverse effects of the drug. >> 5:27. the top stories we're following today including a shocking discovery inside a starbucks restroom, in the south bay. we'll have a live report on what was found. plus dramatic video shows the moment a car plunged off a cliff in half moon bay. what we're learn being that crash. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. nice and easy if you have to head that way any time soon. vianey will get us through that commute coming up as well as a look at the forecast.
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nice and clear in san jose. we'll have more ahead for you right here on "today in the bay."
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and, cloud-based security to help protect the devices on your network. greenlight your business in 2020 with fast internet and voice for $64.90 per month. switch now and get a $100 prepaid card when you add comcast business securityedge. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. 5:30 for you this morning and happy new year. a live look out in san francisco, year 2020. thanks for starting your morning with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. she'll be back this year. this morning the cleanup from
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the big party is getting started in new york. crews worked to pick up all the confetti, 3,000 pounds of it and they want to do it before sun-up. last night fireworks lit up 2020 celebrations across the country. maybe you saw them here in san francisco. we also saw some in new york, las vegas, seattle, went off without a hitch. that's always good to see, and vianey has been watching the forecast up to this point, looking forward. it was a nice weather for that. >> not bad. it was partly cloudy. we did get a little bit of cloud cover start to creep in but all in all, good night. dry conditions and now we are waking up to dry conditions yet again. a live view of downtown san jose. we have the clear skies and your temperature trend will be a mix of sun and clouds. we'll start to get high cloud cover rolling through this afternoon. look at the temperatures by about 8:00 a.m., 47 degrees and by 11:00 a.m. we'll remain in the 50s. we will be seeing a couple of 60s so if you are headed out the door, let me get you right to your highs today.
5:32 am
oakland 59 degrees. san francisco 57. palo alto 61. we have high pressure that's going to continue to dry us out, but let's get a look at how the roads are doing right now. a live look in palo alto, we have no traffic delays on any of the bay area highways or freeways or routes or anything like that. so look at the map right now, it's green, which means we don't have any major slowing, a little bit of yellow at some points in the south bay but it cleared out quickly. tri-valley drive times 16 minutes and southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road about nine minutes. looking good. back to you. >> thanks. a shocking find in a restroom of a south bay starbucks. one man is behind bars. bob redell has what investigators are telling us this morning. >> reporter: march kuls the cameras were found sunday late
5:33 am
sunday afternoon hidden in the bathroom behind me in a starbucks 1800 block of hills dale avenue and south san jose and san jose police have linked this man, take a look at his mug shot, sean evans, a 37-year-old resident of san jose who police arrested for invasion of privacy and drug related offenses. police tell us that someone called 911 to report that someone found a camera in the drain pipe in front of the toilet. police found a second camera underneath the sink which was also in front of the toilet. officers on the scene found evans in a parked vehicle outside the starbucks, inside this vehicle, evans allegedly had electronic devices linking him to the cameras in the bathroom. police say they also found methamphetamine and a glass pipe for smoking drugs. evans had been wanted for a prior possession of a controlled substance and possession of
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paraphernalia. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:33 now. breaking news out of iraq. the u.s. is sending about 750 soldiers to the middle east as iraqi protesters continue to gather outside the u.s. embassy in baghdad for day two. this is new video from the defense department showing marines from kuwait arriving as reinforcement. yesterday president trump threatened iran with strong action over the embassy clashes. the protests started yesterday with hundreds of iran-backed militiamen and protesters gathered outside the american embassy. it was one of the worst attacks on a u.s. diplomatic mission in years. the militiamen are protesting deadly u.s. airstrikes that targeted an iran-backed militia over the weekend killing 25 fighters. those strikes in response to a rocket attack on an army base that killed a u.s. contractor. chp investigating two new attacks along the stretch of 101, some new call projectile
5:35 am
alley, south of gilroy. two motorists were targeted monday night. no one was hurt. it brings the number of attacks in the area to at least 67 over the past few months. new video showing the moments a car plunged off of a cliff in half moon bay. you can see that car go from the left to the right of your screen, flying off the cliff in front of another car. there's still no sign of that car or the driver. a lexus suv went over the cliff at grey whale cove monday morning. investigators found debris from the wreck but it's unknown if that was from a previous crash. this morning you're going to be more nickelled and dimed if you ride b.a.r.t. fares will increase 10 to 40 cents per trip starting today, a hike of about 5%. the increase is the last of four increases that b.a.r.t. planned. b.a.r.t. says the money will help pay for new rail cars, better maintenance teams and more frequent trains.
