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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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leave with you that beautiful shot. have a great tuesday. good morning. breaking news, a deadly stampede in iran, as millions flood the treats for the burial of the general killed by a u.s. drone strike. overnight, new threats of retaliation against america, while the u.s. issues major, new warnings to all ships in the region. in washington, the president defending the attack. key leaders in congress, set to be briefed on the escalating tensions in l.a. we're live at the white house and in iraq. breaking overnight, puerto rico rocked by the strongest earthquake in decades.
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the latest on the series of quakes in recent days. heavy damages and massive power outages reported. live reports just ahead. ready to talk. a bombshell reversal, from the president's former national security adviser. why john bolton says he's prepared to testify at the impeachment trial. those stories, plus, the new charges against harvey weinstein in los angeles, as his criminal trial begins in new york. race against time, a race to save the animals in the wild of -- that are ravaging that country. >> it hurts. it hurts. and big changes for youtube. the major overhaul rolled out for videos made for children. what your kids won't see when they log in. today, tuesday, january 7th, 2020. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. a busy news morning it is. we're going to get right to our top story. huge crowds in iran for the funeral of the country's most powerful general. so fact it led to a stampede that led officials to postpone that funeral. we have in depth coverage from washington to the middle east. we're going to start with richard engel in iraq this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. killed the head of iranian black ops, now, u.s. agencies are bracing for some kind of reprisal, issuing numerous warnings, including this latest one to u.s. shipping. while in iran, the formal period of mourning is coming to an end. soleimani, the iranian general,
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killed by a drone strike, by president trump was brought to his hometown this morning, for burial. iranian state tv reports, that dozens were killed in a stampede that broke out at the funeral. amid the crushing sea of mourners, the head of iran's revolutionary guard making explicit threats saying, we will our enemies we will retaliate. but if they take another action, we will set ablaze the places they like and are passionate about. president trump putting up threats of his own. if iran does retaliate, it would be disproportionate. and even against cultural sites. but his defense secretary, acknowledging the laws of war. prohibit attacks on iconic cultural heritage. the u.n. secretary-general, says he hasn't seen the world so full of risk. >> geopolitical tension hes are at their highest level this century and disturbances are
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escalating. >> reporter: overnight, the department of homeland security, issued a general warning, that iran could respond with cyber attacks, improvised bombs, drones, attacks on civilians or use one of its armed proxies. around the u.s. or around the globe. nothing specific. but a clear expression of concern. the americans are sending in troops as reinforcements. in baghdad, troops are hunkering down in training missions and spreading confusion. the pentagon last night, scrambled to correct a letter that strongly suggested all u.s. forces would be leaving iraq for onward movement. defense officials say it was poorly worded and a mistake, saying only a few hundred trainers and administrative personnel are leaving baghdad for safer areas. mainly in kuwait. and this morning in baghdad, a large mural of qasem soleimani
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is now hanging from an apartment building facing the u.s. embassy. so u.s. officials literally coming face to face with the man they ordered to be killed. >> richard, perhaps surprising news out of israel and prime minister netanyahu, close ally of the president, and his reaction to the killing of general soleimani. >> netanyahu has long called for action to be taken against iran. so far, israel has been quiet. and netanyahu told his cabinet that israel had nothing to do with this action. that it was american action taken alone. and that israel does not want to get dragged into it. savannah? >> richard engel in the region for us, thank you. the president is defending that strike. and democrats are defending more answers. the white house is set to brief congressional leaders today. peter alexander picks up the story there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is the fundamental challenge at the heart of the president's argument here.
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for years, insisting that the intelligence agencies are not to be trusted. and now asking americans to believe, without seeing the evidence, those very same agencies that iran's top general posed an imminent threat. president trump justifying a decision to order a military strike killing qasem soleimani, saying he was the number one terrorist in the world. >> this should have been done the last 15, 20 years. we're safer because of taking him out. >> reporter: many americans remain unconvinced, including house committee chairman, adam schiff. >> i'm not at all confident that this was the right decision. i think it was a very dangerous roll of the dice by the president. >> reporter: schiff telling nbc news that the house should hold public hearings on soleimani's death and its ripple effects. >> why we're sending troops stott region, what the prospects of war are, they seem to be
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increased. >> reporter: later today, the top congressional leaders, the so-called gang of eight. soleimani posed an imminent threat. >> if this president did not act with those facts before him, that would be negligent. >> reporter: democrats are pushing for a resolution that would require the president seek congressional approval before taking further military action. >> every member of congress should vote and be accountable for the question of whether another war in the middle east is a good idea. >> reporter: the senate's top republican accusing democrats of politicizing national security. >> some of our colleagues rushed to blame our own government before even knowing the facts. and rushed to downplay soleimani's evil while presenting our own president as the villain. >> peter, what is expected this afternoon at the congressional briefing? >> yes, savannah, the top congressional leaders will be briefed on iran. they will ask a lot of questions about that intelligence, the administration's assertion this
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was an imminent threat. while the house and senate will get their own briefings tomorrow from top trump administration officials, including the secretaries of defense and state as well as the head of the cia. savannah? >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you, peter. >> craig now joins the table. another big dispute in washington. >> yes, good morning. lawmakers are also at odds over what comes next in the impeachment showdown. while they remain deadlocked over a senate trial, a potential bombshell witness now says he's prepared to testify if he's subpoenaed. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has more on that story. good morning. >> that potential bombshell witness -- and good morning to you -- is john bolton, and if he testifies, it could be a game-changer. he's the former national security adviser who has firsthand knowledge of the ukraine controversy that first launched the impeachment inquiry. what witnesses say he described as a drug deal but the question this morning, will americans
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ever hear from him? this morning former national security adviser john bolton back in the spotlight after a dramatic reversal monday, announcing he is prepared to testify if subpoenaed by the senate. bolton had initially refused to testify, saying it was up to a judge to decide. bolton, who left the white house in september, witnessed key moments related to the issue at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. the president's decision to withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for ukraine investigating the bidens. top democrats insisting bolton's testimony is critical, and they argue, any attempt by republicans to block him is a cover-up. >> what are you hiding, president trump? what are you afraid of, president trump? >> and while most republicans oppose hearing from bolton, insisting their role is not to relaunch another investigation -- >> house democrats are treating impeachment like a political toy. >> reporter: at least one republican senator, mitt romney, said he wants to hear from the
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former national security adviser. >> i ultimately expect i want to hear from john bolton. he has firsthand information and i think that's something i would like to hear. >> reporter: democrats argue the fact bolton may testify validates the strategy of delaying the articles of impeachment, which house speaker nancy pelosi said she's doing until the terms of the senate trial are fair. >> without a doubt, you know, have we rushed to a trial, i don't think we would have seen bolton come forward the way he did. >> reporter: during a radio interview monday the president did not mention bolton gut instead took aim at the democrats and the process. >> the reason they're upset is they're a joke. there are not crimes. there's nothing there. >> reporter: now the reality check here, it's not clear the republican-led senate will subpoena bolton to testify. and in order to bring him in as a witness, four republicans would need to vote with republicans and it's not clear they have those votes, craig? >> kristen welker from the white house, thank you.
