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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 8, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in oakland. >> that is right. during the commercial break w d. i thought it was an early build but it sorted out. cash lanes still have a mild build but you should not pull over at the bay bridge. do not do that. will you will get a ticket. i've seen it done before. toward the bay bridge, patchy fog in the north bay but the rest of the bay at speed. back to you. back to the the breaking news. bases housing u.s. forces were attacked in the middle east. iran fired two dozen ballistic missiles on three bases with u.s. forces. we have no reports of casualties. this is brand-new video just in showing security forces inspecting the impact and removing shrapnel. iranian state media is calling it retaliation and iran said i unless attacked.
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again, no reports of casualties. >> and sometime this morning the president will speak to the nation to address the escalations in that region.this washington, d.c. for us. tracie? >> reporter: haura and scott, good morning. so the big question in washington is where do we go next. clearly the situation is escalating. will the u.s. strike back, when and how and to what degree. these were not u.s. bases but they were targeting american service members. and here on capitol hill, lawmakers want to know will they be kept in the loop. house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting that the last thing america or the world needs is another war. iran's supreme leader calling it a slap in the face. more than a dozen missiles fired at u.s. troops on two military bases in iraq. >> we are on the brink of
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another middle eastern war. >> reporter: all issed with president trump tweeted adding so far so good on unknown casualties. the attacks payback for u.s. strike that killed iran's top general qassem soleimani. >> he was a monster. and he's no longer a monster. he's dead. >> reporter: today congress gets an update on the intelligence behind that air strike. >> the american people should have clear insight as to how this administration came to the decision. >> reporter: the administration said soleimani was days away from attacking u.s. troops. >> sometimes you got to fight back and by god this is one of those times. >> reporter: lawmakers are are debating whether president trump needs their acontroversial to retaliate. >> if he is going to begin what widens into a sustained war, he has to come to congress for the authorization. >> the president has all that he needs under article two to respond. >> reporter: commercial flights over iraq and iran and the persian gulf as we await the
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u.s. response. now iran's foreign minister tweeting this morning saying they're not seeking war. that they're not seeking an escalation of this conflict but they will defend against aggression. we're waiting for more details on definitively if there were any casualties, what damage occurred and where the u.s. is headed next when the president said he'll speak to the nation later this morning. laura. >> as we're all waiting. we'll carry that live. thank you very much, tracy. and our coverage will continue at and on our free app where you could find the very latest on what is going on. also breaking this morning, a ukrainian plane carryingople y takeoff from tehran's main airport killing all on board. brand-new video of the fiery crash scene. iranian state television said the plane had mechanical issues but it would be far to early to make any conclusions.
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5:03, car burglars have been active, in sunnyvale as many as 50 people woke up to broken glass. three other cities have been hit hard. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in sunnyvale where the thieves broke out more windows. you were covering san jose the other day and now it is sunnyvale. >> reporter: yeah, now we're in sunnyvale and it is a rough morning for people where 50 to 60 cars were broken into over the time span of yesterday and into last night. i want to show you this is just one street where it happened. about a dozen smash-and-grab burglars on rock vail drive. one police officer said the thieves were very business kwi a -- busy all day long and it is an inconvenience and big frustration for the victims. >> i just boarded up the car two months ago and now they broke
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it. >> reporter: here is a map of all of the cities with clusters of break-ins over the last few days. sunnyvale, fremont, palo alto and, scott, you mentioned the willow glen neighborhood. in fremont miss did arrest two car burglars, a 16-year-old boy and 19-year-old man were arrested in a stolen car and police are looking to see if their responsible for auto burglaries in that city. they are believed to be expected to the 30 car burglaries reported in the sundale area in fremont. police are investigating 14 reports from the mosaic apartments as well as others from bidwell drive. earlier this week palo alto, these men were arrested with two teenagers in connection with a spike in car break-ins there. and palo alto pd said there have been dozens over the last few weeks. and on monday i was in san jose willow glen neighborhood reporting on a dozen smash-and-grab on a stretch of
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stoke street just about the length of a football field. so very compact scene there. a neighbor told me it happened so often to her and her neighbors that police advised her to leave her karun locked to try to save the expense of another broken window. they don't know what to do. they're at their wits end and have taken valuables out of their car and don't know what to do next. police told us these are hard because they have to catch them in the action usually. although one of the arrests in fremont happened because police did use a license plate reader and they were able to track down a stolen car. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, "today in the bay.." >> kris, go check your own car. a hearing for the man acquitted in the kate steiny shooting. he was found not guilty in november of 2017. his attorneys argued that the gun went off accidentally after zoratty found the weapon under a
