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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  January 3, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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wet start to your weekend. some rain showers expected to move in. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off. we'll get to that breaking news out of iran in a minute but also we're talking about this morning one of hollywood's biggest nights, the golden globe awards. still ahead, what's new this year, and how the stars are gearing up. of course you know you can watch it right here on nbc bay area this weekend. >> i like how relaxed they. . >> i are. >> it's a better show. rain is showing up. >> a little bit of rain on radar. if you're out and about tonight, anywhere in the north bay, take a coat. it depends on how late you're out because that rain moves in after midnight. maybe you have a long party night ahead. downtown san jose clear views and our temperature trend starts out in the 40s but eventually 10:00 a.m. in the 50s at 53
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degrees. today in the south bay, we are expecting mid-60s for our highs, and it will be once again a mix of clouds and sunshine. now, if you're wondering about the rain, i will be monitoring that very closely, but just little sneak peek before you get too concerned. it's not necessarily going to be a sort of widespread storm. it's going to be more of a scattered shower storm. i'll break down what that means for you coming up. if you missed the map it was like this. i don't know what that means. vianey will sort that out. over here it's smooth like this. interstate 80 the bay bridge toll plaza no backup. the biggest backup we had was before 5:00. by 5:30, things looked like this and holding steady the last half hour. no problems out of contra costa county. a nice smooth drive out of the north bay, and throughout 101, getting down toward the golden gate bridge, with the clear view there. in fact, a clear drive almost everywhere around the bay, we did have two disabled vehicles across that san mateo bridge. they have both reportedly
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cleared. we saw some clustering right through the area. there may still be some activity on the shoulder but chp is not worried about the incident or whatever remains and it does show a smooth flow so we'll continue to watch that. back to you. >> thank you. now to the breaking news in the middle east. tends tens of thousands of people from iran to baghdad are taking to the streets after the u.s. announced it killed iran's top military leader, a targeted military air strike carried out in the convoy in baghdad at the direction of president trump. >> this morning we have live team coverage. "today in the bay's" bob redell is tracking the impact we might see at the gas pumps, but first tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with the latest on the air strike and the political fallout. >> the situation on the ground in iraq, remember this conflict with iran is playing out in iraq. iraq's leader telling nbc this morning it is a fragile and dangerous situation. the state department is telling americans there to get out.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: new video this morning. the secretary of state says it shows iraqis dancing in the streets after president trump ordered an air strike at the baghdad airport that killed qasem soleimani the head of iran's secret elite quds force. >> he ordered the killing of hundreds of americans. >> reporter: iran militia leader abu mahdi al muhandis was also killed. >> the consequences of this could be unbelievable. >> reporter: the big concern in washington this morning is the u.s. prepared for iran's response? >> they are going to try to cause a tremendous amount of pain in response to this. >> i pray with all of my heart that the trump administration has a plan and a strategy. >> reporter: hundreds more u.s. troops have been sent in. troops have been sent in.
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this airstrike came after two days of violent protests at the u.s. embassy in iraq by pro-iranian demonstrators and after iranian militias targeted u.s. troops. >> enough is enough. this is part of iran's maligned behavior. >> reporter: president trump insists he is not trying to start a war. >> do i want to? no. i want to have peace. i like peace. >> reporter: in a statement, house speaker nancy pelosi says this air strike risks provoking further dangerous escalation of violence and was done without consulting congress. and this morning, iran's supreme leader is promising severe revenge and has already replaced their top commander. back to you. >> tracie potts, thank you. all of this is having an impact on crude aisle voices. >> "today in the bay" bob redell spoke with a gas analyst about what this does. i have a suspicion. >> reporter: scott and kris, i spoke with patrick dehahn with he believes if this 3.5% jump in
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the price of oil holds, which happened overnight, he believes that we could then see an increase for the price of gasoline in the range of three to seven cents per gallon. again, he manufacture sized that what happens here at the pump will depend on how iran responds to the u.s. air strike last night on iranian general so soleima soleimani. if iran were to escalate that would not be good for gas prices. if iran does not respond if within the next few days, dehahn believes the price of oil could come back down. the price of oil did surge by almost 4% at one point overnight after it was as now announced the u.s. killed the iranian general, which then puts the price of a barrel of oil at just under $69. that's the highest price since september, when iran attacked oil facilities in saudi arabia. that military strike sent our gas prices here up 25 to 30
