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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. up to tell the republican senators to do their job -- >> right now at 4:30, a historic day. the stage is set for ru-- for president trump's impeachment trial to start in the senate. the overseas trip the president is making this morning. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we want to first start with a live look outside in san francisco and san jose. nice and warm for the morning hours. but light rain is heading toward the bay area just in time for your commute. so kari, how is it timing out. >> we're starting to see the ♪ rain in the north bay. as we look at the radar, we could see it covering many of the wait is over.
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our microclimates. a closer look shows that we're try my new tiny tacos. seeing the showers coming down, 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. most of it light and it is going to be a soggy morning commute delivered exclusively with uber eats. for you if you are about to head out in the north bay. elsewhere, the rain hasn't arrived and it will take a while and taking a live look for as we see the rain in the north you this morning out in walnut bay for the next several hours. creek and our radar. and you see it right there, that the storm will bring in rain heading -- it looks like it off-and-on rain. most of the bay area seeing the rain during the afternoon. is already here in the bay area. so i'll track that with a closer kari hall is tracking that. look at the timeli coming up. y she's the meteorologist so i'll let her track where this all is. crashes. >> two in the city. >> defer to the expert here. >> it is where you see the we're looking at green sensors green. >> folks in some part of the bay around the bay. yesterday very light traffic but today we expect the return of a commute coming into san area. >> in the north bay. francisco, the skyline getting we're seeing the rain falling in off of the bay bridge, on to the spots like san rafael where it bay bridge we have a couple of is a light rain and not a heavy crashes. one near market and closer to the central freeway and another ch. this is what we'll see throughout the day as it continues to move through but right in the same area on to many of the roads may be wet. eastbound 80 and that transition in oakland, you don't need the right now at 4:41 on tuesday ramp is affected by the crashes. umbrella yet but you will as the morning. day goes along. so both crashes toward van ness we're walking out of the door to dry weather for much of the bay by 10:00 we see the showers moving in there. area. here is a live look outside in and temperatures will be cool
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and the lower deck, getting into all throughout today. and then looking at the radar san francisco however no problem but cash lanes with scattered once again, the light rain palo alto. have the umbrella handy because back-up and good amount of we'll see rain chances today and our temperatures will be in the moving along the coast and into back-up for a tuesday at this upper 40s. the north bay. time but we'll keep tracking it. only making it to the mid-50s so you may have some offn of course it will grow. today. we'll talk about this and track light rain in san francisco but back to you. three years and one day into the rain and talk about what more of the widespread rain is his presidency, president trump else is in the forecast in less up around clear lake to santa is the focus of something only than five minutes. and across the bay, a clear rosa. over towards sonoma and napa and happened to three other u.s. presidents in history. look at clear traffic right now. this is the nimitz south with petaluma. his senate impeachment trial and as we show you the wider begins today. with the taillights from the look at the storm, we're seeing opening arguments set to get coliseum under the b.a.r.t. underway this afternoon. tracks heading over to the seven house managers for the airport. smooth drive here. we'll talk about what is going a lot well to the north of us and that is coming in throughout prosecution will present on in san francisco coming up. today and then it is out of here arguments over 24 hours they by tomorrow. but that storm is also going to include zoe lofgren and adam good morning. generate some large waves off i'm rahel solomon at cnbc schiff. the white house then has up to the coast and of moving into headquarters and here are the 24 hours to present their top business headlines. parts of the pacific northwest. defense. senators will then be able to wall street is having a lower ask questions in writing for 16 open following declines in asia hours. they will then debate and vote by the time it gets here we'll and europe, concerned about per have large breakers and sneaker waves and rip currents. on to whether to allow witness today if you're along the coa w testimony or documents. p it it is approved, it is holiday. likely both sides will call the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 dangerous waves coming in up various people to testify. all hitting freshaugust. until at least 3:0oday. closed door deliberations come and we're also gome after that before the senate makes a final vote on on the watch list, earnings from off-and-on showers. so there probably won't be a lot
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impeachment. a conviction would require a of people at the coast as we see ibm and netflix. tesla is disputing claims by a the showers lingering into late two-thirds vote. while this process gets underway california man that cars could tonight and early tomorrow morning. it is starting to clear out. today president trump is in and our rain toept -- totals switzerland at the davos speed up out their own. economic forum. tesla said it checks when meanwhile leader chuck schumer drivers report their cars does will be high from san francisco is blasting the impeachment this and in every case the car to half moon bay and northward as we could see up to about a rules put forth by mitch drove as designed. tesla claims that the man who mcconnell. he's warning of a cover-up even quarter to half inch of rain. filed the claim is a so-called before the trial gets underway. weeke we're dry. seeing temperatures starting to >> after reading mcconnell's short seller on investor who warm up. bets on a price of a company our inland areas in the upper stock to drop. 50s tomorrow. low 60ss by friday. resolution, it is clear federal officials will look at saturday as we celebrate the mcconnell is hell bent on making claim and decide whether to open it much more difficult to get a formal investigation. lunar new year there will be witnesses and documents and and subaru is planning to showers moving in. only sell electric vehicles by and off-and-on rain in the intent on rushing the trial the middle of the next decade. forecast on sunday as well. as we head over to mike, you're the move comes amid stricter e giving us a look at the bay through. >> be sure to stay with nbc news mission rules around the world and in china and the european bridge toll plaza. >> the last time i showed my as the impeachment trial kicks report we had a little back-up off. there are special reports union. they are developing a pair of planned throughout the day in the cash lanes and then they electric cars with toyota due today. new this morning, in the cleared when marcus shows you south bay one person is hurt out in the next few years and the bridge and now filled in again approach the area. after a fire swept through a others will follow. so maybe only markus should show mobile home. >> "today in the bay's" damian hybrid and lek rick models will make up 40% of the auto you the bay bridge from now on. production. trujillo is live in sunnyvale back to you. >> competition is getting fierce they open another lane and then with what happened. things build for the morning >> reporter: it happened last at the plug-in stations here at night the at el dorado mobile commute. that is just fine. pretty standard. no problem getting there.
