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tv   Today  NBC  January 2, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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vianey with the double duty. that is what's happening today in the bay. back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> make sure you have a great morning. we'll see you back here at midday.q [ gunfire goo two st good morning boiling point tensions high between the u.s. and iraq after two dayes of clashing at the american embassy at baghdad. after u.s. forces fight back more american troops now heading to the region. we're live with the very latest. prices down under. australia coping with an unprecedented disaster, the worst wild fires in decades.
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thousands trapped. evacuations under way. nearly a third of the country ice iconic koalas feared dad >> and david stern and yankee great and world series hero don larson >> a perfect game in the world series. >> we look back at their historic achievements on the field and in the front office. all that plus the pope, the slack and the apology. pope francis says he's sorry after he's caught on camera angrily slapping away the hand of a female worshipper at the vatican. cracking down, what the fda could soon ban to combat the nation's teen vaping epidemic. and the new year's trend, going alcohol free one month the effects dry january could have on your health.
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january 2, 2020. this is today with savannah g guthrie and hoda kotb. live from rockefeller plaza. >> hey welcome everybody thank you so much for joining us on this first day thursday of 20 feel good to sigh 2020. >> it does rools off the tongue early stamplt just back from l.a. and the parade. >> yeah well it is good to see you on this first thursday of 2020 we're going to get right to our top story. the u.s. sending more troops to the middle east in wake of the days long siege on the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the overnight developments good morning. >> good morning. happy new year to you hoda the siege is over for now but tensions remain high after the worst assault on a u.s. embassy in years
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weakening an already fragile government in iraq this morning a massive show of force from the u.s. military president trump ordering deployment of about 650 soldiers to the middle east in response to the thousands of protester whose stormed the u.s. embassy in baghdad late wednesday militia leaders reportedly ordering the militants to disperse after a massive show of american force including u.s. apache helicopters releasing flares from the sky retaliating for u.s. air strikes in iraq who had previously attacked u.s. forces killing an american contractor. nbc security using tear gas against the demonstrators trying to scale the embassy walls after torching a security reception area and guard post along the perimeter. >> we had some great warriors
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come in and do a fantastic job when there were there. instantaneously. as soon as we heard. >> iraq's government caught between washington and teheran secretary of state mike pompeo called iraq's prime minister and stressed the government of iraq's obligation to prevent further attacks against the u.s. embassy, while holding iran ultimately responsible. >> this is state sponsored or terror iran backed. >> fuelling the crisis a war of words between president trump and iran's supreme leader. the president tweeting tuesday that iran will pay a very big price. this is not a warning. this is a threat iran's leader responding with "you can't do anything." >> and andrea, it indicates how much this crisis in baghdad is overtaken the administration a major overseas trip was just canceled what more can you tell us about that >> it was postponed, right
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there are shock waves in ukraine now. because mike pompeo has postponed his trip to ukraine tomorrow president zelensky of ukraine still has not gotten the white house meeting he's been seeking since last spring and once again no visit from the u.s. secretary of state as pompeo is wrestling with what to do next about iran. >> that situation just one issue faces the white house to begin this new year. lawmakers return to washington after the holiday break next week facing a lot of unanswersed questions a about the approximate's impeachment time jeff bennett with the story. good morning. >> good morning good morning to you. president trump is welcoming the new year by welcoming his impeachment trial. he says he's looking forward to the senate proceedings which are expected to start some time this month. democratic and republican lawmakers are still stuck in a stare down over the terms of the
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impeachment trial, which carries risks for both parties if it continues deeper into january. >> reporter: 2020 starting the same way 2019 ended, with a standoff over president trump's impeachment trial. the president saying he's more than ready for it. >> i look forward to it. we'll see. we have absolutely, we did nothing wrong. all you have to do is read the transcripts. >> reporter: mr. trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani now saying he'd be willing to participant. >> i would testify i would do demonstrations. i'd give lectures and i'd give summations or i do what i do best, i try the case can i'd love to try the case. >> reporter: security chief justice john roberts, who will preside over the proceedings, issued he is year end report on the federal courts while not directing referring to the president, he offered these pointed and timely wordsed "we should we fleblgt on our
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duty to judge without fear or favor. judging each matter with humility, integrity and dispatch." the trial expected to begin later this month republican majority leader mcconnell and top seated democratic chuck schumer are currently locked in a sparring match over what it will look like democrats want key white house insiders acting chief of snaf mick mulvaney and john bolton to testify as witnesses about withholding aid to ukraine. >> let me be clear this is about getting to the truth. >> if democrats can convince four republicans to cross party lines and win 50 senate votes they would get to set the parameters democrats looking to pressure vulnerable gop senators like susan colins of maine, who faces a tough reelection. >> i am open to witnesses. i think it is premature to
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decide who should be called until beswe see the evidence presented. so what is the reading on this standoff? do we have app idea of what the trial would possibly start. >> not yet we hope to get a better idea when congress reconvenes next week a complicating factor is house speak pelosisy has delayed delivering to the senate the articles of impeachment and i'm told by my sources she did that in part to give senator schumer more time to work out a deal with senator mcconnell about the structure of the trial but the two week break has apparently led to no new breakthroughs. democrats still demanding that a fair senate trial includes documents and testimony from witnesses that have so far been blocked by president trump to a crisis in australia parts of the country devastated by the worst wild fires there in decades. hundreds of homes destroyed. evacuations issued even a controversy over the
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decision to go ahead with the new year's fireworks display in sydney in australia this morning, hey janice good morning. >> reporter: good morning hoda roads are being blocked in this area and people are being urged to evacuate. the bush niers are closing in here they are burning just over a mile away. but it is a heat wave that is due to hit this weekend that has everybody worry this disaster is about to get worse >> reporter: a mass evacuation along australia's southeastern coast this morning with bush fires looming and extreme danger ahead a heat wave expected to push temperatures over 100 degrees fahrenheit by the weekend. tourists, residents, everybody being told to get out. thousands remain stranded on beaches figuring the water may be their only escape. >> practically a war zone. >> reporter: firefighters are doing what they can to help.