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cents a gallon. they have since come down. i checked with aaa, the average price for a gallon of gas in san jose is now $3.50. oakland $3.65 and sf $3.65. reporting live in mill tee pass, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> president trump we learned will stay in south florida. we'll have updates on air and online at as well as the nbc bay area app. download that for free. back here at home this morning, a man is dead following a high-speed chase in the north bay, which ended on sir francis drake drive in greenbray last night. chp spotted a man hitting cars with a tire iron in san rafael, and that's when the chase started. they followed him to greenbray, where he ran a red light. he was t-boned by a white pickup truck and hit a light pole and that's how he died at the scene. the officer and the driver of the white pickup truck were not hurt. in san francisco, a
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bicyclist is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, following a crash in the richmond district, this happened richmond district, this happened at 43rd and fulton last night. police say the driver of the car involved stayed at the scene, and is cooperating with the investigation. >> 6:07. you may remember we first showed you this dash cam video showing a car going off the edge at gray whale cove. there it goes. chp rescue crews have been looking for this car in the air, by land and by sea. they say the weather is just too bad, so they have suspended the search. for now, investigators are going to keep checking missing people and vehicle reports. the vta is working to make leadership changes as it faces some public criticism as "palo alto online" reports the transit agency's board was given low marks from 70% of riders in a recent performance survey. a recent civil grand jury report also blamed poor board leadership for causing the vta to become one of the most inefficient transit agencies not
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in the country. now directors are looking at the results of an independent review to try to make some improvements. among the solutions are maybe having fewer missed board meetings and also changing the way the system appoints directors. new year, bringing new and tighter building codes to palo alto, including more reliance on electricity, less reliance on natural gas for new construction projects and tighter demolition requirements. a live look at the road to tahoe if you're headed there this weekend you want to take it slow. there could be snow and there could be ice on the roadways. november and december storms left lots of snow on the ground. according to the recent snow survey which you see right here on your screen, it is at 97% of average at the phillips station in northern california. what really counts is how much snow is around in april. we're at 44% of what's needed to fill reservoirs with drinking
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water at this point. so that will be a good thing if we see snow in the forecast, which we will, right, sprvianey? >> yes, just a little bit this this weekend. we get the majority of our water supply in the december, january and february months, about 75% of that, so we've got about two months left of hopefully a couple more storms. i know it doesn't sound bright but we need the water. so sierra snowpack versus the average. in northern california we're at 77%, in central california we're the 90%, and in southern about 104%. that puts us at a statewide average of about 90%. reminder the sierra snowpack brings about a third of the state's water supply. once that snow starts to melt in the spring, it also brings our reser reer reer reservoirs as far as the water. the sierra snowpack plays a big influence on the water supply and makes for a great snowboarding and ski season. we'll have a look at your
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seven-day forecast, what you can expect, shortly. we check in with mike first. >> the traffic flow as you would expect looking great. we had a couple of earlier incidents across the san mateo bridge that cleared. you're back at the green sensors there. the dumbarton bridge no problems, south bay doesn't have that early blip and not like we typically expect that will come back monday. we'll talk about that in the next report. i want to remind folks we had an issue 17 at highway 9 has cleared, disabled vehicle without any incidents should be cleared from the map in the next couple minutes. contra costa county an easy drive funneling toward the bay bridge toll plaza, and toward that richmond-san rafael bridge, both of which are moving very smoothly. here is the toll plaza over on the oakland side for the bay bridge. we see more cars but they're well spread out, distributed across the lanes and no one is waiting. that's a great commute. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," apple is deepening its commitment to streaming tv. a big deal is made with a major
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network and the strategy it has going forward. plus talk about a serious hustle, how one woman pulled out all the stops to get an nba legend's autograph. we'll be right back.
