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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 19, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good sunday morning. it is january 19th. we are taking a live look outside. beautiful sunrise. just beginning to fill the skies over san jose. wow, it looks gorgeous out there. very cold, though. or chilly. depends how you look at it. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. i guess for the 49ers fans it might be cold out but for the green bay packers fans visiting it might be -- >> perfect weather. >> -- it might be nice. >> one of the days that you think that what do i wear to the game.
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but 47 degrees in san francisco. the beautiful view of the span there for the bay bridge. here is the chilly temperatures we're talking about. it is 38 degrees right now in san jose. santa cruz 39, santa rosa 38. and it would be color. but we have high clouds bringing in overcast conditions through today and what does that mean for us. when we're tracking overcast conditions, don't worry, we're not expecting any rain. so peeks of sunshine right now through about 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees. and then notice what happens in the icons between 10:00 and 2:00. that is a cloud. it is overcat and temperatures will barely into the upper 50s, low 60s. it is a little warmer. i'll take you through the niners forecast. of course your seven-day outlook in about 15 minutes. >> nas what everyone is looking forward to. we'll see you in 15, vianey. the time for talking is over. it is game day. the niners and the green bay packers are about to battle it out for the nfc championship. we're less than nine hours until
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kickoff in santa clara. here is a live look levi's stadium. the niners are looking to punch their ticket to super bowl 54 in millimeter. inside of levi's stadium, it is ready. the excitement is reaching fever pitch. marianne favro takes us inside. >> reporter: the excitement is explosive. 49ers fans happy to return to levi's stadium to play in the nfc championship. jason mccarthy traveled from las vegas to take his 14-year-old son to the game. >> it is a once in a lifetime experience but not only for myself and him and something he could look back on and one day after i'm gone he could say i was at that game. >> reporter: niners fans are confident. >> i know jimmy g. could do it. >> reporter: not to be outdone, cheese heads are cheering on the
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green bay packers. we were there as the team arrived at the menlo park hotel. it is a big money-maker not just for this hotel but across the bay area. avatar in santa clara is sold out with a dozen of other hotels. >> it is a huge boom because we get our local niners crowd but people from all over the country and wisconsin. >> reporter: restaurants are enjoying a bigger slice of profits. but whether the niners win or lose, many fans are just happy to be here. >> it is unreal. this is crazy to have this opportunity and once in a lifetime thing and i'm glad to be a part of it. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> if something goes wrong with your game day experience at levi's stadium, there is a button for that. it is called executive huddle and it alerts the 49ers to everything from full parking lots to a clogged toilet. these buttons are located all over levi's stadium. the 49ers are the only team in the nfl to use this system.
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many problems can be addressed within five to ten minutes. be sure to stick with nbc bay area for all things niners. we'll have crews on the field and bring you game-day highlights. head over to our website at on just download our free mobile app. turning now to a deadly crash, a woman was killed and two other drivers with under arrest after an accident on highway 101 on the peninsula. it happened around 2:15 this morning on southbound 101 at the third avenue exit in san mateo. two cars got into an accident, police say one of the drivers, a woman, got out of her car. well that is when a third car hit the two crashed cars and then hit that woman who was killed. the drivers of the other two cars were arrest ared for dui. four lanes of 101 were shout down for hours during the investigation. and another deadly crash around 8:00 last night on
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interstate 280 in san francisco. the chp said for some reason a pedestrian walked out on to southbound 280 from cesar chavez. a witness told us that person was stumbling across lanes of traffic. the driver tried to slow down to help but it was too late. all lanes were closed for hours for that investigation as well. now to alpine meadows. the ski resort near lake tahoe reopened after an avalanche killed one person and injured another skier on saturday. the last deadly avalanche was in 1982. they closed the area and the nearby ski lift and now skiers and snowboarders are hitting the slopes with caution. >> it is a scary time and makes you think about how big and dangerous this place could be even though it is such a great place to come to. >> the man who died in the avalanche was cole comstock of plumas county and his wife said his last words to her were "i
