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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 27, 2020 3:00am-3:29am PST

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and this loss is -- it's just hard to comprehend go with god. more now on our top story. >> he was a great leader he was a great champion. the world is reeling after the death of nba legend kobe bryant. a memorial growing outside of a great person if you got a chance to know his home in california kobe, got a chance to real know bryant spent his entire 20-year kobe, there ain't nobody better, nba career playing for the los man. >> shaq remembered his former angeles lakers teammate on twitter writing, the death of this champion and "kobe was so much more than an his daughter has hit an lgelino athlete. he was a family man. there is no words to express the pain he's going through with the pretty hard. tragedy. >> reporter: a surreal scene for gadi schwartz has more. >> reporter: unshakeable grief fans outside staples center. -- >> he meant so much to the city of l.a. as a player, as a >> kobe is so great, and i'm just waiting for someone to tell father, as a businessman, and as me this isn't real. a mentor >> reporter: but there was this, there will never be nobody else smoking wreckage on a hillside like kobe. en route to the mamba sports ever. >> reporter: for the fans who academy where the group have spontaneously gathered here including bryant and his at the staples center, the death 13-year-old daughter gianna were headed >> i heard some noise, i mean, of kobe bryant still seems some helicopter noise. impossible. >> just disbelief. it was very low flying. i feel like i lost someone in my >> reporter: the s-76 was flying family. >> there's probably nobody that
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has changed my life as much as in foggy conditions from bryant's home waiting for clearance from the burbank tower kobe bryant. you know, i was hoping to see and making i u-turn before him, you know, see him do so ascending and disappearing from many great things. >> reporter: and yet the flowers and tributes and tears are radar. >> we do know there was low visibility and a low ceiling undeniably real. and then just as the sadness the actual conditions at the becomes unbearable, silent fans time of impact, that is still in los angeles begin to chant. yet to be determined. >> reporter: on instagram just >> thank you, kobe hours before the fatal crash, thank you, kobe. bryant paid tribute to lebron >> reporter: each filled with james who surpassed him as the their own memories of the third highest scorer in nba history. returning home from that road moments they witnessed kobe's trip, the lakers got the news. james visibly emotional as he got off the plane. tributes for the five-time nba awe-inspiring greatness. >> he's a whole generation of champion from new york's madison all of us who were kids watching square garden to his own him. he's irreplaceable, man. >> reporter: a man who made so southern california neighborhood, and old rivalries many of us feel invincible when he took to the court now gone erased nba hall-of-famer shaquille far too soon o'neal calling kobe his brother, a superstar who did so much in memorialized as one of the 41 years, and to his fans and greatest athletes who ever surface living family seemed lived. and philip, one thing that we've seen a lot is families bringing out their children invincible jenniferews,os little kids wearing kobe bryant jerseys. angeles. in fact, we met one kid named
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>> few players have had such a lasting impact on nba. kobe after his idol. nbc takes a look back at kobe's his father says that he's extraordinary career watched kobe for 20 years, and he just can't fathom tomorrow >> reporter: few athletic careers could compare with kobe when he realizes that kobe is no bryant's way, he dunks it longer here. so, for so many of these fans, this is more than just an home. >> when you think of one of the athlete, this was somebody that best to ever do it at any sport they felt that they closely for this generation or many knew, and somebody that will never be forgotten here in los others, the one word kobe will angeles. come up for sure. back to you. >> reporter: the son of former >> all right nba player joe bryant, kobe was gadi schwartz for us thank you. a lot of us here are feeling the drafted straight out of high same things. growing up with someone like kobe bryant, he rose to stardom school in 1996 as a 17-year-old. when i was in high school, you he won the nba's slam dunk contest in his rookie year with know, 20 straight years playing for the same team. the l.a. lakers, just the start so this this transcendent, this of his impact on the game. an 18-time all-star, bryant was loss such a shock. always a prolific scorer >> everything that gadi was an almost unimaginable 81 points talking about and everything that people said everybody in the country in one game in 2006. so many people throughout the world feeling that when you even just see those bryant had been the league's images, the rest in peace and third all-time leading scorer those years when he is born and before being passed saturday night by lebron james. died it still doesn't register for so many of us. a milestone bryant saluted on >> still hard to hear. twitter. still hard tsay. >> he had a passior excellence, sometho in
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relentless pursuit of such that was uncommon, not just in the nba but across many sportsed lee nba titles, including three straight alongside shaquille o'neal in the early 2000s. two more came in 2009 and 2010 there was also olympic gold. twice as part of teem usa. >> i mean, it's not america's game anymore it's a global game >> reporter: bryant faced personal challenges in 2003, charged with attacking a 19-year-old ployee at a colorado resort. the charge was eventually dropped but the alleged victim filed a civil suit against bryant which was settled out of court. bryant's playing days ended in 2016, but he continued a global ambassador for the sport his passion for it shared in an oscar winning animated filso sha 60-point performance. >> this has been absolutely beautiful, you guys.
