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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2020 5:00am-5:58am PST

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must find that he should be removed. >> i want to end this thing sooner rather than later. >> right now at 5:00, a showdown this is a problem that continues to get worse. on the capitol hill. a live report from washington on i've spent a decade fighngmpans. president trump's impeachment trial as democrats try to stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, explain why the president should be removed perfect office. ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? plus an ongoing cdc we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. concernsmt bay are now being tested for possible exposure to the coronavirus. >> and renters beware. the bay area cities seeing a spike in monthly prices. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good friday morning to you. thank you for starting the morning with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. a>> aarcia. the countdown for the olympics is on. now just six months to go before the summer games in tokyo and the anticipation is brewing. coming up, the big overnight
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ceremony kicking off all of the excitement and we'll show you some of the new events that are being added this year. so maybe you'll have a chance. first let's get our forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> hi. we're starting out with some mild temperatures and some fog this morning. we're watching out for that but our radar showing that we don't right now at 5:15, if you're have any rain yet. there will be some rain chances in the north bay. planning to head to the sierra, and this storm system there are light rain coming down approaching will bring us some scattered showers for part of today changing over to light the weekend. but we'll also churn up waves snow. we'll see more accumulating snow by the end of the weekend as along the coast. there is a beach hazard we'll see cooler temperatures. statement in effect saying that we'll talk about that rain we could have rip currents and moving into the bay area as you sneaker waves through 9:00 this make weekend plans in about five evening. watch out for that if you want minutes. and we're looking at a delay for ace train number within that to spend your friday on the just came in, 20 minutes, a coast. and we'll track the patchy fog. mechanical issue toward stockton it may be a factor for some but yesterday it was over an folks crossing the bay bridge. hour delay so i thought i would give a warning. we'll show you what else is the patchy traffic developing for the morning commute. goodks in asia and europe expect. the smooth drive early in the
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commute, 5:01 almost 5:02 here. recover from losses this work on concerns over the potential spread of china's coronavirus, toward the carquinez bridge where chp gave an advisory for u.s. markets earned mixed fog after finding a big patch yesterday as they digest earning and seeing that hitting the reports and the virus outbreak dublin grade for 580 off of 80 in china is not yet a global sand for 84 with slowing showing emergency. on today's watch list you have up through pleasanton toward earnings from american express. over 40 million consumers who 680. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. have fallen behind on bills developing on capitol hill, could see their credit score democrats have another day to fall significantly under changes lay out their case. here is a live look in being made by one credit washington. reporting agency. democrats will wrap up their this is fair isaac, which is the impeachment case against company behind the fico credit president trump. they'll focus on the second score. it said the shift will depend on how recently the individual has fallen behind on payments and by just how much. the company said people who have article, obstruction of justice. a high credit score could see it rise even further if they are tracie potts has more. >> reporter: as they wrap up case on day four, democrats are managing their credit well. but about most consumers, about feeling confident, some of them, they think they may begin to 110 million will see scores sway republicans to thng to swing about 20 points in one direction or the other. and they're going to begin to see changes over the course of the next year. produce documents and blocking white house witnesses? and sprint will fix anyone's
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th cracked samsung galaxy screen argument. >> this conduct is not america for $49 and you don't even have first, it is donald trump on th to be a sprint customer. managers used republican's own it will run through february 9th and does not cover samsung words from the clinton latest device, the galaxy s-10 impeachment -- >> it doesn't have to be a crime. >> reporter: to argue that still under warranty but does president trump abused his apply to older phones. power, demanding that ukraine now your phone must be in working condition, that is key, investigate joe biden and his and in the event sprint cannot son. >> president trump asked for the investigation into biden based fix your phone it will give you the option to sell it for $150 on a made-up theory that no one towards the purchase of a new device so, chris, marcus, if agreed with. no one. >> if you find him guilty, you you're a samsung customer that could be a big deal. must find that he should be i'm an apple person myself. >> so are we. >> yeah. removed. >> reporter: president trump's hey, i remember that you're from legal team up tomorrow hinting san ram on. that hunter biden's business in you want to say good morning to anybody. >> i do. i want to say good morning to m. ukraine will be part of the defense. >> they've opened the door for that response and we'll determine as a defense team the all of my other friends and appropriate way to do it. family out in the san ramon >> lindsey graham said no to the area, i'm a east bay area native bidens or any witnesses. >> i want to end this thing so i get a kick when i hear the sooner rather than later. i don't want to turn it into a traffic and weather referencing walnut creek, the 680 corridor. circus. >> reporter: democrats believe
