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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 20, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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. this is a great night for the 49ers. san francisco going to the super bowl with a big win tonight over green bay. >> right now on "today in the bay," gold rush. san francisco 49ers have their eyes on a super bowl trophy after beating the packers at levi's. >> everything in this league is syrianed. that is what it really cool about the nfl. nothing is given and i told how the guys how proud i was they in ed to play highlights to the road to miami. and all that nfmiami, the hd rock stadium is where the stage is set for our niners. what a game. what a way t
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weekend. a ry us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to talk about the weather but we have to talk about the wind. you want to do the wind mill. >> happy times. >> happy times. and nice weather today as we take a live look outside in san jose. the celebration continues. we'll see temperatures in santa teresa in the mid-40s. a slight chance we could see spotty sprinkles moving through but for the most part the rain does stay farther to the north. and our teams headi-- our temperatures in the upper 50s and i'm also tracking light spotty rain across coming up. let's get a look at your morning commute across the golden gate bridge and everything looks all good. as we take a close look at our bay area drives from san
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francisco or from the east bay and into san francisco looking good. a couple of incidents on the roads but nothing causing a slowdown just yet. i'll be tracking that and i'll let you know what is going on with weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks. the 49ers and the 49er faithful could now taste a title. the niners clinching the first trip to the super bowl in seven years and 13 days from now they face kansas city in super bowl liv in miami. >> and fans recovering from serious celebrating after dominating the packers. the games was they have in doubt. the niners took a commanding lead early and shut them out in the first half 27-0. ram heme most ert rushedouchdow. both franchise playoff records. niners won 37-20 and jimmy g. gave his full approval after.
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>> we were running the hell out of the ball tonight. i think we had eight pass attempts so a fun night. >> i do have a lot of doubters and naysayers and now i get to tell them, look are where i'm at now. i never gave up on my dream. >> mostert has cut by several different teams. and now he could call himself a world championship. a lot in the air last night. >> kris sanchez is there? santa clara. and busy two weeks ahead for the team. >> reporter: it has been a busy last couple of weeks as well. and the stadium is still lit up. across levi's ithe glory of the big win last night. and it was a fun game to watch for 49ers fans, even if you didr than
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they opened up wallets for new niners gear. in the mission district, watch parties spilled into the streets celebrating over two city blocks. >> i've been watching them since i was 6 years old. this is my fifth nfc championship game. i love them all. they're part of my family. >> it is worth it. it means a ton. we've been fans since we were babies. our dads took us to games. that is it for us. we want to sit back and enjoy it now. >> reporter: those fans who say they are going to the super bowl on february 2nd better have serious cash saved up because this could be the most expensive super bowl to date. coming up at 5:00, i'll show you how much the tickets are already doing for. in santa clara, at levi's stadium, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> i'm sure it is cha ching. all eyes to miami, the
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hard rock stadium, the third time the niners will play in the super bowl in that stadium. they won the previous two trips. kickoff is 3:30 our time and the halftime show will feature jennifer lopez and shakira. and stick with nbc bay area for all things 49ers. we'll have a complete coverage on the field and off and bring you the very latest as the team prepares for miami. all you need to do is head over to or download our fee mobile app. police in moraga talking about a shooting that injured two innocent people at 7:30 at the ream shopping center. police say the suspect was found with with a self inflicted gunshot injury. it started outside of a starbucks. the gunman from the scene, before -- he ran from the scene before officers caught him and arrested him.
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investigators believe the suspect had a prior dating history with with one of the victims. one victim was sent to the hospital along with the suspect. on the peninsula, a house boat battle is expected to come to head today in redwood city to make way for 130 new homes. as early as today the city is expected to bring down eight remaining two-story floating homes at the dock town marina and the area is under development. three weeks ago the city removed morehouse boats it bought from owners last queer. city officials have maintained they work hard to help the house boat owners relocate. crews are expected to build tiny homes to fight the homelessness epidemic. over the weekend volunteers built three and are building six more. many wonder how long they'll by ucti in the san antonio population. the three other attempts were for the homelessness bulldozed by the city as it didn't have needed permits. this may be a big week when
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ites plain on the bay bridge. since rob bonda posted the idea on social media, it is catching fire among other lawmakers. this week ac transit and b.a.r.t. directors will submit resolutions to support the plan. it was tried once before in the early 1960s and leaders pulled that plug within a year. a debate is brewing over a fast food chain. the fate of another chick-fil-a in the south bay will be decided. what set off panic in the l.a.x. airport and had police rushing to respond. and a live look outside, the bay bridge toll plaza. today is a day. we'll keep tabs on the morning commute and the forecast. 4:37 right now.
