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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 7, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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right now at 5:00, iran's new overnight warnings of retaliation against the united states for the killing of its top general. and a deadly stampede during his funeral rowe session this morning. plus the bitter fight in washington over what comes next. >> students at a tri-valley school will return in hours after three of the classmates died in a christmas night crash. the support the district is offering this morning. alsos working to protect commuters, the steps b.a.r.t. will aim to keep riders safe at stations across the bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. here is something we're talking about. california cities ranked among
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the highest when it comes to completing new year's resolutions. can you guess which cities? we'll break down the top places coming up. and the resolutions. the videos give you a hint there. >> wear more short pant shorts. >> always wear a helmet. >> leggings. >> well there you go. well wear a jacket this morning. >> no short this is morning. even if you're about to go to the gym. >> even if you look really good. >> here is a live look out at walnut creek of the drivers heading to work and heaters on. it is only 36 degrees. we'll stay in the mid to upper 30s up until about 8:00. and then a nice warm-up today. but there will be more clouds in the mix as this storm system approaches. we'll talk more about the timing and how much rain to expect coming up. mike, you're tracking what is happening on the roads and giving us a look at the bay bridge. >> that is right. but i'll wear my leg warmers per your suggestion. over at the bay bridge, we have consolidation. less of a line but about the
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same number of cars. another lane that opened up over here and over on the right side approaching. so that is what is going on as cars are compressing over here. we're getting ready for the bulk of the traffic to start. s in 5:02 and we should see about another 15 minutes. the metering lights likely turned on within the next 15 minutes. contra costa county, a little fog in the outer reaches of the north bay and as you come in out of tracy but the altamont moves smoothly and so does the rest of the bay. we'll check on the oil spill in sunol coming up. back to you. we do have breaking news. emergency crews in puerto rico assessing damage after yet another strong early-morning quake. the 6.4 magnitude quake hit before 4:30 a.m. local time off the coast of a town of indios. the largest in the series of shakers during the last 24 hours. a few hours later 6.0 after shock hit. so they're getting hit with really big ones.
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so far sadly one person has died. there is a lot of building and root destruction as well. this morning the funeral of qassem soleimani, the top iranian commander killed in an american air strike has been postponed. after more than two dozen people died in a stampede during a funeral procession in the general's home town. president trump and republicans defending the decision to kill that top general. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington monitoring all of this. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: especially what is happening this morning. good morning. live pictures, seeing relative calm in the aftermath of a stampede that iranian state tv said killed 35 people and injured four dozen during that funeral procession for general soleimani who was killed in the u.s. air strike. now this really touched off
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tensions between the united states and iran. talk on both sides of retaliation. congress trying to get involved and issue a proclamation or a resolution this week that would prevent the t-- the president from taking more military action without their okay. they get a briefing tomorrow and and the briefing is expected to include intelligence that led up to the air strike. all of this is really overshadowed after what is happening with the impeachment trial. but we do know that a former trump insider might be testifying if they take witnesses. former national security adviser john bolton who refused to testify when the house was doing the inquiry now said if he is subpoenaed he will talk. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. tonight on nightly news lester holt sits down with joe biden to
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talk about the tensions with iran and impeachment and the 2020 campaign. you could watch tonight at 5:30 right after our news at 5:00. it is 5:04 and this morning students at dublin high school will return to school for the first time since three classmates were killed in a car crash on christmas day. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us outside of the campus for how the district is preparing today. >> reporter: the superintendent indicated they've have grief counselors and other staff here for those who might need help or talk to deal with the strategy. the district posted this bapper on social media. they're asking everyone to wear the boys' favorite color red to honor their memory with the #long live mnj, the first initial of each of the boys name. mark and michael and their
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friend was killed christmas night when the sedan they were riding in crossed the center line and crashed into a tree along foothill road. the cousin and another friend from dublin high were seriously hurt. they had gone out to help a friend and michael had to to coax his mom into letting him go and he said come on, mom, some of our friends are having a tough christmas day and the teens were helping practice in preparation for the upcoming driver's license test. chp has not said yet what role, if any, that might -- might have played in the crash. they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. live at dublin high school, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. happening today, the future of 13,000 homes in contra costa county hanging in the balance as the concord council decides whether the company in charge of redevelopment of the naval weapons station is meeting the labor requirements.
