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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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right now at 4:30 bullets fly on a bay area freeway leaving a car shot up. the second car shooting on an east bay freeway in less than 24 hours. what we're learning about that investigation. plus, cracking down on teenaged vaping. the new ban taking effect today, why some fear it falls short. good morning to you and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. something a lot of people are talking about this morning, forget about the double-double, the all new gear in in-n-out, how you can buy your own. how do you feel about that?
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>> i don't know what it looks like. >> they do sell t-shirts and socks. >> oh, i know what it is. i saw it online. and you know what, it's cool. >> aha. >> let's get started with a live look outside at walnut creek. we are seeing everything here, looking nice and clear and it's still chilly but not as cold as yesterday. you do still need a nice, warm coat with some low 40s to start out the day and for the afternoon we're going to see sunshine, actually warmer temperatures later on today. mike, you are tracking a roadside fire. about 30 or 40 yards off the freeway south of here. the off ramp may be affected by crews in the area. the slow lane is blocked. we come down into the area and
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speeds are at the limit as far as sensors go in san rafael. i'll let you know if anything else is sticking around. so far contra costa county across the bay and even the peninsula looks great. i'll check on the crash, 280 around oakland road. we did have a disabled vehicle around 280 but the transition is open right now. back to you. thank you very much, mike. a new round of gun violence in the bay area. on our freeway a second shooting within 24 hours. interstate 880 just after 10:00 at night when chp found a car sprayed with bullets near the onramp in oakland. luckily the driver wasn't hurt. all northbound lanes were closed for about an hour as officers looked for bullet casings. live breaking coverage of a shooting yesterday morning in fremont. "today in the bay's" bob redell back on that beat. late they are morning we
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expect to hear from president trump for the first time since the senate acquitted him in the impeachment trial. the president will speak at a national prayer breakfast in washington. while it came down mostly to party lines, not all republicans were onboard. senator mitt romney joined democrats in voting guilty on article 1, abuse of power. he is the first senator to ever vote guilty for a president in the same party. for many that acquittal came as no surprise. the final vote did set off some protests. even nancy pelosi's daughter joined in. she said it's time to focus in on the real issues such as the president's upcoming budget. >> we're concerned about his sabotage of the health care bill, what he does to entitlement programs like social security be medicare/medicaid. >> president trump posted several tweets after the vote including reaction to romney. also, almost immediately after the senate voted to acquit, he
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actually tweeted this time magazine cover animation from october 2018. today a nationwide ban on many e-cigarette and vaping products goes into effect. most kid friendly flavor cartridges including fruits and candy flavored all covered in the ban. menthol and tobacco flavorings will still be legal. some believe teens have moved on to other products on the market. a man accused of opening fire on a greyhound bus will be back in court next week. this is after his arraignment was postponed. an attorney defending williams shielded his client's face in court yesterday. williams is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of six people early monday outside of bakersfield. one person died. his attorney is asking for more time to evaluate a conflict of interest. the public works department
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expected back in court this morning in connection with the ongoing corruption probe. nuru is accused of receiving kickbacks including an sfo restaurant deal. "the examiner" reports the other man tied to the deal may have simoned money from his own nonprofit. emails show at least three companies with city contracts donated to that nonprofit. head to our investigative unit for recent nbc bay area stories all tied to the scandal. a story we previewed yesterday. all groups will be allowed to participate in this year's pride festival. organizers met in san francisco to rethink recent nonbinding bans against google and the alameda sheriff's office. they want to emphasize inclusiveness saying bans are not in the best interest of pride or its members.
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4:35 for you now. making it in the bay. san francisco mayor london breed is spearheading a plan aimed at cutting the red tape. requiring at most a six-month permit process on home construction. 50,000 signatures will be needed before july 6th for it to appear on the november ballot. and happening today the city of fremont is hosting its first annual mobility summit. they will discuss the challenges of getting around in fremont and how technology can help reduce accidents and traffic. a push to make sure you actually cast your vote. the new push to penalize californians who do not cast their ballots and the pushback from people opposing the idea. plus, the apple watch, wasn't just a top selling watch. why other watch makers may be
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looking over their shoulder. and a live look. look at that. the bay bridge toll plaza. mike will get us through the commute in just a bit. 4:37. you're watching "today in the bay." i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people.
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thank you, bob!
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right now at 4:39, this is what it looks like in san jose, a clear start and a chilly morning once again.