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it is 6:13, friday. a quick check of your toyota tahoe report, squaw valley and
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alpine meadows, 72 inches at the base in squaw valley. 74 in alpine. we have 69 open trails. we'll get a couple of snow showers heading into saturday, and we'll clear out on sunday, but it will still be rather cold so make sure to check the road conditions. we have a lot of icy roads. i'll have a closer look at what you can expect here locally in the bay area, coming up. >> no chain control, that's the the good news. stand by for vianey's timing on the changes. great timing driving the nimitz, no problems right now. very little activity at the truck scales. we'll talk about what else i see on our bigger view for the roads and the rails. good morning, i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open sharply lower as global markets continue to react to u.s. air strikes that killed iran's top general who led a special forces unit of the elite revolutionary guards. the news adding to the simmering
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tensions between the u.s. and iran, and raising concerns of possible retaliation. oil prices spiking on the news, up more than 4%. gold is higher as traders seek out so-called safe haven investments. markets in asia and europe lower this all comes after u.s. stocks rallied to kick off the new year with the dow up more than 300 points to a record high. lowe's plans to hire more than 53,000 employees this spring, which is the busiest season for home improvement projects. the retailer says the hires will include full, part-time and seasonal positions. lowe's will hold the first walk-in hiring event on january 8th as stores where spring weather arrives earlier in the season such as florida, southern california, and hawaii. and apple may be ready to make a long-term commitment to streaming tv. it has struck a five-year production deal with a former head of hbo to create movies, shows and documentaries for apple tv plus. "variety" reports the focus will likely be on a small amount of high-profile content rather than
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flooding apple with shows. scott, back to you. >> thank you, rahel. subaru recalling more than 200,000 suvs and cars. it involves the crank case ventilation valve. basically the faulty part can allow oil to get into places where oil is not supposed to go. subaru is working to notify owners and dealers toment in and replace that valve free of charge. >> subaru makes a lot of different kinds of cars. we'll post on our social platforms which ones they are. so this is a story for anybody who has approached someone for an autograph. this fan at last night's sacramento kings game held up a picture to get the attention of former kings star paya st oyakovic. the photo shows the pair in their younger years. you've got to admire the fan's hustle and effort and devotion. she did get the autograph while the game was played played. he works in the king's front
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office. he's got to be thrilled about it. you remember me? >> that's right. oh, that's cute, though. i like that. >> that's nice. >> do you have any pictures of somebody famous when you were younger? >> no, i was always too shy. one time we saw wayne gretzky. my dad was like go. i was like i can't. >> i ask the ford for an autograph. he said how old are you? i said 9. he said good because i'm only signing for 9 years old. lucky day! >> you still remember that. >> absolutely i do. i really do. i don't have any. i need a photo with scott. i'm already old. >> no! let's talk about the storm headed into the weekend, but first i want to show you a live view of sfo if you're traveling, maybe you have to head back home after the holidays, or maybe you have folks flying in from the
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holidays. you don't have to worry about any delays from this storm, and i know a lot of times those storms tend to impact our travel but i'm not concerned about it for tomorrow. it's going to be very quick and it's going to move on out. current temperatures in napa 37 degrees. 37 in santa rosa. 42 in san jose and 40 degrees in santa cruz. so what is going on with this storm system? because we are talking about the rain, but notice how this kind of stream is focused more over portland and vancouver, and then here goes the bay area, so we're going to get sort of the bottom half of that storm, and it's the weaker aspect of it, which is why areas north of the golden gate bridge have a chance to see showers and also getting a couple snow showers headed into the sierra. i just mentioned this earlier but in case you missed it, statewide around about 90% of the sierra snowpacker have sups the average. we have january and february to go when it comes to the rainfall. we get go 75% of our total water supply during these next two months, including december. most of those come from atmospheric rivers so a fun fact
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there. at about 11:30 we'll start to notice some of the showers moving into the north bay. santa rosa, san rafael, areas north of golden gate bridge, but look what happens. woo, just falls apart around 9:00 a.m. you're probably going to be sleeping by the time you wake up to take your dog out on a walk. the rain is going to be up but cloudy, and our temperatures aren't going to be different. 56 degrees in san francisco so we'll keep those similar conditions headed into the overnight hours. 46 degrees. what happens on sunday, we dry out, a high of about 58, and then we get our first week into monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with dry conditions. now, one of other thing i want to point out aside from the rain headed in early tomorrow is going to be the 30s into sunday and monday. we dip down into frosty 30s mainly up through the north bay and searor sheltered valleys. a cool start to monday headed back to work but all in all great first week of 2020. >> this is my first day working of 2020, i'm not even really working. look hout light it is. this is a smooth, easy drive at the bay bridge toll plaza, and i
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want to show you this is the key factor, one of the main factors that is involved in the timing for monday, when a lot of folks are coming back to work. right now, waze times out and anticipates the traffic will maintain about a 55-minute drive there, until the next 20 minutes and things will build up to just an hour from concord, at its worst across in to san francisco including the bay bridge toll plaza, unless there are major crashes which there are none right now. one disabled vehicle on the shoulder in rodeo. come monday, that same predictive timing for waze talks about a half an hour more for the drive anywhere after 6:30, so do keep that in mind as you get ready for work next week. folks looking over here south bay, peninsula, no major problems, through sunol out of pleasanton, we have a disabled vehicle or maybe a crash reported right around 84 in the merge, trying to get the direction from chp once they give it to me i'll let you know. we don't see slowing on the sensors. palo alto looks great and good options as well on the mass transit system.