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the city chose lennar building to oversee construction of the naval base but as part of the deal lennar had to use a certain amount of union labor but the company said it is too expensive. if the city votes against lennar buildings then it will be driven out of the project and the city will have to have a new master builder. we have new details. b.a.r.t.'s plan on board a new team of ambassadors may get the green light on thursday. that is what the examiner said b.a.r.t. directors will vote on funding the pilot program. p if approved they would -- would hire ten ambassadors to assist on trains and if need be de-escalate confrontations but would not be armed. the program could debut next month. our investigative unit just finished a series that takes a look at crimes on b.a.r.t. watch it on our website at and today alameda city leaders will consider banning disposable plastic in
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restaurants. requiring takeout items to become postable. if passed that ban wouldn't go into effect until next year. the city council will meet tonight at 7:00 and asking to hear feedback from the public about that ban. if you live in san jose and have a granny unit that you are not sure is up to code, you may soon be able to get it legal without facing any penalties. today san jose council members are expected to decide whether to create two-year amnesty program under the proposed pilot program they propose hiring third party inspectors for a look at zoning or safety or health violations. some homeowners would get the opportunity to fix their units to get them up to code. others could see building permits, outstanding taxes and fees waives. a new way to zip around the east bay. electric motorcycles may soon come to oakland. a new york based start-up just
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applied to bring vehicles to oakland and talking to city leaders in berkeley and oakland. the vespa like moped carry a couple of people and more powerful than electric scooters. >> good day for a scooter, if you could keep a leather jacket. it's cold out there. at least we do start out with a clear sky. but we'll see more clouds moving in as this storm system approaches as we go throughout today. we're going to see a chance of rain in the north bay starting out later this evening. most of the day is dry. so you could leave the umbrella at home. but if you'll be out through 9:00 you'll see the rain chances starting to move into the north bay. the rest of the bay area may have spotty sprinkles overnight. we'll talk about the next wave coming in. but mike, you're seeing slowing out of sunol. >> that is typical for highway 84 and over here by the field, that is what i'm talking about for 680. everything else green mode except for the bay bridge toll
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plaza. from about andraid and clearing past there. north of the mission scales. again we have the fast lane and the center divide affected by an earlier crash. no injuries but a big rig and oil on the roadway and no real update on that status for the last hour. over here, we do have a smooth drive toward the bay bridge in the slowing up there because of a little back-up here. but things are thinning out and prepare for the burst in the next ten minutes. >> 5:10. >> major health alert. at 5:25, the growing number of deaths linked to the flu and why it is not too late to get your shot. and would you ditch your car and take uber and lyft full time? a revealing number of people expect to do that in the next decade. and trending this morning. buyers are racing to bid on a car from the silver screen after racing through san francisco streets. you better have a few spare
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right now at 5:13 on this tuesday morning, another cold start. in fact, we're close to freezing again in the north bay. as well as the south bay -- the tri-valley i should say. and then upper 30s and low 40s elsewhere. p if you are about to head out, bundle up. we'll talk about the rain in the forecast coming up in about five
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minutes. and tri-valley times are looking good. we have a little slowing typical for 84 and 680 still following the oil there. we'll talk about that coming up. good morning, i'm rahel solomon at nbc headquarters and today's top business headlines. wall street set to open higher. stocks staging a u-turn yesterday to close at the highs of the session and the biggest comeback in three months. it was down 300 points but closed up 70 points. shrugging off concerns about the rising tensions in the middle east. factory orders and the trade deficit. nearly two-thirds of car owners who use ride hailing services like uber or lyft would consider giving up personal vehicle over the next decade. and a new survey by a censure finds that consumer satisfaction with ride hailing companies is very strong due to reliable pickup and dropoff times and ease of booking and payments. the vast majority of people
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expect to maintain or increase spending on ride hailing this year. now despite that customer loyalty is still illusive as more than half say they switch between brands. and burger king will test a plant based krois sandwich including a sausage patty from impossible foods but it is not vegan because it does have eggs and american cheese. the test markets are are savannah, georgia, albuquerque, new mexico and other places. 38% of diners are trying to add more plant based food to their diet and 90 % of the people aren't vegetarians or vegan. scott and laura. i think they're called flex-aterri an. where you try to add more plant-based food but you're not a vegetarian or vegan. >> interesting. there is a name for everything. >> yeah, i know. it is hard keeping up with it all.
