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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 15, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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below freezing in napa and in santa rosa. and some mid-30s for the south county as well as livermore. 34 degrees there. 38 in san jose. after this cold start we'll see it slowly warming up. mostly cloudy sky today and the rain will arrive first in the north bay later this evening. right around 11:00 to 12:00 as we go into tonight and early tomorrow morning. that rain rolling through the bay area. we'll talk more about this timeline and what to expect coming up. mike, you have a reminder as you ared ready to head out. >> check the wiper, because you're talking about the rain coming in and with with fluid it will leave mist on the lens. and the golden gate bridge ready for the morning commute. i saw the zipper truck return to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. the crash is there, partially blocking one lane but as you pass the split, folks heading to the bay bridge that is fine and down 880 that is the issue and not much more issues there,
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marcus, back to you. new overnight, chp officers arrested a driver after a high-speed chase through the south bay. the video shows officers taking that driver into custody. this is before midnight. this is near capital and mckie in san jose. but that chase covered parts of 280 and 680. sometimes at speeds of more than 120 miles per hour. officers then corralled him when he exits the freeway which you'll see here. >> we're still working to find out what caused this chase to begin or charges that suspect now faces. 5:01 developing on capitol hill, the next steps coming into focus in president trump's impeachment trial. it now looks like it will start next tuesday. democrats including house leader nancy pelosi offering new evidence. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us with the critical
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steps being taken a short time from now. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. later in afternoon democrats will choose their managers, in other words the prosecutors who will argue the case. and then literally walk those articles or charges over to the senate to begin that process. the trial, majority leader mitch mcconnell said will begin on tuesday and they'll tie up loose ends, and still unknown will there be any witnesses. mcconnell said they won't decide until after the trial is underway. >> if the existing case is strong, there is no need for the judge and the jury to reopen the investigation. >> the trial without witnesses and documents is not a real trial. it is a sham trial. >> reporter: and there are new documents, new evidence that democrats are pitching at the 11th hour. handwritten notes and text messages from an associate of
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trump attorney rudy giuliani suggesting that the president knew and consenting to giuliani pushing this biden investigation. pack to you. >> so interesting. tracie potts live from washington. thank you. moving on to decision 2020 and a downsized stage for the latest democratic debate last night in iowa. the number of candidates reduced to the remaining six. who met minimum polling and fundraising requirements. the impeachment was a hot topic as three candidates on last night's stage will serve as jurors during the senate trial. >> i will be there because it is my responsibility. >> if our republican colleagues won't allow those witnesses, they may as well give the president a crown and a ceptor and make him king. >> interest ramping up with the march primaries coming. in san francisco last night voters packed a watch party at manny's in the mission. the crowd cheered when elizabeth warren made it clear she believes a woman can win the white house. but some voters say issues are
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more important than gender. >> she doesn't support the single payer the way bernie does and that is probably the detractor. >> i would say elizabeth warren being one of them and sanders are just incredibly passionate and incredibly strong and brilliant people. >> some say while it is disappointing most of the minority candidates have dropped out of the race, they don't believe a democrat will leave people behind in 2020. mountain view voters will decide the fate of people who live in rvs in that city. following months of back and forth on the van that would have pushed larged vehicle off the small streets. kris sanchez is live in mountain view with a look at what is next. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. the city council made its position know in passing that rv ban on the narrow streets. but then some residents decided that they wanted to push back. now the ban was set to go into effect this summer but a measure
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to block that ban did qualify for the november ballot. last night the council had to choose between letting the ballot issue move forward or rescinding the law. speakers told the council that the rvs community threaten their safety but others say the council is the one that should be afraid. >> we get complaints that they're approached at night to be let in to the laundry rooms and the bathrooms and the showers. if they refuse people are often aggressive and hostile. so the residents are afraid. >> to the counselors who voted for this disaster who are up for reelection in of november, you will be the face of eviction and you will be defeated. it is very clear. repeal this measure. do not waste the $90,000 to put it on the november ballot. >> reporter: at the same time other communities are trying to figure out their own rv program in addition to mountain view. clair skunt is considering a program to partner with
