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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 7, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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away. and happening today, dublin high school returns from the holiday break on a sad note. a live report on how students will remember fellow classmates killed in a crash christmas night. and he's led dozens of fundraisers raising thousands for charities in the south bay. brand new this morning, carl gardeno is stepping down. coming up, an exclusive interview on his future plans. "today in the bay" continues right now. very good morning to you. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. kari has your out-the-door forecast. >> it is cold this morning again. and we're having to bundle up. we have temperatures just above freezing in many of the inland valleys and then head over to san francisco where it is still chilly but not as cold. as you're getting the kids up and ready for school, expect temperatures there in the mid-40s and then a slow climb in temperatures with sunshine and we could see rain by tonight. so i'm timing that out for you
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with an update coming up in about six minutes. mike is tracking the crash in san jose. >> that is right. we still have slowing at north 101 and it is a drag coming past our camera from tully road toward oakland road, the crash still blocking one lane and more traffic toward 87. we see slowing there. overall south bay that is not bad but tough spot and tough timing. the crash cleared at the mission scales but bad timing because that is as volume builds there and coming down through hayward, the bay bridge toll plaza also has meet earring lights on. back to you. breaking news in puerto rico and word of one death from this morn egg as strong earthquake. a 6.4 quake hit before 4:30 a.m. struck off the southern coast. this was just one in a series of large quakes in the last 24 hours including a 6.0 after shock which hit a few hours after the 6.4. there are are reports of heavy damage to roads and a lot of
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buildings. this morning the funeral for the top iranian commander killed in the u.s. drone air strike has been postponed. after more than two dozen people died in the stampede during the funeral procession in his home town. >> president trump and republicans are defending the decision to kill the top general. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is monitoring this for us. tracie? >> reporter: hi, laura and scott. good morning. so the president said killing that general has made america safer. but it is also raised a lot of questions here on capitol hill about whether he could have done it on his own or should have done that on his own without congressional approval. lawmakers trying to put in place a resolution now to prevent that from happening again. and also what the intelligence was? what was the information that led president trump to do this when he did, to authorize that air strike. lawmakers being a briefing
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tomorrow expecting to get some of the information. some of the administration said and the national security adviser said this morning will have to be withheld because it could put american assets out there at risk. so we're continuing to follow that and also the impeachment trial still up in the air. we still don't know when it will happen or whether there will be witnesses. but a former national security adviser john bolton said he will testify if he is subpoenaed. he did not speak to lawmakers during the inquiry in the house. but he said he's willing and ready to talk thousan-- to talk. back to you. >> tonight on nnt lester holt will sit down and talk to joe biden and talk the 2020 campaign at 5:30 tonight right after our news at 5:00. it is 6:03 and dublin
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students will return to class after students were killed in a car crash on christmas day. bob redell joins us outside of the campus with how the district is preparing for today. probably emotional one ahead for th them. >> reporter: they indicated they will have grief counselors and extra staff here at dublin high for students or teachers who need to talk and help coping with the tragedy. the district posted this banner here on social media and they're asking everyone to wear the boys' favorite color red today on campus to honor their memory with the hashtag long live mmj, being the first initial of each of the boy's names. the twin brothers mark and michael rista was killed christmas night when the sedan crossed the center line and went through a power pole and crash pd into a tree. along foothill road outside of pleasanton. two other people a cousin and