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love you." pride parade organizers have banned another group from taking part. sf pride voted to ban the alameda county sheriff's office from marching in uniform in the parade. they say their decision was based on the department's enforcement of an eviction order against moms 4 housing in oakland last week. this after a similar resolution to ban google and youtube from sponsorship and participation. the sf pride parade is in june. and it is become an annual tradition. millions of people across the country joining for the women's march. marchers yesterday brought awareness to climate change, reproductive rights and equal pay. there were more than 180 marches across the country including this one in san jose. people marched in the streets in oakland and san francisco. "today in the bay" sergio quintana brings us there. >> reporter: one of the first goals of the original women's march was to bring together groups and build solidarity for
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a common cause. now four years later that is still a central theme. >> we're trying to ensure that women are equal and that we have equity, women withes rights are humeab rights. >> reporter: since this is a presidential election year there is a push to get more women active in politics. that includes running for office. >> no, we aren't where we want to be but to see a record number of women get elected to congress so they could make the statements that we know we need. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london breed was one of the high-profile people to take the stage. women in leadership is one of her big messages. >> so that even though i'm the first african-american woman to serve as mayor and the first woman to serve as mayor in over 30 years of this city, only the second, that i'm not the last. >> reporter: the original woman's march in 2017 was organized as a response to the election of president donald trump, hundreds of thousands of people marched across the country then. the president remains a major
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motivation today. >> as i just feel that trump's administration is so anti-female. >> reporter: and while lots of people at the event are just as fir fired up, but there were fewer attendees this year, some attributed that to a lack of coverage because of the focus on the president's impeachment. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. now to a deadly virus and now the centers for disease control is working to keep it from coming into the u.s. we told but this yesterday morning. at sfo the cdc was screening passengers arriving from wuhan, china, for called the corona virus. 175 passengers were tested yesterday. ammonia like illness is linked to the largest meat and sea forward market. two people have died and another 60 have been infected. yesterday's screening was fast, just a questionnaire and we
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didn't find anybody objecting to that. >> this is about our health. >> in beijing i experienced sars and i was very young, like a horrible memory to me. and so i hope this one is not that bad. >> on the heel of sars, the earlier they can detect the virus the more they could help americans. much more ahead on "today in the bay," live to washington to talk with with chuck todd and get a preview of this week's "meet the press." plus it is a popular app among teenagers and one bay area man said it saved his life. what viewers saw on the tik tok video that they could just not ignore. america isn't just sick of donald trump,
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america's getting sicker. there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome backment we're joined here with our political analyst larry gerston. and it is heim for our chat with chuck todd and moderator of "meet the press." thanks as always for joining us
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this morning. >> happy sunday, though. i am a little nervous about talking to my bay area friends today. i'm a packer fan. but we'll leave that -- well hopefully we'll set that aside. >> for those who somehow might not know, chuck todd is a big green bay packers fan. so we will wish you the best. >> very nervous. >> let it cordial. >> yeah. >> for now. >> well, chuck, let's get down to the other nitty-gritty, the impeachment trial. it is beginning in the u.s. senate tuesday. and new information is still coming out. what do you think we can expect? >> well, i think you're going to have a lot of basically the debate over the next couple of weeks may be as much about how and whether new information should be introduced into this trial, how it would be done, when it would be done and who would do it. and i think this is what make this is impeachment so much different than clinton's.