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nonprofits to bolster safe parking sites. and just last night palo alto voted to launch a safe parking program that is for the night before and san jose opted to scrap one of its safe parking sites citing safety and lack of participation. a congressman is trying to figure out how to make funds available to make an emergency fund that states could apply for funds from, kind of like in a disaster situation or a wildfire or earthquake that communities could then apply for funds from the federal government to help deal with with homelessness under the banner of economic crisis. in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay "today in the bay." >> thank you. teachers in san francisco are getting help in terms of where they live. last night the school district passed a first of its kind housing policy thanks to propositions passed by voters last november allowing houses
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for teachers to be on the district and city college and $20 million in seed money is now made available for the future housing projects. jury selection could begin in the man accused in the deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing. the judge ruled there would not be a change of venue for john lee cowell. nia wilson was killed and her sister seriously injured. cowell has pleaded not guilty and only recently ruled to be mentally fit to be tried. a south bay security guard is being hailed as hero. police say he stopped a 70-year-old man assaulting a young teenager in a parking lot. he had only been working for three months and then on monday afternoon he was making the rounds on capital expressway and gomez saw an older man get into the backseat of a van with a young teenager and then witnesses the 70-year-old man
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assaulting the 13-year-old girl. >> i won't get into detail about that. but i did see things i shouldn't have. i'm a father. i have a 6-year-old daughter and that's -- what i saw was not okay. >> gomes stopped and held on to tew an binh nguyen until police showed up. nguyen faces four felony charges. he was hired three years ago by the family to drive to and fro school. here is a live look at donner pass near tahoe. right now chains are not required but there is a winter storm warning for thursday. a storm is expected to bring up to two feet of snow in some of the areas. kari hall is tracking that this morning for us. and kari, dealing with with the rain here in the bay area and the snow up there. so a lot going on. >> a lot going on over the next 24 hours. today is a good travel day. and as we take a look at the storm it is still to the north of us and if you're doing over toward the sierra, expect the snow to come down by 8:00 to
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9:00 tomorrow morning. after that it is all downhill as the heavy snow continues for around lake tahoe and then we'll see it gradually tapering off on friday. we're looking at once between up to two feet of snow, maybe a little bit higher for the upper elevations and we're going to start to see that rain moving into the bay area. right around midnight for the north bay and then the rest of the babe seeing some heavy rain by tomorrow morning. so we'll take a closer look at this timeline coming up and so far right now the traffic looks light at the bay bridge. >> and it is one of the -- it is a light at the bay bridge and there is an issue that may slow folks down. here at the toll plaza. we saw a cash lane back up and starting to clear and right here just after the berkeley curve, a back up and this will affect folks down 880 and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no injuries reported and we hope that cleared quickly. the rest of contra costa looks smooth and so does the rest of the bay. back to you.
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>> thanks, mike. 5:09 and fallout following the college admission cheating scandal. the ax falls on the coaches linked to the investigation. plus a delta flight dumping fuel as it makes an emergency landing at l.a.x. but the fuel lands on school children playing below. what we learn about the the new investigation. and president trump will sign a deal with the chinese today ending part of the trade war we just don't know what it says. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. >> they are the kind of storms that wreck your day or worse. when nbc bay area news detected weather headed toward your neighborhood, we declare a microclimate weather alert and that means you'll get live updates every 30 minutes on tv and on social media and online and weather warnings based on your location from the nbc bay area app. when storms hit, an nbc bay area
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good wednesday morning. we're coming up on 5:13 and it is a morning to layer up as you head out to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. the rain arrives tonight. i'll time it out for you in less than five minutes. and better timing that the crash cleared heading this way. the taillights around toward the berkeley curve and the toll plaza and i'll show you the effect across the bay. and good morning. and happy wednesday. here is rising and this is really been an extraordinary performer lately. apple i'll get to in a second but let's talk about what will happen today. we expect president trump and the chinese vice premier will sign phase one of the trade deal in the positive step in a major trade war. the small details we don't know what they're going to sign. america will not get a look at
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the tex of the deal until after the president signs it. we think that the chinese may agree to buy more agricultural products and reduce leash on american companies to give up trade secrets if they want to manufacture in china. the justice department continues to pressure apple to open the phones belonging to that saudi pilot who shot and killed three american servemen. apple so far has said it will not. president trump tweeted out we're helping apple all of the time on trade and so many other issues and yet they refuse to unlock phones used by killers and drug dealers. apple doesn't need help on trade but it could be a hint that trump is hinting at that decision not to include apple products in the recent tariffs on chinese-made goods. tim cook has worked hard to maintain a close relationship with the president. he was one of the very first to join the president for the early
