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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 7, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PST

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luvs, parent like a pro . we anticipate later in the month of march that we'll be significantly complete with those -- >> right now at 4:30, facing a new round of delays. some wonder if the b.a.r.t. to wow, what a gorgeous live look outside this morning. south bay train will ever reach the station. golden gate bridge. so iconic, so beautiful. a live report on the latest glitch b and the new timetable. people travel the world just to plus housing for the see that bridge. homeless. san francisco growing debate and what a treat. over of navigation centers and we get to see it every morning the critical decision just put here on "today in the bay." >> when you put it like that, all right. >> there you go. on hold. a little gift. >> it is friday. >> when you put it like that. good friday morning. we see it every day. and thanks for joining us, i'm >> well we also watch for the laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. iconic fog that rolls across the a lot of people talking about this. golden gate bridge and i think the most coveted craft beer in we'll see that closer to america is going on sale in the sunrise. temperatures are a little bit north bay. we're going to talk about the a milder in some s.d in the and
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upper 30s in parts of the north is so sought after year after bay an the trooil and the south year, except with b mr drinker. county. 40s elsewhere. >> really. if you are about to step out in maybe it might change you if you antioch, 39 degrees here. the sky is cle ever had one. ratureur tempe >> i haven't either. >>a beer? you've never had a beer. south bay, downtown san jose, 69 >> my mom would be watching so let's check out our high teams. degrees, that is about 10 no. >> pretty early for a beer right degrees above normal. we're up to 71 degrees today in now. >> yeah. >> it is 4:30 in the morning. morgan hill. >> and getting that coffee ready for the east bay, 71 in or whatever gets you going in danville. while will reach 67 degrees. the morning. we start out with temperatures in the north bay, some of the inland areas in the mid to upper making plans to spend a lot of time outside as we reach the 30s. and it is a chilly start with upper 60s on the peninsula. our high temperatures this 68 in the mission district afternoon heading into the upper today. and in the north bay up to 71 in 50s by noon and then some santa rosa. we're still seeing high pressure blocking the storm system that mid-60s going into the rest of the day. it is going to be a nice one. have been moving across the pacific northwest. even a few spots reaching the it is still remains in place but low 70s today. we'll drop down and bring us so get out and enjoy it. high winds by the end of the we'll talk about a slight weekend. i think on sunday it is going to cooldown for the end of the be very windy but we've been weekend coming up. mike, you're taking a look at warming up due to that high the bay bridge toll plaza. >> what we can see because the blanket is keeping us warmer and that has a clockwise wind flow to cause the air to
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kari is talking about great sink and gives us clear skies. temperatures. so as the air sinks it getsmpre not a great view at the bay friction and heats up the air so bridge toll plaza. fog drifting around but also that is the reason why we're talking about the golden gate bridge getting fog overnight but the latest look showed no feeling temperatures 10 degrees problems, i'll show you that in warmer than this time of the the next report. year. highs in the mid-60s inland and contra costa county a easy ride cooler on sunday. we talked about that area of low over the carquinez and benicia pressure dropping in but it won't bring us any rain so it is and no major problems over the just gusty and a little bit bridges and looks like a new cooler but warming up again incident in san jose and i'll early next week. mike, you're starting with a check had a out maybe just off crash in san jose. that is right. of 87. back to you. we found more information. breaking news out of l.a. it is not a new crash, it is an out of southern california. older crash, happened about 1:30 and a deadly fire at a los in the morning and still affecting the off-ramp at angeles apartment complex. two people said to be in grave kurtner so this is a concern for those using that off-ramp and condition. it started early this morning. then continuing to track that. firefighters arrived to find the freeway itself, 87 and 101, flames on both floors and rescued four people. no firefighters were hurt. an investigation is underway into how the fire started. 280, 75, 80 and all through san jose are moving nicely in both we'lt ang better idea of exactl directions north and south and east and west and some across on where this is. it looks like it is on venice the campus. we're looking at the tri-valley.