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but the threat here is unpreps dented with over a hundred fires burning in new south wales alone. barely half are contained. at times firefighters battling flames over 200 feet high. one of the biggest concerns? wildlife caught in the fire's path images of residents saving koalas going viral and while authorities say there is no way of telling how many animals have been killed. experts say it is likelying to in the millions. >> right on my window and side of my truck got melted. >> reporter: over 12 million acres burned in burned out areas there is no electricity, water or phone service. the government deployed the military but is being criticized that it isn't enough. >> what we're saying is we cannot control the natural disaster, but when he can do is control our response. >> reporter: with little time before the fires are expected to reach here there were huge lines
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for fuel and at super markets we' people wait forward hours to get food and supplies to get through it >> reporter: water bombers will resume runs in the morning trying to keep the larger fires from merging together. the problem is that there is no controlling the weather, especially the wind, which is expected to get strong over the next couple days, so people are bracing for what could be a very dangerous weekend here hoda disagree. >> indeed. janice, thank you. also this morning security has been stepped up in many jewish neighborhoods here in new york in the wake of a violent stabbing attack at a rabbis over the weekend holiday celebration. and the family of the victims is speaking out >> good morning. just a horrifying attack and in order to show the magnitude of it, the family of
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71-year-old jo hose of newman is releasing new details about the incident and the photo showing the incident. >> this morning he's fighting for his life he's one of five jewish men severely injured in a hanukkah stabbing attack in muncy new york the 71-year-old seen here in the hospital some of his most extreme wounds blurred. the family released the photo writing on facebook doctors are n not. has attacker due back in court tomorrow according to documents, authorities searching thomas's vehicle found a machete and knife both with traces of dry blood. the fbi recovered handwritten
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journals from his home a history of mental illness but no anti-semitism. >> there's been no history of anti-semitism with this man anyone knows of. there's been no history of violence. >> reporter: the brutal attack is just one of several hate-filled incidents authorities are investigating since the start of hanukkah in the new york area. on wednesday two women were taken into the custody after shouting anti-semitic threats at a man wearing a thei yam kah stepping up security in jewish neighborhoods in and around new york leading residents on edge. >> wherever i walk i walk with a pepper spray i'm afraid i'm afraid. >> heavy security at met life stadium this weekend where a jewish religious celebration drew nearly a hundred thousand people united in faith. >> been a rough week we can't help across the world as jews feel there couldn't be a better time to gather together
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and strengthen one another. >> thomas's lawyer will be in court on the stay charges tomorrow and scheduled to be back in federal court in two weeks. he's not yet entered a plea on the hate crime charges. >> thanks. a lot more to get to including the tributes pouring in for a pioneering figure in the world of basketball. david stern who transformed the nba as thirty years as commissioner died yesterday, nearly three weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage stephanie gassic is here with a look back at his life and legacy and what a legacy he was >> really was. so lofbly beloved by so much when he took over as nba commissioner in 1984 struggling ratings and empty seats were not uncommon thanks to his leadership he helped grow the lead into a powerful brand recognized around
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the world. teams around the league holding moments of silence >> we lost a great visionary . >> last month the nba's longest serves boss underwent emergency surgery after suffering a the brain hemorrhage in a statement current commissioner adam silver highlighted stern's preparation, attention to detail and hard work adding "because of david the nba is a truly global brand. stern got the year in 1984 the same year a certain rookie would soar into the stratosphere. >> the chicago bulls pick michael jordan. >> he oversaw unprecedented worldwide growth driven by stars like jordan, magic johnson and later lebron james. in a statement jordan writing in part stern demanded excellence
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from those around him, adding "i wouldn't be where i am without him. one of stern's biggest challenges in 1991 when magic johnson announced he was hiv positive. >> i will have to retire from the lakers. >> this is a very courageous, heroic person and a heroic act. >> it was stern who wanted him to play in that season's all-star game. johnson tweeting wednesday night, "people thought they could get the virus from shaking my hand. adding "we were able to change the world. stern also spearheaded efforts to launch the wnba leveling the playing field long before it was the thing to do. in 201330 years after he took the northbou nba's top job he stepped down. >> you got to love the game. and everything we do is always about if game. always about the game.
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>> oversaw wo worldwide growth of the league. how else did he globalize the nba. >> he was instrumenting in getting the pros to play in the olympics and 1992 the dream team was sort of his idea. michael jordan magic johnson and larry bird and that put the nba on the world stage in a huge way. and as an indicator of that. back then there were a couple of dozen international players who played for the nba today there are 108 international players in 38 countries. >> incredible. >> cool stuff. more sad news in the world of sports. don larson, the only pitcher to ever throw a perfect game in the world series has died. he made history in 1956 as a member of the new york yankees beating the brooklyn dodgers in gave 5 of the world series after not giving up a single hit or a walk he played for seven different teams in his career and died wednesday in hayden, iowa after a battle with esophageal cancer.
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don larson was 90 years old. >> wow time for a first check of the weather. i've been spending the last three days with the al roker b at the rose parade together. and got on the plane last night. here in studio. >> soggy side to the south louisiana all the way into the central mississippi river valley we've also got a risk of severe weather. tornados possible. hail also a risk damaging winds and as you can see from texas into georgia we're looking at heavy rain now making its way inward. this east coast soaker starts in the gulf and makes its way into the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys today pouring rain, heavy rain in the mid atlantic tomorrow. areas of flooding and continues too be northeast saturday and up and down the sea board snow, 2-4 inches from ohio into nornd new england and heavy
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rain, upwards of 2-4 inches especially through the allower mississippi river valley your local forecast coming up. appl these are your morning views over the golden gate bridge although we are seeing cloudy conditions, our current temperatures as you head out the door in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. we will keep that cloud cover at least through the majority of our day. heading into this afternoon the temperatures will dip down into the 40s and then our next chance of rain does make its way in
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late friday into early saturday morning drying out by sunday. that's your latest weather. happy new year, mr. holt. >> you as well. looking sharp. >> you got a new year's tradition your why buys you -- >> debra buys me ties. helped her out this year. >> looking sharp. still ahead, the pope's request for forgiveness after a surprising slap on a woman's hand caught on still ahead the pope's request for forgiveness after this surprising slap to a woman's hand. and a popular test kit you may have received as a holiday gift it can reveal potential health trump: obamacare is a complete
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and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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here's a question after a season of celebrating could you benefit from a dry january >> you bet.
