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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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see you back here tomorrow. >> no midday because of the rose parade. good morning, . good morning and welcome to 2020 an evening of fun and fireworks and music ushering in the arrival of a brand new year. today is wednesday, january 1st, 2020 hey everybody, welcome to today. guys, it is the first day of 2020 if you still write checks, get ready. 2020 happy new year >> happy new year. >> a lot to look forward to on this new year. we got the olympics and a big presidential year.
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a lot to look forward. we got a lot plans for you everybody you will be hearing about this year and including what you can start doing today to help your finance in this new year we all need that >> some useful tips. also, this is something we are really looking forward to. this is the first time we have done this. get ready to laugh and cheers and shed some happy tears. this morning we put together 2019's most memorable boosts >> boosties. >> i have to give savannah some credit here. we should make the boosties. >> i don't know how you chose them >> they do cheer us up while we are looking back at the old year, we'll show you some of the fun times we share here on toe studio 1 a >> there is more on you and
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tiffany whhaddish. that's right we'll begin with a check on the news, peter alexander who's joining us, good morning and happy new year >> good morning to you the parting and the pick up after more than a million travelers packed times square over night to ring in the new year stephanie gauss is there crews are still cleaning up all that confetti? >> reporter: they definitely are. it is a little loud here because of the clean up. the way it has done for over than a century there were more than a million people gathered here to celebrate the start of a new decade >> five, four, three, two, one [ cheers ] 3,000 pounds of confetti fell on that ground last night this party started as a local
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celebration has turned into a global one, people from all over the world gathered here to watch the ball drop. last night the button was pushed and some high school students and their teachers to shine the light on climate change. climate was an issue we are told it was not going to rain but it did but still that ball dropped >> stephanie, thank you. the latest tense situation in baghdad, u.s. troops for the second straight day firing tear gas into outside the american embassy there. president trump ordered hundreds of soldiers to head that way with thousands more on standby hans nichols joins us now with the latest >> good morning. we are waking up to the second day of protest in iraq these protests seem a little smaller than yesterday last night we did have praise from the president for the military response of those 100
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marines. the president declared, the embassy was safe and his response was the anti-benghazi about 750 troops from the navy secondary born north carolina shipped out over night his secretary of state mike pompeo says there is no plan to withdraw any of those 5,000 troops from the region and peter the president also had a new but unspecified threat to the leadership in iran it is not a warning, it is a threat >> hans, thank you so much we'll watch here all day some dramatic video out of austria shows the moment a fire crew was over run by a plane the firefighters were driving down the dirt road and they were caught over of what's called a slash over thousands of residents flood their home on tuesday, taking refuge for more than 100 fires burning across much of that country now. >> now let's take a look at the
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forecast, much of the nation will be dry, mild today. we'll have your local forecast we've got a good sunrise. it is 7:05 right now. expect to see a mix of sun and some cloud cover. a live look right now at down town san jose. temperatures in the 40s throughout the bay area. breezy around the coastline. temperature also climb into the 50s for san francisco. 57 degrees. 61 in palo alto.
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san jose at 61 and some of our warmer spots through the interior valleys with a nice sun and cloud mix day ahead. that's it for the news savannah, we head it back to you and a very happy new year. >> 2020 is slhaping up to be a busy new year. we'll walk you through all there is to know of course there is a lot of fallout but still unfolding i h impeachment case the democratic race to the white house is one month away. here is chuck todd, happy new year >> you are always waiting for that big presidential race >> this is something still unfolding. how do you see this playing out? how could it play out? >> well, there is a couple of ways it could play out it depends on how complete the
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senate trial feel or is. if it plays out in a large way, it is possible that it could become impeachment or the issue. there is a chance that it comes that where everything is some form of a trump proxy. the president himself on the ballot and how did you handle the trump era on the ballot if you will it can end up being a referendum on democrats did you use your majority only to target the president. did they successfully do that. the first hyundai of theundred year, we are supposed to get through the senate trial, 70% of the democratic primaries is going to be decided the next 100 days there is a lot of stress on our political system in just the first 100 days >> you mention the democratic votes are going to start voting. we have a whole election process campaign seems to be going on forever with all the debate.