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with that impeachment all of the information was already out there. there was no other shoes to drop. here it's constantly out there, there is an ongoing investigati investigation into rudy giuliani which led to the lev parnas information that has come out so i think that sort of adds a level of uncertainty to this and why i think all of us should be careful not to presume we know how all this is going to play out. the new information coming in could have an impact on just enough senators that suddenly you do have witnesses and we go from a perhaps ten to 12-day trial and it goes maybe to a couple of months. >> wow! >> chuck, let's drill down. with the question of witnesses still unanswered, do you expect that enough republicans will come over to vote with democrats for witnesses? and, if so, is there a potential downside for democrats along with that possible upside? >> look, i think a lot of this
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has to do with the president's defense. i think that is something that we've not -- the house impeachment manager case will be familiar if you've followed this. and this is all new to listeners including the senators. i think how they make the case will determine how much -- how comfortable some of the senators are going to be in hearing from witnesses or not hearing from witnesses. so i think a lot of that is on the president's legal team and i think they are trying to talk to the squeamish senators, republican senators, about less than ten who i think are truly on the fence about this witness issue. but, look, here is what to expect. tuesday we'll have the initial argument about witnesses, the democrats will make. but mcconnell has the votes to table that argument until the middle of the following week. and then that is when this is going to -- the rubber will hit the road there. but i don't -- i think -- i don't see how we get republican witnesses without a vote on the
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witnesses that the president has said he would like to see, whether that is adam schiff, whether that is the supposed whistle-blower or somebody with the last name of biden is unclear. i'm not convinced there is enough republican votes to support subpoenaing anybody named biden. >> so that could be a potential downside, though? if that happens, downside for the democrats? >> it is. this to me -- look, i think, overall, larry, that biden has a real opportunity in the next couple of weeks. would the chief rivals are basically trapped in the united states senate. they're fighting in the progressive wing. this whole thing is right in front of biden but the wild card is what kind of condition is the biden brand going to be in after this impeachment trial. >> very interesting. chuck, we always wish we had more time with with you. and again i don't want to say best to you and your packers -- >> no. >> i know you don't. >> i'll just say this, it isn't jimmy g.'s time. it is not yet jimmy's g's time.
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you need an aaron on the side of history. >> bless you. join chuck for this morning's "meet the press" with interviews with david purdue of georgia and dick durbin, democrat of illinois. >> see where politics and sports come together. >> and they collide. but we could be cordial to one another. tune into "meet the press" at 8:00 a.m. right after this newscast and larry will be back in 40 minutes for our political segment and we'll look at the upcoming impeachment trial. you'll look at the time line of what we could expect. we'll see you soon and we won't talk any more packers. turning to other news now, a san francisco man is thanking the social media app tik tok for possibly saving his life. last month alex griswold posted a video showing his wife -- i can't -- this is so gross, popping pimples on his back well two concerned viewers urged him
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to go to a doctor to check out a mole saying it looked cancerous and it turns out it will did need to be removed. he thanked viewers because of two kind strangers i avoided skin cancer. they decades ago they were parked at peer 39 in honor of the sea lions arrival aquarium of the bay. recruited 30 bay area artists to paint them. they are six foot tall sea lion statutes sitting pier 39 this weekend and then moved to homes all over san francisco, kind of like the heart statues across the city. >> all over instagram. >> love it. >> let's check in with vianey arana for our forecast. >> chuck todd -- >> look at this beautiful sunrise behind you. matches your shirt perfectly. you're rocking out for the
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niners. >> the same shirt i wore last sunday when they won. so good luck, hopefully. >> so we're going to take you outside to downtown san jose. because this is also such a pretty sight. look at the skies. you could see the orange and pink hues in the corner and also a great shot as always is the iconic golden gate bridge. how is that not a great sunday moshing -- morning to wake up to. let's get to the temperatures. it is cold. chilly out there. 38 degrees in san jose. livermore 41. oakland 49. santa rosa 38. and for those who are visiting us from the green bay area, santa clara is right around here. so we're in the 30s. that is really by the stadium. and i want to show you where we're at in comparison to green bay. so this is why i keep saying that if you are visiting us for the game, that it is going to feel like spring because look at green bay. 17 degrees. welcome to our california
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weather. it is still cold. 38 degrees. look at that, kira, 17. >> that is a big difference. >> exactly. and then once we get into the afternoon, it is going to warm up into the 50s. so compared to our green bay fans and everyone else, we're doing okay. our satellite radar, one thing you nted yesterday were the high clouds and we'll get the overcast skies yet again. but if it looks like it will rain, don't worry, we're not tracking any rain. so right to the forecast. here it is. kickoff is at 3:40. that is jacket weather for us. 58 degrees. we'll keep the overcast skies by halftime. but by the fourth quarter it will start to get a little breezy which means the low 50s are will probably feel more like 40s. so we'll get a little chillier toward the end of the game dipping down to about 49 for the 49ers. there we go. so have fun out there. share the photos with with us. your microclimate weather, if you are watching, 57 degrees in concord, 58 in napa.