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willow glen at 42 degrees from now to 8:00 and then warming up as we go into today. we're looking at a nice one. we'll talk about this and what's going on for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. at the bay bridge span itself we'll talk about the backup at the toll plaza and what we are seeing on the approach. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is pointing to yesterday's rally as china says it will cut tariffs on $75 billion of u.s. goods, including pork as it struggles with coronavirus. markets continue their rebound from a sell-off last friday. positive economic data on hiring and the services sector. reports from productivity and the number of people filing for
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unemployment. the apple watch wasn't just a top selling watch last year. it outsold the entire swiss watch industry. the swiss watch makers, including swatch and tag only shipped 21 million units. apple does not report sales of their watch but strategy analytics was able to compile estimates based on data from retail partners. it says traditional watches are still popular with older consumers, but younger buyers are opting for smart watches and wearable devices. coors light will pay some of your adoption fees. it will give $100 to the first 1,000 people to adopt a dog between now and february 21st. the promotion to anyone of legal drinking age in eligible states. in order to receive the cash you must text coors 4 canine and adoption receipt. the only way drinking and
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texting can have a positive outcome. >> i hope they do it responsibly, though, because taking care of an animal is a lifelong committee. don't just do it for the money. those sweaters are expensive. >> that's a mom talking right there. thanks, frank. 4:42. decision 2020 next on "today in the bay." the push bernie sanders' campaign is making in california for your vote. hey, we're voting for better weather here as we check out antioch. we'll talk about when it warms up in the forecast coming up next. and we have a smooth drive across the san mateo bridge. we do have a sign lit up. we'll explain what it says. we'll talk about what's going on at the bay bridge. plus, mystery solved. what's behind the fiery streak that lit up the night sky overnight in southern california.
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a very good morning to you. a nice little glow there. look at the moon in the distance. picturesque like a post card. connection. >> just another day here on "today in the bay." >> and it's very cold. >> another cold day. >> cold like a post card?
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>> what? >> no. upper 30s. check out the maps now. we're starting for our morning, temperatures santa rosa 38 degrees. 37 and 38 degrees in san martine. 38 now in live more. those are some of our colder spots. we're at 45 in half moon bay. so here's a look at that clear view in san jose, so as you're stepping out you do need a coat early but warmer this afternoon so we go from wearing a jacket to short sleeves today as our temperatures warm up. let's check out the high temperatures today reaching 67 degrees in the south bay. san jose, downtown and 69 degrees in gilroy. east bay temperatures up to 70 degrees in concord and danville, it's going to be even warmer than yesterday. make some plans to get outside this afternoon. we'll be at 64 in san mateo and looking at san francisco, 60 on the embarcadero, north bay highs
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up to 70 in ukiah and novato reaching 68 degrees. we're still missing out on all the range. no change here. you can see it arching up and around the bay area and moving into the pacific northwest. as we see all of that rain there, we're still dry because of high pressure. now that high pressure will move away. this low will start to dip down. by the time it gets here, by sunday it will be dry. we'll bring in some colder temperatures and possibly some rain for southern california. we continue on with our dry start to february that continues into next week. so we're going to enjoy the weekend. we're checking out the chinese new year's parade forecast. san francisco looking great. 54 degrees and then cooling down. just wear a lot of layers. of course you'll do that and will be outside for a couple hours. we're looking at temperatures today in some of our warmest spots inland reaching 70 degrees. slightly warmer. tomorrow up to 71.
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by saturday mid-60s. it does cool down on sunday but not too bad. it will be windy and highs reaching 62. then we're rebounding those temperatures for the start of next week. mike, you have a look at what's happening at the bay bridge. >> it is a pretty sizable backup for this time of the morning but only in the cash lanes, fastrak still open. the span itself moves slowly. folks traveling earlier than we often see or have seen for a few months at the bay bridge. remember, tuesdays and thursdays have a heavier volume than the rest of the week. i think it has to do with meeting schedules in the office. a smooth drive on the approach. we don't have a problem out of contra costa county. i think that by 5:15, 5:30, we should be back to what you expect to see. that is an early sign. we're looking at about 20 minutes coming out of brentwood. byron. take your time getting down to 580. there are no delays reported there. no problems once you get on to
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580 west. tri-valley, east bay, even the peninsula moving smoothly. the south bay we had a couple earlier issues. they're off the main roadways for the freeways so a smooth drive through the area. palo alto northbound 101 heading up to san francisco. 101 and 280 at speed. you look at what's happening on the ground. a lot of people looking in the air in southern california wondering what they saw in the skies a little after midnight. turns out it was a missile launch from vandenberg air force base. the air force says the missile splashed down and the test had been in the works for months. now to decision 2020, bernie sanders' campaign is coming to californ californiacal today but he is not. they plan to hold a news conference outside of the state capitol to talk about engaging no party preference voters ahead of next month's california primary. there may soon come a day when
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you are forced to vote, at least that's the idea behind a new measure introduced by san rafael assembly man levine. he wants to require all registered voters to cast a ballot in future elections, but it's not likely to be considered until the spring. levine says dozens of other countries have laws that require you to vote. critics say if it ever gets approved the law likely would not survive but voters would still have the option to submitt an empty ballot. happening today bay area janitors plan to take to the streets to rally for a new deal for immigrant workers. rallies planned in sunnyvale and observing. they want business owners and property managers to start negotiating a new labor deal for more than 25,000 janitors statewide. california's janitorial industry is largely made up of immigrant women. new this morning, less than two years after being appointed california's top environmental
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protection agency administrator, he has been let go. so far there's no reason given for that dismissal. 4:51. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. a mysterious $700 charge on a contractor's bill raises questions and causes confusion. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. but first, happening now, high-speed train derails in north italy killing two and hurting 27. the train derailed and struck another train. it was on its way from milan. the two who died were train engineers. the cause is under investigation. a lot more news ahead.
