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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 6, 2020 3:00am-3:29am PST

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it's monday, january 6th and president trump is ramping up the rhetoric against iran with late-night comments upon his arriving back in washington. this as the funeral of general soleimani is taking place today in iran. this morning we also know more about the americans killed in an attack at a key military base in kenya by the people andists from the al shabaab terrorist group. and a crash on the pennsylvania turn bike involving a tour bus, three tractor-traile car. frightening new number out on just how devastating the flu is this season >> and it was one very wild,
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wild card weekend in thegoing. "early today" starts right now >> good morning to you on this monday i'm cori coffin. and i'm frances rivera >> we begin with breaking news and the growing tension between america and iran president trump while speaking to reporters aboard airforce one, doubled down on threats to attack cultural sites if iran retaliates for the targeted killing of one of its top generals the president also responded after the iraqi parliament voted to expel u.s. troops from the country. mr. trump vowed to issue sanctions if u.s. soldiers are forced to leave. meanwhile, the house is back in session this week, and speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying a vote will be held on a war powers resolution to limit the president's military actions regarding iran mike pompeo on every network morning show defending the airstrike that killed iran's top military leader, general qasem
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soleimani. >> he was working on plots that were aimed directly at not just in iraq and president trump made the decision this was the time to stop this reign of terror. >> reporter: president trump tweeting a stark warning to iranian leaders saying if they retaliate, the u.s. has targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago [ chanting ] >> reporter: that led to members of iran's parliament to chant "death to america" as thousands of iranians marched in a funeral procession for soleimani iraq's parliament has called for all u.s. troops, over 5,000, to leave that country as the pentagon deploys an additional 3,200 to the region. >> the claim of an imminent threat they have not supported, and what we do know is this dramatic escalation is now d lawmakers are concerned about
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what comes next. >> what do we know iran has in its range of retaliations, and how are we going to prepare for them >> reporter: the president facing criticism from home for not informing the entire so-called gang of eight before ordering the strike. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington just a few hours ago in iran, thousands of people poured into the streets for a procession ahead of the main funeral service for general qasem soleimani. three days of mourning were declared there by the country's supreme leader chris, outline this for us, the latest fallout that we are seeing >> reporter: well, good morning, cori it has been tumultuous, to say the least. iran has named a successor to iran who wasted no time in declaring that iran would avenge his death. now this comes as iran made an
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announcement that it would not live up to the limits outlined in the iran nuclear deal that's the deal that was agreed in 2015 during the obama administration in which it agreed to checks on its nuclear ambitions. however, the trump administration long derided that fremont a agreement and pulled out in 2018 there were other countries in that deal. however, iran is saying that it will no longer live up to those limits meanwhile in iraq, the parliament there voted on a provisional agreement to expel u.s. troops from the area. now, this comes as a major blow to u.s. influence in the region. and, effectively, what it achieved what soleimani could never achieve in his lifetime, a rather ironic development that this is something that iran had always pushed for.