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59 in santa rosa. in the next seven days with we stay dry today through monday. look at that. and then as we head toward tuesday, it looks like my radar might is begin out right there. but that is okay. we'll keep it moving. south lake tahoe 50 degrees. and tomorrow is martin luther king jr. day, people are heading up there and watch out for avalanche warnings because there is fresh powder out there and monday night into tuesday it is dangerous travel with another storm bringing additional two to four inches of snow. wednesday and thursday, high pressure that rolls around. not just for the sierra but also here locally. temperatures will begin to chime into the 50s. our next rain chance we're expecting about a quarter to maybe half an inch of rain is monday night into tuesday morning. but great football weather. kira. >> perfect time, vianey, thanks. it is 7:20. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay," the notes posted on the window of a starbucks where a man died
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trying to get back his stolen laptop. what two bay area women did to make sure the family would have the notes forever. that is next in our bay area proud series.
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it is a crime that still has people talking. a man was killed a few weeks ago when when chased two people who stole his laptop while working on it inside of a starbucks in the montclair neighborhood. the court case is just beginning. as two oakland women, complete strangers to the man, work to honor his memory. garvin thomas shows us how the women are helping his family heal from the loss. >> reporter: there is a phrase we use in tv, probably overuse it, in fact, to describe flowers, candles and notes left at the scene of an accident or crime. makeshift memorial. meaning it is temporary. but for two women in montclair what they saw outside of the
7:24 am
local starbucks, well they didn't want that message to be temporary. the signs of trauma. at least the visible ones, are gone from montclair now. no crime scene tape on the street. business as usual at the starbucks on mount boulevard. it is the pain you can't see that still lingers. >> this really uncomfortable sadness that was overwhelming. >> reporter: sue graham lives about a mile from the starbucks, one she's been to countless times, i came down here -- >> reporter: so when she heard about the death of shuo zeng, she was drawn to visit the site, with pen and post-it note in hand. >> i could feel so sad about somebody i don't know and i could leave a note and hope that others would leave a note too.
7:25 am
>> reporter: to help others do that, sue brought a few more pens and a few more notes. and post people did. in a matter of just a few days, more than one thousand 3 by 5 sadness support covered the coffee shop windows. its with a sight behold but not metropolitan to last. >> i thought what will we do with these stickies. >> reporter: it is joann who came up with the idea of what to do next. a joann a professional scrap booker offered to create a book out of them, one given to the family before they returned home after zeng's memorial. >> so we went and took the sticky post-its off the window on monday night and i scrap booked straight for three days. i read every single message. and -- sorry, they were just gut-wrenching, heartfelt
7:26 am
messages. >> reporter: in the end the book handed to zeng's parents was more than 70 pages. >> we didn't say anything. just presented it to them. and they opened the ribbon and just touched the photo of their son on the first page and started looking at some of the pictures. >> what sue and joann hope is in the future when the family opens up the book and looks at the messages, it will give them at least a little bit of comfort. garvin thomas, nbc bay area thuz. >> we hope so too. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay," another war of words involving bernie sanders but this time not with elizabeth warren on the other side, it is joe biden. what the former vice president is accusing the senator of saying that has him demanding an apology. plus it is the hottest electric car on the market but
7:27 am
one city in europe doesn't want any teslas and the reason why coming up.
