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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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in san francisco's union square. "today in the bay" continues right now. well, a good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. here is something people are talking about this morning. have you ever had a bad day? >> nope. >> i live it. you see it every day. well, we're going to talk about the shocking number of people who say they've had to stay inside. >> what? >> imagine appearing on tv every morning when your hair is a hot mess. you just have to deal with it. >> and then we have to deal with the calls into the office later. >> we'll get to that and more in a little bit. we've been talking about that wind. we've had wind issues here. >> just put on a hat and go. a live look in oakland. if you're on your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, mid-40s to start and then you'll have to do something with your hair, you'll want to take the hat off and we'll see temperatures in the low 60s. we'll talk about a warm-up.
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mike, you're seeing changes at the bay bridge. the lines off to the left are easing up a bit. we don't have the last cash lane open yet. getting an early start into san francisco and a nice, smooth flow on the span itself. no metering lights. they should be turned on within the next half hour. getting over there no problems through the contra costa county area. no delays reported. a great start for folks there. a couple scattered incidents, the new one for highway 17. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:01. video of another shooting on an east bay freeway. this is the third one in a week. an alarming string of events for drivers. >> bob, any indication the shootings are related? >> reporter: marcus and laura, it's not clear from law enforcement if the shootings are related or coincidental.
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there have been three shoot thgs week. the first one was sunday off 580 in oakland. if you look at the map on your tv screen. there was another on 880 on ramp in fremont. and then the most recent last night on another on ramp to 880 in observing. now the one last night happened around 10:50. someone, as you can see in the video, shot up a red sedan as the driver was on the 23rd avenue onramp in oakland. the driver's side window shot out. also four bullet holes in the driver's side door and back panel. remarkably the driver was not hurt, was able to pull over. the highway was shut down while they investigated. no arrests so far. we were live in fremont reporting on the driver of this bmw sedan which was shot twice. that driver was on an on ramp to 880. the driver was not hurt but did tell chp two cars were following him when he heard the gunfire. again, no arrests in the case.
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on sunday afternoon at around 3:30, the driver of a black sedan on eastbound 580 and harrison street, again, as i mentioned in oakland, their car was shot multiple times. they weren't hurt, but they did cause a car accident on 580. chp is investigating all three shootings, as i mentioned earlier, not clear whether they're related. reporting live in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest live from the scene. 5:03. on capitol hill the month long attempt to remove president trump from office has failed. the senate voted to acquit. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington where we'll hear from the president in just a few hours. tracie? >> reporter: and actually before that we are standing by, take a look at live pictures from the national prayer breakfast where president trump is expected to speak this morning. this afternoon he will address the nation from the east room of the white house presumably to take a victory lap after months
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of democrats trying to remove him from office. it failed. every single republican said the president was not obstructing congress, but one republican defected, mitt romney of utah, what it came to whether or not the president abused his power. romney saying he voted his conscience. meantime, democrats and republicans still very much divided, perhaps even more so now, and looking at the future very differently. very different opinions about where they head next. >> it's time to move on. this decision has been made. as far as i'm concerned it's in the rear-view mirror. >> the president does it in three months, they should impeach him again. >> reporter: well, it's not clear where they're going with this vote. we do know there's a concern or question about whether or not john bolton may end up being subpoenaed to testify still. the house judiciary chair hint
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that had could still happen. other democrats saying the decision has not yet been made. back to you. >> it'll be interesting to watch. tracie potts, thanks so much this morning. in the meantime the democratic party in iowa cleaning up the mess from monday's caucuses. the results are in and mayor pete is getting serious traction. that's pete buttigieg. he has a razor thin lead over bernie sanders, less than 1% separating the two. now to decision 2020. today several bay area political candidates plan to speak outside of city hall. they want to remind people early voting is already under way in several bay area counties and mail-in ballots also went out to voters this week. the deadline to register for the primary is february 18th. 5:05 right now. developments overnight in the deadly coronavirus. here are the latest numbers that we have. more than 28,000 people are
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infected worldwide. as far as deaths, more than 500. the u.s. has its 12th confirmed case this one in wisconsin. also some good news for us this morning. the first u.s. coronavirus patient has been released from the hospital in washington. in california four of the 12 cases are in the bay area and today san francisco leaders will meet to discuss the outbreak at a recently organized coronavirus conference. also city public safety officers will talk about lunar parade preparations. people arrived from china yesterday morning. flight staff wearing full hazmat suits on arrival. passengers will be quarantined at a hotel on the base for some time as the public safety leaders will all talk about those issues as well. now one couple had been visiting their son in wuhan. >> at the airport everyone
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wearing the hazmat suits through the checkpoints, it was very scary. >> reporte >> all passengers are considered high risk as they wait. they will be tested twice a day. once the 14-day period is over and if they have no symptoms they will be released. 5:07 right now. today lawyers for the luxury store chanel will go head-to-head with a bay area man who wants to open a high-end pot dispensary right next to the union square store. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with more on the battle. kris? >> reporter: chanel wants to make sure union square keeps being the center of luxury that it is right now and they say the way to do that is to keep that pot dispensary out. the city's planning commission will hear from the applicant and attorneys for chanel and other property owners who want the commissioners to say no to the proposed two floor dispensary.