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some republicans are convinced i get these flashbacks. that the president is guilty. >> it is nice to see you this >> it may have planted the first morning. >> thanks, dominic. seed in their minds that, yes, >> good to see you, too. new this morning, ben and perhaps the president did jerry's rolling out a cookie something very wrong here. dough chunk without the ice >> many any district they're cream. that is odd, right. tuning this out. the companies was the first to >> reporter: the other side is set to start tomorrow. drop big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough into a batch of ice cream back in 1984 and and late last nice the chief our waistlines have never been the same. so fassa might want to send justice chided a manager for referring to a cover-up talking about senators right there in the chamber. that cookie dough to space. back to you. >> always interesting out there because trending this morning the result of an out of this in washington. tracy, thank you for that report. world chocolate chip cookie now interest in the bakeoff. impeachment process brought out here you go. hundreds of people to a town astronauts on the international hall with congresswoman jackie space station made the cookies speier. in a prototype zero-g oven and this is in south san jose last night. she was asked why the house pursued impeachment when it require ared two hours to bake seemed clear that the senate them. a lot more time than it would will not convict the president. take on earth, of course. well the congresswoman told the and how do they taste? crowd that the house had a responsibility to pursue well, no one actually knows. impeachment no matter what the the cookies are sealed and will senate decides. remain frozen in a houston area a stanford law professor said lap after splashing down. the issue of witnesses and evidence is being closely >> that is so rude -- >> two weeks ago.
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watched. >> i think that is with where >> that is like being a coach the greatest concern is, that when they're getting fresh baked future presidents would be able cookies and you just get to to stonewall congress or smell them and not -- tt is stonewall courts and fail to turn over documents. >> the professor told the crowd rude. >> like the opposite of the easy that it is possible senators bake oven. will vote to allow witnesses and like a complicated bake oven. >> you want to taste it. documents after republicans present their case. and be sure to stay with nbc >> it didn't look that good, actually. >> i was like hmm. bay area as the impeachment trial resumes. we'll see how they taste years our coverage includes several special reports throughout the down the road. >> now i need a cookie. day. the death toll is rising in >> let's get ready for the day, the outbreak of coronavirus in as you get the breakfast and could havy and head out of the door. china. 26 people are dead and hundreds here is a live look outside in of people are sick. san francisco. checking out the golden gate passengers, though, at five u.s. bridge. no fog here but we've seen it hospitals are now being screened drifting around parts of the north bay and the tri-valley. for the deadly illness to you're about to step out of the prevent the spread and right now several people in the east bay door in san francisco, you don't need a heavy coat. are being tested for we're going to have a mild start coronavirus. to the day. we're staying in the 50s as we "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in fremont. ut into the rest day. no positive tests at this point, from behind the clouds. we're heading up to 60 degrees right? >> reporter: correct, kris. in san francisco. so far we are not aware of. 63 degrees in palo alto. but this hospital here in fremont are on alert for people
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and 59 today in napa. exhibiting symptoms. check out the seven-day forecast. it is already up at the bottom if you're not familiar as you of the screen. were alluding to, the cdc said and we'll talk about that rain in the forecast because a lot of the coronavirus originated in it today will stay well to our wuhan, china, and killed 25 north. but it does keep us cloudy into the afternoon. people worldwide and infected we'll also see a lot of clouds 800 people, including one person here in the united states. tomorrow and our early rain the alameda county public health chances will be in the areas of department tells us that several people in the east bay are or santa rosa on northward. as we go throughout tomorrow have been tested for possible evening, we start to see the exposure. there are -- these are people rain working south but it is not known to have travelled to a whole lot of rain. wuhan, china, or come in contact and most of it will fall between with someone who did. late sunday night and early again, there are no confirmed sunday morning before most of us cases here in the east bay and even get up and get out. the public health department and then by noon we're seeing points out there is no need to that rain clearing out on sunday. panic. here at washington hospital so it is not looking like as big doctors and nurses are prepared to screen all patients showing of a deal as originally possible symptoms. expected. the storm system just keeps weakening before they get here. and some the computer models are >> we ask have you traveled, have you travelled to these parts of the world, do you have showing light amounts of rain for the bay area into the weekend. so if you are going out to thea upper respiratory infection, should they answer yes we mask them right away. >> i don't know the seriousness london square, a lot of clouds in the morning.
