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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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it is january 6th now. taking a live lookt( outside. isn't that a gorgeous live look san francisco gorgeous and golden gate bridge. folks headed back to workñiñr after a great holiday break. >>ñr really great holiday break. >> thaqprj right. hopefully you got a littleúsweep in there too.çó well maybe not so m+=ber @r(t&háhp &hc% >> a littleñr bit. >> good to be back. happyñr new yearñrñiñiokwo# as well. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm the one guy notv finished with qñrvacation, i'mv marcusxdqñ2hp'd kari is back at work and will get you out of the door. morning. degreesñi above freezing onceñiñi again. another chilly startñi to thew3çó day for the inland valley. we're atqñiñir
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in sanñr francisco. a live loo+. you head outñia5t( of the door and our temperatures that will start out in the upper 30s and leadñi into sju 50s and sunshine again today. slightly warmer in the south bayçó with a high of 62 degrees. so we'll more about this andñi mike, you'reñi saying we should see some changes this morning. >> we should. right b+ itñi looks like the last couple ofñi weeks. greençó all over theñr place. altamont pass is showing morexd slowing than thisñ last couple of weeks.ñi we're back into work mode outçóçó of break mode. schools returning backt% schoolçór session and a smooth driver for contraçóxd costa. no majorre ñi problems, kari sho ñçó either sideñi of the fast track lanes. and notice this morningxd therer are two cashñiñrçó lanes not yet open so that could contribute to the back-up but the volume we'll the nextñi hour isñr critical to
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determine what we'll see forñi that morning commute guys. back to you. >> ck11 keep checking with you. thank you, mike. 4:32çkoç now. and newññdñi overnightñiñr ynmm9q clara county, did you feelçóñr it?ñiñiñiñr a 3.0 earthquake waking upçó people inñr gilroyñr overnight. just beforeñhr 2:00 it this m take a look at this mapñr showing who likely experienced thatw3 no reports of damage or t-pinjuries. and just last wednesdayñrjf not too far from thereçóñi a 3.9 earthquake struck close toçó morgan hill. developing thisñr mow fillingçó the streetsw3 ofñr tehranñrñi inu the funeralu general quasem soleimani. u.s.ñr forces killed himñi last week in a drone strikeñi i while iraoó against the united states, theñr white house is defendingñr theñr strike that took out a top military leader. >> americans wondersñiñi what rldiran's /
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@r(t&háhp &hc% required by u.s. law and askinhóligenñrpresident's decision. >> the claim of ane1 imminet çó threat, they have not supported. and whatñi we do know is thiscu(w3 dramatic escalation is putting americans at greater risk. >> there were plots he was directly atñi significant harm to american interest throughout the region not just ini] iraq. >> irau where the missile strike took çóplace the parliament has called for all u.s.çóñi troops to leavexdçó the country. >>çóñiñr tht meantimeñi militaryñi!uñiñr bases areñr heightening security due to the risingçó çópendleton in san diegnóñrñi rere %9 security and more i.d. will be tracked and vehicle inspections çó will be will be increased as ñiwell. at 5:00 a.m., a live report from washington onñr how thei] 2020 ressal candidates areñr way -- areçó weighing in on theñiñr tensionsñi beç:ueen united states and iran. naval weapons station in ;pátopardy supposed to be turned
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intoçó 13,000 housing unitsçó andñi office and retail spay butñi lennar brothers, the company preparing to build the ñrhomes said the amountçó ofñrñr union labor wants?; --ñr the moneyñi they want isñi too expensive. the city council willñr decide whether jflenarñiñr is meeting the laborçó agreements. bob redell will have añrñi liveñi reportñi ahead at çó5:30. # yrrñçó it isñió[ñi 4:34 and this morningñrñi w libby schaaf awillñrñr focus onçó crime.i] overall crime went upxd 2019.çó the secondxd straight year that violent crime in oakland has gone up. so city councilxdi] membersw3 looking on strengthening the department of violenceñi prevention. the department was created last year and worksñi with withó[ peopleçó involved in violent crimesçó orñi peopleçów3 also in ñiñioakland, two men willçó appear inñi courtñi for the deathña of a manñrñi outsideñi of añiñi; ofñi stealing çózhang'sçó laptopñr wasçó dragged byñi thieved andqñ