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find out which new customized plan can make losing weight easier for you! the new program from ww. weight watchers reimagined. join for free + lose 10 lbs. on us. hurry! offer ends january 6th! good morning. 7:26. i'm kira klapper. former secretary of housing development julian castro is suspending his presidential campaign. he posted his decision on twitter a little more than an hour ago. castro writes, quote, i'm proud of everything they've accomplished together. i'm going to keep fighting for an american where everyone counts, end quote. astro w castro was the only latino candidate in the race. we'll send it over to vianey arana with a look at the forecast. a peaceful start but it is cloudy. a live look right now at downtown san jose. as you head out the door your current temperatures throughout the bay area are in the 40s and
7:27 am
50s and will be another cool afterno afternoon. we have this ridge keeping us dry. 61 degrees in san jose. 53 in napa. it will remain around the coastline and we have a low-pressure system just off the pacific northwest. those dangerous waves, we're still tracking them through the day. don't go swimming. it's way too dangerous around the coastline. san francisco, the rain late friday into early saturday morning. traces of rain will be very, very minimal, less than a tenth of an inch even for inland areas. dry heading into the workweek. a look at how the traffic is doing. no metering lights there. a very foggy san mateo bridge. remember to slow it down and a busy richmond area, more cars out there because people are heading back to work.
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no major accidents to report. kira? >> all that green looks good. vianey, thanks. another local news update in half an hour. looking to get your business off to a fast start in the new year? it's go time! switch to comcast business and get fast internet
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back now. 7:30 on this thursday morning. it is the 2nd of january, i'm going say it, 2020 we're giving our crowd a little extra camera time "today." we're going to head outside, say hi just a little bit >> 2020 just rolls off. >> doesn't it? >> it is a fun year to say going to be a fun year >> um-hmm. >> anyway let's get to a check of our headlines texs between the united states and iran at a boiling point this morning after two days after violent clashes between u.s. security forces and pro-iranian protesters at the u.s. embassy
7:31 am
in baghdad the demonstrators have now backed away and left the green zone on tuesday president trump ordered about 650 soldiers from the 82nd air borne to the he's. >> the coast guard suspended its search for five missing crew members who were on a crab fishing boat when it sank late tuesday. the vessel went down off the coast of alaska scanneddy's rose two were rescued five missing after a search that spanned some 20 hours and 1400 square miles. >> and trapped in their car up to ten hours of a avalanche of tumble weeds blew onto the high. burying vehicles snowplows were called in to clear the road a washington state trooper saves it is the worst he's seen in two years on the job. >> not something you see every day that
7:32 am
pope francis started off his new year with an apology the leader of the catholic church said he set a bad example by slapping away the hand of an overzealous woman on new year's eve. story is getting a lot of attention around the world >> certainly is. pope francis started 2020 condemning violence against women. chastising industries for sacrificing a woman's body for consumerism. but all anybody is talking about is how he reacted to one woman on the last night of 2019. pope francis has built his papacy to reaching out to the, to the old and the young the sick and the forgotten but when this woman unexpectedly grabbed the pope's hand in st. peter's square new year's eve she got a most characteristic reaction the 83-year-old francis slapping her hand away visiblyup. the video since went viral with
7:33 am
people reacting on line. and one writing a slap an the wrist was not the most christ-like possible but way more than most of us would manage another writing don't grab people pope or no pope. and the pope apologized wednesday telling the crowd many times we lose our patience i do too and i'm sorry for yesterday's bad example. it is not the first time the usually demonstrative pope has pulled his hand back k kissing the pope's ring has long been a sign of respect in the clk church but francis made global headlines in march as he took his away again and again from those who tried to kiss his ring actions lampooned by "the daily show." >> looks like a video game you have to try and kiss the pope. >> no strange video game pope francis told his concern
7:34 am
was hygiene. a pope determined to spread the gospel now showing the world there are times when he too needs forgiveness. >> and you have traveled with the pope before. how does he react to people trying to kiss his ring? >> well, i've always understood that on the papal plane and in private audiences the pope francis does not like the kissing of the ring, as you can see in the video it is a centuries old tradition in the catholic church and it is something that is very hard for many catholics not to do but it is something that we understand he doesn't like >> i want to bet that they are going to find that woman and probably bring her in and have a conversation with her. i bet that may be on the agenda. >> i would think so but i think there is a greater lesson for all of us is that when you do something and you ask forgiveness immediately. >> yes. >> and i think that is very important teaching moment as it were. >> absolutely. coming up next our eye opening
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thesi wonder if they're and fluffy, glooking at mespy they're looking at me. eggos this good should be shared. here they better take care of me when i'm older. would you l'eggo your eggo? hey, everybody. hey everybody. we're back 7:39 now with today's consumer this morning what you need to know if you were gifted one of those dna testing kits over the holidays. >> they can certainly help you learn about your past, your
7:40 am
family past. but now one company is offering users the chance to learn more about your health. what should you know before you break open your kit? vicki winn took the test to find out. >> good morning. looking at your roots and what's in your future and the potential health risks that could be in your dna this morning i'm taking the test to show how it works, the potential drawbacks and what you need to know before you send off your spit. ancestry now joining its competitors. searching your slialiva to find clues about your dna. >> emphasis on "fast money" health history and interest in health. >> reporter: more than two million would have a potentially
7:41 am
health risk identified we wanted to know how it works and what makes it different. so i took the test providing a the saliva sample. >> i don't think there is a lady-like way do this. >> and sending it off. ancestry gave us a first look inside the lab where samples like mine end up quest diagnostics will handle the new genetic health testing these machines are equipped with the latest technology to pinpoint specific markers to help identify up to nine different health conditions you may be at risk of developing the first microarray technology provides snapshots of information in your jeagenes. the second level of testing available in january is called next generation sequencing it analyzes millions of locations in your dna which
7:42 am
means a higher chance of detecting a health risk. >> what is it that ancestry is offering that hasn't been offered to consumers before. >> the science is evolving what we understand about risk is evolving we can see something "today" that we don't understand understand it tomorrow and still deliver it to you. >> ancestry promises regular updates for members as genetic research evolves doctors say the tests can provide a snapshot of your holt but they don't screen for all health conditions and you should talk with your fission about your results that is in part why ancestry offers certified genetic counselor whose can talk with you. i set up a video chat with robin king a genetic counselor she says my test didn't find any indicators for health risks. >> it doesn't necessarily mean you don't have any dna risks associated with them but it would more likely if you had a genetic history with those conditions. >> i don't know a lot about my family history