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the applicant is partnering with a seattle-based have a heart pot dispensary business and though they've been paying rent at that proposed location right next door to chanel, they need the planning commission to give the green light before they can start doing business. attorneys for chanel wrote in that request for a discretionary review, quote, the retail pot clientele is completely at odds with the luxury clothing and accessory clientele and the presence of the have a heart dispensary will have a detrimental effect on the long-established businesses. the planning commission will hear the request for a review today. however, the staff recommendation is that the commissioner accept that project and approve it as it is proposed. this should be interesting and is happening this afternoon. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. we'll keep following that one. 5:08 right now. new details on the number of pedestrian traffic deaths in san francisco. the city's vision zero report
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for last year finds 18 people died on foot in traffic accidents. one of the highest one-year totals since 2015. in six cases the victim was found to be at fault. 8 of 12 driver caused deaths happened in crosswalks or intersections. now the same report finds police issued 43,000 driver citations last year. that was about a 15% below the amount issued in 2018. a californian republican wants to ban pg&e. according to the sacramento bee pg&e donated more than $5 million to a state senate campaign and ballot measure in 2017 and 2018. the utility now acknowledges a faulty transmission tower was likely responsible for sparking last year's kincade fire which prompted mass evacuations.
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new this morning, skiers and snowboarders this one is for you. a new gondola now on track to connect two popular tahoe ski resorts. the "l.a. times" reports the lawsuit seeking to block construction has been dismissed. as part of the agreement they will conserve 27 acres as a wildlife habitat and will be rerouted away from the wilderness. when finished it will take riders 15 minutes of travel from one resort to the other. a lot of people have been waiting for that one. >> the scenery you want to see there. >> you know what we need? snow. >> yes, we do. it has been a while since we've had a good snow. even as we get out the door this morning, another dry day here in the bay area. a live look outside in palo alto and highway 101 where our temperatures are just chilly. we're at 41 degrees. we will stay in the 40s through about 9:00. it will warm up as we go through the day reaching into the low
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60s, even some upper 60s and up to 70 degrees in concord. we'll talk about a warm-up in the forecast. mike, you're tracking two roadway hazards. >> both in the south bay, kari. over to 280 and highway 17. 280 northbound, in fact, the freeway itself, the off ramp there may be affected so you have to remove a crash. word when they do get there with the tow truck, they may have to close the off ramp temporarily. you should be okay right now. if they come across when it happens you'll have to go all the way up to page mill road, a considerable amount of drive northbound and then loop back. we'll let you know when it will happen. north 17, a disabled vehicle up to hamilton. speed sensors are fine. the freeway itself looks all right and so does the rest of the south bay. here is that shift we're talking about. they opened the last of the cash lanes. thi things are condensing. fastrak is starting to build.
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we should see the metering lights on in the next few minutes. >> thanks, mike. 5:11 this morning and the cost of love. next on "today in the bay," the amount of cash we're expected to drop on valentine's day and how businesses across the nation are looking to cash in with special holiday items. and a new astronaut adds her name to the long list of heroes. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. tv just keeps getting better.