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good sunday morning. it is january 19th. a live look outside. >> wow! >> oh, my gorgeous. san bruno mountain over the bay with with that sunrise coming up. what a gorgeous way to start your monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. i wanted to leave it there and not show us at all. >> that is a nice way to start your sunday. i hope you have your cup of coffee because it is chilly and that will warm you up. that view was better but this is nice. this shows you what we're expecting for today. so if you look at the skies, notice the clouds. they'll linger and stick around. probably for i would say most of your day. especially for inland areas to keep the over cast skies with the sun attempting the best shot
7:30 am
at peaking through but countries temperatures are still cold. we have high pressure rolling in but the high clouds will hang tight. 38 degrees in san jose. 39 in santa cruz. 38 in santa rosa. 41 in palo alto. and i want to give you one last look at your nfc championship game forecast for today because it is very important for you to be bundles up if you are hanging out for the entire game. which i'm pretty sure everybody is. because by the fourth quarter it is about 51 degrees and it is going to start to get breezy which means that windchill factor will make it feel more like in the 40s, by the end of the game it is colder but a fantastic forecast. perfect for football. >> i'm just looking at tickets right now and i'm finding a ticket for $9,300. not really in my price range. >> i'll be watching it. 50-yard line. definitely. viv, thank you so much. and we're just about eight hours until kickoff in santa clara. the 49ers take on the packers to
7:31 am
battle it out for the nfc championship. you could get standing room only for about $300 right now. if that is not your thing, here is a live look at levi's stadium where the niners look to punch their ticket to super bowl 54 in millimeter. we want you to take you inside of levi's stadium where they are ready and so too are the fans. the excitement is reaching fever pitch. marianne favro has more. >> reporter: the excitement is explosive. 49ers fans happy to return to levi's stadium to watch their team play in the nfc championship. life-long fan jason mccarthy traveled from las vegas to take his 14-year-old son to the game. >> it is a once in a lifetime experience for myself and him and something that he could look back on and be like, hey, one day after i'm gone he could tell his kids, i was at that game. >> reporter: niners fans are are feeling very confident.
7:32 am
>> i know jimmy g. could do it. i think theres was doubt but i think he can do it. >> reporter: and cheese heads are suiting up to cheer on the packers, we were there as the team arrived in the len low park hotel. it is a big money maker across the bay area. avatar in santa clara is sold out along with dozens of other hotels. >> it is always a huge boom because we're not getting only our local niner cloud but people from all over the country, from wisconsin skplnchts restaurants are also enjoying a bigger slice of profits. but whether the niners win or lose many fans say they're just happy to be here. >> it is unreal. it is crazy. it has this opportunity. this is a once in a lifetime thing and i'm glad to be part of it. >> lucky kid. and for those that can't go, stick with us for all things niners. we'll bring you game day highlights and head over to our
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website at our download the free app and the stories will come to you. turning to a deadly crash. a woman was killed and two other drivers are under arrest after an accident on highway 101 on the peninsula. it happened around 2:15 this morning. this is on southbound 101 at the third avenue exit in san mateo. two cars got into an accident. police say one of the drivers, a woman, got out of her car. well that is when a third car hit those two cars and hit the woman who was killed. the drivers of the other two cars were arrested for dui. four lanes of 101 were shut down for hours while the chp investigated. alpine meadows ski resort near lake tahoe reopened yesterday after friday's avalanche left one person dead and another hurt. alpine meadows closed that area and the nearby ski lift after it happened. and now skiers and snowboarders say they're there using more caution. >> it is a scary time. and it makes you think about how
7:34 am
big and dangerous this place could be even though it is such a great place to come to. >> the man who died in the avalanche was cole comstock of plymouth county and his wife said the last words to her were i love you. now to hundreds of germans protecting near berlin where tesla plans to build a giga factory. they said it willen danger the wildlife supply. they will build the first european car factory in brandonberg west of berlin. politicians and industry groups and unions welcome the move in the region but activists want the site of the factory moves to a less sensitive area. turning to decision 2020, the democratic fights continues. joe biden is demanding an apology for what biden calls a