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another friend from dublin high were seriously hurt. the twins had gone out to help a friend. michael, one of the twins had to coax his mom on christmas day into letting them go saying something to the effect, come on mom, some of our friends are having a tough christmas day and wanted to help. the boys' mother tells us the teens were helping practice in preparation for their upcoming driver's license test. chp has not said yet what role, if any, that might have played in the crash. they do not believe that alcohol or drugs were involved. reporting live here outside of dublin high school, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> such young lives lost. very tragic. thank you, bob. 6:05, the future of 13,000 homes in contra costa county are hanging in the balance as a council decided whether the company this charge of redevelopment at the naval weapons station is meeting the labor requirements. now the city chose lennar building to oversee construction
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of the naval base but as part of the deal they have to use a certain amount of union labor but the company said it is too expensive. if the city votes against lennar building it will be out of the project and the city will have a new master builder. b.a.r.t.'s plan to bring on board a new team of ambassadors may get the green light on thursday when the examiner said b.a.r.t. directors will vote on funding the pilot program. if approved, b.a.r.t. would hire ten people to assist fellow riders on trains and if need be de-escalate confrontations. now they would not be armed. if b.a.r.t. approved the funding the program could debut next month. our investigative unit just finished a series taking an in-depth look at b.a.r.t. watch it on and alameda city leaders will consider banning disposal plastic in restaurants. it would include take -- takeout
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items. it would not go into effect until next year. they are meeting tonight at 7:00 to hear your feedback about the ban as well. new at 6:00 a.m., a big shake-up at the top of the one of the bay areas most powerful business groups. ceo of the leadership group is stepping down after 23 years. carl ordena announced he would lead the leadership group. the former hewlett-packard employee took back over in 1997 shortly after starting by hp co-founder david packard and will not sure what he will do next but confident the values and policies of the leadership group will remain. >> you can do right while doing good. so my passion for communities, especially the most vulnerable in our communities will continue and actually also been some of our greatest successes. >> well he's provided a lot of success along the long-running
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fundraisers, the turkey trot, the santa run and the salad bars for school runs. he said he'll stay on until a replacement is found. and the thing is carl and his family, they're always out there at those runs too. taking part. hopefully he'll enjoy a little r&r. hopefully so. that is an inspiration all that he's done so far. so let's check out our weather. and we're going to see some changes ahead as we go into the rest of the week. as this storm system moves closer to the bay area and then as we go into tonight we're going to see the rain starting to move into the north bay. hit-or-miss showers during the overnight hours for the rest of the bay area. tomorrow morning there could still be lingering rain along the coast but another wave of rain on thursday. and with all of this we're not expecting any really heavy downpours, but our rain chances will be going up as we go toward the end of the week and our best chance will be on thursday morning. and then clearing out by
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thursday afternoon. so more on this and a look at the rainfall totals coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're seeing more delays for hayward. that is right. and aside from the bay bridge toll plaza, that is assumed for a morning commute, we have three other spots to track closely. the north bay, no major problems. it is here, the sunol area where we're recovering from the earlier crash at mission and all lanes are cleared but slowing because of traffic out of dublin and livermore and pleasanton. this is the new crash reported southbound 880 and 92 and at niles, two crashes reported in those spots and we have one lane blocked, the fast lane in both cases. so stay to your right if you can. but that does get skewed by folks slowing down to take the off-ramp. be careful through hayward. 101 still a crash at oakland road and the build from capital, tapping the brakes past oakland road. back to you. it is 6:09. is snoring keeping your family up all night.
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up next on "today in the bay," a sneak peek at the consumer electronics show where a new contraption is promising to have everyone sound asleep all night long. and the san jose plan to make illegal granny units legal. we'll tell you about the amnesty program in the works. you're watching "today in the bay." trump: obamacare is a complete
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and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america.
