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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. and it is friday, the 3rd of january, and there is san francisco. >> wow. >> in all of its glory, look at that. good cameras, good weather, beautiful light. going in to the first weekend of the new year. >> all right, we could use the break. >> we this week. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura. scott is in for kari hall and not a bad week to be in. >> not a bad week. we are tracking the chance of seeing some showers. here is a look at what you can expect as you head out the door. 43 degrees in san jose. 36 degrees in napa. santa rosa 39. it is a little bit colder this morning to start. a live look over downtown san jose, and look at your
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temperature trend. you probably noticed yesterday we had a solid mix of sun and clouds, some areas were cloudier than others. 49 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and we'll be in the 50s but today we will be a few degrees warmer. now a look right now at satellite radar, if you look off in the pacific north, you could see near portland and vancouver, that's actually the storm that's going to affect us but we're going to get the tail bottom end of it. we're not expecting a big impact from it but just enough if you have to wake up early tomorrow i'll take you through that timing so you can plan out your saturday. a check of a crash in concord with mike. >> contra costa county. everything else is green. looks like something new in the san jose foothills. we'll double check but not the major freeway that comes through the area. this is northbound 242 a little slowing from the split with 680/242 will be slow. there's a traffic break scheduled right now headed up in toward the area of central concord around grant and things are clear once you pass that and counter commute when there is a
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commute. this morning should be light, like it has been for the last couple of weeks. the commute direction focusing here, funneling toward the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems. there is richmond with a light flow of traffic. i'll show you the backup at the bay bridge. there is a little bun today. scott, back to you. the sudden escalation of tensions in the middle east. u.s. forces have killed iran's top military commander, general qasem soleimani, let the iranian military for more than 20 years. u.s. forces hit him with an air strike on his convoy near the airport in baghdad. a leading member of the shia militia in iraq was also killed. the strike is sparking outrage in iran, promises of retaliation as well, some in iraq are celebrating. the u.s. embassy is telling american civilians there to leave iraq immediately. leaders around the world are fearing this will launch a new and dangerous round of conflict. we are watching this story
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carefully, so is nbc news. just ahead in our next half hour, we'll have a live report from capitol hill, and team coverage continuing on the "today" show, starting at 7:00 this morning. ent and later today, we mayarn attack in dublin, imotegan str wednesday night, where neighbors say dozens of police officers responded to an exchange gunfire. one woman was shot and killed and a man was inju police now know a man who lives there shot his ex-girlfriend and a man with a gun, when they forced their way into his home after he opened the door. the man left after the shooting and called 911. neighbors describe a very scary scene. >> i saw them carry a body out and it was like a sack of potatoes, hands, feet, and they removed that from the front porch and then there was another person on the ground. >> neighbors say he moved in just a few days ago. the name of the 28-year-old woman who was shot has not been released. >> 4:33. today the alameda county
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district attorney could decide whether to file charges against oakland, cts who were arrested stolen monday, dove into a the man, whose computer was street. the victim worked for a tech company in the east bay, celebrating his birthday on monday. police are still searching for a third suspect in the case. a new housing proposal could help the affordable housing crisis in san francisco. "the san francisco examiner" reports a redevelopment agency wants state leaders to let them fund the construction of nearly 6,000 below market rate units. you might remember a similar law passed last november, using a $600 million bond for the construction or remodeling of nearly 3,000 units. some people wanted the city to devote $1 billion for the project so this proposal presents another way to address the affordable housing needs. the proposal, if it passes, would use properly tax increments in the area to fund the construction of those new units. the quest for real i.i.s is
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hitting another bump ahead of the deadline, coming up this year. the real i.d. will be required to fly domestically in october or you have to use a passport. so a problem that's popping up during the application process is this. when you go to the dmv to get the real i.d., you have to bring certain identifying documents. one of them could be a passport or at least that's what people thought. now the state department is saying that your passport can be rejected during the real i.d. application process. so that means you have to use your birth certificate. another issue people are facing if you are married, you've been married or you've been divorced, you have to also bring a marriage license in addition to your birth certificate, so i guess a lot of moms are going to be getting phone calls. >> i guess. marin county taking aim at speeding drivers. today county leaders have set up five electronic speed signs, they show your speed of course as you go by. they're along roads that have the most number of speeding complaints. county leaders say they hope the signs will help people slow
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down. apple is making a long-term commitment to stream tv. >> next on "today in the bay," the new project the tech giant's working on this morning. plus the headliners for coachella revealed. we'll show you who is set to take the stage in 2020 and when you can buy your tickets. and there you are, live at the bay bridge toll plaza, and people are coming back to work on this friday. mike will have a check of your traffic coming up. it's 4:36. trump: obamacare is a complete
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and total disaster. let obamacare implode.
