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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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is dore avenue slowing out of belmont. >> all right, rough morning there. that is what's happening "today in the bay." >> thanks for joining us. have a great one. good morning. making their case. >> he got caught and the coverup ensued. >> democrats begin their push to remove president trump from office claiming he waged a corrupt scheme to cheat in the 2020 election. >> he personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent. >> so far republicans unswayed. >> i didn't hear anything new all. >> we're live with the latest from the capitol. mass quarantine. the entire chinese city at the center of the mysterious viral outbreak locked down. airports, train and bus stations
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all closed. just ahead, an inside look at the unprecedented attempt to stop the virus from spreading from our nbc news crew on the ground. >> we're packing up and heading out. >> plus, the potential new cases right here in the u.s. breaking overnight, deadly crash. three americans killed as a plane fighting those historic fires goes down in australia. what we're learning about the victims and what went wrong. those stories plus chaos in seattle. one person killed, seven injured including a child in a rush hour shooting near one of the city's most popular tourist spots. royal mess. stunning new comments from meghan markle's estranged father. >> the royals owe me, harry owes me, meghan owes me. >> what he's demanding in a new documentary overnight. and worth the wait. >> zion 4 for 4! welcome to the nba!
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>> a thrilling and historic start to zion williamson's nba career. >> do you believe this young man? >> inside the most anticipated debut since lebron james today thursday, january 23rd, 2020. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us. in new orleans they're exploding. zion was on the courts. they were chanting mvp. he scored 22 points in 18 minutes. the pelicans were ahead. they ended up losing at the end. >> he made his mark. >> he sure did, man. i bet new orleans is excited to have him on board. we'll get to him in a moment. but let's get to the impeachment trial. house democrats began to lay out their case against the
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president, detailing the evidence they say is grounds for his removal from office. >> this morning the fight over potential witnesses is intensifying, the issue of a potential witness trade between democrats and republicans even raised. >> meanwhile the president is back at the white house. he watched things unfold yesterday aboard air force one and he was busy tweeting about what he saw. he fired off more than 140 tweets yesterday and, yes, that is a presidential record. nbc's peter alexander is following it all from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. house impeachment, prosecutors back at it today, with the focus on the first charge, abuse of power, accusing president trump of trying to cheat to win the upcoming 2020 election. warning the senators in the chamber that if they don't hold the president accountable for his actions, that it would set a dangerous precedent. in effect, saying the american elections and national security would be at risk. today is round two for democratic house prosecutors
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after laying out in painstaking detail the case for president trump's removal from office. among wednesday's top takeaways, democrats delivering evidence they say proves an overwhelming and damming case against the president. the senate's top democratic ruling out any deal with republicans where they trade hearing from hunter biden or other witnesses in exchange for testimony from former national security adviser john bolton. all of it as the president's lawyers insist the democrats' case remains weak. a parade of house prosecutors led by adam schiff telling senators the president abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden while withholding nearly $400 million in military aid. >> the president used official state powers available only to him and unavailable to any political opponent to advantage himself in a democratic election. this scheme was undertaken for a simple but corrupt reason, to help him win re-election in 2020.
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>> reporter: schiff adding the president obstructed congress by refusing to turn over evidence to house democrats, rebutting assertions that president trump's fate should be decided not by congress, but by voters this fall. >> the president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won. >> reporter: on the democrats' demand for new witnesses like bolton, president trump raising executive privilege, the presidential right to confidential communications with advisers. >> the problem with john is it's a national security problem. he knows some of my thoughts. he knows what i think about leaders. what happens if he reveals what i think about a certain leader and it's not very positive. >> reporter: the president's ally lindsey graham urging president trump not to cooperate. >> they're on a crusade to destroy this man. >> reporter: while the president's lawyers argue
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democrats have not made an effective case for witnesses. >> our position has been consistent. they've got to meet a burden to do that. be don't think they will. >> reporter: democrats also seizing on these new comments from the president as more proof he obstructed congress by blocking the release of documents. >> i thought our team did a very good job. honestly, we have all the material. they don't have the material. >> reporter: house manager val demings tweeted, the president not only confessed to it, he bragged about it. schiff overnight praising the career officials who came for barred and urging senators to consider their own duty to the country. >> they risked everything, their careers. and yes i know what you're asked to decide may risk yours, too. but if they could show the courage, so can be. >> reporter: one more striking moment that happened after they wrapped up for the night.
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outside the senate chamber, lindsey graham, one of the president's allies on the right exiting an elevator ran into a man he fiercely criticized in the past. adam schiff, the top prosecutor. the two men shaking hands. graham praising schiff, saying, good job, you're very well-spoken. >> lindsey graham was the house manager during the clinton impeachment so he knows it is a tough job. peter, let's talk about this battle over this witness testimony. four voters would have to switch parties. is there signals of wavering? >> reporter: that's exactly right. much time was spent focusing on the need to hear from new witnesses. the white house insisted that if witnesses are called to testify, and democrats have said they want this not just to be john bolton but perhaps the secretary of state mike pompeo, as well, then it is likely they would invoke executive privilege,
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trying to protect the president's private conversations about national security issues with some of his advisers. if that happens, it would most certainly extend this trial, perhaps as long as a month. you'll remember the president has said he would like to see this wrap up as soon as possible. back tow i don you. >> peter alexander, thank you. nbc news will have special live coverage of the impeachment trial today starting at 1:00 eastern time. now to the breaking news overnight, the unprecedented measures being taken to contain the spread of that mysterious viral outbreak. the city at the center of the outbreak is on lockdown, nobody allowed to leave or enter. nbc's janice mackey frayer. >> reporter: there are all-out efforts and drastic ones at that to contain the virus here.
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the restrictions imposed on wuhan earlier have been extended to two other cities in central china, meaning nearly 20 million people are being told they can't leave. this morning the chinese city of wuhan on lockdown. flights canceled, trains halted, highways blocked by police, and preventing long lines of cars from leaving the city of 11 million people at the epicenter of a viral outbreak, cut off from the outside world. our crew left wuhan before dawn, passing mass transit buses parked on streets. it's not just travel in and out of the city affected it's everything within wuhan as well at the airport in the hours before the shutdown. >> it's difficult to travel around today due to the virus. >> reporter: we found long lines, temperature checks and virtually everyone wearing masks. >> some people died already. so yeah, i'm a little bit nervous. >> reporter: for days the scale of the virus has widened,
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showing up in china, in other countries in asia and halfway around the world in the u.s. family being quarantined when they arrived from mexico city. the one confirmed case in seattle in good condition. but concern for 16 people he had contact with in china the shutdown creating travel chaos as hundreds of millions are on the move for the lunar new year, forcing officials to take drastic steps. >> trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science. >> reporter: little is known about the virus, traced to this market that illegally sold live animals for consumption. nbc news obtaining these photos taken in december. the market now closed down over 600 people are infected, being treated by health workers in hazmat suits.