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it is an open field on the democratic side. >> it is lifetime, '04. john kerry started as a front it reminds me for our '04. you had john kerry started and faded and howard dean ends up crashing and burning and pete buttigieg feeling like they have the most upside and downside they're the most volatile of the two to follow this month verses bernie sanders and joe biden who seemed to have a certain step of supporters that don't budge. at some point, all of this is going to collide >> new hampshire and south carolina and nevada, do they still seem like as important as politics as it used to be where it is live or die if you don't get through those states >> joe biden, there is a state for him live and die without new hampshire, we are going to find
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out if that strategy is available. it is never done before. where is pete buttigieg without iowa where is elizabeth warren without iowa it does matter for certain hand candidat candidates i am going to throw one wild card out there if there is one candidate left in this large field that has not been in the top tier but could >> let's talk about the convention could this be in rare cases and actually interesting convention that could decide something? >> sometimes the press is guilty of hyping the idea >> i am talking about our lifetime >> no. >> it is speeches but it is not about who's the nominee. >> i will say this, the way the rules are set up, the way the money is distributed in this campai campaign, the type of support group of the top four candidates, i don't know how this does, unless the party
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decides it needs to rally on a nominee quick. i can argue that against this president and the way he eats people alive at times, are you better waiting in the last minute to decide your nominee, leaving him an unsteady target for a while. there is an argument to be made for that >> let's talk about the president and his reelection strategy he talks up the economy, he can point to accomplishments such as tax reform how do you expect him? obviously under a cloud of impeachment. >> it is pretty simple campaign strategy jet up the base and try to scare independence from the democratic nominee saying hey that'll be the focus let's say they end up with a less liberal nominee like a pete buttigieg or biden, dragging the democratic party into socialist or something like that we know what the strategy is it does not matter who the
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nominee is it is a strategy that depends on the middle of electorate overlooking the president's character and somehow getting into reelection. >> you think 2020, you think of course presidential campaign we think of the olympics, chuck. >> i will say this i am going to say the following. i believe about this we are so tired of fighting. we feel it out there i think the issues of the olympics is going to feel like this climate it is something we want to cleanse ourselves and throw yourselves in the way we have not before because of how horrible politics haves been i am looking forward to it it is nice to cheer america. >> yes >> or be on the same team. i think as a country we are going to need it please tokyo deliver >> chuck todd, thank you, happy new year >> craig, over to you.
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>> savannah, thank you, from the world of politic to ts to the se of the economy now 2019 was better than a lot of folks expected what does 2020 hold, here is an economic outlook, nbc's stephanie ruhle, good to see you. a possibility of a recession, thankfully that did not happen the stock market rose, wages still went up a bit, although not as much as a lot of folks would have liked where do we see 2020 > >> this is a big positive. that's a good thing, it marks ten years of an economic expansion. we know the founder of home depot to say a recession, you don't like them, you need them sometimes. it is lieke a diet. we know there is some what of a slow down. businesses have slow their investing and manufacturing have slowed the bright spot in the economy has been consumer spending
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knowing the slow down is coming is a warning, time for a little bit of a cushion the bar may be closing, make sure you got cash in your pocket to get yourself home >> this that the advice for fols a lot of people at the time of the year like to give and get economic advice. is that the number one advice? >> the number one piece of advice is stop looking at trends what are the trends going to be? you can't bank on a trend. what you can bank on is understanding your own financial health we don't do it we look at the e-mail that is come in about open enrollment and our 401-k and flexible spending accounts, we push them off. we can't do it anymore it is powerful to understand your financial health. make this the year to actually say i know i am supposed to be saving but what, figure that out ahead of your taxes. i am not saying 2020 is the year you are going to make the most
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make this the year where you understand your money, we'll help you do it >> let's go back, 50 years low now. may this be the year to go in for that >> this is a great time to look for a job because we know the labor market is tight. i want you to do more than that. don't just look for any job. you said a moment ago, wages have not gone up that much look for a job that pays you more money we know they're hiring in areas of technology, professional development, healthcare, figure out which skills you need. there are training programs and universities and some cities are offering free professional training before you just jump into another company for a little more salary, figure out what jobs are hot and how you can get trained. one more thing to think about, think about benefits it is not just about your paycheck every two weeks have you thought about what your company offers they may be will to pay for you
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to get continuing education. they may you ever you perks that make your overall life better and it will impact you more than just your paychecks. >> sound advices as we go into this new decade. steph, thank you >> hoda, you are up. >> moving no you to your health from sleep app for kids to virtual reality for pain management and all kinds of new break through on the horizon for 2020 we say good morning to nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres let's talk about the heart health it sounds like less invasive thing on the horizon >> a lot of exciting break through. when we are talking about our stents they put in hearts, they are life saving especially if you have a heart attack or severe heart disease they found out you have this
7:16 am
condition called stable agino. when you exercise, you start getting chest pain but it goes away when you rest it is back and forth what this study found is a huge study that stents and not getting stents, how long you live and a different results you have are from it the one difference was people that got stents ended up having a better quality of life the more severe, the more the stents up the amount >> let's move on nutrition, 2020, you said plant basis the way to go. >> we see it with impossible burgers and beyond meat. this year you will see a lot more of that and a variety of different things and not necessarily all soy base so it could be a lot of new food
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sources including mung beans and pumpkin. these are things that'll be put in our food and they are going to taste a lot more that the people want to food. >> pain management is a big thing in 2019, a lot of people are using meds, you say a lot of way to go. >> what we do know is pain, let's say your foot hurts and you injure your foot tl pa the pain is being received in your brain and audited and filtered out they're using virtual reality and trying to take care of that. virtual reality works really well for helping people to control pain >> what do you mean? >> it is a distraction kind of thing. they looked at people who had pain, try virtual reality, three times a day for ten minutes. overtime, they ended up not needing much medication. on top of that, children don't go under anesthesia.