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i can't believe it's come to an end. you guys will always be in my heart. >> reporter: and for many basketball fans, kobe bryant will be in theirs. as the ntsb races to mark barker, nbc news. now to the coronavirus outbreak that continues to investigate the helicopter spread around the world. crash, the world is reeling this in china, the virus has claimed morning over the death of nba the lives of 80 people with nearly 2,000 illnesses superstar kobe bryant. his 13-year-old daughter giaa cases here in the united states have also been growing the cdc has confirmed five cases, but while the china-borne and several other close friends. while the music industry virus is accelerating, health paused numerous times to honor officials say there is no danger kobe briept during the grammy to the public. awards. new confirmed cases of the nbc's sarah harman has the latest. >> reporter: frances, good morning. we're seeing more cases of coronavirus confirmed here in coronavirus. the virus is accelerating and the u.s. the states affected now include washington state, illinois, arizona, and right here in can spread before the showing of southern california. u.s. cases of coronavirus more symptoms. >> than doubling with two new cases in southern california and one in maricopa county, arizona. the cdc confirming all five patients in the u.s. had travelled to wuhan, including a
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man in his 50s being treated in orange county. >> the patient is currently admitted to a local hospital any of his contacts -- >> the health care agency is working with close contacts to evaluate them for appropriate treatment. >> reporter: in los angeles officials confirmed a case after a passenger self-reported his symptoms at lax. >> the airport screenings are working effectively, but, remember, they're not perfect. >> reporter: across the country more than 100 patients in 26 states are being monitored for possible coronavirus including a student at wesleyan. california health officials emphasizing there is no immediate danger to the public. >> people should not be excluded from any activities based on their race, their country of origin >> reporter: in china the city of wuhan is still on lockdown with americans trapped inside as the number oses climbs to more than 2,000. >> every little cough, every little thing, oh, am i getting a
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sore bad those kind of things they start to play with your mind. >> reporter: the state department offering only a limited lifeline, saying in a statement it will evacuate consulate officials to san francisco. the space for other u.s. citizens is extremely limited. china now says the virus spread is accelerating and is more infectious than previously thought. that it could be spread during the incubation period. and, frances, we have every reason to expect there will be more cases the cdc says the situation is involving ropdly they do expect more cases in the coming days. frances? >> allright. sarah, thank you. a new bombshell is building pressure for witnesses in the impeachment trial of president trump. democrats stepping up their calls for former national security adviser john bolton to testify after an explosive report according to "the new york times," bolton claims in his unpublished book that the president personally tied aid for ukraine to an investigation into the bidens. mr. trump fired back on twitte
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investigation into democrats." adding, "if bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. overnight, a preorder listing of his book appeared on amazon. due out in march nbc has not seen a copy of the manuscript or verified "the times"' report cited multiple sources familiar with bolton's account. meanwhile, the president's legal team is preparing to wrap up his defense in the senate today. nbc's hans nichols has more. >> reporter: the prospect of new video evidence linking president trump and lev parnas, the indicted soviet-born businessman loom over the white house. >> are there more recordings lev parnas has with the president? >> yes. >> do you plan to release those? >> perhaps we've sent recordings to the house intelligence committee >> reporter: a tape already released puts the president and parnas at the same dinner in 2018 appearing to discuss the ousting of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch.
