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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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rallies. >> good weather for it. >> we'll see light showers but nothing that will cancel plans today. >> which is nice. get a chance to celebrate that legacy. we'll see you at 11:00 for our midday newscast. good morning battle lines on the eve of the historic impeachment trial, the fight over the evidence and witnesses intensifies. president trump's fate and future hanging in the balance. >> we're achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do i get out of it? tell me. i get impeached. and in an exclusive interview, michael bloomberg, the man hoping to unseat the president, talks about joining the race so late >> i looked at them and thought they wouldn't beat donald trump. some would guarantee his re-election. breaking overnight, mass shooting a gunman opens fire at a bar in kansas city.
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at least two people killed, 15 hurt how the actions of a security guard helped prevent an even bigger tragedy on edge and on alert police in virginia, bracing for a massive crowd at a guns right rally today, amid fears it will attract white supremacists and turn violent this morning, what officials are doing to avoid another charlottesville. all that, plus harry breaks his silence. >> it brings me great sadness that it has come to this >> the emotional admission about the prince's decision to step back from royal life friends, former spouses, brad pitt and jennifer aniston, set the internet into a frenzy, with this warm embrace backstage at the s.a.g. awards and see you in miami the match-up for super bowl liv is now set, as the san francisco 49ers beat green bay >> another first down carry and more how about a touchdown? >> while the kansas city chiefs take down tennessee. >> still not down.
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oh, what a run out of this world. >> they'll reach the big game for the first time in 50 years today, monday, january 20th, 2020 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza and welcome to "today" on this monday morning, dr. martin luther king jr. day. thanks for joining us. savannah and hoda, back tomorrow you're happy this morning. >> i'm happy the kansas city chiefs are headed to the super bowl i'm from wichita, kansas, which isn't close. but i lived in philadelphia for almost a decade. andy reid is coaching there. i'm ready for the chiefs to get a win, a big win >> chiefs are going to miami and so are the san francisco 49ers. they made the packers look pretty silly yesterday it was a tough game to watch for packers fans we'll have a super bowl preview in a few minutes we start with the
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impeachment trial. opening arguments scheduled for tomorrow it's a day of strategizing for the president's legal team and the democrats who will present the case against him nbc's geoff bennett joins us this morning from the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, sheinelle, good morning to you. opening arguments in the senate impeachment trial are set to begin tomorrow and new legal filings for this trial offer a preview of what to expect the president's defense team, claiming democrats are trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election democrats arguing the president's conduct regarding ukraine is the founders' worst nightmare. all of it set to unfold soon on the senate floor this morning, house democrats and the white house are preparing to spar on the senate floor, with opening arguments in the president's impeachment trial expected to kick off tomorrow president trump on the attack. >> by these radical left lunatics, i get impeached. >> reporter: the house impeachment managers huddlin on capitol hill this weekend,
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planning and strategizing how they will prosecute the case against president trump. the democrats, as required by the rules, releasing their outline for the case writing in part, that president trump abandoned his oath t faithfully execute the laws and betrayed his public trust. president trump's misconduct presents a danger to our democratic processes, our national security, and our commitment to the rule of law. he must be removed from office >> there's ample evidence, overwhelming evidence. any jury would convict in three minutes flat >> reporter: mr. trump's impeachment legal team pushing back, calling the democrats' case fatally flawed and brazen and unlawful one of the president's trial attorneys, alan dershowitz, offering a preview of the defense, arguing the president shouldn't be impeached, even if the house managers prove their case for obstruction of power. level of impeachable offense
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>> reporter: it's unfolding as a new book by "washington post" reporters paints a fuller picture of the trump presidency at this pivotal moment >> this is a president who puts his own interests, often above the country, according to many of the senior aides we interviewed. >> he will lash out at his aides and do whatever it takes publicly to do whatever it takes to survive politically and that's what we'll probably see in impeachment >> so, geoff, the opening arguments, set for tomorrow. what's the latest on the debate over what the trial rules will look like? what do we know? >> reporter: well, the rules that will govern the senate trial, including how many hours a day it will last and when witnesses will be called, all of that, craig, is expected to be made public tomorrow that's when the senate votes on the rules resolution that kicks off the process. the big question still is about the witnesses. democrats want to introduce new witnesses and documents to make their case that information was previously blocked by the white house some republican senators said they would be open to that, but
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only after both sides make their case, craig. >> geoff bennett from the white house, thank you the meantime, the first contact in the presidential race is two weeks from today. you're speaking to a candidate that's looking past iowa >> we're talking about former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, the different kind of candidate. the last democrat to enter, self-funded. staking everything essentially on super tuesday we met mayor bloomberg in tulsa, oklahoma, sunday, where he was giving a major speech on race. we talked about that and the state of his campaign. >> reporter: this morning, michael bloomberg hoping to win over black voters. >> my story would have turned out very differently if i had been black >> reporter: speaking out against racial inequality on sunday, the candidate proposing a $70 billion investment in the nation's most disadvantaged communities. this seems to be a fairly consequential speech on race >> hope so that's what i meant it to be
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>> reporter: why give it now >> trying to address society's problems and say what i would do if i were elected president. one of the problems we have is discrimination i think that some of the president's rhetoric encourages or frees people to do things that they otherwise might not do and maybe wouldn't have thought about. >> reporter: just weeks before announcing his presidential run, bloomberg apologized for so-called stop-and-frisk policing used when he was mayor. that led to the disproportionate questioning and searches of blacks and latinos to those who would say that the timing of this change of heart, and the speech today, that the timing is convenient now, you're running for president. >> now, people ask me about it when i wasn't running for president, i can't tell you that many people came up to me and said, i want to talk about any of the things i'm working on >> reporter: we're a few hours away from the start of the
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president's impeachment trial. how would you advise senators who are going to decide the president's fate >> we would be much better off letting the voters decide who is president in this country. i was asked if i were a senator how would i vote i would have to swallow two or three times. but i say i would vote to impeach -- vote to conflict. there's just so much evidence that he acted inappropriately. >> reporter: you said the president is dangerous to our democracy. >> recently, i said that >> reporter: you are prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat him. how much of this is personal for you? >> i don't have this burning desire from the day i was born to be president of the united states what i have is a desire to do something for the country and for the city, when i ran it, because i've got kids and i want to leave them a better world >> reporter: what makes donald
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trump so dangerous in your mind? >> i think it is that he is so impetuous and erratic. >> reporter: let's talk about your campaign strategy for a moment a lot of folks find it surprising you're going to skip the first four states. >> i didn't have any choice. >> reporter: well, i mean, you could have gotten in earlier >> yeah. i had made a decision not to run, based on that there were a number of candidates, some of whom i liked and i watched as a lot of people i liked dropped out slowly over time and those remaining had ideas that i did not think were practical. and i looked and i didn't think any of them could beat donald trump. some, in fact, would almost guarantee his re-election. >> reporter: you didn't think joe biden could beat donald trump. >> i'm not going to mention any names. >> reporter: you didn't think any of them. >> any of them, i guess that includes everybody that's probably good english you're right
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>> reporter: what makes you think you can? >> know him better than anybody else i would be more acceptable, i think, to the middle-of-the-road republicans, who don't like him but do want somebody fiscally responsible. so, it's that. it's knowing how to deal with him. it's being tough enough to deal with him, at a practical level >> reporter: but as bloomberg sets his sights on the white house, his company and its past settlements with former employees have mae made recent headlines. your company had to settle, as i understand it. your company had to settle a number - >> i would think it's fair to say, almost no company -- >> reporter: you don't know what i'm going to ask >> i do know what you're doing and going to ask and almost no company has the record we have >> reporter: sexual harassment claims >> so few. we take it seriously