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of it yet and that makes it and good conditions if you are going out to the new year tet scary. >> reporter: there is one confirmed case so far in seattle, in texas a college festival but the later you wait, student traveling from wuhan is sick. ice hated and being tested. and another passenger flying in the rain chances go up. l.a.x. from mexico showing mike, you were calling out three areas. flu-like symptoms and that >> because it is mostly green. person is hospitalized. live in treatment, bob redell, green mean you're at the speed limit and do expect that at 5:21 "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. on a friday. well three american but over here, this orange firefighters killed in the crash patch, that is the roaded of an air tanker on the front weather index taking carry's lines of the australia wildfires have been identified. the plane was packed with fire weather data and pulling it into the roadway and there might be fog there. retardant when it crashed and highway 84 which is slow yesterday in the snowy mountains. the men worked for a with the patch of the morning commute. portland-based air tanker over here we're looking at company that also assisted cal northbound 80 toward pacheco. fire. in tact they fought the sonoma and the southbound side with the cones and possible traffic break, i don't know if it wildfires last year. happened but it slows and the men from aerds arizona, montana and florida, ian mcbeth cleared. and i'm tracking reports toward and paul hudson and rick the benicia bridge. now the third sport, the demorkan jr., all three were also military veterans. carquinez bridge and fog there listen to the knelt story. as well. chp also said it might be a any video showing a massive wine spill in the north bay. little bit of an issue. the sonoma county sheriff's i would point out the bay bridge
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office posted this video online. but there is no back-up there so get this, 97,000 gallons of wine talking about the north bay now in the russian river. through san rafael across the that accident at the rodney golden gate bridge. back to you. strong vineyards in healdsburg >> we're six months out from on wednesday led to that spill. the start of the olympic games. so a door on the blending tank 33 competitions will be held over 17 days in tokyo. somehow opened up with sent a nbc bay area is your home for exclusive coverage. >> so it is already late friday lot of that cabernet sauvignon night in tokyo where they celebrated by lighting up the into the creek and that eventually drained into the giant olympic emblem as russian river. fireworks filled the nighttime and police and neighborhoods sky. now this year four sports are are stepping up efforts to fight making their olympic debuts. crime in willow glen neighborhood. surf rats are pretty pumped police met with dozens of because surfing is one of them. concerned neighbors and merchants in the wake of a here is the president of the surfing association. recent spike in break-ins and >> we'll be seeing the most car burglaries and they talked about adding more officers and foot patrol and launching a important program change in dedicated burglary unit to solve decades, probably ever. the crimes. >> the first time sports are we spoke with neighbors who say karate, skateboarding and social media also helped. climbing. it begins with the opening ceremony july 24th right here on >> i know about crime happening four blocks away from me because of the social media. nbc bay area. new this morning, what were
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>> police are pushing for more security cameras, they advise you doing when you were 15. businesses to mount them both inside and outside of the stores. the chief also said despite the >> i'm not winning tennis. recent spike, compared to last year crime is lower. >> today cocoa beat naomi osaka now to new numbers this morning showing what it cost to at the australian open. rent an apartment or a home in she won last year. the bay area. and that it depends on where you now moving on to the round of live. 16. i think we all guessed that. according to a new report by we should tell you serena williams lost in an upset. >> so when i was 15, i was apartment dwied, it fell. playing jv basketball. maybe i chose the wrong sport. the average price is about i could have been there. >> could have been you. $3,800 a month. >> i have two left feet. meanwhile in oakland, studio families are reunited. prices jumped by 3.3%. next on "today in the bay," the the average cost to rent one is emotional moment with southern california parents met up with about $2,800 per month. children for the first time since they were deported. one and two-bedroom apartments and what you need to know to avoid a new scam that uses phony in the city are also more extensive these days. texts to steal your personal information. also oakland mayor libby so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. schaaf is appointing service coordinator pete radnew who will