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and another story breaking overnight. a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks have rocked puerto rico. damage and one death is being reported. sam brock joins us with the very latest from there. hey, sam. >> hoda, good morning. officials with the usgs say this morning's earthquake, which struck about 4:30 local time is the largest in a series of earthquakes that struck the island. they're calling the it main shock, all from the same location, part of the same sequence. officials say we're not really going to know the extent of the damage until the sun comes up today but we just confirmed a 77-year-old person has died when the walls came crashing down and at least two other people are injured. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, hitting puerto rico this morning, five miles of the southwestern coast. it's the largest quake to hit the region since 1970. the power authority tweeting that one of the power plants is
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damaged. its aftershocks are being felt this morning. it's the strongest series of quakes striking the u.s. the territory in the last week. puerto rico. this morning's quake comes one day after a 5.8 magnitude tremor struck on monday, causing power outages, collapsing home and creating small landslides. and destroying popular tourist landmarks, such as a stone arch hailed for its natural wonder on the island. this series of quakes come as the island is still recovering from hurricane marie in 2017, the electrical grid in puerto rico still fragile since that storm, which shredded the island apart, becoming one of the worst natural disasters in u.s. history. and the united states national tsunami warning center said there's no threat of a tsunami this morning. the governor of puerto rico saying all nonessential
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employees are from the government are excused from work today. >> sam brock, thank you. now, to the desperate fight of the wildfires tearing through australia. we'll show you a map and show you where the fires are burning. 130 burn right now. this has led the u.s. to send additional help. and meanwhile, the largest funding campaign in facebook's history is under way. janice mackie is in australia for us. good morning. >> savannah, good morning. more american firefighters will reach here tomorrow to join these fires. where we are, there's not a hint of green left in this forest. you can see the trees are still kicking off embers and extreme conditions are set to return. that's a worry about people who are exhausted by this crisis but it's a disaster for wildlife and animals. he and wandered from the trees, disoriented, the young koala got
7:14 am
a drink from a young truck driver and firefighter. the animals are facing an unprecedented threat. >> sadly that leaves all populations almost devoid of almost any members. it's going to be a really bigger problem as time goes by the way the fires are continuing and the wildlife continue to be dissipated. >> reporter: the images are heart breaking, the iconic koalas and kangaroos fleeing the plains. >> thirsty. >> reporter: survivors left to scrounge for food and water, people doing what they can to help. chad staples, a zoo director, used buckets of water to keep flames away from the animals and sheltered dozens of smaller species inside his house. >> the animals couldn't protect themselves, they had no one. so that gave you that drive. that gave you a little extra to keep going. >> reporter: australia has always had wildfires but this
7:15 am
year's started earlier and spread along the coast and inland to mountain forests and vast parks. scientists point to rising temperatures to climate change increasing waves and droughts here, creating extreme conditions for fires that could wipe out species of plants and animals completely. across the worst-hit state here, volunteers work as wildlife care caregivers. animals come here to recovery but will struggle to return to habitats that are destroyed. >> it's not their fault for the climate change and what humans have done to the globe. they're the ones suffering the most. >> reporter: authorities today charged 24 people with deliberately setting fires. now temperatures are set to rise again over the next couple of days. the wind is always cairn and there is no sign of rain in the forecast here. so those are all of the conditions that people have come to dread. guys?
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>> thank you so much. time for our first check of the weather. al is off today so dave price from wnbc is here filling in. hey, dave, good morning. >> nice to see you. i just came by for a free cup of coffee but happy to help out. 19 million people will be impacted by winter weather advisories from virginia to west virginia tonight northeast into southern new jersey. rain, mix of snow and ice at the highest elevations is what we are dealing with. let's talk about what we can expect heading into the rest of the day. this is a fast mover that heads out into the atlantic. rain will change over to wet snow in spots. keep that in mind. rolling over tomorrow is a coastal low that will intensify and push out into the atlantic. once it leaves we're talking strong winds and lake-effect snow. some of the heaviest snow accumulations, by the way, will be right along the great lakes and into the upper u.p. of michigan. that's a quick in our national maps.
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in 30 seconds we'll have a check of your local weather. nt marshmallow out! (delivery man) he slimed me. (janine) tissue? (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to see a cold front approaching into the evening. a new storm system bringing in spotty showers starting in the north bay later on tonight. we are dry for most of today as temperatures reach into the upper 50s. but then into tonight we see some off-and-on rain for parts of the bay area. and a better chance of rain on thursday morning as our temperatures stay in the upper 50s for highs. we're also watching out for another chance of showers on
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saturday in time for the 49ers game. >> that's a quick look at the weather. >> dave, thank you so much still to come, new details on the rape and sexual assault charges on harvey weinstein. now, it's in los angeles and the potential impact of th on his criminal trial, which is happening right here today in new york plus, we'll take a closer look at major changes on youtube when it comes to videos for your kids do they go far enough to keep your children safe what all parents need to know. but first, this is "today" on
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7:26, good morning, i'm scott mcgrew. an overnight fire ripped through a south bay apartment building sending families out to cold. a little after midnight in gilroy and an apartment building not too far from santater earsa boulevard. and 17 people including five children are out of their homes. it would have been worse. nobody was hurt and own of the five units is unin habitable. chilly out there. let's check in with kari. the day will change into the afternoon with more clouds moving in and temperatures now
7:27 am
in the upper 5030 -- the 30s and low 50s. we'll see clouds by this afternoon. rain holding off until tonight and we'll is he it first in the north bay by 10:00, 11:00, spreading into the rest of the bay area with a quick shower moving through and some may miss out and another round moving through quickly as we head toward thursday morning and then clearing out by thursday evening. we are dry on friday. but we're also watching out for some morning showers on saturday that could continue into the 49ers game. we'll be fine tuning the timing of that over the next few days. mike, how are the roads moving. >> we do have a return for the morning commute. i'm circling high 4, a crash from the eastbound side and the orange highlighting where the fog is reporting through highway 4. south 880 a crash, may be a new one toward fremont and alvarado niles and slow through pleasanton for south 680 and may
7:28 am
be a new crash around burnell and the commute northbound for 87 into downtown. back to you. >> we'll have more local news coming up in half an hour. we'll see you then.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. three, two, one, zero. ignition. liftoff. >> off they go. 7:30, now. a histoqassem soleimani qassem soleimani test ignition liftoff. >> off they go 7:30, now. a historic launch at cape canaveral overnight. the first for the space force, the newly minted sixth branch of the military carrying 60 satellites into orbit. and a snicker's bar. and a snicker's bar. now, your headlines on a tuesday morning. the funeral of qassem soleimani, th iranian general, was postponed after dozens of people were killed in a stampede in a
7:31 am
funeral possession president trump doubling down on his threats, saying if iran has a response, it could be disproportionate with strikes inside iran a 93-year-old las vegas man is facing attempted murder charges after police say he shot a maintenance worker because he was upset over water damage and fl flooding in his apartment. that was caught on surveillance video. the police storm in and take the man into custody the maintenance working is recovering from nonlife threatening injuries firefighters in london had their hands full overnight, knocking down flames at the cocoa nightclub. over the yeers years the venue has hosted big names in music, like madonna, prince, kanye. it was being refurbished and covered in scaffolding an investigation to see what caused the fire is under way now, for the latest on harvey weinstein
