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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 4, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. right now at 4:00, breaking news. a search underway for a map who led police on a chase across the bay bridge. take a look here. the suspect wanted for attempted sexual assault. plus the race that contained the deadly coronavirus. the case is being treated across the u.s. and california. a live report on that and the steps being taken right here in the bay area. first, a cold tuesday morning for you. we have freeze warnings for some spots across the bay area. live pictures right now on the right, from walnut creek and san jose. and i want to tell you get ready early because you're going to need to defrost the cars if they are outside this morning. and we'll get you on the roads in just a bit.
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good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're tracking that microclimate weather alert because of the freeze warning, kari. with we do have the freeze warning in the fae. the areas in purple will be under the freeze warning until 9:00. so far temperatures haven't dropped that cold because we've seen a gusty wind and has holding the temperatures up. so we've seen mornings tht upper 30s and low 40s. it was colder yesterday morning but because of a gusty wind it is keeping the temperatures from dropping below freezing. so i'm continue to monitor this. and mike, the freeways are looking good. and up until the last five minutes we've seen back-up in the cash lanes. two are closed and two open over on the left approach. that is the bay bridge toll plaza obviously. we have a look at the approach. but slowing across treasure island. i'll make sure there are no disabled vehicles or debris. a disabled vehicle maybe on 880
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around the transition and still waiting for chp to head out to the scene. south bay and peninsula and coming out of the altamont pass just a little bit of slowing that you would expect. back to you. >> thank you very much. well its was fast overnight. breaking news. a high-speed chase across the bay bridge left police empty handed. this came from the bay bridge camera showing patrol cars in hot pursuit. police say the suspects are tied to a sexual assault. the victim gave them a description of the car which police located in oakland and they tried to pull over. san francisco police later found the car abandoned near the lower haight. bob redell is looking into more of what happened and will join us with a live report at the top of the hour. developing overnight in the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the cdc now trying to fast track an emergency testing kit. >> so here are the latest numbers. any death in hong kong, the second outside of main land
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china and there are 11 confirms cases here. four of the patients are in the bay area. >> pete suratos is live at ucsf hospital where two patients are being treated. pete? >> reporter: that is right. good morning. that san benito county couple is getting treatment here at ucsf and they are in isolation. they travelled to china. as this virus continues to grow you have city officials addressing concerns here at home when it comes to the coronavirus. london breed talked to a crowd last night getting ready for this weekend's chinese new year parade in san francisco and that attracts thousands of spectators. they are working closely with the department of emergency management should any cases pop up. they are on stand-by. as it stands there is no diagnosed coronavirus cases in
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san francisco so as of now the parade is a go. >> the plan is to move forward, for us to go out tor the parade and have a good time. and we're hoping that people will show up. >> reporter: now two more meetings are happening this morning regarding the topic of the coronavirus. the san francisco airport commission will provide updates later in morning at city hall and contra costa county board of supervisors will get an update from the health services department but both meetings will take place at 9:00 a.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 4:34 now. and to decision 2020 and this morning the outcome of the all-important conference callic caucus in iowa still up in the air. the aos and confusion leading to a slew of questions. the democratic party reporting inconsistencies in three set of results but a lot of problem was with a glitch in the new app being used to report results. state leaders meanwhile say the
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app is not the problem. just about every democratic candidate is claiming victory and it is on to new hampshire. >> by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> we're going to walk out of here with our share of delegates. we don't know exactly what it is yet but we feel good about where we are. so look, it is on to new hampshire. >> the state democratic party said it plans to release the results at some point today after manually counting all precincts. meanwhile president trump won his caucus in a landslide and picked up 90% support over his two challenges ahead of the state of the union. he plans to focus on the great american comeback and watch it right here at 6:00. many other riders who survived that deadly shooting aboard an oakland train -- a bus
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i should say is back in the bay area. >> the shooting happened yesterday morning as the packed bus traveled along interstate 5 near bakersfield. here is a photo of the survivors. they were arriving in oakland last night. one woman died and five other passengers were injured before other riders managed to disarm the gunman who police later arrested. we spoke with one rider who said the shooter was talking loudly to himself and when another passenger told him to quiet down, an argument started. >> the next thing we heard is the gun cocking and then eight or ten rapid shots, like straight one after another. >> the person is died is 51-year-old woman from columbia. authorities meanwhile identified the suspect at 33-year-old anthony devonty williams of maryland. a dragging death of a man that went after the thieves who stole his laptop. this happened back in december.