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business tech round tables at the white house. and he's never left even as other silicon valley executives have. and cook is carol not to contradict the president. video of the president visiting a factory where apple products were made in texas. mr. trump appeared to be under the impression the factory was brand-new tweeting today i opened a major apple manufacturing plant in texas that will bring back high-paying jobs to america. that factory has been open since 2013 but tim cook was smart, laura and marcus, not to contradict the president of the united states. >> >> absolutely. well you know what, today he want to talk about something. because with the new year comes new beginnings. but this year we're adding to a legacy here at "today in the bay." with with grace, authority and cheer vision, laura garcia -- >> what are you guys doing. i'm going like this. we are out of script. >> and you are the constant bright light for bay area news
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and this year we celebrate a big milestone in your career. >> i didn't know you were doing this. and i know everything going on with this show. >> but we're celebrating your 20 years here at nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >> take a look back. >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> we have a lot of new stories on local guys who have done good and we have a couple of them in studio today. >> seven players from the 2009-2010 to celebrate. >> her team. >> it is my team. >> laura garcia -- >> amy gutierrez joins us in the giants dugout with with more. >> and more people will invest in cyber insurance -- >> oh, no. >> whatever that thing was. >> being a mom is tough but it makes me better at what i do.
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>> and you still do that. >> that is after i came back after having the triplets. thank you so much for putting that together. i lived out so much of my life on this show. 20 years is a very long time. >> won't be the same without you and your many hair cuts. >> i know, i think i should -- oh, thank you very much. >> >> and this is for you from all of us here. >> wow. thank you so much. i'm so touched. i can't believe it. thank you. 20 years. >> that is a long time. >> [ laughter ] >> you were 12 when you started. >> oh, that is beautiful. and so thoughtful. thank you very much. >> are you in your hyperbolic chamber when you go in there. >> the secret is i don't sleep that much. thank you. i'm blessed because i get to do something that i love of with with wonderful, wonderful people. both on screen and behind the
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scenes as well. it takes a team to do this show every year. every day. of every year. but it does. and i'm so thankful for the people that help me to do what i love every day. so thank you very much. >> we love you too. >> well, thanks. what else are we doing today. >> you just sit back. it is just starting. we have more stuff coming up later too. >> thank you. we're planning a nice day today and also a chilly start. let's get to the forecast. we'll see changes ahead as the storm system arrives heading into early tomorrow morning. today we're all clear. we'll start to see the clouds moving in but this storm system is going to be bumping up against some very cold air. so even as it arrives farther to the north it will start out as snow in some of the elevations above 3,000 feet. the rest of the bay area just chilly rain and gust we winds and take a look at the time. this is tomorrow morning at 6:30 heavy rain starting to work from
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north to south. and then into the morning commute it is quite wet, raining heavily with long with gusty winds and then snow on the bay area peaks. into tomorrow morning, the rain will taper off but there will be some rain chances going into late tomorrow evening. and then it moves out by friday morning. overall we're looking at about one to three inches of rain across the bay area. and the chance of thunderstorms pretty low but we'll have that chance, the wind withes picking up to 30 to 45 miles per hour. snow levels down to about 3,000 feet. and the sierra snow at two to three feet. and our climate in crisis, we continue to cover that because we are still seeing a lot of changes here as we look at our ocean. our ocean temperatures have warmed 500% since the 1980s. and the ocean absorbs all of the heat from the greenhouse gas emissions. what are the impacted? we have acidic water which impacts the marine life and melting ice which causes the
5:20 am
rising sea level and stronger storms which impacts the bay area because we're the first to experience those storms after they roll across the ocean. so that is something that we'll be watching. as we go into the the next several years hopefully we could make some changes here. heading over to mike. how is it looking. things are hooking good and pretty normal at the bay bridge. the reason for this. i told you about the crash at the berkeley curve and that cleared before the last break. and i showed you the recovery for berkeley and emeryville and you see the sensors. good recovery right here just past the split where you decide 880 or the bay bridge and both showing improvement and the slowing starting back at knew. not a big deal. we do have a chance to recover. the rest of contra costa county on the approach looks great. highway 4 at 242 a crash reported but doesn't look to be such a problem. i think it is on the shoulder. it was quick to clear out of the
5:21 am