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bench on pier 14. a firearm possession charge and federal prosecutors filed a similar weapons charge. today's hearing is surrounding evidence in the upcoming trial. a gathering taking place in san francisco to mark one year since the brutal attack of an elderly woman in visitacion valley. a sunrise sit-in is taking place at the playground where it happens for yik huang. community leaders will join her family to call for justice and change. an 18-year-old suspect has been charged in connection with the attack. investigators say after the attack he broke into the victim's nearby home. happening later this morning, san francisco mayor london breed will be sworn in for her first full four-year term. you recall she finished out the term before winning reelection in november. tonight at: p.m. the new
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district attorney will be sworn in and mayor breed is expected to attend that event. new details in the criminal fraud case involving a one-time rising silicon valley star elizabeth holmes. her trial scheduled to begin in eight months but the mercury news reports her attorneys are angry at federal prosecutors for not providing evidence they say is critical to their defense. that evidence includes documents from the food and drug administration. prosecutors were supposed to provide the evidence by december 31st. but say it won't be available until the end of april saying it takes time to put it together. and this morning cooler wetter weather in australia giving firefighters a break. but there is more heat in the forecast there. the flames are expected to flare again within days when scorching temperatures expected to return. the wildfire has killed 25 people and tens of thousands, if not millions, of animals, destroyed homes as well. take a look at this comparison.
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the map shows the outline of the deadly wine country fires that happened here in our north bay. the red box shows how big the the wildfires are in australia. over 32,000 square feet have burned. that is the size of of san jose and san francisco and santa rosa combined. and right now at 5:09, we have cool temperatures but not as cold as past few mornings we've had here around the bay area. we're right now at 50 degrees as you step out in oakland. 45 in livermore and 49 in san jose. if you're on the way out of the door in pleasant hill, expect temperatures at 45 degrees. and still a heavier jacket needed but the rest of the day may be some light long sleeves as we reach into the mid-50s with a mix of sun and clouds. i'm tracking the next round of rain and mike is looking at richmond. >> very light rain at the bridge to san rafael but notice the
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sheen on the roadway and you could see the silhouette of the trees there. look closely and some low clouds there. so kari talking about the possibility of maybe fog throughout the area and we're seeing that on the roadway. but nothing major. minor crash around pinole and another on 242. an easy drive out of the altamont pass but into the south bay you're at speed again. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the contra costa school district is targeted by hackers. still ahead at 5:25 on "today in the bay," details on the ransom wear attack having a big impact on classrooms this morning. and the company behind the impossible burger has something new on its plate. what is it? we'll explain what is on the menu from the bay area-based company. and belts and golden globes. the a-list actor who took his award through tsa.
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right now at 5:13, as we check out antioch and the morning drive, visibility is clearer because we do have clouds overhead and temperatures are not as cool as the clouds act as a blanket to keep temperatures from cooling down so much. we'll have a nice day but more rain in the forecast. more on that in less than five minutes. and over the last five minutes we've seen this back-up start to form once again. notice in the fast track lanes in the middle oa lights but an issue you might
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ennt into the area. and good morning. i'm rahel solomon at nbc headquarters with the top business headlines. wall street expected to open slightly lower this morning following the missile attacks on the u.s. air bases in iraq. stock futures have plunged and the dow is indicated to fall more than 400 points and have come off the overnight lows and looking like 23 points. oil prices also surge as much as 4% but have now pulled back, up about half a percent as they await a response. we await president trump on a possible u.s. response. stocks in asia and europe lower as well. and sprint is shutting down virgin mobile usa next month and will transfer customers to boost mobile. virgin has 6 million subscribers and customers could keep the phone and pay the same price but you may have to change how you pay because it will not support paypal accounts. and the holidays are over. but we still may be paying for
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it. a survey by wallet hubs finds that 9-million americans overspent but one in four said the holidays are worth going into credit card debt. more than half plan to pay off the holiday shopping debt by this month but 17% say it will take until april or later. back to you. >> oof, those are tough for people to get the the bills. >> you don't want to be paying for last christmas next christmas. >> nice to start the year out clean. well new this morning, redwood city impossible foods unveiling new options at ces in las vegas. impossible pork. impossible sausage. the first attempt to create a product not fake beef. if you're wondering, impossible pork will be rolled out in restaurants first. burger king as we mentioned has the impossible crois sandwich including a fake sausage patty and real eggs and real cheese.