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masks are selling out across the country, leaving a normally busy city known as the chicago of china to cope with emptying shelves, mounting fears and the world's attention. >> extraordinary, janice this is a huge city, 11 million people they're essentially locking down i know you personally and your crew, you left in the dead of night. what was that like >> reporter: for me the city seemed resigned to what was happening. when we were leaving, we didn't see any real panic that said, the people we met are obviously worried. anybody would be given the circumstances. they don't want to get sick. they don't want to pass it on to their kids when we were there we took every precaution, we wore masks, washed our hands, stayed out of hospitals. we limited our interaction with people we wanted to protect ourselves and protect our families the virus is still spreading at this point it isn't clear how long the authorities will keep these restrictions in place. >> we always thank or correspondents, but a special
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thank you to you and your crew doing the work there so important thank you. craig joins the table. you have more breaking news. >> hoda, savannah, good morning. good morning to you, as well from china to australia. a plane helping battle those devastating wildfires in australia crashed overnight killing the three americans on board. nbc's blayne alexander remains in australia for us this morning. she's in melbourne blayne, what can you tell us >> reporter: craig, this specific airplane had been used to fight fires back in california we're told this crew was very experienced in flying this aircraft so this morning teams on two different continents want to know what caused this plane to go down. this morning investigators are trying to determine what caused a plane crash that killed three americans fighting the australian wildfires the three victims were flying a firefighting tanker in a remote part of southeastern australia when the plane lost contact. >> tragically there appears to
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be no survivors as a result of the crash down in the snowy area it's impacted heavily with the ground initial reports are there was a large fire ball associated with the crash of the plane when it hit the ground >> reporter: the plane was owned by coulson aviation, a company contracted with new south wales rural fire service overnight the company's american division based in oregon released a statement saying the plane was flying with a load of retardant and on a fire bombing mission. the company plans to send a team to help with emergency operations adding our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the three crew members on board last summer the same plane began flying missions across california battling wildfires back home. earlier this month dozens of american firefighters received a hero's welcome when they arrived in sydney, and at least 200 americans from the department of
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the interior and the u.s. forest service have also come down to help, welcome reenforcement for exhausted local crews who have been battling the flames for months this week heavy rain brought some relief. but high winds and soaring temperatures added more fuel to the fires still burning. >> the fire season is far from over today is a reminder of every single person who is defending life and property is at risk >> reporter: now investigators begin their work to determine why these relief efforts ended in tragedy this morning the u.s. is sending more resources down here to help those flames we're told a group of about 40 firefighters from around the country will be traveling to australia today. craig. >> blayne alexander in australia, thank you. now to seattle where the hunt is on for several gunmen who opened fire in a crowded downtown shopping area killing one woman, injuring seven others it happened during rush hour last night police say the shooting stemmed from a fight that escalated
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outside a fast food restaurant among the injured, a 9-year-old boy who is in serious condition this morning and a 55-year-old woman in critical condition. police are asking the public for help tracking down those shooters. also this morning, harvey weinstein heads back to court after opening statements in his new york city rape trial revealed new details about the allegations against him. nbc's stephanie gosk is on the story for us good morning >> good morning. both sides laid out their arguments in court prosecutors will attempt to prove weinstein had a pattern of sexual assault for decades while the defense called the prosecution's case a marriage. >> reporter: without the walker he's been seen relying on for weeks, harvey weinstein made his way into the new york courthouse for opening statements in his rape trial in its opening statement the prosecution laid out a timeline of graphic sexual assault and misconduct allegations against weinstein involving six women over two decades set to testify
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in court he pled not guilty to five charges of sexual assault, including rape, and has always denied having non-consensual sex. this trial is based on the allegations of two women, mimi haleyi and one who has not publicly identified herself known as jane doe one. on wednesday details of one of the rape charges were revealed prosecutors say jane doe one was a 27-year-old aspiring actress from a dairy farm in washington when the movie producer assaulted her in a new york city hotel room in 2013 she went on to have a relationship with weinstein, including additional sexual conduct after he promised her a film role. prosecution says she was raped again later that same year during its opening statement weinstein's attorneys called the prosecution's entire case a mirage the defense saying there are hundreds of emails and messages showing a loving relationship
7:17 am
between the two, citing when jane doe one gave him her new phone number after the first alleged assault, writing, call me any time, always good to hear your voice and when she wrote i love you, i always do. but i hate feeling like a booty call the defense says the former production assistant who says whine ste weinstein assaulted her in 2006 also exchanged messages with him after the alleged incidents. according to weinstein's attorneys she bragged about her relationship with him and wrote in an email, i haven't seen you in so long haleyi's attorney gloria allred spoke after court. >> i expect a number of the witnesses to be able to put their emails in context to explain why they continued communication. >> so steph, what do we know about how the prosecution plans to try and explain those emails, those text messages.
7:18 am
>> in addition to providing the context you heard gloria allred talk about, they'll introduce a forensic psychiatrist who appeared in the bill cosby trial. she'll say victims of sexual assault often know their abuser and often stay in contact with their abuser long after the attack. >> steph gosk, thank you >> you're welcome. we'll switch gears >> want to talk basketball >> i know you do and you do. i do, too. >> new orleans pelicans rookie zion williamson made the long anticipated nba debut and he did not disappoint. >> we might see some zone. there's zion, stepping back, pulling the trigger and hitting the three. >> zion for three. hit it again >> maybe there was a slow start, but williamson came alive in the fourth quarter, scored 17 consecutive points against the san antonio spurs in a stretch that lasted just over three
7:19 am
minutes. by the way, he finished with 22 points scored in 18 minutes. it wasn't enough, though the spurs did go on to win it, 121-117. >> good to finally get out there. the end of the day, i did want to win. >> williamson wasn't in the last five minutes of the game because of an injury he was on a roll, wanted to stay in >> you were telling me the coach had to take him out, no choice. >> the medical staff to him, he's got to come out now. >> he missed the first two months because of the knee injury they want to make sure he doesn't reaggravate it. >> your town is going to be a basketball town soon. >> let's go to al and get the latest on the winter storm >> today we've got 11 million people impacted. we're looking at wet and snowy weather from the great lakes and wet weather all the way down to the gulf coast as this pushes to the east for today we're looking at ice and snow, heavy rain for the
7:20 am