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we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. good tuesday morning, right
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now it's 6:12 ready out of the door in pleasant hill. at the b.a.r.t. station, 35 degrees, but another mild day as we lead into some mid-50s for the early afternoon. and rain coming in later tonight for some of us. we'll talk more about that coming up in less than five minutes. right now you see the brake lights being tapped as we're heading over northbound 101 through san jose. interesting news about the tow truck there and in the san mateo bridge tough through the nimitz in hayward. talking about two crashes there. and good morning, i'm raw hall solomon and today's top business headlines. wall street set to open higher. stocks staging a u-turn yesterday to close at the highs of the session and the biggest come bark in three months. the dow had been down 200 points but closed up nearly 70 points. investors shrugging off concerns about the rising tensions in the
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middle east. on today's watch list, reports on the services sector and factory orders ant the trade deficit. two-thirds of car owners who use ride hailing services like uber or lyft would consider giving up personal vehicle over the next decade. a new survey that consumer satisfaction with ride hailing companies is very strong. that is due to reliable pickup and drofoff times. the vast majority of people expect to maintain or increase spending on ride hailing this year. now despite that, cust loyalty is illusive because more than half people switch between brands. and burger king will test a plant based sandwich later this month including a season sausage patty from impossible foods but it is not vegan because it does have eggs and american cheese. the test markets are savannah georgia, albuquerque, new mexico and lansing michigan and springfield, illinois. a recent report showed that 38%
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of diners are trying to add more plant-based food to their diet and of those 90% are are not vegetarian or vegan, just a lot of people in general are trying to add more plant-based options to their diet. seem to think it is healthy. >> they say they are going to do so. rahel, thank you so much. >> i don't know about the burger part. just go have a salad. happening today, this year's consumer electronics show officially opens in las vegas so that is our nbc bay area digital journalist jonathan bloom with full access inside of ces discovering the world's first green air-conditioning, alexa controlled shower head and a smart pillow. it promises to keep you from snoring by slowly turning your head position. there is plenty more. you could watch it all at >> a good elbow in your side might help that too. if you live in san jose and have a granny unit and not sure it is up to code, you may soon
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be able to get it legally approved without penalty. today san jose council members are expected to decide whether to create a two-year amnesty program. now under the proposed pilot program third party inspectors would assess property for zoning or safety or any health violations. some homeowners would get the opportunity to fix up the units to get them up to the code. others may see building permits, outstanding taxes and fees all waived. all right. so scott, how are you doing on the new year's resolutions. >> didn't make one. >> some are are doing better than others. in california, it is considered pretty golden in those resolutions. according to a new survey, out this morning are from wallet hub, it ranks the top cities for keeping your resolutions. and at the top of the list is san diego, san francisco came in third, san jose came in fifth. so at least we have some in the top there. the worst cities not even on our
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map, newark, new jersey, and gulfport, mississippi. gyms are certainly full right now. no parking, a lot of equipment taken these days but wait it out. by next month 80% of the people are revolutions to get in shape give up. 80%. >> that is crazy. >> wait, no. did you check to see if some people's resolution might be to quit their gym. >> stop paying all of that money. >> i think they say if you do something consistently for 21 days then it becomes a habit. >> in your brain. >> hang in there. >> a lot of people heading to the gym this morning. so we though it is going to be packed. it is also cold as you head out of the door so that might chase you back inside and like forget this. we have temperatures just above freezing in the north bay. we're at 33 degrees in napa. 34 in santa rosa. 35 in concord. and it is a cool start to the day as we go throughout the rest of the day it will start to feel better in danville getting the
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kids ready for school, you're walking out of the door to 34 degrees. but at least by recess it is starting to feel a little bit better. still wearing jackets and then as you head home it is in the mid-50s. eventually reaching 59 in antioch and palo alto as well as san jose. and oakland today reaching 58 degrees. you could see the seven-day forecast. it is up at the bottom of the screen. we'll see rain moving in as early as tonight as that storm system approaches from the north. scattered showers starting to move in. look at timeline. at 10:00 tonight and just starting to see that rain working its way into the bay area. and not all of us will see that rain. it could skip around some areas getting some light amounts and other areas nothing at all. we'll have a better chance of rain on thursday morning. and it is starting out early and starts to spread from north to south as we go through thursday morning at 6:00 we're seeing quite a bit of rain out there, at least as far as the coverage but as much as we're going to measure, only at about a tenth to about a quarter inch of rain.
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we're also watching out for another chance of showers in the forecast going into the weekend. and of course it is all about the timing because of the 49ers game we're going to have a lot of people sitting outside in the weather. we're going to see rain chances still remain over the bay area on saturday. but clearing out on sunday. with some much cooler temperatures, mid-50s, the morning hours is when we really feel it and next week on monday another chance of rain. mike, you're starting out with a look at the bay bridge. >> that is right. because a number of people through the area, you have to give them a reference. i haven't shown it for a while. to big drama here. just had the metering lights turned on and for a tuesday that back-up is not bad. still building up folks back from vacation. so the contra costa county drive this quadrant of the east bay moving just fine. the other part of the east bay, that is a problem. that is the nimitz. a crash 880 at 92 andal al var ado and both through hayward blocking the fast lane and that
6:20 am
is causing a back-up congestion to the san mateo bridge slowing on the flat section. over here the mission scales cleared from the southbound side of 680 just slow through the corridor once it starts it doesn't recover from the morning and in the south bay north 101, the crash not reported cleared i'm seeing a smoother drive from oakland, slow from 680 to 880. back to you. 6:20. thank you very much, mike. a man tried to kidnap a little boy at knife point and how he got away next. plus everything getting a little price iyer these days including giving birth. how much it now costs to have that bundle of joy. but first, nbc bay area responds. >> a guy with a refrigerator problem asked us to call a satellite tv provider for a refund. you know what? we did. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura and i'll explain why when nbc bay area responds next.
