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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 3, 2020 3:00am-3:31am PST

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the race for 2020 starts here democratic candidates descend on iowa as the caucuses get under way. one last stand on capitol hill democrats prepare to make their case for a final time as closing arguments get under way in the impeachment trial of president trump. china on lockdown. the unprecedented move to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. and it pays to start early how states are using free money to help parents prepare for their kids' college. and they have done it. chiefs are super bowl champions here in miami. >> and the kansas city chiefs
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are your super bowl liv champions. highlights from their stunning comeback against the 49ers plus all the best commercials and the all latin show stopper at halftime great being with you this morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm cori coffin we are just hours away from seeing some of the first primary results in the race for the white house. voters will caucus in iowa soon in the nation's firm democratic contest of 2020. candidates spent super bowl not only sunday but weekend making their final plays to win over caucus-goers nbc's vaughn hillyard is following the race for us from des moines and, vaughn, a lot at stake here today. >> reporter: after more than a year of campaigning for most of these candidates, it comes down to tonight the iowa caucus, where more than 200,000 iowans are expected to bea in, taking the first crack at determining the democrats' next nominee for president the iowa caucus.
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the first opportunity democrats will have to take a crack at determining who will take on president trump this november. >> i ask you commit today to caucus for me. >> are you guys caucusing tomorrow >> you bet. >> reporter: in what is still very much of a toss-up race. >> have you made up your mind? >> i have not. >> who do you think is going to win? >> um -- >> reporter: the candidates making their final pitches >> sometimes we may get the message that we got to choose between either a revolution or the status quo i think there's another way. >> join us caucus with us we're going to do this, and we're going to win >> reporter: and the former vice president telling nbc's mike memoli that he is the best candidate to overcome feuding within the democratic party. >> the nominee has to be able to unite the party and then the country. if you can't unite the party, you got a real problem. >> reporter: just this afternoon, an nbc reporter overhearing biden's top surrogate, john kerry, on a
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phone call discussing a run. just two hours later, kerry originally tweeting he is absolutely not running any report otherwise is f-ing or categorically false. nbc newsstands by its reporting. sharing the top polling position in iowa with biden, bernie sanders, drawing thousands at a rally on saturday night in cedar rapids, rallying his campaign organizers. >> we're going to win. if we win here, we have a path toward victory, and together we will defeat the most dangerous president in modern american history. thank you all so much. >> reporter: john kerry is continuing to deny this story, saying that he is not considering jumping into the race, saying he was engaged in a phone call in which a friend was asking whether he'd ever consider jumping in, and he was giving the reasons that he would not. again, tonight the iowa caucus but one thing we do know out of this amidst all the unknowns is that there will not be a clear front-runner coming out of iowa
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and the race in this field is still very much open >> yes, it is. vaughn, thank you. so all of the game day excitement is shifting to iowa the shape of the 2020 race could change dramatically. nbc's priscilla thompson joins us where she's been following this for the last eight months a lot of moving parts here what is going to be the thing to watch today? >> reporter: frances, good morning. happy iowa caucus today. as you mentioned, we're just hours away from that first in the nation contest that is going to begin to set the stage for this democratic primary. and there are a couple of things that i'm going to be watching in the caucus rooms tonight one is just whether all that time that the candidates have spent here in certain areas really pays off for them so senator amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg, for example, spent a lot of time in the rural communities, in those counties that went for obama before flipping for donald trump. so it's going to be interesting to see which one of them wins out in those areas another one is going to be those college towns or those counties
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where there are the big universities and colleges. now, as you remember in 2016, senator bernie sanders racked up support in those areas, and it will be interesting to see if he's able to do that again or if elizabeth warren sort of chips away at some of that support and, you know, of course joe biden has spent a great deal of his time courting the union voters and, you know, going to a lot of those old factory towns talking to working class folks we're going to be looking to see how that pays off for him and what it could mean heading into the other early states and i should also mention that the gop is having a caucus tonight as well, and so donald trump is deploying a number of surrogates here in the state to rile up his supporters so it's going to be a very busy day here in iowa >> on the side, certainly impeachment. we'll see if that comes up on this caucus day. priss ill la, thank you. the u.s. is taking emergency steps to protect citizens from the deadly coronavirus, which has now infected almost 18,000 people worldwide and killed more than 300