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nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. it is 4:39, and we are off
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to a clear start over san francisco, temperatures right now just a little chillier in the 30s. a couple of 40s, but we're tracking our next chance of maybe a couple of sprinkles moving into your saturday forecast. i'll break down the timing plus i have the latest snowpack coming up. and look at this crystal clear view of the dublin grade. there is a lot of traffic in the foreground but nothing unusual passing that b.a.r.t. station. lots of signs lit up, so are the cars. we'll talk about the traffic, what color are those sensors lighting up? good morning, i'm rahel solomon at cnbc head quarters. wall street is set to open sharply lower as global markets react to ai iran general. the news adding to the simmering tensions between the u.s. and iran, and raising concerns of possible retaliation. oil prices spiking on the news, up more than 4%.
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gold is higher as traders seek out so-called safe haven investments. markets in asia and europe lower after u.s. stocks rallied to kick off the new year with the dow up more than 300 points to a record high. lowe's plans to hire more than 53,000 employees this spring, which is the busiest season for home improvement projects. the retailer says the hires will include full, part-time and seasonal positions. lowe's will hold the first walk-in hiring event on january stores arrive earlier in the season such as florida, southern california a hawaii. and apple may be ready to make a long-term commitment to streaming tv. it has struck a five-year production deal with a former head of hbo to create movies, these and documentaries for eplus. "variety" reports the focus will likely be on a small amount of high-profile content rather than just flooding apple with shows. guys, back to you. >> basically pay for streaming service to watch like two things. >> that's what i'm doing.
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rahel, thanks. >> yes, sure. coming up on "today in the bay," vianey tracking our weekend forecast. >> that's right. we're waking up to chilly temps up through the north bay. look at napa, 37 degrees, and yes, there is a chance of seeing some rain. i'm going to time out that forecast for you, i'll have that answer coming up. the good flow of traffic, i think so. we'll talk about the timing i'm seeing with waze and a smooth drive here at palo alto. plus this woman says her ex-boyfriend stabbed her repeatedly but she survived. the south bay woman tells us how she got away. it's an interview you'll only see on nbc bay area. right now, 2 of my breakfast jacks with a freshly cracked
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right now, 2 of my breakfa served all day, so they're not just for early birds. nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can. gardena. looking live out our window over san jose this morning, doesn't it look nice? nice and clear right now. no rain in the forecast, yet. but it's coming. vianey is watching that for us this morning. >> let's get a check of your weather and traffic. traffic is building up a little bit. >> back to work. >> cars. and of course we're even though i am tracking rain, i think it's actually going to be not too bad. here it is, a live look right now at the golden gate bridge, as mike said, we aretarting to see some cars but the golden gate bridge is usually one of the loneliest this early. that changes into theafternoon. right now current temperatures 43 degrees in san jose.