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nbc bay area responds to a san mateo man who asked us for help with a frig and a satellite tv provider. >> for the same problem. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to explain how they're all connected. >> good morning. we were confused when we saw a case involving a frig and satellite tv. well it turns out some dish network technicians also do appliance repair for samsung as was the case.
6:24 am
a new frig where it split into four pieces and at the bottom it was leaking and he wanted a replacement frig from samsung plus a refund of the dish to previous repair work. so we contacted samsung and dish and worked it out and got repair work of $211 and a new frig for total $3,151. hats off to him. he kept a detailed long of everything going on including photos in a made it easy for us and the companies, we highly recommend detailed record keeping when you are troubleshooting a high ticket item like a $3,000 frig. call us at 888-996-tips or visit >> thanks, chris. 6:24 now. a close call for a 7-year-old vacaville boy who was nearly kidnapped yesterday afternoon when he was walking toward his guardian's car when a man held a
6:25 am
knife to the child's face and told him to do to a nearby location. instead the boy ran off. police tracked down a person of interest matching the description the boy gave but they let that person go. police plan to ramp up patrols in the area today. having a baby is being more expensive. it is according to a new study in the health affairs journal. it said out of pocket costs for maternity and child birth care with over $4,000, up $1,000 in the last decade. social media reunited a family to appreciate memories. >> jim mckay bought an old vcv tape at a goodwill and when he popped it up and it was video of a baby's first steps in 1994. so he went on viral manhunt to find the boy in the video. he found him and posted it on facebook last sunday that he found the little boy who is now
6:26 am
of course not little. he's 26 years old. >> how appreciate. to see that again. that is cool. it is 6:that. coming up next, all new overnight, more than a dozen people out in the cold this morning after a fire at a south bay apartment complex. up next, what witnesses say they heard right before the fire began. plus facebook announcing overnight a major ban on some videos, youtube making changes as well as to what kids will see online. we'll tell you about the new rules coming up in a live report. and the talk is building up to build a new richmond-san rafael bridge and why the price may make some think twice. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, an overnight fire ripping through a south bay apartment building sending families out into the cold. plus growing tourism concerns in san francisco. the new steps city leaders are trying to take to keep high-profile conventions heading there. a good tuesday morning to you. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. let's start with a live look across the bay area. you have san jose and san francisco and walnut creek a chilly start as you head out the door this morning. >> kari hall is timing out that tuesday forecast for us. >> we're starting out with clear sky and also temperatures in the upper
6:30 am
upper 30s and through the day this weather system will bring us a chance of rain as early as tonight for the north bay. as we go hour-by-hour, most of the afternoon is looking good. a few more clouds moving in. but then by 9:00 to 10:00 we see the waves of rain starting to move from north to south and some of us may not get the rain at all. but we'll see the scattered showers continuing through early tomorrow. then another wave on thursday. so we'll talk about about more of how much rain we're going to measure, that is coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're saying the problems are not at the bay bridge. >> no. but they are north to south. here north heading out of san leandro through hayward and union city at south 880 a crash blocking the two left lanes. the crash cleared at 92 and smooth through the area but still jamming up into fremont. once you get floor fremont you're okay. the south bay, tipping off early slowing and that sticks around including off of 84. that is a tough drive past the
6:31 am
ge plant and the merger with 680. north 101 a crash in san jose and the build from capital expressway northbound. back to you. breaking news out of puerto rico. one death this morning from a strong earthquake, the 6.4 quake hit just before 4:30 local time. striking just off the southern coast of the island. one of a series of quakes over the last 24 hours. including a 6.0 after shock which hit a few hours after the 6.4. leaders there say a 77-year-old man died when a wall collapsed and there are reports of heavy damage to some roads and buildings. 6:31. new overnight in santa clara county, 17 people including five children out of their homes this morning after a fire in gilroy. happened a little bit midnight at an apartment building along can kelton drive not too far from santa teresa boulevard. fire crews say it was confined
6:32 am