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>> i just don't want to consume anything fake. defining moment in any actor's career winning a golden globes. >> but getting it home is another story. so here is pictures posted by actor rahm as he made his way through the tsa. the agent is looking at it. he has to do. won the best actor on sunday for his role in the show. >> and the gift of winning a golden globes to take pictures of tsa without them slapping it down. >> that is kind of rounded. the emmy and grammys we've gotten. >> oh, sure. >> one guy said he took it through security and took it out and looked at it. >> that would be a weapon. >> and the guy goes what is this for. and he said it is an award. no, i know the industry, what is it for. what specific area. so he got to have -- >> we saw the golden globes was a weapon with the actress hit in
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the head with it. >> i wouldn't really know about either one. >> let's check your weather. >> we're starting out this morning with a little bit of some wet weather left on the ground after a few spotty showers move through. not all of us have the rain. as we take this live look outside in downtown san jose. the rain kind of skipped here but close by in milpitas. as we check out high temperatures today. we're making it up to 56 degrees in east san jose. 57 downtown. toward the east bay, up to 60 in danville and for the peninsula 54 in half moon bay and redwood city reaching 55 degrees. 57 in the mission district. and the north bay reaching 58 degrees in sonoma and in novato. so we are going to see the slight chance of rain today after the weather system that passed by overnight. still brings in some wet weather but our better chance of rain will be tomorrow morning. for today, we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. and then here we go through the
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timeline at 2:30 to 3:00 tomorrow morning. we're starting out with some rain. even though it is light. it looks to be more widespread than the round of rain we had and then by noon it is out of here. so it is an early morning event and it does clear out for the rest of the day. friday is also looking dry. as we look as how much rain this may bring, very light amounts and it is once again going to be all dependent on where you are. some areas could get about three tenths of an inch and other areas barely measuring anything like the parts of the south bay. maybe higher for the north bay. once again we're dry on friday but we're also watching this chance of showers on sunday. and we know we have the 49ers home game. it will be happening. the rain chances highest in the morning. that may linger into the time for kickoff. and then on sunday we're seeing some sunshine and more rain in the forecast early next week. as we head over to mike. folks are lining up to get into
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san francisco. that is right. and i want to say lining up to get into san francisco for the fast track because they didn't want to say they are getting up to get out of oakland. that is a negative connotation. we're building in toward the commute. more folks heading toward the office but not at the full commute like back in november. so we're looking over here at a nice drive through contra costa county. one issue for that county is getting toward the bay bridge. around barrett, the overcrossing and a crash and in moments should be clear and should have moved the vehicle but there is concern that the vehicle went through the kay rail so we'll get you updates on whether or not they have to keep the slow lane blocked. a hit-and-run off the dumbarton bridge in the fremont newark side so maybe slowing but no major problem. watch the thornton off-ramp first one as you make land.ut o moves smoothly.