7:32 am
his criminal trial continues today in new york. and in l.a., new sex crime charges filed against weinstein. stephanie gosk is watching this for us steph, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the announcement catching a lot of people by surprise in los angeles. the charges in l.a., forcible rape and battery in convicted he faces up to 28 years in prison. but beyond time behind bars, this new case means if he's acquitted here in new york, he won't be off the hook. this morning, a new case against harvey weinstein >> we believe the evidence will show that the defendant used his power and influence to gain access to his victims and committed violent crimes against them >> reporter: the charges in los angeles, connected to two incidents in 2013. prosecutors say weinstein raped a woman after pushing his way inside her hotel room. and then, the next night, sexually assaulted another woman in a beverly hills hotel suite
7:33 am
>> it was very challenging to get those victims to open up and tell us what they needed to tell us >> reporter: weinstein hasn't commented but previously said all of his sexual encounters were consensual. before the new charges were announced, his legal team questioned the l.a. prosecutor's next move. >> the timing would be suspect mr. weinstein is looking to getting this case out of the way. >> reporter: his other accusers, celebrating the news, including caitlin delaney. >> it feels like justice >> reporter: who says weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1996 >> it justifies our bravery and courage for speaking out it justifies everything we went
7:34 am
through. >> reporter: neither woman linked to the l.a. charges, has revealed her identity. one is set to testify in the new york trial to help prosecutors demonstrate what they say is weinstein's pattern of sexual abuse. a trial that is now officially under way, weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges, including rape, connected to allegations from two other women. fellow accusers, not part of the criminal trial, stood in solidarity monday, outside of court. >> while the emotion of the day runs high, i join the brave women that are harmed by harvey weinstein, to say, we aren't going anywhere >> dear, harvey, no matter what lies you tell yourself, you did this today, lady justice is staring down a superpredator -- you. >> reporter: today, the attention turns to jury selection. >> we're here hoping to find and pick a fair jury we believe that will be possible we would like to remind everyone that in this great country, you're innocent until proven guilty >> reporter: weinstein can't appear in court in los angeles until the case in new york is
7:35 am
complete the judge needs to decide if weinstein will remain out on bail since prosecutors in l.a. filed an arrest warrant. prosecutors are still there investigating allegations from three other women. >> stephanie, thank you. megan twohey broke the story, in her book, "she said. good morning to you. it was stunning. and the timing, the very day that the new york trial is getting under way, here comes l.a. with two serious charges. is that a coincidence of timing? >> it certainly was stunning and what we know is one of the women in the l.a. charges, the woman in the underlying rape allegation, had reported to the l.a. police in october of 2017 it's been over two years that they had that particular case. why are they bringing the
7:36 am
charges now? we can't answer that with certainty. we know that weinstein's defense team had suggested that if additional charges were brought during the criminal trial, they might seek to use that as a reason to get the trial dismissed. >> let's talk about the two, new accusers that have come forward in the los angeles case. both are anonymous, is that right? >> right >> and i think -- you know the story better than i do, one of the most serious and disturbing allegations leveled against harvey weinstein >> that's right. she tells a story of meeting harvey weinstein at a film festival in beverly hills in 2013 and him showing up at her hotel room that night, uninvited, forcing himself into her room and really forcibly attacking her, pulling her hair, dragging her into a bathroom not just kind of coercion. but real, real force >> let's talk about how the cases play together. one of the accusers in the los
7:37 am
angeles case is also set to testify in the new york case to establish this pattern of predatory behavior that speaks to, presumibly, prosecutors think it's a strong account. >> that's what's so interesting about the l.a. charges, they provided us into a window of who one of the witnesses is going to be in the new york trial a lot of the victim witnesses are question marks going into the trial. we now know some of the details of that particular woman she alleges that she was assaulted by weinstein in 2013, the night after the woman claims she was raped in l.a she's got an interesting story that's recent. one of the things, are they going to ask jurors to go back 10 years, 20 years, or a more recent encounter and that's most significant about her allegation >> and one of the l.a. accusers, also, told others
7:38 am
contemporaneously, according to reports, often in rape cases, the outcry witnesses can bolste happened. and apparently l.a. investigators traveled an account >> that's right. the woman with the rape allegation in l.a., according to news reports, told three people she's from italy and living in italy at the time. she told three people, including a priest, about what allegedly happened and apparently l.a. investigators traveled to italy at the time she made this report in 2017, i think to gather up the witness statements >> we'll continue to watch it, especially with you, megan appreciate it. hoda and craig over to you >> thank you still ahead on a tuesday morning, a major overhaul to protect your children and their privacy on youtube we'll show you what kids will and will not see when they use the popular site that's after this.
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chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ "today's consumer. some major changes coming to youtube that will affect your child's privacy online >> vicky nguyen is joining us. a lot of parents will be paying attention to this one. >> yes, millions of kids watch youtube. now this morning when they log on to watch their favorite videos things will look different here's what you need to know to keep your family safe. ♪ baby shark >> reporter: youtube, one of the most popular video platforms for children, is doing away with key parts of its product, to protect the privacy of its viewers the new updates affecting any
7:43 am
video made specifically for kids, no matter who is watching it some features that will disappear, comments, live chats, push notification and the ability to save videos to a playlist all set to limit the collection of viewers' data and personal information. they are also getting rid of targeted ads based on users' browser history. >> there's no longer the comments and the chats and the things that can veer in a positive direction >> reporter: the overhaul coming after the parent company, google, agreed t pay a fine to the ftc, after regulators said the platform illegally profited on the children's data. since then, the site is requiring all to mark their content for kids or not. responsibility is our number one priority at youtube and this includes protecting kids an
7:44 am
their privacy. a watchdog group averaged teens watch four hours a day the top platform, youtube, by a landslide. >> the more you can monitor your kids' use edge of youtube, both the amount of time they spend on it but also what they watch on it, is really helpful. >> reporter: if the changes aren't enough for you, there's youtube kids that's a separate app giving younger viewers what the company calls a more contained environment. youtube's ceo recently discussing the app with our own willie geist >> we are very careful about the content in there we enable tools for parents. like the ability to turn off search >> reporter: this week's changes, just the latest effort by youtube to ensure safety for all of its users now i want to show you how you can do even more to take control
7:45 am
over your data click in the upper right corner on your youtube profile. them skoal down to where it says your data and youtube. this is what you're going to see, all of these boxes and you can uncheck what you don't want youtube to track that's your search history, your viewings, you can even tell them you don't want targeted ads anymore. privacy experts say that's a good idea, the less information these companies gather about you and your kids, the better. >> so we heard from some of the advocates on championing these changes like jim steyer. but some folks are expressing concerns as well >> they think youtube has not gone far enough. there's plenty of content out there that's not made specifically for kids but still attract a bunch of young viewers. think movie trailers. >> yes. >> sports videos that's up to parents and guardians to watch and monitor what their kids are watching. >> vicky nguyen, thank you and let's get another check of the weather mr. dave price is in for al.