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back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:20 on your friday. coming up next on "today in the bay," a tragic, new detail coming to light about that deadly plane crash in louisiana. what the husband of the woman killed is now revealing about his wife's final few moments alive. plus the stage is set at beverly hills for the 77th annual golden globe awards. we'll show you what you can expect to see during sunday night's ceremony right here on nbc bay area. you're watching "today in the bay."
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the family of a louisiana sports reporter killed in a deadly plane crash is speaking out. the plane was headed to atlanta for the peach bowl which was lsu versus oklahoma last weekend, when it went down. reporter carley mccord was one of the five people killed. her husband said she had an impact on so many people. >> there's so many, just, it -- i mean, i can't begin to even tell you how special a person she was, how much she cared about other people, how much she wanted me to care about other people. just the greatest. >> he said his wife texted him that she loved him shortly before the plane crashed and he wasn't able to reply. this morning a partial victory against teen vaping. the trump administration has fruit and mint flavored
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ecigarette cartridges. menthol is still allowed as are unflavored cartridges. yesterday's ban falls short of the total ban the president promised in september. >> i would have preferred to have seen all flavors banned. i don't like to leave any gateways open for kids to become addicted to nicotine. >> the ban will also not affect liquid flavors that contain thc, what researchers believe may be connected to the vaping related illnesses and deaths. massive erosion caused this michigan house to fall right into lake michigan. the house is teetering on the edge. neighbors said it had been like to that are months. on tuesday night the house finally toppled down the hill and into the lake. luckily no one was home. the 77th annual golden globe awards are coming up this weekend and the stage is set star-studded red carpet is expected. host ricky gervais will once again host but this time his
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last time so who knows what will happen? he'll probably go out with a bang. gervais is known for turn willing the night normally reserved for glamour into a flame-throwing roast. >> i'm in this for my amusement. if you don't care about the backlash, it's great. >> and he doesn't care. moving on to the nominees, netflix is set to have a very big night, the streaming service is entering the evening with a record 17 nominations, and you could see if your favorite movie star takes home the gold on sunday night. 77th annual golden globe awards kicks off at 5:00 here on nbc bay area. coming up next on "today in the bay," big proposal aimed at fighting the affordable housing crisis. where leaders want to build 6,000 new units and where they're proposing to get the money to do it. plus it's 2020, and the clock continues to tick for you to get your real california i.d. from the dmv, but a lot of folks are still seeing problems, this time a new one. the one piece of identification that is making for big problems
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in the application process. trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage
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to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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good morning to you and thanks for joining us on this first friday of 2020. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the day off as does kari. we have vianey watching that radar and a little bit of rain moving in. >> it's going to start to creep in but you know what else is creeping in, the fog. look at walnut creek we have a good view there. mike and i were talking about. let me know the chp is talking
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about fog in contra costa. other spots not waking up to the fog so it's not all over the place. it's only limited to certain areas. santa rosa 36 degrees right now. napa 37 and here is satellite radar. now it's zoomed out pretty good and the reason for that is because it really showcases what's just off the pacific, but it also showcases the direction it's in, so notice it's not taking direct aim at us, and that will impact how much rain, how long it stays, and who is actually going to see the rain. i'm going to help you and take you through the timing of that, and we're going to be okay headed into the weekend. don't worry. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> okay, headed to the weekend. the roads the same thing. look over here the big view shows green sensors all over the bay but monday things will change. there will be much more of a commute right now. i did tell you i'd check on the crash in the tri-valley on highway 84 just before you get to 680, it's on the shoulder, but a distraction, remember, the roadway splits. one goes under the other and things can get a little