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back to you. 5:19 now. next on "today in the bay," another debate as the fast food chain looked to expand in the south bay. the pushback this morning. and a contra costa school district targeted by hackers. the impact the ransom wear attack is having on classrooms right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. there are reasons to feel hopeful this morning after iran
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attacked several bases in iraq containing u.s. troops. first no reports of casualties. the president has tweeted all is well. iran's foreign minister who grew up in san francisco has indicated iran will not take further action. we're waiting on the president to speak this morning. but tensions could be easing a bit. new this morning, teachers in pittsburg getting back to basics teaching the old-fashioned way. they have no choice. district leaders say hackers targeted school computer systems over winter break in a ransom wear attack. so far no email or internet but they do not believe any personal information was exposed. a north bay tennis coach under arrest accused of sexual abusing a young girl he taught for years. smoem deputies arrested 43 casey conway saying he car -- he
5:24 am
carried on a relationship with a girl in sebastopol. she's worried there may be other victims. conaway is out on bail. new video showing people storming into a southern california am/pm. it was called a flash mob and some could be dancing and others grabbing items off the shelf. the owner said they took $500 worth of stuff. >> you cannot do stuff like this. if you are hungry and want to eat, come ask. don't steal. >> after two minutes the group left. the owner is asking for more police patrols. 5:24. the search is on for whoever shot a sea lion in southern california. it happened on newport beach last month. officials say the animal was hit with a pellet gun and had to be put down. employees at the pacific marine mammal center say they kept the sea lion alive for a week but
5:25 am
its health continued to decline. opponents are ramping up an effort to halt plans for a chick-fil-a in campbell ahead of a critical vote. the new restaurant would be located with a denny's now sit near oro seco drive. an appeal was filed but council members plan to hear the appeal two weeks from now and make a final decision. oakland will help people get around the city. lime will launch electric scooter pilot program for riders not able to stand for a long time or limited walking abilities. city leaders plan to announce a new transportation option at a news conference this morning. we're looking at everything happening in iran this morning and watching it very closely. we have the latest coming out of washington as well. other top stories this morning, a late night debate over plans to build 13,000 new homes.
5:26 am
find out how soon we could learn the fate of the former concord naval weapons station. a bay area middle school was kidnapped. how deputies say she was able to help the officers find her attacker. we have the latest on a live report and the extra security added in the area. and we're also watching the skies and the roadways for you as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like metering lights on are on there. mike has his eye on that commute and others across the bay area. and meteorologist kari hall, you may have noticed some rain on the roadway this is morning as you head out of the door. spotty in some parts but what is next for the storm headed tor the bay area. kari has her eye on that. it is 5:26. you're watching "today in the bay."
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breaking news at 5:30, an escalation the u.s./iran crisis and missile strikes on bases housing u.s. forces in iraq. the president is set to address this nation this morning. no word of any casualties. our team monitoring all of the latest developments including security measures taken here at home. plus targeted on the highway. the search underway in the south bay for a suspect wanted in connection to pellet gun attacks. a very good morning. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
5:30 am
>> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. let's start with a live look outside at golden gate bridge and walnut creek. some areas seeing a lot of fog. >> checking the forecast, meteorologist kari hall. >> and we're starting out this morning with a live look outside in dublin, it is not as cool as it was yesterday morning. in fact, in many spots it is at least 10 degrees warmer because we're seeing the clouds overhead which has inhabited any fog development. temperatures in the mid-40s out of the door and peeks of sunshine. looking at high temperatures we'll reach into the mid to upper 50s and up to 58 degrees in livermore while san francisco will be at 56. i'm also tracking our next chance of rain. so we'll talk more about that as we check out those south bay temperatures and more on the rain coming up in a few minutes. and mike is checking out the east bay. > bay bridge. the toll plaza, we told you the metering lights were turned on and we saw the fast track with a mild build. bam, this is what a different
5:31 am
ten minutes makes over there. so if you're heading over from oakland into san francisco, that is right here. but if you are trying to get there on the upper east shore freeway out of the north bay, west 80 jamming up around the bend and approaching mcdonald avenue. a crash there. all lanes were blocked for a short period of time. it does look like traffic is moving with the sensors from red to orange but i'll double check as soon as chp updates us. the richmond-san rafael bridge okay. a cash off of the off-ramp at thornton and there is water on the roadway and we'll get the update from chp. peninsula no problem, easy ght . back to you. we continue to watch this breaking news. at some point curing the next few hours we do expect president trump to address iran's attack on iraqi military bases that contained u.s. troops. more than a dozen missiles were fired. so far no official word on casualties. we understand there were not
5:32 am