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37 in napa. look at san francisco 48 degrees, and our microclimate highs for the afternoon will be cool in the 60s, but a little bit warmer in some spots, including san jose. in fact, we're going to be in the upper 60s. 66 degrees. a couple of degrees warmer through livermore, 64. oakland 61. san francisco 57, but yet again we can't expect to keep that mix of sun and clouds. we'll see a lot more cloud cover in inland areas, and let's talk about that next chance of rain, so the reason why i'm saying i'm not too concerned about it is because we're going to get the bottom end of a storm that you can see right here on satellite radar. notice how the majority of the storm is focused on really far up to the north talking ght here the state line. look how we barely get the tail end of that. that means areas in sonoma county, napa could see the chance of some drizzle, so anywhere north of the golden gate bridge has the best chance of seeing rain but a lot of that will happen while you're sleeping so you're probably not going to get to see this rain
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because it moves in really, really late tonight. we're talking after 9:00, and then it kind of tapers off pretty early tomorrow. ho hour-by-hour outlook, friday everything is okay and 10:30 drizzle around the coastline, half moon bay and santa rosa. as i advance this overnight into 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m., after 8:00 a.m. t mpletely falls apart, tapering off but what is left behind is a lot of that cloud cover. so it will be cloudy for the first half of our day on saturday with a spotty chance of showers. less than 0.1 of an inch at this point. it's not going to be a washout saturday. you'll be able to enjoy your saturday afternoon and you'll definitely be able to enjoy your sunday with temperatures in the upper 50s, a couple of 60s into sunday for inland areas and we stay dry through the first week of the new year. mike? >> vianey, we're looking toward the bay bridge. as scott mentioned there are cars waiting today. hasn't been the case the last couple of weeks. we're back to the new year and some folks getting back to the old job or maybe a new job,
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congratulations. looking at the fastrak lanes moving smoothly. one of the cash lanes on either side has to open upnd a bit. it's building, again, a different pattern than we've seen for a couple weeks. we shouldn't have as long as a commute for slowdowns, earl clearing up 7:30 for the early commute. right now we have a build expected and our partners at waze time it out from concord toward the bay bridge at 20, 22 minutes right now. about 6:00, by 6:00 it will grow by half an hour and hold will lighten up once again. right now, counter commute, counter the commute direction, we do have slowing still that is northbound 242 as you pass by grant. we have the slowing that starts back here. there was a traffic break and a car that may have been still in lanes, so they had to clear that out off of the slow lane there. i think everything is good in the next couple of minutes, traveling north toward highway 4 southbound coming down and cutting the corner, just flying through concord, coming out of
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pittsburg and bay point. the bigger look shows you the speed sensors around the bay are great, that one crash in san jose is over on story road, no major injuries and not a freeway. you're okay. it is a major roadway so we'll track that. over here across the bay and the san mateo bridge looks great. with more traffic on the bay bridge early, we should see more traffic across that san mateo, so we'll track 92. back to you. >> mike, thank you. only on nbc bay area, a south bay mom who was brutally attacked and her daughter kidnapped is now talking about her harrowing ordeal. >> "today in the bay's" sonya chen has that interview. >> i was better off without him. >> reporter: monicia ramirez says her three-year relationship with victor after dropping their daughter off after a thanksgiving visit, she says their meeting turned violent. >> i'm turned back so m looked back and he's like pulling up his pants and then he like comes es very quickly,
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and then he puts me in a chokehold. >> reporter: she also says he slit her throat. >> i woke up on the ground, i was bloody but nothing registered in my head. i didn't know that i was cut, i didn't know anything. nothing was making sense. i knew i was bleeding. i was still screaming for his help, you know, i was still screaming for him, help me, i'm hurt, call the ambulance, help. >> reporter: she says he left her for dead and then came back. >> he comes back, he's like why didn't you die? why is it taking so you long to die? >> reporter: she knew she had to find the strength to survive. >> i literally told myself if i don't get up right now he's going to end up killing killing me in front of my kid. >> reporter: that's when monica managed to throw herself out of a window to es to jump on a brick and hop over like a fence and that's when the neighbors asked me, do you need help ayeah, he's aning to kill me. took off. arrested near san lu louis obispo after an amber alert wasissued. he was spotted at a gas station, confronted by strangers and held there until authorities arrived.
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>> a lot of me hopes he gets what he deserves but a lot of me also says i hope he learns from his mistakes, you know, and like, he grows and just you know, understands what he did was not okay and gets the help that he needs. >> reporter: we reached out to victor and have not heard back. in san jose, sonya chen, "nbc bay area news". authorities in southern california are looking at surveillance video, they are pretty certain shows a vandal spray painting anti-semitic graffiti on a business in west hollywood. other busses o blocks away targeted on new year's eve. this is the latest incident to stir up fears about new and rising anti-semitism. one neighborhood rabbi was among many showing support for the business owners. >> this is our way of showing solidarity with our fellow neighbors. >> when i saw the jewish star on the window, it took something out of me. it was just like, it's 2020, and that kind of hurt.