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we investigate every claim that's credible immediately. we cut right to the chase and do what has to be done. >> reporter: senator warren, as you know, has said - >> she has nothing else to talk about. come on. >> reporter: she has said that you should allow these women to speak out. >> it's not up to me we made legal agreements and we're going to enforce those that's not to say they can't speak out. i've encouraged women who work for us to speak about what they think is right or wrong. >> and mayor bloomberg said, on impeachment, he was not certain that this was something that was going to help democrats politically. in fact, he thinks it will ultimately help the president's base he denied this report from a few days ago, that he was open to spending up to $1 billion of his own money. when i asked him about spending an estimated $200 million on ads alone -- >> what did he say >> stood by it and he said, to get your message out, you need repetition >> i used to work in tulsa
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a lot of people aren't as familiar with bloomberg in the midwest. what was your takeaway >> he's acutely familiar that people are not familiar with him outside of new york city he's trying to get out and meet people today, he's in arkansas, spending time in every other state, other than the first four of the primary contest >> to be continued now, to the breaking news overnight. a mass shooting at a crowded nightclub in kansas city, missouri kathy park is here with the latest with that good morning >> on a day when the city was celebrating a trip to the super bowl, police had to respond to a deadly shooting overnight. and this morning, some of the injured are still being treated. >> reporter: overnight, a chaotic scene at a nightclub in kansas city. a gunman opening fire, leaving two dead, including the suspect, and more than a dozen injured. >> had a massive shooting. multiple victims >> reporter: the suspect began firing at a line of people waiting outside to enter the 9 ultra lounge the club was holding a
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celebration party after the kansas city chiefs won the afc championship, clinching a spot in this year's super bowl. the number of victims quickly rising >> four more victims inside here we've got about 200 more people to exit out of the club. >> reporter: paramedics working desperately to help the wounded before transporting them to area hospitals. >> anybody with tourniquets, bring them to the front of the building >> reporter: a security guard who works at the club shot and killed the suspect one woman was found dead in the parking lot. so far, police say they have no motive >> we don't know if there was a specific person targeted or disturbance. we're investigating what led up to this. >> reporter: officials say the gun violence casting a dark cloud over the city's celebration. >> it's hard to see and hear and talk about this kind of tragedy on really one of the best days kansas city has had in a long time >> as officials move forward
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with their investigation, they're asking witnesses to come forward with cell phone videos they may have captured when they were on the scene. as you can imagine, it was a chaotic scene, as witnesses were trying to find safety. >> it's a shame. >> thank you goodness to that security guard >> kathy, thank you. let's turn to the state of emergency in virginia's capital this morning police are bracing for a pro-gun rally they fear could turn violent after authorities say there have been credible threats by white supremacists. gabe gutierrez joins us from richmond good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning. people have began lining up here, even though the rally is several hours away virginia authorities took a lot of heat after var lcharlottesvi for letting that rally spiral out of control they have set up a perimeter around the state capitol, hoping to prevent any violence. this morning, richmond is bracing for a huge gun rights rally at the virginia state capitol.
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the event was initially planned as a protest against new proposed gun legislation but it's now expected to attract white supremacists and anti-government extremists >> hate, intimidation and violence have no place here. >> reporter: virginia's governor ralph northam has declared a state of emergency and issued a temporary ban on all weapons i the area, hoping to avoid a repeat of the deadly protests in charlottesville in 2017. the fbi is also on alert on friday, four suspected neo-nazis were arrested connected to a group that calls itself the base, the english translation of al qaeda. the day before, three other members of the same group were arrested officials say they had discussed attending the rally in richmond. but organizers insist that the event will be peaceful, meant to protest several new bills limiting gun rights proposed by the democrat-controlled state legislatu legislature. the proposals come after a mass shooting in virginia beach last may, involving a disgruntled
7:16 am
city employee that killed 12 people in a municipal building >> it's a war over us gun owners >> i respect the right they have the right to own a shotgun but there has to be reasonable limitations. >> reporter: president trump weighing in, your second amendment is under very serious attack that's what happens when you vote for democrats they will take your guns away. >> charlottesville was terrifying and a wake-up call. >> reporter: rabbi michael noff is among those hoping this rally does not bring violence. >> it's terrifying and saddening. but in some sense not surprising because we've seen a rise in all of those forms of hatred >> reporter: this is lobby day at the state capitol it happens every year on martin luther king day. but there's obviously a much bigger security presence today a gun safety group that had planned its own demonstration today has canceled it, citing a credible threat to public
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safety craig? >> gabe gutierrez in richmond, thank you. we have much more to get to this morning, including a lot of happy football fans in kansas city and san francisco this morning. their teams dominated yesterday's conference championships to reach super bowl liv for the chiefs, it'll be a historic trip. ron mott has more on that. good morning, my friend. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you what a difference 50 years make. it's been a half-century since the kansas city chiefs were last in a super bowl. meanwhile, the 49ers are ready to win the big one with a dominating defense >> i've been waiting 49 years for this >> reporter: there was a supersized celebration, after five heartbreak-filled decades of waiting fans, former players and celebrities like eric stonestreet and paul rudd, getting in on the fun. >> go, chiefs. >> he's going to go in for the tennessee touchdown. >> reporter: after another sluggish start for the
7:18 am
second-straight game, kansas city overpowered the tennessee titans, 35-24. >> touchdown >> reporter: reaching its first super bowl since 1970. >> never die is kind of their change i mean, it's getting behind like this, tough on an old guy. but they did a nice job coming back >> reporter: the chiefs' superstar quarterback, patrick mahomes, again, leading this attack, rushing for this touchdown, igniting a sea of red. giving the chiefs the lead for good >> being able to do it at home, being able to win the lamar hunt trophy here and do it for the fans was awesome we have a chance to go to miami and get the ultimate goal, which is the super bowl. >> he's gone, touchdown, san francisco. >> reporter: they'll face the surging san francisco 49ers, runaway winners over aaron rodgers and the green bay packers, 37-20 >> the pass picked >> reporter: the niners' relentless defense suffocated
7:19 am
the future hall of famer, 27-0 halftime advantage >> they were relentless. i know we're going to enjoy tonight. but we'll be ready to carry that over to miami. >> reporter: a super bowl liv match-up of contrasting styles kansas city's offense, and san francisco's killer defense a dream ending on the way for just one of them that was a lot of fun. on paper, this figures to be one of those nip and tuck games that can go either way. two great quarterbacks, two brilliant head coaches should be a thriller being from kansas city, you know who i'm going for, guys. >> you worked for the chiefs you didn't disclose that >> i did i have some vested interests in this ball game >> i'm with you, ron you have to go with san francisco. >> no. >> really? >> i don't my boy is a chiefs fan >> that's right. del is a chiefs fan. tweet us i'm sure there's plenty of 49ers fans ron, thank you dave price is in for al roker this morning what's up, buddy. >> cold air. that's what's up we have plenty of it in north dakota and sections of minnesota, back to montana,
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windchills, 40 below meanwhile, we head on through to the great lakes. check out lake-effect snow in cleveland. it's moderating right there. keep in mind, you could end up with a few inches there. that's what's going on precip-wise. kind of quiet. as we head to the northern tier of the country, it's bitter wind chills we're going to be working through. fargo at 28 below this morning 35 below in bismarck and 2 in detroit. there's more of that cold air, which will begin to slip on through all the way to the northeast. that cold air is going to linger, clearly, as we head on through the next several days. so, just keep that in mind that's a look at the national maps your local forecast in just about 30 seconds .but i'm not chg my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it...every day. ♪
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at nm dot com. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are starting out this holiday with some cloudy skies and also some light rain. we'll see that tapering off as we go through the day. and mostly cloudy sky. temperatures warming up into the mid to upper 50s and the rain that we're seeing right now across the north bay and the south bay getting a closer look to see the showers moving through. many of sonoma county and now into the south bay. we'll see in and another chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow. nd you're up-to-date weather-wise, folks. >> thank you, dave ahead, prince harry breaks his silence. >> i want you to hear the truth from me, as much as i can share. not as a prince or a duke, but as harry >> what he just revealed about
7:22 am
the decision to cut ties with the royals and his family's future plus, harry's very personal message to his grandmother, the queen. also, the australian open getting under way overnight amid new air quality concerns from the historic wildfires we're there live this morning, talking to the biggest names in the sport about the conditions first, this is "day" on nbc. to to i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy.