7:43 am
how does that affect the results of this test and what can i take away from this test? >> not knowing your family history means you have a little less to go on. >> she say ascii limitation of dna test likes this is the result --. if your test results show you have a higher risk of a certain condition, ancestry says take that information to your doctor. >> something else to consider when it comes to the tests, how your information is stored experts say read the privacy policy before handing over your dna. ancestry told us you are in control of your genetic information and you can decide at any time whether you want that data to be deleted from the database and keep in mind this test is not yet available to residents of new york, new jersey or rhode island rhode island but the company says that is all in the works. >> thanks. have to think long and hard about how much you want to know. >> yeah. >> do you want to know. >> i would think for me. if there was something i could do about it, then i'd want to know
7:44 am
and it was the one of those things i wouldn't be able to do anything i'm not sure i'd be interested ancestry says they don't share your data with insurance companies or employers and things like that >> ignorance sometimes is bliss. >> been my whole career. >> yes indeed. mr. roker, the weather. >> what's going on we got a surgery of warmth in the eastern half offensive line country. st. louis 55 d.c. 7 degrees above average at 53 and tomorrow we're talking about b possible records from the carolinas down to florida. new york is going to be hovering around 50, same in cleveland memphis 59 but that's kind of short-lived as we get into the weekend temperatures drop again back to normal ar a little below saturday des moines you are 35. 39 in indianapolis on saturday and by monday philadelphia, you will be
7:45 am
and that is your latest weather. >> thank you, al. and that is your latest. >> thank you al. just ahead the big crack down that would be on the way for ecigarettes to address the nation's vaping epidemic but first these messages someone show him how it's done. ♪ ♪ ahh
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[ cheers and applause ] start "today." we're going to help you get healthier in 2020. >> i invite you join me in some >> deep breathing we're going to work on our yoga this morning >> and your tie. >> yeah. >> the tie askew namaste, y'all >> and successful tips for a dry january. >> i'll drink to that. >> bottoms up after your local >> bottoms up after your local news
7:51 am
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it is 7:55 and it's cloudy. we're also continuing to track those dangerous waves that will continue to flood the coastline today. we're talking waves 10 to 20 feet. don't turn your back to a wave. this will remain dangerous the next 24 hours. the high 51 degrees. 54 for concord. 59 in san francisco and 63 degrees in santa rosa. our coast, bay and inland areas can expect to keep the cloud cover. over the next seven days we have a couple changes to talk about, some sprinkles with a bit of a storm moving if late friday into saturday. not a lot of rain, not expecting widespread heavy downpours. a couple showers early in the morning. now a look at how the roads are doing. the bay bridge toll plaza we have not seen the metering
7:57 am
lights turn on at all. i'm not expecting those to turn on. however, it's dangerous along the san mateo bridge. foggy conditions remain. visibility half a mile in the interior valley. try to keep it a distance between the car in front of you. a live look at richmond. starting to get busy. to big accidents to report. our speed sensors are showing a lot of green which for us means a smooth commute through the early morning hours. expecting the chance of more of a buildup but, again, good on the roads and good with the weather as well. looks good, vianey, thanks. i'm kira klapper. happening now police in san jose are trying to figure out who threw some sort of fiery device at a carport. this happened at an apartment complex around 10:00 last night. investigators think it may have been a molotov cocktail. luckily no one was hurt. and police in las vegas are looking for a kidnapping victim. surveillance video you can see here shows a woman running to a
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, show of force u.s. forces move in after days of violent clashes at the american embassy in baghdad. but with more american troops on the way, where do things go from here we're live with the latest plus coming up, dry. we'll take a closer look at the growing trend of dry january why taking a break from alcohol for one month could do for your body and say cheese the new photo just released of prince harry and baby archie
8:01 am
guess who took the pick. "today" on thursday, january 2, 2020 ♪ >> pulled an all nighter to be at "today." >> here to ring in 2020. >> from dallas, texas. >> hi to my nbc friends at kfor. >> in oklahoma city. ♪ >> hey to our family in michigan. >> and tennessee. >> happy new year! love it. welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning leicest lester is in for savannah. a great shot of our crowd. lot of people wondering where is waldow it took us till january 2nd, 2020 right in the crowd happy he's here in our big crowd too. we do have a quick note. tomorrow a "today" exclusive live in fort lauderdale, florida with oprah winfrey
8:02 am
as oprah kicks off what she's calling her 2020 vision tour she'll be touring nine cities across the united states and sharing her own wellness journey hoping to inspire others to make that a great year. jenna is going to catch up with oprah tomorrow >> looking forward to that. the stakes are rising in the middle east following attacks on u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the latest on this escalating situation hey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again hoed that and a two day siege at the heavily fortified u.s. embassy in baghdad is over for now but not the escalating crisis with iran punctuated with a war of words on twitter between president
8:03 am
trump and iran's supreme leader. late wednesday militia leadered report lid ordering the militants to disperse, after a massive show of american force including u.s. apache helicopters releasing flares from the sky after two days of violent clashes from what the u.s. says were pro-iranian rioters retaliating for air strikes in iraq embassy security using tear gas against the demonstrators trying to scale the embassy walls after torching a security reception area and guard post along the perimeter. >> we had some great warriors come in and do a fantastic job and they were there instantaneously, as soon as we heard. >> reporter: the state
8:04 am
department says mike pompeo called the iranian minister and. >> this is state sponsored terror iran-backed terrorism. >> the crisis is understand undermining the u.s. position in iraq with the iraqi government caught between washington and teheran and increasing pressure in baghdad for the withdrawal of the remaining 5,000 u.s. troops there. definitely not a good start for the new year. >> definitely not. andrea mitchell in d.c thank you. the senate will return from its hold break to prepare for president trump's impeachment trial expected to start later this month the president say he's looking forward to it because in his words "we did nothing wrong" and rudy giuliani says now he's willing to testify and even try the case former officials and former national security john bolton to testify about the freeze on aid to ukraine
8:05 am
senate leaders have yet to work out rules for the trial, including the calling of witnesses. let's turn now to your health the president says the federal government will soon announce a new strategy to cut down on underage vaping. but critics say it doesn't go far enough tom costello joins was more. good morning. >> hi hoda happy 2020 last year ecigarettes soared in popularity more than 5 million high school and middle school students using the devices. in effort to combat teen use, congress raised the minimum age to buy the products to 21. now the administration is turning its attention to the popular flavor pods. president trump telling reporters on new year's eve that certain e cigarette flavors in contributory negligences wi cartridges will soon be pulled from the market.