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confusing, there will be flashing lights so use caution. there is fog registering over here in the north bay and coming down in toward contra costa county and as vianey showed you, walnut creek there's fog there as well so watch 680. getting toward the bay bridge toll plaza, no major issues but again that live camera that vianey showed you continues to show the low clouds coming down and now we can't see all of the city right here. here is 680, the southbound direction as your commute direction, good volume of traffic so there may be a factor for fog causing some slowing headed south across that benicia bridge toward concord. over here it's a clear view and clear drive at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. following breaking news this morning and the response from president trump after the u.s. forces killed iran's top military commander. u.s. forces directed an air strike on general qasem soleimani on a missile strike in baghdad. he led the iranian military for more 20 years. the president fired off a series of tweets "general qasem so
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soleimani was plotting to kill more but got caught." more in 15 minutes. the ongoing housing crisis one potential solution is being offered up in san francisco, but it could mean shuffling around some money. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at the golden gate bridge with a breakdown of that proposed plan and we're all ears, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. the "examiner" said this would brick about 6,000 more affordable housing units to the is it i. it would take property tax money and use it for affordable housing t would need to be approved by state legislators. some of the agencies that might be concerned about this plan include the school district, community college and b.a.r.t. property taxes are also usually put up with those entities as well. according to "examiner" the former redevelopment agency now
6:33 am
called the office of community infrastructure and investment says the median home value in san francisco last year was $1.4 million and the median market rent for an apartment was $4,500 per month, so the agency says there's definitely a need for affordable housing. we're still waiting to hear from the state on when it plans to take up this proposal. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. it's 6:33. later today we expect to learn more about a violent attack in dublin. that happened on monegan street wednesday night. wednesday night, where neighbors say dozens of police officers responded to an exchange of gunfire. police say a man who lives there shot his ex-girlfriend and a man with a gun, when they forced their way into his home after he opened the door. the man left after the shooting and called 911. neighbors say he moved in a few
6:34 am
days ago. the name of the 28-year-old woman killed not been released. oakland police looking for one suspect in connection with the death of a man who chased down the thieves who stole his laptop. the incident unfolded monday morning at a starbucks in montclair. there's a memorial there. police say someone swiped that man's laptop, the man took off after the thieves and ended up being dragged by a getaway car. police surveillance cameras played a key role in tracking down the suspects' vehicle. friends joined family members at a church in lodai honoring twin brothers who died in a christmas night crash on foothill road near pleasanton. 16-year-old michael and mark eurista were students at dublin high. a third high school student also died in that same crash and two others were injured. a family friend says the boys went out the night of the crash to comfort a friend who had had a bad day. >> describe them loving and
6:35 am
caring. they were just, they thought about others before they thought about themselves. >> one of the teens who survived is still in a coma. family members did say speed played a role in the crash, but official cause is still under investigation. the quest for a real i.d. is having another bump ahead of the deadline. real i.d. is required to fly domestically in october if you want to use your passport. the problem is it's popping up during the application process is that when you go to the dmv to get that real i.d., you have to bring certain identifying documents. one of them is your passport, or at least that's what people thought. the state department says the passport could be rejected as a form of i.d. you have to make sure after you wait all that time that you have your birth certificate. if you change your name after marriage or divorce, you have to bring your marriage license as well. you're going to sit there and wait hours at the dmv.
6:36 am
marin county taking an aim at speeding drivers, today county leaders set up these five electronic speed signs that show your speed as you go by along roads that have the most number of speeding complaints. county leaders say they hope those signs will help people slow down. we want to check in with mike, hoping that people are minding the speed limit. we know that you certainly are. >> not in the back there, i had to run. >> i know. that's why i said that. >> the light would have been flashing for me. i'm approaching 1 mile per hour at top speed. great top speeds at the limit around the bay, no major problems. we do have a new incident right over here, we talked about fog in the area contra costa county, right here just south of the benicia bridge. our partners at waze, one of our wazers out there reported that crash right there. it's south 680 near pleasant hill, the exit there. we'll thank m.b. fire for doing that and hope you join nbc bay
6:37 am
area wazers. back out to the other maps the wider shot, contra costa county moving nicely but there is fog warning from chp, not a major factor there. the rest of the bay the commute is not a major factor right now. it's great. >> probably monday morning. >> enjoy it today. >> brace yourselves! >> mike, i feel for you. every time i fill in i do my cardiof for the day. i'm like, uh, uh. >> blocking people as you come in. you guys could play for the niners. >> i feel for you, when i'm doing weather. so let's get -- i got you, man. satellite radar, because this tells the story of your weekend, and it tells the story for saturday, and we do have some rain that we're tracking, but if you see it just off the coast, let's talk about when it makes its entrance and when it makes its exit. for the coast, it moves in late overnight. while you're sleeping, midnight, and then look at the sort of
