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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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golden gate bridge. vianey arana tracking how much we could get and when it could get here. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you on this thursday. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. deservedly enjoying her january 2nd off. and mike is also off and kari is also off. so vianey is kari and mike. >> we've got you guys. kari is up in lake tahoe. i'll have a look at that snowpack. she's been sharing amazing pictures. i'm just a little bit jealous. our current temperatures, 43 degrees in concord. 50 in san jose. if you're heading out the door and trying to plan out your afternoon we're expected to keep the cloud cover. our temperatures are similar to yesterday. gusty conditions in the east
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hills. we should see some of those winds begin to diminish by this afternoon. running early morning errands. we'll have a lovely afternoon. for those who travel from i would say the tracy area, only one way out. not a lot of options and i did check the drive times. near where the crash is to 680 right now at about 45 minutes. i'll have another update on that coming up shortly. >> thanks, vianey. >> an earthquake shaking the south bay perhaps while you were watching. it was strong enough to get people dialing in to our newsroom and messaging us to say they felt it. chris, i know you live in the
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south bay so did you feel it out there? >> reporter: i did not. i slept very soundly through the whole thing. we always check in with our local grocery stores because this is the most obvious place where you see really immediate damage with all of the things on the shelves. we talked with the night manager here at the safeway store in morgan hill and he told us he did feel a jolt last night, nothing came off the shelves not even a sign swung as they were hanging from the ceiling. what that earthquake looked like on our seismograph. a little blip that registered 3.9 at 11:16 last night. might have still been awake. folks did call the newsroom. they felt it here in morgan hill and in gilroy. our colleague, robert handa, tweeted he felt it after heading to a party last night and was reminded to keep a pair of shoes by his bed in case that was a preshock and not the real thing. and that is one of the tips to be earthquake ready, keep shoes
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and a flashlight within reach particularly near your bedside, your car gassed up at least three-quarters of a tank and gas on hand. if the power goes out in a big quake there will be no way to buy gas or get money out of your atm. keep a 72-hour kit with food, water and meds. we've been harping on that for years. drop, cover and hold on if you're out and about to protect yourself. if you're in bed as a lot of folks were last night, protect your head with a pillow and don't jump out and run because there could be glass on the floor. we still want to know what you felt last night, even if you didn't feel anything we'd love to hear what your experience was. you can join us in the conversation on twitter and facebook. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> never can remind folks enough about being prepared. thanks, kris. as soon as that earthquake hit we sent out a push alert. so this is a great reason why you should download the app if you haven't already done it. it's free and you can get
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up-to-date breaking news as it comes in. now to a live look at capitol hill where a new year and a new decade with some political battles already in progress. and others are about to heat up. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is in washington. >> reporter: congress returns today with no date set for president trump's impeachment trial. >> i look forward to it. we'll see. we have absolutely -- we did nothing wrong. >> reporter: still unknown, will there be any witnesses? the president's personal attorney says he's ready to talk. >> i would testify. i would do demonstrations. i'd give lectures. i'd give summations. or i'd do what i do best, try the case. i'd love to try the case. >> reporter: but the trial expected to start this month, the administration is dealing with issues overseas. the state department says security remains high at the u.s. embassy in iraq this morning. >> we will not stand for the
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islamic republic of iran to take actions to put american men and women in jeopardy. >> reporter: iranian backed demonstrators have withdrawn after two days of violent protests. no one got inside the compound. iraqi security stepped in and the u.s. sent 750 troops. >> this will not be a benghazi. >> reporter: this as kim jong-un says he's no longer bound by a promise banning missile and nuclear tests, promising to unveil a new strategic weapon soon. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 5:05 this morning. in oakland police are looking for the third suspect in connection with the death of a man trying to get back his stolen laptop. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us. do we know much about the third suspect? >> reporter: oakland police have not put out any descriptive information about the third person. they have arrested two other
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people. people who live in the montclair neighborhood where this man was killed earlier this week are now calling for more police patrols to deter these kind of crimes. around 11:30 tuesday morning a man in a black hoodie stole a laptop from a man sitting inside a starbucks. the suspect took off into a getaway black suv. the victim dove into the suv. >> it was like a superman type dive. he made it pretty far into the car. i was surprised, he might get it back. >> reporter: sadly, he did not. the unidentified victim dragged down the street died from his injuries at the hospital. police were able to locate and arrest two of the suspects thanks to surveillance cameras that captured a license plate of the suv. one resident tells us car break-ins and purse snatchers