casualties. the president tweeted all is well. these attacks in response to a u.s. response after an attack that killed the general. >> our assignment editor stationed there said the base is very large and it may be why there are no casualties reported so far. >> in the ten months i was there, and this is at a time when we had a lot more troops there than we do now, not one piece of artillery ended up within the base itself. no mortars, nothing penetrated the base. and this is from insurgents that would have been in iraq trying to attack us. >> one of at least two air bases that iran hit with air strikes yesterday. hundreds of american forces in iraq are stationed there. again, no official word on casualties. after an incident like this security is on the minds of people here at home including bay area agencies across the
5:33 am
spectrum. "today in the bay's" bob redell working on that part of the story this morning. >> reporter: there is no indication that local law enforcement are doing anything different. we have reached out to b.a.r.t. and local police and still waiting to hear back. we did speak with sfo and the duty manager said there is no change in operations at the airport but did point out that law enforcement there is obviously aware of what is going on in alert. the department of homeland security issued a security bulletin this weekend letting us know they're working with federal and state and local and private sector partners and if necessary they would be increasing security in order to defend the homeland. take a look at this tweet put out by our colleagues the law enforcement colleagues down in southern california. this is from the los angeles county sheriff's office. urging everyone to stay vigilant to any changes or threats after that launch last night by iran against the troops in iraq and
5:34 am
say that this is a quote from the sheriff, know what is going on around you and if you see anything out of place, please do not assume someone else has called to report the incident. if you see it, call 911. that kind of advice would apply in northern california as well. live in millbrae, bob redell, "today in the bay.." a american contractor killed in iraq was from sacramento. he was buried over the weekend. he was killed minute rocket launch back in december. this is really the genesis of all of these attacks. some u.s. leaders say the attack is believed to have sparked the u.s. to kill the iranian general soleimani. we'll continue to track the developments overseas throughout the morning and provide updates on our digital platforms. if and when the president speaks we'll bring it to you live. 5:34 right now. and here at home, someone may be shooting a pellet gun at cars
5:35 am
and at 280. a san jose woman was heading to work yesterday morning when her car was shot near the lee avenue exit in san jose near the city college. here is what she said happened. >> i heard a loud noise, pop bam like maybe i hit a pothole and next thing i know i look them. to me and there is a gunshot through my window literally right next to my face. >> in the meantime, to the south, someone is targeting people in the prunedale area. 68 cars have been hit by projectiles in the corridor. chp isn't tieing those cases to the incident in san jose. 5:35, a north bay middle school on high alert after a students was sexually assaulted. pete suratos is live in sonoma with the mur law enforcement and the school. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. as a result of the incidents, we
5:36 am
expect to see heavy police presence tan normal aroundality -- around alti mira middle school. it took place while she was talking to school. now sonoma county sheriff's department said he kidnapped and sexually assaulted the teen and then school administrators contacted the sheriff's deputy and then they got a call about another possible kidnapping involving another student. now both of the victims describing what sounded like the same person and same car. as a result deputies were able to locate men in his car and within a mile of campus in a matter of hours. the suspect is off the streets but of course there is still a sense of worry for some parents. >> it's ridiculous. it's sad. how does a parent want to go to work now knowing that anything can happen. >> reporter: a lot of concern
5:37 am
there as you could see. but students are being told to walk in pairs this morning. and of course be aware of their surroundings. but the police patrols will be in place for the next week. but at this time authorities believe this is the only suspect in both cases. reporting live, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." in progress in the plan to develop the former concord naval weapons station. city council members heard six hours worth of testimony over issues surrounding the hiring of union labor. around midnight the council decided to t-- to continue the meeting tonight when final deliberations will take place without public comment. it is now 5:37. state lawmakers plan to question cell phone companies about the plan shutout and they plan to question at&t and verizon about how to better manage outages. the fcc said 900 cell phone towers were offline during one of the outages back on october 27th and that include more than
5:38 am
half of the cell towers in marin county alone. two state senators will help some pebb customers keep power on during planned outages. developing this morning, the governor of puerto rico now declaring a state of emergency and activating the national guard offer a series of strong and very damaging earthquakes. the strongest of which is 6.4 struck a little over 24 hours ago causing significant damage as you could see here. at least one person died. power is out across much of the island. witnesses say one of the quakes lasted about 30 seconds. nbc's sam brock is in one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: good morning. right now we're in puerto rico which is one of the hardest hit regions on the southwestern part of the territory here. behind me just a sample of some of the damage that we've seen. a two-story home collapsed underneath the columns there that are bept into an s shape. this is the kind of damage we're seeing up and down the streets.