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killed.çóñi there was r memoriaíó outsideñi ofñi f o starbucks where heñr died.c himjfçó gathered toñi shareñi stories. %"t he was a hard working people and american dream. >> the 8 ñinbñrñrñi second-degree ñirobbery mo+m relief for homeowners to constructñiñrñr so-called grannyñrñrçó units. north bayñki firestorm. and san joseñi leaders tomorrow .'11 unit restrictions. ñ"t option toñiçó andñi fromñr= night, each night they will closeçó thefáñrçó posey tubeñi until 5:00ñr a.m. once theñi work is done in the 4zoujut+háubeñi inñr march similar work willqp
4:36 am (áájju( onñrñi "today in the bay," investigation in what went wrong. áe#tiqp plus when samsung plans to unveil the newúsvartphoneñi and the newñi features to expect. and keep an eye on thev mike hasñiñiçó a lookñr at the ñrback-up. it isñiñrñrñizvñi early. 4:36. a lot more ahead. stick around.çóñi
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chilly as you head out of the spóoor. temperatures in the lowñiñ&.háhisñi morning. leading )uz some lowçó 50sçó atñiq 4jsj nice warm-up today. we'll talk about that and some rain chanceslp for tkuñi middle of the week coming ( in less than
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five minutes. >> our camera in san jose shows smooth trafficñi of sanñr that. ñr andçó oo%d morning.ñi headquarters and the businessñi 2dadlines.g tension between theñr u.s. and iran.ymñi prices are are risingñr againçó with crude trading highest levels. they are seeking out safe+ havens during times of unce+épr'ty for things;ore1çó le1çó gold and japan yen and theyjgjt ñi steadier retu) andñrçóñi stocksñr andçó this weekñi factory orders and servicesñr sector andñi consumer credit andñi ÷ou(ed offe1 by the monthly jtiu ñixdçóreport. samsung will have an event in san fw ciscoçóg the day was leaked this weekend. samsung is expected toh< showñiñr off po)%ruñiñrçó çóñrñiçó experiences.
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and little caesars is teaminwr upñi withñ$r door dash on delivery starting today. the third largest superchain-9 has not offeredñi delivery beforeçó now. they will not be listed on the ordered through the littleçó caesar's website app a&, it willçó go through at( doorñi dash driver. pricesxd will be the same as for takeout and the deal comes as pressure from other chains big and small using deliver0/çó appsñrñr such as door?oy dash, grub hub and >> good point. that couldçó hit the pizza industry hard. that is theçó oath thing you could get delivered upñr until now. >> and the pizza is lessçó thanñ p r(tf o what it cost to get it to you. >>ñi littleçó cesar's isñiñiñr ñi see rain in theçóñi middle of the week and weö talk about thatñr aheadñr in the week in the ñrçóñiforecast. >> andç?$p&ready we're seeingqñr 680
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toward q creek and roadsñi'c and rails b.a.r.t.rking lot very calmñi now. we'll show you how things are shaping up for transit and yourçóñi commute but first nbc bay areaymñiñr responds. >> california law givesçóñi contractors to, hike redo your kitchennb zero wiggle room to det a lot of money up front. they could take 10% of theñi cost of theñki job06 orñi $1,000 whichever is less. so if they.'] ask forñi more money, ask9 yourself do you really want to do business with a co willné to break theñiñiñiñrñrñi law. send us your consumert(çóñi complaints atjf 888-996-tips or visit
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a veryñi good morning to you.
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what aññr lovely live lorpká ár"e. this is san francisco from sabñii]çó bruno mountain giving you/e viewñi as if youi]ñi hike there. but you didn't have to do any work. >> we have a big permanentw3 camerañiñi up there. i walked out of the door thisñr morning and i knewñi it would be 3 retçó that is a great way toçó describe it çóit.ñr it is very crisp outxd there.ñi so you're heading out here is a live look outside in san jose. as we see the mostly clear sky. we've also seen liorñw3 patches of 39 in concordñr 35 inñr napa. and 42 in oad< san jose and sanñie1ñi martin. so as you make your way outçó of ^ pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station and back to work and temperatureses in theñr upperñr 30s,çó a lot of sunshine today andçó it is a nice one.çó reaching into the upperçósl 50sñiçó for t up toñrçó 57.