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>> who am i? >> thank you. happening today, the consumer electronics show, ces, begins in las vegas. digital journalist jonathan bloom is there and discovered the world's first green air-conditioning and alexa enabled shower head and the best item is a smart pillow, promising to stop you from snoring by slowly turning your head position. there is plenty more. watch it all right now on >> isn't that just called a wife. well it is hard to keep new year's resolutions but where you live might make it a little easier. new survey from wallet hub ranks the top cities for keeping your resolutions. top of the list is san diego, san francisco came in third. san jose came in fifth. the worst cities for keeping resolutions if he found, newark, new jersey, and gulfport, mississippi. >> they said they would work on
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it and then gave up. he may be small and may be adorable but baby yoda isn't really yoda. the creator of the disney plus series said the character said it takes place after return of the jedi after the original yoda passed away and disappears. so there. >> so not the original. he's just his own baby yoda. >> there you go. and also hello kitty is not a cat. did you know that? >> really in. >> true story. mike is not -- >> you better investigate that. trending, if you are interesting in oning a san francisco cinema cars, get ready to bite the bullet. >> did you ever see this one. bullet stars steve mcqueen, first thrilled audiences half a century ago in 1968. it was an 11-minute car chase through san francisco. stole the show. mcqueen's car is a 1968 highland
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grand mustang. now the family of the man who purchased the car for a few thousand bucks back in 1974 only reintroduced it to the world a couple of years ago and this week it is going up for auction in florida. experts say it could sell for northwards of $4 million. have you ever seen it. >> it is a great car chase. i don't think you could do it again. >> i just watched over the summer a mini documentary, they recreated this -- >> i think i heard about that. >> really? >> and it was an amazing feat of driving done mostly by steve mcqueen. >> wow. and you look at the old movies and the car chase, they are not wearing a seat belt. 2020 me is like put on your seat belt. >> scott mcgrew is on the corner -- >> get off my grass. >> my lawn. >> let's check in with kari. it is a cold morning and starting out with a clear sky. here is a live look outside in san francisco.
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great start to the day. just wear extra layers as we go throughout the day. we go from the upper 30s to some mid-50s by noon. nice day to have lunch outside but you might still wear your jacket. in fact most of us stay in the 50s just a few spots touching 60 degrees. but a lot of mid to upper 50s here and then cooling down fast. again tonight it won't be as cold as we get ready for more clouds to move in. so tomorrow morning won't be as chilly as tomorrow because we are going to see a blanket of clouds moving in. that is going to help keep the temperatures up a few more degrees. also it is going to give us a chance of rain. so we're going to see clouds moving in throughout today. and then that rain starting to move into the north bay by 9:00 to 10:00 tonight. i think we could see spotty showers elsewhere but this is one of the quick-moving weather events where some of us get some rain and some of us are are saying what rain? so we're going to see that coming in over the next several hours. and then another wave starting
5:20 am
to arrive in the north bay once again early on thursday morning. and then pushing through the rest of the bay bridge where it looks like more of the bay area could get measurable rain but this is not a significant storm, either one of these rain chances. so a tenth to a quarter inch of rain and watching out for another chance this weekend. saturday is when we'll be watching the timing of the rain. because it looks like we could see some showers in time for the 49ers game at levi stadium. if you're going to the game, just be prepared that it is only going to reach 56 degrees and there could be some off and on showers. other than that, we're going to see some pretty active weather here with some times of rain every other day. and we're dry on friday, rain chances on saturday. sunday we're also dry and then we're seeing those temperatures mainly staying in the upper autaut -- upper 50s inland. >> we're seeing slowing in the east bay in general.