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good morning. right now at 4:40, as we get a live look outside in palo alto. we're starting out with a mostly clear xi. now we'll have a few more clouds moving in. even a schei-- a slight chance t rain and through the rest of the day a mostly cloudy sky and i'll be tracking the rain across the bay area. especially along the coast. we'll see some more widespread rain heading into tomorrow. i'll talk more about that microclimate forecast. on the roads, a live look at dublin, 580 is flowing smoothly
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but a lot of people up and out of the door. no issues through the tri-valley. and checking out the south bay, we're seeing morning now clearing. no major ll continue to track weather and traffic coming up again in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. two bay area cities are set to address updating rules for so-called granny units. tomorrow city leaders in piedmont and walnut creek are expected to address the issue. planners say new state laws will eliminate the existing zoning regulations for the granny units. piedmont city leaders are also expected to debate proposed order nant changes. the fate of another chick-fil-a. it will be built at the corner of bascom and arroyo seco drive. opponents are fighting because they say it will increase
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traffic and litter and noise in the area. city planners con significant. 4:42. and another group banned from taking part in the summer celebration. >> alameda county sheriffs are not allowed to march in uniform. the decision comes after deputies evicted two mothers occupying a home illegally in oakland last week. the vote happened after similar resolutions to ban google and youtube from the parade for allowing what they say is anti-gay content. coming up next, kari hall tracking our week long forecast. >> and starting out with temperatures in the low to mid-40s as you head out of the door. and a few more clouds moving in. i'll be tracking this and what is ahead in the rest of the forecast coming up next. plus putting the brakes on. why where believe state lawmakers are stalling in taxing electric car owners more money.
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a very good monday morning to you. taking a beautiful live look outside. city by the bay, san francisco this morning. all illuminated. no doubt soon to be illuminated in the golden colors and maroon. the red of our 49ers. >> you are have to celebrate that win. >> big-time. a lot of people probably are still this morning. >> that is why they're still sleeping. akp.
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>> a little sip before you go go. >> exactly. a little rain in the works. >> light rain this morning and then tomorrow a better chance of more widespread rain. and this is a live look outside in walnut creek. it is foggy and also misting and drizzling in spots. for the most part we're going to see slight rain chances here. temperatures starting out in the low 40s and it will be slow to warm up again today. we're only going to see it make up to about 51 degrees at 11:00. and then some highs in the mid-50s for an a 56 in san francisco. and 58 today in san jose. and then here is a look at the sonoma county close to ukiah. that light rain not having a big impact on the commute. and this is about where we're expecting it to stay. right along the coastline for the next couple of hours before it clears out. we'll be watching this next storm system coming in as we head into tomorrow. and it looks to bring us a
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better shot at some rain as it arrives starting out early in the morning and continuing into the afternoon. so here we are going into the day tomorrow. we see the waves of rain passing by. but it is mostly for the north bay where we'll have some measurable rain here. anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch of rain from san anselmo to santa rosa. rain between tuesday into early wednesday morning. sierra snow, light as well. one to five inches. but it will make it very slippery if you are planning on traveling that way. looking at the forecast for the rest of theeetty showers passing by on saturday as well as sunday. and then that may have an impact on your weekend plans. but overall we're looking at a nice week. no major storms here. just light showers passing by and temperatures cooling down by tomorrow as the rain moves through. the rest of the week will get sunshine and gradually warm up
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into the lower 60s. as we get out on the roads this morning, here is a live look outside in san rafael. light rain coming down and patchy fog driving through the north bay and then looking at the view around the bay area, we've only see a couple of minor incidents with a cart towedbuttg away from the commute direction so as far as the easbay, good 8 to the bay bridge takes about 13 minutes. westbound i-80 takes about 15 minutes and in the tri-valley everything is green. the commute so far flowing smoothly and hopefully it stays that way on this holiday. i'll let you know if there are any issues that pop up on the roads for your commute coming up again in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. well homeless man in southern california will likely have time to think about the panic authorities say he caused yesterday at l.a.x. >> want to show you video showing a terrified ticket agent
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and travelers were ducking for cover. investigators say a man yelled he saw someone with a gun inside of terminal six yesterday afternoon. people actually were injured trying to escape during all of the chaos. here is someone with a cell phone describing in realtime what happened next. >> the cops have him down. oh, my god. >> fortunately airport operations rebounded quickly. the suspect will likely face charges including trespassing and making a false report in an airport. illegal border crossings are plummeting aalong the arizona/mexico bor border 94% from may to october. a border oia comes after asylum-seekers learned they would not stay in the u.s. while immigration cases worked their way through the courts. more than 50,000 people were returned to mexico.