7:18 am
women in labor actually had easier labor because of virtual reality. >> is that crazy looking at fish swimming aroun ? in an aquarium >> we want to get our kids to sleep. >> we have all been there. you read them a story and you are about to sneak out and they wake up. >> i have something to do. what happens here is you read them your bedtime story and you put this app on and reads them a story at night >> the app reads the story so you can get out of the room and they can go ahead and fall asleep they're not looking at it because you can do it with sound o only the app puts them to sleep >> the last 30 seconds one quick fitness trend. >> basically happy hour. instead of people going to happy hour, they can go to fitness center and there are boutique centers. they're being set up it is not a sweaty gym, studies
7:19 am
have shown increase better productivity and all these things their sedentary is a little bit of an issue but make it fun and make it a theme. >> dr. torres, thank you >> coming up as we turn the page on the old decade and begins a new one. harry smith takes a look back from cbd to avenocado toasts and everything from the last ten years. we are going to check in with the miracle dog. remember him and his new life after he was rescued from the trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster.
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that little vent that won't stay open... is like a little window of your automotive happiness boarded shut. that's why the vent is one more thing we check before a car can be a certified carmax car. because that's the way it should be. good morning. 7:2. i'm marcus washington. authorities are investigating two new year's eve shootings in the bay area. two men were injured, one of them critically, when they were shot near new year's eve celebration in san francisco's ft. mason. that shooting happened about 9:00 p.m. in the north bay, police are saying that one man shot a neighbor early last night, when a dispute got out of hand in petaluma. it happened at an apartment complex near mckinley elementary school. police arrested the suspect. there's no word on the condition of the man who was shot. right now let's look at the forecast for you on this new year's day. >> marcus, the sunrise is behind you and this is a wider look at that sunrise, we have the sun coming up. you can see the clouds and it's
7:27 am
going to be dry and the temperatures will be in the 50s, and even a couple of low to mid-60s for the afternoon. daytime highs out in san jose 61 degrees. 57 in san francisco. but i do still want you to be careful around our coastlines. we're tracking the dangerous waves. don't turn your back to a wave. avoid going swimming entirely. if you get caught in a rip current swim parallel to the shore. we'll keep dry conditions through friday and headed into saturday a system off to our north is going to bring the chance of spotty showers. not too much rain but it will be just enough to where you'll be able to see early on in the morning headed to sunday, 61 degrees. we'll dry out and that sunshine is once again going to dominate for the first week and weekend of the new year. let's get a look at your holiday hours for mass transit. no accidents to report but holiday schedule, b.a.r.t. and caltrain are running on a sunday service and san francisco there is no ferry service for today.
7:28 am
they should resume to more normal hours starting tomorrow. check the website early. marc marcus? >> thanks. another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
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7:30 am
we are back now at 7:30. it is wednesday morning. it is the first day of 2020. a lot of love, new beginnings, take a good look at our friend at the rockefeller christmas tree it is only been a few more days. >> do you goes with 2020 or 2,020? >> i think you are going to go with 2020. >> you always went with 2019 >> well, you want to know the reason why >> there was someone that used to tweet and yell at me doing it the other way so i kept it
7:31 am
>> 2020. >> i think 2020 sounds good. >> what do you say, guys >> it is easier. >> let's go. >> 2020. here we are. >> still to come, harry smith will join us to reflect on the decade that was as only he can and trust this it will not be your typical headline. this got a harry spin 's spin. >> we'll celebrate 2020 arrival this is a live look at our sunrise. look at that. first day of the new year, and we're going into it with a beautiful skyline in downtown san jose. got the sun peeking through, if you're out and about this afternoon, 50s and 60s will be on tap throughout. concord 63 degrees. palo alto 61. we'll get a mix of high clouds sticking around all day long rain through tomorrow. rain moves in saturday.