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home park in sunnyvale. the station. >> i believe it. contra costa county is moving things have quieted down this >> it is silicon valley. fine, the walnut creek morning but last night it was interchange. quite a scene as paramedics and thank you, rahel. off the carquinez bridge nice firefighters and police officers for the upper east shore kari racking the rain for responded here in sunnyvale just the bay area. >> i need to go and close my freeway. focus on the two crashes that we off of fair oaks. had reported earlier. neighbors didn't hear much which still reported there and this leaves you to wonder if the car. >> you're holding up the line. will affect folks down van ness >> we have rain turning on the and toward the lower deck to smoke detectors were working. windshield wipers in the north when the neighbors went out to bay. see what was going on, the home the rest of the bay area seeing eastbound 80. the rain for the evening was already engulfed. a crash reported southbound 101 firefighters say that is one of commute. we'll talk more about that the first things they listen for coming up next. transitioning on to eastbound 80 and with not a lot of when they arrive on scene, is and might have to take surface electricity, dark alongside 101 the sound of a smoke detector, streets and a crash on to if they hear one, or if they but palo alto does move smoothly. 101 in san francisco a couple of southbound 101 and our partners at waze and we have our friends don't hear them, it leads them to believe none were working. issues affecting you toward the we drove by the home there is bridge coming up. plus a good samaritan out there manuel is here and he stopped a domestic violence or she reports, it could be attack in the south bay. crime tape and a police car is this is the right video. their account, reporting there guarding the place. he said he didn't think twice is a crash there. so we thachk them and let you witnesses say the scene was about stepping in even though he intense. >> my son told me, mom, the was in full costume. know that waze will help you out to divert to city streets and house is on fire across the ♪ street and so i thought het hou that is one way, nbc bay area out to check it out and the wazers is your team as we show you the rest of the city. firemen were trying to put it thanks, mike. ce skyline and n out and they were -- they had already gotten one gentleman out south bay furries to the of the house. rescue. the talk of last weekend's fur
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and they were doing chest compressions on him. >> reporter: the sunnyvale con in san jose is centered department of public safety has around how some of the furries not released any official information on this case so we stop a domestic violence attack. >> look at the video on your are not able to confirm details screen. they were walking by a car when they saw a man punching a woman on what happened. we don't know the extent of any injuries here but we'll stay on inside of the car. as you could see, they didn't top of this and bring you the ignore it. they pulled the driver out of latest as it becomes available. the car and held him down until live in sunnyvale, damian ♪ the wait is over. police came. try my new tiny tacos. >> and i've had about my whole trujillo, "today in the bay." a deadly crash in the east 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. bay. this is new video of the scene delivered exclusively with uber eats. life a bunch of tae kwon do and in san leandro. police closed marina boulevard between 880 and merced to shoedo karate and i was investigate. grab him by the the back and the car appears to be destroyed by the fire and the crash seemed pull him out of the vehicle and put him on to the ground. to involve only one car. the cause of the crash an the >> the good samaritans became name of the driver have not been stars of fur con which is an released. and happening now, berkeley annualon police are searching for a man wanted in connection to a suits and fellow furries are hit-and-run. investigators say it all started when an officer driving down very proud. >> even though we're in animal sixth street heard a woman in costumes we have some humanity the car screaming for help and saw a man assaulting her. as well. i think it is also just a when the officer pulled up natural thing to just want to behind the car yesterday, that help somebody in need.
