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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 29, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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i approve this message. let's make change happen. right now at 4:30, major market street makeover. live team coverage on the huge changes made overnight to market street in san francisco and what you need to know to get around. plus one of the biggest homeless encampments in sonoma county is being relocated. good wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get through the commute in a bit but first the forecast. >> we're seeing the most dense fog in livermore and parts of the tri-valley. elsewhere, you're seeing a nice clear drive. clouds are a lot higher as we start out with a live lookth b o santa teresa, mid-40s and a
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pleasant day as temperatures warm up. mid-50s by 11:00. we'll talk about the rest of the forecast. and mike is tracking what is happening now heading out on the roads. we'll start with the bay bridge toll plaza. an easy ride and some folks waiting for the cash lanes and not all open. atypical for the sit, and we'll talk about that in a second but on the blotter a new crash reported westbound highway 4 approaching 242 and just off of highway 80 and it may be duplicated but it might affect a transition ramp. the rest of the bay isat i purp is the main roadway ben the s a going to be open. look at traffic through the and a good wednesday morning. taking a live look at the bay area. surface street traffic is all green and the purpose bridge. you could see the commute is getting along for us at 4:46 this morning. mike is going to get us through and the embarcadero, pete suratos is out there because,
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theom a bit. pete, big changes today. but we want to talk about what is going on. the forecast for today. >> reporter: that is right. good morning, mike. big changes to market street. kari, yesterday a little we're standing on market street sprinkle came down. >> yeah. behind me. and i saw a beautiful rainbow. it is going to be a pretty sizable amount of the street we talked about that. impacted by these changes. it actually happened. as you won't be able to drive private cars along this portion and so when i find that picture of market street. i'll post it on social media. now i was going to show the but that is all out of here now. and we're still going to see viewers the impacted area. it is a two mile stretch of spotty sprinkles in spots where market street so eastbound from we're seeing the low clouds and fog. here is a live look at the 10th to main street and golden gate bridge. westbound from stewart to van we're seeing the weather system moving on and left with cooler ness avenue. sos as of this horning you temperatures in parts of the north bay. 40 degrees right now in napa. cannot drive private cars along 41 as you head out in santa that stretch i just showed you so only buses, taxis and bikes rosa. oakland starting out the morning at 46 degrees. and commercial and emergency and it is also 46 in palo alto. as we check out our high vehicles like police and temperatures for today. it is going to be really nice. emergency vehicles but private reaching 63 degrees in downtown cars could cross market street but they just can't turn on it. san jose. it is part of the city's better 65 will be the high in morgan market street project rolling hill. danville reaching 65. and oakland today looking at 61 is to encourage
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degrees. people to use public mid-50s for half moon bay. transportation for a safer and and redwood city reaching 60 greener space for pedestrians degrees. some upper 50s in san francisco today and the north bay reaching and cyclists in the area. as fares as dealing with the traffic issues with the changes 65 in napa. point reyes will see a high of today, expect to see sfmta and about 56 degrees. so here is what is going on. now we've seen the rain parking officers and also around retreating back to the north and there is a steady stream of rain coming into the pacific to help drivers out. northwest. they're getting an atmospheric here is what folks are saying. river with heavy rain and for us >> it is a longer commute time high pressure will build in and for me because everybody is going to be bottlenecked. >> i think it is a good cause. keep that atmospheric river to we have to think about the the north and high pressure workers in the the city, the causes the air to sink as it pedestrians. slows clock wise so for us >> reporter: now as i mentioned, this is a part of a three-phase sinking air and once again project, this better market keeping all of the of the rain well to the north of the bay street project in san francisco. the second phase will begin in area. the spring focusing on bus only so this is causing warming temperatures going into the end of the week. lanes from third to main street as we check seven-day and then the third phase will forecast, now normally we're in the upper 50s, at best about 60 focus toward the ellison and degrees for a high temperature but you could see we're almost jones area in the summertime. close to 70 degrees for the you see the signs that say no inland areas through the end of turns on to market streets but the week, even into the first part of the weekend.