8:06 am
others will still be allowed critics already slamming the ban for not going far enough. >> this action is too little to reverse the epidemic. >> reporter: last fall political pushback stalled the plan to ban all the flavored ecigarette pods after a dramatic increase in teen use health officials also raced to uncover the mystery behind the spike in illnesses more than 2500 deaths last year. health officials are now linked to the outbreak, vitamin e acetate found in some vaping products containing thc, an active ingredient many marijuana. but pot based vaporizers would report l reportedly be the only ones
8:07 am
impacted and juul wouldn't feeled at all. the company stopped selling flavors popular among teen, including mango and mint the white house and health department right now not commenting thank you so much. a it's that time in the broadcast. our very first morning boost of 2020 it is always nice to feel appreciated when you come home from work. but this dad was treatied to a welcoming party like no other. >> daddy's in the house ♪ ♪ daddy's in the house ♪ >> that's how it's done in detroit michigan at one point come on the daddy joins in having fun chanting and then bear hug time after that that's called love >> kicking it. >> isn't that how you go ohm >> all the time. it is usually my dog
8:08 am
but that's okay. coming up a big talker on twitter. what does one music star put ice cubes in his cereal? >> first are you ready to make this a dry january we'll walk you through the benefits of the hot new year trend giving up alcohol for the entire month coming up right after this so how come all these people who do wildly challenging things feel like they can't do their taxes? we're talking about a bunch of baby-birthing, office-disco-ing, zero-gravity-toothbrushing, late-night-chainsaw-sculpting, dog-walking people. we believe people can be good at anything. yes, even taxes. intuit. turbotax. pronamel repair can actively help repair weakened enamel. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth's surface. pronamel repair takes it to the next level.
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so much more than i could have imagined. my grandfather was born in a shack in pennsylvania, his father was a miner, they were immigrants from italy and somewhere along the way that man changed his name and transformed himself into a successful mid-century american man. he had a whole life that i didn't know anything about. he was just my beloved grandpa. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at talk michelle jones joins us. if you are still recovering from holiday drinking the past few weeks. there is a hot new trend to consider. >> it is called "dry january" you. quit alcohol for the first month of the year. >> the question is people are probably watching going am i a
8:12 am
candidate? should i even try in this? who are the people who might consider doing a dry january. >> i think it is people who would consider themselves moderate drinkers. what does that mean? for women that is like a drink a night. for men they can handle alcohol a little better. it is two for them perhaps it is not, and i'll get this right out there right away it is not for people who have something called severe alcohol use disorder because that can be dangerous to quit abruptly they would want do it with a health professional. >> what does drinking really do to us other than make us happier. >> i know. some of the things people find especially during the holidays it can make people more anxious rather than calming you down and, more irritable and it effects sleep a lot. that feeling you pass out quick but wake up in the middle of the night. that is a chemical and also results in less restful sleep. even the sleep you are getting is not that good sleep. >> the benefits. >> benefits. >> -- sleep better. >> definitely. the thick i like to separate it.
8:13 am
some of the medical benefits that are clearly shown is it can improve blood pressure insulin resistance it can aid with weight loss. and also decrease, interestingly enough some cancer related are growth hormones the less tangible things are improved sleep better concentration, energy better health overall people will report after abstaining >> this theory some people might go you know i like my new life. >> exactly and interesting research from the uk where this started is that people who did abstain through january continued to e drink less even by the summer timeout. and they say experts say that it is really for people to establish a new relationship with alcohol to say you know what, i don't necessarily need to have that drink when i come home so i do have some tips one of the first is to shake up your routine
8:14 am
drinking alcohol just like a lot of things. there is a trigger you come home from work. you immediately want to have a drink. i know it is not easy. come home from work with your kids right away it is not always easy but to try to do that another thing is a great time to start an exercise program. intuitive. >> replace wit something else. >> find a substitute to drink. so do water infused with fruit or fill your wine glass with flavored sparkling water cultivate a new way to cope. basically means delay and distract so if you are thinking of having that drink right there, walk out of room, maybe do some mindfulness meditation or breathing and maybe you won't need it anymore. and create a strong support network. so you have a partner a spouse, someone who is doing it with you. not someone policing you but maybe keeping you accountable. a buddy to do it with right so you are not feeling all alone. >> and you started. >> i said, i'm one for one >> good. and you haven't started yet. you can start on the 2nd.