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serve as her representative in key local regional and state wide efforts toward homelessness. the position was made possible by a grant from salesforce founder marc benioff. and happening today, we're expected to learn more about four must marijuana greenhouses in oakland, part of several start-ups being supported by the company nub and will operate at the oakland headquarters rent free and that move is part of the oakland cannabis equity rowe gram which aims to help get cannabis communities off the ground by communities once targeted by the war on drugs. a ribbon-cutting ceremony case in point, if you get xfinity internet scheduled for noon along 81 avenue. and we want to look at our and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill.. forecast. kari, you have something amy, this is actually a life saving class. beautiful behind you. >> did you catch the sunset yesterday evening. >> we did not. what a nice compliment, thank you! >> yeah, so this came on social save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. media. and it is a beautiful view of what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. that sunset in pacifica from at get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. cycle hikerun sf. you'll get unlimited talk and text
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and no activation or line fees. switch today. and i love when you send me your pictures. if you're able to capture a beautiful sunrise or sunset, in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was whatever weather is happening, i love to get the social media a dangerous demagogue, posts. and when the republican congress as we get you out of the door, wouldn't hold him accountable, we're talking about temperatures i went to work helping run starting out in the mid-40s. winning campaigns in probably can't see too much in twenty-one house seats. parts of the bay area but then it's time for the senate to act the fog will clear out and a mix and remove trump from office, of sun and clouds today. we'll talk about what is going and if they won't do their jobs, on in the sierra in a few this november you and i will. minutes. mike, you have a concern for i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. contra costa county drivers. >> and also the fog on the border of contra costa county and alameda county. kari talks about that and it shows up in orange patches through livermore and 580. we've seen that drift across the shots for our camera. over here we're drifting with 6 of concord and toward walnut creek. cones leftn in. about half an hour from walnut e.eek into san franciscocross b we'll talk about that coming up.
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>> thanks so much, mike. and out of this world bake yuf to tell you about. all new this morning, the video from nasa showing astronauts cooking cookies in space. >> i have a hard enough time in my earth kitchen. and new scoring that could have a major impact on your credit and your next big purchase. and behind bars, former a new video showing parents raiders star antonio brown reunited with families in turned himself into police southern california after they overnight an the charges he's were deported. the emotional reunions happened now facing. at l.a.x. the families were separated you're watching "today in the bay." under president trump's zero-tolerance policy. the parents were allowed to return after a judge ruled the u.s. unlawfully rejected their request for asylum. antonio brown is expected to appear in court today after surrendering to authoriti in florida last night. police had a warrant out for his arrest and in connection to accusations he and his trainer attacked a man at brown's home. he faced burglary and battery
5:13 am
charges. recently the raiders and the patriots released him. on the trial against harvey weinstein resumes in new york city today. formersoprano's actress anabella fee ora told the court that the movie mogul raped her. he is not charged with a crime against her but prosecutors are trying to establish a pattern of predatory sexual assault by weinstein. new this morning, fedex is warning customers that the company said that people are receiving text messages or emails with the link to set delivery preferences and that tries to get them to enter credit card information. so don't fall tor that one. coming up, breaking news to tell you about. an explosion leaves a charter behind in a texas neighborhood. a live look at the damage next. the videoplosn. including an all-new lawsuit filed by people who call treasure island home. that is new this morning. the claims that they are making. plus paperless problems.
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a major change, batte.a.r.t. is considering making this morning.