7:35 am
doctor video miss representing his record on social security. it was posted but an unverified twitter user and re-tweeted by a sanders campaign adviser. this is not the first time they pushed back saying biden should stop, quote, dodging questions about his record, end quote. and of course there is continued tension between sanders and senator elizabeth warren. the two clashed at the debate earlier this week. >> i think you called me a liar on national tv. >> no. let's not do it right now. >> the issue is whether sanders told warren during a private conversation in december of 2018 that a woman could not beat president trump. warren said sanders did say it but sanders denies it. now just weeks before the iowa caucus both progressive senators would rather talk about anything else. >> i'm not going to add additional comment. >> here in d.c., between you and
7:36 am
me, i would prefer to be in iowa and in new hampshire. >> during yesterday's women's marches sanders and warren both focused on courting undecided female voters. polling shows women are the democratic party's biggest swing group. and although we are in a holiday weekend, there is impeachment trial news to report. the democrats and the president's defense team are both filing legal responses to impeachment late saturday. those come as two republican senators announce they are prepared to break ranks and possibly vote to hear from witnesses. nbc's hans nichols reports. >> reporter: two moderate republican senators indicating that they are open to hearing from witnesses in president trump's impeachment trial. >> i'm very likely to vote for additional information. >> if i determine that i did not have enough, i will vote to
7:37 am
accept additional information. >> reporter: the president's legal team responding to the senate impeachment summons calling the articles a dangerous attack on the right of the american people to freely choose their president. their comments coming after fresh photo evidence putting lev parnas, associate of rudy giuliani, in focus for democrats. the photos bolstering his claim he was well connected to the trump world. >> everybody was in the loop. >> reporter: the photos released by the house judiciary and text messages that link parnas, a soviet born businessman to house republican devin nunes, a staunch trump defender. he texted an aide to nunes to arrange interviews with key ukraine cans and also do you want to interview the general prosecutor. we reached out to nunes for comment and haven't heard back. the president said he doesn't know parnas. one of the president's
7:38 am
impeachment defense attorney pam bondi pictured with parnas dismissing him as a publicity seeker. >> clearly lev parnas likes to take pictures with a lot of people so he showed up at events pretty much everywhere. >> that was hans nichols reporting. when the impeachment trial begins on tuesday, nbc will bring it to you live beginning to end and each night we'll have a special edition of nbc bay area news at 7:00 during which we'll bring you the top moments from capitol hill. 7:38. still ahead on "today in the bay," larry gerston rejoins us live in studio to take us step by step what to look for during day one of the impeachment trial on tuesday. but first championship sunday is here. the 49ers take on the packers for the right to go to the super bowl. we will hear from jimmy g and aaron rodgers. anthony flores is next with sports.
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good morning to everyone. well the wait is almost over. the biggest game in the history
7:41 am
of levi's stadium just hours away. the 49ers taking on the green bay packers in the nfc championship game. the winner is headed to the super bowl in miami. the 49ers are favored by a little more than a touchdown. and the niners dominated in week 12 wined by 29 points. it is amazing that think this team was 4-12 and now just one win away from playing the biggest game in the nfl. who is feeling the pressure. >> guys are loose but locked in. it is a unique combination but we have the guys able to do it. >> they're expected to hold court and win and people know and talked about how we are playing the last time so i think if you look at pressure, the pressure is in a certain place and we should be nice and loose. >> everyone is nice and loose. ready to go. kickoff at 3:40 p.m. at levi's stadium. the warriors are opening up a 12-point lead with with 3:00
7:42 am
left in the third quarter. >> check out steph curry on the mic going for warriors and magic. the dubs fell behind 13-0 and then poole with the three ball had 21 points off the bench. now to the fourth, warriors up eight and a little more than 1:00 to go and the dagger. the warriors win 109-95. a special afternoon for klay thompson. washington state retiring his number one jersey he wore in college. steph curry and zaza pachulia making the trip. he scored more than 1700 points and made 242 three pointers there. and in vancouver, down 2-0 in the third, a scrum in front of the net and gaudreau cuts the lead in half with the goal but the canucks answer 40 seconds later and then add another goal in the period and they beat the sharks 4-1. after winning seven times