5:21 am
the commute pushes in out of the east bay and the north bay coming in for the longer drives. the altamont pass is fine and 580 is okay but slowing for 84 as you cut the corner for the dublin interchange. southbound 680 continuing with the big rig that blocks your fast lane and activity in the center divider. an earlier crash and then oil on the roadway. so relatively short section of roadway but having an impact south of highway 84 and folks cutting toward niles will get caught in the back-up. no update on whether or not the tow truck is there. we're assuming the activity is continuing with clearing the oil and the rig. that is an issue for the tri-valley. an easier drive toward the castro valley but not need to go that extra route. we're keeping the timing. toward san francisco, an easy drive through contra costa county and at the bay bridge toll plaza fast track is backed up and it looks like metering lights are on but cash lanes are not a problem. this is unusual for a tuesday.
5:22 am
folks still easing in after vacation. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the cost of growing your family is increasing. coming up next on "today in the bay," how much more you'll be faced to pay if you are expecting. how the power of social media is reunited a family to precious memmories. you're watching "today in the bay." trump: obamacare is a complete
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and i approve this message. close call for a 7-year-old
5:25 am
vaca ville boy who police say was nearly kidnapped. in the area of meadowlands when a man held a knife to the child's face and told him to go to a nearby location. luckily the boy was quick and ran from the man. police tracked down a person of interest matching the description the boy gave him but the person was let go. police say there will be extra patrols in the area. happening now, alameda police looking for the people you see here. they're accused of walking out of a grocery outlet saturday night with three shopping carts full of merchandise. they didn't pay. a young boy was also with them. they apparently left in a beige minivan. l.a. cab drivers are angry saying they're getting squeezed at l.a.x. yesterday 200 cab drivers held a one-day strike at l.a.x. marching around the central terminal demanding the city reinstate curbside airport pickup for taxis. taxis and ride share must pick
5:26 am
up in a designated area. the airport said l.a.x. doesn't have the curb space to allow cab stands. if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, rethink it. cases are picking up in california. state health leaders are reporting eight new flu-related deaths, all occurred between christmas and new year's day. they say the number was higher than they expected. san diego is one area where doctors are now reporting higher numbers of flu cases. >> we're seeing both influenza a and b and more b that we usually do. >> cdc said this year's flu vaccine is more effective than recent years. if you haven't gotten yours yet, it is not too late. having a baby getting more expensive. a cording to a new study. it said that out of pocket costs for maternity and child birth care are now over $4,000. up about $1,000 in just the last decade. well trending this morning, the power of social media
5:27 am
reunites a family to really precious memories. >> so jim mckay brought an old vcr tape, you remember those, at a goodwill and when he turned it on there was a video inside of a baby's first step in '94. he went on a viral manhunt to find the boy in the video. mccabe posted that on facebook sunday. he found the little boy who is now 26 years old. >> which is precious memories for that family. >> yeah. >> isn't that cool. nice to see. 5:27 now. coming up next, top stories today, including youtube's major overhaul to protect your children's privacy online. a live report on what your kids won't see the next time they log in. plus amid the ongoing housing crisis in california, a renewed push to build near transit. how a local lawmaker is enlisting moms squatting in a vacant open home to help revise
5:28 am
a statewide housing plan.
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right now at 5:30, an overnight fire ripped through a south bay apartment building sending families out into the cold street. plus this morning there is growing tourism concerns in san francisco. the new steps city leaders are trying to take to keep high-profile conventions heading there. a very good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia.