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and good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside for you. and dark and early at the golden gate bridge. oday in the bay" and i'm laura garcia. the countdown to the olympic is marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for on. we're six months away. until the summer games in tokyo. coming up, we want to show you the big overnight ceremony
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kicking off all of the excitement plus the five hive time bay area olympian tooking to take part of the game. but first our local forecast with kari hall. >> take a look at in view. can you see anything? well i had to put the banner up there because it is dublin and it is hard to see. we've seen some rollingcrs the tri-valley and it is starting to clear up as you head elsewhere across the bay area. so just a heads up about that as you make your drive. or the way out of the door to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, peeks of sunshine into the low 60s and the nice weekend. but we'll talk about rain chanc chancesmi chancesm -- chances coming up. and the bay area toll plaza lights have not been turned on but it is a clear view of the east shore freeway. the note is what kari couldn't show us from the dublin camera and the chp said at times you can't see parts of the kacarquiz
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bridge. a smooth drive after a couple of incidents cleared from concord and walnut creek. there is the area kari was showing you so a note for the tri-valley and patchy fog are a factor. speeds are fine. back to you. >> thanks, mike. an explosion in houston and this is surveillance video capturing that explosion. this happened this morning. it showed a huge flash of light before the camera is knocked down by the explosion. first responders are looking for a missing person, already one person in the hospital. no word on the extent of injuries. several homes are already damaged. we're working to learn more as this is an ongoing investigation. the impeachment trial of president trump continues today. we're looking live at capitol hill right now where it is about 8:30 this morning. ill their case on article two of the impeachment which claims that
5:19 am
the president obstructed congress. yesterday in another hours long session house managers laid out the case for article one, the president's abuse of power. managers showed several wigs -- television interviews with rudy giuliani showing investigations into joe biden and his son and managers claim president trump was directing all efforts to pressure ukraine to make an announcement of the investigation for his own political gain. tomorrow it will be the white house lawyers' turn to prove their case that the president did nothing wrong. if you've been watching, you've noticed that three house managers are women. that includes san jose congresswoman zoe lofgrennd "to talked about being the first woman ever to argument an impeachment case in american history. >> i didn't realize that i was the first woman to speak as the manager until the next day someone said well you were the first one to speak as a manager. so i guess i've been so focused on the getting the job con.
5:20 am
>> now she along with representatives val demings and silvia garcia are talking about the journey and that is coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." b.a.r.t. is looking to get away from paper tickets but a new report said certain communities that rely on public an would be hurt. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins uiv with more. >> the move this point with b.a they are providing a report to shed light on who it would impact the most. now that report survey was put together by the b.a.r.t. office of civil rights. they compiled this report surveying more than 400 riders. now in that report more than 50% identified as minority. and while a majority of the group are fine with discontinuing the paper tickets, about 20% of the grupo pos-- gr opposed it and low income riders
5:21 am
would be affected by this switch to paperless tickets. as far as solution goes, b.a.r.t. plans to give out free clipper cards through community based organizations near low income areas and a means-based fare discount program in the spring. b.a.r.t. is transitioning to the paperless tickets at popular locations and you've probably seen them at the embarcadero and 19th street and powell and downtown. it has gone up 60% but the goal is to phase out paper tickets this year. i'm pete suratos forda suspect formally sentenced today. years ago will likely be you might remember this three men enterin lundy avenue they then killed christopher wren in august of 2015. two of the attackers were later killed by police, days later. "the mercury news" reported in
5:22 am
november dwayne guru pleaded no contest and accepted a 17 year sentence and is due back in court today. the man killed this an early morning shooting in palo alto on tuesday is identified. the 52-year-old mont espinosa did call 911 after being shot in a parking lot on san antonio road. sadly doctors could not save him. a $20,000 reward is beingelp tr. new this morning, a class-action lawsuit filed by thousands of people who call treasure island home. they say they have been living among radioactive tomic chemicals and people are claiming they have developed tumors and health issues but the government said the claims are not true. our unit has done several stories about the clean-up on treasure island to see those stories go to 5:37 and when it comes to
5:23 am