7:46 am
>> good morning, folks bring rain and snow to the north and west but this is the area we're going to concentrate on. this energy right now in the gulf of alaska that's going to begin to work its way across the country and really complicate things as we roll into thursday, the first front begins to push on through. rain develops from texas all the way to michigan. as we head into friday, that system begins to stall out just a little bit and that second batch of energy rolls in and amplifies all of this. could see severe weather through the lower mississippi valley, in through the arc la tekts and rain spreading to the great lakes and northeast. as we head into saturday, watch for more gusty, severe weather potentially for the gulf states and southeast. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san francisco. a nice steady start to the day but also very chilly. as the day goes on we'll see the storm system moving in and bring
7:47 am
us rain to the north bay by later tonight. time frame looking like before 10:00 to 11:00, the rest of the bay area getting the rain around midnight and another wave of showers coming through on thursday morning. drying out on friday but also more rain chances on saturday's forecast with highs in the upper 50s. >> and that's a quick look at your weather back to you at the desk. >> thank you, dave coming up -- we have a new flu warning. cases widespread in every single state. >> why things could actually get worse and the best way to protect your family. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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7:52 am
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good tuesday morning, it is 7:56. a clear start to the day. enjoying sunshine but very chilly. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s but this evening we'll see more clouds moving in as this storm system that is now across the pacific northwest moves into the bay area. first we'll bring in rain to the north bay by about 10:00 to 11:00 tonight. around midnight the rest of the bay area seeing spotty showers. and it will be quickly in and out of here. kweel -- we'll see dry weather tomorrow and another round of rain into thursday morning into the first part of the afternoon. the rest of the forecast, we'll dry out on friday and then another round of quick-moving showers moving through on saturday. it is dry on sunday and rain again on monday. we'll monitor all of the waves of rain coming in. heading over to mike now watching the roads. we're looking at a good
7:57 am
south bay drive. this is a lot more traffic than we had over the last couple of weeks. but it is holding steady. the crash at 101 should be over to the shoulder quickly. in the tri-valley, south 680 a slow but steady drive out of pleasanton. and south 880 toward alvarado niles a new crash soon to be cleared to the shoulder. and more slowing around hayward and on the peninsula south 101 jams approaching 192 into redwood city. and the bay bridge, a slower drive through pittsburg. back to you. dublin high school students getting ready to return to school for the first time since winter break. they're doing so with heavy hearts mourning the death of three classmates in a christmas night crash that left two other students seriously injured. we have a link to the story on some big decisions overnight from facebook and youtube as well affecting content. meant to stop the spread of
7:58 am
misinformation. find that at as well. we'll have another news update coming up.
7:59 am
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for a naturally smooth taste. and drinking lipton every day can help support a healthy heart! it's day. millions swarm the streets for the burial of the iranian general killed in a u.s. strike. overnight, iran vowing new threats of revenge back at home, democrats are demanding answers. we're live with the latest plus, flu fears. what you need to know as the virus goes viral, spreading across the u.s. at an alarming rate coming up, how to protect yourself and your family and goop, there it is. >> just another day at the office >> the new controversy over gwyneth paltrow's netflix
8:01 am
series, based on her lifestyle brand. why it has doctors concerned now, the actress is responding today, tuesday january 7th, 2020. ♪ >> today, her 15th birthday. >> hey, from virginia. >> and columbia, south carolina. >> what's up, harvey university. go, bisons >> go, bisons, as they say welcome back to "today." we're happy you're joining us on this crisp tuesday morning >> you know what we've been making resolutions around here. among them, to share more of your shout outs in 2020. we need your help. take out your phone and record a message. share that message on twitter or instagram. use the hash tag at the bottom of the screen. there it is. #mytodayplaza. and we'll put you on tv. >> sounds good
8:02 am
a lot of news to get to. chaos is under way as deadly chaos at the funeral for iran's top military leader killed by a u.s. drone strike. and the threats are intensifying peter alexander joins us with the three things to watch today. >> reporter: the iranian general who was killed by the drone strike ordered by president trump, is scheduled to be buried this morning in his hometown iranian state tv reports that dozens were killed and dozens more injured were killed in a stampede there that forced a delay of the burial. iran's national guard among the so you of mourners, delivering a threat, vowing retaliation against the united states and iran's enemies the u.s. government is warning that ships across that region, and across the middle east, that and areas crucial to global supplies, that there is the possibility of iranian actions against them and in the last few minutes, the president's national security adviser said that imminent
8:03 am
threat involves an attack against u.s. diplomats at a facility he would not say which one later today, congressional leaders will be briefed on iran, in the house and senate. expect to get its own briefings tomorrow and then to the issue of impeachment. when congress still clashing on what a trial will look like, president trump's former national security adviser, john bolton, says he is prepared to testify if the senate subpoenas him. his testimony could be crucial, as he had firsthand knowledge to get ukraine to investigate joe biden. he initially refused to testify, saying it was up to a judge to decide savannah, back to you. >> all right, peter, a lot going on behind you. thank you very much. we're watching a story in puerto rico. for the second day in a row, southern puerto rico has been jolted by a strong earthquake. the 6.4 magnitude quake triggered a tsunami warning.