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61ñr4 andñrñi 60 in palo alto. we do seeñr changesçi ahead asçóamáññ!ó go through theçó forecast. but still seeingçó the rain acrossñi the pacific northwest and it has been to theñiñi nor./ but thisñiñiñr will slowlyçóñi start to make its way has been very light andxd it looks like we'l"3 see more of no signific see theçó waves ofçóçó (ïçóñi ¥%9 through. about every two toñr three days. as we g wednesday, into thursday. tenthçó of an inch of rain. soçóçó once againçó nothing significant here butçó we'll also 1ti (qñh.q!%9 rain thisñr saturday and i know it isé@ a big game that we'll be and we'llñr see añra5 chance of showexsñ [emqñieñi atçóñqrñrñitcj kickoff. i'll keeplpt(ñr youñiçó updated butcñiokaw, you
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throughout the week and inñr san f$9%m= 50s and once againñi theñi off-and-on rainñr chances.ñiñiñi heading over toñ ñimike, we h oneñi warning2fpom chp. >> and oneçó mistake. i said this is theu that is not the the toll plaza. this >uji theñi span of the bay bridge.ç-tr(t&háhp &hc% chp didñr warn at aboutñixd 1:30çóñrñi about gus5: táhpnd the camerañr inírññrñr there isçói] noçóñiñiçó weather service advisory justç!ruu)(r'gbhat chp passes alongñi and they are a majorñr sourceñi fo"r traffic reports. so threeçó lanes over here and of the fast trackñi lanes. so that is a buildñi more than we've seenñr for the last fewç?r weeksçów3ñr at thisñi time. 4:48ñi now. a commute returning there. there is a littleñiñi slowing out of the altañiñrñrñiñiñlmonts butñiñr mostñi of contra costa show no problems but the roadway here showhe
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little blipsñi inçó palo alto towardñi redwoodçó city on theçóñr 101 sand we'reñifá watchizzçó for theñiçób overnig&é rew. watch out for th- cones. out ofñi sanñr martin trafficñi will build aroundñiñrñi 6:00 and we'll check thatçó 101 and the speedçó no delays for massñr transit. great options to try. everything back onñi schedule for the workweek and a liveñi look shows youñi alto wi+ ñr thñáñi drive again just might findó[ a little roadñi crew. backñi to you. >> mike thanks. t$mj new pictures -i+erñi açó ferrariñi crashedñi throughçóçójfñr a west hollywood restaurant owned byçó a former real housewife of 6uj lisqrñi ñivanderpump. one person was taken to theñr hospital.ñi was hurt. newçó details in the theft ofçó aontñiñr 20ñ)há(ju authorities in 2añrñi central valley have ññiñ
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scooters onñr hisç?$t)operty.ñrço÷ scooters from lyft lmí and bird all which wereçó dbñ orñiñi dismantled. they trackedñi theñi scootersçó with the help of the gps sy&s9 >ñ)ó giving ujeñi homeless añiçó freshçó start. if someone staysñr anipçóçó shelterçóñi t"t#or 30 days they're criminalenñi fractions will beçóçó reduced.çó it wasçóñi createdçóñi to stabilize people and getñi connected with localñi services. now to decisionñrñi 2020. michael bloomberg is stillñiñr working toñiçóçó winñrñiñi california primary voters. the campaignñi office in riverside. partñi southern california sinceñi ann[x&ore in recentñi p,weeks he's made stops in*= bay areañrt( ajiçó well. wel "today in the bay," a=)ññiñi çómust-see courtside momentçó at the warriors
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game over the weekend. plus=)ññi for theñrñi ñifaithful, theñi fate is now set. how the 49ers areñi gearing upt( for the firstñi ñiñishowdown againstñiñiñiñi the vikings. we'll tell you!u hen it will ñyp r(t&háhé j% happen. and thailandok opening the first full time clinic forñiñr cannabis oil. the country is known( r! harsh anti-drugñi laws. medjf kael treatmentñi forg migraines, insomnia andñiñi nausea. supporters are eyeingñi the economic potential ofñr cannabis.çó a lot more newsçó ahead.ñrñr stickñi around.