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♪now i don't know where i am, i don't know where i've been♪ ♪but i know where i wanna go i'm laura garcia. moraga police giving new details about a shooting last night that injured two innocent people at about 7:30 at ream shopping center where moraga road meets ream boulevard. people shot two people outside of a starbucks and the gunman ran from the the scene before he was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. one victim was sent to the hospital along with the suspect. investigators believe the man had a prior dating history with one of the victims. let's check the forecast for this monday morning. a holiday as well. a lot of people have the day off. >> laura, we're seeing light rain especially near the coast
7:27 am
and spotty sprinkles today. seeing another round of rain moving in tomorrow. more widespread showers moving from north to south and we'll keep those rain chances in the forecast. not only throughout today but tomorrow as well. and then it tapers off and we'll have dry weather for the rest of the week. we're looking at sunshine and warmer temperatures from wednesday through friday. and then we'll see rain returning back to the bay area heading into the weekend. off-and-on showers and san francisco looking at tea-- at temperatures in the mid-50s today and scheunshine through t end of the week. out on the roads, a live look outside in fremont. a smooth flow of traffic not only here but all around the bay area. we're just seeing a couple of minor issues. i saw that we did have a disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge. but it hasn't cause aid major back-up so we'll continue to watch that as it goes into the commute direction for the south bay, the commute is looking good
7:28 am
here. all green sensors which means we're flowing at speed. laura. >> let's hope it stays that way. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years.
7:29 am
as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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three, two, one, zero. ignition, liftoff. >> back at 7:30, with yesterday's unmanned launch of the spacex falcon rocket it took off as normal. then, watch this, about a minute into the flight, the rocket was intentionally destroyed to test its emergency abort system >> it looks bad. but apparently the test is being hailed as a success. >> okay. >> also been seen as the last major hurdle before spacex starts to carry astronauts to the international space station. >> a big step forward. let's get a check of your 7:30 headlines on this monday morning.
7:31 am
opening arguments expected to get under way tomorrow in president donald trump's impeachment trial. the impeachment managers huddled on the hill over the weekend, planning and strategizing how they will prosecute the case against the president. mr. trump's legal team is calling the democrats' case, quote, fatally flawed, brazen, and unlawful they contend the president should have never been impeached in the first place now, to the chaotic scene in honolulu on sunday officials say a man with run-ins history with police was facing eviction when he stabbed his landlord he shot and killed police officers responding to the scene. after that, he intentionally set the house on fire, which spread to other homes the suspect and two other women inside the home are dead, but their remains have not been identified an unexpected guest made for quite the memorable stay for vacationers at a sri lankan hotel.
7:32 am
that is an elephant in a hotel lobby, in a very relaxed and casual manner. that video on twitter picked up 2 million views already. word is that the elephant lives on the grounds at an adjoining safari park. it's not unusual for him to swing through the lobby from time-to-time >> it's almost not real. >> no. if al roker were here, he would have an elephant pun >> i decided not to do that. we talked about the steam behind us before. everything is okay >> looks like it might be your hair. >> nothing is on fire. also this morning, prince harry, shedding new light on he and meghan markle's decision to step back from royal life. in an emotional speech, his first since the split, he detailed while he is making the move, he's certain it's the right call "today's" senior correspondent is at buckingham palace. good morning to you, keir. >> reporter: good morning. prince harry is out on engagements in london as if nothing has changed. but over the weekend, it was
7:33 am
seismic change inside that palace prince harry was forced to choose between working for the royal family and doing private work in the end, harry and meghan chose freedom, but at a high cost for him and the royal family prince harry's explosive, personal statement, delivered at a charity event. >> i want you to hear the truth from me, as much as i can share. not as a prince, or a duke, but as harry >> reporter: the weekend's announcements that harry and meghan will step back from all duties was not his choice, he says after their fairy tale wedding, just over two years ago, they had hoped to serve the queen >> once meghan and i were married, we were excited we were hopeful, and we were here to serve. for those reasons, it brings me great sadness that it has come to this. >> reporter: saturday's announcement that they would no longer use their royal titles,
7:34 am
or formally represent the monorahr monarch, was not what they wanted. >> our hope was to continue to serve the queen, the commonwealth and my military associations but without public funding. unfortunately, that wasn't possible i've accepted this, knowing that it doesn't change who i am, or how committed i am >> reporter: harry, asking people to understand why >> i would step my family back from all i have ever known, to take a step forward into what i hope can be a more peaceful life i was born into this life, and it is a great honor to serve my country and the queen. >> reporter: in her statement, her majesty saying, harry, meghan and archie will be much-loved members of my family. while harry and meghan, vowing to uphold the values of her majesty. but one fear, royal experts say, was moments like this. new footage emerging of prince harry asking a hollywood
7:35 am
director to hire meghan. >> we will make ourselves available. >> that's really why we're here. >> reporter: harry, clearly blaming the media for making it impossible to combine royal and private work >> the media is a powerful force. >> reporter: while thanking his friends at last night's charity event for their support. >> we are taking a leap of faith. so, thank you for giving me the courage to take this next step >> reporter: royal officials tell me harry and meghan will now spend most of their time in north america, and that the whole arrangement could be reviewed in a year's time. it seems unlikely they'll return to working for the queen inside the palace there it is a huge blow to the royal family harry and meghan are international stars. in a sense, there is no royal couple quite like them perhaps that is the reason why they felt like they had to leave royal work and set off on their own adventure. guys
7:36 am
>> keir, thank you let's bring in victoria arbiter, royal commentator victoria, thank you. harry said on sunday, it brought him great sadness, this new arrangement. and also, it became obvious this was not their idea this was the queen's idea. how did the arrangement come about? >> ten days ago, harry and meghan's announcement that they planned to carve out a new progressive role in the monarchy this is an ancient institution that is founded on tradition and precedent. as much as it has adapted and evolved over the history, it wasn't quite ready to be progressive with this half in/half out model. it was an unattainable idea in the beginning. i think it spoke to harry and meghan's commitment to wanting to support the queen, and for harry, in particular, this is a life, it's all he's ever known for him to step back entirely will be difficult. given the choice, royal life or civilian life, they chose their
7:37 am