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4:53. nbc bay area responds to a woman who says she paid more than she should have for remodeling work. >> she asked chris chmura and his team to help hammer out a solution. >> reporter: good morning. cheryl hired home depot to refinish her kitchen cabinets. when she went over the invoice she noticed a $700 charge for encapsulation. the state says encapsulation deals with lead-based paints in homes built before 1978 but cheryl said she had proof her old cabinets were replaced in 1990 so it wasn't necessary. so she asked home depot to refund the $700 fee. >> i wrote them probably every week for about six weeks and none of them responded. and so after a month and a half i contacted nbc.
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>> we asked home depot to take another look, and it did. cheryl then got a credit of $774. home depot did not respond to our request for details. cheryl told us she learned an important lesson here, make sure you understand every line in your home improvement contract. if there's something unusual, ask the contractor f. you're still not satisfied, ask the state contractor board to review your agreement. their contact info is on our website. go to tap respond in the menu. you can also call us 888-996-tips. new this morning a music store with roots in the bay area is singing a new tune. maybe you've been to amoeba music stores in the haight. one has been forced to close for new housing. but there's good news here. the store has already found a new home and hollywood
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boulevard. if you've always dreamed of living a life of luxury in france but hate crossing the atlantic ocean, there's a home up for sale in. >> fran: san francisco that may make you say bonjour. >> it's called mini versailles because it is modeled after the castle outside of paris. luxury comes with a price. according to daily mail listed at nearly $22 million. >> i was just at the palace and it's beautiful. that's a lot of money. >> it's pretty amazinamazing. maybe this is something for your budget, burger lovers. a new way to show your love and animal style for in-n-out. some new items not on the menu. a lot of people ordering these drink cup shoes. yeah, i think they're kind of cues. and there are lots of other items, a blanket that shows off the menu and this is a nail
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decal set. >> oh, for your nails. oh, okay. when i was lazy and younger i would put the cup in my shoe. >> cold or something? >> we'll talk about it later. 4:57 right now. a proposed ban. we'll talk about the lawmaker looking to limit pg&e's campaign donations. and, of course, kari is tracking our forecast. >> it's a cool start to the day. a nice afternoon. concord 40 to start, heading into the upper 50s as you get ready for lunch. hey, i'm not far from there. walnut creek, 680 and 24 splitting off from one another. as you drive through the area, you see no slowing past this b.a.r.t. station. plus, quarantined by the coronavirus. what it's like inside.
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bullets fly for the second time on a bay area freeway overnight. what we're learning about the investigation. plus -- >> he is hereby acquitted. >> it's over, america. >> a historic vote on capitol hill. a live report from washington with reaction to president trump's impeachment acquittal. and up in smoke, the brewing battle over a proposed pot shop
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in san francisco's union square. "today in the bay" continues right now. well, a good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. here is something people are talking about this morning. have you ever had a bad day? >> nope. >> i live it. you see it every day. well, we're going to talk about the shocking number of people who say they've had to stay inside. >> what? >> imagine appearing on tv every morning when your hair is a hot mess. you just have to deal with it. >> and then we have to deal with the calls into the office later. >> we'll get to that and more in a little bit. we've been talking about that wind. we've had wind issues here. >> just put on a hat and go. a live look in oakland. if you're on your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, mid-40s to start and then you'll have to do something with your hair, you'll want to take the hat off and we'll see temperatures in the low0


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