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they could never achieve it during soleimani'srati removing taking him out in that drone strike, they may have achieved that wish for him in his death cori >> all right, chris, reporting for us in beirutu for us this morning. an american servicemember and two department of defense contractors were killed during a terrorist attack in kenya. al shabaab tried to breach security leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. this is the group's first attack against u.s. forces. leaders of the group say the assault has nothing to do with the current situation in the middle east. and we're also learning more about one of the victims in this attack, u.s. army specialist henry mayfield jr. was from the suburb of hazlecrest in chicago. he joined the army> lanes of a turnpike openeter five lives
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were claimed and 50 others were hurt ithappened in westmoreland county near pittsburg. the bus hit an embankment and rolled over. it was also hit by two tractor-trailers traveling behind it and a third tractor-trailer as well as a car then collided with that crash. two of the deceased were identified as ups drivers. and authorities say those injured range in age from 7 to 67 years old most of them suffering nonlife-threatening injuries but two patients are am in critical condition more head winds this morning for boeing's troubled 737 max. four sources told the "new york times" the planemaker has uncovered a wiring issue that could cause a short circuit and potentially lead to a crash. the company and the faa are reportedly reviewing whether who bundles of wiring near the plane's tail were too close together if the problem does require a
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fix, it could push back the return of the max even further the plane was ground last year after a pair of deadly crashes caused by a software issue once upon a time at the golden globes, quentin tarantino's retro period piece claimed more awards than any other film the tour won best screenplay, and brad pitt also scored for his supporting role. >> still, i would have shared the raft >> honestly, i think we all feel that way but the emotional moment came when tom hanks was awarded the cecil b.demille award here >> a man is -- a man is blessed with the family sitting down front like that
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>> i get choked up listening to it he was choked up thanking his family for their support surelye golden moments good morning >> reporter: hi there, frances and cori the night began with netflix looking to dominate both the film and tv categories with 34 total nominations. but in the end the big wins went to a good mix of epic and bioptic films as well as hbo "1917. >> reporter: winning best drama and best director for sam mendes >> there's not director in the world that is not in the shadow of >> reporter: the irishman had five nominations but was shut out. and "marriage story" only one supporting actress for laura dern best actress in a drama went to
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judy's renee zellweger and best actorr director todd phillips >> i'm such a pain in the [ bleep ]. i cannot believe you put up with me >> "once upon a time in hollywood! >> it was a big night for quentin tarantino. >> i wanted to bring my mom but i couldn't because any woman i stand next to, they say i'm dating [ laughter ] it would just be awkward >> best actor in a musical or comedy who played elton john in "rocket man. and the music legend won best original song with bernie toppin >> the first time i've ever won an award with him, ever. >> reporter: another first-time winner "aquafina." >> if i fall upon hard times i can sell this. >> then television hbo's
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"succession. and best actress for phoebe waller bridge. >> this is really heavy and cool >> reporter: also lifetime achievement award for both ellen degeneres and tom hanks adding laughter and emotion to hollywood's golden night all the guests were served a vegan menu the decision to go all plant-based foods according to the organizers was to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of meat production in beverly hills, jinah kim. >> so much to take in. >> i know, what a night, right >> all the gowns and who wore what >> and all the side comments from ricky gervais which were trending let's get a check of our monday weather good morning >> good morning. we have a big storm system that's brewing we have lake effect snow that's hitting every lake and making its way into western new york. now we are seeing some accumulation it's on the light side, but it
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will continue as this machine continues to rev up. snow accumulation will remain about an inch for buffal the highero. ohio valley this afternoon with daytime highs in columbus, 42. >> watching another storm system that's brewing for the carolinas. i will show you that coming up >> thank you, janessa. buckle up because we are in for an epic round of nfl division playoffs next weekend the seahawks and eagles capping off a truly wild, wildcard weekend. a hard hit knocked quarterback carson wentz out of the game >> it was all seahawks from
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there. they win it 17-9 now to the big easy for the saints/vikings showdown. new orleans alvin kamara barrelling down the first touchdown of the game. the vikings fought back, and they did hold the lead until the last few seconds when a 49-yarder from the saints made it into overtime the divisional round kickoff -- i should say divisional round kicks off on saturday with the vikings taking on the 49ers at 4:35 eastern right here on nbc it is titans/ravens after that on sunday. and then on sunday the houston/texans face the chiefs in the early game followed by seahawks and the packers still ahead, two years after the rise of metoo, harvey weinstein will soon face trial and keeping steve irwin's legacy alive how his family is helping australia amid devastating wildfires.
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leading the news, an evacuati fires sky looks apocalyptic. the has gotten so bad, the an orange hew blanketed. 2,000 homes destroyed and more than 12 million acres charred. on the front lines of wildlife, they are continuing their father's legacy saving over 90,000 animals from those wildfires. just two years after the start of the metoo movement, jury trial selection will begin in the trial of harvey weinstein. and with forcing a sex act on a different woman in 2006. one of his most prominent accusers is planning on attending the trial. rose mcgowan may also attend the 2019-2020 flu season continues to wreak havoc throughout the cryo 45 states,
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and the agency released new data reporting that at least 6.4 million people have caught the flu. 55,000 people have had to be hospitalized and nearly 3,000 people have died 27 of those deaths were children there have also been 15 deaths in south carolina, 11 deaths in wisconsin. the cdc says the influenza b strain is appearing most often around the country officials urging anyone who has not gotten their flu shot, it is not too late to get one. buying a car can be an exciting and yet stressful experience to save you some stress consumer insight company jd power has released its annual sales satisfaction index study porsche ranked highest in sales satisfaction for a luxury brand. buick came in first in the mass market category. gmc and mini came in second and third followed by chevrolet. volkswagen rounded out the top five fiat came in last.