lanes. there is a motorcycle crash in san mateo that also cleared out of lanes with no major injuries and that is great news. over here the dublin interchange does look hike it is getting ready for the morning commute. we see the volume building here and barely make out the dublin grate. there is low cloud cover that kari is talking about the incoming rain but no major problems, back to you. 5:21 now. next on "today in the bay," relief for australia. rain hitting very dry places. and a new warning from nasa on how far the smoke will tral there the fires. plus maybe you know him as the rock legend behind songs including "fire" and "i'm on fire" but no, sir the boss has something to sing about when it comes to family. you're watching "today in the bay." trump: those pre-existing
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conditions are protected. vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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well developing for you this morning. east of sacramento police are still not indicating if they know how or even why an 11-year-old boy was found dead in placerville. >> he was living with his father in placerville and his body was found on sunday after he went missing the day before. the boy's mother is traveling from her home in wisconsin. she said she hadn't seen him in three years. new video shows the moment a plane flew over southern california schools during yesterday's emergency fuel dump after the pilots on the delta plane were forced to declare an
5:25 am
emergency landing and return to nearby l.a.x. about 60 people suffered minor skin injuries and mostun people. the plane landed without any problems and the faa is now investigating. high-profile attorney michael after oughty is facing charges for violating bail. the stormy daniels lawyer was arrested yesterday during the state bar court and due to face a criminal trial starting next week in new york city where prosecutors say he tried to extort $25 million from nike. he's pleaded not guilty but he's also accused of defrauding his clients out of settlement money. 5:25, a major shake-up at usc. since the hiring of the new athletic director mike bond, the l.a. times reports after the college admission scandal some usc coaches are accused of taking money to help students
5:26 am
gain admission as athletes. well a huge sigh of relief for parts of fire ravaged australia. rain. now this is new video overnight from the state of victoria showing the wet weather. there is so much rain there are concerned about flash flooding. nasa is warning that smoke from the fires in australia are expected to make at least one full circuit around the globe. the agency has been analyzing the smoke coming from the fires. it is part of the image from space showing that smoke on twitter. at least 28 people have died nationwide in the fires and more than 3,000 homes are destroyed or damages. 5:26 now. and trending this morning. the son of rocker bruce springsteen is now a jersey city firefighter. 25-year-old sam springstein was sorn in yesterday. the boss sat in front row during that ceremony. >> pretty cool there. coming up next on "today in
5:27 am
the bay," the top stories that we're following for you. san francisco voters weighing in on a vacancy tax for empty commercial spaces and why the tax could impact more neighborhoods than first plans. >> and plus possible help to pay for your pricey parking tickets. a new push governor gavin newsom is making more low income drivers. >> and speaking of drivers. checking the roadways. this is the bay bridge politito plaza this morning. a lot more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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right now at 5:30, growing coal concerns. the move contra costa county leaders made over to help clean up the air. plus -- >> ma'am, with we would like to peacefully leave if you can. >> that is why this movement had to happen. >> evicted. an all new look from inside of the vacant home illegally aiken over by two mothers and the move to arrest them. good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garciament let's also talk about the big storm that is set to slam the bay area. here is a live look at satellite imagery of what is coming our way. look at what is swirling out there. kari hall is going to have a busy 24 hours tracking this one. >> it will be a strong storm. right now we're taking a break before the storm system arrives
5:31 am
but we have cold temperatures with the north bay down below freezing. so we could leave the umbrellas at home but temperatures in the upper 30s as you start out of the door. mostly cloudy skies and teams reaching the mid-50s. hour-by-hour we'll start to see the rain first arriving in the north bay around midnight and spreading across the rest of the bay area into early tomorrow. i'll have more on the timeline and how much rain to expect coming up in a few minutes. but mike, you were saying it looks like october at bay bridge. >> we had the meteoring lights turned on and in october we had them turned on at 5:15. back to october. back to the future. and the bay bridge back to normal. slower than expected at university and recovery from the crash past the berkeley curve that has cleared. all lanes are fine there. highway 4 is a smooth drive at
5:32 am
242 and the rest of the bay at speed laura. back to you. right now about one quarter of all u.s. coal exports leave through richmond but that might change. leaders in contra costa county have cooled phasing out coal storage. pete suratos is joining us live with with with a look at the details and a potential legal fallout too, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. a big decision by the richmond city council to phase out coal in the city will affect one terminal. we're standing near the terminal here. 11 richmond terminal. and it is over the air quality, the impact of the coal and the dust particles in the air what led to this ordinance. that was passed by the city council last night. now they did approve to phase out the storage of coal and petroleum coke in the city.