6:38 am
temperature trend in the icons by about 9:00 a.m. we'll have a couple areas that could potentially see some instability, a couple showers. temperatures will be in the 40s and the 50s and then by 10:00 a.m. it will be about 50 degrees and by 11:00 a.m. look what's left behind, a lot of cloud cover, as that storm system seems to just kind of fall apart. so it's not a very strong storm. if you're going to be in inland valleys expect similar conditions as well. we'll get that rain really early on, although i will say this, temperature trend shows a little bit of shower activity, it looks like the storm may fall apart after about 9:00 a.m. in some spots. so the rest of your afternoon headed into saturday should be in the clear, and i do want to talk about your sunday, because your sunday forecast is probably going to be the best day of the weekend, because you're going to wake up with sunshine, and going to keep that lingering all day long with a high of about 58 degrees in san francisco. by monday, we'll stay dry and looking in through the inland areas, temperatures remain in the 60s. however, look what happens late sunday night. so we get a nearby system that
6:39 am
begins to drop our temperatures down. it will get chilly, maybe even a little frosty in through the sheltered interior valleys. dipping down into the 30s overnight but look at monday's forecast, we've got sunshine, and then just looking way, way out into next week, things are going to dry out nicely for the first two weeks, and then kris, you can finally wash your car. >> that thing is dirty. >> me, too. >> i saw one of our live trucks in the parking lot somebody wrote "wash me" on the back. we're all in the same boat, folks. >> exactly. moving on now, 6:39, we continue to track that breaking news out of the middle east this morning. very serious situation as the u.s. missile takes out a top iranian commander. what we just found out in the last hour about how the move could impact what you pay at the pump. >> because we know oil prices are going up, that tends to push the markets down. dow industrials not bad, considering all of the unease in the middle east. dow industrials down 223 points.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:42, not only are we off to i apeaceful start around here it's friday. a live look at downtown san jose. the sun is trying to peek on through over the corner. look at your screen. i'm going to step out so you can enjoy this view. we're tracking a couple of 50s, low 60s and a little bit of shower activity headed into saturday. i'm going to plan out your weekend, and help you with the weather aspect of it, and then
6:43 am
send it over to mike. >> vianey, you never ruined a view. the san mateo bridge nothing to ruin the view. the earlier disabled vehicles have cleared without disturbance at this point, 6:42. moves nicely over to the peninsula. a great drive time registering toward the beay bridge been. we'll show you the change in store for monday. and back to the breaking news, world closely watching the sudden escalation of tensions in the middle east. u.s. forces killed iran's top military lander xhen ral qasem soleimani. he led the iranian military for more than 20 years. u.s. forces hit him with an air strike on his convoy near the airport in baghdad. state television in iran saying ten people died including a leading member of the shia militia in iraq. the strike is sparking outrage in iran, promises of retaliation some in iraq celebrating. the u.s. embassy is telling american civilians there to leave iraq immediately.
6:44 am
leaders around the world are fearing this could cause a dangerous round of conflict. >> clearly there is a potential military and political fallout from this but we're also talking about the impact this could have on our fuel prices. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in milpitas, within the hour you talked with a price analyst so what's the outlook? >> reporter: if you're not aware the price of oil jumped roughly 3.5, 3.6% overnight as a result of this strike on that iranian general. i did speak with patrick dehahn a grass price analyst with if he believes'oil price stays where it's at we could see the price of gasoline at the pumps behind us increase by anywhere from three to seven cents a gallon. dehahn believes this depends on how iran responds to last night's air strike. if iran were to escalate that would not be good for gas
6:45 am
prices. if iran does not respond within the next few days, dehahn believes the price of oil could come back down with minimal impact to prices at the pump. the price of oil did surge by almost 4% at one point overnight right now 3.5%, 3.6% up, after it was as now announced the u.s. killed the iranian general, which then puts the price of a barrel of oil at just under $69. that's the highest price since september, when iran attacked oil facilities in saudi arabia. that military strike sent our gas prices here up 25 to 30 cents a gallon. prices have since come down. according to aaaa the average price for a gallon of gas in san jose is now $3.50. oakland just under $3.60, sf $3.65. reporting live in milpitas, bob redell, "today in the bay." seven suspects are accused in a backyard shooting that
6:46 am