7:43 am
last season in the xfinity series, 21-year-old cole custer is getting his shot at the big leagues. he's been promoted to the nascar sprint cup series and the first race the daytona 500. he came to our studio this week. i asked him what it means to be a full-time cup series driver. >> it is a dream come true, really. ever since i was a kid, you want to make it to the big time and make it to the cup series. so there is a lot to handle and learn but at the same time, it is your dream coming true for sure. >> how anxious are you to make the first career start in the great american race as a full-time cup series driver. >> it is surreal. that is the biggest -- the biggest it could get, the daytona 500. so there is a lot to study but it is something i've been watching since i was a kid and it is a dream come rue and it is being ready when i get there. >> the great american race also known as the super bowl of nascar is sunday february 16th at daytona international
7:44 am
speedway. that is a look at sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great sunday. trump: those pre-existing
7:45 am
conditions are protected. vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back. this tuesday the u.s. senate will consider two impeachment charges brought against president trump by the house of representatives. despite the senators swearing that they will be impartial, some already have made up their minds and said so publicly. still the trial will go on for the entire nation to watch. larry gerston rejoins us now to guide us through this rare yet critically important political event. and you have a look at step by step what happens beginning on tuesday. >> and we can't reinforce the first words, critically important event. you're totally on on this. on tuesday it all begins. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will formally announce a proposed set of rules which will require -- by the way which will require a majority of senators to pass. unlike the clinton impeachment in 1999 when democrats and
7:47 am
republicans agreed on a process, deep divisions between the two sides have results in republicans alone writing the rules. so as matters stand, each side, house democrats and the presidential defenders will be given 24 hours to make their case. first the democrats, then the president's team. senators are expected to present -- be present at all times and could not ask any questions. they have to be there. they can't ask questions. still the presentations will will be there. after the two sides have spoken, the senators will have 16 more hours to ask questions. so that is the breakdown. >> so 16 hours doesn't sound like that much so that amount of time seems to suggest the trial will be over this if a matter of days. but is there a catch. >> that is what you think. but this is not the only issue. not the only issue for senators to handle. most people don't realize that the senate has committees, s sub-committees, hearings, votes pending on 200 bills or so.
7:48 am
that is how senators will spend mornings plowing through things so given the other responsibilities it is expected members will connine only in the afternoon except for sunday and because of the other responsibilities that the senate impeachment activities are expected to last probably, kira, between two and three weeks. >> and we've heard that the democrats will insist on incorporating newly released documents and new witnesses who didn't testify earlier for the senate. but mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, firmly rejecting that. so what is that? >> democrats, of course, claim that the trump administration refused to comply with requests for badly-needed documents during the investigation and the new material provides evidence they couldn't obtain before. now senate republicans reply that the documents are not justified. only the documents included in the house investigation should be included. so there is the fight there.
7:49 am
>> and then what about witnesses? that seems like it would be important? >> yeah. sticking point. >> yeah. sticking point. >> you're right. you're right. the democrats want to call witnesses who president trump blocked. he blocked them from testifying on the grounds of executive privilege. in other words conversations with with the president that should remain confidential. john bolton, former national security adviser, would be included in this group even though he wasn't subpoenaed because of the long judicial lead time which no doubt would be appealed by the president should he lose in a lower court. now democrats claim that the president's unwillingness to allow these people to speak amounts to an abuse of power. in fact, that was one of the two impeachment charges. mcconnell and most senate republicans counter it is not their fault and the democrats famed to put together a better case and that the trial should go on only with the witnesses who elected to appear before the investigation by the house intelligence committee. each side has a point.