5:33 am
the 11 terminal which we're standing in front of handles about a quarter of u.s. exports on the west coast and it stores coal shipped in from utah before it is exported to japan. now they could use this site to store other materials, they just can't store coal. and this ordinance does come as a result of public complaints over coal dust in the air around the city. but at a meeting last month to discuss the issue 11 officials did say that dozens of jobs could be lost with this ordinance and said that even if it is passed, it could potentially take legal action. now this ordinance will not have any effect on transportation of coal through the city just the storage of the coal. the terminal will have thee years to completely phase out the cole. reporting live, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> very interesting. thanks so much, pete. 5:33 now. evicted and arrested for squatting. those mothers in oakland calling this the start of a movement.
5:34 am
this is exclusive video shot by a filmmaker in a vacant home where the deputies arrested the mothers. we covered the drama all morning long. last night the mothers were released and they enjoyed barbecue inside of the boarded up house. >> it is never about being on the inside. you should have took us on the inside and it is quieter and now opt out side we could hold banners and make sure this goes worldwide. >> they should try to build more housing not hurt people who create housing. >> the owners are now talking about trying to sell the house to a first-time home buyer. this morning we could learn about t about the surge of people displaced in the south bay.
5:35 am
if you've been in the downtown you've seen the gentrification. they are trying to stop the displacement of people. the city council woman will be there. and supervisors have selected a site to help battle the homeless epidemic. they want to build outdoor housing not far from the juvenile justice center collected between west santa rosa and sebastopol and house 60 people now living in an encampment along a trail under orders to be gone by the end of the month. if san francisco voters end up approving a new vacancy tax it could cover a much wider area. now voters in march will decide the fate of proposition d who would fine landlords who leave commercial space empty six months. supervisors yesterday extend the proposal to cover an additional 12 city neighborhoods. here is a look at the districts
5:36 am
covered. there are so many. others include downtown north beach and the haight. today evergreen school leaders resume talks around surrounding planned school closures. they proposed closed two schools in june and a third in 2021 due to low enrollment. starting tonight there will be a public input session at board headquarters. a final vote is supposed to happen next month. 5:36. in a few hours union city is closing one of the four fire stations. here is a live look for you right now at fire station 30. the city said it doesn't get enough calls and a recent study found less than two calls every 24 hours. the firefighters union warns it may increase levels and they are being assigned to other alameda county firehouses. >> illegally turning right on red in california will set you back $500 and blocking a wheelchair access curb will cost
5:37 am
you more than twice of that but the governor is proposing cutting those kind of fees for some drivers according to the "sacramento bee" he wants to expand the fine reduction plan for low income drivers. right now the program like it exists in four california counties including san francisco. last year the state collected with about $1.5 billion in traffic fines. a follow up for the the idea of a dedicating bus lane on the bay bridge is gaining traction when it comes to bay bridge leadership. rob bonta floated the idea and since then buffy wicks has tweeted support. and scott wieber told the examiner he's on board. there are a lot of logistical issues. the plan was tried once before in the early '60s. bay bridge leaders pulled the plug less than a year later. >> we don't need all of the lanes at the bay bridge. >> we need more. >> you of all people know how much we need the roads out
5:38 am
there. >> the solution and proposal in full so that is interesting stuff. we'll follow and looking at the commute. we're looking at green all over the bay but at the dumbarton bridge, hearing about a disabled vehicle between the high-rise and toll plaza and not much of a commute there right now. 84 also over here cutting through pleasanton and livermore and slowing around the typical spots. vasco out of brentwood and seeing half an hour, slower around athe bend and typical spot earlier than over the last of the three weeks but the rest of the contra costa is moving nicely and the toll plaza has the metering lights on of course. and looking ahead to the weekend. always here on "today in the bay." to make sure you have what you need. >> and a thies weekend ahead as we are going to just track a slight chance of rain on saturday but other than that we're getting outside. our temperatures will be cool on saturday.