to a bedroom inside one of the apartment units. one person who lived across the street heard an explosion and ran out to see what happened. >> we just saw smoke coming up and it was huge. we saw, it looked red. it didn't look like fire, it was just red smoke. >> the good news here, no one was hurt. but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. facebook making some changes that will affect what you see in your feed and there will be changes on youtube for the kids. if you're thinking it is about time, you're not the only one. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with the changes from menlo park. good morning. >> reporter: hi, there, scott. as you know facebook has faced criticism for allowing false information to live on its site and also for not taking down those so-called deep fakes that are out there just to deceive people. i want to show you some examples
6:33 am
of the deep fake videos. they're videos that have been manipulated to mislead people. facebook will now remove video that has been edited to make it seem like someone said something that they actually didn't. they'll also remove video that uses artificial intelligence to replace parts of the video to make it look authentic. facebook said this won't apply to silly videos or satire but to content that is in tended to trick people. as for the pelosi video which you might remember was slowed down to plaque it seemed like she was slurring her words it may continue to live on facebook because the policy is narrowly constructioned according to "the washington post." youtube is making policy changes today to the privacy policy after settling with federal regulators for violating rules on collecting data from minors. here is -- going forward there will be no targeted ads in videos created for children. the comments section turned off for kid videos as well as live chats and here is how the head
6:34 am
of common sense media is receiving that. >> more that you're able to talk with your kids about using good judgment on youtube the better. and the fact that they're no longer the comments and chats and other things that could veer into the wrong direction is a positive step. >> reporter: common sense media has a whole section on how parents could better manage kids' youtube experience at my link. >> chris, thank you. so between now and the end of the week, conditions are are expected to worsen for firefighters in the front lines in the wildfires across australia having such a tough fight there. the recent rain and cooler temperatures are providing a bit of relief. but take a look at the region there. it almost looks like a tornado ripped through the area. it was a firenado that devastated large swaths of homes
6:35 am
and billings. two people have died. 2,000 homes are destroyed. the capital shrouded in smoke. the city is considered to have the worst air quality anywhere in the world. they're now handing out breathing masks. you see people with them there. now amidst the heartbreak of so much wildlife that has been killed, coup ala's and kangaroos, a law enforcement officer in new south wales handing out his water bottle to a kangaroo that is apprehensive but needed the water. it is believed millions of animals have died as a result of these fires. 6:35. back here at home. it is happened again. another vehicle targeted along the troubled part of 101 earned its nickname projectile alley. nobody was hurt, but driver's window was shattered.
6:36 am
68th projekts i'll to be thrown or shot at cars within the last pew months. the video you're seeing here with the previous incidents, you saw a school bus. the chp offering a $14,000 reward to find out who is responsible. scary moments in san francisco caught on camera. this is an suv full of burglar kwi suspects speeding down union street slamming into a ticket citation vehicle after the crash the suspects took off. police say that started a foot chase. witnesses say they saw the man hop fences and go on room to haves before police tracked them down. >> it took them a while to catch them because they were hiding. >> he saw them go up the back staircase and thought that we were getting robbed but they were just trying to run from the cops. >> pardon me. parking control officer expected to be okay. later, the san francisco tourist industry is making it clear that when it comes to conventions the city is still
6:37 am
open for business. the heat is on since oracle will host its huge conference in las vegas. the san francisco dirty streets lists as one of the reasons why. the city this week hosting a convention planners convention ironically enough, the chronicle reported the sf tourism bureau is actively wooing convention planners on benefits of the mass coney center. state assemblyman trying to drum up support for a richmond-san rafael bridge. mark levine tells the chronicle the crumbling from the current bridge, the upper deck, is a sign a new bridge is needed. he believes the bridge may not survive a massive quake. he wants to get new design plans in the pipeline while caltrans decides if it is time for a new structure. now, i don't like the words crumbling and bridge together so i'll be listening.