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if you will be heading out to squaw valley and alpine meadows, check out the new gondola, get there soon. temperatures are warm. it's been a while since it snowed and the snow continues to melt. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead for the bay area that's coming up next. and it's too late if you want to be at the bay bridge metering lights, they turned on at the end of the last. the last few minutes of build going on there. and good morning. very happy thursday to you. i have xs on my board on the prices of casper shares, that mattress company advertises on every podcast. will start trading today at $12. tesla, i feel bad for people who saw tesla going up, up, up and thought i should get in on that because it went down, down, down wednesday. elon musk is $6 billion less rich this morning. another positive step in the
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trade war, china is cutting tariffs on $75 billion of american goods. the tariffs will fall by 50% and promised to make big purchases of american goods and farm products but may have trouble doing that. coronavirus getting worse in china, affecting the country's economy. the japanese company nintendo says some new estimates of nintendo switch video game will be delayed because of coronavirus. i know that's not important when so many people are dying, but it is affecting trade and worth pointing out. the trump administration says it will stop people in new york state from getting global entry cards. global entry is a fast pass for u.s. passport control and people who go out of the country a lot use them to speed up their trips. they're like a tsa precheck but for coming back into the country. the trump administration tells fox news because new york allows
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undocumented people to have documents like drivers licenses, they can't have global entry. no new yorker can. california also hands out drivers licenses, but for now we get to keep our global entry. no one enters the globe quite like christina koch who came back from space early after 11 months, 328 days total making her the longest space woman in history. american hero landing in kazakhstans. we hitch rides with the russians. it was a series of events that led her to be the longest woman in space. it wasn't the original span. lucky for her certain things happen certain ways and she got to stay up there longer. >> not that they forgot about her. what happened to helen? >> haven't seen her around in quite some time. >> oh, she's out in space. thank you. 5:17 for you right now. listen up, the most romantic day of the year may not spread the
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love all the way to your bank account. americans are forecast to spend $27.4 billion on their sweethearts this year, nearly $200 per person and, men, this is likely going to fall mostly on us. we will spend three times as much compared to what women spend. >> that's okay. >> all right. >> keep it up. >> mm-hmm. 5:18. lots to love -- if you love lobsters, we have just the gift for you. >> red lobster thinks its cheddar bay biscuits could replace the usual box of chocolates. >> i like this. >> it comes in its own heart shaped box that reads you're my lobster. meantime, olive garden offering bread stick bouquets for pickup at restaurants. >> but i like the biscuits. count me in. >> now you know why we spend
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less. trending this morning, a new poll exposing the extreme lengths we go to avoid a bad hair day. the average american has 96 bad hair days and 80% have had to stay inside due to their locks not being on point. one-third say they've used a sick day to deal with it. >> really? >> isn't that crazy? we put a call out to our crew for a look at their bad hair days. okay, kris, yours is just wind and, bob, that was tuesday? they're not commenting. >> kris looks like a campaign ad for a shampoo or something. >> reporter: it's not face cream apparently. >> kris, you have beautiful hair. >> reporter: it's tough out here. pete can attest to that.
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>> and, bob, the facial hair you have going on there? >> reporter: what's wrong with that? all i see is a hot guy with a beard. >> those aren't very good examples because you look fine. and when our producers asked us this morning early in the morning, and i'm like, yeah, i told them to just turn on the tv. >> no bad hair day for me. >> i don't know about calling in sick, though. i would never be here. >> i have my appointment every thursday in the barber chair. >> i wish i could have a hairstylist every morning. that would be a dream. >> that would be amazing. >> i'll come in early and will do your hair. >> thank you. >> every thursday. a new style. >> now that would be a show to watch. let's get started whether you're having a good hair day or
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not. it's time to get up and get out the door and we're starting out with a live look in san francisco. it's a clear morning. you can't say that the fog made your hair frizzy because the humidity is so low there's no fog and our temperatures are very chilly. if you're about to step out heading to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, 39 degrees and then we'll start to warm up as we go through the day. it's going to be a nice one reaching about 60 degrees at noon. our temperatures warm up. we're up to 70 in concord today. 69 in clear lake and santa rosa reaching 67 degrees. san francisco will see a high there of 61 degrees. the forecast is at the bottom of the screen, showing a lot of sunshine. here is where all of the rain is still across the pacific northwest. if you're traveling that way, plan on a lot of rain and snow. and then we are going to see this low-pressure system that's been up around portland and seattle starting to dip to the
5:22 am
south but it's not going to bring us any rain for the weekend but it's going to pull down some of that cold canadian air so we'll have another spilldown of cold temperatures that we have basically like we had this past sunday where the winds picked up and the temperatures cooled off. we're not going to feel that too much on sunday. if you're going to be heading out to the pebble beach pro-am, it's looking nice. just cool. make sure you're wearing the extra layers but you will have that sunshine. our inland areas will stay in the low 70s today and tomorrow in some of the warmest spots and we drop back to the low 60s by the end of the weekend. mike, you're saying we're at capacity out of oakland. >> as far as the lanes for cash and fastrak. if you're hov you have three more, that's great. you have an easy drive at the bottom of the screen. cash lanes filled in. 5:11 they turned the metering lights on just after that last report with any good movement over there.