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>> police tell us that the man driver took off. he then drove down the sidewalk, who the furries stopped from attacking that woman is now this is along university, hitting a woman. facing domestic violence charges but that is proof that we're all police attending -- people exactly the same on the inside. attending an exercise class near >> that's true. believe the sidewalk victim was 4:52 now and the search a homeless woman. continues for a driver of a >> just before the end of the hit-and-run crash that left an oakland mother of seven dead. class, the teacher started miesha singleton was hit on crying and we didn't quite know friday afternoon crossing the why. but we learned afterwards that street outside of elmhurst she had looked up at the window middle school. one of the children attends the school. police have recovered the car and seen this person struck. that struck singleton. a white nissan maxima but no >> police say that the suspect was driving a silver four-door sign of the driver. investigators and the family are sedan. officers are also concerned asking for that driver to do about finding the woman inside what is right. >> please, whoever did it , of the car who was yelling for help. 4:36 and a lot of people say it's long past due for protected please, turn yourself in. her family misses her so bad. bike and e-scooter lanes along >> police are asking for the the the san francisco water front. later today concerns may finally public's help in tracking down the driver by offering a $10,000 be answered. mta directors will vote for a reward. >> attorneys representing new safety lane as part of the
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embarcadero project in the wake undocumented immigrants accuse of an accident last week when an i.c.e. of not doing enough to e-scooter rider was critically injured after being hit by a protect disabled immigrants as they are required to do by law. cement truck. we spoke with other riders who believe the changes are a judge found sufficient essential. >> i'm scared. evidence to require homeland security to submit information >> it is very dangerous. on how it is handling such >> now the same area last year, cases. meantime, new video of a car struck and killed a water scenes at the mexico/guatemala front petty cab driver. board yesterday when migrants if the mta approved the new waded across the river. barrier it still needs final mexican security forces were approval from city leaders. waiting there preventing them city leaders in berkeley from crossing the bridge before will vote on a proposal to build that and it is believed they still hope to reach the united 120 tents for the homeless. states. a location under consideration as presidential candidates debate about health care, new is below the university avenue study is giving a boost to the argument for medicare for all. overpass at second street. four city officials include the university of california researchers say a single-payer mayor are proposing that plan. system could save money. the new study town out of 22 mayor jesse argine said the spot single-payer health plans reviewed, 19 would reduce costs is not set in s in the first year. the largest savings would come the property. from simplified billing and if the plan moves forward it negotiated drug price hi rolling o city staff to work reductions.
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researchers note actual costs would depend on the plan features and implementation. out more canopy like at powell new details. federal health officials have and civil street entrances. been brought in to investigate they installed the canopy a the norovirus outbreak hittingos national park and the park has little more than a year ago. they post train arrival time. received many reports, about 170 they've worked well enough to visitors and employees dealing with the symptoms. consider expanding them to 22 the l.a. times reports that entrances along market street. san francisco leaders will be on federal officials are working hand when they talk about the with the company that runs the possible expansion and the restaurant and snack shops to b.a.r.t. vote scheduled for clean up and disinfect the later this week. areas. over the past week there has 4:38 still ahead, the been a significant decline in the number of new cases. well, coming up here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area growing norovirus the investiga responds. >> there is something fuzzy about her eye doctor bill, it is it is higher than she expected. causing this. >> plus tesla fires back at a california man who chams that i'm consumer investigator chris the cars c speed up chmura, nbc bay area responds next. malaysia sent back 150 on its own without the driver touching the gas. containers of plastic waste to what the company is saying about the united states and 12 other the issue thisan back to work w. countries. malaysia like other nations tra taking a live look at the bay sinced the
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bridge toll plaza. not looking too bad. mike will get you through the import of plastic. commute coming up in just a bit. now the country is returning you're watching "today in the plastic waste back from. bay." malaysian leaders say they will vo: droughts. floods. not be turned into the landfill of the world. we'll be right back. as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike btherg
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and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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good morning. cindy had an eye appointment and paid a $25 copay but when she reviewed her bill she noticed it should have been just $15. so here is what shedoctor's offe times about being overcharged. she said they promised to each time con bcted the doctor'e for some clarity. well it sent cindy a check for
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$10 without further explanation to us. medical billing are sometimes for tens of thousands of dollars or no matter whether it is $10,000 or $10 it is your money to scrutinize your medical bills like cindy and if you spot an error call your insurance company asap. if that doesn't go to and click responds in the menu or call us at 888-996-tips. >> storm ranger, the only mobile doppler radar. filling in the gaps other radar misses. >> and when it comes to details nobody else >>croclimate weather.
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a trial where there is no evident, no existing record and though new evidence, no witnesses, no documents, that isn't a trial at all. >> right now at 5:00, history set to upfold on capitol hill. a live report from washington as
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the president heads overseas. and a fire ripped through a mobile home overnight in the south bay. we'll show you the action neighbors took to try to save the people inside. plus a new round of rain set to take aim at the bay area. kari hall is timing out when you could expect the wet weather. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for ranieri last night said e sun. pick a side mother
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