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there will be a cooldown headed our way but no rain with that sfmta said there are 124 cold front as it sweeps through collisions between octavia and on sunday. stewart street and that jt it will be windy on sunday but we're looking at high in 2018. temperatures in the mid-60s. so back to mike in the studio to even cooler early next week. talk more about this impact, and san francisco will be in the guys. >> that is right, pete. upper 50s and low 60s through thanks for being out there. and continuing to follow that. those brand-new signs, you'll much of the forecast. have to heed those signs. mike, you're tracking a couple of crashes. i am, kari. you can cross market street and pete talked about better market and we're talking about the light rain or the drizzle street, the project. yesterday and there is a little patch of potential fog over here better is where you reer environmental mf could find more. and they are not just closing environmental information from market but that is happening kari's radar and there is a chance for that in 84 through starting at midnight just this morning. so we're look at the better livermore. just a note there. market street website and the a lot of grassy areas where fog keys and which way you travel, may drift. and south bay and peninsula no foot or maybe transit you go to this delays or problems and the dublin interchange is great. interactive map and it will help you by moving your start point contra costa does have a couple and your stop points and it is of crashes, they are counter mapping out different ways commute and typically out of the depending on again what route you're using. benicia bridge and pittsburg but if you are going by bicycle it the opposite direction. north 242 toward highway 4 on is down howard and by foot walk
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down market and private vehicles the connector a crash reported there. will wiggle this way. sounds like two lanes are open good options to prepare for the if not the entire roadway and no area and track the process to slowing up there. north 680 at concord a crash to use muni or b.a.r.t. they have information on the websites with their schedules the shoulder,areas, and b.a.r.t. goes under the closure that is unaffected as the commute toward the area is fine toward the bay bridge. far as the routes and timing go. in san francisco, we talk about no matter what you are doing, the closure again. you want to know about what is this almost three miles of market street are closed. going on traffic and news wise pete suratos has been talking to us about the project and the long-term effects but right now download the nbc bay area app that closure is going to affect and we're tied in with waze and a lot of folks because look at best of all it is free. back to you. all of these surface streets. >> thank you very much, mike. these will build up on mission 4:35 now. and getting to and from the area new developments. the cdc telling people to avoid and you can still cross market on your -- with your car but you nonessential travel to all of can't drive along it unless you are transit which you're china. this comes as the death toll probably not. from the coronavirus continues we'll look out in the waze shem as we're talking about to climb. >> so far 132 people have died from the virus worldwide. alternates. waze not along market but three the number of cases has spiked other options to get you through to more than 6,000 and we're the area. that is going into the financial learning about the first confirmed case in the middle district and toward the embarcadero. east. there are so far five confirmed of course waze will use different roadways to get out cases in the u.s. because we have howard and last night a plane coming from harrison which are also options one way out of the area.
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wuhan touched down in alaska and you'll know these or learn them and join nbc bay area wazers to the final destination is march help you out. air base in riverside county. and back out to the map, rancity as an option. apple will restrict employees there is probably lighter traveling to and from china but hillbrook school in los gatos is traffic flow on the bay bridge canceling a trip for 30 students because many will stay away from the area. in march. >> students were very and we're looking at no delays for transit agency and muni is disappointed and chaperones were allows to keep the normal route very disappointed but i think through market street and b.a.r.t. will be underneath everybody recognizes that it market as always and that is makes sense. >> 20 u.s. airports are unaffected as far as timing or the routes as well. for the back to you. >> that is going to be something virus. kris sanchez will have a live to get used to. report coming up at 5:00. thanks, mike. new video to show you this and a deadly overnight morning. house fire in the east bay. shooting on the peninsula. it happened just after 8:00 p.m. fire broke out before 1:00 a.m. on mouton circle in east palo on monday on 102nd avenue in alto next to the university square park. oakland. flames were coming out of the when officers arrived they found side and smoke coming out of the the victim with a gunshot wound front. oakland firefighters say four people were displaced and and he died there at scene. luckily no one was hurt. this is the first homicide in more new video to show you. 2020 in palo alto. and just when a wanted felon may and police hope new clues c have thought he evaded deputies,
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they came in to arrest him. had happened last night in santa cruz. antioch. last october authorities found the suspect who they say took the body of shaw ought rai and off on a high-speed chase probably not realizing the eye in the sky was following him. determined that the motive was he's facing multiple charged robbery. this morning deputies plan to including possession of a stolen vehicle. release new video and this morning, the navy information tied to the case. the reward for information leading to an arrest is now s.e.a.l. recently acquitted in the high-profile court marshal $150,000. happening today, one of the biggest homeless encampments in is now going on the offensive against his former comrades. sonoma county is getting cleared edward gallagher released a out. everybody living on the joe three-minute video after he was accused of war crimes including rodota trail is to be out. 260 people live there near the killing an isis member. eventually he was convicted but goodwill. 60 peopl neeil to find somewher only in the charge of posing with a corpse. else to go. bob redell is heading there this president trump then pardoned him and he names other u.s. morning and will have a live report in about an hour. troops who he believes testified in the meantime, in the against them calling them embarcadero, anothercl is oakla. it will be removed. cowards. other s.e.a.l.s are now slamming it is in front of the store and him. >> i could put them men in there is about 100 people living danger especially if he has -- there. the move most of the people to a exposed where they have gone