5:23 am
now the backup here. down the east shore freeway here out of concord no major problems and no major backups. highway 4 from antioch and over to 242 for that cutthrough over there. the dumbarton bridge all at speed and so is the dublin interchange. south bay, north 17 at hamilton. now everything is over off to the shoulder there. there may be activity 280 at the off ramp itself. but the freeway, no problem. los altos hills. here is san jose with a lighter build. that starts to slow in patches. >> thank you, mike. >> 5:23 right now and never forgotten. next on "today in the bay," the touching tribute for kobe bryant's daughter, gigi. class is in session, why rapper jay-z is closer than ever when it comes to becoming a college professor. you're watching "today in the
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bay." obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
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5:26. new details on human smuggling ring across the u.s. border near san diego. naval investigators have just announced another arrest. the new suspect is being called the recruiter for the smuggling ring who tried to get marines to take part. at least 25 have already been
5:27 am
implicated in the scheme which investigators say ran between last july until early this year. still no update this week from investigators in the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and eight others. last night harbor day school in newport beach retired the number 2 basketball jersey worn by bryant's daughter, gianna, who also died in the crash. bryant's widow posted clips of the ceremony. bryant's book "the mamba mentality, how i play" is number one on the nonfiction bestseller list. national girls and women in sports day. we celebrate alex morgan. she is training with the u.s. women's soccer team and she is 7 months pregnant. she says even though she's expecting, she'll do her best to grab a spot on the team for the 2020 olympics. we wish her well. 5:27 this morning. up next, top stories we're following today including corruption scandal fallout. new allegations about a lavish
5:28 am
holiday party involving san francisco public works employees and the money from a nonprofit that paid for it. plus, does exclusion really fit with pride? google and one group of bay area law enforcement officers learning whether they can take part in this year's celebration.
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right know at 5:30, working to help ease the housing crisis. a live report on cal train's new push that could lead to more
5:31 am
afor affordable housing. cracking down on teen vaping. the new ban and why some fear it falls short. good morning to you and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the pictures on your driver's license, a lot of people don't like them, right? >> you want to retake them. they're showing ours. >> how does it sound if you could do it over? >> oh, look at kari and mike. >> those are pretty good. a lot of people want to take another one. there's a change coming. we'll talk about that coming up later. >> i want to bring lighting and filters. >> i've seen that before. >> you can bring that to the dmv? >> i didn't say you could. >> maybe beyonce. let's turn to our own queen bee
5:32 am
right here. >> queen bee today because the weather is nice. as we go to the rest of the forecast, a cooldown. here is a look at the seven day. how about this, 70 degrees and perfect. as we go into the weekend still looking nice. cooler sunday and the warm weather the start of next week. things coming up in a few minimum. mike, an advantage at the bay bridge. >> we found that at the bb, the bay bridge. fastrak is moving much more smoothly than about 15 minutes ago. the metering lights go on, the backup slams to the toll plaza. fastrak and hov, your car-pool there. the cash lanes are visibly moving. there is a nice, easy drive right now. a little bit of slowing.