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are common in the area. they would like more police patrols. one oakland police officer is assigned to the area along with a private security guard. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." a lawsuit involving the city of san francisco and inmates is settled. you may remember plumbing pipes burst in 2017. more than 200 inmates were swamped with sewage for more than a year. so they sued the city over jail conditions. one of the attorneys for the inmates just told the sf chronicle an agreement was made. now the board was supervisors must approve the settlement for it to go through. no word yet on how much the city will pay the inmates. a 70-year-old man is locked up in the north bay accused of a new year's eve shooting in which one person was hurt. police say the suspect is charged with trying to kill a 61-year-old man and also charged with unlawful possession of a gun. at last check that victim was hospitalized but we don't have
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an update on his condition. a big win for california renters. a new law is putting restrictions on landlords. one of the biggest changes a statewide rent cap on apartments that are at least 15 years old. so now rent increases are capped at 5% plus inflation. and when it comes to paying rent a new law bans landlords from discriminating against renters who use section 8 or other government subsidies to pay rent. landlords can't evict without just cause. if they do they will have to give them a relocation payment worth one month of rent. to pacifica where it has been a dangerous couple of days. look at this video. strong waves are crashing up on to the beaches, up on the piers and the streets across california. there's a high surf warning out from point reyes all the way down to big sur. and in southern california ocean beach pier in san diego is closed due to a high surf advisory. surf is expected to reach seven
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to ten feet along the coast there. >> to the sierra happening later today the california department of water resources conducts the first snow survey of the season and it comes as recent winter storms have dubbed large amounts of snow in the area. vianey, you were talking about kari up there right now so experiencing the nice snow around this time of the year. it's a beautiful sight to see. the reason it's such a big deal aside from the fact people love to go sneg and snowboarding is the sierra snowpack accounts for 30% of our water supply here in california so it plays a big role. this makes an impact in terms of where we stand in terms of our water. so this is the latest. they will be releasing another one later today. we're at 94% of state average. this includes north central and southern california. so we're doing okay, but when it comes to our water resources.
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hopefully as we head into this weekend we get a couple more inches of snow we'll be doing better in that department. let's check out how the roads are doing because i do have an update on a crash. i want to get you up to date on what's going on on the roads. a crash if you travel along westbound 580. there's not many options in terms of side streets you can take. the number one lane remains blocked and it is definitely starting to cause some heavy delays. look at the drive times, westbound 580 from grant line road to 680 looking at 47 minutes. i'll keep a close eye on that crash and a look at the entire bay area coming up again. >> thanks, vianey. a young boy's christmas present ends up in his stock. next on "today in the bay," how it got there. and trending this morning, an extremely generous donation to a working mom is going viral. have you heard of the 2020 tip? her reaction next.
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at 5:25, a quick thinking man springs into action saving a dog's life. how he was able to free the dog from any danger. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! good morning, it is 5:14. a look at the latest tahoe report. 73 inches in the squaw valley. 47 groomed runs and trails.
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overall we're doing good. westbound 80 on the bay bridge. a closer look at one other accident that popped up on the map coming up. good morning. the top business headlines, wall street looks set to start the new year. investors continue to be hopeful over the u.s./china trade deal, announcing new measures to stimulate its economy. stocks closing higher on new year's eve. the best year since 2017 rising 22%. the nasdaq and s&p 500 had their best years. a report on the number of people filing for unemployment and the minutes from last month's federal reserve meeting. the agency has put new protections prohibiting turbo
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tax from other companies preventing software showing up. the next time you search you should be easily to find and use free online tax filing software. and streaming has reshaped the face of the music industry. the recording industry association says that streaming accounts for 80% of the u.s. market versus just 7% in 2010. 51 million right now. spotify launched in 2011 and apple music and about 80% have a smartphone which has played a role in the shift to streaming. back to you. >> i was going to say my 3-year-old son knows how to find spotify on my phone, and i have little play lists. >> what's he listening to? >> rafi, the wiggles, this guy
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named andy z. from the bay area. >> age appropriate show that's good. well, from tide pods to air pods we worry about kids swallowing tide pods, a 7-year-old atlanta boy got air pods and a week later he swallowed one of them. he was rushed to the hospital. doctors say the air pod should pass through his body in a couple days. the mother says her son is okay but nervous of getting too close to his phone because he doesn't want his air pod to connect to blue tooth and start playing music inside of him. kids. trending this morning the season of giving is not over yet. >> it's a social media movement known as the tip bill. encouraging customers to leave
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100% gratuitgratuity. one couple went a little above that. they left a $2,020 tip. the note read happy new year 2020 tip challenge. the lucky waitress, well, she's a single mom and recovering addict. she's living in a homeless shelter just one year ago. >> people out there that can look past that and can look at me as a person and as a mom. my life changing. >> certainly emotional there. the waitress said she used the money to move into her own home. >> that is incredible. what a great way to start the new year. vianey arana has weather and traffic this morning. >> be nice to your waiters. they're just doing the best they can. they're not cooking your food. it's not their fault it's busy.
