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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 7, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. ♪ this morning a growing number of u.s. troops are headed to the middle east in the aftermath of the u.s. air strike that killed iran's top general growing calls for revenge from inside tehran we're live in the region. >> just as the rape trial for harvey weinstein about to unfold in new york new sex trials in los angeles. we have the latest. >> congress is back in session in a new development in the next step of the senate impeachment testimony with testimony from john bolton. >> 60 more satellites just did something that not even nasa has
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done yet. >> how would you like to work fewer days a week, one country may have a four-day work week and six-hour work day. we'll tell you where "early today" starts now >> good to be with you this morning. good to be back together again >> good to be back we begin with developing tensions between the united states and iran after the american air strike that killed iran's most powerful general three days of mourning for the military leader coming to a close now as calls increase for u.s. military to leave the region nbcs reporte nbc joreporter joining us with e latest we're seeing tens of thousands to pay tribute to this general. >> that's right. iran is in mourning. today this hometown had a bureaual ceremonyand as you mentioned with tens of thousands, this after formal
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funeral where hundreds of thousands possibly a million people turned out into the streets where we saw supreme leader khamenei crying, sobbing, gnashing of teeth, displays of sorrow we have not often seen in iran it shows a level of reverence for general soleimani. the killing bringing together groups of people to get together throughout the region making it difficult for the united states military to maintain a footprint in the region as the iraqi parliament has voted provisionally to remove u.s. troops from the area
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shocking considering how u.s. has supported iraq military and how much iran always wanted the u.s. military to leave >> all right thanks for the very latest from that very tense area in beirut thank you. meantime president trump continues to defend his decision to kill iran's top general and he's not backed down to target 52 irancultural sites, getting push back as democrats in congress limiting president's war powers what is the pentagon saying about these threats against cultural sites. >> not the same thing as president trump, that is certainly drawing a lot of attention. defense secretary is now confirming that cultural sites are not targets of the united states in this conflict with iran, saying that they have ruled that out, confirming it would be a war crime for the united states to hit these
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cultural sites and they have no plans to do so, despite president trump mentioning when he tweeted about our possible response to iran meantime, democrats are urging the president, in fact demanding that he declassify the intelligence that led him to push for that strike that killed iran's top military leader >> the american people need clarity that the trump administration has a plan , not just a tweet, a plan >> unfortunately in this toxic, political environment some of our colleagues rush to blame our own government before even knowing the facts. >> congress needs clarity too. lawmakers expected to get a briefing on some of that intelligence tomorrow. some of it the administration says will not be revealed, at least not publicly because it will put american assets at
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risk. >> tracy, thank you. tensions with tehran intensify and thousands of troops deploying to the region as they realize the consequence of this situation. at fort brag with the latest. >> more soldiers with the 82nd airborne on route to the middle east by mid week 3500 will join those stationed in the region. the army hasn't deployed this many, this quickly in 30 years brie awn why was a shoulder in the 82nd air bourne now a mom overseas. >> i'm ready to come home. i'm ready for it we don't even know whether it will be. >> adding to the stress even social media with #worldwarthree. >> how does social media leave you. >> it leaves us going, do they care. >> nbc is given permission to
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show private messages, april writes, there's a chance he won't come home. i can't get that out of my head. i'm just in panic mode natasha martinez whose husband deemployed five time now offering baby sitting to that group. >> your advice >> definitely reach out. we're here for each other and we have to use that. >> adding to the family's angst the soldiers are not allowed to tell their loved one in the states where they are. not even the country and they've been told their deployments could last up to nine months. phillip. >> great reminder, those families sacrificing so much for us thank you. the trump administration has announced a expansion to a bilateral agreement to discourage migrants to seek protections to the united states, and u.s. could begin
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deporting certain u.s. asylum seekers to guatemala, the deal signed in july to initial accept those from el salvador and honduras the plan to be implemented later this month. president trump former national security advisor john bolton is willing to testify but there's a catch, nbc's reportert with that catch. >> john bolton changing course, writing, i am prepared to testify if subpoenaed by the senate, a major shift for the president's former national security advisor who refused to give testimony to house democrats and seen as a key witness to democrats case that president trump was pressuring ukraine to joe biden saying validates house speaker nancy
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pelosi's decision to delay sending to the senate. >> but republicans who control the senate say the senate's role is not to launch another investigation and that democrats delay shows they have a weak case they cannot defend. >> my goal is to start this trial in the next coming days, not let nancy pelosi take over the senate. >> the trial's delay angering president trump. >> so sad for our country, our country is doing so good but our team spending time on this stuff found nothing. >> four of the republican senators would need to vote with democrats to call bolton as a witness. >> bolton's testimony could influence the moderate republicans if the information he has is compelling enough. >> late yesterday republican senators mitt romney says he will love to hear from bolton but of course still no word from
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house speak ernancy pelosi when those impeachment articles will come over to the senate. >> thank you. now months unprecedented fires in australia triggered rare weather phenomena spotting things like ember attacks and fire-driven thunderstorms. with more than 130 fires burning across the country we spoke to those on the front lines. >> cool weather and rain bringing some relief but not nearly enough to stop this the sky so thick with smoke this is what pilot saw this weekend when trying to evacuate people from areas cut off by flames with dozens of fires on control more help is on the way, including dozens of american firefighters the first group volunteering at the front line and control centers. these among the experienced
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americans who came last month. the scale of the devastation staggering at least 25 people dead. estimated half billion animals effected. >> the magnitude and scale of so many large simultaneous fires destroying prompt at one time -- destroying property at one time is extremely unique. never seen anything like this in 30 years fighting fires. >> flames so powerful they can form their own weather on the weekend one massive fire jumped a river igniting new fires and expanded the danger zone. >> it's a changing fire environment. i think that's something that we really share with the australians. we've skpeernlsed -- we've experienced that in the western united states. >> years of drought have left much of the landscape looking like this, with fires now closing in from all directions. >> all right let's get a check of your day
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with our meteorologist good morning. >> good morning. still diva dealing wit still dealing with this lake-effect snow dealing with the northeast, transitioning to the quick burst of rain and snow across the mississippi valley, into the mid-atlantic, eventually will become a coastal storm impacting philadelphia, washington, new york for your evening commute. mostly new york city will be less an accumulation of snow we're going to starto se tr eve evening will start to see rain and snow temperatures are still slightly cool for the east but we do have a big time warm up, coming up.