5:33 am
no major problem. everything is looking great. the peninsula, too. >> thanks, mike. a growing bay area trend, this morning cal train will vote on whether to bring more affording housing to areas around its station along the peninsula. why some people are not onboard with this one, sharon. >> reporter: marcus, i spoke to a renter who walked by. a man says it's costing him about $3,700 a month for rent. housing advocates say they will speak up at today's meeting. those plans often include taking away parking spaces at the station and raising concern about more congestion in the nearby area. they say they will push for cal train to be open to housing
5:34 am
instead of a small fraction slated under the policy. if that doesn't work advocates say other developers should be required to provide at least 30%. cal train is expected to vote around 10:00 this morning. i'm sharon kutsuda, "today in the bay." 5:34. today a nationwide ban on e-cigarettes and vaping goes into effect. menthol and tobacco flavorings will still be legal. some experts believe young people have already moved on from the juul products to other nicotine products still on the market. the man accused of opening fire on a greyhound bus will be back in court.
5:35 am
the attorney shielded his client's face as you see here. this was in court yesterday. williams is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of six people outside of bakersfield. sadly one person died. the embattled head of the public works department is expected back in federal court this morning in connection with that ongoing corruption probe. mohammed nuru is accused of accepting kickbacks for government contracts including an sfo restaurant deal. in the meantime "the examiner" reports the other man tied to the scandal, nick bovis, may have siphoned money from his own nonprofit to pay for a lavish party for public works employees. they say at least three companies with city contracts donated to the nonprofit. head to our investigative unit on our home bay for stories tied to this scandal.
5:36 am
a follow-up to a story we previewed on "today in the bay." all groups will be allowed to participate in the pride festival. rethinking recent nonbinding bans against google. pride members say they want to emphasize inclusiveness saying bans are not in the best interest of pride or its members. now to making it in the bay. amidst the bay area housing crunch. mayor london breed is spearheading a plan aimed at -- now she is proposing a ballot measure requiring at most a six-month permit process on some new home construction. about 50,000 signatures needed before july 6th for it to appear on the november ballot. and happening today the city of fremont will host its first mobility summit. the city and transportation agencies will discuss the challenges of getting around in fremont and how technology can help reduce accidents and traffic.
5:37 am
>> fremont has already had a lot of work conversing with waze. i've seen some traffic shift through the area. we'll see how they deal with this summit. this is great as far as travel on this map. i do have a note out of antioch. westbound i told you the vehicle was on the shoulder but it's on the center divide. someone says there's someone under their car trying to fix something under it and they're sticking out in the fast lane so be very careful. building volume and of course a backup on the toll plaza. >> you know where else we're headed? >> where is that? >> the weekend. ♪ the weekend is on the way we are almost there. it's going to be a really nice
5:38 am
one. some warmer temperatures. highs will reach into the upper 60s. the coast in the upper 50s, really nice for february. slightly cooler and windy. make sure you're aware of that. we have the knbr giants fan fest happening at about the same time as we get ready for the lunar new year parade. we'll see temperatures in the low 50s. sunshine and warming up. well, if you plan on heading to the coast it's going to be in the upper 50s, still breezy and high temperatures will reach about 60 degrees. if you're planning to head to russian river valley, around that area, a lot of sunshine.
5:39 am
if you're going to yosemite this week expect some great weather. 48 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. slightly cooler on saturday and then much cooler. it looks like the snow stays away. we're going to see slightly warmer weather going to santa barbara, 68 degrees for the high tomorrow. 63 and 64 degrees on saturday. we're planning those trips all around california this weekend. make sure you're following me on social media. we'll check out today's south bay temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. sound goods. thanks, kari. 5:39 this morning. your vote required. still ahead, a push to penalize californians who don't cast
5:40 am
their ballot and the push back. what's behind the fiery streak that lit up the night sky overnight in southern california? president trump has been acquitted and plans to address the nation this morning. plus, trending for you that morning, forget the double-double, all new gear in-n-out is rolling out and how you can buy your own. when it comes to your business internet, which is more important? ♪ ♪ okay, i wish i didn't have to choose.
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. (elevator rings) great bag. twins! okay, okay, okaaayy! my boss's boss, has the same taste in bags. just two fashion forward powerful women with great style. mm! although, i'll bet she overpaid for hers, i mean, i got this italian leather beauty for way less at t.j.maxx which is just good business. i think she'd appreciate smart decisions like that. oooh, i should tell her! ♪ ♪ right now at 5:42, a live
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view outside starting out all clear again this morning. temperatures cool but not as cold. in santa teresa in the low 40s as you head out the door. low 60s at noon. a lot more sunshine today. we'll get a look at this and what's going on for the weekend coming up next. >> top of your screen, folks tapping their brakes heading up to alum rock. pretty traditional pattern for the south bay. something that may cause more slowing for the north bay commute coming up. thanks so much, mike and kari. still ahead the fight between a luxury designer store and a pot shop proposed in the heart of union square. more coming up at 6:00. a lot of people in southern california wondering what they saw in the skies a little after midnight. it was a missile launch.
