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tv   Today  NBC  January 3, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> we are keeping careful eye on what is happening in iran, live pictures not from washington, but from iran. we will keep an eye on that. good morning, breaking overnight, deadly attack, the u.s. kills iran's top general in a dramatic air strike at baghdad's airport, under direct orders from president trump. this morning, the entire region on edge. iran vowing retaliation amid fears the two nations are on the brink of an all out war. oil prices already skyrocketing. while here at home, democrats call the military action reckless. we'll have the very latest on the fallout, strike and what's next. australia burning, as hundreds of wildfires rage out
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of control. strong winds set to worsen an already dire situation. a live report just ahead. weekend washout, the first winter storm of 2020 takes aim at ten of millions in the south, midwest and northeast. heavy rain and snow expected. flood watches just issued. al is tracking all of it. those stories plus today exclusive, the husband of a beloved sports reporter killed in a tragic plane crash opens up to honor her legacy. >> she loved fiercely. she loved so much. >> red carpet ready, we've got your guide to sunday's golden globes, hollywood's biggest party of the year. >> and
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escalation of tensions. hoda and lester. >> andrea mitchell starting us off. >> we have nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel with his by phone on the way to the region as we speak. help us to understand soleimani, where he fits in the bigger picture in iran, and how key this is? >> reporter: well, this is very key. i think it is a pivotal moment, and i think it could lead to some form of armed conflict between the united states and iran, an armed conflict that won't look like a conventional war, at least not at first. iran doesn't fight that way. iran generally fights through its proxies, through its allies,
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through militias in iraq, which it has been able to mobilize through hezbollah in lebanon, syria and beyond, and the reason kasim soleimani is so important -- qassem soleimani is so fortunate, he is the general that expanded iran's influence around the world. he was able to take advantage of the u.s. invasion of iraq, to spread iran's influence there. he was able to set up these key relationships to allow iran to have power in the persian gulf. whenever there was a major incident when iran seized a tanker ship or attacked a tanker ship or fired rockets at a saudi oil facility, you could see the finger prints of general qassem soleimani. he was behind all of the secret operations that iran used to expand its influence without s ploy provoking a direct confrontation.
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that was always the goal that iran and soleimani tried to play, find that balance. how far they could push without provoking a direct military response. so now i think iran is in a position they're trying to figure out how to respond. they've been in touch with the shia militias in iraq, the militias that were qasem soleimani. they are mobilizing as we speak. they've been told that they are in a stand by mode awaiting further orders, awaiting a final decision had. >> you describe this long list of offenses that he's committed over the years so that gets back to why now what's this timing about >> well, he was in iraq and this is -- he has shown up at the airport in baghdad that is also a very bold attack when someone is at the airport he was meeting with shia militia leaders there. he was meeting with some of the shia ma
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shia militia that's were involved in seizing the u.s. embassy. he was in a vehicle with one of the top shia militia officials and that vehicle was hit by a drone strike as it was just on the outskirts of the baghdad international airport. he dmcame in. we understood he came in from beirut generally the movements are incredibly secretive they have been very, very good intelligence, obviously, tracking down his movement as he was in a vehicle with one of the iraqi shia militia leaders, he was targeted by a drone strike an amateur video put out by hezbollah to hezbollah television showed a half dozen flashes in the air. there were multiple strikes on this convoy of vehicles which contained the iranian general and the militia leader i think you can expect some kind of response in the region and then we have to also keep in mind that while iran fights by
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proxy, the united states does not. so if iran crosses the threshold, the united states could respond conventionally and then we're off to the races. >> all right richard engel, thank you we want to bring in retired four star navy admiral. he is now an nbc analyst admiral, we're glad you joined us is it a in you day for americans overseas right now is this a more dangerous world we're waking up to >> unfortunately, it is, lester. and just to add a point to my good friend richard's analysis of soleimani we have to begin by saying he is an evil man and a brilliant man. he was the cardinal, he was the machiavelli. we're better for his chess piece come off the chess board but our strategy is going to put a lot of americans at risk
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globally and if i were iranian planner right now, i'd look at three things number one, u.s. navy ships operating in the persian gulf. i think they will be under a lot of scrutiny by iran. i think, number two, our worldwide forces soef so everyone from western afghanistan to the middle east to europe to asia, all of those will be potential targets. finally, lester, we have to be very kber very concerned about a cyber attack they're very capable of a cyber atavenlgt o attack one of the top five in this cyber ability. so unfortunately as you heard in your interview from the minister, they have a lot of instruments, a lot of ways they can respond. they will will respond the united states has to first harden our defenses, lester. but then be prepared for the next step.
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we need to construct a strategy not just a tactic of taking out one individual we need a broader strategy. >> that gets to my question, what is the strategy of the administration as you see it right now? >> unfortunately, i don't see overarching strategy here's what it ought to be it ought to be melding our allies, partners and friends number two, it ought to get the inner agency working together. too often the militapresident is reaching for that military instrument and number three, a strategy to take into account the private sector, the vulnerabilities we're creating here. how do you bring those things together how do you construct a strategic narrative to convince the world that we are strategically. that's not what i'm seeing so far. it's going to be a busy and challenging day for the president as he hopefully tries
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to get the act together. >> troubling times >> there are massive consequences after that u.s. attack labelling it reckless nbc chief white house correspondent hallie jackson with that part of the story. hallie, good morning to you. >> lester, good morning. here in south florida president trump today is retweeting the state department security alerts from travelers in iraq he also sent out that cryptic tweet overnight simply the american flag. members of congress are much more direct in their criticism of the president they're concerned about the strike that killed qasem soleimani. and while some are praising president trump for justified action, some are pledging to push for answers about what will happen next. >> lawmakers demanding more details from the president about the u.s. air strike that killed a top iranian commander in iraq with rising concerns about escalating tensions. flan fla
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nancy pelosi declaring the strike lacked authorization and demanding the trump administration immediately brief lawmakers. releasing a statement warning, tonight's air strike risk provoking further dangerous escalation of violence, adding, the full congress must be immediately briefed on the serious situation and on the next steps that are under consideration for the administration house intelligence committee adding congress didn't authorize an american people don't want a war with iran. all steps must now be taken to protect our forces against the almost inevitable escalation and increased risk several republicans echoing that call for congressional consultation including mitt romney who urged the administration to pursue a coherent strategy and promising to press for additional details. overall, reaction was mostly split down party lines house republican leader tweeting soleimani was a terrorist. president trump and our brave service members reminded iran and the world that we will not