5:39 am
there is a school that collapsed a few blocks away. there was some seismic activity overnight but this morning much calmer. people still reeling from the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. that is the worth earthquake they've seen in a century according to the governor. we do know that president trump approved fema aid overnight and compelling stories of people helping other people and pets. that story coming up on "today." back to you guys. >> thank you, sam. uber now expanding a safety feature to all users. the ride share company offering riders a four-digit pin code to ensure they are getting into the right car. uber and lyft have been experimenting with pin codes in some cities at airports. both companies have struggled with safety issues. you may recall uber released a report in december revealing 464 people reported they were raped while using its service in the last two years. there were also more than 3,000
5:40 am
assaults reported. whatever we can do to reduce those numbers. over here looking at a crash reducing the speed down west 80 approaching berry or mcdonald avenue. red ryan hair, that person did report that through waze. we thank them. and ask you to join nbc bay area waze and help share your information. on our maps we have the slower drive registering as well with the delay coming there. our speed sensors slow on other map system and coming down in through the upper east shore freeway, seeing fog registering. it is a possibility of low clouds at the very least. watching the rest of the bay as you approach the bay bridge and aside from the slowing out of the richmond there is also a back-up south of there still getting started with the morning commute. >> half way through the workweek already. hard to believe. 5:40 on your wednesday morning. rain today and what else is in
5:41 am
store for the weekend. >> a little rain for the weekend. and of course we've been talking about the possibility of some showers on saturday. and all across the bay area. it is going to be very hit or miss. our temperatures stay seasonable with mid-50s for the coast and the bay. inland areay t upper 50s and then by sunday we're seeing some clearing as we reach up to 69 degrees with sunshine. the luminite festival going on if you plan to go there on saturday, expect it to start out at 51 degrees and cool off quickly into the mid-40s as the night goes along. and we've been watching that forecast for saturday for the 49ers game. with a slight chance of showers and also some heavy jacket weather as our temperatures only reach into the mid-50s there and it will be breezy when coming in from the west at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. then for the weekend, if you're planning to head to the coast, maybe watch out for some of the gray whales passing by. we'll see the chance of showers on saturday but sunday may be
5:42 am
the clearer day to get a farther view out there. and then for the sierra, if you're going this weekend, ou just may still have showers coming down on sunday. i'll talk about what is going on today coming up in about three minutes. check this out. an astronaut sharing an image of shooting stars from space. she posted the image on twitter of the first meteor shower, the decade which was caught from the international space station and managed to catch the northern lights there as well. >> that is a view. >> you have unique. many of us will never see that. >> no. >> 5:42 right now. a high stakes rescue in southern california coming up next on "today in the bay," how emergency crews worked to help three people stuck atop a border fence. they were 30 feet above the ground. and out of the door. the sudden end of a career for a disgraced southern california lawmaker convicted on criminal charges. plus no vikings siat jngmy
5:43 am
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right now at 5:45, as you head out of the door in concord, it is not as cold this morning and we're going to see a few more clouds. temperatures at about 45 degrees within the next hour and then a slow warm-up. minutes. and the back-up at the bay bridge looking a little bit lighter. you see the movement for all lanes here. e coming down
5:46 am
in out of the area into richmond. we'll talk about what i see as tar as how far the back-up extends. 5:46. at 6:00, we'll talk you back to washington, d.c. for breaking news. we're standing by for trump to address the iran attack on u.s. bases in iraq. more live team coverage coming up in about less than 15 minutes. the border patrol rescuing three people from the top of a border fence near san diego. they got stuck sunday night as they were abandoned they say by smugglers trying to enter the u.s. the san diego fire department used a ladder truck to bring them down. continuing coverage now. california republican representative duncan hunter resigned. last month he was convicted of corruption. hunter pleaded guilty to charges that he and his wife misspent at least $150,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. prosecutors want him to serve a year behind bars. hunter's resignation leaves
5:47 am