8:15 am
>> i'm meditating and i'm not going to not drink. >> who doesn't want to feel better. >> yeah. >> thanks lets bring in al with the weather. >> all right let's see if we start with a dry january as far as the weather is concerned. if you are in is southeast not so much. here in the fwufl a lot of wet weather coming in the gulf and snow showers and wet weather into the pacific northwest temperatures warming up really tomorrow the eastern third of the country. 60s california 30s in the pacific northwest northern plains temperatures in the 20s. "today" mountain snows out west. sunshine on the west coast wet weather. it is 8:15 and some areas like like this. some spots are cloudy. as you go into the afternoon we
8:16 am
will be in the r50stz and 60s. half moon bay is 57. the high surf advisory is in place. dangerous coastline for the next few days. if you're >> and if you are heading out the door don't forget take was you. sirius xm 108. now to today wellness. we're kicking off our "start "today"" serious to help you focus on your new year's resolution he's the man. >> right so years and years ago i did yoga i have not been practicing for ages so there is this wonderful woman who is based in texas named adrian yoga with adrian it is free on youtube. she's more than 5 million followers. can you imagine? so she has a january challenge
8:17 am
we went down to texas to try to get, try to see if we could get our namaste on take a look. >> fingertips underneath the bridge of the -- >> reporter: whatever it is that enables one person in the dining room of a tiny house in texas. >> just melt your whole front side down to the ground. >> reporter: -- to somehow move through the screen and into the lives of more than five million followers. adrian has it. >> what do you want to be a warrior of gratitude? love corn bread stuffing >> reporter: adrian teaches yoga on youtube but before you click on one of her yoga with adrian classes, know this. >> you don't need a fancy yoga mat. don't have to be good at yoga to do yoga. you don't have to be flexible. >> for those of us who are self conscious who just like to see if maybe yoga is as healing and wonderful as so many people say
8:18 am
it is, adrian has a class for you. and it is free >> can help people who don't want to step into a yoga studio right away and you can do it right at home and don't need anything. >> classes aric like doing yoga request with a really nice neighbor. adriene has the ability to be present with anybody watching. >> i feel like the spirit is really i am any own little corner of the world choosing to take care of myself. my real self whatever i'm showing up with "today." but also like i'm here with you. >> reporter: her followers feel that connection deeply >> know matter how i feel when i get on the mat i always leave it feeling amazing and thankful. >> she inspires, she motivates and she doesn't hide her vulnerability. >> reporter: while at adriene's house we figured why not try a little refresher course. my yoga practice has been pretty
8:19 am
much dormant for 20 years. >> how do you feel "today" >> reporter: i feel really good. 68 years old i'm an old football player i have those usual aches and pains and some bad back. but i feel great. >> awesome and also your energy is so awesome i just have to say asmt amazing energy. >> we started with the basic mountain pose. >> like titanic in the front so like i was an only child. i have a lot of imagination. >> reporter: we were joined by a frequent visitor to adriene's classes. >> who is that >> this is benji, my assistant. >> reporter: okay. >> that already is a downward dog. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: and just as we were really getting into it benji could not resist joining in >> yay, benji. oh show us your good stuff yeah yep.
8:20 am
>> reporter: oh i love you too buddy. >> so sweet. that that's motivation. >> first i'm shocked how flexible you are that's amazing how did you feel. >> that was pretty impressive of. >> we're going to do one "today." adriene is here. hello. >> thank you so much for having me. >> we're going -- you're going to start a 30-day challenge. how many of these have you done so far >> this is our sixth year. >> sixth year. >> hard to believe. >> these are for beginners. >> they are for all levels so i spent a lot of time designing them so you can show up at any level in any mood because to commit to something for 30 day, there are going to be days you simply don't want to show up. we all know what that's like there are going to be days you feel tired going to be days where you are just not in the mood and the goal so to show up anyways so i tried to create a series where you can show up as you are. and even if you just breathe, you know, on the mat that is enough. >> can we reflect on that one piece we just saw about you.
8:21 am
i'm looking at you and watching what you have built and created it seems like you have done it with your heart like on the table. lot of people have to be kind of business minded to do what you did. what do you think the secret was to, for you to have created something that seems attainable for a lot of people who would normally do yoga. >> well i wish i knew. a lot of times i feel like there is a little bit of magic around the whole thing. but outside of the magic, answer, i feel like when we first set out do this in 2012 we started up loading free yoga videos to youtube as just a little idea to kind of create something that would help others but also my business partner and i were artists, are artists. whew >> think present. >> yes >> we love it. you can tell like if you are authentic about it. >> yeah. and that is just the thing i really lee feel like practicically speak werpg ning not trying to create a business back then. if we were trying to create a
8:22 am
business in 2012 it would have panned out differently not that that's wrong. obviously we're doing a lot of that these days in wellness. >> we talked to a number of people who follow you on youtube. and people have had like life-changing experiences. people don't want to go to yoga classes. >> yeah. >> they don't want to be seen. >> don't want to be judged. >> exactly >> watch me i can put my legs behind my ears >> yeah. >> like there is none of that in this it is so accessible to a lot of people five and a half million followers. >> amazing >> you are incredible. thank you for coming on with us. >> when we get done, we're going upstairs we're going to do a class that we're going to do on one of those stream things. >> a live stream instagram so it will be "today show" ig the kids call it >> with or without the bow tie >> maybe i leave it on.
8:23 am
>> just show up. i think that's what stops up we think i'm not going to do 0 minutes. i'm not going to do. just be there. >> and the greatest thing about yoga you can do it in your pajamas. >> no pajamas this morning let's get to pop start. >> speaking of love. have you seen zoe kravets pictures on instagram. she tied the knot in june and we're getting our first look at photos from the wedding. another and look at this one shows zoe with her dad lenny kravitz and mom lisa bonet
8:24 am
and if you didn't think, reese wither spoon nicole kidman. shay li shailene woodley beautiful. next up. megan markle is kicking off 20 with a brand new photo of the baby archie. people mag confirming this photo was actually taken by meghan markle herself archie's birth, his christening, royal tour of africa and much more the duke can duchess writing we hope 2020 brings each of you health and continued happiness next up a quiet place 2, the sequel to the 2018 hit about a family doing all they can to stay silent to avoid monster, attracted by sound so good. has released its first trailer emily blunt's character taking her family off the farm and venturing out into the world
8:25 am
[ whispering ] >> oh, my. no, no! >> take a look. >> can you imagine just hearing the new movie is missing john in front of the camera. he did return to direct though coming up a remarkable story about finding love online a slightly different tune. you want to hear habit this one.
8:26 am
but look at your local news and weather. good morning to you. a follow up on a laptop tleft at an oakland starbucks. two people were arrested thanks to security cameras capturing the license plate of the car. the man whose computer was stolen died after being dragged by the thievvethieves. outside of that starbucks there is a memorial that is growing. >> holiday light traffic till. no meters lights on the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:27 am
also the san mateo bridge. we have a live look now at the richmond area and let's look at their traffic map. you're south bay drive times right now, a quick check out that. northbound 101, 19 minutes, highway 101, still eight minutes and it is about 20 minutes, not too shabby for holiday light traffic. >> we'll have another local news update for you in the next half our. also go to nbc bay area dot com to be always in the know.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome welcome back, 8:30 on this thursday morning it is the second day of january, 2020 look at our crowd. nobody went home after the first. they hung around with us. >> still got the tree. >> and the tree is going to be up a little while longer and you know what? i think it will be a good time for a crowd moment i am looking for misty from mississippi. where? you. hi misty how are you. where from mississippi tupelo, mississippi.