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>> i was a hostess and people are not kind to hostesses either. >> be kind. >> agreed. let's talk about the weather. look at this view of downtown san jose. that's a nice shot there. another cloudy day ahead. we have 50 degrees in san jose and then 40s in through livermore and then 30s in napa. 39 degrees right now. satellite radar will showcase the next storm we're tracking. we're pretty clear we'll see areas of patchy fog. i will zoom this out because this is the next storm system that will bring the potential of seeing some light rain for areas north of the golden gate bridge. a look at what we can expect. comfortable, 61 degrees in san
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jose. something to keep in mind, we'll see the winds diminish and then i'm taking you through our hour by hour. late friday into early saturday morning is when we see the storm system begin to drop down. it makes a pretty quick exit. just a couple sprinkles. we dry out by saturday night into sunday. a high of 58. and then monday a lot of sunshine. if you didn't start this week because the first day of the year started in the middle of the week you can start on monday. let's get to inland temperatures, 61 degrees. today will be a tad bit warmer. the fog into the afternoon. overnight lows in those 40s as we head into the early morning hours. all right. so let's see how the roads are doing. this accident just popped up. along 880 near the hayward area.
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i will find out what that's about. the biggest headache along westbound 580 at grant line road. the number one lane is still blocked due to an earlier crash. thankfully it doesn't look like anybody's hurt but is certainly affecting the drive times, about 45-minute delays. great southbound 101 to sfo. only 11 minutes southbound 101 from sfo to highway 92. a cool five minutes. another update coming up shortly. thanks, vianey. a question for you with the new year here, are you watching what you eat? neither am i. but next here on "today in the bay," the all new label that might make you reconsider eating that entire pint of ice cream or a bag of chips. >> oh, boy. i'd better stay tuned for that. hanging by a thread, the high stakes rescue caught on camera in the desert. how rescuers pulled a b.a.s.e. jumper to safety. trump: obamacare is a complete
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and total disaster.
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let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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an adventurous ending to say the least in 2019. take a look at this video of b.a.s.e. jumper parachuting in the mountains outside of phoenix when their parachute got caught on a rock. he was suspended hundreds of feet aboveground. rescue crews quickly got to him, strapped him to their helicopter and cut him free from his
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parachute line. in just a few hours the 13-year-old boy in new york suspected of killing a college student is set to go before a judge. that boy is one of three allegedly involved in the stabbing of an 18-year-old tessa majors. she was stabbed while walking in a new york city park just a few days before taking her freshman exams. a judge there is expected to rule whether the 13-year-old's statement can be used as evidence. and happening today funerals for several people killed in a small plane crash in lafayette, louisiana, will be held. five people died in the accident over the weekend. investigators say it could take more than a year to find out what caused that plane to go down. the plane was headed to orlando for the peach bowl. lsu versus oklahoma. among the victims carly mccord. president trump plans to ban
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most flavors of e-cigarettes this week. tomorrow the president may announce bans on mint, fruit and dessert flavored e-cigarettes. changes that are possible lar wi popular with teens. the trump administration promise a ban on all flavors in september but leaders threatening to with hold political support. >> make no mistake it is a public health crisis. this policy won't do it. it will protect the industry but in the long run we are going to pay for it for decades to come. >> more than 2,500 cases of vaping related illnesses have been reported. 55 people have died. a new label might make us reconsider eating that ice cream
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by next year. new rules will require side-by-side nutritional facts on foods, one with information for a single serving and one for the entire package. they will have to put down how much added sugar is in that food or that drink. the new changes are part of efforts to make americans more aware of what they're putting in their bodies. new video showing a man springing into action saving a dog's life. this was in tampa bay on monday. that doctor walking into his apartment building to see that furry friend right there. you can see the leash gets stuck in the doors. fortunately he was able to act quickly and free the dog from any danger. >> doctor saves the day. >> it seems like that's the second time we've seen that in a week.