driving down san francisco busy street, the end of the road is underway. the car ban takes effect and it is permanent. city leaders approved that plan two years ago. the ban was to ban private vehicles all the way from van ness to the water front. now that is to prioritize public transit and to market more accessible to bicyclists and walkers. cars could cross market street and not be able to turn. so that would be confusing. >> but that could be a safer area to be but that's a big adjustment. we'll talk about that coming up. and of course that doesn't happen until next week. right now the big concern is visibility. i have moved the dublin camera, kari shows what we couldn't show you what is the dublin grade. this is closer to el charo and we do see the roadway in front of us. can't see much beyond that. this is 580 westbound from the
5:24 am
highlighted yellow and slowing at the dublin interchange. no incident reported there and around the rest of the bay, a smooth easy flow of traffic. the green sensors show you at the limit and that is everywhere around the bay. and carquinez bridge has a warning overnight by the chp. >> so we have fog we haveea going to also some rain chances some the see throughout the next couple of mornings around the bay area. forecast. but as we make saturdayay. there will be a mostly cloud i sky and a chance of rain as you head north of santa rosa. and otherwise we're looking at some peeks of sunshine. temperatures reaching the low 60s inland and by sunday we'll see that chance of showers. especially during the morning. we should get sh clearing during the afternoon on sunday and we're reaching 56 along the coast and 58 for the bay. if your planning to head to the lantern light festival in solano
5:25 am
county, that is saturday and sunday. the latest in the evening you wait to go, the higher the rain chances. so get out there earlier in the evening, temperatures will be cool in the upper 40s but then continuing to cool off. then al festival at the alameda county fairgrounds and the same thing there. if you could get there in the evening, you'll have much more time without worrying about the rain. and then as we check out the tri-valley, we're going to see mid-60s today. a chance of showers going into saturday night. and then by sunday morning some lingering showers moving through. but if you're going down to carmel valley, expect today to be the best day. we'll also see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with highs in the upper 60s. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend in the south bay coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. >> 5:40 now and a northern california neighborhood is under evacuation. still ahead on "today in the bay," we'll show you the discovery that police made that is putting homes there on lockdown. and working to help the
5:26 am
homeless, we'll talk about the high-profile meeting happening today in southern california with federal leaders to address the housing crisis. and gearing up for a super bowl showdown. we're counting down the big match up in miami -- down in miami, over in miami. look at the 49ers star jimmy g. from his former college. >> showdown, showdown. tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children
5:27 am
couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washon de, rig. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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where you can find games, news and highlights. all in one place, right on your tv. the new xfinity sports zone. use your voice to search every stat, standing and score. follow the teams you love and get notifications when the game's about to start, so you'll never miss a minute. with the xfinity sports zone... ...everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, om click, call or visit a store for details.
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it is 5:43 on this friday morning. and something we don't always see. and this is fog. and this is the san jose camera. so deal with that heading out of the door. patches of fog drifting around and teamperatures in the upper 40s and a look at the weekend forecast coming up next. and rear looking at the san mateo bridge with a little glow. things may change. we know the volume will change. smooth move here across the bay bridge and i'll show what you is going on on the toll plaza coming up. b.a.r.t. moving ahead with plans to do away with all paper tickets, transit now looking at who will be impacted and how. coming up at 6:00, what a new study finds p about who might feel the real pinch there. talking about a community coming together as dozens came last night to remember an 11-year-old boy. >> roman lopez was found dead in
5:30 am
placerville two weeks ago. about 50 people gathered outside of the courthouseorbout what led up to his death, a lot >> lopez was found dead on january 11th following an extensive search of his as he wasy before. is that his death is being all police are saying right now considered suspicious. lopez' mother, an iraq war veteran who lived in wisconsin attended the vigil. hundreds of explosives found in a thabd. officers were vesting a death when they found the military explosives. police say a 70-year-old man died from apparent natural causes. the bomb squad is on the scene working to safely remove the devices. a funeral service will be held tomorrow for this l.a. county sheriff's detective who was hit by a carwo. amber leist saw a woman fall in a crosswalk and after helping the woman leave the crosswalk,
5:31 am
she was hen hit by a car. she was just 41 years old. 5:45. the oklahoma governor banning state funded travel to southern california in response to a ban california placed on travel to that state. in 2018 after passing a law denying placement services and they extended the ban to states where restrictive abortion laws are. happening today, the l.a. times reported l.a. mayor eric garcetti is meeting with hud leader ben carson and believed an agreement may come soon to help provide federal resources and add more shelter space. he said a final agreement may be weeks away,i even days away.