8:04 am
it was canceled, though. it was the largest in a string of quakes to shake the territory since last week. one person has been killed an earthquake on monday destroyed dozens of homes on the island communications are down across much of puerto rico this point >> now, to your health at 8:00 the holidays brought a major increase from the americans suffering from the flu the virus is widespread in 45 states >> it has claimed 3,000 lives and sent 50,000 people to the hospital, too. >> here to give us some precautions, dr. john torres always good to have you. as we understand it, the latest surge is being attributed to the holidays how do these numbers compare to what we saw last year? >> there's not a lot of good news for the flu right now these numbers are on track to be the same as two years ago, the
8:05 am
deadliest flu in a decade. and they passed last year, the longest flu in a decade. this flu could continue on for a while. you need to protect yourself we're seeing indications that could be a very, very bad year >> does that mean the vaccine isn't working that great >> the vaccine is working pretty good for the flu vaccine, isn't working all that well. that's the best protection you can get. on top of that, you want to understand the flu symptoms that goes in with that. >> if you get the flu, there are ways to diminish how bad it is what can you take? >> the best thing you can do -- the flu itself, there's medications out there. there's medications that are approved by the fda. those medications work best if they're treated within 48 hours. when you get the symptoms, you have to see your doctor right away if you can't get them within 48 hours, getting them later on can help and the main thing, they can save you have hospitalizations and prevent deaths, which is
8:06 am
important. >> thank you so much we got the news covered. would you like a "boost" >> yes >> sometimes a song has just the right notes to calm you down and soothe your anxiety. watch what happens to a crying baby when he gets an earful of selena gomez [ crying ] ♪ ♪ he promised the world and i fell for it ♪ ♪ i put you first and you adore it ♪ >> wowith his parents. he started to have a little meltdown. they had never >> by the way, selena's balled,
8:07 am
"lose you to love me." >> he doesn't look relaxed but he's not crying. >> he was on vacation with his parents. he started to have a little meltdown they had never seen that reaction so, they're into selena gomez. still to come, guys, why brad pitt, one of the world's biggest stars, just won a golden globe, is calling himself fodder for trash mags first, an inside look at the new netflix series set to expand the influence of gwyneth paltrow's successful but controversial goop brand how she is responding to doctors who are taking it to task. that's after this. life♪ ♪i was born right in the doorway♪ ♪now i don't know where i am, i don't know where i've been♪ ♪but i know where i wanna go my skin hurt, i felt gross. but then i started cosentyx and i haven't really had to think about it.
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8:10 am
(whistling) we're back with "today's this morning, the new trailer is landing goop right back in the headlines. >> nbc senior national correspondent kate snow is here to tell us why some are critical of its content >> yeah. let's start with the fact there are parts of this trailer we can't show on morning tv but paltrow is clear she's trying to build a goop empire in 2020, that means selling products at sephora, offering experiences on a cruise ship and partnering with netflix for this new show, "the goop lab," that has some doctors concerned >> i had an exorcism >> oh, wow >> reporter: the netflix trailer for "the goop lab" is meant to shock. sex talk and emphasizing treatments that are out there. >> this is dangerous
8:11 am
>> it's unregulated. >> should i be scared? >> reporter: reaction came quick. a frequent goop critic, dr. je gunter, telling nbc news, this looks like classic goop. fine information presented alongside unscientific, unproven, potentially harmful therapies for attention. with the disclaimer of, we're only having conversations. >> i'm goop from head to toe >> reporter: fresh off the golden globes red carpet, on cnbc, goop founder and ceo, gwyneth paltrow says the netflix show is part of building the company's brand in 2020. >> we're trying to expand our footprint and our audience >> reporter: she noted the 12-year-old company has had a science and regulatory team for a year now >> we're very focused, of course, on backing up the things we talk about with scientific claims when necessary. or being able to say, this is just for your entertainment.
8:12 am
>> reporter: last year, gwyneth sat down with savannah >> did you ever think that goop would become what it's become? >> i think i had a secret dream that it would become what it's become >> reporter: valued at $250 million, goop says its revenue more than doubled in the last two years. beyond the website, there's the podcast, books and wellness experiences. in february, sephora will be carrying a line of goop products and for $750 a high-end product line will let you add a day of goop classes on the cover this month, paltrow tells "harper's bazaar," she will never go back to acting goop is where she wants to be. >> here one time, one life how can we milk [ bleep ] out of this >> i watched one of the episodes of "the goop lab." at the start of the show, they have a disclaimer saying, we are not here to provide medical advice it is interesting.
8:13 am
it starts streaming on january 24th we asked netflix if they had a comment about the controversy. >> you are glowing this morning. >> i was in florida. it's an interesting entertainment -- i was all-in watching the one i was watching was about psychedelic mushrooms. >> that's a razor-thin line to tread across, scientific evidence >> and mushrooms are illegal, too. >> psychedelic mushrooms >> yes >> right >> not shan't arel mushrooms. >> yes >> thanks, kate. mr. price? >> yes >> in for mr. roker this morning. >> standing by and at your service. let's look at the maps we have great news to begin this hour above-average temperatures, for two-thirds of the country.
8:14 am
look at the departures from norm a lot of areas, plus ten degrees normally, above where they should normally be tomorrow, it begins to expand to the southeast. atlanta, 57 degrees, into the 60s, in sections of arkansas and into texas as we head into the weekend, look at that jump, particularly in boston. a 30-degree difference in 72 hours. from new england all the way down to atlanta, we could see records fall into the weekend. as far as the weather for the rest of the way, sunny and mild. watching from sloppy weather as we head from the areas to the virginias, all the way through from d.c. and baltimore. and snow from the rockies and the cascades and up through the northwest. good morning. i am meteorologist carrie hall. i look outside in dublin slow drive on 580. we have sunshine and cool temperatures as you head out the door. we'll start to see more clouds moving in as a new storm system approaches, brings in scattered
8:15 am
showers late tonight into early tomorrow morning. there will be a chance of lingering showers tomorrow. but another wave of rain comes in thursday. that looks to be more widespread. we dry out friday. we are also watching rain chances saturday. >> that's a look at your weather picture. >> we're excited about this one. a launch of a special series, "start today" with valerie bertinelli. we're happy she's teaming up with us. we're talking about ways >> every time we're with you, valerie, we're happy over the next month she will share her own journey and dish out really healthy recipes for us but before we start with valerie, we want to visit her at home to talk about what overall well being means >> good morning. we love ourselves from valerie and we had open, honest conversation about what it means to hit reset and how looking inside is often the best place
8:16 am
to start but for valerie, this is not good losing a few pounds it's about finding herself again and having a healthier mind/body connection valerie bertinelli is putting a lot of faith in 2020. >> i just feel really positive about 2020 file like it's a new, you know, a new dawn >> reporter: and that includes paying attention to her own needs after several challenging years, taking care of her mother before her death last year. >> when you're busy taking care of other people, you forget to take care of yourself. everything is fine and pretending everything is okay. i have been working so hard for so long, since i was 12 years old, and doing what everybody wants me to do for so long, i just want to know what true joy feels like >> reporter: ironically joy is what valerie bertinelli has been serving up for decades from lighting up the screen in
8:17 am
the wildly popular '70s sitcom "one day at a time" -- >> lord, got a minute? >> reporter: -- to the comedy series "hot in cleveland." >> i'm moving to cleveland >> reporter: and to valerie's home cooking. >> people may see me on television and smiling but as soon as the camera goes off and i go home, the sadness kind of wells up again so i use food as a way to not feel the sadness >> reporter: she's shared her battle with weight for years in 2007 she became the spokesperson for jenny craig weight loss with this memorable commercial >> i have not worn one of these in almost 30 years >> reporter: but the ups and downs of losing and gaining weight have taken an emotional toll. >> i don't want to get through the hard times by eating it away i want to get through the hard times by needing people. i want to feel the feelings and get to the other side and not use food to suppress the
8:18 am
feelings by eating something away, all it does is make me feel worse about myself if i have been able to maintain this weight for a few years, i can maintain a different weight for a few years. there's a reason i have gained weight and it's emotional. this is just a symptom of how unhappy i have let myself, you know, feel ever become i'm not going to let any mistakes i make in 2020 define me as a failure. i will find a different way to look at it, a little thing i do in my head, if i'm saying something negative to myself, i will see it as a minus sign and immediately put a plus on it and then think of something positive. >> what are you looking to improve upon in the new year >> my attitude because if i get on the scale in the morning and it's a good number or number that looks like it's improving, i will be like great, i can take it easy today. or if it's a number that's really bad and i wished i had not done whatever i did the night before, it will be like oh, well, screw it.