5:27 am
>> hopefully people become more aware. >> the top stories we're following today including an overnight earthquake in the deeper part of the south bay. a live report. and more fallout over the new california state labor law. we'll tell you about the action one major group is now taking. >> plus, tracked on a highway by tumbleweeds. what it took to get these cars freed. a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have more people joining the roads as people head back to work after the new year. vianey arana is in for mike and kari with weather and traffic after the break.
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5:30 on the dot on this thursday morning. a live look outside over san jose, twinkling lights and still christmas in the park shining brightly on this january 2nd. >> january 2nd. >> weird to say. >> here we are, 2020. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. a small earthquake rattled morgan hill overnight. how you can prepare for the next big one. >> vianey arana is tracking our weather to get us caught up. how is it looking? >> a little cloudy. i will say that. but i think okay through the afternoon because we're not
5:31 am
tracking rain today or tomorrow. dry conditions remain. our current temperatures as you head out the door maybe you're getting back to work. a closer look at your temperature trends, in the 50s, a couple 60s. if you're wondering about the rain you won't need your umbrella today. the latest on what we can expect and a look at your tahoe forecast coming up shortly. now a check of the tri-valley drive times. the reason i'm showing you that there is an accident blocking the number one lane along 580. and look at your drive times, 49 minutes. head out the door now if you're driving in from the tri-valley. back to you. this morning people in the deeper parts of the south bay will be talking about that 3.9 earthquake. >> it rattled a lot of nerves. kris sanchez is live in morgan hill wanting to know what people felt.
5:32 am
hey, kris. >> reporter: i slept right through it. if it was felt in my neighborhood i did not feel it. i slept through it. our local grocery stores have the most obvious source of damage. here in morgan hill the night manager says they felt a jolt but didn't see anything coming off the shelves. i want to show you what it looked like on the seismograph a 3.9 magnitude quake that registered at 11:16 last night. likely while you were watching the news at 11:00. we did have folks calling in. most everybody seemed to have slept through it. >> the power was out, that was the only thing i noticed that was different.
5:33 am
was that the power was out. >> reporter: a lot of the folks work early morning shifts and were like i was in bed. i understand that. our colleague robert handa said he felt the quake and reminded to keep a pair of shoes by the bedside in case that was the preshock and not the real thing. keep a flashlight within reach. keep your car at three-quarters of a tank and cash on hand. if the power goes out you will not be able to access through electronic payment. you can find a list of everything you need in your go bag on my twitter feed. protect your head with a pillow. reach out to us on twitter and facebook. we're here for you and want to make sure you're ready as well. kris sanchez, "today in the
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bay." >> great advice. new overnight another quake after the one that shook morgan hill, a magnitude 4.0. it happened about 50 miles south just after 2:30 this morning. no reports of any damage. and the usgs says aftershocks can continue over several weeks or months. 5:34 and this morning the lawyer for the man charged in the deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing is now asking for a venue change for its upcoming trial. 29-year-old john lee cowell is accused of the deadly stabbing of nia wilson in oakland in 2018. cowell is also charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing wilson's sister who survived. his trial set to start later this month in alameda county. however, his lawyer is
5:35 am
requesting a venue change saying he can't get a fair trial locally. this morning two north bay deputies are recovering following a late night crash. the sonoma county sheriff's department says two of their de deputies were rushing to a call and ran into each other. one of the deputies was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. we're told the other deputy wasn't hurt badly enough to need medical attention. >> more fallout over the new california state labor law. it requires workers to be reclassified as employees and not contractors. now the california trucking association is suing. truckers have mixed reactions to the new law. some say the law hurts their bottom line. others say it better protects them. >> i think it's a bad situation. i think people have the right to own their own rig or their own piece of equipment and work. >> not just employee benefits but workers camp in case something happens. it's the most dangerous industry
5:36 am
in the nation. >> the law affecting the truckers is on hold for now. this is after a federal judge signed the temporary restraining order. uber and post mates are now suing to stop the law from applying to them. a financial tug of war is emerging over pg&e wildfire settlements. the utility is agrowing to pay victims of recent fires $13.5 billion. however, before that can be paid california state agencies say they're owed about $3.3 billion and federal agencies filed claims totaling another $4.3 billion. it is 5:36. we want to show you something you just don't see every day in washington state. several people got trapped inside their cars after strong winds blew a thicket of tumbleweeds into a portion of the state highway. look at that. >> wow! >> whoa. one state trooper posted this showing deputies trying to help drivers. oh, my gosh. that is a car covered.