5:36 am
there could be a granny unit boom in california this year as new laws also called accessory dwelling units, adus, go into effect today. no longer a minimum lot size requirement or any requirement for how far the unit has to be from the street. as we've been reporting, bay area cities like san jose, oakland and san francisco are already changing rules to allow more granny units and they've seen a big spike. a chilly weather won't keep people from participating in the polar bear plunge, an annual event happening today at noon at ocean beach. it's too cold out there! participants first ride their bikes down the great highway in san francisco and jump into the pacific ocean. just a heads up from both events, clothing is optional. >> oh. >> most people end up staying nude. >> maybe they're trying to keep their clothes dry. >> maybe it's good for the skin, i don't know. >> it's not for me. >> it's just too cold. >> it is too cold. >> do they raise money for char isn't it.
5:37 am
>> i think they do. >> that's fine, that's fair. >> can i just donate, though? >> that was my next move. >> take a warm shower and give you a couple bucks. >> sometimes it's good to take a cold shower, they say it closes your pores and rejuvenates you. >> but in the shower. anything for a good cause. for some people. >> let's get to the weekend weather because on saturday, that's going to be our first chance of seeing rain once again here in the bay area. we are tracking a system just off to our north, which will mean the chance for seeing some rain mainly along the coastline in areas north of the golden gate bridge. so if you live in san francisco or anywhere along the peninsula, there's a good chance you might sea some sprinkles in the first half of our morning. from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. the temperatures will be in the 50s and then if you live in napa, santa rosa, all the way up through ukiah, headed up through there they get the majority of the rain out of the system. if you live in inland areas,
5:38 am
some of you might not see the rain on saturday but leave the chance of sprinkles. friday, saturday and sunday an outlook. friday the first thing you notice is the increase in cloud cover. as we head toward saturday morning it's not going to be a complete washout. we're talking about the chance of rain traces less than 0.1 of an inch. it's not going to be widespread. about a high of 55 degrees and notice on sunday, the rain chances make their exit, that system leaves as well and if you're in inland areas the overnight low also start to dip down tonight into the low 40s yet again and spotty chance, traces less than 0.1 of an inch. if you have an early event in the morning on saturday, you may just need a coat but you can shed it throughout the afternoon. let answer get a look at how the roads are doing. nice, nice. i don't know what to say, because there's no accidents. bay bridge look at the span, beautiful shot there. i think today i'm going to focus on our cameras. our maps have been doing a
5:39 am
fantastic job of staying green. doesn't mean rain for this map. it means there are no delays, and then your drive times looking decent. back to you. still ahead for you this morning, for some an increase in paycheck. a look at the new minimum wage hike starting today. plus also starting today the carpool lane could get a little bit more crowded. big changes you need to know about and find out who this will benefit. plus the color and the pageantry of an american tradition. the tournament of roses parade gets ready to roll out. we'll take you there live for a preview coming up. trump: obamacare is a complete
5:40 am
and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks
5:41 am
on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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5:42 and our temperatures are starting to dip into the 30s. look at that, san martin 39 degrees. santa cruz 41. 44 in san jose and low 40s up through the north bay. did you enjoy yesterday's temperatures? you might enjoy today's as well. we're talking about 50s that will be comfortable and a little bit of cloud cover headed into the first day of january. let's get to our traffic now, drive times i wanted to show you the commute westbound 80 toward the bay bridge 8 minutes. and you just saw that change from the dumbarton bridge about 9 minutes. an abrupt reversal involving real estate heir robert durst who is fighting murder charges
5:43 am
in the death of his friend in 2000. you remember authorities arrested him in 2015 as an hbo documentary was being released that seemed to implicate him in three homicides, including the death of susan berman. durst wrote a mysterious note directing police to berman's body. investigators have always maintained only berman's killer could have written that note. now to a follow-up, firefighters battling a blaze at a southern california strip mall discovered an illegal marijuana grow operation inside. it happened yesterday morning in anaheim. we showed you the video then. parts of the roof ended up collapsing. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the rebuilt oroville dam spillway has not been used this winter but it's ready to go when necessary. storms in 2017 left huge holes in the old spillway. reconstruction was completed in
5:44 am
the spring and used for the first time last april. upgrades to the spillway include thicker concrete and taller walls. california could lose a congressional seat according to new estimates from the u.s. census bureau. recent stats show many people are leaving california and moving to states like texas and florida. congressional seats based on population with estimates california could lose a seat in the house of representatives. meantime, texas is poised to gain three seats. florida would gain two. the carpool lane might get more crowded. california allows solo drivers with an electric car. a new law allows low income drivers in the lane if they have a secondhand electric car. in order to qualify the driver must make more than, can't make more than $65,000 a year and they just need to buy a new clean air sticker. payday will be better for