civilian lives >> help us understand what is true and what's not. there's reports that the queen stripped them of the royal titles is that true >> no. i'm glad you raised this there's a lot of confusion they remain hrh, but they won't be using it. his or her royal highness. the republicason is the monarchs to be careful there's no indication of people cashing in or monetizing the monarchy or their association to the monarchy they remain hrh but they don't or can't use it. this is a good compromise. in 1996, when charles and diana divorced, diana lost her hrh because she divorced prince charles. but there's stories of prince william comforting diana she was crying over it he said, don't worry, mommy, one day, when i am king, i'll reinstate your hrh this was a sensitive compromise. and with this review in a year, the door is not being closed
7:38 am
they're not being banished >> what about security, victoria it's confusing who will pick up the tab for the security >> it's confusing to everybody at the moment. the royal family never comments on security. they don't want to compromise the work of the royal protection officers, overseen by scotland yar yard, and also because of how much it costs tends to raise eyebrows the british public will be suspicious if they foot the bill and justin trudeau has not taken it up with his civilians yet but has said they will foot the bill >> victoria, good to have you. we'll talk more about harry and meghan's decision and what prince harry is walking away from i can call him prince harry, right? >> you can >> we'll talk about that in our next half hour first, the impact of the devastating wildfires on the overnight start of the australian open. we're there live, talking to the best tennis players about the conditions they're facing, right after this
7:39 am
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this morning on "in depth today," the historic wildfires in australia and their impact on the australian open tennis tournament >> it's the first grand slam of the year and got under way overnight. a lot of the attention was not on the court, but the air. that's the scene over much of australia. blayne alexander is in melbourne for us blayne, good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. it's been a rainy first day at the australian open. so much so, that some of today's outside matches were canceled for the day. certainly, not the best news for the tournament but for the many crews that have been fighting these fires for the past few months. it was a welcome sight this morning, down under, the australian open is officially kicking off. the world's biggest tennis stars competing in the first major tournament of the year, amidst the devastating bush fires wreaking havoc on the country, and polluting the air for miles. >> we should be fine
7:44 am
but the animals, the forest, the bushes, the people, the firefighters >> reporter: over the weekend, the region saw some of its heaviest rain in months, helping to douse some of the flames and improve air quality. but officials worry the relief is only temporary and are implementing strict guidelines >> the health and the well-being of the players and the fans and our staff is up most importance. >> reporter: umpires can stop and start play as they see fit, including moving matches indoors as needed. medical experts will also be monitoring the air quality >> the only thing the tournament can do is listen to specialists, listen to doctors, and then make the decision in based of what the doctors say. >> reporter: last week, during qualifying rounds, a player was in the lead when a coughing fit left her on the ground, struggling to breathe, and forcing her to withdraw. >> i didn't know what to do.
7:45 am
i was really scared. >> reporter: with some players questioning whether the tournament should take place at all. no sign of strain with the tournament's main event kicking off overnight. roger federer and serena williams, both easily sailing on to the next round. another big winner coco gauff at 15, the youngest player in the tournament, defeating tennis great, venus williams, a repeat of the wimbledon match that catapulted the teen to stardom >> if i can inspire one person, that means more than any match to me. without the williams sisters, i wouldn't be here right now >> reporter: excited fans watching the action on the court, as officials keep an eye on the air around it so far, the tennis world has come together to raise more than $3 million for fire relief despite this rain, there are a dozen fires in the areas still burning. with the hot and windy conditions only expected to return later this week,
7:46 am
officials are bracing for those fires to possibly spread guys, back to you. >> officials are measuring the air quality every four minutes or what have you, on the site. what are they expected to do they're measuring it >> the rain helps. >> that's true mr. price, how about a check of the weather on this monday morning. >> let's see what's happening across the country >> shall we? >> we shall. come over to the weather wall. let's check things out together. we go to the northwest right now, where we have showers pushing through the area keep that in mind. it will be soggy we'll see snowshowers in the higher elevations as this storm approaches from the pacific. watch as the front moves through. that will bring coastal rain and snow up through the cascades and the rockies. as that moves through, another round of rain pushes onshore and winds will pick up, ahead of a good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing some soggy conditions in parts of the north bay as you get ready to head
7:47 am
out. some light showers passing by. we'll have some more widespread rain coming through as we go into tomorrow. first starting out in the north bay and then working its way into the rest of the bay area for tomorrow afternoon. now we'll bring in some light rain aaccumulations up to about a quarter of an inch, the rest of the week is dry with sunshine, temperatures warming up into the low 60s and then more rain in time for the weekend. >> and that's a quick look at the weather. >> thank you, mr. price. coming up, inside the moment from last night's s.a.g. awards that everyone's talking about this morning former spouses, brad pitt, jennifer aniston, spending a little time together backstage but first, these messages. >> that picture, that's the one. ok everyone!
7:48 am
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we're back, now, 7:50, with the highlights from last night's s.a.g. awards. not about something that happened on stage but backstage. >> it was all over my instagram. a reunion of two of the biggest stars, who happen to be famous exes, brad pitt and jennifer aniston. >> reporter: it was the tins l town reunion fans have desperately been waiting for the once married power coupl brad pitt and jennifer aniston, sharing a hug backstage. both won big at the s.a.g. awards in l.a. pitt took an award for his role in "once upon a time in hollywood. not only joked about being single in his acceptance speech. >> i have to add this to my tinder profile >> reporter: even got a laugh from aniston in the audience when he said this. >> it was a difficult part, a guy that gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn't get on with his wife.
7:52 am
it's a big stretch big. >> reporter: later in the night, aniston won for best actress in a tv drama for "the morning show." >> i mean, who knew that emotional breakdowns felt that good it was literally, like, you know, seven months of therapy covered about 20 years of work so, thank you for watching that. >> reporter: in this touching moment, cameras catching pitt backstage, watching aniston accept her award once hollywood's most famous couple, pitt and aniston were married in 2000. the next year, pitt making a memorable cameo in aniston's hit sitcom, "friends." >> you were in an i hate rachel club >> yes, he was >> no, no. >> reporter: aniston and pitt divorced in 2005, after five years of marriage, when pitt married another leading lady, angelina jolie
7:53 am
they divorced in 2016. but despite their complicated history, aniston and pitt have remained on friendly terms and if last night is an indication, they've come a long way. >> the one picture where she's walking away -- >> and he's grabbing her >> that's the one everyone is talking about. >> i love that to be continued. we'll have more on the s.a.g. awards. including the other big winners. also, a mysterious new respiratory virus. [knocking] room for seven. and much, much more. the first-ever glb. lease the glb 250 suv for just $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam!