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avenue. well b.a.r.tthextouth bay, dublin interchange no delays. same thing for the peninsula hold. >> that is right. side. bob redell is live at the warm there may be a new disabled vehicle here at 580 near grant springs bart station in fremont. line but i haven't seen additional slowing. people want to know what is just brake tap toward livermore. going on here. >> reporter: that is a good question. the valley transportation walnut creek looks great. authority which oversaw the antioch, pittsburg, bay point construction of the milpitas and and highway 4 at speed and berryessa station in the south toward the maze just got report bay. they say they won't know until mid to late march when the there may be a wrong-way driver stations will open for b.a.r.t. service. take a look at this map we're at golf links road. putting on your tv screen. we are very concerned whenever the line ends here at warm that is reported on the freeway. springs b.a.r.t. in fremont where i'm standing. i would look at the golden gate this $2.3 billion project will bridge from the toll plaza but we saw it from overhead, the extend b.a.r.t. ten miles into beautiful view and no fog and we san jose with stops in milpitas have seen this layer of fog rise and berryessa and extending into just above the deck as we're looking from san francisco toward the bay bridge. downtown san jose and santa clara. folks coming into the city. that is years off. the stations themselves are back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 4:49 and a san built. the b.a.r.t. tracks are installed. they were supposed to open at francisco human rights group is the end of 2018 and they did skoez -- exposing the danger open the vta light rail and bus service but b.a.r.t. trains
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can't run with passengers many from el salvador is facing. through the stations yet. among the issues to be between 2013 and last year addressed, the trains are not nearly 140 people were killed stopping exactly where they are after they were returned to thei h country. supposed to on the plot form because of a communications it also cites more than 200 issue between computers on the cases of abuse or beatings train and the sensors at the during that time. the findings come following this station. vta anticipates later in the week's state of the union month of march they might be address in which president trump able to fix those issues and touted his tough immigration give us a better idea when those policy. california now fired epa stations will open to b.a.r.t. administrator said that he is still having really no idea why service. bob redell, "today in the bay." he was dismissed. >> thank you. attorneys for wildfire in a letter sent to epa region victims accuse pg&e of nine colleagues, mike stoker said that he first refused continuing to use shotty and requests from above to resign. dangerous equipment in the devastated town of paradise. he was then fired wednesday and it is parttiff's begin no reason why. he told "the chronicle" he bway of an expert thinks it is personal. hired by wildfire victims and district nine is in san that inspector found parts of -- francisco but he lives in southern california. held in place by power -- lines his second in charge deborah jordan is now acting chief. it is 4:40 right now. what sparked the campfire. california state lottery under the microscope after a major in response to the filing, pg&e giveaway on ellen. said that it looked into the in december she surprised each
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allegations and the line had no person in her audience with a safety issues but did need some $500 bundle of scratcher equipment repair. tickets. it amounted to more than well with 4:34 now. $200,000. and hundreds of teachers and the l.a. times reports a jobs may be on the lines as one complaint accused the state lottery of misusing funds. pa -- one major east bay school they come as an audit is district grappled with budget underway looking into wasteful cuts. spending allegations. >> the contra costa school district say they are starting the state senator who requested the audit is concerns lottery at a $32 million shortfall this year. right now both sides are trying money is not going to public to identify cost-cutting schools as promised. giants tans, listen to this. options. the union fears if nothing can the pitchers and catchers report be found, 250 teachers may get for days from now but tomorrow pink slips. is your day. they lift the curtain with fan that is without considering fest in san francisco. nonteaching staff. so the giants are undergoing a the district could lay off 400 lot of changes this season. people to reach the budge-cutting goals. mad bomb is gone and there is new this morning, berkeley also a new manager for the firs. school district and berkeley high school not commenting on a lawsuit filed in connection with gabe kapler joins a lot of key an alleged sexual assault. players for fan fest at oracle berkeley reports it surrounded park. the gates open at 10:00 a.m. and an attempted rape in a classroom last year. it's free. can't beat that. the suit accused administrators and in case you forgot, nbc bay of not protecting a student who area is your broadcast for the. was assaulted and telling the accuser the same person had now. assaulted other students in the
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past. the suit claims that the school did not notify child protect fixer-upper p in san francisco is a dream come true for an sieve services about the excited new owner of one of the incident. berkeley side did reach out to iconic painted ladies. the school district and the high school and they are not chenting. >> leah calder paid over the a debate over the so-called navigation centers in san asking price of $2.75 because francisco is apparently stalling she sees potential in the historic home and is drawn to out. you may remember the embarcadero all of the unique details. shelter opened in december, had the 37-year-old also seemed to get a kick out of the renovation audience that she has across the a lot of pushback from neighbors. supervisors committee yesterday street. >> i love san francisco. tabled a vote to open similar and part of the fun of visiting centers in all 11 supervisor the city is seeing these districts. homeless sflss leaders say that beautiful victoria homes and all the cost to open so many centers hook this way and painted will impact housing for the beautiful colors. homeless. the same committee will revisit i think it is just fantastic so the subject february 20th. a scratcher's scandal. i'm so excited. the growing calls for the investigation after the >> follow at pink painted lady california lottery gave away thousands of dollars worth of and it will be part of the pink tickets on a popular daytime pallet out front. talk show. plus working to ease your commute. the renovation will take about a big change ube ser making to two years to complete. well happening today, beer adapt starting today in san francisco. and taking a live look lovers across the bay area may
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be calling in sick this morning. outside. fog hovering over the bay bridge because today was the super toll plaza. we'll check that forecast and your morning commute. bowl. it is 4:36 right now. flight of the hunger is out for the 16th straight year. people will flock toesould up to six hours and for the first time drinkers could take home bottles we'll have a live report at 5:45. >> well 4:53 now and coming up nbc bay area responds. >> when customer service doesn't cut it we're here to pick up the clack. i'm chris chmura and nbc bay this burger's delicious! area responds next. let's make it more delicious! first, happening now, ♪ menutaur preparations underway for a put an extra patty on that! bam! hollywood biggest night. woah! the 92nd annual academy awards uh-uhhh! are on sunday. right now crews are getting the my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. kodak theater in los angeles ready for the stars. you still have time to check out some of the nominees. this year's biggest drama picture, the irishman and
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marriage story and once upon a time in hollywoodment the recent momentum has swung to world war i epic 1917 and south korea theater para siext we'll see who will win. we'll have the big wrap up on a lot more news ahead on this friday morning, this is 4:54 it's a brand new morning for breakfast.