empty one of the gop few remaining house seats in california. 5:47, a southern california lawmaker introduced a new bill to help tackleheless crisis. if approved it would create a new office. the dwo-- the governor's office end homelessness, coordinated on toerld, state and local level. and ro khanna wants to put the brakes on redevelopment at mobile home parks. "the mercury news" said he's calling for federal assistance from hud to purchase and preserve mobile home parks. okay, warriors fans, new proof that steph curry is on the mend. reporters say he is once again using his left hand during shoot-arounds in practice. that is the hand that you see from the video that he broke four games into the season whic of recovery. you do the math here and we're looking at the end of january for his return. but there is still no concrete date set for when he'll come back to the game. now san francisco tickets not exactly cheap when it comes
5:48 am
to the niners upcoming playoff game. resale market starting at $200 but the stage looks like it is almost set for saturday's game at levi when the niners take on the minnesota vikings in the divisional round. the niners jimmy g said he could feel the intensity picking up. >> better part of some playoff games and see the atmosphere of the building ramp up and the atmosphere of the coaches and players and everyone. so just a lot more energy in the building for sure. >> for sure energy. this is the niners first playoff game at levi. you would catch it right here on nbc bay area. kickoff around 1:30 on saturday. well we're following up on what may be called the ultimate be kind rewind story. >> yesterday we told you about a story of what one man found on an old vcr tape after he bought it at a store and when he played the tape this is what he saw. video of a baby's first steps. but look at that, back in 1994.
5:49 am
so the guy that bought it went on a viral manhunt to find the little boy and the family in the video. he actually found them and this morning they're reuniting for the first time. that little boy is now 26 and said his mom called him to let him know the story had gone viral. >> i was actually out when my mom called me and she was watching the news and -- >> what did she say? >> she was like, hey, you're on the news right now. you're walking as a baby. and i'm like what? i'm out -- i'm not going to lie, i was two drinks in. >> mom -- you can watch the heartwarming story on the "today" show. it is nice to make that effort. >> but two drinks in, any video of him at that point -- >> you're right. started with rain and it is moving away. >> the rain is moving out. and maybe you didn't get any rain overnight. but if you did, the roads may still be wet.
5:50 am
here is a live look outside in fremont. people up and out of the door. it is not as cold this morning. but still kind of a chill in the area. we have some mid-40s in livermore. upper 40s in san jose. it is 47 now in oakland. and 41 degrees in santa rosa. as you get up and get the kids ready for school, it is going to be still jacket weather in the south bay, upper 40s with a mix of clouds and sun peeking out every now and then. as we go throughout today, we'll see high temperatures reaching into the upper 50s today. up to 57 degrees. oakland reaching 56. concord up to 59 degrees. and reaching only 53 degrees in ukiah. we'll also see rain moving in as early as tonight. as our next storm system starts to move into the bay area. a little bit of a break before it gets here. but it will also bring in some more rain. it looks to be more widespread than the round of rain we just had but still fairly light. so looking at our hour-by-hour outlook we're dry most of today. and then as we go into tomorrow morning at this time, we're
5:51 am
starting to see more of that rain moving in. quickly rolling by pushing out by tomorrow afternoon. we're only looking at about a tenth to about a quarter inch of rain. a little bit higher for parts of the north bay. our temperatures here will be in the upper 50s which is about normal for this time of the year. we dry out tomorrow. saturday we're seeing that next chance of rain, mostly during the morning but it may linger into the 49ers game. sunday is a good daytside becau week. mike, you've been tracking the roads. how is it looking now? >> we still have a slower drive. just checking the latest. a jam up right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. but look at the approach. the bottom of the screen showing a little bit less traffic flow. so that is good news. but the fast track lanes also showing unusually pleasant move, meaning that you see any movement at all. some of the traffic might be held up into the upper east shore freeway. as we look at traffic flow there, the upper east shore
5:52 am
freeway is the issue off of highway 4 around hilltop drive you see the lit up sign warning about three and a half miles ahead and two lanes blocked by the trash. and that is the length of the back-up. almost four miles now. coming off of highway 4 where there may be a disabled big rig trying to get to the shoulder. the stretch right here is tough, past that off of the richmond bridge we have a smooth drive toward the back-up at the bay bridge which you just saw. the rest of the bay shows smooth traffic. westbound 80 at bear causing the back-up through contra costa and that is the only problem. no problem through the fog. potential out of the north bay toward the bay bridge toll plaza and we have options. we could take b.a.r.t. there is no delays for b.a.r.t. or any other agencies and the rest of the boy green. heavy rains triggering flooding in parts of washington state. major roads shut down. outside of seattle mudslides. more rain forecast for today. could mean for problems for people living there.