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>> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington this week. across the bay bridge, san francisco and walnut creek it is a chilly start no matter where you start out this morning. kari hall timing out our tuesday forecast. >> extra layers needed because we start out cool but then we actually warm up as we go through the day. very much like yesterday. that is a live look outside in dublin. as you get ready to head out of the door, and the temperatures down to 34 degrees. just a couple of degrees above freezing. and then we'll warm it up today as we head into the early afternoon into the mid-50s with our highs reaching up to 58 in concord, 59 in san jose. also 59 today in napa. we're taking a look ahead to the weekend coming up in about six minutes and mike, you're seeing sun flowing in san jose. >> we're not starting at the bay bridge toll plaza. but we'll get there. big changes there. this unusually slow jammed up north 101 from the camera near 680 up to oakland road where there is a crash blocking only one lane. critical time when we see the
5:32 am
burst of traffic kicking in. we do have a commute through the south bay but mostly green sensors, 101 north to 680 up to 880 and clearing up once again. no major injuries reported there. oil blocking one lane and the big rig heading toward mission scales there. that is causing more slowing off of 84 and off the merge out of livermore and there is the bay bridge toll plaza and all lanes filled past the 880 over crossing. laura. >> thanks, mike. 5:32. and new overnight in santa clara county, 17 people including five children out of their home this is morning after this fire broke out in gilroy. happened at about 12:30 this morning at an apartment building along kelton drive. not too far from santa teresa boulevard. fire crews say the flames were confined to a bedroom inside one of the apartment units. one resident who lives across the street heard an explosion and he ran out to see what
5:33 am
happened. >> we saw smoke coming up and it is huge. we saw -- it looked red. it didn't look like fire. just red smoke. >> no one was hurt and the cause of the fire still under investigation. 5:33, facebook making changes to affect what you see in your feed and what your kids see on youtube as well. and if you are thinking about it is about time, you're not the only one. kris sanchez joins us from menlo park with those changes. >> reporter: well, hi there, scott. as you know facebook has faced a lot of criticism for leaving up false information on the site and for allowing the so-called deep state videos intended to deceive people. here is one example of one of the deep fake videos, videos manipulated to get people to believe something that just isn't true. facebook will now remove video that has been edited to make it
5:34 am
seem like someone said something that they actually didn't and they'll also remove video that uses artificial intelligence to replace parts of the video to make it look authentic. facebook said it will not apply to silly videos or satire but content intended to trick people. as for the pelosi video which you might remember was slowed down to make it seem like she was slurring her words, that might continue to live up on facebook because the new policy is to narrowly construed according to "the washington post." now youtube also making some privacy policies today after settling with federal regulators for violating rules on collecting data from minors. going forward, there will be no target targeted advertisement for kids and as well as live chats. here is the head of common sense media. >> more that you talk to your kids about using good judgment on youtube the better. and the fact there are no longer the comments and chats and other
5:35 am
things that could veer into the wrong direction is a positive step. >> reporter: common sense media is a watchdog group, nonpartisan and try to help parents make good choices. i put up a link on my twitter feed to their section on creating a positive youtube experience for your kids including adjusting their privacy. in menlo park, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> important to know what our kids are watching. thank you so much. a push to bring more housing to the bay bridge starts later today when local leaders throw support behind a long-debated plan. sharon katsuda is live in millbrae to tell us why supporters believe this time around the plan has a good chance to pass. >> reporter: that is right, laura. this is a perfect example of why it is so controversial to build near a transit hub. b.a.r.t. plans to build on-site housing here but also taking away 600 parking spaces. throughout the state cities are
5:36 am
grappling with how to provide more housing in cuniti-- in communities and face a mandate to do so. "the los angeles times" said many are considering sb 50 addressing the california 3.5 million home shortage by increasing zone density and legalizing apartment buildingings and public housing near public transportation. the sb 50 has faced opposition by many leaders in san francisco who say the bill benefits developers and doesn't include enough affordable housing. now back here live, the rally to support sb 50 will take place at oakland city hall at so10:00 th morning. i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. well it is happened again. another attack along a troubled part of 101 that earned the nickname projekt i'll alley. an article was thrown at an suv
5:37 am
and nobody hurt but the driver's window shattered. this is the 68th projectile thrown at cars within the last few months. you see video of other ones including a school bus. the chp, which is not able to track down the bad guys, are offering $14,000 reward to try to find out who is responsible. it is 5:37 and between now and the end of the week, conditions are again expected to worsen for firefighters who are on the front lines of the wildfires burning across australia. the recent rain and cooler temperatures are providing a bit of a relief. but at least two dozen people have died. some 2,000 homes are destroyed. in fact, take a look at the widespre widespread destruction there. the capital is shrouded in smoke. people are walking around in masks. the city is considered to have the worst air quality anywhere in the world. and they're now handing out those breathing masksment now amidst the heartbreak of so much