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people keep telling me they know me. >> but i do. >> "star wars: rise of skywalker" won at the box office for a third straight weekend and it's closing in on a billion dollars worldwide. rounding out the top three
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jumanji and little women a daring escape by a former top auto executive facing charges in japan and details on what he may have hidden inside of aboard a private plane. here's nbc's tom costello. >> rte aollywood thriller. former renowned nissan ceo carlos ghosn heln beirut ghosn had been under house arrest in tokyo fog charged in h financial crimes >> he's accused of financial misconduct >> reporter: for days international media have speculated about how he escaped. the "wall street journal" citing sources familiar with a turkish investigation report two american security contractors hid ghosn in a large black box, then loaded it into a private plane. >> there is a large black
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instrument box, a musical instrument box jammed into the back aisle of the airplane, and the box had holes in the bottom for somebody, presumably, mr. ghosn to breathe >> reporter: a private turkish jet company says it's filed a criminal complaint concerning the illegal use of its jet charter services in relation to carlos ghosn's escape toe tracr, flighting through russian airspace and onto turkey a second plane flew to lebanon which has no extradition treaty with japan promising to tell his story to rerts ispoerth week. tom costello, nbc news, washington dust mite droppings! eeeeeww! dead skin cells! gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty dusters. duster extends to three feet to get all that gross stuff gotcha!
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serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options. in today's top stories, another iranian official vows revenge on the united states the general replacing qasem soleimani who was killed by a u.s. airstrike made the comments on iranian state tv saying that sanctions will be taken. these new threats made on thral procession was held for soleimani, and as iran abandoned their remaining limits of the 2015 nuclear agreement overnight president trump spoke with reporters and doubled down
3:26 am
on threats against iranian cultural sites if the country retaliates four people are recovering this morning after being hurt in a plane crash in north carolina. police say that the single-engine plane was carrying three juveniles and one adult when it crashed into a wooded area, and it just left a local airport for a demonstration flight rescue crews say that witnesses reported the plane was flying at a very low speed when it began to do a flat spin before it crashed. all passengers were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries we now take you to a remarkable fire house in georgia where firefighters are breaking new ground >> reporter: in decatur, georgia, you may notice something different. in a field dominated by men, tony washington, morrison and vialanti lead the only fire department in the country where the top three positions are held by women >> i often get questions about, you know, three women workeporr
3:27 am
worked separately. each the only woman in their respective fire house, on the line night after night a tall order, when even your clothes are working against you. >> i was often in hand-me-down clothes or hand-me-down gear, and it was like for a 5'10" male ar that was made for men >> yes >> that gear adds about 45 to 55 pounds to your body weight >> reporter: even heavier, the weight of being first. >> we represent every female firefighter that's out there >> reporter: and theirs is not your typical fire station. fully equipped with a relaxation pod, yoga classes and a sense of camaraderie they say sets it apart. and the community is taking notice just take a recent career day visit. >> chief morrison said can females be firefighters? and the one little girl raised her hand and said, no, but they can be chiefs. >> i think more important is for them to just see that anything
3:28 am
is possible, and as long as i'm here we will continue s >> reporomte blaine alexander >> so a big goal here into 2020 is more of these facilitie unif. >> it is girl power right ther
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president trump. as thousands turn out for the funeral of general sulymany this morning. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein's trial starts this week he faces life in prison finance convicted. free money why one u.s. city is handing out hundreds of dollars a month and the impact it's having on its
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citizens. and the globe awards we've got all thake you e ou


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