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good morning. right now at 7:56, if you're about to step out of the door, it is cloudy and misty and drizzling. as we look outside at san jose. the satellite rain chances today but a ride spread chance of rain into tomorrow. as we start out with the rain in the north bay tomorrow morning we'll see that gradually spreading into the rest of the bay area into the afternoon. and it is going to be hit or miss with a lot of the heavier rain in parts of the north bay. it all clears out by wednesday. and then the rest of the week is looking dry, sunny. temperatures warming up into the low 60s. but there will be some more showers in the forecast by the weekend, in san francisco expect more clouds and off and off light rain today and the rain once again moving in for tomorrow. especially during the morning and then milder weather with sunshine for the rest of the workweek and then the showers
7:57 am
back in the forecast for the weekend. heads up if you're making plans. let's head out on the roads. with a live look at the golden gate bridge. we've seen a light flow of traffic on this martin luther king jr. holiday. hopefully it stays like this because we haven't had any major issues. sensors showing the traffic and the flow of the commute is moving at a pretty good clip and we haven't seen any issues so far on our bay area bridges. we'll monitor this throughout the day. laura. >> thanks, kari. happening now, the bay area joins the nation in remember a civil rights leader. today is martin luther king jr. today and today's holiday includes a lot of local events including the annual celebration train starting in san jose and heading up the peninsula to san francisco. it is going in about 90 minutes. well fans haven't stopped buzzing about the 49ers beating green bay at levi's to clinch the first super bowl spot in seven years. head to our home page to show
7:58 am
fans celebrating late into the night. super bowl liv is 13 days from now in miami. plus weather warnings based on your location from our app. an nbc microclimate weather alert keeps you prepared.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, ready for battle. president trump's legal team prepares for a fight, as opening arguments in the impeachment trial get set to kick off this week democrats not holding back >> there's overwhelming evidence any jury would convict in three minutes flat >> what can you expect to see? we're live with the latest plus, on alert a mysterious virus in china that has some u.s. airports taking extra precautions. what you can do to protect yourself and your family and telling his truth. prince harry, speaking out for the first time since splitting from the royal family.
8:01 am
>> i want you to hear the truth from me. >> why he and meghan decided to walk away. and what's next for the couple today, monday, january 20th, 2020 ♪ i do my hair toss, check my nails ♪ >> hi to our friends at the heritage school. >> in georgia. >> ellie and maddie are turning 13 >> hey, daddy and grandma. >> camilla is on "today. ♪ hair toss, check my nails >> it's nana's sweet 16. >> celebrating our sixth season. >> oh, we love how positive it is welcome back to "today" on this monday morning mlk day. thank you for joining us savannah and hoda, back tomorrow valerie bertinelli is on to wellness in 2020, inspiring us to inspire others. we'll check in with her. >> looking forward to getting outside in just a bit. big hollywood crowd. >> it's true, big crowd. let's get to your news at
8:02 am
8:00 president trump is attacking democrats before letting his defense team take over at the impeachment trial this week. geoff bennett joins us with three things to watch today. good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. first, this morning, house democrats and the white house, preparing to spar on the senate floor, with opening arguments in the president's impeachment trial expected to kick off tomorrow the house impeachment managers huddled on capitol hill this weekend, planning and strategizing how they'll prosecute the case against president trump. democrats released their outline for the case, writing, in part, that the president's conduct regarding ukraine is the founders' worst nightmare. president trump, for his part, is pushing back. look at this >> we're achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do i get out of it? tell me. i get impeached. that's what i get out of it. by these radical left lunatics, i get impeached. >> reporter: the president
8:03 am
leaves this evening for the economic forum in davos. and lastly, a duel endorsement for the first time ever, "the new york times" editorial board endorsed two presidential candidates senator elizabeth warren and senator amy klobuchar. it says that radical and realist approaches should be considered. and that warren and klobuchar are best equipped to lead that debate those are your three things to watch. sheinelle? >> geoff bennett, thank you. in an exclusive interview seen earlier here on "today," democratic candidate michael bloomberg said president trump is dangerous because he is, quote, impetuous and erratic he also explained why he thinks he's the one that can beat him in november. >> know him better than anybody else i would be more susceptible, i think, to the middle of the road republicans who don't like him
8:04 am
but do want somebody fiscally responsible. it's that, knowing how to deal with him it's being tough enough to deal with him at a practical level. >> as a late entry into the race, bloomberg is skipping early contests, like the iowa caucuses, to focus on the march super tuesday primaries and beyond now, to "your health," the cdc has put three u.s. airports on alert after a deadly p respiratory outbreak coming from china. that's coming from wuhan and alerts are at jfk, l.a.x., and san francisco. dr. john torretorrez, thank you coming in this morning they're calling this the corona virus. should we be concerned that it spreads to the u.s.? >> corona viruses are very common i've been inspected with you you've probably been infected with them. it's a common cold for most of us, most of the time most of the strains. there have been a few strains that have been dangerous sars in 2002 was a corona virus. this has been dangerous, as
8:05 am
well there's been three deaths because of it. and numerous people, up to 1,700 people have been affected. they had commonalities it's a public health concern than a personal concern. everybody that's been affected has been in wuhan, china, they've been at that market or in close contact with somebody in that market that's why they're observing at the airports, making sure that people coming from wuhan don't spread it. it's been spread a few countries outside of china it hasn't spread over to the u.s. yet >> what are the symptoms how can you tell if you have it? how can you tell if it's different from the cold or the flu or one of the other viruses that's going on? >> they start off like cold-like symptoms it's a respiratory virus it turns to respiratory similar symptoms cough, shortness of breath hard time breathing. it turns into real hard times breathing. kidney problems at that stage. everybody here has been to wuhan, china, has been to the market in the last 14 days
8:06 am
that's the incubation period or they've been in contact with people who have been there not a huge concern at this point. it's a public health issue >> if you do know, something to be careful with. >> we got the news covered how about a little "boost" >> shall we? >> no hoda, i'll do my best. a soldier known as a.j. was supposed to be the best man at his friend's wedding then, just before the big day, a.j. had to report to base, to be sent overseas somehow, things worked out and he pulled off this surprise. >> congratulations, mr. and mrs. merrick >> no. >> he saw you before he saw me >> oh, that hug is everything. >> a.j.'s deployment had been delayed. he got permission to leave the base didn't have time to change out of his military outfit nobody seemed to mind much
8:07 am
>> that gave me chills >> that's a best man >> your "morning boost." up ahead, a sweet story about a talented 14-year-old baker, inspired by dr. martin luther king jr. to give back we can't wait to introduce you to him also, more on prince harry's emotional new message on miss split from the royal family, and the questions about his future that are still unanswered this morning. that's right after this. so josh, you going for our drive safe and save discount? ♪ yup, using the app. driving safe. you wanna go bro? do not mess with my discount. woooo!