5:37 am
tumbleweeds as high as 20 to 30 feet in some places yesterday. this is washington state? >> that's pretty wild. have you all ever seen tumbleweeds? >> no. only in cartoons. >> exactly. >> that's how you know we're not from there. when i first moved to el paso and i was on the road and saw my first tumbleweed, i got so excited. >> did you insta story it? >> when insta was big. this was prior to that. let's get to that weekend weather. we have a lot to talk about. that's when the rain moves in. you'll be at the coast on saturday, this is when we're talking about the rain. even though we are tracking that rainfall early on i'm happy to report it isn't very strong and the majority is moving out rather quickly. the likelihood will move in after 9:00 p.m. and then right
5:38 am
around 9:00 a.m. it will start tapering off for areas along the coast, san francisco, might see more shower activity into the afternoon but aside from that it will be a cloudy start to saturday. once that rain does move out we're in the clear. now in inland valleys expect the cloudy conditions on saturday as well and very similar. it will start to fall right after 10:00 p.m. and we'll start to notice the rain taper off right around the lunch hour and then it dries out heading into sunday. if you're heading to the sierra there is a chance of seeing spotty snow showers. once that storm system moves in, it will track east. saturday, a 20%, 30% chance of seeing snow showers saturday night with a slight chance of some snores early sunday morning. we're not expecting crazy amounts but it could impact your commute. it's a tough road. a live look, we're hoping for another day where the metering lights are not needed and those
5:39 am
commuters can get back to work. it is getting busier out there, though. the biggest impact in the tri-valley where you see the yellow color, getting that fog action now. westbound they still haven't cleared the crash and it continues to impact your drive times. southbound 101 to sfo only 11 minutes. no worries there. here is the drive time. you're looking at 47 minutes. i'll have a closer look at the latest snowpack and how we're doing there coming up shortly. >> thanks, vianey. 5:39 this morning. still ahead here on "today in the bay," another major warning about vape pens after something went horribly wrong. honoring a sports legend. the tributes for former commissioner of the nba david stern following his sudden death and the memories steph curry is
5:40 am
sharing this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:42 am
wake up, it's 5:42. you probably have to get to work. the holidays are coming to an end. at least our weather is shaping up. don't forget to check websites and see if they're back on schedule. it might feel chillier into the afternoon. aside from that our next chance
5:43 am
of seeing some rain moving in saturday. i will time it out to see if you need to move around your weekend plans early on because of the rain. a look at how the south bay drive times are doing. northbound 101 from highway 85 about 19 minutes. northbound 85 there was a crash that is cleared already from highway 101. you're looking at about 20 minutes. i'll have another update in less than five minutes. we'll see you then, vianey. a new warning about vape pens and a risk of explosion. a los angeles woman was carrying a backpack with her vape inside of it while walking around the pen exploded. her clothes caught fire. she suffered from first and second degree burns. apparently this experience isn't uncommon. health leaders at tobacco control say that between 2015 and 2017 more than 2,000 people were burned because of their vape exploding. >> see if it continuously goes like this and it's against something, the battery inside will get hot. >> health experts say if you are carrying a pen around with you,
5:44 am
make sure you have it in a special protective case. two men are behind bars in connection with multiple vehicle thefts in stockton and part of the same ongoing problem happening here in the bay area. deputies say that the suspects were allegedly spotted under a honda trying to steal a catalytic converter. as we've been reporting on "today in the bay" police agencies are warning residents about a recent rise in thefts of those type of car parts. catalytic converters are valuable because of the metals in them such as platinum. police are one step closer to catching drivers who are high. police say alcohol impairment is easy to test for. but that testing for marijuana is a lot more complicated. the sf chronicle is reporting one oakland-based company believes they have the solution. it is a breath and lies they're can tell if a user that is ingested thc or alcohol in the past three hours. police are testing the devices but say there's still a lot more they need to know before they use it on the streets.