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>> exciting to see what we do with that. thank you. governor andrew cuomo had a superman moment monday, pulled a trapped passenger out of a overturned truck the team got stuck behind this accident, cuomo cut the victim out of his seatbelt and comforted people at the scene. thankfully nobody needed to be taken to the hospital. >> still ahead, a powerful quake rocks puerto rico. >> and charged from coast-to-coast as harvey weinstein's trial gets under way in new york, the film mogul faces a new indictment in los angeles. and especially medicare part d savers. so you probably know making walgreens your preferred pharmacy means up to $5 off on copays and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. because you're smart like that. save smartly on med d.
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windows crumbling down thousands of visitors the have been attracted to that side of the island. harvey weinstein's trials under way in new york and hit with new sexual assault charges in los angeles from incidents in 2013 >> it was a chaotic scene outside of the courthouse on the first day of trial and a bomb shell out of california that there are new criminal charges against harvey weinstein. >> hunched over a walker harvey weinstein slowly arrived at court to start a trial that could put the former movie mogul behind bars for the rest of his life just after the wrap in manhattan four new criminal charges in los angeles. >> the defense used his power and influence to gain access to
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his victims and then committed violent crimes against them. >> the case stemming from allegations made by two unnamed women, one accused him of raping her in a hotel in 2013 and the next night he sexual assaulted a different woman. just steps from the court house, one of 80 accusers spoke out. >> i thank those testifying, for standing not just for them self buzz all of us who will never -- but for all of us who will never have one day in court. >> kept asking him to stop but it was impossible. >> and one saying she was assaulted in his home in 2006. another saying he raped her in a manhattan hotel in 2013. four additional women to testify, including actress awna bella scorea
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weinstein pleaded not guilty and always maintained he never engage in nonconent isual sex with anyone. >> we're going to continue to press on and remind everyone in this great country you're innocent until proven guilty. >> the new york trial will come before the l.a. trial. jury selection will last two weeks and was supposed to begin today. >> all right thank you. still ahead, six hour day keep the complaints away, the perfect story for your company's suggestionox >> and why listso is taking a break from twitter next. to lowr my blood sugar and a1c. to lowr because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose.
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still the only one cats ask for by name. ♪ yeah, don't tweet her, tell her straight to her face she was right when she told us truth hurts. to the dismay of many fans, lizzo is quitting twitter, the grammy nominee said the social media site has too many trolls but may be back. when you're lizzo you can, just because you're lizzo. >> what of course she's going to get burned by the fire she got huge off this popularity and twitter is filled with mostly trolls.
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>> yeah i'm right there with her. she decides to come back i'm sure she'll have bunch of fans welcoming her. >> don't think it will be long. how about this four day work week with six hour work days, the prime minister announced the plan to make it a reality in finland. did test drive the schedule to show the benefits, according to the 34-year-old prime minister said it will allow people to spend time with family and engage with the culture institutions not going to happen in the united states. >> people don't even use their vacation days. >> especially not in a capitalist society like u.s., got no chill. >> it is true. still ahead, the surprising amount on gift cards that never get used. >> plus after a week of recreational pot why some illinois dispensies are forced
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in today's top stories spacex is blasting into history books with its latest launch, sent another 60 star light satellites into orbit making spacex the largest private satellite operator also with a dark coating to appease star gazers. after the launch spacex successfully landed the booster on a platform in the ocean. pier 1 imported caught in a wave of store closures u up to 450 stores planning to close, nearly half its locations and
4:27 am
sales have declined for nine consecutive quarters on monday bloomberg reported pier 1 will file for bankruptcy seeing stocks plummet 163-year-old dallas-based dairy company filed for chapter 11 due to rising milk prices, it seeks to reorganize finances to say in business. two children allegedly shot while playing outside. police say a group of children were throwing snow balls at cars and one of the drivers who was allegedly hit fired shots and a authorities found 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy with gunshot wounds both transported
4:28 am
to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries suspect is still on the loose. the pot business is booming in illinois, nearly $11 million of can canabis sold in the firs five days since january 1 but may not be able to stay in because of the supply shortage. >> hopefully they get that supply back get cranking. >> all right did you give gift cards this holiday season, they may never be used according to national retail federation gift cards were number one most requested holiday gift for 13th year in a row but over 20% unredeemed in a year translating to $40 million in unfortunately used money black --
4:29 am
-- in unused money. >> thanks for waking up with us. tonight on nbc new
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right now at 5:30, an overnight fire rips through a south bay apartment building sending families out into the cold street. plus this morning there is growing tourism concerns in san francisco. the new steps city leaders are taking to try to keep high-profile conventions heading there. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. starting with a live look across the bay area into san jose and san francisco and walnut creek. it is a chilly start as you head out the door this morning. kari hall is timing out our tuesday forecast. >> you could see at the bottom of the screen, upper 30s there. and we're


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