5:38 am
wildlife killed, this video that you see here is tugging at a lot of heartstrings this morning. a law enforcement officer in new south wales trying to give water from a bottle to a kangaroo who is trying to accept it there. sadly, it is believed that millions of animals have died and it is the result of the fires. back here at home, caught on camera, scary moments, police say you're looking at an suv full of burglary suspects speeding down union veet. it slammed into one of the ticket citation vehicles. after the crash the suspects took off. that started a police foot chase. witnesses say they saw the men hop fences go on rooftops and police tracked them down. >> took them a while to catch them because they were hiding. >> he saw them go up the back staircase and he thought that we were getting robbed but they were just trying to run from the cops. >> sfpd tracked down all four
5:39 am
suspects in custody and the parking control officer is expected to be all right. 5:38, the tourist industry is making it clear to the rest of the world when it comes to conventions the city is still open for business. heat is on since orrical open world would host the huge conference in las vegas. san francisco's dirty streets listed as one reason why. the city this week is hosting a convention planners convention, ironically enough. the chronicle reports the sf tourist bureau is trying to woo convention planners on the moscone center. trying to dumb up support for a new richmond san rafael bridge. assemblyman mark levine said the crumbling from the upper deck on the current bridge is the latest sign a new bridge is needed. he believes the bridge may not survive a massive quake. levine wants to get the new
5:40 am
design plan in the pipeline while caltrans determines if it is indeed time for a new structure. it is always disturbing when i have to report that part of a bridge falling down so i'm glad they're concerned about that. whatever the case. over here we're looking at 3-d model showing the hilly area jammed up approaching the mission scales because the commute is build out of pleasanton and through sunol. chp said it will be a few more minutes until they remove the big rig and oil spilled. looks like it is cleaned up to improve things for the tri-valley. everything else on schedule like the bay bridge toll plaza. and another spot in san jose northbound, 101 to 680. a live look. no injuries but this is a critical section at a critical time where the commute builds right there by the camera. >> thank you, mike. take a look at video out of southern california.
5:41 am
before we go to weekend weather. two san diego locals captured a gray whale swimming near the shoreline and in front of half a dozen surfers. look at how close. they were waiting to catch a wave at blacks beach in la jolla. they were able to capture this amazing bird's-eye view of the large whale. >> it is possible the su-- the surfers didn't know that whale was there. it is hard to see when it is down below. >> when you don't see. >> it is not moving. i was looking at the video and it seems like -- >> a little bit. the tail is going there. you let a hang out. >> do whatever you want. >> it is a great time to head to the beaches and do whale watching tours. >> point reyes. >> that is a great place and they are monitoring how many -- >> how clear is it by the coast, though. >> it is a little bit iffy on saturday. and that is when we'll also be watching the 49ers game and the
5:42 am
rain chances coming in. because we will see some showers passing by. temperatures only reaching into the mid-50s. and at halftime we'll see some mid-50s. by the fourth quarter it is cool and only 53 degrees. our seven-day forecast shows that by the weekend we will have some unsettled weather on saturday. sunday may be the better day to get out there. but it will be cool with san francisco only reaching 52 degrees. if you're going hiking in the woods, one again the rain chance on saturday, dry out on sunday but cool and breezy. we'll talk about what is going on today with our temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. sounds good. thank you, kari. 5:42. preparing for trial. next on "today in the bay" what to expect as disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein returns to the courtroom. now facing charges from coast to coast. plus cashing in on the playoffs. the 49ers haven't played it down yet so far this year but the
5:43 am
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right now at 5:45, in concord we start out with cool temperatures. very chilly. mid-30s. but leading into mid-50s by noon. another nice warm-up. but we could see rain as early as tonight. more than that coming up in about five minutes. and here is the bay bridge toll plaza and the back-up
5:46 am
formed quickly just after 5:15. do you see movement for fast track and we expect this back-up -- don't expect this many longer for san jose. we'll show you what is causing this back-up as well as we're hoping to see recovery for sunol. new this morning, a potential setback for the white house and the plans to send mexican asylum-seekers to guatemala while court places play out in mexico. mexico is rejecting that option. homeland security wants to implement the plan approved last summer. it would allow asylum-seekers to apply for protection in guatemala which is probably more dangerous than mexico. new legal troubles for movie mogul harvey weinstein as his criminal trial starts playing out in new york city. prosecutors in l.a. yesterday charging him with sexual assault and rape tied to two incidents involving two women in 2013. in new york jury selections begins for his criminal trial.