5:45 am
now to santa anita racetrack hit with another horse death. you may remember last year 37 horses died. just last week the horse named truest reward passed away, too. and now the horse golden birthday took a bad step while racing yesterday, fractured the lower part of his leg and vets recommended euthanizing him. so far the u.s. district attorney has found no criminal wrongdoing. the warriors and all nba teams are mourning after one of the most influential figures in the league's history died. david stern, the former commissioner of the nba, passed away at the age of 77. he spent the last couple weeks in the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage. he took over control of the nba in 1984 and really helped build the league into the multibillion dollar corporation it is today. last night several nba teams held a moment of silence for stern. >> in honor of his life and legacy we ask you to please join
5:46 am
us in observing a moment of silence. >> the warriors also issued a statement saying in part, quote, we lost one of the icons of our sport. and several key players took to twitter honoring stern including steph curry. he posted this photo writing, quote, we'll never forget the words you spoke that day. with the seventh pick, changed my life forever. now to decision 2020 former south bend mayor pete buttigieg's run for the white house is expanding. 500 people nationwide will now begin working on his behalf. buttigieg has also raised nearly $25 million within the past three months alone. by the way, he is no longer mayor of south bend, indiana. his successor was sworn in just yesterday. meantime, new numbers show president trump's re-election campaign raised $46 million in the last quarter. that makes his fourth quarter the campaign's best since the beginning of the 2020 election
5:47 am
cycle. happening today it's time to throw out your old christmas tree. if you're in san francisco you can leave your tree on your curb on your normal garbage day and the waste recycling company will pick it up. it's a special annual program to recycle those trees. the program ends january 15th. i'm holding on to mine until the very last day that i can. >> really? throw that thing out. >> i mean, you already got rid of yours. >> i did. >> he's over it. 5:47 this morning. trending for you, those holiday gifts keep coming for singer mariah carey. >> it's a new year and a new decade. one thing is consistent. ♪ baby, all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> that's right. all i want for christmas is you still remains on the top of the billboard hot 100 chart for a third straight week. that makes carey the first artist to hit the number one
5:48 am
spot in four different decades. carey's 1994 carol topped billboard charts for the first time at the end of last month. for years technicalities kept it from being considered. to date mariah carey has earned more than $60 million in royalties off of that one song. >> the woman can write a song. >> oh, boy, can she. >> every december her bank account gets excited. >> and, you know what, it's a good thing kari hall isn't here because she does not love that song. >> she doesn't? >> she does not. >> it's going to hawn heunt her. >> i will play a prank on her and play the song when i'm producing for her. >> she will give you major snake eye. good luck with that. report back and let us know. >> i'm going to report back. i know she's not watching which is why i can play the prank because she's in tahoe. now we are going to notice the
5:49 am
cloud cover. yesterday all i wanted to do was stay snuggled up and bundled up but i successfully cleaned my apartment. current temperatures in san jose 48 degrees. 50 degrees in palo alto. 49 in san francisco and satellite radar right now is showcasing some of the cloud cover you can see right there but it's what's off the coast to our north that we're monitoring heading into the weekend. here it is, the next system. notice, though, how a lot of it is very focused more towards the area like portland, near the vancouver area. so just north of us, areas north of the golden gate bridge have the best chance of seeing some of that rain. it remains in place today. dangerous waves. you've seen the video of the man on the ledge got wiped out. thankfully he's okay. if you do get caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the
5:50 am
shore. do not try to swim against it. it is a tough, tough day to be out in the water. don't go swimming. the water is cold anyway. over the next few days here is a look at when the rain moves in. late friday into early saturday, now this is a question quick moving system so it will come in and bring down a couple sprinkles and make its way on out. if you're going to be out and about friday night, maybe you have a late dinner, take your umbrella. just enough to mess up your hair and put a little sheen on the roads and then saturday night into sunday and monday look what happens. we get that dry weather once again making its return so that low pressure will circle off our coast for the next two days and then heading into sunday 58 degrees. next monday, 56 degrees. look at tuesday, 56. so we just have to get through that saturday. now as far as the highs tomorrow and inland areas it will feel a little chillier with a high of only 60 degrees, maybe even only topping out in the low 50s in some areas. by saturday we'll be at about 59 degrees and then it all goes back to normal by monday with a
5:51 am
high of 62 degrees. let me tell you how the traffic is doing because we have the fog rolling in and that can make for dangerous conditions. look at the san mateo bridge. it's very foggy and slowing down out there. i'm starting to notice way more cars. yesterday i could count the cars. do not turn on high beams. keep it moving, slow it down, keep a good distance. it gives you less after reaction time when there is fog on the road. no major accidents to report. so aside from that your tri-valley drive times are probably taking the biggest hit. i'm happy to report the chp moved over that car and the tri-valley drive times 580 to 680 looking at 33 minutes. another update at the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> thanks, vianey. happening now leaders in new south wales australia are declaring a seven-day state of emergency because of the deadly