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♪ me-ee-ee ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh it's taylor swift! with the capital one savor card you earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. so when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? ♪ 14 talker," the royal split >> we heard from harry last half hour, breaking his silence on the stunning move. "today" international correspondent, keir simmons, joins us once again from buckingham palace with more on not just what harry had to say, but also the questions about his future that still need to be answered, right? >> reporter: that's right, craig. good morning, again. you and i, everyone on the show, we talk about why we're so fascinated by the lives of the royals inside that palace there. and harry, of course, was born to be at the center of that
8:15 am
spotlight. so, it makes you stop and think, doesn't it, that harry himself is now saying, he cannot keep going. this morning, prince harry is, in his own words, stepping back from everything he's ever known. >> it was so many months of talks, after so many years of challenges and i know i haven't always gotten it right. but as far as this goes, there really was no other option >> reporter: and yet, he may be fulfilling his destiny his mom, princess diana, was determined to show her boys, william and harry, an ordinary life taking them to amusement parks and movie theaters she taught harry to question the rules, even royal ones >> one of her mottos to me is, you can be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught. she would come and watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks. >> reporter: his dislike of cameras and the media spotlight, also began with diana. pursued by the paparazzi, until
8:16 am
that famous crash. 12-year-old harry walking behind her coffin in front of the world's media, something he later said no child should be asked to do. more than two decades later, people who know harry are not surprised by his decision to step back from royal responsibility >> we will continue to lead a life of service. in that respect, nothing changes. >> reporter: diana made the same decision, saying her children came first >> my first priority will continue to be our children, william and harry, who deserve as much love and care and attention as i am able to give >> reporter: becoming a parent himself, this impacted harry deeply in an extraordinary moment last year, he choked up, talking about fatherhood >> i remember -- sorry i remember squeezing meghan's hand so tight during the awards. and both of us were thinking
8:17 am
what it would be like to be parents one day. >> reporter: when baby archie was born, harry and meghan chose not to give him a royal title, a possible sign of things to come. harry was always happiest away from the limelight, like when he was filmed serving in afghanistan. >> i think it's about as normal as i'm ever going to get this is my bed i don't make it when i'm done here joy. it's made. >> reporter: his dislike for the press, no longer concealed >> everyone is guilty for barring the press. no one believes what they read hopefully. >> reporter: he readily dashed away from the camera when duty called perhaps losing his military role will be hardest for harry. >> i was born into this life it is a great honor to serve my country and the queen. >> reporter: he will continue his charity work for veterans, the invictus games the path harry is leaving behind did not make his happy maybe royal life isn't supposed to hopefully the path he's
8:18 am
embarking on, in the words of the queen and harry himself, will allow a more peaceful, new life >> who ultimately wins and loses from this arrangement? >> sheinelle, you know, i think, in a sense, no one has won in that statement, harry is trying to let us know that he feels that he has lost out by having to make this move in terms of the royal family, history will judge, i think. what they will be hoping inside that palace, the queen and her officials, is historians will say they made the right decision to protect the royal brand the danger is, that history will view them as being stubborn, maybe even a little vengeful you can't underestimate, i think, what the royal family is losing by losing harry and meghan they are global stars. and the royal family will be poorer without them. sheinelle? >> keir, thank you >> keir simmons, buckingham palace
8:19 am
dave price in this morning >> how are ya? >> good to see you, buddy. one of nbc's finest. >> i appreciate that fine little boost there. let's look at the weather and see if i can live up to that around the country, it's kind of quiet. not a lot happening. we'll go to the west coast from seattle, all the way to southern california, there's a threat of shower activity. midsection of the country, we look to sections of the midwest, into the great lakes, where we could see some lake-effect snow and cold air through the northern tier of the country right now. really cold. we're talking about highs this afternoon in the single digits into the teens, the 20s. and again, winds making you feel much cooler. it's hard to find even the 70s in the lower 48. that's a quick look at our
8:20 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather. >> thank you, dave now, to a special story, in honor of this mlk day. >> yes a maryland teen runs a cupcake business out of his family's home for every cupcake he sells, he gives one to someone in need in honor of the man who inspired his mission, dr. king. >> reporter: in his family's kitchen, 14-year-old michael has mastered a secret recipe combining his love of baking >> i love to see it going from flour and sugar and eggs to a complete, finished product >> reporter: to the passion of celebrating those who have risen to the occasion when they saw a need for change. >> i have the audacity to
8:21 am
believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies >> education and culture for their minds and dignity and equality and freedom for their spirits. i believe what self-centered men build up >> reporter: why do you like that quote >> he knows that people who are centered around others can build up and re-create what other people have torn down. >> reporter: for as long as he can remember, michael says he's looked up to dr. martin luther king jr. his work and message of public service inspiring this teen baker to turn his talents into a way to help others for every cupcake you make, you give away a cupcake. who are you giving the cupcakes to >> sometimes i go to domestic violence shelters or a homeless shelter. i'll go around d.c. feeding the homeless >> reporter: michael uses this one for one model, to run michael's desserts, the business he started at age 11, at the same time an epilepsy diagnosis
8:22 am
prevented him from doing some of his favorite physical activities what do you say to anybody that may have a setback and can turn it into something that has bloomed into something so amazing? >> i would say what michael said to me. it's not about what you can't do it's about doing what you can do >> reporter: with a little help from mom, every month, michael bakes nearly 400 cupcakes, including some he creates as a monthly series honoring those he calls freedom fighters historical figures like maya angelou and harriet tubman january and february, he's dedicated a dessert to his hero, dr. king tell me the connection of mlk and this recipe. >> sweet potato pie cup cacakes. the connection of the sweet poe they poe pie is it is an important and popular african-american pie >> reporter: he injects each cupcake with the filling he
8:23 am
makes from scratch >> more sugar. >> reporter: using a family recipe passed down through the generations. >> more butter and some salt >> reporter: the only measurement involved, the size of his smile, when he knows he has it right >> that's good. >> reporter: michael tops the treats with icing. two layers >> yes >> reporter: and a bit more pie filling. a little filling beautiful. and a roasted marshmallow, the finishing touch, signaling the moment we've all been waiting for. this is beautiful. especially me. i mean, pretty amazing >> thank you >> reporter: i think you have a future a future drawing from the wisdom of the past, to carry out his own dream of helping those in need, one sweet gesture at a time >> this is his recipe. want to try it >> yeah. >> the marshmallow is a nice touch, by the way. >> it's cute, right? i'm really proud of him. he was sitting at home you get a diagnosis like that.
8:24 am
doctor say,s you've been climbing trees and what have you. and he said, i want to bake. it's phenomenal. >> fantastic >> i'm going to enjoy this you pick up pop start. >> good thing i didn't put a big thing of that in my mouth. >> i have hoping you had so we can laugh at you. >> there you go. congratulations, michael i know you're watching, and your family there was other news that happened at the screen actor guild awards not related to brad and jen, believe it or not. outstanding drama series went to netflix's "the crown." it's the first time the show all about the royals has won the award. and it beat out "big little lies," the handmaid's tale," "stranger things" and "game of thrones" final season. south korean drama "parasite," everybody talking about it, made history, becoming the fist foreign language film to take top honors at the s.a.g. awards. it's a big win heading into the oscars. renee zellweger's accolades
8:25 am
playing judy garland continue to pile up. she got the outstanding performance award and beating out scarlett johansson and cynthia erivo for "ha erivo. and joaquin phoenix, got another award for his role in "joker." the actor was praising his fellow nominees and giving one of them a special shoutout >> when i started acting again and going to auditions, i get to the final callback many people know what that's like there'd always be two other guys i was up against and we would always lose to this one kid. and no actor would ever say his name because it was too much but every casting director would whisper it it's leonardo. it's leonardo. who is this leonardo you know you've been an inspiration for over 25 years to me and so many people i thank you very, very, very much >> that was good i like when people meet the moment
8:26 am
absolutely next stop, the oscars on february 9th straight ahead, the big holiday sales to take advantage of today where to shop and what to shop for.
8:27 am
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♪ back, now, at 8:30 on a monday morning, the 20th of january, 2020. it is mlk day. and we have a happy crowd here on rockefeller plaza >> a happy but a cold crowd. >> it is freezing. >> it's a little chilly. >> it feels below freezing and a little chilly. which is it, people?