8:19 am
>> how will you work towards finding the true joy >> i want the "today" show audience to help me. i think if we lean on people and when the "today" show audience is going through something and they have a trick they can help me with, or if i find a trick i can help them with, i think we can do it together. >> and so this journey begins. >> i'm setting a let me feel good in my jeans goal. however the jeans feel, i want to just -- i want to know what true joy feels like. let me just feel jeans like jeans are supposed to feel, you know, comfortable. >> which first and foremost means accepting the slipups. >> something always goes wrong for everything that goes right, things are still going wrong but it's about moving forward. >> how much of this has to do with the milestone birthday coming up this spring? >> i mean, i'm going to hit 60 time to get your act together. time to enjoy this beautiful, blessed life i have.
8:20 am
>> did you have a personal motto on this journey? >> one is choose happy, even though it's really challenging but i think for 2020, i'm just going to think of it in terms of resetting my life. >> i think your motto should also be "one day at a time." >> "one day at a time" is a great motto. >> this is a journey i'm excited to watch as well as our "today" show viewers as valerie shares finding ways towards physical and emotional well being nobody better to lead us on a fresh start today, right, guys >> i'm inspired, nat thank you very much. valerie, welcome and bravo i think you're inspiring me just talking about that journey what made you think i want to step out there because it's bold. >> it's so silly, to think it's brave, but i want to lose a few pounds and feel better about my life, i want to not fake it until i make it anymore.
8:21 am
i think a lot of people out there feel the same way i feel so i thought maybe we could lean on each other. >> i think this is such a big moment right now, watching you watch that watching you talk about your mom. watching you kind of put your heart on the center of this table for everybody. there are a lot of people at home i know going through similar -- >> 100%. >> -- want to hold hands with you. tell us how we can start this journey together. >> i guess making a decision to choose joy first what does joy look like? what does it feel like what does it do to me e. and how do you find it i think there are so many little things out there that bring us joy. >> you have to feel like you have to unpack all of your sad stuff before you go there? >> i think i just have to feel the feigs and instead of just using food as a numbing agent to not feel the feelings, i just have to push through them and feel it. i have been crying a lot through the last few months and i feel like i wear my heart on my sleeve
8:22 am
but you're right, carson, crying gets 2 it out and gets to the other side i'm afraid to get to the other side i'm afraid if i start crying, i will never stop. >> and i love how this is not just about losing weight but being kind to yourself, being nice to yourself. >> exactly i have a real evil, unkind voice in my head that i'm not shutting up i think a lot of us do. we have a beautiful life and about keeping the people in our life who bring us joy and getting rid of the ones that don't bring us joy i think it's a multi process and eating healthier, fulfilling foods. >> i'm glad you brought that up. you're going to stay and cook for us you're a wonderful chef. you have one of my favorite things and slimmed it down, right, it's but still tasty, right? >> oh, yes. >> nobody doubts that.
8:23 am
>> by the way, valerie has a seven-day meal plan. >> yes, valerie will tell us about that in a few minutes. >> and balance is the key too. when i want to start celebrating life, i just want to eat and drink and find that balance. >> you can still eat and drink and find the balance. >> that's what the key is. first, we will start with patricia arquette. she won a golden globe for the lead in "the act," which makes our first story that much more ironic apparently after one of the after-award parties, they celebrated the big win and king wrote -- patricia arquette accidentally hit me in the head with her golden globe. there's a bump on her side video proof of the moment happening if you would like to see it. >> the head goes into the globe. >> and out
8:24 am
as she swings the trophy, bad timing leading to the impact oh, that hurts. >> it's like she rammed her head right into it! >> it's patricia arquette's fault. >> weighs like eight pounds too. fresh up brad pitt after his golden globe win for "once upon a time" and his wtf podcast. i almost said it he's revealing things don't hassle him much anymore. but here he is. >> i'm a little disgruntled. i'm like trash father. i don't know. >> because of -- >> because of my disaster of a personal life probably. >> very exciting personal life >> brad pitt going on to say he has pretty good ways of avoiding the paparazzi but was smart enough not to reveal those
8:25 am
he's still using them. next up, we have news about the new batman movie it's the role of the penguin that they will focus on, famously made with danny devotio. and it will be starring colin farrell. he's in good hands and joins start-studded cast with rob pattinson, jeffrey wright. coveted role of cat woman is zoe kravitz. comes out june 2021. finally "wheel of fortune," vanna white has been filling in since pat sajak underwent emergency surgery back in december last night vanna got much-needed help from a special letter turner, it is sajak's daughter maggie she handled the job with ease and reveals pat's going to be back, which we're happy to hear, next week. it wasn't her first time on the
8:26 am
show she debuted in 1995. >> oh, how cute. still ahead -- more valerie, her healthy start today. we will do it with italian wedding soup very good morning to you. i am laura gar see a a little after midnight at an apartment building, not far from the boulevard. 17 people and five children out of their home. one of five units is uninhabitable. they believe it started in a bedroom, the cause is still under investigation. time to check the morning commute with mike. >> we have folks returning from work, more than the past couple weeks. it is 8:26.
8:27 am
we see open flow. northbound 880, construction around 66, some disabled vehicle, but that cleared. west 580 is jammed. second stall for the morning in the same area,ed south 880, earlier crash, series of them, not related. slow through san mateo and 101 typically slow there. fog registering around highway 4. watch out for the area towards byron, discovery bay. slow through bay point. typical northbound commute, haven't seen that in a couple weeks. >> thanks so much. another local update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30, now, tuesday morning, the 7th of it's the 7th of january 2020 we're so happy to be on our plaza with great smiling faces not too cold either. >> no, beautiful actually. >> it's a great day out here guys, i have a crowd moment i think you all are going to love. i'm looking for a young lady who's celebrating a birthday named sammy.