6:38 am
looking at this traffic. it is jammed up. a lot of folks squeezed together. but it should see recovery north 101 in san jose. the crash at oakland road is cleared from the chp report and we do see the sensors starting to improve from red to orange thousand faster but more build coming off the 85 split. jamming up there off 101, 87 and 101 slowing toward capital expressway. so there you go. that is the south bay. the commute is back in that portion. it stuck around for sunol, 680 southbound out of pleasanton slow after the crash kicked off at mission boulevard. on the left side you see south 880 at alvarado blocking the fast lane and that is a slow drive out of hayward and union city. the rest of the bay looking good including the toll plaza but you do have the metering lights on and a commute again. >> and maybe some friends. >> yes. >> the whole hand. hello. >> that is key. we're excited about the
6:39 am
49ers game this weekend. but we may not be so excited there could be showers coming through in time for the game. now if you're going just be prepared, bring the poncho and also warm clothes. but overall we're going to have a great time out there. kickoff is at is at 1:35. our teams will reach 56 degrees and the timing together over the next couple of days. but it looks all dry on sunday for the inland areas, high temperatures into the upper 50s. for san francisco cooler there as well as some breezy winds and temperatures ome reaching the low 50s. going hiking this weekend, going to muir woods, friday and sunday is looking good. saturday is the day to see scattered showers moving through. going up to lake shasta, also maybe tricky with the travel as we see a mix of rain and snow in the forecast and temperatures cooling off as the weekend goes along going it from 46 to 40.
6:40 am
and in napa valley this weekend, looks like a great place to be. with some upper 50s on friday and saturday is when we could see once again the rain chances coming by on sunday we're in the mid-50s there. if your travel plans take you to l.a., expect it to be in the mid-60s. on the cool side but the weather there is dry. let me know where you are this weekend on at kari hall weather. we'll talk about our temperature trend in about three minutes. sounds good. 6:40 now. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," amid the california housing crisis, a renewed push to build more homes near transit hubs. we'll explain how two homeless mothers in a battle over a vacant home have been enlisted in lawmakers' efforts. and it is a first for the bay area. a school named after the former first lady michelle obama. we'll tell you where next. out to the big board. as gold and oil get more expensive as people worry about
6:41 am
war. the dow industrials falled 105 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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call today. comcast business. beyond fast. right now it is 6:43. we are a clear start to the day but also chilly. so if you're about to head out to the dirra done station, bundle up. low 40s in san jose but leading into upper 50s this afternoon. by tonight the system brings us rain. i'll time it out for you coming up in about five minutes.
6:44 am
our partners at waze show about a 17 to 20 minute delay by the time you leave your house through san leandro and through union city. a tough drive through the nimitz and we'll talk about what else is developing. a new push to bring more housing to the bay area. >> it started later today when local leaders are trying to throw support behind a long debated plan. sharon katsuda joins us live in millbrae to tell us why this time around the plan has a good chance to pass. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. well b.a.r.t. plans to build more housing on this site but it would take away 600 parking spaces and that is the type of controversy that surrounded this bill. now throughout the state cities are grappling with how to provide more housing and in their communities and face a state mandate to do so. "the los angeles times" reported that that is why many local leaders are still considering sb 50 which addressed california's 3.5 million home shortage by
6:45 am
increasing zone density and legalizing apartment building and affordable housing near public transportation and job centers. in millbrae public transit riders worry new housing will bring more congestion. >> even when i get off work and try to get back out on to el camino, it is sometimes like a 10, 15 minute wait already. so with the additional housing going to be built over here probably it will make the whole situation worse. >> reporter: in post local meetings sb 50 has faced opposition by leaders in san francisco who say the bill benefits development and not enough owe fordable housing. and the rally to support sb 50 will take place at oakland city hall this morning at sock. live in millbrae, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. a potential set back for the white house and its plans to