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let it cast against americans go unpunished senator tom cotton tweeting, soleimani got what he richly deserved and all those american soldiers who died by his hand also got what they deserved, justice. on the campaign trail, 2020 democrats slamming the president, senator elizabeth warren calling the move reckless senator bernie sanders warning of dangerous ka lags and former vice president joe biden writing, no american will mourn soleimani's passing but president trump just tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinder box. he owes the american people an explanation of the strategy and plan. >> and senator sanders tweeting he'll do everything to make sure the u.s. doesn't go to war with iran expect sanders and other law makers to insist on details from president trum bp his strategy moving forward when they and the president get back to washington after the holiday break next week the fallout from this strike playing out overseas and here the ahome. lester >> hallie jackson, thank you >> also breaking overnight, one
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of the largest evacuations in australia's hist i ha australia's history is under way. devastating wildfires are about to get even worse. we're heading to the front lines of the fire fight. good morning, janice >> good morning, hoda. the this was already one of the worst wildfire seasons on record with the hot summer barely under way here with fires burning and the weather taking a turn this weekend is shaping up to be the most dangerous yet across southeastern australia this morning, a heat wave and strong winds are fueling a state of emergency with new fires and thousands of people on the run more than 3,000 firefighters including what they can. and they're on the ground. >> the wildfires came through
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here a few days ago. the positions just don't rise. fire officials say the slightest shift in the direction of the weather is devastating but it's contained >> it's along the way. rather than actually towards the road after being stranded on the out of nowhere. >> flames came over the top siege and by plane >> we were about to move in and flying down the hill
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it was very, very dangerous. >> they were able to leave today by the only road out, passed houses r houses ravaged by flames >> authorities expanded the size of the danger zone because of embers that can be whipped up by the wind that can start new fires. they will get out. >> janice, thank you >> imagine having your backs to the fire >> al is here tracking the first winter storm of the new year mr. roker, how is it looking >> we have another 24 hours with this system. especially to the south. there are watches and warnings for the nine million people as this thing moves east. we're looking to day for strong storms that's at least tomorrow, periods of rain in the northeast and then snow will mix in on the backside of the system by sunday it blows off the coast it will end up with a mix of rain and snow in northern new england. heaviest rain will be through
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the lower mississippi river valley two to three inches of rain. and then we make our way up. you'll see snow in the mountains of west virginia and we'll look for 4 to 6 inches from western pennsylvania, new york, into northern new england and airport delays from boston all the way down to atlanta. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds bway. fresh value is just two ninety nine for the six inch oven roasted chicken. seasoned all white meat chicken. raised without antibiotics. fresh value is the two ninety nine six inch veggie delite. with hand cut veggies and freshly baked bread. fresh value is freshly prepared for you. like the new subway sliders. starting at just one eighty nine. there's something for everyone. that's fresh value only from subway. it is 7:19. this is the current view over downtown san jose. we will have a dry friday ahead with a chance of showers moving in but mainly overnight. our temperatures in the 50s and
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60s in the south bay. 66 degrees in morgan hill. 64 for milpitas. in through the east bay, similar conditions as well. 61 degrees in oakland. 64 in danville and 66 degrees in fremont. if you're around the coastline, the waves have calmed down a bit. 61 degrees in san mateo, and 60 in the city. and that's your latest weather, hoda. >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next, our excl test >> killed in a tragic plane crash. >> she loved fiercely. she loved so much. she, it was hard. >> what they are doing to honor her legacy just ahead. >> the former ceo of nissan now a wanted fugitive after a brazen escape in house arrest in japan. did he sneak out hidden in the case of a musical instrument we'll hear the latest, and hear
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♪ what you didn't know was you were surprising ♪ ♪ your father-in-law steve ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. you've been watching nbc news' breaking coverage of a u.s. air strike that killed a top iranian general. we're checking with local police about any additional security measures going into place. we are looking at the impact on local gas prices after crude oil prices spiked overnight. new information from a gas price analyst we talked with this morning believes if the jump in crude oil holds we could see a three to seven-cent increase per gallon in the bay area. also we checked in with the new york stock exchange, the dow industrial is down 250 points.
7:27 am
let's check in with vianey arana, looking at a chance of rain. >> we got a chance of rain and these are the views in the city. great start. it's calm. it's peaceful. our temperatures are in the 30s and 40s now but eventually we will be in the mid-60s through the interior valley. concord 63, predicted high of 66 in san jose. if you're in the city, a high of about 57 degrees, and we will once again see that mix of sun and clouds. as far as the rain goes we're not expecting that to move in until late tonight and there is that system off to our north, not going to be a big storm. it's a weak storm expected to bring a couple of showers between the showers of 3:00 and 8:00 a.m. in san francisco and dries out by the afternoon. mike? >> we're looking over here as we look at the overall green sensor, we have scattered incidents but the most impact to folks is the fog up in contra costa county. a couple other crashes looked like it cleared. eastbound 80 getting away from the bay bridge in toward san pablo a disabled vehicle currently causing the biggest
7:28 am
slowdown because the bay bridge toll plaza does not have the slowdown in your westbound commute direction, there's fog in walnut creek. back to you. >> more local news in a half hour. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. hey everybody. welcome back 7:30 on this friday morning. looky looky get jenna standing by in florida. a big deal today's launch of oprah winfrey's new wellness project 2020 and oprah will chat with jenna in our next half hour right the on the beach in florida. >> what a great location first your 7:30 headlines. we began with breaking news. iran is vowing revenge after u.s. air strike in baghdad that killed iran's top general. qasem soleimani was the commander of iran's elite quds force. the deadly air strike was
7:31 am
ordered by president trump american officials believe soleimani was responsible for the deaths of hundred of american soldiers in the iraq war. >> and inmate whose escaped from a work crew in south carolina 40 years ago has been captured. he was arrested in delaware on trespassing charges. his fingerprints linked him to an escaped inmate case from decadesing he was serving an 18 year sentence for armed robbery when he escaped in 1979. inskrebl story of survival a texas man reported missing 11 days ago has been rescued from the grand canyon he was evacuated from the inner canyon by a national parks service helicopter a day after hikers spotted him along the new hans trebil trail. one of the most difficult trails in the park. he's in good condition and reunited with his family. the first funerals this weekend for victim of the small plane crash in louisiana who
7:32 am
were headed to the peach bowl. among those who died karlie mccord. a young sports reporter. we sat down for an exclusive interview with her husband and parents. >> this is obviously an incredibly painful time for all of the families affected by the tragedy but her family wants to talk to us they say she was a tireless and passionate reporter who touched more lives than they can count >> reporter: carly mccord had many positions, including a profound leadoove of her family. >> she loved fiercely. she loved so much. and she had the biggest heart i've ever seen >> oh my gosh. so pretty. so pretty. >> it is a heart he captured in 2017 when he proposed.