lower mississippi river valley tomorrow it continues to move east, double barrel low. secondary low pressure will develop along this system by saturday coastal low forms. heavy rain in the northeast along the coast. mountain snows back behind it. by sunday, cold winds over the northeast as the storm moves away, look for lingering snow. snowfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of sno through the midwest and down along i-95 looking at heavy rain, 2 to 3 inches. there could be flooding going along that system. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. story in the making. (burke) not exactly a skinny dipper, but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (vo) visit farmers-dot-com and get a quote today.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look at the golden gate bridge with a beautiful sunrise. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures reaching the upper 50s, but we will see some low to mid-60s in parts of the south bay and some lower 60s in the east bay. we will keep our weather dry for the most part today. some north bay showers possible tomorrow as well as early on saturday, but that rain spreads across the bay area late on saturday. we'll see some off and on rain especially early sunday with a slight chance of rain monday. >> that's the latest weather. >> we love looking at it, the glasses. >> can never get enough. >> we can't. >> what did you call it? >> the pumpkin spice of glasses. >> now i'm never wearing them again. >> i know how you feel about pumpkin spice. al, thank you. how in the world was jeff bezos, the richest man in the world, head of amazon, hacked by the saudis, perhaps the crow prince himself
7:22 am
andrea mitchell will have the latest on that investigation. plus a stunning new interview with meghan markle's estranged father what he's saying about his daughter and prince harry overnight as oprah winfrey comes to the couple's defense. but first, this is "today" on nbc. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run
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plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings or checking accounts. welcome to banking's new frontier. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. authorities on the peninsula are investigating a deadly crash they believe may have been involved with a home invasion robbery. it happened about 4:00 a.m. in san mateo along peninsula avenue off ramp on 101. one person died, two others are in the hospital. we don't yet know their injuries. police and chp only connected the dots later, but san mateo police believe the car that crashed is one of two cars they saw at the home of the robbery. both cars took off when police arrived and at the time officers decided not to give chase. let's get a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall. we have a beautiful sun rise over the south bay as we see
7:27 am
some clouds moving by and this is what we'll see throughout the day, clouds and at times a little bit of sun peeking out. temperatures reached the mid-60s. lower 60s with santa rosa reaching 60 degrees and 58 degrees will be the high in san francisco. our forecast for the next several days still stays warm, but we will see some more clouds and also a chance of rain starting to move in late saturday evening into early sunday. there still may be off and on rain. let's head over to mike now for an update on the commute. the south bay shows a most significant build. hayward south 880 into union city, the volume building south of the san mateo bridge. across the bridge northbound 101 tips to jam up out of belmont to dore avenue where you'll exit. the off ramp still closed. meanwhile, the rest of the commute and the up earp east
7:28 am
shore freeway a distraction. coming around the bend toward richmond. back to you. >> thanks, mike. i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
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we're back at 7:30. it's thursday morning, the 23rd of january 2020, already, and another cold one on our plaza. lots of storms moving through the country right now. al's got the forecast just ahead. >> we'll get to that in a moment. let's start with a check of your 7:30 headlines on this thursday. house democrats are preparing for a second day of arguments in president trump's impeachment trial. on day one democrats delivered evidence they say proves an overwhelming and damning case against the president. representative adam schiff argued mr. trump obstructed congress by refusing to turn over evidence to house democrats. the president's lawyers still insist the democrats' case is
7:31 am
weak. police in hollywood, florida, have issued an arrest warrant for embattled nfl star antonio brown, facing charges of burglary with battery and criminal mischief, all connected to an allegation by a moving truck driver that he was assaulted by brown and brown's trainer. glenn holt was arrested on tuesday and released on bond. a huge winter storm is wreaking havoc along spain's west coast, but it's not snow causing all the problems. it is thick blankets of sea foam. that's what the white stuff is, lining the streets, waist high in some parts. this small town north of barcelona, high winds have made that foam difficult to remove. another big story this morning, a hack attack on the world's richest man. a damning report from the u.n. alleges a link between saudi allege s -- arabia's crowned prince and the hacking of amazon
7:32 am
ceo jeff bezos' cell phone.rabi hacking of amazon ceo jeff bezos' cell phone. andrea mitchell has the details on this one. >> good morning, savannah. in addition to being the world's richest man, jeff bezos also owns "the washington post." mohammed bin salman was behind one of the most prominent critics, that assessment rejected by the saudi government. this new investigation alleges the hack also reports a pattern by mbs to crush his critics. >> reporter: new calls this morning for an investigation into crowned prince mohammed bin salman after an explosive report alleging mbs may have been involved in a hack on the phone of jeff bezos, the world's richest man and owners of the post. part of an eh port, they say, to influence, if not silence, the "washington post" reporting on the kingdom. bezos and the crowned prince exchanged phone numbers in an
7:33 am
april dinner in los angeles. after months of reporting by jamal khashoggi, weeks later, he was sent a link used by mbs which technical experts say infected his phone. there was data leaving the device in the hours and months after receiving that video. khashoggi was murdered in istanbul in october 2018. u.s. intelligence agencies believe the prince was behind that brutal murder. a month later, bezos was sent a photo from the crown prince's account of a woman resembling bezos's mistress months before the affair became public and before the "national enquirer" published texts between the pair. bezos disclosed the affair and accused the saudies of gaining access to his private photos. saudi arabia's foreign minister calling the hacking accusations absolutely silly. >> there's no real evidence that we can see and, therefore, we think it's not a serious accusation at all. >> reporter: neither jeff bezos
7:34 am
nor amazon is commenting on the new u.n. investigation. wednesday afternoon bezos tweeted a photo with khashoggi's fiance at a memorial service writing simply, #jamal. >> a company spokesperson tells nbc news its technology was not used in this case. because of how their software works, can't be used on u.s. phone numbers. the u.n. says they stand by their investigation saying they consulted independent experts for their probe. >> andrea, do you expect any response or action from the u.s. government on this? >> actually not. the administration is not commenting, intelligence officials, nor administration white house officials on the u.n. report. despite reporting that the saudi crowned prince since khoshoggi's murder, was involved in it, president trump continues to be the crown prince's most powerful ally among world leaders.
7:35 am
>> andrea mitchell, thank you. appreciate it. the latest on a case that transfixed the nation. a massachusetts woman convicted of encouraging her teenage boyfriend to take his own life. that woman is being released from prison today after serving less than a year behind bars. nbc's gabe gutierrez is there for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. a short time ago, michelle carter walked out of that building behind me a free woman. officials say she earned time off for good behavior. a striking departure from the image of a troubled teen who encouraged her boyfriend to end his life. this morning michelle carter is out of jail after earning time off for good behavior. a spokesman for the bristol county sheriff's office called her a model inmate who worked in the kitchen serving meals, attended programs and was extremely polite to the staff. originally, she was sentenced to 15 months behind bars after a
7:36 am