5:39 am
reaching the low 50s along the coast. mix of sun and clouds for the bay and quick moving showers moving through on saturday afternoon. now tor sunday, it is all clear. we get some more sunshine and temperatures come up a few degrees. up into the upper 50s for the inland areas. we have the women's march happening this saturday in oakland. starting at 10:00 in the morning. we'll be at about 50 degrees. so a cool start to the day. only reaching into the mid-50s but we'll every now and then see the sun peeking out and the rain holding off there. and making plans heading to the game or watching it, we'll see for the 49ers game on sunday perfect conditions. just a few clouds moving by. and temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees. if you'll be heading to the coast, expect a few clouds and a slight chance of showers on saturday. and then we'll see on sunday that is probably the best day to get there to half moon bay. 58 degrees with some times of sunshines. we'll talk about what is going on and look at our temperature
5:40 am
trend before the rain arrives coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. 5:39. new rules next on "today in the bay," the push state lawmakers are making to have beverage companies recycling. and a big honor ahead of the nfc championship game. >> a showdown in washington. the next important steps in the impeachment of donald trump. also ahead, new images in the story behind meghan markle's first public appearance since the royal couple's bombshell announcement.
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we head outside in dublin, a cold start. we have 30s this morning and a clear sky. it is already busy out there. so time to get up and moving. we'll talk about the cool temperatures and rain by this time tomorrow coming up in less than five minutes. we're looking at the north bay. san rafael, southbound, picking up volume still at speed through the curve passing by 580 and through the east bay, nice drive through the bay bridge, good recovery through berkeley after the crash. thanks so much. ahead, people living in their rvs. now other south bay city is considering banning the practice. ahead in about 15 minutes find
5:44 am
out who may end up making that decision. asylum-seekers in california will be required to have access to attorneys following a new ruling by a federal judge. that ruling requires lawyers to be made available before and during key interviews that may determine whether or not someone is allowed to remain in the u.s. some border facilities are already following the policies. through november of of last year more than 13,000 people were returned to mexico by way of california. and today the house will make the next step in the impeachment of donald trump. >> the speaker, the sergeant at arms and the impeachment managers will walk from one end of the capitol to the other. scott. >> from the house side to the senate side. the senate will then take the articles, launch the trial of donald trump. now how it will be conducted we still don't know. nor do we know who will take the role of prosecutor. nancy pelosi will announce that at 7:00 a.m. today. we suspect it is going to be
5:45 am
adam schiff and jerry nadler who led the investigation in the house. the trial will begin on tuesday. it will go six days a week. the president calls it an unfair stain on his presidency. >> while we're creating jobs an killing terrorists democrats in congress are wasting america's time with the demented hoaxes and crazy witch hunts have been going on by the way from the day i came down the escalator with our future first lady. >> now an unexpected twist this morning. the democratic investigators have released new documents revealing shocking new evidence that showed the degree to which the president's attorney, his associate lev parnas and a republican candidate for congress robert hyde are pushing ukraine to investigate the bidens. here is the three men there. a letter from giuliani to the president elect said giuliani was working with the knowledge and blessing of president trump.