5:44 am
the air force says the test had been in the works for months. now to decision 2020. bernie sanders' campaign coming to california today but the candidate not so much. supporters plan to hold a news conference to talk about engaging no party preference. there may soon come a day when your vote is forced. at least that's the idea behind a new measure introduced by mark levine. the "l.a. times" reports he wants to require all registered voteers to cast a ballot in future elections but it's not likely to be trd until the spring. he says there are doeses of other countries that require voters to cast a ballot. if this ever gets approve it would likely not survive legal appeals. voters would still have the option to submit an empty ballot. happening today bay area
5:45 am
janitors plan to take to the streets to rally for a new deal for immigrant workers. they wouldn't to start negotiating a new labor deal for more than 25,000 janitors statewide. it is largely mid up of immigrant women. president trump will speak to the nation this morning. >> we expect advisers are telling him to bring the country back together. they've advised him to do that before. this is the national prayer breakfast. you can see president trump on the left looking out at the crowd. the person occupying the spot at the podium was none other than nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. we'll show you that tape later. an extraordinary sight one day
5:46 am
after the exoneration of president trump. you have pelosi and trump at the same event, the national prayer breakfast in washington. the president found not guilty on the two accusations against him, abuse of power and obstructing congress. that ends the impeachment of donald trump. the respondent, donald j. trump, president of the united states, is not guilty as charged in the first article of impeachment. >> history made when republican mitt romney voted guilty on the first counseled. the first time in american history a member of the president's own party has voted guilty in an impeachment trial. romney a member of the latter-day saints said doing the right thing was far more important than politics or fear. >> does anyone seriously believe that i would consent to these
5:47 am
consequences other than an inescapable conviction that my oath before god demanded it of me. >> president trump's son called him a name we can't repeat on television. it shouldn't matter. the only people who vote for rommie ro romney is utah and it's a conservative trump. trump won utah with 45% of the vote. republicans continue to make hay over nancy pelosi's decision to tear up her copy of the state of the union script. gaetz of florida suggests she be accused of a crime. the skiff in that stunt in october says they broke law by bringing cell phones in where they live streamed, tweeted and ordered pizza. we will be covering president trump's 9:00 a.m. comments live
5:48 am
here on nbc bay area. you can watch that coming up later this morning. thanks, scott. if you're not happy with your driver's license, there is some good news for you. there's a bill now going through sacramento that will allow you to select three photos and then pick your favorite. all you have to do is pay extra, $5. let's get the vote out and make it happen. a lot of people want it. >> good lighting, do you get a fan? cool outfit? if you've always dreamed of living a life of luxury in france but hate crossing the atlantic ocean, there's a home for sale in san francisco that just may make you say bonjour. >> it's a 20-room mansion called mini versailles because it's modeled for the castle outside of paris.
5:49 am
that does come with a price. it's listed at nearly $22 million. iconic rapper and philanthropist jay-z has a lot of titles. >> he could add one more to his resume. >> what are your hopes for this lecture series? >> i think this is a great start. the conversations went from everybody, just opened dialogue and real honest conversations. >> he's one step closer to becoming a college professor, presenting a new lex tolecture series. burger lovers, a new way to show your love and animal style when it comes to the fast food favorite in-n-out. some items you won't find on the menu. these drink cup shoes. a blanket that shows off the
5:50 am
in-n-out menu and nails. just your way to look fabulous as you're eating up those fries. something for everybody. >> i know they sell t-shirts. >> socks. >> my kids that were younger, any shirt we brought to in-n-out shirt. >> because of the ketchup? >> or the sauce. >> get those nails for valentine's day. >> i'll take the shoes, though. >> i thought the shoes were cute. >> size 8. let's get started. our temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. the inner bay and the south bay heading to concord, 41 degrees. getting the kids ready for
5:51 am
school this morning bundle up. pleasanton at 37 for that walk to school. you'll probably wouldn't to drive and tracrank up the heate. as you're getting dressed you need a jacket and later today some short sleeves as we warm up into the 60s and even some low 70s. look at our south bay, warmer than yesterday, reaching close to 70 degrees in gilroy. we'll see a high of 70 in danville. oakland reaching 65. 65 also in redwood city. san francisco up to 62 in the mission district and the north bay reaching 70 in ukiah, sonoma today, 67 degrees. that seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, still showing a lot of sunshine and we're seeing the rain arching up and around missing the bay area still.