5:45 am
some bay area workers because of a new minimum wage set to go up to $15 an hour today. local cities will get a pay boost in the new year, include belmont, menlo park and south san francisco. the number of cities with at least a $15 minimum wage is expected to double in 2020. new efforts to go green in california mean new standards for light bulbs. standard light bulbs burn out very quickly. so consumers have to keep buying new ones every year. that hurts the pocketbook and hurts the environment. now new standards require light bulbs to emit more light per watt so they can last longer and bans the sale of standard light bulbs and that new law goes into effect today. 5:45 for you. in a few hours the world famous rose parade kicks off. thousands waited to see the floats and millions will turn on their television to watch it. >> darsa flil liphillips is liva
5:46 am
preview. it's always a gorgeous display. >> reporter: it is a wonderful display here and we are here on colorado boulevard in pasadena, and even though colorado boulevard is shut down to traffic, we are seeing folks deciding to run the parade route before the parade starts. lots of people have been spending the night out here on colorado boulevard. it's a time-honored tradition for many families. they're bundled up. they've got their chairs and their sleeping bags all getting ready for the parade that starts at 8:00 this morning. now take a look at these folks, they are so brave, it's been a little bit cold overnight. not as cold as it has been in past years. we've got people with generators here to power up their cell phones and things. we've seen people with portable fire pits. it's all been great. some of them actually did sweep
5:47 am
overnight and catch some sleep which i'm hearing joining me is david. you had a fire pit. tell me about how the night has been. >> the night's been very warm with the fire pit. it is a little bit warmer than last year. last year it was very cold. we should have had it last year. >> and i know you have your family with you. looks like your kids finally woke up. >> yes. >> what are you excited about, looking forward to with the parade? >> i'm looking forward just to see their faces when the floats come down and see their eyes get all big and their smiles. so it's really worth spending the time out here with your family. >> wonderful. thank you so much for joining us. >> god bless you guys. >> reporter: take care, thank you and the parade starts at 8:00 this morning. we actually did see some of those floats up close and personal, and they are really amazing. the color, the detail. these folks are really in for a treat. that's the latest from pasadena. i'm darsha phillips. >> makes the cold overnight wait
5:48 am
worth it. thank you so much. watch the parade coming up on nbc bay area here at 8:00 this morning right after our newscast. trending this morning a proposal mishap. the future mother-in-law tasked with making a phone recording of her future son-in-law to her daughter. >> she recorded a selfie apparently, what she was seeing. the albuquerque couple said it made the proposal for memorable, for the mom. >> so cute. >> this is what it looked like. >> it's like, mom! >> that's pretty funny. >> i could see my parents do that. for a long time my dad would cut our heads. . it's digital. take it 'til it's good. he's like, i couldn't find my glasses. >> i saw your face. >> the latest trend my mom will send us videos and randomly
5:49 am
start recording feed or flip the camera. i don't know. i enjoy my parents vacation selfies. they look just like that. they live in l.a. so they don't know i'm talking about their selfies. golden gate bridge look at no fog, it's looking good and we are going to notice that a little bit more high cloud cover will roll in by the afternoon, so how are our temperatures doing? 44 degrees in san jose. 42 in livermore. 46 in palo alto. 50 degrees in san francisco, and look at the 24-hour temperature change. we're running several degrees warmer at this hour, compared to the same hour yesterday. san francisco 9 degrees warmer. san jose about 3 degrees warmer. santa cruz 5 degrees warmer and a slightly warmer afternoon as well. satellite radar shows a combination of a little bit of clearing mixed with some cloud cover, rolling in today. your microclimate highs will be at about 59 degrees in oakland. 57 in san francisco.
5:50 am
san jose 61 degrees. up through santa rosa 62. concord 63. we could even hit that mid-60s in through the interior valleys. however we're still watching for the waves, the strong wind offshore is bringing that swell, which is good news for the surfers, because the mavericks is expected to get some tall waves. 14, 16 feet, rising surf the next two days. we've seen or i've seen impressive video on twitter. maybe we can catch that and find that, of somebody getting a sneaker wave and unfortunately it looks like it caught them off guard. saturday is our next chance of seeing rain. we'll keep a close eye on that but as of now it looks like that's going to stay mainly off to the north and we should get a little bit of a sprinkle activity along the coastline. so the trace of less than a tenth of an inch, 55 degrees by saturday for the first weekend and sunday 57 degrees. so tomorrow into friday we'll remain completely dry for both san francisco and inland areas.