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>> this attack follows another recent vandalism attack targeting a synagogue a few miles away. police late ear rested the suspect in that case. happening now, police on the peninsula stepping up patrols after recent attacks at places are worship here and across the country, like the ones we just showed you. last week, someone opened fire in a church in texas, killing three people, and over the weekend, someone vandalized a black church in palo alto. the vandals spray painted incoherent messages on church bathroom doors and nearby walls of university in new zion church. palo alto police officers are now regularly patrolling churches, synagogues and temples. coachella 2020. next on "today in the bay," the big names headlining this year's music festival. plus preparing for the playoffs. the steps the 49ers are taking ahead of their end of season showdown. first, happening now, indonesia's capital jakarta facing the worst floods in history. >> monsoonal rains and rising
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rivers submerged nearlye. rescue cruise say more than 40 people died. they expect to find more bodies, though, once the water levels subside. it is 4:52 and we'll be right back.
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it's 4:54 on your friday, and have you gone to work this week at all? if you are not going, good for you. a sudden cluster on the road, we'll check in with mike. the 49ers still have eight days to rest up and get ready for their first playoff game, but they still don't know who they're going to play. that's got to be weird. >> they are getting a boost with word one key player on defense may be back in the fold, the niners yesterday welcoming back
4:55 am
juan alexander, linebacker tore his left pectoral in october, has been considered long shot to return this season but he's coming back. he hasn't been activated yet but a chance he is going to play when the niners take that field on january 11. whoever they play, we know where you're going to watch it, and that's nbc bay area. kickoff is saturday the 11th, 1:35 in the afternoon. live pregame and post game coverage from the field, and some vip 49ers guests as well right here on nbc bay area. >> i love those daytime games. a trio of pennsylvania professionals sports mascots have been immortalized in butter, yes, butter. sculptures of philadelphia flyers mascot gritty who is just as creepy in butter. philadelphia eagles mascot swoop and pittsburgh steelers mascot steely mcbeam. the trio part of the butter
4:56 am
exhibit at the pennsylvania farm show in harrisburg. after the farm show, the buttery trio will be converted into renewable energy. >> the worst mascots even in butter. trending this morning, coachella line-up is out. >> headlining the event is rage against the machine. travis scott and frank ocean, other big names performing big sean, lana del rey and calvin harris. the weekend run of the festival runs through april 10th through the 12th, the weekend two runs from the 17th to the 19th. register for early access but be quick. weekend are already sold out. >> that was fast. >> that was fast. >> just said they were going on sale yesterday. >> i started and yes. coming up on "today in the bay," vianey is tracking our weekend forecast which has a little rain in it. >> i think i'm going to pass on coachella. i don't know about that line-up. all right, forecast 30s. bundle up as you head out the
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door. i'll have a closer look at your weekend forecast coming up. looking at this line right here, the purple one, not a line-up, it's just a smooth drive out of castro valley over to san mateo. 28 minutes, but waze says you can take a 55-minute route if you want to, your choice. join nbc bay area wazers and make your choice, choose wide wi wisely. president trump ordered a deadly air strike overnight. this morning is t is escalating tensions in the middle east. we have a live report on the impact that is possibly going to hit your gas prices as well. we'll be back in a minute. trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years.
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i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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consequences of this could be unbelievable. >> right now at 5:00, we have that breaking news, waking up to a major escalation overnight in the tensions between the united states and iran. a u.s. missile has killed iran's top general in a targeted celebrations to protests. plus the impact of the rising tensions possibly expected at your gas pump. next ahead, live team coverage from here at home and washington, d.c. and a new round of rain taking aim at the bay area, just in time for the weekend. we'll track the time as nbc bay area continues right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez.
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something we're talking about in the newsroom, the golden globe awards, what is new this year and how the stars are gearing up and what you need to put on your watch list. that's usually how it works out for me. ricky gervais is the host and always a fun night because they don't just sit in the audience. >> this one is much more casual and friendly. >> they have some cocktails, too, kind of loosens things up. >> also makes for better expressions. >> and you want to see the reactions when ricky gervais is emceeing. let's check with traffic in a minute but check your


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