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december 31st. after robbers swiped a victim's computer after he sat in a starbucks in oakland. prosecutors have now charged a third suspect. police arrested that suspect last week. he and one of the other two suspects face murder charges with special circumstances. controversial gun law changes. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay," the lawmaker pushing for a closer look at the regulations following deadly shootings across the state. plus google pulling back the curtain for the first time on just how much money youtube makes. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, not too bad. mike will is a look at the commute and figure out how to get around this morning. it is 4:37 now and you're watching "today in the bay." >> you're told your voice matters but we found out thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how a security
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feature meant it protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tools you could use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. the number of uninsured americans, rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now at 4:40, let's get you out of the door in antioch. it is windy and very cold. temperatures in the upper 30s. as we go throughout today, we're going to see sunshine and slowly warming temperatures. we'll talk about a bigger warm-up in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and flashing lights just showed up on the shoulder mound 101. it is in the truck scale area. chp saw fit to pull somebody over but that is thought a crash. just a distraction. we'll show you what is going on for oakland. i'm checking out the disabled vehicle or the crash reported over there. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc
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headquarters. and wall street is set to open sharply higher this morning. quite a bit after the dow opened up 380. to extend yesterday -- excuse me. stocks rebounding from the friday selloff which was sparked about the impact of the coronavirus. the markets getting a lift from positive data on the u.s. manufacturing hitting a six-month high and oil prices rising after falling into bear market territory or down 20% from the recent peak. the virus outbreak is a major head wind because china is one of the biggest oil importers on today's watch list this report on factory orders from ford and disney. google is pulling back the curtain on exactly how much money youtube makes. youtube generated $15 billion last year contributing 10% to the google revenue making the ad business nearly a fifth the size of facebook and six times larger than twitch owned by amazon.
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google said that youtube has more than 20 million subscribers across the memeum and music offerings and 2 million subscribers to the service. and tik tok making the popular app looking like instagram. the avatar are shifted to the left side and now more emphasize on user bias. social networking sites are borrowing ideas and features from each other. most famously instagram story is copying several features from snapchat, last year beating out facebook and instagram. >> i have to get on this tik tok. >> i don't know if i have any time for -- >> it looks like it is here to stay. >> time is ticking. >> so we gotta go. >> thanks, rahel. coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking that tuesday forecast for us. >> we do still have the freeze warning in effect for the north bay until about 9:00 this morning.
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here is a look at where we are now. some spots below freezing. we'll talk about this and what is coming up next. and not freezing here. the oakland area in the nimitz by the coliseum and i do have for information farther north and we'll talk about what is going on across the bay as well. but first nbc bay area responds. car warranties can require you to do routine maintenances like changing the oil or rotating the tires but they can't require you it do that work at the dealer. it is illegal for a dealer to deny you warranty coverage because you had routine maintenance performed by someone else. that means you can go wherever you want. if you have concerns about your car, give us a call at 888-996-tips or go to
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check out my triple bonus jack! check it out with an extra patty! yeah! ok! let's ride! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. and a good morning to you. a terrific tuesday as we start off the day. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge and a terrific view for you. and how is the weather going to feel. is it terrific, that is question. >> we know it is cold. and yesterday morning too. and with the winds starting to pick up. that made it feel even colder. so it is still kind of breezy out there this morning. and even though we do have the freeze warning in effect for parts of the north bay, the winds have still been gusty in keeping the temperatures from dropping down to the expected
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mid-20s. but we'll see how the winds weaken as we head toward sunrise and how our temperatures fall closer to 7:00 to 8:00. right now that freeze warning still in effect for some of the thae valleys. right now at 39 in santa rosa. oakland at 47. san jose, san martin at 39 and san francisco now at 50. as we get a closer look at the north bay once again, these are the areas we're watching and we're at 42 in napa. fairfield at 44 degrees. so as you're getting dressed this morning it is all clear and it is chilly. so you do still need a very nice thick coat and also it is a day for some nice warm pants as well with. as we go through the forecast we'll reach into the upper 50s. we'll see our temperatures in the upper 50s, just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. but you won't really notice it that much. in fact, the bigger warm-up is coming our way as we head toward the end of the week.
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and there is still a lot of rain targeting parts of the pacific northwest. we're still missing out on that rain. high pressure blocking it. keeping it to the north of the bay area. and so as we go into the rest of the week, we warm up. but we're also still going to be very dry. we're looking at tea-- at temperatures in the upper 60s. 68 degrees is the inland temperature high on friday and then cooling down as we head toward the weekend. by monday we're reaching about 60 degrees. but still once again no rain. mike, you saw a new sign at the san mateo bridge. >> you're talking about the cold winds and we'll see the san mateo bridge say hi winds for the bridge. but right now it is talking about a project starting on the 15th of february on the peninsula side. so folks getting over there toward highway 101 there is overnight closures for a couple of lanes for the widening project that continues. the next tase is starting and it is already a sign over there
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talking about it. yule see it lit up for the san mateo bridge and along this portion of 101 heading in or out of san mateo. but the traffic through that area and the south bay and the east bay looks great. tri-valley maybe an incident on 84. it is marked on the map off isabella but so far no closures, just an incident to report. here a disabled vehicle on the shoulder out of lanes and that is better news and no lanes blocked through oakland and a little slowing now building across the incline and across through treasure island. it is 4:49 so we should see the metering lights turned on in the next 10, 15 minutes. the fast track lane is starting to fill in. that is unusual for a tuesday. just a few minutes early but we'll track it closely. back to you. >> thanks, mike. now to an nbc bay area investigation. it involves a question. will your vote count this year? >> our team has discovered that two years ago in the general election some votes didn't count and were thrown out.