8:31 am
now, she likes me. she likes shinl. she loves al but she loves her some. >> lester hall >> come on over lester >> oh my goodness. >> she's "dateline" crazy. >> oh. get in smile. >> thank you so much >> thanks for watching >> that was fun. hi guys. congrats they're engaged. >> or are they >> coming up a digital dating story of a different tune. wait till you hear how a pair of musicians were brought together online. >> i like that story. >> and we want to help you keep the resolutions to eat healthier. so we're going to whip up some daysty salmon with fabulous sides, perfect for the new year. >> first can you give us a check of the weather
8:32 am
>> i can not sorry. let's do it. your first full weekend of 2020. heavy rain on friday, up and down the east coast. it is going to be chilly in the central plains but sunny and bright through the southwest saturday wet and snowy conditions in the ohio river val into the northeast gusty storms in the south coast. middle part of the country pretty good. sunday rain and snow back into the pacific northwest. blustery around the great lakes with snow showers. drying out in the mid atlantic get out there and enjoy today's wonderful weather. a live look now at the golden gate bridge. we will see areas of cloudy skies yet again. this is the view in downtown san jose. temperatures are going to be in the 50s but if you're going to the coastline keep in mind there is still a high surf advisory. we're talking about dangerous
8:33 am
coastlines. all right. it's the first time we're all right it is the first time we're going around the horn in 2020 want to get all these people showing up because of course they all came down don't forget you can check us out on sirius xm channel 108 al thanks. with advances in modern medicine, millions of babies have been born to parents who had trouble conceiving on their own. >> doctors say they are seeing a new dilemma facing the reproductive medical community and their parent morgan radford is here to fill us in. >> this is interesting because for decades couples turned to fertility specialists to use technology to help fulfill their dreams of a baby in recent years, fertility clinics across the country are increasingly being left with these abanded embryos.
8:34 am
it is really an unanticipated dilemma causing concern among doctors and beyond fertility specialists using assistive reproductive technology to make the pregnancy dreams of patients come true are now face agnew and complex ethical dilemma when it comes to what to do with abandoned embryos. >> none of us were really trained what do with this? as conundrum the as problem. >> reporter: during the process, doctors often create multiple embryos which are then either implant order frozen for use at the later time if they decide they do not need the remaining embryos they can destroy them, donate them to research, or to another couple or continue to pay storage fees which continue to run 400 to more than a thousand dollars a year in many cases patients stop paying storage bills and stop answering call, leaving the clinics with what they call abandoned embryos. >> if you talk to patients when
8:35 am
they are thinking of having a child. nobody thinks they will ever discard or abandon their embryo. >> reporter: he says about a quarter of the embryos in his clinic have been abandoned and according to experts it is a problem across the country in clinics. >> over time, more and more embryos accumulated that have been abandoned i know of organizations that have vats of abandoned embryos, and they are afraid to discard them. >> reporter: it is unclear exactly how many frozen embryos have been abandoned nationwide some doctors estimate the number to be in the hundreds of thousands. while others studies suggest it could be in the millions adding additional complications to the debate? the fact that embryos are fertilized eggs. meaning they have a potential for life alyssa straus and her husband turned to ivf to conceive their second child after she was diagnosed with secondary infertility.
8:36 am
when her son was just five months old they were faced with the decision of what to do with their remaining embryos. >> all of a sudden you realize that you have these two things, and they are the size of a poppy seed, but at the same time they are kind of the most important things >> reporter: alyssa says she wasn't prepared to make the emotional decision >> i just wanted to be a mom with a new baby. >> reporter: you know, you are talking to someone who's so desperate to have in the end an embryo that is going to work out for them and to brick up you might have extra? i don't know how you can emotionally handle that. >> reporter: they decided ultimately to donate the embryos to research. but it wasn't easy. >> the more we talk about it the more people say hey you are going to have this decision to make it is going to be tough. here are ways to think through it the less likely i think we are for people to be stuck in the indecision which is so common. >> we've dedicated our lives to building families and throwing
8:37 am
embryos away in a bio hazard waste container just seems really wasteful. >> reporter: dr. sweet has made his clinic a non discard facilitate meaning all patients must agree they will donate and not discard their embryos. he said he made the decision for ethical not religious reasons. >> we have to look at this and go this is a problem and we need to try to solve it we may not be able to solve all of it but i do think he with make things better i'm worried that the longer we wait, the bigger the problem will be. >> given thisition issue some doctors say the industry needs regulation germany and italy both have laws that only allow three em boroughs to be created and transferred at a time. as of now there are no national laws in place that address these abandoned embryos so it is up to each and every doctor to handle this on a days by case family. and with the families as well.
8:38 am
>> and families are making really tough decisions too lot of people for lijs reasons, you know,religious reasons, you know, they will not destroy that embree. but i can imagine how tough. >> in the meantime they have to pay every month. >> or sometimes you pay every year have off the make sure your embryos are there. but that is why a lot of people don't, they feel disease dit is discarding a life. >> yeah. >> for more on the story you can head to >> just ahead the sweet story of a couple who found love online but not in the place they were expecting. but first this is "tod" onay in a world where everything gets a sequel. it's finally time for... geico sequels! classic geico heroes, starring in six new commercials,
8:39 am
with jaw-dropping savings. vote for your favorites at: ahhh, which way do i go?! i don't know, i'm voting for our sequels. with geico, the savings keep on going to a screen near you. not the leg! you dang woodchucks! geico sequels. vote and enter to win today!
8:40 am
we are we are back. 8:40 with a touching story about online dating. this one is different. it doesn't begin the way you would expect. >> nbc's joe fryer joins us to explain. good morning. >> good morning.