killed four people. gathered to watch a sunday night football game back in november. police arrested the suspects earlier this week. they say they're part of a gang and that the shooting was retaliation but investigators believe the victims may have been mistakenly targeted. stockton economic leaders released the results of a uniform basic income testing. project leaders there is a a baseline wage has removed financial stresses and improved people's health. we'll continue to watch that as well. developing news this morning out of southern california, where authorities are looking at surveillance video to see what they think shows a vandal in the act at a business in west hollywood, spraying anti-semitic graffiti. other businesses two blocks away
6:47 am
targeted on new year's eve. this is the latest incident to stir up fears about new and rising anti-semitism. one neighborhood rabbi was among many showing support for the business owners. >> this is our way of showing solidarity with our fellow neighbors. >> when i saw the jewish star on the window, it took something out of me. it was just like, it's 2020, and that kind of hurt. >> this vandalism follows another vandalism attack targeting a synagogue a few miles away. police later arrested the suspect in that case. trending this morning, coachella line-up is out. headlining the event is rage against the machine. travis scott and frank ocean, other big names performing big sean, lana del rey and calvin harris. weekend one of the festival runs through april 10th through the 12th, the weekend two runs from the 17th to the 19th. register for early access but weekend one already sold out. one of the reasons i know vianey was not impressed, i knew who all those people were. >> wait, i do like frank ocean, though. ♪ a tornado flew around
6:48 am
>> billy ocean? that's the guy i know. '80s. "caribbean queen." >> travis scott, you know him. >> of course. >> rage against the machine though i think it's powerful. >> that's true, but still mi missbyian smis miss beyonce. >> my goodness. >> there is a middle aged comment. >> refunds to go to coachella, mike, i don't know if you knew that. >> mike you've got that exam coming up. >> i do. >> ay-yi-yi. >> coming up, too, i'm sure. i want to know what their line-up will be. i want to ask them what their ideal coachella line-up will be. >> it involves a real bathroom, not a port-a-potty. >> kris, you're bougie. you stayed at a hotel, not a camp site. you went out all.
6:49 am
we have the fog rolling in, a view of what's supposed to be walnut creek but carl the fog said i'm making my way in and going to slow things down in some areas including concord. down to about a quarter of a mile, with visibility, playing it safe, napa three miles, santa rosa five miles. the contra costa area seeing more fog. meanwhile you have other areas like this one of downtown san jose, where you can see the sun, a little bit of cloud cover here and there, but we will remain dry. so dry conditions today, it will be calm, it's a little chillier right now in napa, 37 degrees. san jose 42 as you head out the door, and then i think you'll be able to shed some of the jackets. let's take you on a tour of the bay area. here your daytime highs for today, 66 degrees, in san jose, look at in through the east bay, 61 degrees in oakland, in through walnut creek, 62 and then we've got some mid-60s down through pleasanton 65. if you're hanging out around the peninsula, it won't be as breezy, those waves have significantly calmed down around the coastline but even then always play it safe along the
6:50 am
coast. 60 degrees in redwood city. san mateo 61. in through the city, 61 degrees at mission and up through the north bay, 59 in novato. 61 in santa rosa, and our next chance of rain is already starting to creep in, but satellite radar right now showcasing how far north that rain is. as far as the time line of this storm, we're tracking it moving in right around 11:00 p.m., mainly for santa rosa, san rafael, san francisco, might get areas of drizzle and trickles in between 12:00 and 5:00. by 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. it falls apart leaving behind a trail of a lot of cloud cover for the first half of our morning. as far as the timing of this, spotty showers between 3:00 and 8:00 a.m., rain totals so far less than a tenth of an inch and the sunday sun dominates yet again, high of 62. mike? >> i thought you were going to talk about the sun dial, again, getting back to my generation. over here traffic flows very smoothly, green, this is great. this is the vacation or the end of the year slide we talk about. but traffic will restore back to, well much more flow on
6:51 am
monday. we're looking at a smooth drive right now and waze anticipates all morning we're going to be under an hour from concord over toward the bay bridge. but this morning there may be a change actually unanticipated by waze. this factor will be an issue as you continue the travel time but the fog is a factor right now. a couple ofiness departments, minor crash concord southbound 242 off of highway 4 and the second crash at southbound 680 just approaching that merge with 242. now those two are off to the shoulder again, but with fog in the area, that may be an issue. fog registering on our road weather index and as vianey has been showing you, we can't see 680 clearly from our camera, which is closer toward the split with highway 24, so that is an issue, as you get down toward this area right here, look at the maps, contra costa county, cameras here, crashes are up there, but watch this entire corridor and highway 4 from antioch toward the bay bridge. the bay bridge this morning just completely clear, why concord toward san francisco and the
6:52 am