judge found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 18-year-old conrad roy iii. she served 11 months. in a statement, roy's family said her time in jail, no matter how long or short, will not change the outcome of a guilty verdict, which is thankfully being upheld. the case attracted national attention including a dateline hour, scripted lifetime movie and an hbo documentary "i love you, now die." over the two years carter and roy new each other, they exchanged thousands of text messages but rarely saw each other face-to-face, a cyber relationship that ended in tragedy. in 2014 roy ended his life with carbon monoxide from the exhaust of his grandfather's truck. the prosecution says her phone calls and text messages pushed roy over the edge. tonight is the night, she wrote. it's now or never. afterwards prosecutors and roy's
7:37 am
family said carter lied in her role about the tragedy while playing the grieving girlfriend for attention and sympathy. >> michelle carter exploited my son's weaknesses and used him as a pawn. >> reporter: carter's attorneys asked for leniency, arguing she was a disturbed 17-year-old, recently beginning a new medication to treat her own mental health issues. >> adolescents are not as culpable as full-grown adults. >> reporter: carter waived her right to a jury trial, instead allowing a judge to decide her fate. >> this court finds that instructing mr. roy to get back in the truck constituted wanton and reckless conduct by ms. carter. >> reporter: a heart-wrenching case that tested the limits of free speech, young love and personal responsibility. now once again raising questions of whether the punishment fit the crime. >> gabe, that free speech argument, the first amendment case she was trying to make, she took it all the way to the supreme court, right? >> reporter: that's right,
7:38 am
craig. carter petitioned the supreme court to overturn her conviction on first amendment grounds, but the high court declined to hear the case. by the way, though she was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, conrad roy's parents are asking state legislatures to pass a separate bill that would make it illegal for anyone to encourage a troubled person to end his or her own life. >> gabe gutierrez in massachusetts. thank you. coming up next, new trouble for prince harry and meghan markle as her estranged father speaks out. >> the royals owe me. harry owes me. meghan owes me what i've been through i should be rewarded for. >> okay. what he's now demanding and why oprah wants everyone to stop talking about harry and meghan's big move coming up after this sfx: [sneezing]
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just turn the key...and yea, it's just uh, automatic, dual cupholders. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. we are back with "in-depth today. new drama tied to the royal family. >> this comes from meghan markle's estranged father who is telling his story in a new documentary that aired overnight. today senior international correspondent keir simmons has details on this. good morning >> reporter: good morning. you may need to sit down for a moment before you hear what thomas markle has to say in the past 24 hours prince
7:44 am
charles has been in davos, switzerland, making some news. but it's meghan's dad making headlines, too now in canada, harry and meghan trying to escape the cameras, while in mexico, meghan' estranged father, thomas markle again sitting in front of one. >> she actually got every girl's dream. >> reporter: giving an interview harshly criticizing his daughter and son-in-law's decision to step back from royal service. >> every young girl wanted to become a princess, and she got that now she's tossing that away for -- looks like she's tossing it away for money, apparently $3 million and a 26-bedroom home isn't enough for them. >> reporter: channel 5, the british broadcasting airing the interview, admitted it paid thomas markle. saying, we never reveal how much we pay contributors. mr. markle, who didn't attend his daughter's wedding, saying he regrets selling paparazzi
7:45 am
pictures of himself but. >> you must still be making money off the use of the pictures. >> absolutely. because those pictures will sell forever. >> reporter: meghan's dad said he had a heart attack before the wedding and the royal family should be compensating him for the pressure he's been under >> they owe me the royals owe me. harry owes me. meghan owes me what i've been through, i should be rewarded for. >> reporter: meanwhile, a british newspaper meghan is suing over reports about her relationship with her dad has said in court papers, they'll be calling thomas markle as a key witness, supporting their defense. mr. markle now admitting his relationship with his daughter is likely irreconcilable >> the last time they might see me is being loaded into the ground i don't think at this point they're thrilled to see me or
7:46 am
want to talk to me. >> reporter: admitting that by giving this interview, he's only likely added to their estrangement it's still piling on the criticism of his daughter and son-in-law. >> they're turning it into a walmart with a crown on it now it's something that's ridiculous they shouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: but the couple does have their supporters. oprah winfrey speaking to tmz. >> i support them 1,000% he did what he needed to do for his family that's all i will say about that >> reporter: we reached out to the palace about thomas markle's comments so far, no response. prince charles was in davos to talk about global warming, urging people to think about their children and grandchildren, not talking about the troubles his son has faced. >> also in that interview, thomas markle talked about prince charles and meghan pretty candidly >> reporter: yeah, that's right.
7:47 am
he says he cried as he watched the wedding on television and said he was jealous of prince charles as he watched prince charles walk meghan down the aisle. i think he's looking for sympathy in those comments i think people seeing his other comments will not feel much sympathy for him they'll think it reflects badly on him savannah, there will be people would question whether thomas markle should be getting this attention. clearly by watching those comments perhaps it helps people understand who thomas markle is and perhaps what meghan has been dealing with >> absolutely, keir. thank you very much. >> that's ridiculous sorry. but watching him go after his -- >> hopefully that's the last time we hear from him. >> for him to say the royals owe him, what's he even talking about? >> or his son-in-law anyone i can certainly see why they're estranged. mr. roker, how about a check of the forecast. >> let's move on looking at warm weather. temperatures starting to rise.
7:48 am
minneapolis 12 degrees above average at 35. buffalo, 32. new york city 46 that's warmer as well and those warm temperatures tomorrow extend from des moines to boston all the way down to wilmington and then as we get into next week, temperatures warm up for kansas city, indianapolis, even good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look outside in dublin as you get ready to head out. a mostly cloudy start and we'll see peeks of sunshine as the rain holds off. we'll see temperatures reaching into the mid-60s in the south bay. up to 61 in napa. san francisco today reaching 58 degrees. our inland areas will get some sun and clouds tomorrow as well but then showers moving in late on saturday into early sunday. we could see some lingering rain into the start of the new workweek. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you just ahead, the foster parents who touched and inspired so many with their story of hope
7:49 am
and compassion we aired it earlier on "today" this week. we'll check in with them live. people's hearts have gone out to this couple because of their big hearts we can't wait to talk to them. first, these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, we just have to start. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. in getting key nutrients peopfrom food alone. one a day, covers all of them. in just one serving. one a day, and done. but one blows them all out of the water.
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. right now at 7:56 we are seeing a lot of cloud covering the bay area. this is a live look outside. as we go through the day we'll see our temperatures warming up but those clouds will remain. at least the rain will be holding off as we continue on with some dry weather. we will see a couple storm systems coming in by this weekend. this next one will push all of this energy out of the bay area but will bring us some rain late saturday night into sunday. we are looking at sun and clouds, reaching the low 60s, more clouds on saturday and rain developing late. by sunday morning spotty showers but looks to clear out during the afternoon. not seeing any significant storms coming our way.