5:52 am
brushfires we've been reporting for weeks. more than 200 fires burning in an area almost as big as the size of west virginia. the death toll is 17. tens of thousands of animals have also died. in fact, government officials say up to 30% of koalas in new south wales may have been killed in that country. marcus, coming up next at 6:00, your morning couple of coffee may cost a little bit more today. we'll tell you about the bay area city that will now start charging you more. plus, if you're sick of those ads targeting you, a new california law is looking to protect your data. why its supporters say it's far from perfect. [ electrical buzzing ]
5:53 am
[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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the diocese of san jose is now respond to going to a sexua assault lawsuit against bellarmine prep. >> a former priest was accused by farrington, this dates back to the 1960s. the lawsuit is made possible because of a new law that extends the statute of limitations that victims can report abuse. farrington now lives in los gatos and is under a so-called safety plan requiring him to have supervised access to visitors and limitations on
5:56 am
travel. the diocese also is being named in the suit. in a statement it says, quote, the diocese of san jose is heartbroken to learn of yet another reported victim survivor, brother farrington. and it believes by learning in the past it can bring true healing. our investigative unit has looked extensively at accusations against catholic priests. find their stories at the search is still on for this driver who allegedly plowed into a man in a wheelchair in vallejo and then took off. this happened monday in vallejo along redwood street. the 85-year-old victim survived. police say the driver in these photos got out of the vehicle briefly but then drove off. officers later found the truck abandoned. it's a new year but that also means residents in mountain view have to pay a new tax. voters passed the so-called head tax back in 2018.
5:57 am
it charges large employers like google based on a number of employees who worked there. the company has a big impact on mountain view raising housing prices and increasing traffic. reporters say the $6 million new dollars it's expected to bring in will fund residential projec projects. meanwhile, your morning cup of coffee in berkeley may cost a little bit more. disposable cups at restaurants and kocoffee shops will cost yo 25 cents. it's nothing if you bring your own mug. the goal is to get people to use fewer disposable cups and create less waste. >> i think it's a wonderful idea. why do we need to make so many cups that will just be thrown away after one use? it's ridiculous. >> some say they're concerned the extra charge could hurt small businesses. the money raised from the extra fee doesn't go toward anything. the restaurants and cafes get to keep it.
5:58 am
we checked out a few cafes and found most places have not started to implement the new charge. the start of 2020 will bring a new look to the market street. what you won't be seeing more of, cars. part of a new pedestrian safety plan in the city. starting on january 29th private cars on market will be restricted from 10th to main going eastbound and stewart to v vanness westbound. cars will be able to cross through. they hope this will help the busy street see less traffic. >> it can be a really scary situation sometimes. we're hoping to see a lot less congestion, fewer close calls, and a little bit more order and harmony on market street. >> loading zones, intersections and muni only lanes will also get upgrades. the restrictions would apply to uber and lyft but not cars with commercial plates or taxis.
5:59 am
a groundbreaking data privacy rule is now law in california. nearly every click, search, and download you make it being tracked these days. in some cases that information is sold to advertisers. so now if you live in california you have more control over where that data goes. it's being called the california consumer privacy act. >> you'll be able to find out what companies are collecting about you and you'll be able to say, no, i don't want my data sold to third parties i've never heard of. >> legislation like this is just the first step and is far from perfect. one of the shortcomings, they say, is that california residents have to take action to protect their information instead of companies protecting information as default. i still like it. i get creeped out when i look for things -- >> i got a warning on my instagram. >> yeah. right now at 6:00 for you an
6:00 am
earthquake rattles parts of the south bay. a live report straight ahead on the cities that got a late night jolt. i think had we been a few seconds earlier we would have -- the driver would have had nowhere to go but through us. >> new arrest in the case involving a man who died while chasing after thieves in the east bay. why the investigation isn't over yet. and a big victory for renters in california. what landlords can no longer do to you. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. 6:00 on the dot. thanks so much for joining us on this january 2nd. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now a check of that forecast for you that morning. vianey arana in for kari this morning. how is it looking? >> it's getting foggy in some spots. limited visibility reported in through the interior valleys and also at the san mateo bridge. so here it is. fog and visibility in n


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