8:31 am
>> sammy >> what now, normally, we would do is sing happy birthday to sammy, wouldn't we where are you from, honey? >> new jersey. >> normally we would sing to you but i have an idea, why doesn't sammy sing for us. would you mind here you go, sammy ♪ in new york concrete jungles what things are made of there's nothing you can't do now you're in new york ♪ >> wait, carson! come here, carson. come here, carson daly carson, carson what do you think? >> i give it at least three out of four just for turning heads. >> awesome sammy, thank you very much maybe you will get discovered in
8:32 am
this moment. thank you for coming to hang with us. happy birthday >> amazing. >> wow coming up in a few minutes, a new app that let parents track almost everything their kids are doing. it takes helicoptering parenting to a whole new level but these parents say it can help kids safe we will hear one family's remarkable story and what would you give to have martha stewart organize the messiest parts of your home? this morning it's free for everybody. tricks to get rid of everything cluttering up your laundry room to your desk, martha stewart is with you and valerie bertinelli is back with her go to healthy recipe, italian wedding soup in a bit. first a check of the weather with mr. dave price. >> i cede the rest of my time to sammy. she's unbelievable by the way, people are doing their very best to have great signs here some going to the extent of taking a bag and ripping it up
8:33 am
to get their message across. nice work and you're representing alabama well. hello to everyone in birmingham. let's take a check of the weather to see what's happening across the country, shall we sunny and mild for the midsection of the country. heavy rain beginning to roll on shore and mountain snow for the olympics, cascades, northern rockies and other areas. mild weather moves along the rockies and snow showers move their way from west virginia, d.c., sections of the northeast as we roll into tomorrow meanwhile, plenty of sunshine as we head through the south, texas good morning. i am meteorologist carrie hall. we're going to see temperatures today reaching 60 degrees. a mostly sunny sky that turns cloudy tonight as a new storm system approaches. it does bring us rain late
8:34 am
tonight into early tomorrow, we'll also have another chance of rain on thursday. by friday, we are seeing dry weather. but there will be another wave of rain coming again. mostly scattered light showers on saturday especially in the morning that could linger into the afternoon, and some peaks of sunshine sunday. bristol is 5 to you and everyone back home in louisiana, we say -- happy birthday we'll send it back to you inside >> happy birthday, bristol coming up next, smartphones are giving parents new tools to keep tabs on their kids. but has technology gone too far? one family's story that will spark an interesting
8:35 am
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we're back with "stay tuned today." if your children go and you want
8:37 am
if your children go and you want to know they're safe that's a natural instinct for parents. >> and one tool is in your hand, your smartphone. but the technology does raise some questions and here with that is savannah sellers. >> that's right. these apps show parents their kids' location, but much, much more providing information that might not seem possible from afar. helicopter parents are going high tech, taking tracking to a whole new level. it's like why are you out at this time? what are you doing apps like find my friends an glimpse, are becoming popular with parents, looking to keep an eye on their children. and with 25 million monthly users who check the app an average of 60 times a day, life 360 makes them notified of any movement in many cases, a college student's worst nightmare. kaley lacy and her family use the app while she's at college show me where we are right now >> oh, my gosh, there's the fountain >> reporter: her parents are an hour and a half away, but they
8:38 am
feel much closer we walked into the dorm and your mom got a notification saying you're in the dorm >> yeah. if i do something, they will know about it. because i'm going to have my phone. but it doesn't - i really don't care. >> reporter: what's the most frustrated you felt by your parents having this information from afar? >> my mom knowing when i'm on my phone and driving. >> reporter: kaley's parents can tell when she is texting and driving, if she brakes hard or track her live in her car. right now, your parents can see you're driving 70 miles per hour >> yes >> reporter: also, it's telling them that your phone is in use when you're driving. >> yes >> reporter: when we stop the car, we might get a call, maybe. >> reporter: the driving features were critical during a scary situation in kansas. >> she was traveling on a rainy day, hydroplaned on a highway, flipped her car over a median,
8:39 am
put her on its roof. >> reporter: while she walked away without a scrape, it was because of the app her parents were able to pinpoint the exact location and call for help, almost instantaneously this app notified your parents that you were in an accident >> it was to the mile marker >> reporter: and although these apps may provide peace of mind for parents, critics warn it could do more harm than good >> i think parents who use these apps are well-intended to grow into a healthy person, we have to develop a sense of autonomy and independence. >> reporter: now, of course, where there are parents tracking kids, there are kids probably figuring out how not to be tracked. and tricking apps like life 360 has become of such interest, it's a super popular theme on ticktock. >> always ticktock. >> exactly.
8:40 am
>> gives you instructions how to shake your parents, leave the computer or laptop where you want it to appear that you are, leave the app off your phone, that type of thing. >> that's like the high-tech version of me telling me mom i'm staying at leslie's house. >> it is. >> i will track that code there. i track my kids every day. >> right now >> i want all data. >> will you do that when they're in college >> yes. >> you would not >> maybe not i think the technology is interesting though. >> the technology is interesting. this one that shows you them speeding up and slamming on the brakes, that's a lot of information from a car. >> as long as there's parents that will be kids trying to shake their parents. instagram accounts when they started and then fake instagram accounts it goes back and forth >> minsta? >> finsta. >> fake instagram.
8:41 am
>> they have like decoys on their real name and it's all benign and richard cunningham. but on their finsa, oh, my gosh. >> but finsta is really rinsa. >> you know, i track martha stewart and it says you're here. where is martha? oh, she's right over here! look at that you left your phone on again martha is here with great tips hello, happy new year. >> nice to see you >> you're not going to bash anything today >> not today, no >> not today, no when you never lower your standards, only your fares, it's a better class of sale. emirates. fly better. choosing a health care provider
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8:44 am
organizing and this morning, martha will help us tackle three problems in our home. >> our home is every area. >> that's the problem. we will talk about the laundry area, desk space and hall closet first, good morning. >> good morning. >> first about a few nights ago, you went to the globes with snoop. >> after globes. we were working all day and got silly. here let's do the elevator >> that wasn't steam from a pot or anything. >> that's just snoop >> there >> he loves a little bit of cupcake. >> who are you two >> you guys have become buddies. >> well, we're doing work together we're in our third season. >> is there a real contact high going on there >> yeah. >> well, help us get organized, martha the laundry room is one of the areas in most people's home that is usually chaotic. >> it is and people think they don't have room for anything. but if you have a washer or dryer, you can make an ironing bold
8:45 am
you know you have to fold and unfold >> yeah. >> why not just make a platform on top. >> is that easy to do? >> so easy to do you need some muslin that you can get at the fabric store, and some bunt, and felt. and muslin is the cover. get whatever size you need at the home depot i do all this. don't laugh. >> we believe you. >> i really do this. use your strength and staple >> watch your fingers. >> staple. one, two good >> and here too, just pull it tight so you have a nice board and then turn and put these little easy glides. >> where are those >> right here in the corner. >> so it stays stationary. >> it sames the same level everywhere >> clever. >> you turn it over and have a
8:46 am
very nice -- here we go. turn that over >> i love it an ironing board >> that's fantastic. >> you probably don't do a lot of ironing >> no, i don't >> this is for sleeves and shoulders. use shelves in your laundry room you want your stain remover kit. you have detergents. show me how you fold a towel >> and label it. >> when someone comes in -- oh, show me how you fold a towel >> oh, you do it that way? >> see, i'm all done. >> you do it more my way. >> i do it in thirds. >> that looks so nice. >> you're more in tune with me. >> okay. you say take your laundry out right away >> do it in halves or thirds and you have nice spaces >> and your home office. you can build a home office in a closet, you can do it in a little hallway
8:47 am
all you need is a desk with some drawers and your cords for your computers and shelving we have all kinds of different kinds of shelving. you buy -- this is just a memo board, cork. >> okay, paint it. >> yes, paint it your color. and we predrilled the holes. there was another hook here's the hook. you have to go straight. >> look at that. >> it has to be in the hool that we predrilled. >> i was in the hole, martha. >> no, you weren't i can see the hole there it is. >> let me try this that was a bad angle. >> that's a great portable drill. >> isn't it great? >> so we screw it in. >> and that's so cute. >> you have everything organized. candles. >> those are oh, and look, your handles.