7:33 am
>> i love her. always love her. >> everyone loves a good family football story. >> reporter: she thrived as that reporter on radio, tv and approximate working for several sports teams her parents say more important than any job title was her enduring message >> every day and every year she wanted to reach a new high and new personal best. >> she'd go to her high school, st. michaels of the arc angel and she would go and speak and say you know let me tell you how many times i was rejected. >> reporter: at the very high school, a tribute over night five lives skoalen when this plane crashed into a post office parking lot critically injuring two others the private aircraft headed to the peach bowl in atlanta where steven's father, steven ensminger sr. didn't tell players of his loss until after the game. >> when you dad stayed out and coached and was so emotional on
7:34 am
the side lines, you know wiping away tears during the game what was it like to watch that. >> i would see carley telling him. go coach like, get out there. her presence felt even in the darkest hour her family happily resiting her >> ♪ you can let favorite line from a popular song and then posting the message to her. >> you can let your hair down. ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah we love you carley. >> hearts broken there too and so many tributes sam how else are they going to honor her legacy >> reporter: hoda that's been a scholarship fund established in
7:35 am
her name at her alma mater northwestern state to help people who aspire to a broadcasting lane like carle yarks. t in baton rouge the church seats a thousand or more people. they are not sure that is going to be enough >> sam, thank you so much. >> sounds like quite the woman >> yeah. coming up the mystery surrounding the dramatic escape of niece p's former ceo as he breaks his silence did he flee japan stuffed inside the case of a large musical instrument we'll have the latest after this and active terrain management system. you need the most available driver-assist technology of any vehicle in its class. you need enough cargo space for any adventure. but to be the greatest exploration vehicle of all time, you need all those things... ...inside this thing. the completely redesigned 2020 ford explorer. it's the greatest exploration vehicle of all time.
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coming up on 7:40 with in-depth today this morning the international intrigue surrounding a well known automotive ceo who staged an elaborate escape. >> this is a fascinating story carlos ghosn was accused of financial wrong doing in japan before he slipped out of the country possibly in a musical instrument case and then he pops up in lebanon. nbc's tom costello joins was with details and tom you have met ghosn before. >> i met him in tokyo in 2002. but this morning he's a wanted man with interpol issuing an international fujita ialert after he slipped out of japan in the middle of the night. we don't know who helped him or how they pulled it off exactly but he turned up in lebanon. this morning he's an
7:41 am
international fugitive back home in beirut. and he's fighting back writing in a statement "i have not fled justice i have escaped injustice and political persecution. exactly how he slipped past police in japan and flew halve way around the world to lebanon isn't exactly clear. ghosn isn't saying unconfirmed reports suggest a hollywood style escape, smuggled out of a large musical instrument case after a band performed at his tokyo home and then flying in a private jet from osaka, japan to istanbul turkey and then catching another flight to lebanon. the escape grabbing international media attention with some reports speculating his wife carol and other family members were involved. but on thursday ghosn denied the reports saying in a statement, "aalone arranged for my departure. my family had no role whatsoever."
7:42 am
he had champion ceo and chairman of nissan. i interviewed him cnbc just as he was turning nissan into a global power house. >> how would a guy born in brazil went to school in lebanon and paris end up running a japanese car company? ever wonder how this happened? >> yeah. all the time i wake up and wonder how this happened. >> reporter: but in 2018 ghosn was arrested in japan and accused of financial misconduct. in jail four months and then under house arrest with his trial delayed. ghosn was denied contact with his family international media began questioning the fairness of the japanese legal system. finally sunday night ghosn somehow slipped out of the country, even stunning his japanese attorney. >> this is somebody who will not be silenced. and having spent the last 13 months under house arrest with very limited contact with the outside world, you can bet carlos ghosn will make it clear he believes that he has been,
7:43 am
you know, the victim of rigged justice. >> reporter: so this morning a turkish jet company says one of its employees false fayed records and illegally arranged for its jets to fly ghosn out of japan, where again he's accused of failing to report more than $80 million of his own income. >> i know it is like a movie script tom it's been a number of years since you met him. how did he strike you? >> very nice guy when we met him in tokyo very impressive. speaks five languages. no nons. and very hard charging and the former gm executive says ghosn had developed a god complex in recent years and he believed that his ego contributed to his downfall. >> tom costello, thanks very much i think we're all wait ding to e how this plays out. >> you left a number of places
7:44 am
with a bass. >> all about if bass let's show what's going on and you will see record warmth down south temperatures 11 degrees above average in atlanta 64, 83 in fort myers cape hatteras 72 and along the east coast 44 in boston norfolk 62 86 866 in charleston. 21 in minneapolis by tuesday 31 in chicago. buffalo will be in the mid 30s in boston and temperatures cool there are no concerns for delays out of sfo because this is the current view. we have calm conditions, current temperatures throughout the bay area in the 40s, 50s. we also have some 30s up through rose. napa now at 44 and here is a quick check of what you can expect for today. a high of about 66 in san jose. 58 at half moon bay. 57 for san francisco. 60 degrees in martinez. 61 degrees in oakland and we are
7:45 am
monitoring for a little bit of rain that's expected to move in late overnight no early saturday morning. and that's your weather. >> thank you, al coming up next your guide to sunday's golden globes from the star-studded nominees to host ricky gervais and what you can't and. get ready. buckle up. right after this whatever happens out there today, remember, you have the hilton app. will the hilton app help us pick the starters? great question, no. but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. can the hilton app help us score? you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi. can it help us win? hey, hey! we're all winners with the hilton price match guarantee, alright? man, you guys are adorable! alright, let's go lose this soccer game, come on!