5:52 am
so high pressure keeps it away. today the drought monitor will update. much of the bay area abnormally dry and we need about six inches of rain in the north bay to catch up to normal. san jose needs about 4 1/2 inches of rain. no surprise to us it's abnormally dry and it looks like it continues as we don't see any rain in the forecast even though our temperatures go up and down and we'll see cold fronts moving through. it's warming up now. a dip in our temperatures by sunday and then we warm up early next week and we're back down by the middle of next week. mike, you were seeing a problem. >> depending on your route. most are still showing green. we have a nice flow of traffic right now. we saw an early start to the bay bridge. right here where we traditionally see the slowing, heading over to the racetrack
5:53 am
area and over to novato, a crash right where the backup starts to head over the bridge. we're looking around wilson avenue. sacramento street is the street it goes over and that is the issue. it crashed there pretty quickly. folks are getting by over on the shoulder. out of vallejo heading west to novato fl west across the richmond bridge to san rafael and a little build to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have that backup. fastrak lanes moving more slowly and the cash lanes don't really show much movement. the sign that's lit up, starting the 15th. a note for highway 101. we'll talk more about that later. back to you. happening now, a high-speed train derails in northern italy killing two and hurting 27.
5:54 am
that train was going about 185 miles per hour when it derailed and struck another train. it was leaving milan. two people who died were train engineers. the cause is under investigation. much more ahead on "today in the bay" including one bay area city set to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. plus, an explosive start to the b.a.r.t. stabbing trial. the defendant removed from the courtroom. coming up details on that and the video jurors were shown making headlines this morning. all new, a lofty plan taking flight in tahoe. why there's less turbulence for a giant gondola connecting two popular ski resorts. tv just keeps getting better.
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and a good morning to you. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." it is 5:57 for you right now. we're reporting online and in social media and i want you to check out this video of google's new offices. a giant dome. our kris sanchez rode by while on assignment and shared this on twitter. here is what the final product will look like. as big as ten football fields. this is on twitter, on any of
5:58 am
your favorite platforms. hayward leaders approved a new minimum wage, $15 an hour for employees with 26 or more workers. employers with 26 or more workers. and they will make $14 an hour and takes effect july 1st. councilmembers approved the option for more increases between now and 2023. after an explosive first day the deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing trial resumes later this morning in oakland. john lee cowell is accused of killing nia wilson in 2018 and critically injuring her sister at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. during opening statements cowell had to be removed for repeatedly interrupting prosecutors. jurors saw gruesome video of the attack. the judge allowed cowell to re-enter when the defense took
5:59 am
over. still no update from investigators in the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and eight others. last night harbor day school retired the number 2 basketball jersey worn by bryant's daughter gianna who also died in the crash. bryant's widow vanessa posted clips of the ceremony writing in one post, you've taught us all that no act of kindness is ever too small. bryant's book "mamba mentality: how i play" is number one. books published by bryant's media company occupy the top three spots. in the middle hard core category of "the new york times" bestseller list. did you catch this last night, the warriors were in brooklyn. that's right. the home now of kevin durant. he and steph curry were seen hugging it out like two brothers. they are sidelined with knee
6:00 am
injuries. they took time to -- >> hug it out. >> hug it out. that's nice. they're friends. not just -- like you haven't seen you buddy in a long time. >> they have some hardware to bond on that they achieved here in the bay area. 6:00 for you right now and it happened again, another freeway shooting in the east bay, the third one this week. what investigators are telling us. plus, together again, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi. i doubt they're hugging it out but they are together in the same room two days after a dramatic scene at the state of the union. the president is about to speak. we're going to monitor what he has to say. and the stars are out in northern california. where you can catch a glimpse at keanu reeves. "today in the bay" right now. and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm


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