7:57 am
let's get an update on the commute from mike. the dumbarton bridge picking up more volume. the south bay, of course. san jose into the rest of silicon valley. northbound 101 looking better now. it's been about a half an hour. still very slow at the 101 and 29 cross over. over to the bay bridge still through through berkeley. back to you. >> thank you, mike. evergreen district superintendent is recommending laurelwood and dovehill schools close in june. the district is struggling with low enrollment and faces a $12 million deficit. what needs to happen to make it official. day three of the senate impeachment trial is set to get
7:58 am
under way at 3:00 p.m. our time. i'm marcus washington. more news in 30 minutes. tom steyer: no child should have to worry
7:59 am
about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, tense trial as democrats make their case for president trump to be removed from office. >> the president used state powers available only to him and unavailable to any political opponent to advantage himself in the democratic election. >> republicans so far not buying it. >> they're on a crusade to destroy this man >> we're live in washington with the latest plus raising the roof. we'll speak with two foster parents whose story of strength, resilience and compassion here
8:01 am
on "today" inspired millions. >> you get what you need, do what you have to do within reason. >> we have a very special surprise for the deserving family just ahead. the scoop on goop. gwyneth paltrow's lifestyle brand hits the screen while critics are hitting back about the safety behind their suggestions. >> it's dangerous. >> it's unregulated. >> should i be scared? >> today, thursday, january 23rd, 2020 >> these minnesota mamas are celebrating tara's 40th. >> from wilmington, west virginia >> we're on "today." >> love you grandma. >> to my mother-in-law, pam, watching from lake charles, louisiana. >> to our kids back in phoenix >> what a fun crowd. welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning we've got a nice crowd all bundled up we'll get our coats on in a
8:02 am
little bit and chat with them. >> we have a good crowd at home, too, and we love seeing their shoutouts. send them to us and use the #mytodayplaza. we'll try to put you on the air. >> we'll catch up with valerie bertinelli, taking that new step in her 2020 wellness journey he'll inspire others to become their best selves. that's tomorrow here on "today." can't wait to chat with her. >> absolutely. let's get to your news at 8:00, the president returned to washington where democrats continue to lay out their impeachment case in the senate against him during his trial nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with the three things to watch in washington today good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. house impeachment prosecutors today expected to focus on their first charge, abuse of power, accusing president trump of trying to cheat to win in the upcoming election and saying, if senators don't hold him accountable for his actions, it will set a dangerous precedent
8:03 am
>> his scheme was undertaken for a similar but corrupt reason, to help him win re-election in 2020 but the effect of his scheme was to undermine our free and fair elections and put our national security at risk >> reporter: the president also fighting back against this effort to call new witnesses to testify. the president and the white house insisting, indicating they would invoke executive privilege to try to protect the president's private conversations with his advisers. democrats this morning are also seizing on another item, the president's recent comments while in switzerland where he appeared to boast about their second charge, obstruction of congress here is what the president said. >> i thought our team did a very good job, but honestly, we have all the material they don't have the material >> reporter: the democratic prosecutors saying the president didn't just confess to stonewalling congress, they say he's bragging about it as well president trump who returned yesterday aboard air force one
8:04 am
from an economic conference in switzerland is also lashing out, trying to get back into the spotlight by twitter yesterday alone setting a presidential record with more than 140 tweets lashing out at the democrats and at the entire impeachment process. this morning more than a half dozen tweets already today savannah and hoda, back to you. >> peter, thank you. nbc news will have live coverage of the president's trial today starting at 1:00 eastern breaking news overnight, three american firefighters were killed when their tanker plane crashed while battling wildfires in australia the huge c-130 hercules aircraft went down after taking off with a load of fire retardant it exploded in a massive fireball when it hit the ground. the plane was operated by a private american company under contract that same plane was used to fight wildfires in california last summer. a michigan man is being praised for having the kind of honesty that you really have to admire an armored car accidentally left
8:05 am
a cash box at an atm outside a credit union it sits there for 20 units minutes. george condash drives by, things it's trash inside he finds $27,000. george didn't hesitate he went right back to the bank, handed over the box. he said it's not mine and nihonest person would have done nihonest person would have done the same thing however, the bank did insist on giving him an undisclosed reward. >> good man. i like that. >> that's a boost. i'll give you another one. >> a bonus boost. >> you'll love this one. savannah showed me this. olympic skier bode miller and his wife morgan haven't posted many pictures of their twin boys they were born two months ago. morgan decided the gold medal smiles were too cute to keep under wraps. >> anybody ready for smiles? smiles oh, my goodness, smiles. hi, my boys. oh, my goodness.
8:06 am
can you say good morning >> okay. >> morgan posted that on insta she wrote the smiles need to be permanent. the boys were born in november their names asher and axel were announced right here >> we had another morning boost, and savannah said, i think you need to see this. >> identical boys, identical smiles love that. just ahead, guys, you know this very well we've had such an overwhelming response to the moving story about a west virginia couple who really stepped up and provided a happy home to kids in need, foster care for kids ravaged by the opioid crisis. this morning they're with us we'll check in with them live. we have a very special update. you do not want to miss it also, when it comes to your money, should it be paper or plastic? >> the modern day battle between going cashless and using cash only we're becoming one of these societies that only uses our cards, use apple watches to pay for stuff.
8:07 am
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where does your almondmilk almond breeze starts here with our almond trees in our blue diamond orchard in california. my parents' job is to look after them. and it's my job to test the product. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. blue diamond almond breeze. (whistling) back now at 8:12 we have an update on a story we brought you earlier this week. it touched our hearts and the hearts of so many people. >> really touched stephanie
8:13 am
gosk's heart she was reported on the opioid epidemic crisis in west virginia you've done so many stories, you said this one stood by itself. >> so glad we have a chance to do more on it this morning we interviewed an extraordinary family who stepped in to help, fostering and adopting children affected by the drug crisis. the response from viewers has been overwhelming. some wanting to know what they can do for the family, others wanting to become foster parents themselves. >> the kinder family opened their home to the foster children of west virginia. above each bed, their stories. >> i got adopted on january 28, 2019 >> playful >> i'm not bossy i'm going for leadership skills. >> reporter: parents monica an robert first profiled by "the washington post" adopted five girls and fostered more than 20 children over six years, many affected by the state's drug crisis
8:14 am
>> how would you describe a family >> where a parent can give you love and care. >> a home. >> a home. >> i think it's the place that you actually find someone who loves you. >> did you find that place >> reporter: the family gets by on a modest budget robert works the night shift as a bulldozer operator in a coal mine. >> how do you manage the budget? >> get what you need do without i've got an old truck, 220,000 miles i continue to drive. >> reporter: monica, always on the go, spends her days rushing from doctor's appointments to the grocery store. >> eggs. you need eggs? >> two cartons, please >> you need 72 eggs. >> yes. >> that's a lot of eggs. >> is there something right now that you need that you just can't get? >> a roof. >> is it leak? >> yes. >> my husband has patched it several times, but it's not
8:15 am
going to last forever. >> the family's story and that leaky roof struck a cord with viewers. nbc news was flooded the offers of support one writing this story made me stop in my tracks on a busy morning. how can we get this family a new roof one agency that recruits foster families wrote, our phones are blowing up someone even wanted donate a new truck to the kinders yesterday in the state capitol -- >> it's time this house get its priorities in line. >> reporter: a call for the legislature to take action, inspired by the kinders. >> they clearly have their priorities in line they're taking care of children. >> i'm just doing the same thing my daddy done, what he taught us. >> reporter: which was what? >> help out. do for those that can't do for themselves. >> we've been in contact with a number of the foster agencies we worked with when we were down there. i spoke to a director. she's been getting a lot of calls from people around the country. she makes the point, you can only be a foster parent in the state where you live, but there is need nationwide she specifically says there are
8:16 am
a lot of teenagers out there that need foster parents. >> we can't wait to bring in robert and monica kinder joining us from charleston, west virginia hi guys. how are you? good morning >> good morning. >> what does it feel like in this moment? so many people have reached out to help, so many people have tried to emulate what you're doing. >> it's very heartwarming. my heart is overflowing. so it's been -- i'm overwhelmed. we didn't do this for money. we did this to have our voices heard, and i'm just thankful that people are listening finally. >> well, a lot of people are listening, and a lot of people want to help we have a couple of surprises for you. i hope you're okay with this lowe's has reached out, and they're providing $12,000 to fix that roof.
8:17 am
they did this through their non-profit partner, rebuilding together they want to help you out with that would that be all right with you? >> yes >> i know a leaky roof must really just give you so much anxiety, especially during the winter time. are you surprised at this outpouring i know you were drawing attention to the crisis, but could you have even imagined how much your story and your example has meant to others around the country? >> i never imagined it would be like this, ever. i never imagined we would have this outpour >> we have a couple more surprises. >> the roof, we can put a check. that's fixed sam's club, and i know you like to shop there because stephanie said you were there together buying 72 eggs and the big mayonnaise tub >> yes. >> sam's club is offering $10,000 to take care of your grocery bill for a year.