5:51 am
notice i bumped up the temperatures just a little bit headed into thursday, also going to be our sunniest days so day two will be equally as beautiful as today. now let's get a check of how the roads are doing, bay bridge toll plaza just zooming on by, they have nothing to hold them back. don't speed. slow it down even though the road looks wide open. a live look at the maps, a little bit of slowing in the south bay. that's been cleared out so i'm assuming it may have been some overnight construction they were clearing out. i have an update, holiday schedule a lot of our mass transit has sunday service for b.a.r.t. and caltrain and no ferry service today. if that was a part of your plan you may want to rethink that. happening now, north korean leader kim jong-un is boasting about possessing a new strategic weapon of some kind the world is yet to see, it comes as his new
5:52 am
nation faces sanctions and pressure from the united states. plus australian military ships are helping thousands left trapped along the shoreline after they ran for their lives to escape the wildfire that surrounded one of the towns in the state of victoria. 17 deaths are confirmed from the string of wildfires. kris? a deadly tesla crash in southern california is prompting a federal investigation. new this morning, the one key detail officials are not revealing at this point. plus -- new video showing what not to do as 35-foot waves are set to crash along the california coast isline. we'll show it to you again. you're watching "today in the bay." [ electrical buzzing ]
5:53 am
[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
5:54 am
elliott. you came back!
5:55 am
we're learning new details about a shooting arrest near cal's campus. >> rashad albert fired shots at a business on thursday, near telegraph and durant avenues, just a block away from campus. they clap the bullets almost hit several people and was the result of some sort of fight. he was arrested on sunday after allegedly threatening to shoot employees at another business.
5:56 am
kevin spacey has fewer legal problems this morning. a federal lawsuit filed by a former massage therapist is now dismissed. the man who has since died accused spacey of sexually asalting him in malibu three years ago. the therapist's estate agreed to dismissal. spacey faces accusations by several men of sexual misconduct that allegedly happened over several years. a criminal complaint made by an 18-year-old massachusetts man was dropped in july. here is a headline you haven't heard in a while. san francisco housing prices have dropped. s&p core logic compared 20 housing markets and found san francisco was the only city on the list which housing prices declined. the prices went down 4% from october to october, so year over year tampa and charlotte saw the biggest gains. yesterday in l.a. police say
5:57 am
a tesla's driver left the freeway, ran a red light before slamming into another car. a man and a woman in the other car died at the scene. a spokesman for the national highway traffic safety administration would not comment on whether the driver was using tesla's self-driving system at the time. it's important that if you had a little too much champagne last night while celebrating new year's that you don't get behind the wheel. >> this is new video of a specialized fashion ensemble ford created to show why driving hours after getting drunk can still be dangerous. it includes goggles that show double vision, headphones that play pulsing music to mimic a headache and affects balance and slow movement. researchers have concluded that driving while hungover can be just as unsafe as driving drunk. >> do be careful out there on the roadways today. so the new year brings new hope for the warriors. >> showing signs of life after
5:58 am
starting the season with a thud. last night they tried to keep the momentum going against the spurs in san antonio, and they battled back and forth for four quarters without a winner. then in overtime, the dubs down two, marquis crist put-back slam tied the game. the spurs took control from there. the warriors lost the game 117-113. new year's eve wasn't very nice to the sharks either. they were in detroit taking on the worst team in hockey, but the red wings decided to kick it up a notch in the second period. red wings scored with a redirect goal. the sharks were shut out, ending the decade on a sour note 2-0. >> it's a good thing the niners didn't play yesterday, right? it's a bad trend. quick football reminder, we are your home for the niners first playoff game. the team is to be decided but we know the game will be here on nbc bay area. kickoff on saturday the 11th is
5:59 am
set for 1:35. as we've been saying all morning long to you, beware of today's high surf advisory, because those waves could get up to 35 feet, and we've been telling you all morning that you need to be careful, but perhaps nothing proves that point more than this next video. you see that person, that is scary. look at this again, the waves come up and the person right there is knocked over by those waves. it shows a man there, this is at bonnie don's beach in santa cruz, as massive waves crash in. the great news here he was rescued and he's okay. do not turn your back on the waves or put yourself in the path of waves like that in a dangerous situation there. >> sometimes it's hard to tell until you see that perspective of how small the person is.
6:00 am
right now at 6:00, several shootings happened overnight across the bay area. where police say it was a violent start to 2020. plus a tragic turn of event in the east bay. a man dies while trying to chase down thieves. why police say his death could be an important lesson. and it's a bigger bottom line for rideshare passengers in san francisco. the new law that goes into effect today that could have you shelling out more to work or a night out on the town. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this first day of 2020. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> do you feel like barbara walters? 2020. >> i know. i'm kris sanchez and this is 2020. that's my audition. >> okay. >> i like nbc better though. i'll stay put. >> all right, i'm marcus washingto


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