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here is senior investigator stephen stock. >> we've learned that a security measure to protect your mail-in ballot got thousands of votes thrown out two years ago. now state law requireses election officials to compare a voters signature on the back of the absentee ballot with the signature on the registration form to make sure the signatures hatch. if there is any doubt, they throw it out. that means some legitimate ballots get thrown out every election in counties like san francisco, contra costa, sacramento and l.a. >> a couple of reasons why some ballots may not be counted, among them somebody who forgot to sign the back of the envelope or the signature didn't match and in the past those would be immediately discarded. >> voters are supposed to be contacted and given the opportunity to correct any errors but several voters we spoke to who had voted thrown out say they were never given that chance. while the number of rejected
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ballots we reviewed make up less than 3% the entire vote and would not swing a gubernatorialal or presidential election, the same votes could make a difference for a city measure or a local ordinance. coming up at 11:00, we explore this issue and we break it down for you and we give you advice and steps that you could use this year to make sure you're vote counts. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you would like to get ahold of stephen or anyone from our unit call them at 888-996-tips or log on to our website at a southern california lawmaker calling for new gun control restrictions putting more scrutiny on hunting licenses. last year's shooting at a synagogue near san diego helped prompt state senator anthony portino to launch the effort. one person died and three other injured in the shooting. the 19-year-old suspect had recently received a hunting license that had not yet taken
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effect. the new bill would require the merchant and the state department to check licenses during a ten-day waiting period before gun buyers can pick up the gun they've purchased. >> the vast majority of gun owners are going to be in agreement about this one. there is nothing wrong with verifying your credentials. >> the new law that took effect this year bans people from under 21 from buying semi-automatic rifles even with a hunting license. the sheriff's office of orange county is blaming sanctuary for a spike in repeat offenders because law enforcement could only report the most violent suspects to i.c.e. last year of about a thousand inmates exempt, 238 were eventually picked up for new crimes in orange county. some critics are blastk his claim saying the sanctuary stay lawsuits have little to no impact to the crime race. next on "today in the bay," who didn't watch the super bowl?
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maybe a few of you out there. wait until you hear about the new staggering thnumbers of the big game. >> what you didn't see when the confetti fall in hard rock stadium. and the polls are open for a special primary election in baltimore. it is to fill the seat of late representative elijah cummings. his wife of one of 24 democrats and eight republicans running for the house seat. today's special primary will decide a nominee tor each party. a special general election will be held on april 28th. a lot more news ahead. it is 4:53. we tried to get the politicians
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to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people
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we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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we know nearly everyone in the bay area watched the super bowl. even that painful ending. but now we're learning 102 million americans tuned in to see the chiefs pull out the win. that is up from last year and eagle eyed viewers may have spotted something different about the confetti. they had writing on them. i couldn't make it out. but here it it goes for you. the nfl worked with twitter to make it rain tweets. if you had tweeted using the #nfl twitter you might have been part of the celebration. the fireworks were so bright they were seen on radar. take a look at the tweet from the national weather service. apparently fireworks would see be seen more than an hour's drive away from kansas city. and in the meantime, our guys go barely anybody cheering them coming home. >> we cheer in our hearts.
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>> come visit jimmy g. any time you want. search underway right now after a big chase across the bay bridge. >> and we'll talk about the forecast for you. kari hall is tracking that. >> we've been talking about how cold it will be across the bay area. more on this and a warm-up in the forecast coming up next. and certainly no chiefs across the bay bridge but stick around for the video. looking at the slower drive across the b span. and chp warns about the chilly and breezy conditions there. we'll talk about more going on in the south bay. and cracking down on teen vaping. a live report on the action one bay area city is expected to take in just a few hours. >> you're told your voice matters but we found out thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is
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just not normal. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how a security feature meant it protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tools you could use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. here's the america i know. a country that puts working together ahead of standing apart. where we find common ground to expand health care and build a stronger, fairer economy and save our planet. i'm a problems solver, i build teams, i nurture good ideas, i hold myself accountable for results. it's how i led a complex, diverse city and it's how i'll unite and lead this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now at 5:00, breaking news. a high-speed chase across the bay bridge. we'll have a live update on the dramatic getaway and the violent crime that sparked the chase. plus -- >> i said it was too close to call and it still is. >> as a candidate, i know you want to see what happened and i know the rest of herk wants to see what happened. >> chaos with the iowa caucus. we're still waiting on results after an unprecedented problem reporting the totals. and temperatures dropping below freezing. kari tracking how long this warning stays in effect for
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parts of the bay area. bundle up. "today in the bay" continues right now. putting little jackets on my dogs last night before we went for a walk. it is cold out will there. yes, i'm that lady. good morning. and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. first here is something we're all talking about this morning. what did you do to find love? algorithm one developer made to try to talk to hundreds of women every day on a popular dating app. and the warning the story comes with when it comes to searching for someone special online. >> this is near valentine's day. if you do have the loved one, you may want to cuddle up. >> try to stay warment we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay and all of the areas in the purple shading are under a freeze warning until 9:00. but the winds have been gusty through the delta and parts of the north bay. we're still looking at wind speeds at about 20 to 25 miles per hour and it s


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