8:18 am
does that sound all right? >> wow >> okay. but wait another $5,000 from sam's club to help you with whatever you need, including other home repairs. that's just for you, just to say thank you and for all the hard work that you do, just to hopefully make things a little easier robert, i know you worked all night. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm not sure yet. >> listening to what you said about you're just doing what your dad taught you, it hit all of us really hard. i think it probably hit a lot of people at home, too. so thank you for the example you're setting for everybody you made us all want to be better. >> it's a big deal i got a text from my mom saying this is who we are, this is our country. this is the best of us you helped us remember that. your care for these children is so beautiful, so generous and i hope it's contagious and more people do. thank you. >> thanks, monica. thanks, robert we wish you the best.
8:19 am
>> keep in touch with us and hug those babies. >> thank you so much. >> steph, you've done some good things in your life, but, man, changing legislation, putting a spotlight on something. >> this fired up a state bill that right now they're looking into to support foster families and also keep siblings together which is such an important thing. i also have to say -- sometimes you talk to people and they actually make your better, and i kind of felt after the week we spent down there and the work those people do in that state, all of them, it makes you a better person. >> so much love and care thank you, monica and robert. >> we won't forget you for those interested in reaching out to the kinder family, and there's so many of them, you wouldn't believe it. or if you want information on how to become a foster or adoptive parent. if you're not sure or have questions, go to the information is there you won't be sorry al, let's get a check of the weather. >> my folks did foster and it made such a big difference in our family. >> you had foster kids with you growing up
8:20 am
>> yes, pretty special let's she show you what's happening as far as the weather. slightly milder in the northeast and the atlantic states. a real mess from the plains down to the gulf with heavier rain. another storm system in the pacific northwest where there are flood watches. good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. a lot of clouds rolling by. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. temperatures today stay mild, reaching into the upper 50s along the coast. low 60s for inland north bay and east bay. up to 65 degrees in morgan hill. another warm day tomorrow. rain holding off. by saturday, south carolina sunday, chance of rain, light showers moving in monday. guys >> all right, al >> well, let's have "popstart. you've got good stuff. >> we'll start with taylor swift, the trailer for her documentary "miss americana" is officially dropped and it is
8:21 am
giving fans an inside look at one of the biggest stars in the world. the film is said to cover the changes she went through working on her latest album including the biggest decision to, quote, not feel muzzled when it comes to voicing her beliefs. >> it woke me up from constantly feeling like i was fighting for people's respect ♪ i saw the scoreboard and ran for my life ♪ >> it was happiness without anyone else's input. ♪ it's been a long time coming but you and me ♪ >> i want to do this i need to be on the right side of history. >> taylor swift broke her silence on politics. >> using her voice in a whole new way. ♪ you should know >> it feels awesome. >> "miss americana" hits netflix on january 31st. the karate kids, do martial arts and broadway mix? the movie's original screenwriter is working to bring everyone's favorite underdog story to the stage the show will stick to the plot of the original film and is already bringing in big broadway
8:22 am
talent behind the scenes in a stage concept for the final fight scene is being teased as, quote, mind blowing. who will play ralph macchio, the karate kid ben platt might be good. >> there you go. >> ralph wasn't young when he shot that. >> just looks young. john krasinski, while he may be jack ryan, we'll always love him as jim from "the office. posting this photo of him with baumgartner, writing lovely to spend time with this gentleman he played kevin on the show. kevin was a fan favorite, known for his not so bright moments. >> what are the odds this is in any way real >> i'd say like 10,000 to 1. >> i'd like ten bucks on those odds. >> if someone gives you 10,000 to 1 on anything, you take it. if john mellencamp ever wins an oscar, i'm going to be a very
8:23 am
rich dude. >> that's a show i'd like an official reunion on. maybe one day. finally, colin farrell, the actor, sat down with ellen to talk about his upcoming role as penguin in the new batman film while his kids will be able to see him in that movie, probably another one he shouldn't have let them watch >> you took your youngest kid to see "it. what is wrong with you how old was he >> a parental dropping of the ball of epic proportions >> that's a scary movie. >> i didn't take him we watched it at home. we watched half of it and i could discern a certain discomfort that was emanating from his 8-year-old body and then we watched the second half the next day and then he was fine he was fine. yeah, good one, colin. >> that's good to show an 8-year-old kid >> what was he thinking? >> you guys ever taken your kids to a movie and realized this was not a good idea?
8:24 am
>> i shouldn't say we because i was chastised by my wife after, "black panther." >> i showed my daughter "who framed roger rabbit," which you think would be okay. but then there's judge doom. >> that's a great movie. >> it is but not for a 6-year-old. >> stick with peppa pig and you never go wrong that's my motto. a quick click for you, shining moments in parenting today's click shows us what happens when things maybe get a bit out of hand. we don't know how this happened. this little boy got on top of the suv. you can see him up there he doesn't seem to be coming down any time soon there he goes. >> how did he get up there >> the windshield i guess. >> dad trying to get him down. >> dad is on the phone. >> that's colin farrell. >> going to need candy >> he's your friend in this situation. maybe sweeto burrito get off my roof.
8:25 am
>> that's not his kid. coming up, cash or card? which is safer and what actually can save you money what happened when gadi schwartz put two payment methods to the test. can't seem to get yourself to the gym we've got new options when it comes to working out at home first your local news.
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i am kris sanchez. b.a.r.t. leaders debate whether or not to support a bus-only lane on the bay bridge. the idea is catching fire. transit leaders talked about a similar resolution after an assemblyman floated the idea. the same idea was tried before. may not remember it. it was over a span of a few months in the early '60s. voting for new canopies like this one above the powell street station, it has security cameras, posts train arrival times. if approved, it would cover all downtown. we want a look at the
8:27 am
traffic. >> rough morning on the peninsula, kris. the south bay, east bay looking pretty good. couple of scattered crashes. i am monitoring them. the closure and traffic investigation at peninsula avenue cleared as far as the off ramp goes. the reason for the deadly crash in san mateo, continue to follow that. westbound 92, slowing eastbound because of a crash there. no longer a problem, peninsula avenue. through oakland, show that on the live camera. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more local news in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning my eye is good thank you. it's 8:30, thursday morning, january 23rd i think we have the cutest crowd in america right here. so nice out on the plaza lots to celebrate this morning. >> yes indeed. >> carson, you're celebrating. >> hold on hold on. >> wait. where is that going. i'm 40 today where is the arrow going hello, who is the birthday girl. >> sarah. >> how are you >> i'm fantastic. >> who is with you today >> all my besties. >> what have you ladies been up
8:31 am
to >> got here last night so we'v been here since 6:00 in the morning. >> from where? >> duluth, minnesota >> my wife is from egan. >> nice. >> you're on the "today" show today. >> got some dinner plans, a broadway show. little bit of this, little bit of that. >> you guys look like fun people. >> we want to be in your group >> exactly >> what are we doing tonight >> we're going ice fishing >> happy birthday, sarah coming up, are you cutting the cord on cash a lot of americans among them. one of them our gadi schwartz is trying it out. is going cashless better he tested out both options you may find the outcome kind of surprising. if getting to the gym is the worst part of your workout, listen up, folks there are all kinds of new options for people who prefer to exercise at home we'll give you a few of those options. >> what do you think, carson >> keep going. >> how about the weather, mr. roker? >> we'll do that let's show you looking ahead
8:32 am
towards your weekend tomorrow, travel delays in the upper midwest. heavy rain in the southeast. delays there rain and snow in the pacific northwest. on saturday a mess from the great lakes into northeast and new england. another storm comes into the pacific northwest and then sunday, sunday mountain snows out in the west, mild in the plains and wet weather. lower mississippi river valley, showers, snow and wind in the northeast and new england and around the great l good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. as we check out high temperatures for today, locally upper 50s to low 60s, a little warmer today in the south bay reaching up to 65 in morgan hill. our inland forecast keeps it dry as we go into tomorrow as well. there may be showers in the north bay, especially starting out tomorrow morning. we'll see rain chances going up late on saturday, off and on rain early on sunday. we're going to keep the 60s into the start of next week.