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a very good morning to you. taking a peak outside. this timeñi from the east bay near walnut creek this morning. it is a cold start to ourñi day. we'll see whatñr else that the weekñrxdt( has in storeçó ñiweather-wise
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whenñr we check in withé@ kari hall fresh from vacation. >> they have to start withñi beating the vikingsçó this saturday atçó levi. so vikings upsetq theçó new orleans nfc wild card game.e1 this is a nail-biter. vikings won ine1 overtiñeq minnesota is seededñr sixth. resale tickut+xd for the saturday's game startñi addñiçó $200.ñi so i got&jñ an idea watch itñi on yourok bigçó screençó on nbcñi bay area.ñi k-= afternoon. 4jsjtzing toñr be a great weekendlp game. go niners. and this morning, mystery solved when it comes toxd añrñiñiñi popular 49er caught at the warrior's game. georgeñr kittle ke ñrñi looking down. you see himçó waving ité-
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in case you are wondering $100urgeá cf1 o will gete1 youçó 300 tickets. ñrñi on "today in the bay," kari hall isñr tracking ourçó work-week forecast. >> starting out cool and dry but a nice afterno upper m5s to low 60s withok but we'll seeñi rain by the end of the week. we'll talk about that a' forecast comingñr up next. and lookingt(w3 across theñr çóboy, the san matesi bridge moving smooth and showing how traffic buildsçó across theñi bayfá in another spot and what wet( expecfó for the commutelpñi acrossçófáxdxdñi the bay. >> and up in smoke.ñiñi palo alto could use to try to crackdown kñi teens whoçó vape.ñiñk=
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t(ñr we are much cloñ%. edgeacq tensionñi between the u.s. andi]ñr iran. threatsñrç exchanged overnightrwp r(tf o as the seañiçó of iranian mourn th general killed in the u.s.q air strike. ñi andin denseçóñi debateñr one city may useçó toñixdñi crack down onñrñr teenagerq3ñiñi vaping. and añrñi shocking report revealsñi eújumber of homes that arec sittingñi empty rightñi now. rightçó now. and a very good morning to 3ryou. mondayiu6 morning. thanks so much for joiningñiñr us.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'mñrñrñiñiq scott mcgrepçóñi in for marcus washington. coming up añi live report on the bigñiñi winners and moments from the golden gateñr awards. i'm sureñi ricky gervais was a smart alecyuj usual. i didn'tñi stayçóñiñi up. >>ñiñrñiñie óñiñrñi it was earoiétr(t&háhp &hc% you went to bedokñ5açó early. >>çoi earlier than ev. iñiñr evenñ u w3it. all right. we'll get to thatñi in a littleñr bit. rain comin time frame we could see showers and then again for the weekend. - we're starting out wij clear skies. and look in napañi dropping down toñiñr 32 degrees. freezing outñi of the door onceçó again. and then as we get a live look outside, we're going to see in dublin ourçó temperatures in the upperçór $ g 9 we have a lot of sunshine in theñk= forecastñi today. we'll talkñi more about this and what is ahead as the rainñiñi moves in mid-weekñr but right nowñi you'ret looking at a ñidelay on the peninsula. delay causedñr by crews when they start to clear.ñi so this is the slow before the clear or the darkñi before the é%
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9 if iñi getlpq over in ñrkari'sçó 38rr(t&háhp &hc% territory.)o% inñr northboundñrñi 101 at marshñiç(%am up becauseñi the crew at whipple temporaryq and expect this for the next they move in stages soñi you'll tóm5uáp reak here butñrñiñi it is a three-minute to a five-minute "liyip'd thenñi thingsñr clear up. so plan on=/% thatñi forñiñrñi 101.ñi 280 will stayearñiñi of that problem.ñiñr toward the bay bridgei]ñi morelp crowded. different from the vacation so holidayñi over. ! developing now. a live look at capitol hillñ$rñrñi thisñi morning. brakes on theñi president'sq-( actions against iran andhtb:zñrçó including strikqb againstym iranianñi cut" the house will vote onñi a warñiçóçó powers resolution.ñi tracie potts is live inñrçó w
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good morning. >> reportçwkh$i !iñ scott. good morning. and this morning we'reñi watching for theñiñiq funv& ofçóñi generalfá çó soleimani, the top military commanderçóñiçó killed in theñi u.s.ñi drone(sgrike. happ )j thereñie13wñiñi here on capitol hill there week, weñiñi learned aboutñr thisñi overnight, to try>xurt president trump to scale back
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