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the trump administration has implemented new travel restrictions that will shut down the border to most foreigners who have recently traveled to china. the ban comes as coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to 11 the most recent ones coming out of california. nbc's sarah harman has the details. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at l.a.x. where we are seeing a number of passengers wearing masks last night new flight restrictions took effect, and there were new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the u.s. over the weekend. the u.s. is closed to most foreigners who have traveled recently to china. the president telling fox -- >> we've offered china help, but we can't have thousands of people coming in who may have this problem, the coronavirus. >> reporter: any remaining flights from china with u.s. citizens will be routed through 11 airports. and americans who visited hubei, the epicenter of the virus, will face a mandatory two-week
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quarantine as the state department works to evacuate the roughly 1,000 americans still stuck in wuhan sam roth's wife and two daughters are still in wuhan waiting to be evacuated. >> i just hope, you know, everybody's kind and compassionate to all the people that are coming back on these flights. i can imagine abigail being frightened of people in hazmat suits. >> reporter: china completing its first hospital to house those infected in just ten days. as concern grows over the initial handling the virus, now a global health emergency. how big of a role did the chinese government's slow response play in the rapid spread of this virus >> the chinese reported 27 cases on december the 31st but in reality, they were spread from human to human in the very first week in december so you're talking about a few weeks in which the citizens thought that there really was no danger. >> reporter: health officials say right now the mortality rate
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appears to be higher than the flu, but will likely decrease as more people are diagnosed. >> what concerns me the most is that it's still in the realm of the unknown. there's a lot that we do not know about this. >> reporter: on sunday night there were still flights arriving at l.a.x. from shanghai and beijing, but all three major u.s. airlines are expected to suspend their flights to and from china later this week cori >> sarah harman, thank you the final phase of president trump's impeachment trial gets under way today. on friday night, the senate voted against hearing from any new witnesses or allowing new evidence, setting the stage for an all but assured acquittal on wednesday. but today house impeachment managers will forge ahead in their final arguments to try and convince senators to remove the president. meanwhile, mr. trump is talking about the toll impeachment has taken on him and his family. nbc's kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: as traditions go,
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super bowl sunday brings a party and a national platform for the president. ♪ like years past, the color and pomp is celebrated at one of the trump branded private clubs. and the platform is the broad reach of the super bowl audience playing offense himself, the trump campaign buying pricey ad time. >> under president trump, america is stronger. >> reporter: and in an interview with sean hannity, the president lamented impeachment. >> mostly it was unfair to my family i mean my family suffered because of all of this. >> reporter: and said he did not consider pushing tuesday's state of the union until after the trial. >> no. i'm going to have it it's going to be done. we're going to talk about the achievements that we've made. >> reporter: one more chance to play defense president trump is back in washington for today's closing arguments. his lawyers will be able to make their case and house manager adam schiff says although a conviction is not expected, he
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won't back off urging senators to remove the president from office frances? >> kelly o'donnell for us. thanks. super sunday for the first time in half a century, the kansas city chiefs are super bowl champs. let's get straight to the highlights from miami. 49ers jumps out to a 3-0 lead, but mahomes racing it in for an easy touchdown san francisco struck back, capping off a long drive with a 15-yard strike from jimmy g. to tie it up 10-10. to the third quarter, niners intercept mahomes and capitalize mostert punches it in for the 20-10 lead but then on the back it was all chiefs first mahomes finds travis kelce for the touchdown. then a minute later they're back in the red zone. this time damien williams just narrowly breaking the plane for the go-ahead td. then williams turns on the jets with a 38-yard run to the house. chiefs end up taking this one
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31-20. it is pure jubilation for andy reid thefirst super bowl victory fo the veteran coach. and at 24, mahomes is now the youngest quarterback ever to win super bowl mvp honors. the lombardi coming back to kansas city for the first time since 1970 fans back home couldn't be more excited. thousands cheering on their team from downtown kansas city. the victory parade, by the way, is set for wednesday morning, and i love reid's quote. after he won, he said, i'm going to get the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen it might even be a double. >> he deserves it. hopefully he's goating etting i now because i bet they're all still celebrating. let be honest? did you watch? i missed the whole 24i7k. >> i was traveling. >> and the halftime shows. thank you for all that preview happy for kansas city. you know, the temperatures are pretty warm in kansas city as everyone continues to celebrate. right now our temperatures are
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currently hovering in the mid-40s. two-thirds of the nation, 10 to 30 degrees above average we are watching our next storm system sitting across the four thought she was so watching this storm system but enjoy this warmth to start off the week. >> we'll take every bit of that. thank you, janessa. still ahead, a piece of kobe bryant history returned to its rightful home. nd> and terror in the heart of loon officers race to stop a deadly stabbing spree that next. the relaxing feeling of knowing you're getting the best price. these'll work. the utter delight of free wi-fi... .