6:46 am
send mexican asylum-seekers to guatemala while court cases play out in america. reuters said mexico is rejecting that proposal and looking for better options. homeland security wants to implement the plan first to approved last summer to allow asylum-seekers to apply for protection in guatemala which critics point out is more dangerous than mexico. new legal troubles for disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein as his criminal trial starts playing out in new york city. prosecutors in los angeles yesterday charging him with sexual assault and rape tied to two incidents involving separate women back in 2013. in new york, meanwhile, jury selection begins today for his criminal trial. weinstein faces sexual assault charges tied to two women in cases seven years apart. he said in each case the sex was consensual. a southern california judge signed off on a $215 million class-action settlement involving a former usc gynecologist facing criminal
6:47 am
charges. the settlement covers 18,000 women who were all patients of george tyndall. he pleaded not guilty last summer to criminal sexual assault charges including 16 patients over seven years. the settlement approved yesterday will provide about $2,500 to all former patients. compensation could go up to a quarter million dollars to anyone who was abused. a warning if you have been up to tahoe recently, a fuel mix-up at a safeway gas station. >> safeway said premium unleaded fuel bought along lake tahoe boulevard in south lake tahoe between december 30th and january 2nd may be contaminated with diesel. auto repair shop owners say timing is everything. the longer you leave that gas in your car, the more problems you'll have. >> my neighbors actually had to have the car towed out of the complex because the car wouldn't start. >> safeway didn't say what caused the issue but will review
6:48 am
any refund claims. another bill is being proposed to help the environment, i should say. it is called the california bottle bill to encourage more sites to drop off recyclables. it has decreased 10% in recent years. the backers say people are having a hard time finding places to take their recyclables. 6:48. parents want to rename a school in richmond after michelle obama. a committee will meet on thursday to consider that request and hear public input. the committee will meet a second time to discuss that name change later this month. trending this morning at 6:48, she might on the charts but lizzo is not 100% on board with twitter. ♪ >> so she blaming it on the trolls this time. the singer is quitting the
6:49 am
social media site for now. she does promise her followers she'll come back to the social media site, quote, when i feel like it. we did a check this morning and her twitter page is still up. >> she didn't know that twitter is where the trolls hang out. they do. >> i got one that was so terrible. i printed it out and it is hanging on the side of my cubicle because it is so funny. >> inspirational. dare we ask what it is. >> i'll go by and check. go by. >> the tweets that people send to us. people are pretty nice. >> in general. so i think everyone is on board with this weather. it is starting out cool but later today it does turn out to be a really nice day. and as we take a live look outside in san francisco. >> you really can't beat this view as the sun rises, you could see the light reflecting on the buildings there. so if you are about to head out for school this morning, walking it is going to be in the mid-40s so make sure you're wearing some
6:50 am
extra layers and mostly sunny skies throughout today. as temperatures head toward 56 degrees. upper 50s expected for the north bay and inland east bay down to the south bay. now we are going to see some changes into the next few days as this storm system approaches and moved from north to south and arrived in the north bay by tonight. let's time it out. so most of the day we're dry, just seeing more clouds. here we are at 11:00 tonight and that is when the rain starts to move in. it is very spotty. in fact some of us will not get any of that rain at all. in other areas during the overnight hours, it is just enough to wet the streets. and make things a little slick for the morning commute. then going into thursday, another wave of rain coming in but it does look more widespread. but overall it is pretty light with the couple of days of rain only looking at about a tenth to quarter of an inch of rain for most of the bay area. our seven-day forecast also stayed cool with our inland areas at 60 today. upper 50s tomorrow and another chance of rain on thursday.