5:32 am
time is ticking to sign up for covered california coverage and you have a little more time but not a lot. the health market place said the number of new people is surging. according to the "sacramento bee" 318,000 people are signed up which is up from last year. last month the governor extended the deadline for people to sign up for coverage but openen rowe rollment ends january 31st at midnight. new this morning, california could soon limit single use wet tissues for babies and adults. critics say they could clog sewers and cause costly repairs. proposed bill that is moving forward would require products that could not be flushed down the toilet to be clearly labelled as such. 5:47 now and we are six months out from the start of the summer olympic games in tokyo. and you could be sure that everyone around here are pretty excited. >> we are the home of it, right. so the olympic are in tokyo. where a few hours ago that happened. the city lit up the giant
5:33 am
olympic emblem as fireworks filled the nighttime sky. this summer 33 competitions will be held over 17 days and the games will happen in the middle of the s butr five-time bay area olympian kerri walsh is not worried about. >> i don't mind the heat. it is mind over matter. >> sometimes it is hot. and nbc bay area is home for the exclusive olympics coverage. this all starts at the opening ceremony july 24th. the 49th practice today and tomorrow some santa clara and then, guess what? it is off to the super bowl, baby. speaking of which, one school with jimmy g. on the brain is his alma mater, eastern illinois. take a listen. >> i'm just rying to build my own legacy, the jimmy garoppolo legacy. and we're on the right track this season. we have to keep it going one game at a time. >> if you think he looks young there, there is a reason. as back in 2013 when the school interviewed him shortly before he won the walter payton
5:34 am
award for best football player across all fcs schools. jimmy g. still has the college backpack as well. they interviewed him just a few days ago. well turning this morning, take a look here. americans are expected to eat a record number of chicken wings while watching the super bowl showdown, showdown. >> i love the way you say that. >> the a-- the annual report sad 1.4 billion wings will most likely be eaten. >> there is a big sale on the rest of the chicken. >> count me up for pepper and original hot. >> many 49er fans will tune this to see if the team could bring home the victory and other people watching the super bowl will tuning in for something else. >> two words -- j lo. the singer posting this video on
5:35 am
instagram preparing for the big halftime show and showed off her best football moves. there you go. a lot of fans reaction to the video saying they are just as excited as she is. jennifer lopez is headlining the show with singer shakira. >> i wonder if their going to do that hit move together, side-by-side. like what she did with beyonce. >> i'm looking forward to it. my girls wanted lizzo and she's bigger now but j lo has been bigger longer. >> j lo and lizzo. >> but we'll hear some spanish lyrics i bet. >> i hope so. >> marcus will also be performing. >> i will. at home. [ laughter ] >> we're getting ready for that coming up soon. for today, just getting out of the door on friday morning, dealing with dense fog in san jose where visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. we're also see something dense fog in the tri-valley as well as around napa.