8:33 am
>> don't forget, if you're heading out the door, you can always take us with you. go to "today" show sirius xm channel 108. hike like a girl what does that mean? >> peru. >> all right >> a trekking expedition that employs the first female porters and hiking guides. girl power >> i like couscous, oh, cusco. wasn't he in "the emperor's new clothes" anyway, let's go back inside >> there was a lot going on there. now to the new show bringing gwyneth paltrow's goop brand to netflix. >> we told you it was drawing serious criticism from medical experts. now that criticism is only getting louder kate snow has been following this >> on the goop beat. this is a netflix show sending wellness experts into a frenzy ahead of the release tomorrow night. with the goop juggernaut valued at $250 million, all this publicity is probably part of
8:34 am
the plan >> reporter: in front of a giant, pink suggestive floral design, a big night for gwyneth paltrow. friends and family celebrating her new netflix project "the goop lab." >> it's dangerous, unregulated. >> should i be scared? >> reporter: a six-part show covering everything from energy health, psychedelics, cold therapy, to female sexuality, anti-aging, and psychic meetings clips given exclusively to "today". >> this skirt is inappropriately short for someone old enough to be testing their biological age. >> reporter: the goop team goes through tests that are supposed to measure biological age. >> you all were younger biologically gwyneth you were 44.2. >> 44.2. how old am i 46. >> reporter: another episode dedicated to using psychedelics for therapy. paltrow decided to skip it.
8:35 am
>> this is a sacrament we can be with the spirit of the mushroom so blessings to everyone >> never too late. >> reporter: paltrow telling the "hollywood reporter" the company is okay with being polarizing and the lab's subject platter is not outrageous whatsoever. there's an interesting discussion to be had about what parts are backed by science and what are modalities that make people feel a lot better early reviews blasting the show as pseudoscience, a nightmare and painful to watch. >> ready to go out in the field and make a ruckus. >> reporter: despite a history of courting controversy and six figure settlement over misleading advertising, though the company did not admit liability, goop's revenue has more than doubled in the last two years. >> to generalize and say there's been controversy i don't think is quite fair especially when you look at other businesses and some of the hot water they've
8:36 am
gotten into along the way. >> hello >> i think we feel really proud about the fact that we're blazing trails a little bit and that we change the conversation and people, you know, seem to follow suit. >> reporter: paltrow in the role of leader and lightning rod is clear. she's focused on building a goop empire in the largely unregulated wellness industry, "the goop lab" may bring her largest audience yet. >> we're here one time, one life how can we milk the [ bleep ] out of this? >> everybody at the table is talking through the whole thing. >> so much to say. >> she is the executive producer of this netflix show goop says they do consult with doctors. they argue they're ahead of the trends and things they look at sometimes become mainstream later. >> it's a show. >> i will say scientists are worried they're putting a lot of this out there for show, and it's not tested. >> that's the key.
8:37 am
it's noteworthy. it's netflix she can straddle the line of science and health under the guise of entertainment. >> i want to watch it. >> i can't get over the candle we can't say the name on television >> you're going to raise that. >> it sold out. >> i can't get over that someone is spending 75 bucks on that candle. >> he's talking about a goop product. a lot of people are buying it. >> thank you, kate snow. coming up next, cash or cashless would your spending habits change if you only carried one or the other gadi schwartz decided to find out. the results of his experiment and what we can all learn from it first this is "today" on nbc california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
8:38 am
in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:39 am
and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit 8:39 with today's consumer. this morning, cash or card >> for years, people debated which way to pay is the best for the safety of your money, your bottom line.
8:40 am
gadi schwartz decided to take on the challenge of living life on both sides of the coin good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. here is a fascinating stat three of ten americans don't touch cash at all on any given week remember this stuff, the pennies, nickels and dimes so many people paying with credit cards or apple pay which raises the question, does the way you pay for things affect how much you spend in we put our money to the test. money used to mean a bunch of coins and cash these days it seems to be more plastic and glass. going cashless has become more common than ever with cash making up less than 30% of consumer transactions in 2018 according to the federal reserve. not all americans would rather swipe or tap, some still use cash more than cards as mindless subscriptions and credit card debt grows, can cash be the way to pump the brakes on what you spend i decided to use a week of only
8:41 am
cash and then cashless i'll start with cashless because i'm one of the three in ten americans that almost never use cash. >> i don't even have a wallet. i keep all my stuff inside my phone. >> i spend way more than i should, amazon clicks, swipes, ubers, venmos back and forth without noticing how much i spend. on the last day a snack. >> i finally found myself needing actual cash. i'm going to a place, they take cash only parking. i've parked three blocks away. i'll go for a little walk. >> reporter: this is a battle taking place all across the country as some businesses try to stop accepting cash all together critics say the practice discriminates against people without bank accounts or credit cards. now time for the cash test. >> about to start the week with $100 and see how long that lasts. >> reporter: i got some groceries, a coffee. after i filmed all of it so much for $100 a week. i already have to spend more than $100 at best buy. i need a hard drive because my phone ran out of space
8:42 am
now i've got to find more money. from then i started noticing simple transactions took way longer i stressed about whether i was carrying too much cash or too little oak. i didn't realize i was missing this, but it looks like money is just falling out of my pockets and this happened a lot. meeting for coffee, but i forgot cash the good news is i spent way less money the bad news, i'm a mess. a little bit of a snag i'm looking for $20. i've checked all the pants i've worn this week nothing is in my dirty clothes while i'm clearly not the ideal test candidate, using only cash forced me to pay more attention to where my money went, proving the battle of cash versus card may not be spent any time soon retailers moving away from cash say it is so much more efficient. they say it cuts down on crime
8:43 am
instead of having a cash register full of cash, you're not going to have robberies or money laundering because there's always going to be a paper trail. meanwhile, there are some cities trying to make sure cash always stays. philadelphia and san francisco have passed laws requiring that people must be able to pay with cash wherever they go which means some stores in those cities have been operating for years, they actually had to go out and buy a register for the first time crazy, right >> gadi, which method ultimately is safer for consumers >> well, if you lose your money in the laundry, you're going to want to opt for a credit card, atm card or apple pay. those come with risks as well. you're susceptible to fraud, susceptible to identity theft. if you had your identity stolen, it's a huge pain to get things back on track. >> gadi, where are you, by the
8:44 am
way? >> gadi schwartz there. >> gadi is in the witness protection program. >> somewhere in katy, texas. >> thanks, gadi. coming up next, boom need a little extra motivation to get fit this year from exercise bands to apps. we're about to show you some new and easy ways to work out at home jenna bush hager is busy. >> jbh is here all right. >> that's coming up. first this is "today" on nbc i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse.