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10 months after the policy was introduced in san diego. california and 13 other states are filing a lawsuit against president trump's administration over a new rule that would eliminate food stamps for thousands. that new rule is set to go into effect in april. it would require adults without kids to work at least 20 hours a week to consistently receive the benefits. across the country nearly 700,000 americans are expected to be impacted, more than half of them here in california. we have california real i.d. deadline ticking down to october 1st. contra costa teaming up to smooth out the application process. county certified birth or marriage certificates will be available. the first event on february 1st and the second on february 15th at the concord dmv on diamond boulevard where you can enroll required you have required proof of i.d. 4:51. and some critics believe state lawmakers are stalling in taxing
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electric car owners more money. it was said to come in the slowness to lifting the exemption tied to road repairs and gas tax approved by govern brown in 2017. that tax later survived a repeal effort. critics believe the foot dragging may be due to high use of all electric vehicles by lawmakers. a celebrity request. next on "today in the bay," who muni is expecting the next voice announcing nation stock. >> and moments from the screen actors guild awards. happening now. first fires now and major dust stormsen golfing towns in new south wales. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour were recorded whipping up problems and despite recent heavy rain, wildfires are still raging across parts of that country. a lot more news ahead. stick around. it is 4:52.
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and waking up to this. hey, walnut creek, good morning to you. this is a live look there this morning as we begin this monday morning and celebrate the big win of the 49ers. 4:54 right now. and trending this morning, reactors guild honoring top performances in tv and movies. >> in an upset, a thriller from south korea became the first foreign language to win top honors. it beat out the irishman and once upon a time in hollywood. and left an interpreter to summarize. elsewhere surprises were few. the golden globe winners best actor and saluting joker
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predecessor -- >> i'm standing here on the shoulders of my favorite actor heath ledger. >> joaquin phoenix. and renee zellweger had the best actress win for judy. and then laura dern for marriage story and brad pitt for once upon a time in hollywood. the voice of recent golden globe win wither aquafina making a cameo in new york city subway trains. her voice is announcing stops as part of a film promotion and now the idea is spreading to the bay area. jeffrey tumlin reached out to ali wong to do the same thing here. wong wrote and starred in "always be my maybe" based in san francisco and so far no sense. >> we'll see. 4:56. on "today in the bay," kari tracking theonforecast.
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>> in antioch we're seeing more clouds moving in. temperatures in the low 40s. it will be slow to warm up today as we only reach the upper 40s by 11:00. and then going to see some spotty showers moving through. i'll be tracking that as well as the morning commute. more coming up next. plus a historic week in washington. a live report on the final preparations ahead of president trump's impeachment trial. right
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>> we worked all year to get to this. we knew we had to earn this for the next one. >> right now at 5:00, on the road to miami and the super bowl. the san francisco 49ers are the nfc champions. something all over the packers and energetic and passionate home cloud. >> and this is where they are headed. a live look at niners and kansa chiefsd-to-head in a few weeks. and this is "today in the bay." >> i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. all of the hype surrounding the big win last night but we still have to talk about what is going on here at home. the weather. >> a lot of people have the day off to recover today and then continue the celebration. >> lucky you. >> we're up and adam and getting ready if you have to go to work this morning. we're starting out with with temperatures in the low 40s. we're 41 in livermore.
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44 in napa and oakland starting out at 47 and in concord we're going to see the low 40s to start. but then more clouds moving in. as we go into late morning into the afternoon. i am tracking some rain. so i'll talk more about that as our temperatures head into the mid to upper 50s. getting out on the roads this morning, with a live look san mateo bridge ghlowing nicel. so far this morning eth is going w. i'll let you know if anything pops up and weather and traffic again ininut. >> thanks so much. we'll check back with you. 49ers are nfc champs and off to the first super bowl in seven years after dominating green bay yesterday at levi's. raheem mostert has gone from third stringer to a name in the record books. did you see him yesterday. he rushed for 220 yards and four touchdowns. both franchise playoff records. the niners win 37-20.
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head coach kyle shanahan addressed the team in the locker room afterwards. >> we knew we had to earn this for the next one but this isn't the one we set out to get. hell of a deal. love and appreciate you, man. turn the music on and get -- >> turn the music on. it is now on to miami where they take on kansas city chiefs in super bowl liv february


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