5:47 am
he faced sexual assault charges tied to two women in cases seven years apart. he has said in each case the sex was consensual. 5:46. state lawmakers back from vacation, one of the first things they're doing is rolling out a version of a green new deal. the specifics on the bill not released but we do know it would set new climate requirements and deadlines. a republican state member told the sac bee they plan to propose a different version of the bill in the coming weeks. the niners and faithful amped up for the divisional playoff game at levi. >> for the saturday game against minnesota, not just the team getting ready to roll but businesses surrounding levi's hope to cash in. ig guano's burrito zilla believe business will boom. >> usually double because we get packed every day but during game days we get really flooded in
5:48 am
here. >> the game will also be a big boost for sports bars. even beyond the bay area. provided they cooperate the unexpected boost could last through the super bowl. but first things first. niners have to beat the vikings on saturday. and just watch the game here on nbc bay area. kickoff time is right around 1:35. so go niners. trending this morning, she might top the charts but lizzo not 100% on board with twitter. ♪ ♪ >> she's blaming it on the trolls. the sing ser quitting the social media site for now. lizzo does promise followers she'll come back to the social media site, quote, when i feel like it. we did a quick check this morning and her twitter page is still there but not updated. actress joey king who starred in the act tweeted out pictures yesterday saying her co-star hit her in the head with
5:49 am
with a golden globes. the star had fun with her injury saying she gets bragging rights for the rest -- >> was it an accident. >> it was an accident. i think that is an important yes. >> we didn't know there was a fight. >> exactly. our criminal judges will decide. >> the golden globes -- >> might have to be. >> let's pull out the gloves this morning for the way out of the door, driving or also just waiting for your ride to come pick you up. we have some mid-30s in the north bay. inland in the east bay and down to the south bay in the upper 30s. in 40 in san jose. so the chilly start to the day as you get the kids ready, it is one of those. in danville 35 degrees to start out. very much like yesterday. where we have a cold start but it feels pretty nice during the afternoon. we have some mid-50s headed our way which is about normal. even some spots reaching the upper 50s like livermore and san jose and 59 for the high, santa
5:50 am
rosa reaching 58 and 58 in oakland with san francisco reaching 56 degrees. we will start to see some more clouds moving in today as the storm system approaches from the north. we could see some rain developing in parts of the north bay as early as tonight but if you're about to head out of the door and back home this evening, you probably don't have to worry about the umbrella. but look at the timeline, we're at 10:00 where we see spotty showers from the north bay into the rest of the bay bridge. and it is one not everyone sees the rain but where we do get it it is light. then taking a break from the showers tomorrow before another wave comes in early on thursday morning. but neither one of these systems will come in bringing us heavy rain. we're looking at about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain, just enough to water the lawn and then we could see more rain coming in as we head into saturday. we're watching that because of the 49ers game and we'll also have some cool temperatures to go along with it. in san francisco temperatures staying in the 50s as you make
5:51 am
plans for the weekend. saturday is looking iffy but sunday is looking all clear. much better. >> it looks nice. >> you're just back from tahoe. i saw the pictures on social media. you were in snow but a lot of slush as well. >> a slot lot of slush and it is melting and the sierra snow pack whether you are going to the sierra or not it is very important to the bay brid-- bay. and now we have the comparison to last year and we're at 67% and ended at 200%. so it just depends on how the rest of the season goes. but this is important to the sierra as with well as the bay area because 85% of the water in the reservoir for the bay area comes from the sierra snow melt and supplies 60% the water statewide. now we have snow melt happening as well as sublimation where it goes straight from snow to a gas due to like what we see in our
5:52 am
freezer. where we have the ice cubes shrinking. and that is a loss of about 15% of the snow pack statewide in just five days due to a lack of a significant storm system. the good news is that we'll see some snow headed our way going into the weekend. with another foot to foot and a half of snow. this is a picture from hope valley. make sure to follow me on social media at kari hall weather and post your sierra pictures and ask any questions you have about how it was for my trip. we'll talk about that coming up more. and mike, you have delays out there. >> i do, kari. our partners at waze tell us about a 15-minute delay because of the crash north 101 at oakland road. to our map system and our live cameras, we have a live camera showing traffic starting to break up a little bit. they may have moved the vehicle at oakland road but chp has not yet confirmed that so we'll have our fingers crossed and note that the 101 is slow from tully road and 87 is a better route. that may shift traffic throw
5:53 am
over there so watch the downtown commute over the next half hour. so this big rig looks like it is in the final clearing stages. still oil in the center divide at mission scales. all lanes should be clear if you are leaving the house right now heading down through pleasanton. this delay should see some recovery at the bay bridge toll plaza and no recovery just the steady back-up. back to you. happening now, tokyo museum unveiling art posters a -- ahead of this year's olympic games. artists helped create the 20 works of art. visitors could view the posters through february 16th and nbc bay area your official home for the 2020 olympics in tokyo. burglaries have dropped more than 20% but coming up new spots hundreds of miles away now targeted by bay area thieves. plus don't have your driver's license with you when you get pulled over? no problem. the new high-tech cool one bay
5:54 am
area police department is using to identify you. introducing a single sports destination.