8:48 am
>> oh, that's beautiful. >> and come in the closet. >> the flameless candles. >> beautiful. >> craig melvin's being totally unhandy. >> watch your step. >> you're organizing your year, you're organizing your life, you're organizing specific areas in your home and it's really very useful. the closets -- >> the gist of the closet because we only have 30 seconds. >> colors and organize if you have three kids, make three different colors so they have their own bin have a stool for the littlest kid so he or she can reach it. a lot of shelving for your boots, clips to keep the boots together kids want to be organized. they really want to be neat. >> we use different color ink for family calendars for things kids have after school. >> yes, things like that blackboard for notes and paint the hangers, each color for each kid.
8:49 am
>> that's a good idea. >> martha, thank you craig melvin still trying to screw it in. for more, go to martha stewart organizing at "today".com/shop >> thanks, martha! >> and now you have to unscrew it as promised, valley bertinelli is back with her ressty for italian wedding soup ressty for italian wedding soup and is is healthy does your battery deliver extra life or extra power?
8:50 am
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today" with valerie bertinelli she will be sharing her wellness journey with us over the next few months she has created tailored meal plans, including a seven-day menu you can find it on and on top of all of that, valerie is inviting you to share yours. >> help me >> good morning. >> this is a two-way street.
8:52 am
we want help from the audience the first recipe is italian wedding soup i love it. but it can be with the pasta and the greasy meatball. maybe it's not that healthy. >> a little high in the carr count. what i'm really trying to do is cut back on the carbs, really cut back on the sugar and really pump up some veggies what we're going to start with is the meatballs i've got an onion in here. an onion in here, some garlic, some parsley and you're going to get that chopped up this thing will save your life so you don't have to sit and chop forever you want turkey, dark meat or life meat, whichever you prefer. and bunch of parmesan cheese. >> mind your manners because martha's over there. >> i know. >> valerie is like, no pressure. >> this can be pretty sticky so sometimes i will use a two-spoon method and just get them going like that and form them. or you can use this little guy but i broke mine right before i
8:53 am
was testing this recipe. >> a melon slicer. >> or ice cream maker. >> and it's turkey meat so it's lighter. >> it is lighter but we're still having a lot of healthy fat in there parmesan cheese is great because it lower in fat but has saltiness. we got our meatballs, put them into this pan and get them nice and brown. >> little oil in there. >> little oil but tablespoon of olive oil, healthy, good fat for you. all of the meatballs go in obviously, there will be a lot more meatballs than this you just get those browned on every side we're not going to have time for all of that but i want to show you next what happens. so take all of these meatballs out and put them to the side then you want to start the pace of your soup, mirepoix, onion and celery
8:54 am
so you want to get them nice and small. and then get a little oil in there if you need some so it sops it up then get the mirepoix in here. >> is this the country pot that had the meatballs? >> same pot. don't dirty a bunch of pots either this is pretty much a one-pan meal once those get softened the onions and carrots and celery, you want to add in a couple -- >> the whole thing >> whole thing, chickaen broth o stock. >> i thought they were the same thing? >> chicken broth is not made with bones, is that right, martha oh, look she's eating my soup. >> i think it's light and tasty and vegetables are good, perfectly cooked are they turkey meatballs? >> turkey meatballs with a lot of parm. >> i like that. >> and then we add the meatballs
8:55 am
back in for a nice -- it's not wedding soup without escarole. but i suggest you really clean these guys out because they can get really muddy what i will do is chop it all up and put it into my salad spinner and give it a couple washes and it's good and throw all of that in there it's going to feel like a big mound of escarole. but it slowly starts to wilt. >> you corner it or just leave it hanging >> leave it open and pop it down with your tongues or whatever you're using and then this gorgeous soup is beautiful. >> traditional italian wedding soup would have pasta. >> cute little pasta like oorzio or pearls. >> i, carson daly here, longtime listener, first-time caller. valerie, going back to the meatballs, do you fully cook them or take them out slightly under known they will be in hot broth? >> take them out slightly under and build your soup. as the soup simgers back up again, the meatballs will cook
8:56 am
for you. >> how long do you keep it all in there >> it doesn't really matter. depends on how long it takes for the escarole to wilt down. >> got it. good tip take them out a little early. >> thank you. >> you stole mine! >> i know. >> thank you very much, valerie. i'm so happy we're on this journey together you really inspired us for that recipe and entire seven-night dinner plan, go to valerie's coming back in the fourth hour. but first, suzanne somers on the very good morning to you. it is 8:56. laura garcia. today is first day back from winter break for students at dublin. they'll return with heavy hearts, mourning the taet of three classmates -- death of three classmates in a car class. they died when their car struck a tree and then a utility pole.
8:57 am
two other students were seriously injured. the cause is still under investigation. there have been vigils. grief counselors will be on campus today. the district is asking students to wear their favorite color red in their memory. bob redell is in dublin. has a live report in the midday newscast. link to more now on our twitter feed. big decisions overnight by facebook and youtube. this is effecting some of their content. changes meant to boost privacy, stop spread of misinformation. head to the home page, learn how users will feel impact. tech world is buzzing about the consumer electronics show in las vegas. how does a 65 inch tv in the car sound? video journalist is there all week. head to digital originals on our home page. what's up t?! ben, schools across the country have had to cut their sports programs and i'm on a mission to help fix it!
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle, here with craig he's back from vacation. >> good to be back >> you feel rested and zen >> i'm so refreshed. i want a vacation every month. >> we have jill martin here with us this morning. al is on assignment. dylan is at home on maternity leave. >> what? dylan had a baby when did that happen >> remember when you knew and the rest of us didn't know you were saying oliver >> i was saying oliver >> i remember it would go er at the end.


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