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welcome back everybody celebrity watchers, movie and tv fans rejoice hollywood's award season is upon us. >> kicks off sunday night with the industry's biggest party of the year the golden globes. they are live right here on nbc. and joe fryer is early already on site at the beverly hilton with a preview of things to come. hey joe. >> good morning guys they are setting up the red carpet and transforming this space which will be filled with stars on sunday. this is the party that kicks off award season and this year a familiar face is returning as host. >> hi i'm ricky gervais and i'm hosting the golden globes against. >> for the fifth and apparently final time he'll serve as the audacious ring master for this beloved hollywood circus. >> here is a fun drinking game take a drink every time a celebrity looks like they want to punch me in the face. >> criticized for some of his past jokes
7:50 am
he tells the hollywood roerlt people like the idea of freedom of speech until they hear something they don't like. that doesn't mean i'm going to back down and not say what i want this year he'll be speaking to an audience over a flowing with stars after lo lots of a listers scored nominations >> i'm humbled and so excited to be recognized for this. >> reporter: jennifer lopez, so is eddie murphy for his role in "dole mite is my name". >> my temporary day job. million years later all i got. >> leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt vie for troph, along with jennifer aniston and ree witherspoon. even taylor swift. noticeably absent from the nominee list any female directors
7:51 am
including "little women" director something that could be acknowledged on stage sunday like it was in 2018. >> and here are the all male nominees. >> so who will be on >> hi frank this is jimmy hoffa. >> the irishman a contender for best drama along with joker and marriage story. >> it's official >> reporter: once upon a time in hollywood is favorite for best comedy on the tv side the broadcast networks were totally shut out for the first time ever. >> it's your call. just priorities. >> reporter: leaving cable dramas like hbo ""succession" t compete other other shows. >> i could be gone in a flash if this is imposition. >> meryl streep who earned her 32nd nomination for big little lies hopes to break another record by scoring her ninth globes win on top of the award she received
7:52 am
in 2017 for a lifetime of great work this years demille award will go to tom hanks who is also nominated for playing mr. rogers in a beautiful day in the neighborhood and ellen degenerous is receiving the carol burnett award for her contributions to television but the remaining winners remain a mystery heading into the hollywood's most unpredictable party. >> the meal this year is making headlines. this year it will be all vegan the show wants to raise awareness about sustainabled of course the alcohol will also still be flowing which is what sets the globes apart from most other award shows and leads to some unpredictable moments >> the globes are the most fun of all joe thank you so much. how about that cast? going to be fun to watch sunday night. golden globes sunday night right here on nbc. a full wrap on monday. including savannah has an exclusive interview with tom hanks snaf the first stop on
7:53 am
hope ra winfrey's 2020 vision tour. >> coming up after your local neutralize and especially medicare part d savers. so you probably know making walgreens your preferred pharmacy means up to $5 off on copays and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. because you're smart like that. save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901. i don't make compromises. i want nutrition made just for me. but i also want great taste. so i drink boost for women. new boost women with key nutrients to help support thyroid, bone, hair and skin health. all with great taste. new boost women. all with great taste. upbeat music♪ no cover-up spray here. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors in a flowery fog. but febreze air effects eliminates odors. with a 100% natural propellent. it leaves behind a pleasant scent you'll love. [ deep inhale] freshen up. don't cover up. febreze.
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7:56 am
it is 7:55. plenty of sunshine but we still have some clouds. a live look over downtown san jose right now, we have' got a number of stunning sights throughout the bay area. this is a good one because we're not worried about any delays if you have to head back home from the holidays or you know friends making their arrival, we don't have any areas for concern there, despite us tracking a couple of showers headed into the overnight hours. microclimate highs in san jose 66 degrees. 64 in los gatos. in through the east bay, take a look at oakland, 61 degrees. danville 64. concord 63. along the peninsula 61 degrees in san mateo. upper 50s, low 60s in san francisco and the same conditions up through the north bay, over the next seven days, rain chance late tonight with a couple of sprinkles tomorrow morning. >> we're looking at a lot of fog right now, walnut creek right
7:57 am
near the 24/680 interchange. when you're driving it's not as bad as that camera shot but there is one area that is bad and you'll watch the fog and the slowing toward a crash southbound 680, approaching that 24 merge there into pleasant hill near the pleasant hill exit. it's been there for a while and a slower drive and caution point off the benicia bridge. the rest of contra costa county moves smoothly. the rest of the bay moves smoothly as well. we get up toward the north bay no major concerns and easy drive there. fairfield the earlier crash cleared from west 80 and eastbound 80 also cleared in toward vacaville. back to you. happening now, later today we expect to learn more about a violent attack in dublin that happened on monegan street wednesday night. a woman was shot and killed and a man injured. a man who lives at that place shot his ex-girlfriend and a man with a gun when they forced their way in after he opened the door. the man left the shooting scene and called 911.
7:58 am
march youtoday marin county set up speed signs that show your speed as you go on by.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on today. coming up, breaking overnight. air strike the u.s. kills iran's top general in an attack ordered by the president. this morning the country vowing harsh retaliation. are we on the brink of an all out war? we're live with the latest plus oprah winfrey live. exclusive interview as she kicks off her 2020 wellness tour how she's hoping to ip spear others across the country. >> this tour is for everybody who even thought you wanted a better life in 2020. and royal photographers. how prince harry and meghan
8:01 am
markle helped this couple capture a moment they will never forget "today," friday january 3, 2020. ♪ >> today is nancy's 60th birthday. >> hi to my mom and dad in dallas. >> my dad and brother in tampa ♪ >> happy 2020. >> and happy birthday to kirk today. >> celebrating my high school graduation and my 48th birthday. welcome back to "today" on this friday morning. check out this crowd they have been standing outside in the rain all morning and look like they are having a great time lester holt inside nice and dry with us in for savannah this morning. >> great to be here. pretty exciting morning. jenna is live in fort lauderdale, florida with oprah winfrey this morning terrific >> yes. >> oh my word. oh my word. >> going to be launching her special wellness mission.
8:02 am
>> we can't wait to hear all about that gen nasmt we're going to check with you in a few minutes. but first we do want to get to your news at 8:00. it is a very busy news day iran is threatening harsh retaliation for a u.s. air strike that killed its top general overnight. nbc chief foreign affairs con spoent andrea mitchell that is the latest on how that attack was carried out and intense reaction to it. >> reporter: intense it is today what experts are calling a water shed moment in the 40 year cold war between the u.s. and iran's regime. where many u.s. officials in both political parties glad that a leading iranian military figure is indeed gone. but critics also call it a reckless act that could lead to dangerous reprises and this morning we're now getting our first reaction from president trump tweeting iran never won a war but never lost a negotiation. overnight an american air strike ordered by president trump, killing a top iranian general.