8:41 am
by the year 2031 it is believed that 50% of couples will meet their partner on line. that may make new kroi of dating site likes match com and others. but this story plays to a slightly different tune. ♪ >> for up and coming musicians it is nice to get a little love from spotify ♪ like earlier this year when one of their songs appeared on the music streaming services "fresh finds"place. >> for independent artists like myself it is a really big deal. >> he's one half of a hip hop pop duo. distinctly remembers spotting another artist's song on the list it was called "high hopes". >> i had been in this in my life were my hopes were down actually, and i had been hoping to take my music to highers places and something about that
8:42 am
title pulled me? >> so edgar sent a message sri instagram sparking an online conversation. >> it was friendship right >> it was yeah >> deep down were you hoping for something more. >> yeah my hopes were high for something a little more than a friendship. >> what do you think that was? >> she had a spark that i hadability noticed in a long time and oh my goodness she was beautiful. >> never mind he lives in washington state and she's in arkansas something was pulling them together. >> and it all happened so quick. like it was just supposed to happen. >> when you met, was there chemistry? what was in? >> it was honestly like i had known him for years. >> the long distance between them is bridged by lots of plane rides and their shared love of music. emily even wrote a song about falling in love with edgar with a video to match and in october, five months
8:43 am
after their first face-to-face meeting came this. >> when he asked the question, what was your reaction >> i mean, yes we were both just crying and it was so beautiful our friends and family were there. and i mean, there was nothing else i could say but yes >> a union made possible not by swiping left or right. but rather by spotify. >> whoever put you on that same list, does that make that person the match maker? >> i think so. i think so. >> i would say so. >> do woe know who that person is >> i still don't fwhoe the specific person is but they have told me that there is a group of people so we might need to invite them to the wedding or something. >> get some extra chairs. >> thanks to the fresh find's list edgar and emily found each other. >> love can literally grow from the strangest of places. no matter what for her to have come into my
8:44 am
life at the time she did is literally just a miracle >> the young couple, and they are young. he's 24. she's 19 they plan to get married next summer they have not performed together yet. but they are writing a couple of songs together so much more to come back to you guys. they haven't performed together >> i'm sure they will. >> i just want to say there are no accidents in life >> there are not. >> that is truth right there. >> sweet. >> coming up next we're going to kick of "today" food 2020 with easy to make recipes that are healthy and we think tasty this is oday" on nbc "t
8:45 am
looking to get your business off to a fast start in the new year? "t it's go time! switch to comcast business and get fast internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network.
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plus, complete reliability with 4g lte backup. and, cloud-based security to help protect the devices on your network. greenlight your business in 2020 with fast internet and voice for $64.90 per month. switch now and get a $100 prepaid card when you add comcast business securityedge. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. amen to that. awesome. all right. that's my amen t in p honor of new year and to help you stick to your resolution we're cooking up delicious recipes to get 2020 off to a healthy start.
8:47 am
>> brian lewis, owner of several popular restaurants in new york and connecticut included the new location of his japanese inspired restaurant oko in new york. >> he wasn't feeling well this morning. in a hotel room nearby had an issue but he's fine. and al is going to walk us through his healthy recipe. >> it is so good we didn't want to miss this. >> so you have salmon and leaks. leeks are something i know work in a lot of diets. >> they do a little less pungent than onions in the same family. the problem with leeks is they are very send andy you have to clean them first cutoff the ends. then the dark green parts. and then you split that in half. and then you can see, it is hard to see but there is sand and stuff in there. >> so you wash it after you cut it >> is soak it in the water and then take them out dry them with a paper towel.
8:48 am
now there is a mix of some butter and some water. you don't want a lot of butter but just enough to kind of flavor it. and what this will do. and get it a little on the brown side saute saute the leeks until they are trance luce translucent basically. >> leakes one of the best things. >> lot of water in them and help flush things out mustard sauce that goes with mustered has a little acidity. add some lemon juicy water. >> brown mustard. >> nice brown mustard. little olive oil and salt and pepper and then you basically -- whoa okay gonna whisk that up. and basically gonna let that sit. in the meantime you are going to slow yourroast your a sammen.
8:49 am
>> why >> basically as the nice flavorful fish that is nice and moist and you let it get to room temperature so it cooks evenly this is a lemon olive oil. >> yummy. >> lemon zest and olive oil and pour this on top >> right on top to cook it. >> and you can put some parchment paper down and what do you think guys >> so good. >> and this is pepper. you can put a little smoked paprika. in the oven. 275. 25 minutes >> low and slow. >> low and slow. and then you have got this now here is the finished product. and you just put some leeks. could leave this by itself or put some leeks the bottom put i on top >> really good. >> let's try it. >> in the meantime we're going make some roasted carrots with a harisa glaze take some butter. >> whoa.
8:50 am
>> like that >> really good. >> so you are going take some butter, water. simmering. you are going to also then take some honey. >> what are we making? i wasn't listening >> as the harisa glazed carrot mix this up. let it simmer. till it gets a little thick like this take the glaze right on top. again put some parchment paper down first because this way it is easier clean up and then you are going put this in the oven about 325 for about a 40 minutes and they are going end up nice and glazed. >> this is a nice little sauce that brian's come up with the recipe is on "today".food. drizzle that on top. and he's got a nice crunchy sesame deal.
8:51 am
>> a little crunch to it >> lester can't talk. >> and a beats. >> a nice beet saddle. we got the recipe again. >> al you did a fine job. >> well brian would have been much better and he'll come back but you want those recipes from chef brian lewis and more fifors
8:52 am
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome back why don't we celebrate some birthdays? >> i think that is a capital idea first for the 2020 we have got the smuckers jar a happy 101st birthday to michael rowadi, a retired attorney from winchester, kentucky practiced law over 70 years. theresa bonano of florida, 100
8:54 am
loves testing her luck on the slot machines. and merle baynes from hamilton, ohio celebrating 104 years. worked as a journalist writing for his local newspaper. angelina is 100. wants nothing more than bowl of ice cream. and last but not least, happy 101st birthday to anna sheridan of boston, massachusetts serving as a sister in the catholic church for nearly 70 years. if you have a loved one with a milestone birthday tell us all about him at >> thank you al. and don't forget to go our instagram or that yoga lesson >> it's happening. >> as we speak. >> coming up on the third hour "today" a group of best new artists this year's grammys.
8:55 am
tank and the bengas performing in the artists lounge. >> and fourth hour, al roker is joiq joining me exploring the hottest bridle trends for the bride and her mom. >> and i'll see you on the weekend. >> lester is doing the al roker schedule ha ha. let's see how you hold up. ♪
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." and good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with sheinelle, our pal jill martin spending an hour with us. craig and dylan are off. >> happy new year, guys! >> happy new year. >> this is great. and speaking of great, a great "she made it" story. >> exciting. just a way to get healthy in the new year without compromising taste. >> you know what? that is key. g. for all of us. >> it's purified butter when keeps forever in a sense. gets rid of the milk and dairy


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