8:31 am
>> my legs say freezing because i should have put on tights today. >> how about a crowd moment? >> we put all of the kids together on this mlk day no school. you decided to hang out with us on the plaza, huh? where are you from >> massachusetts >> what's your name? >> katie >> ava. >> max >> your name, young man. what is your name? >> thomas. >> where are you from? >> his lips are frozen >> greensboro, north carolina. >> hence the hat go, heels. >> claire. >> mason >> mcguire >> eva >> sofia >> hallie. >> maggie. >> ellie >> natalie >> maggie. >> ella. >> cricket >> feel like you could sing a song now you're a choir >> cricket cricket is on tik tok, apparently >> how old are you >> i'm 11. >> you can follow her on tik tok. there she is >> here's the thing, where you don't have school, you're up early. hopefully you have service
8:32 am
activities planned later today when i count to three, say your school's name. give your school or teacher a shoutout it's going to be -- ready? one, two, three. [ all talking at once >> hopefully you heard your school >> i just saw this sign. that's a great sign. cash >> that's cute thank you, guys for coming out here this morning. coming up, the time to buy chassie post is here your guide on where to find today's best holiday sales and we meet a style activist saying fun fashion is for everyone, no matter your age or shape. did you know, january 20th is national cheese lover's day >> you made that up. >> every day is national cheese lover's day. >> a lesson on how to put statement-making cheese boards together that are perfect for your next party. before all of that, how about a final check of the weather? >> unless you need to complete the census let's look at the weather
8:33 am
picture all around the country we have dairy farmers here nice to see you. if you are out and about in the northern tier of the country, you're going to be dealing with an arctic chill today. temperatures in the teens and 20s. windchills well below zero coastal showers in the pacific northwest. and bright skies and cooler in the southeast. looking at the week ahead, midweek, we're talking about rain and snow running from texas all the way up into, actually, sections of northern michigan. snow and rain in the higher elevations in the pacific northwest. sun for southern california. sunshine for the northeast and that wet and dreary weather makes an advance towards the northeast, into the southeast, as we head into friday that's a quick look at the national maps. i aar meteorolotráuñr kari hall. there will be lig rainñrñi tod heavier rain forçó the northñr going into tomorrow morning. tomorrow whenñi ithpl(p&hc%
8:34 am
pushes across the rest ofko th bayñr area. we're=ñ goinqiñrñi to see itñi % clear out for wednesday andçó t rest of the ñiweek, we're allçó. tempeb from theu aboutñi 63 degrees by friday. notice there's rain inñii the weekend forecast. showers return saturday. weather. looks like you got free lunch. nice to see you. hey, want to remind everybody. don't forget about that context with our sister company, universal studios, tied to the opening of super nintendo world at universal studios japan they are sending one person and three guests to be among the first people to experience it. today, the last day to enter the contest. head to and submit a video, telling us why you are a supernintendo fan and deserve to go five people in the new york area will get a chance to come to the plaza for a chance to win the grand prize.
8:35 am
how about them there apples? folks, back inside up next, who is ready to shop from sprucing up your wardrobe toll your home chassie post is here walking us through the day's best holiday sales
8:36 am
8:37 am
"today's consumer" this morning. holiday sales, as the temperature gets colder. the money-saving deals apparently keep getting hotter yahoo! lifestyle contributor, editor chassie post here with the scoop on today's best bargains good to see you. >> good to see you >> the deals online and in stores >> online and in stores. you can shop from your couch or get out there and kick the tires. see things in person >> it's cold click on the couch >> right there's no reason to pay full price today. we have incredible sales >> all right let's dig in
8:38 am
we start with the home >> start with home there are some major sales on furniture today. that's because the retailers are getting the old models off the floor. in february, the new models come on if you're looking for a bed, for example, we find a gorgeous, queen-sized upholstered bed. $219 >> that's a deal >> it was originally $626. $400 off you can find that as macy's, plus free shipping that's really cool home chefs, cookware sets. you'll find incredible sets. we found a 17-piece set for almost $500 off. cuisinart, non-stick $180, for $670 originally, from wayfair. get cooking. >> and bath and bedding. home depot is not a place you would think about. >> no, it is not they've got an incredible bath sale
8:39 am
we have this gorgeous 6-piec towels, yarn-dyed for $31, down from $60 january is a time to buy bed and bath products. you'll see great sales there >> from the home to appliances >> appliances. >> a great deal on the fridge. >> a really great deal on the fridge and this weekend is not traditionally the biggest appliance sales, but there's really good deals out there. at lowe's, 45% off select appliances we found this gorgeous, fridge air, stainless steel, french door number. that's almost $1,000 off that's really exciting, right. small appliances now, craig, this is tons and tons and tons of sales for small appliances you know the instant pot that everybody has been talking about? >> all the rage. >> if there was an oscar for small appliance, that would get it $79, down from $99
8:40 am
you can find it at walmart >> this vacuum is on sale, as well. >> people are obsessed with dyson, right $100 off the animal cord-free stick have vacuum. originally $399. we found it for $299 at bed, bath, and beyond that makes me want to vacuum >> electronics, my favorite category here. >> i know you'll love this. >> this is when tvs typically go on sale, around the super bowl, correct? >> that's convenient, right? you might want a new 65-inch hd 4k. you can have one for almost $550 off. we found this giant tv by scepter for $349, originally $899, at walmart smarthome devices. >> wildly popular. >> they make life easier they make your home smart. why not? we found the amazon echo, for $59 down from $99, at
8:41 am
bloomingdale's i don't know how i feel about the smart scale idea >> a lot of people in january, kick-starting this new fitness routine. eat clean in 2019. >> eat plenty in 2020. >> eat plenty in 2020. >> guess what? this scale is going to let you know if you did. the smart scale -- fit bit has a wi-fi scale. we found it $99, down from $129. it connects to your fit bit, to tell you if you've eaten too much >> last, but not least, style. >> so many great clothing sales out there. the biggest discounts you're going to find are on winte parkas at old navy, 50% to 70% off, on men, women, also kids. this great-looking parka you see is 45 bucks. it was originally $85. it's fantastic old navy >> and snow boots? >> sorel
8:42 am
they made amazing snow boots that made snow boots on-trend. 25% off for men and women. great deals there. and lastly, jewelry. is having a 60% off valentine's day gift and jewelry sale we found a diamond solitary necklace for $309. originally $1,100. that's $850. guys, get shopping >> get shopping. or ladies. >> that's true >> thank you >> thanks. >> for even more deals and where to find those deals, go to up next, makeovers that mean so much more than just a new outfit natalie morales is going to introduce us to the stylist helping women get their groove back but first, this is "today" on
8:43 am
8:44 am
back, now, 8:44, with "today's style." fashion can be a fun way to
8:45 am
express yourself and show the world who you are. >> it's true for a lot of women, the story behind their style may change or get lost as they age natalie morales met someone who is trying to change that good morning to you. >> good morning. there's no way to miss this 65-year-old fashionista. she loves to stand out with bright colors and bold patterns. she's not just getting dressed for herself. judith has made it her mission to help other women her age to find a confident sense of style. >> reporter: for many, the mirror can sometimes spark criticism instead of confidence. >> i think fashion and style is stuff for other people it's more, i hope i don't embarrass myself by what i put on >> reporter: for some like joan, trying to stay up with changing trends can be overwhelming judith is trying to prove that doesn't need to be the case. >> i'm not big on the fashion
8:46 am