8:03 am
the pentagon confirming a u.s. strike on baghdad international airport in iraq. killing general qasem soleimani, the powerful commander of iran's revolutionary guards elite quds force. president trump tweeting out this image of the american flag overnight. while secretary of state mike pompeo tweeted this video. he says shows some iraqis in baghdad dancing in the streets over soleimani's death pompeo speaking out this morning on fox news. >> we don't seek war with iran but we at the same time are not going stand by and watch the iranians escalate and continue to put american lives at risk. >> reporter: an iconic military leader, soleimani led forces throughout iraq, syria and the middle east responsible for deaths of hundreds in the iraq war, branding him a terrorist. the pentagon called it a decisive u.s. action to protect u.s. personnel abroad adding soleimani was actively developing plans to attack american diplomats and service members in iraq and throughout
8:04 am
the region iran's foreign minister on twitter calling the killing an act of international terrorism and extremely dangerous and a foolish escalation, adding the u.s. bears responsibility for all consequences of its rogue adventurism. in the past the u.s. did credit the generals militias with combatting an american enemy, isis in iraq the air strikes followed a warning thursday from defense secretary mark esper hinting at preemptive action if there were any renewed attacks against u.s. personnel or interests in iraq. >> we have all the capabilities inherent in the united states military to either respond to further attacks or take preemptive action if additional tacks are being prepared. >> reporter: some allies are weighing in this morning united kingdom urging further decline. -- issuing a warning for all americans now to leave iraq immediately following the dramatic escalation of tensions
8:05 am
and iranian government spokesperson warns, "the u.s. has crossed iran's red line. we will teach them a lesson they won't forget." that is a pretty ominous warning. sure is. andrea mitchell. thank you. nbc's chief correspondent joins us by phone. richard, you could argue that iraq is really sitting in the cross-hairs of this situation. you spoke to iraq's president a short time ago what is he saying. >> reporter: i spoke with the president of iraq and he's deeply concerned he is deeply concerned that there will be a war with iran with the united states and that war will largely be playing out in his country in iraq. that it woebn't be a direct war. you are not going to see --. but it will be a proxy war where iran uses ally, shia militias that are very powerful in iraq rieght now and mobilize
8:06 am
those militia can the u.s. will attack those and there could be a cycle of violence and the president of iraq says the situation is too precarious and too fragile that iraq nould shot be condemned to at cycle of violence that we've had to many wars over the last four decades. the president of iraq deeply concerned in the statements to nbc news qasem soleimani is a unique figure a powerful figure. and the reason there is such concern that killing one iranian general could lead to some sort of conflict, conventional or by proxy, is that he was the architect in many ways of iran's foreign policy at least its foreign military policy iran doesn't fight conventional wars it nurtures friends it nurtures those militias in iraq. it supports groups like hezbollah in lebanon supports militias in syria and now the person who was funding, maintaining, supporting, all of
8:07 am
those different militia groups has just been killed in a drone strike at the baghdad airport, a shocking location for something like this, by the united states. and the question now is, how will iran respond? saying the u.s. crossed a red line and will respond. likely will respond using these very same militias but the u.s. doesn't fite a proxy war. and if iran goes too far, the u.s. could respond conventionally and we enter into that cycle of violence and war the president of iraq is warning against. >> thank you. in the meantime entire towns are being evacuated in eastern australia where historic wild fires are expected to get even worse this weekend a new state of emergency was declared overnight winds are picking up the temperatures are expected to climb above 100 degrees tomorrow the roads are gridlocked as tens of thousands are trying to escape the flames.
8:08 am
australia's military is rescuing people trapped on beaches and air lifting supplies to areas that have been cutoff by the fires. let's change gears now that is the news hoda >> you are going like this one so a woman got the best gift ever she was take an birthday selfie with her sister in new york city and suddenly, her daughters and her friends rushed in to join the picture. her sister had flown them into town to surprise her >> oh my god >> that's a great photo of mom right there. lots of tears and hugs can you imagine seeing like your friends, your loved ones from other parts of the country popping up in your selfie? that was a brilliant, well-orchestrated plan. >> great stuff. coming up we have a live exclusive. jenna joins oprah in florida for the kickoff to her new wellness
8:09 am
project. >> look at y'all >> i'm here with oprah and we are living our best life. >> we are living our best life. >> reporter: there are some people that are going to be really excited to meet her coming up next. >> coming up next! >> after the break headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. where's mommy? oh, oh hey sweetie. mother nature is at work, but father nature is here. i'm hungry. let's see. (seal noise) oh, how about some smucker's natural? yess. first ingredient, real strawberries. (wind blowing) mommy's home! ♪ ♪ quitting smoking is freaking,
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8:14 am
. welcome back oprah winfrey is started off the new year by headlining a special project. >> yeah. oprah is in the middle of that mob. it is called "oprah's 2020 vision tour. in partnership with ww the company formally known as weight watchers. what can you expect? jenna is with oprah right now in fort lauderdale, florida hey girl. >> i am lending my best life on the first day of the year. i'm here with a excited crowd. we're pretty excited we're going to hear more from oprah in a minute but first let's take a look at our wellness celebration. >> hi everybody. i have some good news to share i'm going on tour. >> oprah winfrey is hitting the road, heading to nine cities across america as part of
8:15 am
oprah's 2020 vision, your life in focus tour. >> this tour is for everybody who even thought you wanted a better life in 2020. >> reporter: oprah will talk about diet, fitness, mental health, relationships and career strategy and in an arena tour with ww, the company she joined four years ago. and oprah is making it personal. she will share her own wellness journey, the hits and miss, revealing the secrets to her success. and she's bringing locke soalon some of her famous friends like lady gaga dwayne johnson first lady michelle obama and tina fey they will share their own stories and provide u.s. with the tools we need to live our best lives >> okay. so i am here with oprah. it is the first friday of a new decade and you are here right now starting your year this way. >> yes i can't think of a better place to be. normally i'm still on vacation
8:16 am
but i wanted to partner with ww to do whatever we could to inspire the rest of the country to transform their lives this year it is 2020, it is a time to have your vision and focus and to live up to all the dreams that you have made for yourself just like you. big manifester. thi >> i manifested this >> yes and i'm just excited to be able to be able to be a part of this. we have -- >> this is personally for you. you know you have talked with us for decades about. you have, you have talked about it you look in the mirror now and you love what you see. >> yeah i'm not struggling anymore. actually ww helped me to literally stabilize and to use the tools to actually live my best life. get to a weight that i could manage and not going up and down
8:17 am
and up and down and up and down which is the healthiest for me and i actually do believe now that healthy is the new skinny so wherever -- healthy is the new skinny and wherever you are in your weight loss journey fur focusing on mind, body and spirit and making yourself as well and whole as possible, then you are on the right path. that is what this tour is all about. >> to you ever wake up like some of the rest of us with this little whisper that says "i'm not enough?" >> i don't hear the i'm not enough i have the get your butt out of bed. >> that's not a whisper. that's not a whisper so you have gotten over all of the self doubt >> i wouldn't say all of the self doubt but it is the number one thing that all of us what i learned in talking to people over years and years of interviews is it is a common denominator in human experience is wanting to know that we are enough
8:18 am