7:32 am
and now to an update on now an update of all the story we remember the most the miracle dog, miracle >> he was rescued and trapped in the rubble when hurricane dorian hit the bahamas. kerry sanders who was there every step of the way recently caught up with him >> reporter: this is miracle, healthy and happy with his forever family >> what did miracle do all day >> sometimes we'll run outside and sometimes we'll sit or put himself underneath the coffee table and just lay down. >> it was only a few months ago that miracle was found in the wake of hurricane dorian in the bahamas. he survived an incredible 3.5 weeks unable to move and trapped under rubble
7:33 am
it took a drone with heat capability to find him and other dogs who were buried so deeply beneath debris >> he was anemic and his muscles. >> reporter: a big ranch rescue coordinated the team that saves miracle's life >> good morning. even bones and alive you may remember when we met miracle here on k"today" how amazing he looked and how he surprised us all >> that was like watching a flower bloom >> that was awesome. >> reporter: miracle made an inspiring recovery do you remember me oh my god, how are you 10,000 people sent an application to adopt miracle >> it is a miracle that we got miracle. one lucky family got to take them home and their three daughters.
7:34 am
>> reporter: he's really relaxed and he looks great when you think of where he came from, can you believe it >> it is unbelievable. he's healthy and happy where did we take him on thanksgiving >> to our grandparent's house. >> and we walked to where? the beach. >> reporter: how did he do with the beach? >> good boy. >> reporter: it is a great story. this is more than just a story for you guys >> the story just started for us, it is a new beginning for him and new one for us >> reporter: miracle who was alone for 3.5 weeks now enjoying his forever home for the holidays >> we love you miracle >> reporter: kerry sanders, palm beach florida. it is hard to believe miracle went on that day live on the ai and being able to get up
7:35 am
he's going to have some girls visit wi school visits with the girls >> coming up next. kerry looks back at the decade and the events big and small that forever shaped our world. first, these messages. proof i can fight psoriatic arthritis... ...with humira. proof of less joint pain... ...and clearer skin in psa. humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection.
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>> a place for reflection. it is a place that harry inhabitants better than everyone else >> happy new year. >> normally you would do a chronology and i said let's do a glossary a lot of words and some proper nouns that just stuck with me avocado toast, i'm not sure through the last decade. avocado toasts people began to realize that their lives were not complete without -- could you or should you? >> cannabis, what used to be marijuana became medicine. have a gummy cbd, hot without the punch it is everywhere now and no
7:40 am
one's really sure what it does opioids, tens of thousands of lives lost to addiction. treatment centers over flow. it ain't over yet. the 1% the merely well off and the ridiculously rich, admired and aspire to. the gap between the haves and those and needs is the stuff of revolution we'll keep you posted. tv, the medium that was declared long dead became the only thing many of us talked about. seriously, to the executiclusiof all else, which began binging or screening. well, that's backward, not that it matters suggestion, go to a bookstore. same-sex marriage for the lbgtq community. don't shop here, still stands. black lives matter the conduct of some law
7:41 am
enforcement officers toward people of color. the images exploded on our screen >> you shot four bullets >> colin kaepernick took a knee. the nfl took an exception, he still does not have a job. >> yes, the world is watching what we do >> hillary, benghazi, surge, shatter glassin ceilings. more than enough votes to be president but except it does not work that way. >> obama says we are the change we see she says when they go low, we go high at last, trump, becomes its savior and standard barrier, moves into the white house and adds to the decade, maga and fake news. lying media. if they are truly the enemy of the people
7:42 am
>> the wall. >> don't worry, you are getting the wall >> twitter is his voting puppet. beyonce. they had babies, became bigger than a pop star. truth to be trailed and elevated all who could hear more, please. >> gamers, came out of the basement and nba, mlb, take notes. the mvps of the future are online ai, super and scary, it will improve our lives or it will destroy us active shooters, not new but sure more common every child learns what to do. america is where mass shootings had become so routine ordinary, unremarkable the patriots are the best team
7:43 am
of the decade. simone biles who's already best as already was keeps on getting better and makes us wish the tokyo olympics are already here. she makes regrets that she and her teammates were hurt by this guy. blessed the judge who said attention must be paid it stops now me too the corruption and coercion. sure, they're entitled to sex because of their gender and power. >> climate warning the world is warm. the thing they say about water front property that they don't make anymore of it in some places, it is not even there anymore. gig economy, convenience based on the workers this is progress bubbles. places either physical or intellectual that prevented us
7:44 am