5:46 am
a memo by parnas spells out the whole plot. get the ukrainian president to investigate the bidens and then a set of text messages show the men talking about apparently surveilling the then u.s. ambassador to ukraine mary yie yovanovitch and it is said she could be taken care of more money. and talking about the ambassador, she's talked to three people. this text message goes her phone is off, her computer is off. we don't know what the president knew about this if anything at all. but recall the president told zelensky that yovanovitch will go through things. do these documents make the way into the trial. that is up to mitch mcconnell and perhaps chief justice roberts later. an extraordinary side note. former national security adviser mike flynn wants to withdraw his
5:47 am
guilty plea. not sure why if he can. and he's twice admitted to lying into his connections with turkey and ukraine and phone calls with russia. we're carry the announcement of the manager live we think at around 7:00 a.m. our time. that is at scott mcgrew. >> thanks scott. california lawmakers debating big changes to recycling. it would include making beverage companies create their own return in recycling systems. california is one of ten states requiring five or ten cents refund value for bottles or cans but half of the state recycling centers have closed in recent years and supporters say it meant more people tossing recycling into the garbage. betty sos kin is back at work. >> she's 98 but not slowing down. returning to richmond rosie the riveter museum. she suffered a stroke and wrote
5:48 am
on facebook she's just visiting but working from 11:00 to 1:00. she's the oldest park ranger and received a presidential medal. good to see her there. new this morning, the san francisco presidio received an honor reserved tor the top parks and green spaces. uk green flag award recognizes parks globally for maintenance and management and access and handing oun green flag awards for more than 20 years. later today, the 49ers return to the practice field ahead of sunday's big nfc championship game against green bay at levi's. the winners punch tickets to the super bowl but one 49er and raider have hit it back when it comes to the nfl rookie honors handed out each year. nick bosa was named defensic rookie of the year and josh jacobs won offensive rookie of
5:49 am
the year. a new look at meghan markle's new life in canada. >> there are new images of duchess traveling to a canadian women's center. this is the first public appearance since the shocking announcement that she and prince harry are stepping back from the role as senior royals. queen elizabeth is asupporting the couple's decision to create a new life. so if your kids can't wait, you could bring them to build a bear and they could make their own baby yoda. the most popular "star wars" character. the toy comes out in may and so far we haven't seen what the build a bear version will look like. he's pretty adorable but said to be coming in the coming months. i started watching that with my kids. it is really fun. he is pretty adorable. >> build a bear -- >> we have so many bears. >> a great idea. >> with the heart inside. >> it is a charming little
5:50 am
thing. >> i want it to go here is the force put it into baby yoda. use your hand. >> i think we have a build a bear darth vader. we have a lot of build a bears. times three. >> all right. let's take a look. you're building a rainy forecast. >> but it is beneficial rain. a good soaker here headed our way. and as we start out right now this morning, leave the umbrella at home. storm ranger is giving us the all clear but as we widen out the view we could see what is coming our way. notice the storm system moving closer to the pacific northwest, there is the center of the storm and you could see the swirl of cloudso clouds and then the rain arriving along the coast. this will make it into the north bay around midnight. and then as we go into early tomorrow morning, we'll go to see the rain spreading from north to south. it is banking up against some cold air that we're feeling right now. so as it starts out on the bay
5:51 am
area peaks, heavy snow coming down. snowing mt. hamilton and then the rain lingers with a slight chance of thunderstorms before this rolls out early thursday or friday morning i should say. so we look at does this connect with the subtropical moisture coming from hawaii and right now not a pineapple express and not an atmospheric river. and wide spread rain will be not enhanced by the subtropical moisture but still looking at one inch of rain for inland and three inches of rain for hills and mountains and then snow on bay area peaks as well as sierra snow, areas above 3,000 feet. as we head into friday, that rain clears outment saturday there will be a slight chance of rain and then after that we're clearing out and warming up. we have some low 60s in the forecast from sunday into monday. and san francisco also seeing heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow. but looking better through the
5:52 am