8:45 am
i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
8:46 am
this morning on "today wellness," working out wile shie staying in if you're dragging your feet to the gym or the cold weather put the fire out of your motivation, we have a solution there are hundreds of at-home services and streaming options you don't have to leave your living room. stephanie mansour is the expect expert on this good morning.
8:47 am
>> good morning. >> this is my living room. what do i need to turn this into a workout space. >> if you're trying to get into a workout routine and need the space, i have a few options here you can purchase under $15 add one workout equipment in and totally change your workout. >> is this stuff inexpensive >> these things are under $15 except for this tb12 medicine ball tom brady. i'll give this to carson. >> carson has a band around his thighs. >> i know you have lower back issues i'm trying to activate your gluteus medius instead of the basic, boring squat, i'll have him step it up. open the feet wider than the hips for proper spine alignment. abs in tight like i'm punching you. mini squat down. >> down like you're seating. >> back up >> squeeze the glutes? >> yes. >> this band is keeping you from opening your knees too far wide.
8:48 am
we're going to repeat this for four minutes. >> i'm going to give tom brady some much-needed love. is that good >> how does this feel? >> it feels good. >> you do this in the house while you're watching a television show. how many are you supposed to do? >> do ten and then two more repetitions. >> this is a mini resistance band, a medicine ball. we've got regular resistance band for your arms. >> keep going. >> you done, carson? >> these segments move so fast keep moving. >> nice form jenna has this p ball system if you're looking for a system that has videos to go with it, a little pricier than the $15. >> what is this contraption? >> it is a p-band, proprietary equipment. we're not using the wrists she's going to bend down, abs in tight. >> are they in so tight? >> wait. you put your leg out >> side lunge working the upper
8:49 am
back >> jenna loves to work out you know when something is working because you like a sweat. >> yes. >> what is it doing for you? >> hurts in multiple places. >> where >> leg, arm, abs, back ab, something i haven't felt since 2013. >> this works the deep core muscles. the whole premise is not to be sore it's to feel the burn and get the muscles firing correctly >> this contraption that jenna has got and all this stuff, how much -- >> $80 for the whole kit you can do the streaming workout for the monthly fee of $22. >> i'm sweaty. i get like that just by talking. >> she's not going to get out of breath like she would on the row. >> a lot of people love these classes. there's something called city row. how do you do this at home >> you purchase this piece of equipment. you can stream the classes on the city row go app. this is super high intensity. >> this is cool. i'm looking at the ap right now. >> following along i know al loves this workout, too. this is something where i want you to be mindful.
8:50 am
if you're going to commit to something that's a larger item for your home, you want to try out a class first to make sure you're going to use this every day. >> give me the price tag. >> just under $1200. it's an investment >> okay. >> if you're looking for something a little less pricey. >> real quick. if you're going to do one exercise, some people don't want to get into all this stuff if you're going to choose one of these that you think would get you the most toned, what would you pick >> toning, i would focus on p-ball >> that's you. >> jenna >> if you're looking for strength and cardio, i would say city row if you're looking for one thing to spice up your workout, i would use those pieces of equipment carson has. >> all you need is a mat for this one >> and my flat screen tv at home. >> downloadable and streaming workouts are huge. this is a relaxing yoga routine. >> which way do i go >> there, yeah >> you can literally stream this in your living room. this comes in at about $10 a month.
8:51 am
there's tons of apps you can go in your app store and find what works best for you recovery is a huge trend this year make sure you're adding yoga and stretching into your everyday workouts >> do you like a yoga? >> i need to do it more often. i wish i was more flexible >> this is simple. ten bucks and that's it. >> we can do this at home. >> these are inexpensive, except for the rower. it's cool. >> if you're looking for a free workout, i have a free 21-day challenge at there is confidence-boosting exercises. the real point is, you need to feel confident in your commitment to working out. whatever piece of equipment you want, make sure you're committed and know you can do it >> steph, thank you so much. to learn more about these options and many more, go to we're back in a moment keep going, y'all.
8:52 am
i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. earning on my favorite soup... got it. earning on that eclair. don't touch it. don't touch it yet. let me get the big one. nope. this one? nope. this one? no. let me get them all. i'm gonna get them all. it's just the basics. can you double bag this right here?
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mr. roker, we have a little time for birthdays. >> try and stop me let's spin those fabulous smuckers jars and see who we've got. happy 100th birthday to ma e bell whitfield of panama city, florida. loves spending time with the grandkids. ken finley is a world war ii vet celebrating 100 years, serving our country for 20 years in the navy as a chief petty officer. thank you for your service, sir. happy 102nd to martha boles of university park, illinois. she says the secret to longevity, staying active. dr. victor stern, 102 years, talented musician from cincinnati, ohio, enjoys playing classical music on the piano virginia shafer, 100 years old from west seneca, new york she's camped out in almost all the national parks in the united states how about that last but not least, happy 106th birthday to lee james, a world war ii veteran many mesquite, texas.
8:55 am
i have used your wood, sir the secret to longevity, just being happy. if you know somebody turning 100 or turning 1, tell us all abou them at >> all right i've got a big tease for you all for the fourth hour, on hoda and jenna, we have a legend in the house. do you know who it is? >> no. >> i can tell you she's making -- >> kathie lee gifford. she is in the house. are you trying to steal our guest? >> she's on the 3rd hour today >> she's going to be -- >> that's where all the wine went >> third hour, gymnastics star aly raisman. terry crews going to join us >> ali stroker. >> and kathie lee gifford. >> stop trying to steal our girl >> we got her. she loves me loves me loves.
8:56 am
good morning. it is 8:56. i am kris sanchez. authorities on the peninsula are investigating a deadly crash they believe might have been tied to an earlier crime. happened about 4:00 in san mateo near the peninsula off ramp off the 101. one person died there, two others are in the hospital. we don't know yet how bad injuries are.
8:57 am
police only connected the dots later. san mateo police believe the car that crashed is one of two cars they saw at the scene of a home invasion robbery. the cars took off when police arrived. at the time, officers decided not to give chase. happening now, a crew is talking with police, trying to get more answers. we'll post those as soon as we get them to our twitter feed. students and teachers are arriving at two santa fe schools that are going to close. they recommended laurel wood and dun hill close in june. they're struggling with lower enrollment and $12 million deficit. in our twitter feed, the full story, including when the decision could become official. day three of the senate impeachment trial is about to get under way, about 10:00 our time. stay with nbc bay area for coverage all day long.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> welcome to this thursday edition of the "3rd hour of today." craig, mr. roker, sheinelle jones and maria shrivernd sweet willie g. good to have you, brother. >> you might want to hang around. we have one of your pals. >> i heard, ali stroker. i should say tony winner ali stroker who just ended her run in "oklahoma." 's


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