and i'm here to tell you, that you are. you alone are enough but when you have the support of others you become even more powerful yes. >> so there is no doubt that people are waking up, some people are waking up we're in a viscerally divided country. people are waking up with anxiety. what do you say to people that are worried about the state of where we are >> well i'm also worried about the state of where we are. how can you live in this world and not be but i believe each person has the opportunity to offer the gift of their own higher level of consciousness and you can only heal the world once you are healed yourself >> i love it. >> -- that church back there so i worked very hard on staying awake and conscious myself and doing the things and using the tools, ww is one of those tools, that offer me the opportunity to be the best person i can be. and so for me that starts with some quiet time. so that is why i was up at 5:00 this morning
8:19 am
and it doesn't even -- maybe takes you -- always throws people off they think you have to be doing umm and ah you don't. it really just means stilling yourself getting still yourself that you yourself from the center know your intentions for the day. i'm an intentionally focused person and my word for this year is living with intention and purpose. i got a choir back there yes. and that is what we're trying to inspire other people to do on this tour. >> you know the irony must not be lost on you there were some people that yelled oprah for president back there. you said maybe -- you are not running. you have cesaid it but how -- >> i'm waiting to see who presents themselves as a front runner and whether or not i will then join forces with whom every that is. but right now i'm really focussed on mind, body, spirit having people make themselves
8:20 am
the best that they can be so you can offer that goodness to the world. that is what i'm focused on. >> you are going to travel around this country. you are on the road. going to nine city, starting here in fort lauderdale. there are people that are going to come out and see you in droves >> we have liftoff today this is liftoff. >> for people that are at home and can't make it out, what are three tips for living your best life >> i say start with stillness. start with just even if you are just like in the bathroom in the shower or doing whatever you do. just give yourself a minute. you are worth a minute you are worth a minute and then give yourself two and then give yourself five. okay that's number one stillness, start with centering yourself what do i want is the most important question anybody can ever ask and you are the only person who can answer that. and then have your vision. every -- create the vision and then have every step and move you make move you in the direction of that vision so it is starting with stillness and then asking what do you want and then gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
8:21 am
gratitude is my religion. >> you feel thankful every day off your life. >> oh my gosh. i still am doing i started this in the early nineties telling people to do a gratitude journal. now i have volumes of them. >> -- read her journal >> yes you would yes you would. and it is the little things that actually, like this morning walk and waking up and seeing the sun and having some moments to yourself it is the little things that make for an extraordinary life it is the simple ordinary things that make for extraordinary life. >> so this tour is all about preaching the gospel of health and wellness >> yes. >> what is -- >> it is about living the gospel lots of people can preach. >> but -- yeah. >> -- live thes gospel. >> how do you live it every day. >> it is daily renewal it is not like you make some proclamation and then you can live up to that. it is every day taking little tiny steps towards the big giant step that actually is your life.
8:22 am
like you all know it latina run girls and --. it is every day. it is getting out of bed this is the thing about exercise i still hate it so much. >> do you do it. >> even this morning i was going i hate it so much. but i do it. because i think everybody is waiting to love it yeah you're not going to love it but you do the thing that you need to do to make yourself feel whole and well. >> so this morning did you wake up and work out? >> i did i went to the gym. >> you do it all oprah. >> i was the only person in the gym looking for the key. had to do go downstairs. there was. >> you were there working out. we're going to have so much more with oprah coming up i can't wait she's going to be with us on monday we're going to talk today more about this tour. you are starting with lady gaga. here in fort lauderdale. i think you sing a little shah
8:23 am
la la la ♪ >> shah la la la. ♪ in the shadow >> on the third day of the year. >> now i got you know hoda. >> it's not fair to hoda. >> hoda i have not met you it is going to happen. >> it is >> it is going to happen this year i promise you it is going to happen. >> you just made my year hoda, it is going to happen. >> it is going to happen >> she said it is going to happen hoda. >> that was on the 13th for you. i don't know what day it is going to be. >> she's been waiting for this moment her whole life. we're going make it happen because oprah said so. >> i love that oprah we love you by the way and -- >> that was a taste of what's ahead? we're going to be in for some awesome. >> i took notes. literally. >> that was great. >> church and a concert. >> i'll feeling it already that was awesome. >> i love what she said about
8:24 am
hating exercise. >> that is your takeaway. >> it is who likes it >> no one. good stuff. >> what do you want al that's what oprah wants to know? >> i want to be there when you meet oprah that is what i want. let's show you what we have going on wet weather here in the northeast down to the gulf part of a system pushing up. we're looking at afternoon highs chilly in the plains, 60s out west 70s and 80s through the southeast and texas. flood watches. strong storms through the gulf over walnut creek, this is a live look yiet now but in other parts we're seeing much better conditions. fog and visibility limited in through the tri-valley, concord less than a mile. expect that to clear up by the afternoon. downtown san jose we have a lot of sunshine, daytime highs this afternoon will be in the upper 50s and mid 60s, morgan hill 65, oakland 61, san francisco an, santa rosa 61 and map napa 61.
8:25 am
>> that was awnapa 61. >> w that was awesome. >> okay. we need to go back to jenna and oprah. we need more please. more please. >> reporter: okay. i know well we're about to hit the beach. all of these women came out at 4:00 in the morning to walk with us they didn't know they were meeting oprah. >> no the black girls run. the latina girls run the healthy chicks are all here. >> we're going for a -- >> -- on the beach. >> hoda, she asked should we go to her house or should she come to ours i said come to ours. >> she said, please come to ours. >> oh we'll come to yours. i will do it >> you know it is going happen. >> and also al misses you. roker we love ya >> love you al. >> all right guys thanks. >> reporter: love you guy, see you soon. >> we're going for a walk. >> happy new year, bye.
8:26 am
>> you were having a crummy day that just got erased in that moment. >> just rerun that at 8:30 still ahead, what do you need to give up eating to eat healthy in 2020? good morning, everyone, it's 826, i'm scott mcgrew. oakland police looking for a suspect in connection with the death of a man who chased down thieves to stole his laptop. happened monday morning at a starbucks in montclair where a memorial a growing. someone swiped the man's laptop and he took off after the thieves, he was dragged by a getaway car into another car, he died. police yesterday arrested two suspects.
8:27 am
let's get a check of your traffic with mike. morning, mike. >> checking for traffic, not a whole lot. the green certificate source all around the bay. over here the bay bridge toll plaza not a problem, all morning very clear. not to clear the visibility, contra costa county, concord, watching a crash where there is a trailer blocking part of the willard pass offramp, been there for a while and may be there through 10:00, slowing on the approach because the distraction and the lowered visibility. do be careful out there, scott, it looks a little bit -- well, it looks like that, can't see t back to you. >> that is worth being careful. another local news update coming in a half an hour.
8:28 am
looking to get your business off to a fast start in the new year? it's go time! switch to comcast business and get fast internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network. plus, complete reliability with 4g lte backup. and, cloud-based security to help protect the devices on your network. greenlight your business in 2020 with fast internet and voice for $64.90 per month. switch now and get a $100 prepaid card when you add comcast business securityedge. call today. comcast business. beyond fast.
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8:30 am
8:30 on this friday morning, january 3, 2020. we have such an amazing crowd on the plaza. i think it is time to do our crowd moment and what we decided to do was something that al roker does outhere. we are going to run the crowd. so everybody gets on tv. >> going around the horn. >> ready you with us? three, two, one.