rest of the forecast. mike, now you have a new crash at the toll plaza. i was looking for it on the live cameras. here is the toll plaza camera. i can't see the crash. but i do see what looks like slowing here. so there must be something going on just after the split where folks are going to the fast track lanes where they are full or the cash where there is a little break and held up coming over here and into the approach. so just watching for that. no major impact on the approach but the lanes off to the left and maybe slower for the time being. we've marked it here. a smooth drive for the rest of the bayme, slowing through pittsburg and walnut creek south 680 but the "n" in walnut creek. and westbound across the bridges but eastbound, over on the shoulder toward the newark and fremont side there. and then in the south bay, a smooth flow. a live look at san mateo bridge. our partners at waze from
5:53 am
hard -- hayward just under half an hour so quite a build in the volume. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the second ever all female space walk is underway. this is new video of the two astronauts christina coke and jessica meir in space replacing solar batteries at the international space station, the first all woman space walk took place in october with with the same two astronauts. much more ahead on "today in the bay." including one city arming hotel workers for protection, not with with a gun or taser of the we'll tell you what it is next. and a proposed pot dispensary is raising eyebrows. opponents worry thousands of young people would be too close too often. and a cat fight you don't want to miss. max the cat taking on three coyotes. how it all ended. coming up in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the
5:54 am
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5:56 now. and jury selection may begin today in the trial for the man accused in the deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing. a judge ruled that he would not be -- a change of venue for john lee cowell. investigators say that he stabbed nia wilson to death on a
5:57 am
mcarthur b.a.r.t. platform in 2018 and her sister was sear krusly injured. cowell pled not guilty and was only recently ruled fit to be tried. and a memorial is growing for an l.a. county deputy who died after a woman who had fallen down in an intersection. amber leist was hit and killed by a car on sunday and she was driving and saw an elderly woman fall in the middle of the street and she got out of the car and helped the woman and then was hit by a car while she was heading back to her car. members of the community say her death is very sad. >> very tragic. on top of just the regular circumstances, someone like this, someone very important to our community has just been lost. >> the driver stayed at the scene. she leaves behind two sons, one on active duty in the navy. we're learning new details on the story you saw yesterday here on "today in the bay."
5:58 am
the chp revealing a failed traffic stop let to a police shooting in san jose. officers tried to pull over the car on monday night near hollister because it didn't have taillights. the juvenile driver took off. officers chased him to the caldecott and he crashed into a patrol car. at least one officer fired a gun. no one was hit. the driver was arrested. it is 5:58, happening tonight, martinez leads are planning on a pot dispensary located two blocks from a high school. in november that plan was approved but since then martinez school leaders have raised the red flag about it being close to alhambra high school. the closing date is now set for macy's in antioch's somerville town center and set to shut down in march that means more than 100 people will lose their jobs.
5:59 am
macy's announcing it is closing 30 stores across the country and the antioch location is the only california store impacted. this morning, hotel workers in sacramento will soon carry panic buttons. employees such as housekeeping staff could wear the devices and easily access if they feel threatened or need help. the new ordinance goes into effect in july and impacts 80 hotels and motels in sacramento. so you've heard the warning, keep your small animals had to be protected from coyotes roaming at night. >> but one cat in l.a. said bring it on. take a look at this cat fight from the highland park surveillance camera that cat taking on not one but three coyotes. max holding its own. the coyote is thinking dinnertime and they're not giving up. eventually max's owner walked out to chase the coyotes away but we don't think max needed much back-up at all. >> they were really lunging at
6:00 am
that cat. >> i know. but each one of them. >> getting scared. oh, wow. right now at 6:00, handing over the articles of impeachment. the dramatic way house democrats will deliver the articles to the senate just a short time from now. plus when that trial will get underway. >> and all new this morning, should people living in rvs but aallowed to park on city streets. up next in a live report the santa clara county city where where voters will have a say. >> plus bracing for a big storm. that is expected to arrive late tonight. coming up, small window of opportunity to get ready and get to tahoe to see the snow if you want to. "today in the bay" continues right now. so here is a look at storm that we're talking about. the first major storm of 2020 hovering over the coastline. that is what it headed our way. so clear today at least on this wednesday morning. but co o


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