7:50 am
they sure do. although senate republicans are conveniently ignoring the fact that democrats couldn't get sought-after witnesses because of the president's resistance and that their efforts to go through the courts would take much too long. >> oh, wow. so much to take in. so what do you think is the first thing we should look for on tuesday. >> step by step. exactly right. step by step. it might be that chuck schumer will make a motion for the new materials and witnesses, most kept from speaking. and at that time unless an agreement between the two sides has been arranged the majority will call for a vote and with with 53 of the 100 members it is likely the vote my fail for now but several republicans, chuck mentioned maybe eight to ten, are considering joins democrats to allow for some witnesses. the exact timing -- the exact timing is uncertain. the motion for new witnesses may be decided on tuesday but if not
7:51 am
the proposal may be brought up after each side has presented the case for the 24 hours and questions have been asked. look, this is not a petty argument. it is not a petty argument between the two sides. this is a debate over whether sufficient evidence has been presented to prove that president trump extorted ukrainian president zelensky to announce an unfounded investigation of former vice president joe biden as his son hunter in exchange for ukraine's badly-needed military. if that is true, the foreign interference could unfairly tilt the 2020 election outcome in president trump's favor. so the bottom line is this, the next few weeks will be serious and the most important time in american recent history. and because of the charges, many american government observers describe this as the most serious political event since watergate. no fooling around, folks. i hope folks pay some attention. a lot on the line. >> we hope so too.
7:52 am
we'll see you next sunday. >> you bet. >> larry, thanks. we'll be back with a final look at weather after this.
7:53 am
7:54 am
it is 7:54. sunday morning. and this is our current view over san jose. we've certainly got the cloud cover and we have to keep the overcast skies for this afternoon. beautiful view there of the golden gate bridge. into you're heading into san francisco, expect to see the overcast skies. our current temperatures on the side of cold.
7:55 am
in san jose 38 degrees right now. it is in the 40s for oakland and 47 degrees in san francisco. current view of satellite radar, you could see a system passing off to the north. for us here, the main thing is going to be that overcast look and through the evening hours. but our temperatures are going to be comfortable. a little bit cool, below seasonable. seasonably cool i should say. 60 degrees in san jose. 56 in oakland. palo alto 57. in through livermore 57 degrees. if you're heading to the niners game expect to be in the upper 50s around kickoff time at 3:40 but by halftime it is chilly so make sure you take a jacket because it is jacket weather. now we'll keep this dry weather pattern for today into monday. and i want to look ahead. notice in the time bar, this isn't until tuesday. but late monday night into tuesday morning the rain could trickle in from north to south and these little pink areas with the blue, that is more snow for the sierra.
7:56 am
so if you are traveling to lake tahoe, heading into monday night and early tuesday morning, i would not recommend it. the dangerous travel will definitely be an impact. your south lake tahoe country view using the weather underground is here. let's look at the forecast. we have a storm so a lot of fresh powder but avalanche warnings may be posted. please be careful. monday overcast. into tuesday night as well. we're expecting to keep the snow from two to four inches. for in terms of snow total. and then by once the system will move out and we'll have a high of about 42 degrees. notice the teams start to go up into the mid-40s. not just for the sierra will you also similar conditions when it comes to the temperatures here in san francisco. martin luther king jr. day, more sunshine and 55 degrees and then notice on tuesday the rain chance. we do have the system moving in late monday. current rain totals, it is not a very big rain-maker but just
7:57 am
enough to where you notice about a quarter to half an inch. into wednesday, 54 degrees. and then look at inland areas. our temperatures start to climb into the mid-60s as that high pressure tries to gain control. heading into the middle of the week, great day for football. when you are watching -- or playing or watching, this is the weather you want, not too hot, not too cold and overcast and just breezy toward the fourth quarter. after halftime. so no complaints here. should be a great game. let's hope for a fun one. >> and hope for the best. and we all know what that means. vianey, thank you so much. it is a good day to stay indoors and watch the game. thanks for making us part of your morning. we will have more local news for you tonight at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day on we'll see you back here next weekend. have a great sunday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, the impeachment trial begins. >> he has been impeached. he's been impeached forever. they can never erase. >> this is all they wanted. it was a political impeachment. >> the trial kicks off in earnest this week. democrats and republicans attacking each other's motives. >> saw the justification for running the fastest, thinnest, and weakest impeachment in the american history crumble. >> the trial without evidence, without witnesses is no trial at all but a cover-up. >> this as new evidence emerges from a guiliani associate. >> president trump knew exactly what was going


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