8:31 am
go all the way around >> careful light stand. careful. >> whoa. >> oh yeah. >> all the way around. come on. >> hey there good to see you. >> hi guys >> hey now >> hi. we got a little further to go. come on, y'all we did it. >> all right we made it >> all right. >> everybody in. how we feeling >> feeling good. >> wow i feel great. >> let's go down the other way >> let's no. coming up a former teacher who's found a way to build confidence in young people by getting thole put down that you are devices and pick up a spatula. >> plus if you resolved to travel more in 2020. don't two anywhere
8:32 am
we're art about to reveal the years top get aways including spots you might not expect. >> and our good buddy david zinczenko is here to help you make better choices. and first, here is a check of the weather. weather is brought to you by verizon. the network more people rely on. o weekend ahead. we start off with tomorrow it is going to be a wet one and messy in the northeast with snow and rain january thaw in the midsection of the country sunday, rain and snow move into the northwest drying out the southeast. and we're going to be dry for the majority of your friday before rain moves in overnight. microclimate highs 57 in san
8:33 am
francisco, 66 in the san jose area. in through the interior valleys mid 60s, mild conditions. monitoring in satellite radar, we have a system off to our north that's going to bring the chance of seeing very late rain, joe every night into early saturday morning with a couple sprinkles expected for servais and inland areas. that's your latest weather. we've got big playoff action on nbc. best night of the week, sunday night football. we've got two birds of prey, seahawks playing the seahawks and the eagles. lincoln financial field, philadelphia breezy cold. 38 degrees windchills in the upper 20s. they want to clean their claws on sunday night football night, wild card in america all right. we want to introduce you to a
8:34 am
former teach who are found a way students learned about life outside the classroom. >> it all started inside the kitchen. natal natalie morales has the stories for us >> reporter: these kids are cooking up a lot more than hot chocolate cup cakes and minestrone soup. that's because in this kitchen each recipe comes with a side of independence. >> i see the kitchen as this great equalizer. kids of all ages and abilities can come together and do something that fills them up with pride sfwl you started off as a teacher. >> i was a middle school social studies teacher, teaching cooking on the side across los angeles and different public and private schools. >> reporter: six years ago samantha barnes left her job as the teach tore start cooking radish easy to follow recipes, to kitchen supplies and culinary activities
8:35 am
it is a passion, barnes say, that was baked into her. growing up at her mother's cook ware shop, where she saw firsthand all the ways food can bring people together. >> i think my background as an educator really allowed me to discover that in the kitchen you can teach math, you can teach science. but then i also think that the kitchen gives kids confidence. they get to feel that success and that pride >> reporter: and that prooid is catching on with other services. >> christopher, do you think you can handle the soup by yourself? i'll come help you i'll be your sous chef. >> lot of studies show kids benefit as well by sitting down at the dinner table and having conversation with their parents right? >> it makes a big difference kids tend to be healthier. they tend to score better in school >> reporter: in fact when it comes to cooking and kids the benefits go beyond the plate, improving hand/eye coordination,
8:36 am
fine motor skills and sequencing the 13-year-old caleb who was born with down syndrome, it's helped build his confidence. >> i think its really helped him grow in his independence in the condition. >> he gets to follow a list. he gets to follow a recipe. >> reporter: for marissa brown's 7-year-old daughter its changed the way she eats. >> chicken and peas and carrots and a sauce in a pie all mixed together when previously any two foods on the same plate would have been a know. >> i just watched ratatouille the other day for like the hundredth timenk my hope is but i love that chef gustoeau said everyone can cook >> reporter: what is your hope for radish. >> the hope is we get kids off screens and not trying to get them to be restauranteurs and future chef. it is really giving them the skills they can go off and the
8:37 am
rest of their lives. >> reporter: and "today," natalie morales, los angeles. >> such a good idea. >> yeah. >> and they love what they made. just ahead if you are open to travel more in the new year, we got you covered five top destinations for 2020 and some of these may surprise you but first this is "today" on trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear
8:38 am
mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:39 am
and we're back with "today" travel if one of your new year's resolutions is travel more, listen up and get ready to pack your bags. >> contributing editor here with five destinations to add to our list in 2020 good to see you. >> you too. >> here in the united states a perfect place right now to visit here. >> i was going to say if you need a vacation from your vacation you are allowed that too i'm going to send you to santa
8:40 am
fe incredibly artie culture town. this time of year you will see the programs more than 200 artists producing their stuff in the equalrgaller, hotels browse around town and skiing 40 something degrees nice sweater and. >> take us to south michigan. >> i think this is a little secret the mid west tries to keep from the rest of us when i lived in chicago it was one of my favorite places. it is one of the cutest parts of america. a bit like a new england town right on the coast those cute little -- again look at the beaches. and michigan has incredible agriculture. fruits, grapes so you are seeing. >> wineries. >> wineries. locally produced wine. high end produce and lovely glamping what's glamping? glamorous camping. >> love that.
8:41 am
>> one of our favorites. nashville. >> i'll just sit here. you can do this. you were there in the fall you have been there all the time what to you love about nashville. >> i like that it is a small town but it has everything great music, great arts. >> great food. >> it's got terrific food. it really hits every point. >> nashville has some great restaurants. this year the african american music museum is opening on broadway which i think adds another strand to the music city history. really interactive music you can record tracks and download them. really clever. great fun. >> and places like the bluebird you can go and watch everything. you can go on and on. >> if you like music you have got to go there. >> yes this is a surprising one guyana you say a good spot to go overseas. >> a wonderful plays to go on the map it is just in the northern part of south america but i would encourage you to think of it really as a bonus caribbean country. culturally it is much more
8:42 am
connected to place likes trinidad & tobago. beautiful beaches. and really diverse ethnic heritage so brilliant chinese food and look at that waterfall. >> crazy. >> one of the tallest single drop waterfalls in the world you have beach and amazon rain forest, lots of new direct flights from new york. way more accessible. >> and how about the price point? >> it is very affordable all of these destinations we're suggesting very affordable you can go there on a family vacation and you are not going to spend more than 200 bucks a night. >> the waterfall was a based on the move "up" at the beginning. >> i didn't know that. i know that --ly look that up. >> that is right'. and full-ti finally, one that is interesting, the canadian arctic. >> this is really -- sustainability is on everyone's mind at the moment in every area of our lives, including travel the canadian arctic is a great place to see the impact of climate change the ice is melting faster than other places
8:43 am
it also helps us remind why we should behave better and be sustainable. and the northwest passage which was incredibly hard to navigate. dangerous for early ships. it is more navigable now take a moment and see the natural beauty >> it is gorgeous, thank you mark up next tips to avoid the often shocking amounts of fat, sugar and salt in restaurant food dave zinczenko here with what you need to know but first this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back now, 8:45 with our good pal dave zi 8:45 with our good pal dave zinczenko. been more than a decade since he created "eat this, not that" series over the years he's joined us on "today" to showcase the calorie counts that is you with savannah back in the day i was around at the beginning of this too. >> yeah. it all started here a dozen years ago. >> wait.