5:53 am
5:53. a busy wednesday morning. coming up at 6:00, back to the breaking news coverage. iran attacking two u.s. bases in iraq. live pictures from the white house this morning where we are waiting by to hear from the president who is expected to address the nation on those attacks. we'll bring it to you live. and also back here at home, lawyers for theranos founder elizabeth holmes on trial for fraud are sounding off against federal prescriptions coming off evidence they say the government is not giving them. and redwood city impossible burger going beyond burger and added more meatless options. we'll tell you what they are and when and where you could soon try them out. you're watching "today in the bay." introducing a single sports destination.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:56. a man acquitted in the kate steiny shooting, zer oughti was found not guilty. his attorneys argued the gun went off accidentally after he found the weapon under a beth on pier 14. an appealed court overturned the only guilty count of firearm possession charge. federal prosecutors then filed a similar weapons charge. today's hearings surrounds evidence in the upcoming trial. new details in the fraud
5:57 am
case involving the one-time rising silicon valley star theranos founder. her trial expected to begin in eight months but her attorneys are are angry at federal prosecutors for not providing evidence they say is critical to her defense. that evidence includes documents from the food and drug administration. prosecutors were supposed to provide that evidence by december 31st. but now say it won't be available until the end of april saying it takes time to put it together. 5:57 now. and happening today. alameda count district attorney wants to raise awareness about human trafficg. 9:30 the da is announce a new campaign. trafficking is january awareness month. a man in died from the flu first flu-related death in the county this season. across the state there have been 54 flu-related deaths. at least three children have
5:58 am
died. the majority of the deaths have been people over the age of 65. doctors say it is not too late to get vaccinated. san jose is working to eliminate housing discrimination. it is now launching a watch dog program for tenants to report issues. back in august, san jose leaders adopted an ordinance to protect tenants who want to rent by using a housing voucher and the city is asking for ideas for programs to help eliminate housing discrimination. 5:58, the redwood city impossible foods unveiling new options at ces in las vegas. impossible pork and impossible sausage. this is the first attempt to create products that aren't fake beef. now if you're wondering impossible pork will roll out to restaurants first. and as we told you yesterday, burger king will sell the impossib impossible crois sandwich including fake sausage and real eggs and real cheese. trending this morning, defining moment of any actor's
5:59 am
career, winning a golden globes. >> but getting at ward home is another story. this is video posted by actor rami useph. you could see the tsa agent looking at it through the x-ray machine. he won the best actor for a musical or comedy on sunday for his role in his show. right now at 6:00, breaking news, u.s. forces under attack from iran. >> we're on the brink of another middle eastern war. >> coming up, details on the missile strikes in neighboring iraq. we are awaiting on president trump to address the nation as well. plus another string of car break-ins overnight. this time in the south bay. a live report in several neighborhoods targeted. a live look in san francisco. the skies are clear for now. kari hall tracking when rain will return to the bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
a very good now wednesday morning to. and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. kari has been tracking rain going out, rain coming in. >> yeah. we're kind of in between right now. and between that we may also have a lot of high humidity. but a warmer start to the day compared to the past few mornings. there is a look at some of the fog that may move closer to walnut creek. and so that may be a concern if you're about to head out for the drive this morning between now and 9:00. it will clear out as we go throughout the day and temperatures reaching into the upper 50s. and once again this is our break before more rain comes in. so i'm timing that out for you with an update in about seven minutes. mike, it sounds like a dramatic crash in richmond. >> it does. this is the one we're following.


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