rules. waking up and figuring out where i want to go today how do i want to look? to me, it's fun. >> reporter: judith, a former teacher and artist, has been in love with fashion her whole life now, a self-proclaimed style activist, she believes everyone has a right to feel confident and clothing you want to make fashion accessible to everyone >> that's the key word our culture has such an idea around who has the privilege and the right to enjoy fashion you know, if you're not the right the size, if you're not the right age, or don't have the right amount of money. >> reporter: a year ago, the 65-year-old fashionista launched out of our closet, an affordable styling service in portland, that helps women over 50 transform their wardrobe and their lives. >> out of our closet is designing a personal fashion style so you don't disappear and it's not just disappearing on the outside
8:47 am
it's that sense of disappearing within yourself. and i get really emotional about that at times because i see that happening so much. >> reporter: it's why she wants to help joan rediscover her sense of style, beginning inside her closet >> the idea i get to dive in and make some changes. it's what i do, and i love to do it with you today, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: you're a breast cancer survivor. did that impact your sense of what you get out of clothing >> having gone through the experience made me want to hide more don't notice me. don't notice what they did let's just move on, kind of a feeling. >> reporter: well, we have to celebrate that you're six years cancer-free. >> okay. >> it's time to have presence in the world. we can do that with fashion. >> reporter: she suggests getting rid of anything that's ill-fitted or dated. are you ready to try some things on and see what we can put
8:48 am
together for you >> i'm ready. >> reporter: i say we. it's all her next up, shopping. it fits you just right judith's rules for success, you don't need to spend a lot of money to look good >> there's clothes out there that look a lot more expensive than they are, being in a store. that's fine. >> reporter: take a chance, by stepping out of your comfort zone >> give a twirl. give a twirl, girl >> reporter: you're swinging into the party >> my gosh >> i'm willing to try probably most of what judith will suggest. i trust her. that doesn't mean i'm going to wear it out in public. but i'll try it. >> reporter: most importantly, stay true to yourself. it looks like you. it does. >> working with judith has given me more confidence and creativity now, i feel better about myself. it's okay to be out in the world. it's okay to be noticed because
8:49 am
that's a good thing. >> i just want women to realize, no matter who you are, you have the right to that, feeling good in yourself and feeling confident and feeling hot in your clothes or whatever you want to feel, is good, good medicine >> reporter: this is so good i love it. well, believe it or not, most of the outfit in judith's closet are thrifted it's important for fashion to be fun by affordable, she says. that's the key she provides her services at a low cost, sometimes even for free >> that is such a good story we know, sometimes you can feel blah or get in a rut you put on something that makes you feel good. you feel better, you look better >> comfy, cozy >> good story. >> thank you, natalie. >> thank you, judith, as well. coming up, we're going to get some inspiration for putting together the perfect cheese board because, apparently,
8:50 am
ladies and gentlemen, it is national cheese lovers day, dave price. >> cold day, warm brie >> again, brokers.
8:51 am
vo: droughts. floods. hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80%
8:52 am
clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. we're we're back, with "today food," having some fun this morning. it's national cheese lovers day, celebrating by making our own e cheese board here to help create a work of art is elizabeth she is senior adviser at lubbock's cheese we have a friendly competition over here. >> it's not friendly >> listen to what she is saying. make your own cheese board, pretend you're hosting a party and we'll see who wins ready? i'm ready. here we go we have six different cheese boards mild to wild board is that the basic board or what? >> at murray's, we have a saying, mild to wild
8:53 am
it teaches you how to choose cheeses for your board also how to order them when you're going to taste. we start with the mildest and freshest cheese. something soft, tangy, maybe lemony move on to a brie, a little firmer but tangy and then, a nutty menchego and butterscotch gouda >> you know your stuff. >> yeah. >> you go to a house or a cocktail party, and there's something about a cheese board that everyone loves. >> it's irresistible >> right you put a little honey on there, too. >> honey is a great complement the sweetness is a great contrast for the saltneiness an the cheese you haven't done anything. >> i've started -- >> dave's cheese >> a decorative theme. >> you're like a wild man over there. >> he is wild. >> this brings us to our second one -- >> there's so much -- i got cheese all this other stuff, am i
8:54 am
supposed to use that >> get creative. >> here's the next one write with chalk on a black slate board. this is cute >> when you're hosting, the guests want to know the cheese names. sometimes it's hard for you to remember them. starting with a black slate board is excellent >> i love this the cheeses visually pop they are visibly beautiful take a chalk marker or chalk and write the name directly on the plate. >> i love that >> erase it after the party and start again next time. >> and the ceramic cheese labels, these are cool >> if you're going for a more formal look, the ceramic tiles are a perfect way to dress up your board, create labels that are eye-catching and have a set you can use next time. >> you know what you can do that the guys aren't doing yet -- craig. >> my goodness >> i was about to say -- >> i don't have to adhere to your - >> would you like something or would you like everything? >> he's going from wild to
8:55 am
wilder >> yeah. >> here's the thing. how do you know what goes together >> we have a couple of different sayings. the first one is, what grows together, goes together. that's a trick to help you pair. essentially what it means, is cheeses and wines or cheese and food from the same region will taste good together. with silkyy case in point, parmesan oregeano aged for two years paired with silky, savory prosciutto >> are you kidding me? >> what's not to like? >> the perfect combination >> what about opposites attract? >> valentine's day is around the corner the same holds true for cheese opposites attract. >> are you listening >> opposites attract >> in this case, dark chocolate with a buttery blue cheese sweet/salty combination, excellent. >> we have to go but really quickly, do we have a winner >> my goodness >> let's look at dave's. >> well -- >> that's so lame. >> this is not
8:56 am
we're not making a pepperoni pizza. look at this >> it's not just a cheese plate. it's art >> points for creativity >> i'm coming to your house. >> please. you're invited >> for details and - >> who won >> who won >> go to you can tweet us and tell us who won. up next on the third hour of "today," brunch with -- >> more of the cheese competition. >> first, your local news. thank you. good morning. it is 8:56. i am marcus washington. the nation pauses to remember the legacy of the dr. martin luther king jr. includes the return of a bay area tradition. celebration train departs from san jose in a little over a half hour, 9:30 this morning. it will take stops and make them in palo alto, san mateo, and
8:57 am
finally san francisco. the train is free. in oakland, activists have a march for social issues. anti-police project leading the march the fifth year in a row. this year, demands are housing, human rights, closing immigration camps at the border, putting a stop to schools closing. happening now, a crew in oakland for the midday newscast. a live report on mlk events. go to the home page now for details on the celebrations happening nationwide. fans have not stopped buzzing after the 49ers beat green bay to clinch their first super bowl spot in seven years. it happens in 13 days from now in miami. kris sanchez is talking to fans, making super bowl plans, has a live report from levi during the midday newscast.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live, from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome to the third hour of "today" on this martin luther king jr. day. i'm sheinelle, here with craig and jill martin. al is off. di dylan is on maternity leave. we have a really good show. we have a school principal that is doing her part to carry on dr. king's legacy. she's here to share her importance of love. this is a hot topic with me or soft spot. we talk about education in this country or schools that are underperforming or failing.


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