5:55 am
where you can find games, news and highlights. all in one place, right on your tv. the new xfinity sports zone. use your voice to search every stat, standing and score. follow the teams you love and get notifications when the game's about to start, so you'll never miss a minute. with the xfinity sports zone... ...everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store for details.
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new this morning, new legal fallout tied to an abuse scandal uncovered last year at san francisco's laguna hospital -- honda hospital. public health investigators found dozens of patients were mistreated including photos
5:57 am
taken without patients' consent and medication begin without prescription. the examiner reports one unidentified patient has filed a new suit seeking damages. a city attorney did not respond directly to the suit. only saying that claim will be fully reviewed once it is received. 5:57 now. lapd and beverly hills police say criminals from the bay area are tarkting their -- targeting their spots like sunset strip and beverly hills police say prices purses and designer clothes are a big draw. >> they're taking anything they can from personal property to recently-purchased items still in vehicles and then return almost immediately back to the bay area. >> police in the bay area say they're tracking criminals using rental cars to drive to southern california to commit the crimes. 5:57. crime fighting technology helping police in the north bay get criminals off the street.
5:58 am
a mobile finger print reader helped identify a man who gave vacaville a false name saying he didn't have a i.d. turns out he was wanted by u.s. marshals. >> they only take the finger print of -- or the thumbprint of the person and compare it to existing known tinger prints on file. >> another tool, license plate reader helped catch two stolen vehicle suspects. departments installed 20 of those on patrol vehicles and poles. department plans to install 30 more in the city going forward. the new year begins with a renewed battle against flavored tobacco. san francisco banned flavored tobacco back in 2018. and the federal government recently approved a partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes. now california lawmakers want to expand the ban to include menthol tobacco. the peninsula state senator jerry hill introduced a bill yesterday. >> i didn't know it was this bad until all of the stories started coming out and it is true.
5:59 am
>> if the bill get as proved, california would be the second state to ban all flavored tobacco after massachusetts. well a woman couldn't ride in the rose parade so police brought the parade to her. >> stacy kimmel is a six-time cancer survivor but she's battling the disease now for a seventh time. she was supposed to ride on one the floats in the rose parade but just too sick. >> i was crushed. i really wanted to do this. >> pasadena police and her friends came together to make her wish come true. on monday she rode in a convertible down the same path of the rose parade. >> neighbors came out. it is nice to see. good luck to her. right now at 6:00, major developments over in iran. the burial of the top general killed in the u.s. now hold after a deadly stampede during the funeral. we'll have a live report moments away.
6:00 am
and happening today, dublin high school returns from the holiday break on a sad note. a live report on how students will remember fellow classmates killed in a crash christmas night. and he's led dozens of fundraisers raising thousands for charities in the south bay. brand new this morning, carl gardeno is stepping down. coming up, an exclusive interview on his future plans. "today in the bay" continues right now. very good morning to you. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. kari has your out-the-door forecast. >> it is cold this morning again. and we're having to bundle up. we have temperatures just above freezing in many of the inland valleys and then head over to san francisco where it is still chilly but not as cold. as you're getting the kids up and ready for school, expect temperatures there in the mid-40s and then a slow climb in temperatures with sunshine and we could see rain by tonight. so i'm timing that out


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