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new safe rv parking site. before and what their missions oakland city leaders will have been. >> gallagher is retired but provide shelter beds and recently been seen on a number community cabin sites to others living in tents. of conservative tv shows and and north bay leaders fear alongside president trump at being slighted when it it comes fundraisers. family members visit the crash site of a water bomber to assisting counties devastated that went down fighting fires in by wildfires. over the next decade $1 billion australia. three american firefighters died lyzing datarash. in federal traffic credits is to go to 13 counts impacted by from the plane's cockpit voice fires including the north bay recorder to determine what caused the crash. the firefigsd firestorm. the press democrat reports that as captain ian mcbeth of supervisors are concerned some montana. of the money may be diverted to first officer paul clyde hudson homeless housing and the state of arizona and flight engineer is disbursing the money and rick demn to the democratic insist most if not all will go to rebuilding. this morning the presidential race is heating up. still ahead on "today in the race. bay," the democratic candidate tom mpaign in the bay area to hp taking the lead among california voterse primary open his new field office in oakland later this afternoon. election. plus the new breakfast item as a new poll shows that bernie starbucks is said to add to its sanders is taking the lead in menu. and a live look at bay california. showing sanders with 26% bridge toll plaza. smooth sailing this morning but support. while elizabeth warren follows close behind with 20% and former
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it will likely change. mike will keep us up to date vice president joe biden comes with what is happening in the in third with 15%. commute this morning. 4:53 this morning. you're watching "today in the and the heat is on in miami. bay." >> you pay extra for soda and beer and water but good luck next here on "today in the bay," 50 years in the making. getting your deposit back. we'll take about an aged bourbon >> you can't charge someone a deposit and not give them the whiskey one kansas city chiefs opportunity to give it back. >> nbc bay area responds to a fan is hoping to drink if her recycling run-around. team beats the 49ers. >> i have eight bags full of >> it is been a long time. >> and hopefully a lot longer. stuff and nowhere to take them. >> just send that bottle >> why do they refuse your kanz fears in the caribbean. a powerful earthquake hit the and bottles and giving them a western caribbean causing free rise on fines. tremors from florida to mexico. thursday on nbc bay area. the 7.7 magnitude earthquake was we investigate. with uber eats. between jamaica and cuba. some roads and sewage mains were america isn't just sick of donald trump, damaged. the tremors were also felt in miami. and police say some buildings is were evacuated in that city. amazingly no reports of anyone hurt. a lot more news ahead. it is 4:54. stick around. tom: my mom always told me
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and a huge portion of market street closed to you and me at least to me for driving between van ness and the embarcadero. we'll talk about that change all morning long. i'm rahel solomon. here are today's top business 4:56 right now. and 49er fans listen up because headlines. wall street will open higher adding to yesterday's gains as the swag is for sale. a lot of fans are getting in the fears over the coronavirus fears super bowl spirit and we want to for the moment after worries show you a stand. this is in emeryville on powell about the impact it could have street and you could see the on the global economy sparked the biggest one day selloff on niners gear. so the owner of the stand said that fans have been snatching up monday. marcus and laura, back to you. all of that merchandise. >> well i already have my gear but my daughter and my >> rahel, thank you. coming up on "today in the sister-in-law does not. so i decided to get them some bay," kari is tracking our mid-week poerks. gear. how is it looking. >> she should get me some too. >> we're stepping out the door to dense fog in the tri-valley. >> i like that one in the left we're watching this and hand. >> give us a call. elsewhere, where we are seeing if the niners win that stand fog and what else is in the forecast coming up next. owner said they are ready to sell the 49er t-shirt that say it looks clear here but i guess i don't have a big view super bowl champions on sunday like kari does. a great view of oakland. morning. >> i hi a need a garoppolo 880 smoothly with the taillights
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jersey. >> you could get that shirt with toward the bay bridge. and the changes in the city, his face on it. we'll talk you through that and >> pretty sure -- talk about the rest of your longer drive as well. >> cheers because some chiefs plus all new video shows a fans are already planning the celebration and i say this, if dramatic chase involving deputies in contra costa county. their team wins the super bowl. we'll get you up to speed on how now one involves drinking a it all came to an end. 50-year-old whiskey. >> so cheryl ellis saved her '69 mccormick super bowl whiskey for 40 years after buying it at an estate sale. she planned to open it once the chiefs won the next super bowl. they won super bowl 4 a game that she remembers watching as a child. >> it is amazing. my mom was screaming and crying an jumping up and down and we all were and hugging each other. >> so here is hoping she has to wait a little longer. maybe pass it down to the grandchildren. >> absolutely. well, coming up here on "today in the bay," kari hall is tracking our wednesday forecast. >> we're looking good and also for the super bowl we'll see temperatures in the 60s. more of that forecast coming up next. and more traffic likely at
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bay bridge toll plaza. right now pretty light. more coming up. >> you pay extra for soda beer and good luck getting your deposit back. >> you cannot charge someone a deposit and not give them the opportunity to get it back. >> we respond to a recycling run around. >> i have bags full of stuff and nowhere to take them. >> why are the stores refusing your cans and bottles and giving them a free ride on millions in fines. thursday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. market street ma
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the major cng right now at 5:00, market street makeover. the major changes made overnight and what we all need to know for the morning commute. plus -- >> americans a potentially very serious public health threat. this is a very fast-moving, constantly-changing situation. >> a deadly outbreak, americans
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evacuated from ground zero have just arrived back in the u.s. we'll have a live update on the slew of suspended flights to and from china. and new revelations about kobe bryant's helicopter and the device it didn't carry that some believe may have made all of the difference. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. first super bowl sunday is just four days away. the 49ers will take on the
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