ferry building we'll hold steady just over an hour. on monday looking at 30 to 40 minutes of more travel time at about the same time in the morning. back to you. >> all right, thank you, mike. happening now, indonesia's capital jakarta is facing the worst floods in its history. monsoonal rains and rising rivers submerged nearly 200 neighborhoods there. rescue crews say that more than 40 people have died. they expect to find more bodies, though, once the water levels subside. next we'll have a quick look at the top stories, following a deadly attack at a church in texas. a bay area city is stepping up patrols near places of worship this weekend. plus a police crash comes to a deadly end in a north bay town. the violent way that investigators say this all started. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:53 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> san francisco leaders reportedly hoping to get a green light from sacramento to boost the low income housing. "the examiner" says redevelopment agency members want to use property tax revenues to fund 6,000 new housing units offered as below market rates. the plan involves issuing new bonds funded through the revenues. former governor jerry brown vetoed similar legislation five years ago. happening now, police on the peninsula are stepping up patrols after recent attacks
6:56 am
that places the warship here and around the country. last week someone opened fire in a church in texas, killing three people, and then over the weekend someone vandalized a black church in palo alto. the vandals spray painted incoherent mess nages on bathro doors and walls of the university of styeon church. palo alto police officers are regularly patrolling churches, synagogues and temples. this morning a man is dead following a high speed police chase in the north bay that ended on sir francis drake drive in greenbray last night. chp spotted a man hitting cars with a tire iron in san rafael, and that's when the chase started. they followed him to greenbray, where he ran a red light. he was t-boned by a white pickup truck and hit a light pole and that's how he died at the scene. the officer and the driver of the white pickup truck were not hurt. in san francisco, a bicyclist is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, following a crash in the richmond district, this happened
6:57 am
at 43rd and fulton last night. police say the driver of the car involved stayed at the scene, and is cooperating with the investigation. you may remember we first showed you this dash cam video showing a car going off the edge at gray whale cove. it goes from the left of your screen to the right and then into the water. chp rescue crews have been looking for this car in the air, by land and by sea. they say the weather is just too bad, so they have suspended the search. for now, investigators are going to keep checking missing people and vehicle reports. >> 6:57. the vta is working to make leadership changes as it faces some public criticism as "palo alto online" reports the transit agency's board was given low marks from 70% of riders in a recent performance survey. a recent civil grand jury report also blamed poor board leadership for causing the vta to become one of the most inefficient transit agencies in the country. now directors are looking at the results of an independent review to try to make some improvements. perhaps encouraging board
6:58 am
members to miss fewer board meetings and also changing the way the system appoints directors. new year, bringing new and tighter building codes to palo alto, including more reliance on electricity, less reliance on natural gas for new construction projects and tighter demolition requirements. 49ers have eight days to rest up and get ready for their first playoff game of the season. they don't know who they're going to play. >> now we may get a boost, though, one key player on defense could come back, the niners yesterday welcomed back kwon alexander. the linebacker tore his left pectoral in october, has been considered long shot to return this season but he's coming back. he hasn't been activated yet but a chance he is going to play when the niners take that field on january 11. you don't know who we're playing but we know where to watch it, nbc bay area. kickoff saturday the 11th, 1:35 p.m.
6:59 am
live pregame and post game coverage from the field, and some vip 49ers guests as well right here on nbc bay area. former san francisco 49ers receiver pierre garcon sold his penthouse in downtown san jose. the two-bedroom penthouse is on the 22nd floor of the access building and went for $1.75 million. it doesn't even have a yard. 11-year nfl veteran garcon was the 49ers roster between 2017 to 2018. he is currently a free agent. >> i heard fancy people living there. >> congratulations for buying that. >> you got me. let's get right to our weather. remember, kris is the bougie one. saturday we get the flight chance of showers but mainly tapers off after about 10:00 a.m. dry sunday ahead. >> mike, fog in contra costa county. >> it will be an issue, concord, walnut creek, our camera 680 southbound disappears before it splits with 24. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay" on the first friday of 2020. we'll be back with more live local news at 7:25.
7:00 am
>> we are keeping careful eye on what is happening in iran, live pictures not from washington, but from iran. we will keep an eye on that. good morning, breaking overnight, deadly attack, the u.s. kills iran's top general in a dramatic air strike at baghdad's airport, under direct orders from president trump. this morning, the entire region on edge. iran vowing retaliation amid fears the two nations are on the brink of an all out war. oil prices already skyrocketing. while here at home, democrats call the military action reckless. we'll have the very latest on the fallout, strike and what's next. australia burning, as


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