5:36 am
so we'll have to deal with that for the morning but then as it clears out we'll see our teams going from the low to upper 40s to the 50s today. it will be a nice warm-up. even 60s in the south bay for a high. in san jose, a high of 64 degrees. antioch still in with the fog will be cooler there. 59 degrees. also 59 in napa today. here is what is happening. we have the storm system off the coast and it continues to weaken but will still bring if a lot of clouds today as well as tomorrow. even also the high waves along the coast. so even if you're going to be out there today, you wan to spend friday along the coast, never turn your back to the water. there could be the sneaker waves coming up. and you don't see hemom then it j on the beach. and we're also going to have the risk of rip currents so surfers beware. now we're going to see some clouds moving through. some peeks of sunshine. and also some spotty north bay
5:37 am
rainch t rain, the rest of don't see that late saturday night into sunday morning. it looks like with every run of the commuter model it weakens the rain chances and shows that we're getting lighter and lighter amounts of rain and this is not something that will ruin all of the outdoor plans by noon on sunday the rain is out of here. we're looking at rainfall totals less than a tenth to a quarter of an inch. especially for areas south of san francisco and we may not see anything if wehe hd south bay. now our seven-day forecast shows that temperatures will be at the low 60s. and then we'll see the morning temperatures in the 40ss. and mike, you're saying there is a crash slowing the south bay commute. >> that is right. and i'll explain by using our live camera here in san jose. now you see the slowing. this is north bay 101. your commute direction from 680 up to oakland road where the crash is reported. it is reported on the southbound side but right here in the fast lane, closest to the center divide. so it will be visible because the low center divide in this
5:38 am
area and it is visible to the morning commute and i think that is why the crash in the opposite direction is causing the slowdown. approaching tully road past oakland and clearing by the time you get to 880 if i join north 101 from the nimitz you're okay toward the rest of the south bay and silicon valley and through san jose, 101 jams up and that might cause a shift toward 280 and 87. that is the only slowing we see for the commute now. a smoother drive across the carquinez bridge and watch that and the tri-valley for patchy fog from our cameras and we have one streamard the side toll plaza and that is a slow drive. the main toll plaza moving fine. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening today, vice president mike pence is in rome. he touched down this morning with second lady karen pence. they plan to meet with the italy president and prime minister. according to the italian media the talks with focus on tensions
5:39 am
between iran and the u.s. pence is also expected to meet with pope francis at the vatican. this trip comes after a visit to israel yesterday at the world holocaust forum. the coronavirus continues to spread and several people are being tested here in the east bay. coming up at 6:00, a live report on how one bay area hospital is preparing for the worst. plus behind bars. a man accused of attacking cars with projectiles on highway 101 is now in jail. what the suspect was launching at those vehicles all while driving. and a massive wine spill in wine country. still ahead, thousands of gallons of the popular wine that got into the russian river. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:57. welcome back to "today in the bay." well the suspect who chp said has be has been terrorizing drivers in monterey is in jail. the suspect accused of launching projectiles at cars. nearly 70 vehicles have been hit. charles lafferty was arrested. they believe he used a slingshot to shoot glass marbles at the
5:43 am
oncoming cars while he was driving which is why it was so hard to track him down. >> the person we believe that is responsible for this is in custody. and people can travel the highwand monterey county in relative safety. >> ub believable. so officers linked a car to lafferty but won't say much more. at tacks have been going on since february of last year. a new detail on the shooting of a sacramento police officer. the gunman could be facing the death penalty. you might recall last june when contra costa county native tara o'sullivan was killed. a man was arrested hours later after a standoff. ramos is facing hult pell felony charges including murder. pg&e could be held responsible the next time the utility leaves you in the dark. a bill is headed to the state senate after a committee approved it yesterday and if it
5:44 am
passes the legislature and the governor approves it, pg&e could be responsible for paying you back for lost wages even the food that spoiled in your refrigerator after the power company cut off power to millions of northern californians in october. they did that to prevent wildfires on windy days but that had financial impacts on residents and businesses. new detail this is morning about oakland mayor libby schaaf who is appointing former berkeley homeless services coordinator peter radu as the oakland policy homeless policy director and will serve as representative in key local, regional and statewide efforts. that position was made possible by a grant from sales force marc benioff. and a new home in san jose, according to the mercury news, apple has leased the triangle building. the location is two miles from the apple headquarters in
5:45 am
cupertino. the company has recently leased large office buildings is and research facilities in santa clara. right now at 6:00, the senate impeachment trial resumes in a matter of hours. capitol hill once againth for y the obstruction case house in the bay area. and a coronavirus scare in the east bay. the number of patients now tested in alameda county ahead in a live report. and the riv runs red. how 97,000 gallons of wine spilled into a bay area waterway. "today in the bay" continues right now. and the fish were drunk. >> oh, my goodness. >> they're just relaxed. >> good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. and we are counting down to the olympics. the critical day for us. now just six months until the
5:46 am
summer games in tokyo and the patience is brewing. coming up, the big overnight ceremony that kicks off the excitement and we'll tell you about the new events being added this year. but first, we want to get our forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> yeah, i love the beauty shots. looking forward to seeing m
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