8:46 am
who are those two people who are you? >> there we are. >> you look exactly the same all right. so let's get started through this take us to dennys and give us a breakfast people enjoy. >> great you start your breakfast and what you have right here is a cinnamon roll pancake breakfast this is going roll right over your new year's resolution 1800 calories and a what happening 600 grams of sugar that is almost a week's worth of recommended sugar. the calorie equivalent of nine glazed doughnuts right here. >> if you would like a better option than this. >> at dennys you can build your own grand slam pancakes turkey bacon two sunny side up eggs and seasonal fruit and you are going to wind up saving 1,150 calories fsmts you do that twice a month you are going to lose six and a half pounds over the course of a year.
8:47 am
>> and that breakfast looks hardy and delicious. >> and it is that is what it is all about the smarter swap because food manufacturers don't want to let you know what's lurking in the food. the calories, fat, sodium, sugar. so we basically reveal the better choices. >> take us to the chcheesecake >> this factory is making a lot of calorie bombs so you have to watch out. the get chiny alfredo. fettuccine al frafredo. this is 1700 calories. the equivalent of three big maces. >> this little bowl? >> that little bowl of fettuccine alfredo. >> is three big maces? >> yeah. so when you are at cheesecake factory, the much better choice is the gluten free soft chicken tacos which are only 500 calories you save 1200 calories which over the course of a year is 7 pounds so you have already lost 13 pounds.
8:48 am
>> and half way down the table. >> just making a better choice still eat the favorite foods pizza, pasta, burgers ice cream but you are losing the pounds without the calorie counting and the rest so that is 1950 calories the fat equivalent of a pie and a half as an appetizer. >> that is nuts. >> so when you are at outback. head to the sea. if you want something fried. and get the gold coast coconut shrimp again you are going to save, you know, a ton of calories. 1600, which over the course of a year twice a month is nine pounds. >> okay. i feel skinnier. >> okay. now we're at tgi fridays, trying to make sure it doesn't turn into regret saturday and these are the sizzling street noodles
8:49 am
the problem is it is 1,500 calories and a whopping 7,000 milligrams of sodium so like four days worth of sodium this is the equivalent of all of these. >> holy moly. >> basically 15 bag of pretzels. so make the smarter choice salmon on rice with broccoli and talking about 900 calories and saving 4600 milligrams or more than two days of sodium by making the the smarter choice. >> incredible. >> eat this not that >> dessert time? >> all right now. we're at pf changes and this is the great wall of chocolate. mr. chang, tear down this wall this thing is. >> that looks good. >> is just a whopping, oh my god. get ready for it 1700 calories and it is 190 grams of sugar it is the sugar equivalent of an
8:50 am
entire carton of chocolate ice cream. 12 scoops of it. >> this is so depressing >> when you are at p.f. changs get the vietnamese chocolate lava cake. >> that is really good today. >> and you are saving 120 grams of suge and if you make the swap twice a month for a year you end up losing five founds. so you are over thirty pounds, twice a month making the smarter choice. >> easy. >> eat this not that >> that is that was really good. we reached out to the restaurants featured they each said their menus are expansive and offer a variety of healthy choices for customers, which you found and lower calorie options. so we're back in a moment. nice to see you again dave this is "today" onbc n
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back. we have some exciting news the "today" family just got
8:53 am
bigger >> yes. >> dylan had her little baby little olly. >> look at him >> oliver george fichera was born yesterday 7 pounds 2 ounces. >> the picture melts my hard. >> i see calvin beaming. mama and baby doing so well. look at that shot. these are gorgeous pictures. >> he's perfect. >> my other favorite shot again is the calvin react. >> that was terrific. >> amazing picture. >> he was just born during our third hour of today. at 9:13. >> right >> dylan is going to call in on the third hour. >> is it and more to celebrate now you have some birthdays. let's cue those smuckers jars meet some sweet folks. first a happy 100th birthday to ida jones of st. louis, mo love that hat. her longevity. plenty of sweet potatoes
8:54 am
glen snyder separating 100 years. a denver broncos fan from highlands ranch, colorado. served the country in world war ii and we salute you sir happy 100th to william hagen from north carolina. he says the secret to longevity is staying active. lorrain jacobs of brown deer, wisconsin is 100 loves spending time with her four grand kids and 12 great grand kids louis david from california, a talented musician celebrating 101 years. played live ukulele well into his nineties going to be teaming one lester and last but not least happy 100th to james and jennings watkins identical twins from fayetteville george. james says exercise for longevity. jennings says it's scotch. love it. that's perfect. >> you and louis davis. >> we could do it. >> i like that
8:55 am
>> assuming i'm not carrying someone in my bass days. >> well again we're going to talk -- coming up on the third hour and david alan grier stops by to tell us about his return to broadway. >> and fourth hour some consumer reports tips get results when you try to call customer service and get put on hold we're going to try to cut through all that. >> the wait time 48 minutes. >> first a look at your local news
8:56 am
good morning, everyone, 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. you've been watching the breaking news coverage of that u.s. air strike that killed a top iranian general. at home we're checking in with local police an transportation agencies about how they're increasing security. also we're taking look at the impact of local gas prices after crude oil spiked overnight.
8:57 am
new information from patrick de haan, he believes this jump in crude oil will hold so we could see a 3 to 7 cent increase per gallon. patrick, a fuel specialist. happening now later today we're about a learn more about a violent attack in dublin, happened on monahan street wednesday night. one whom shot and killed, a man injured, police say the man who lives there shot his ex-girlfriend and the man that she was with. but he told police it was self-defense, he says his ex-girlfriend and the other man pointed a gun at him and tried to rob him in his home, that man left after the shooting and call 911. marin county taking an aim at speeding drivers they put up electronic speed signs they show your speed as you go by. watch out for those. of course, we will have more local weather, that's coming up in an hour and everything is available at
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." good morning, everybody. welcome to the "3rd hour of today." i'm al here with sheinelle, and jill. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. >> craig of course is off and dylan is recovering. >> recovering? >> well, recuperating. >> there's we go. >> is enjoying. she and her husband brian welcomed baby oliver george yesterday. fittingly, delivering during our show. and we're going to talk with dylan. she's on the phone. she's standing by. we're going to talk.


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