6:51 am
dry on friday but then we'll be watching the timing of that rain on saturday for the 49ers game. and we are also going to have some cool temperatures in san francisco on saturday only reaching 53 degrees. >> and i'm sure it is about the storms headed to tahoe maybe this weekend as well. i know you were there last week. >> last week i was there. there wasn't a lot of snow at lake level. but as you go up innel valgs -- in elevation, snowmobiling at 7,000 feet had a decent snow pack. statewide average at 83% of normal which is better than last year at this time. we were at 63% of mormal with the first snow measurement. but we ended the season at 201%. so even though we started out with not a lot of snow, we did see it really pick up. and right now we're seeing some of the melting, some of it is sublimation straight from snow to a gas and 85% of the snow filled the reservoir that gives
6:52 am
the bay area its supply of the water. and then as we look at statewide, 60% of that water from the sierra, that snow melt supplies the rest of the state. now think about it, last week when they did that survey, they said it was at 97%. so just in five days we've lost is a -- 15%. so that is something i'm watching. and mike, the morning commute is looking good. >> we wish we could lose the commute. i have a lighter commute. but it is returning from the last couple of weeks of vacation patterns. here at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is a tuesday. cash lanes over here on the left approaching great and the fast track which is moving. both great signs for a tuesday. folks are easing into the week as you return back from many vacations, fun vacations i hope. walnut creek interchange starting to see slowing and the same thing with the caldecott approach on 24, east shore west
6:53 am
80 a new crash reported everything is out of lanes but i'll track that. this is interesting, eastbound a crash blocking three lanes but such a big distraction that westbound slowed out of pittsburg toward willow pass road. it looks like things are starting to clear up and they must have cleared the last of the vehicles from the fast lane, closest to the center divide. still throw through the tri-valley. 680 south clearing into sunol and fremont. 880 southbound crash cleared at alvarado an the crash at 92 tieing up through hayward but not so bad for the east bay. south bay typical. back to you. 6:53 now. a tokyo museum unveiling official art posters ahead of the olympic and paralympic games. several artists created 20 works of art. don't forget is your home for the summer games in foek tokyo. the games begin july 24th.
6:54 am
breaking news overnight, strong earthquakes strike puerto rico. what daylight is revealing about the damage. dublin high school students this morning returning from the holidays with heff cy hearts. how the school plans to support them after the death of three classmates on a christmas night crash. and brand-new this morning, he's led dozens of fundraisers, raising thousands for charities in the south bay. carl gaudino stepping down this morning. he speaks collusively with us about his future plans. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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. welcome back. before you head out of the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." we have breaking news out of puerto rico. at least one death from a strong earthquake, 6.4 quake hit before 4:30 local time just off the southern coast and this is one of the series of quakes over the last 24 hours. including a 6.0 after shock which hit a few hours after the 6.4. a 77-year-old person died when a wall collapsed. there were reported of heavy damage to some roads and buildings is. much more on the quake's coming up on the "today" show in a few minutes. a live look this morning, dublin high school where this morning students will return to class for the first time since three classmates were killed in a car crash on christmas day.
6:58 am
twin brothers mark and michael urista and their friend javier ramirez were killed when the car they were in crashed into a tree. district counselors will be on hand and the students are asked to be red, the boys' favorite color in their memory. looking at other top stories this morning. >> new this hour, we have a big shake-up at world's -- at the bay area's powerful business group. the leadership ceo stepping down after 23 years. we're talking about carl guardino speaking to nbc bay area. as he announced he would leave the leadership group. the former hewlett-packard employee took over in 1997 shortly after it was started by hp co-founder david packard is not sure what he'll do next but confident the values and policies of the leadership group will remain. >> you can do right while doing
6:59 am
good. so my passion for communities, especially the most vulnerable in our communities will continue. and they've actually also been some of the greatest successes. >> he's been very dedicated among the long-running local fundraisers started by carl. the silicon valley turkey trot and santa ron and salad bars for schools run. guardino will stay on until his replacement is found. a quick check of the weather and traffic out of the door at 6:59. >> it is cold this morning. but it turns out to be a nice day and then we'll see the rain returning to the bay area by tomorrow. >> what about the morning commute. >> we have a slow stretch through the east bay, two stretches, tri-valley and east bay. everything is moving smoothly. 880 recover i from a crash, slow out of san leandro and slow through pleasanton and 84. >> bunding up out of the door. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live update.
7:00 am
>> and at 11:00 as well as we leave with you that beautiful shot. have a great tuesday. good morning. breaking news, a deadly stampede in iran, as millions flood the treats for the burial of the general killed by a u.s. drone strike. overnight, new threats of retaliation against america, while the u.s. issues major, new warnings to all ships in the region. in washington, the president defending the attack. key leaders in congress, set to be briefed on the escalating tensions in l.a. we're live at the white house and in iraq. breaking overnight, puerto rico rocked by the


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