from understanding something or someone else usually occupied bubbles by choice these don't work >> hamilton. miranda made american history. where it happens was a broadway stage in living color, wow and the solar eclipse, when it got dark, we got goose bumps we realized how small the planet is we share what life on this planet can be and wish it could be like that all the time. >> wow >> it goes on and on we can talk about syria and refugees and brexit. that's what we could do in our space. >> have you seen harry better than me? >> it is harry >> and putting ten years in four minutes. >> we thought we share some of
7:45 am
our favorite things in the past decade you want to start? >> book sales up >> yes >> a little bit by little bit. their are some of my favorites this year. the first ever native american po poet those of you who love american history, this is fantastic, jill lepore, this is just smashingly great. >> you are amazing >> okay. >> get out of here >> yes, we know. >> mine is not as prolific as harry here i went with amazon prime it started before this decade but it took off where i order everything i don't go to the drugstore anymore. i have it delivered to my front door
7:46 am
>> i have gotten every meal for the last -- >> i also did the cold shoulder top. anyway >> cold shoulder, it is like your shoulders pop out i wear it. >> it is a big thing for the decade >> i was stumped about what to pick and then i realized oh, people don't watch television anymore binge watching i remember netflix was the first to put all the shows at once it was "house of cards" and kevin spacey and we were like what you can watch all ten things and later the term binge-watching and net flikflixd chills >> what about you? >> in terms of things for better or worse, it is hard to argue
7:47 am
the selfie it transformed every experience, concerts and christmas tree, the most popular selfie spot in new york city. i don't have a selfie stick but yes, i think i can >> meet hoda >> you have to have selfie arms. >> see that button >> everybody, the next decade. one, two, three. maybe one of these things will go away. >> i was thinking about this decade and i was thinking about something that came to be in the decade that we didn't have before and i think we can put the pictures up. >> these people. >> dallas, sidney, hailey, charlie, and calvin. >> it is incredible.
7:48 am
>> good work, right? >> one heck of a decade, right >> for the better. >> everything has changed. just ahead, we'll warm your heart and get you inspired to start off the new year. >> yes, it is our first ever boostie awards the most unforgettable boost of all time right after this. for the six inch oven roasted chicken. seasoned all white meat chicken. raised without antibiotics. fresh value is the two ninety nine six inch veggie delite. with hand cut veggies and freshly baked bread. fresh value is freshly prepared for you. like the new subway sliders. starting at just one eighty nine.
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it is 7:55. good morning. buenos dias. this is your view of downtown san jose. we've got the clouds rolling through. we will get periods of high clouds sticking around but it will bring us a mix of sun and clouds. as far as your temperatures go we'll be comfortable in the upper 50s. a couple low to mid-60s in through san jose, 61 degrees. concord 63. check out san francisco 57. a reminder, around the coastline we're still dealing with a dangerous coast, large breaker waves and of course breezy conditions. headed into thursday, we'll be at a high of 59 degrees. by friday 56 and our next chance of rain moves in early saturday morning with a chance of spotty showers but mainly to areas north of the the golden gate bridge. the rest of the bay area will dry out, headed into sunday, with a high of about 61 degrees. let's get a check of how the roads are doing. so far we haven't had issues. the metering lights are not expected to be on all day today
7:57 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look at the san mateo bridge, the chp reports have been quiet and here is a current look right now at our speed sensor map, all green, which means no spots to report. no slowing, but a reminder, a holiday schedule, b.a.r.t. and caltrain are running under a sunday service and the san francisco ferry has no service for today expected to resume back to normal hours helded into the weekend and if you're traveling along sfmta, reminder, there is a special service. what does that mean? depending on the location or route you typically take they have different time slots available. check out that website. marcus? >> happy new year, vianey. carpool lanes may be getting a little more crowded. a new law going into effect today allows low income drivers in the carpool lane even if they own a used electric car. in order to qualify, car owners have to make less than $55,000 a year. they also need to buy a new clean air sticker and everyone may be done ringing in the new year but the festivities aren't
7:58 am
over yet. at the top of the hour, the 131st rose parade kicks off in pasadena. stick around, right here on nbc bay area.
7:59 am
8:00 am
6 welcome to the 131st tournament of roses presented, i'm hoda kotb. >> and i'm al roker. >> good morning, presidents of the roses presentation welcome to sunny pasadena. on behalf of the tournament of roses and its dedicated 935 volunteers, i want to welcome all of you a happy new year. now to kick off the incredible parade, a world premiere of a original song, produced


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