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the suspect responsible for stabbing two people on the streets of london. he was wearing a fake explosive device when he carried out his attack in strat ham outside of central london authorities shot and killed him shortly after. he had been under surveillance after concerns he was planning to launch an attack. novak djokovic won his eighth australian open being dominic thiem. djokovic won in five sets. this is his 17th grand slam trophy overall third all time between federer's 20 he is the first male tennis player to win majors in three different decades as well. the win in melbourne means he takes over the number one ranking in the world the high school jersey of late nba legend kobe bryant has been returned. the number 33 jersey that bryant wore while playing at lower merion high school in philadelphia was stolen and then reappeared in china after being bought by a collector. the collector suspected it was
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stolen and contacted the school to help return it. the jersey was unveiled this past weekend during a special ceremony at the school's bryant gymnasium. >> glad to see it's back home. >> where it needs to be. just ahead, from bill murray to bad boston accents, the best of super bowl ads of last night. and a latina show stopper. j.lo and shakira bring the fireworks in an action-packed halftime extravaganza. in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options. (honk!) i hear you sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up,
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hell? >> became around. [ laughter ] >> ♪ that's house you do it when you're j.lo. last night's historic halftime show was no exception. she and shakira led the first all latin super bowl performance and the first with two women at the top of the bill. the columbian queen kicked things off with she wolf before bringing out special guest bad bunny. ♪ and of course for her finale, she had to save it, and she did it hips don't lie ♪ >> then j.lo took over duetting
3:20 am
"let's get loud," with her daughter, emme ♪ ♪ born in the usa >> she also brought out j balvin the ladies lived up to the hype. everyone from lebron james to jeb bush tweeted out some rave reviews. certainly one of those things, you know what? you're kansas city fans you're going to watch highlights over and over again for the rest of us, it's kind of different. the halftime show, let's watch them again. >> brought everybody together. we also got a front row seat to the ads. hyundai flaunting some major star power. >> look who's got smahtpak >> packed it. >> packed. >> the harbah? >> i packed it and then unpacked
3:21 am
it. >> so good even red sox legend big papi made a cameo plus tom brady set off a social media firestorm. >> so to my teammates, my family, and most of all, my fans you deserve to hear this from me hulu doesn't just have live sports >> so good you remember the picture he posted >> everybody thinking is he going to miami where is he gooding? >> what's happening? it turns out it was an ad for hulu he says he's not going anywhere. plus bill murray relives a '90s classic. >> it's me, phil ryerson. >> okay, little fella. good job >> that's different. >> good job. >> hey >> so good forging a new friendship in this groundhog day jeep ad. janessa, start of the week
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>> i am getting welcome back the amount of student loan debt in this country is staggering and as families struggle to save for their own kids' education, more states are now helping make it a little easier nbc's rehema ellis explains. >> reporter: 1-year-old chester mccoy has good reason to smile he's one of the first babies signed up for pennsylvania's new college savings program at a time when student loan debt is soaring. >> it's free money. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: last year alone, at least 11,000 families registered for a $100 starter gift to a pennsylvania 529 account for
3:27 am
every child born or adopted in the state. a jump start to college savings. it's at no cost to state residents. instead, the funding comes from private donations and state investment earnings. >> this is the fire i needed lit. >> reporter: it means a lot to the mccoys college graduates deep in student loan debt of their own. >> somewhere between 100 and 120 at this point. >> $120,000? >> i don't want to have him go through that >> reporter: how to avoid that parents open a state savings account and claim their $100 by the child's first birthday, putting an even $25 a month of their own money, state officials say the funds could go to $10,000 by the time the child turns 18 the money must be used for tuition at college, vocational, or technical schools or for school related expenses. that message you're sending is start at birth, not wait until the child begins school. >> what we're saying to every family is you are all part of
3:28 am
the pennsylvania community, and in some way we have your back, and we are all expecting big and important things from you. >> reporter: nationwide, at least nine other states have similar programs >> if we move the needle on the number of families who are saving early for their son or daughter's future education, then we've made a real difference >> reporter: the mccoys determined to give chester a head start on his college savings. >> he'll have a cushion to do something with, and that's the idea. >> reporter: a state investment helping kids grab hold of a brighter future. rehema ellis, nbc news, philadelphia >> that is so great to hear. they're paving the path for the future right there >> absolute i. and the statistics show if you start early, they really dove -- in case you missed it on sunday, punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this year that means it's an early spring hopefully. this is the second year in a row that phil has made that prediction >> and i will take it. as much as i love the cold, i
3:29 am
will take a bit of mild temperatures out there in whatever form. >> thanks for watching "early today. i'm cori coffin. >> and i'm frances rivera. your news continues right here on nbc and our nbc stations.
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impeachment endgame. closing argument set to goat under way if the trial of president trump after senate hears from new witnesses. our first glimpse of 2020. democratic hopefuls face off for the first time as the iowa caucus gets under way. the stringent new travel ban on china as the death toll continues to grow. the explosive allegations against top executives of victoria's secret. and they have done it. chiefs are super bowl champions


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