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>> get her out tomorrow. i don't care. >> reporter: undercutting trump's contention that he had no relationship with parnas. >> i don't know him. >> reporter: the white house dismissing the dinner as a regular part of trump's routine. >> the president sits at many, many dinners at many, many roundtables with people that he does not know. >> reporter: with the white house on defense over parnas, the president going on offense, targeting the lead house impeachment manager, adam schiff, tweeting that the corrupt poll significance iticid the price yet for what he has done to our country. schiff responding on "meet the press." >> do you take that as a threat? >> i think it's intended to be. >> reporter: but the president's senate allies insisting he wasn't inciting violence. >> i don't think the president is trying to do a death threat here or some sort of intimidation. >> reporter: and while some house impeachment managers aren't giving up hope on calling new witnesses -- >> i'm just not going to give up on the senate, and i'm not going to draw any conclusions. >> reporter: -- others are already preparing for a trial
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without witnesses but arguing that such a scenario would deny trump the total exoneration that he has demanded. >> if they're successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration. >> reporter: and late sunday an attorney for lev parnas says they are working on getting him an invite to the senate trial to watch it all in person now, they need permission from a judge because he is still under indictment there is also word that john bolton, according to "the new york times," claims in his new book, at least in drafts of that book, that president donald trump wanted to withhold the aid for ukraine until officials there agreed to investigate democrats, that includes former vice president joe biden that reall frances? >> alllook at our week karins. still pretty quietly in many areas of the country, but we are >> good morning. going to be wild the only problem area is going to be the pacific northwest. we watch a little rain on tuesday in areas of south tes,mo
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the southeast. sunny and cool really no problems at all. the end of january looks like the beginning of february into march, even. by the time we get to the end of the week, the storm we were tracking possibly for the new england area, saturday, sunday, looks to go off the coast and out to sea a little light rain on saturday. that's a look at the big weather story of the day now here's a closer look at your day ahead. not exactly cold by midwest standa you, bill. still ahead, the highlights from the biggest night is honors ag wmm yoreatching "early today."
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>> los angeles, america, and the whole wide world lost a hero now, we're literally standing here heartbroken in the house that kobe bryant built [ cheers and applause >> standing inside l.a.'s staples center, the lakers' home court, host alicia keys started the show with a heartfelt tribute to kobe bryant run dmc and lil nas x paid homage as well demi lovato debuting her deeply personal song, "anyone." ♪ anyone please see me, anyone ♪ lord, is there anne >> this was lovato's first live performance since 2018 when she was hospitalized following an
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overdose the crowd also happy to see ozzie osborne as well making his first public appearance since revealing he was deciding with parkinson's disease. but the night really belonged to one artist. >> i feel like i joke around allot and i never take anything seriously at these kind of things, but i genuinely want to say i'm so grateful and i only want to say that i'm grateful. >> billie eilish dominated, becoming the second artist ever to win, album, record and song of the year along with best new artist she beat out tough competition including viral star lil nas x and fan favorite liz owe l lizzo scored three grammys solo performance for her smash hit "truth hurts." so much emotion from all aspects last night. >> i got to be honest, i forgot the grammys were at the staples center officials asked all the fans not to gather there. of course that was not going to happen. ceofs st ahead, nfl all-star
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oh, my god -- sorry, oh, my gosh look at that, that's frigging alan dershowitz. >> you about done here, alan we got a lot more work to do for mr. trump. >> you're in hell, too, mitch? >> no, i just come down and use it as a sauna. i've met a lot of great friends here and they gave me great advice how to run the senate. >> hey, hey, did you do that
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thing with merrick garland that i pitched you. >> i meant to say thank you. >> please, the smile on mitch mcconnell's face is thanks enough. >> aww >> "snl" -- >> into the depth of hell. >> and they are back after their break. all right. it is out with the old and in with the new las vegas has said bye-bye bye to its famous what happens here stays here slogan. the new slogan recontrolled a new ad featuring celebrity shania twain, christina aguilera and aerosmith, sin city's new motto is what happens here only happens here that's going to take some getting used to. >> they can change it all they want, but that last ad campaign was so good that it's -- >> it is vegas. >> it's going to stick. >> it is vegas. all right. the super bowl is next sunday, so if you wanted your football fix, you had to find it at the pro bowl this week the nfl's annual all-star showcase was held in orlando the nfc was looking for its first outright win since 2012, but the afc was not about to let
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that happen. the ravens' lamar jackson and mark andrews teamed up for three touchdowns, leading the afc to a 38-33 victory over the nfc like we mentioned, today kicks off the super bowl week and the kansas city chiefs and the san francisco 49ers have arrived in miami for the big game there is patrick mahomes looking fresh. the chiefs wearing their hawaiian-style shirts. the 49ers, though, completely different vibe up in all black the traditional fans and band greeting them as they arrived in miami. we'll take a look at how fans are mourning the sslo of one of the nba's greatest of all time like movie savers. tee-time savers. and especially medicare part d savers. so you probably know making walgreens your and especially medicare part d savers.
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