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with the jimmy dean delights breadless egg'wich. we with two egg frittatas. for a protein packed start to your day. and that is somethin else... kinda makes ya hungry don't it? othroughout the country for the past twelve years, check out my triple bonus jack! mr. michael bloomberg is here. check it out with an extra patty! yeah! vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together ok! let's ride! in the fight for gun safety laws, oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when right now at 4:39, a live we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. look outside in san francisco bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. from san bruno mountain. low clouds and fog offering over parts of the bay. as you get ready to step out of the door, it is still a cool start. we have some mid-40s in the city that will head into some 50s as with we go through the day.
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but it is going to warm up into the low 70s. we'll talk about this and more coming up in a few minutes. and no delays por any of the transit agencies you saw. they are quickly starting to hit the button too quickly. at oakland, 880, the nimitz, a good amount of traffic. no major problems but i did spot this, somebody with a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. though reports of chp but we'll check that out. coming up i'll show you what is going on for san jose. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are the top business headlines. wall street is set to open up in the red this morning. that follows losses in asia after china said it will delay 4:56 right now and nbc bay the release of some economic area responds to dozen of data due to disruptions there consumer complaints every week. the coronavirus. yesterday back here in the u.s. chris chmura tracks them all. stocks rising ct wod and now here is an inside update cut tariffs on some u.s. from the team's effort. >> good morning. we first launched nbc bay area products and investors were boosted by on responds three and a half years ago and since then we've helped employment and productivity job consumers like you savor get
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back 3781473.56. expected to be weaker than the average over the past two years some recent addit t with mickey but still healthy. ube ser making it easier to get a ride to the train station. in san jose. she kept getting billed after make my train station rolls out canceling a subscription. we helped deliver a $191 refund. and cal train in the bay area. enter a train station as your destination and you'll get a cheryl in san ramon had a schedule and prompted to choose the train you want to make based on uber's transit data. similar problem with phone service and dialed in $118 you also choose when you want to arrive and uber will give you a credit. suggested time to schedule your and we helped the family in american canyon settle a dispute ride. last year ube began selling train and bus tickets through the app for customers in denver over smartphone accessories, they got $230 back. and has scheduled and directions for more than a dozen other maybe we can help you, too. cities. share your consumer complaints streaming news. neet you disable the at just tap responds in the menu. or you could call us us, the auto play future on the home page that has customer series ae number is 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. defiant and driven. from automatically starting and >> i came out of the womb now there is previews to stop g. competitive. >> these athletes would not be denied. >> we fought hard and we did is first world problems but it is a it. >> the opportunity to fight for problem. respect. >> i like when they i do too. >> this is your moment, enjoy
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it. >> and win, win, win. i didn't think it is a issue. don't miss a new documentary about the female bay area athletes who redefined what watching. >> but you want to watch your victory means. show but not the commercials -- >> it influences young girls to >> that never happens for me. believe. >> all right, thanks, frank. >> bay area revelations, female sports icons, february 15th on i like your red tie, frank. nbc bay area. talk about a set of hot wheels. a toy car sold in 1968 is worth more than the real size version. the prototype of the chevy camaro was just discovered and worth an estimated $100,000. it is believed to be the only one in existence. keep in mind, the original toy was sold for 59 cents. the price of a real 2020 camaro starts at $25,000. i used to collect match box and hot wheels and my brother did too. so i'm checking. >> i don't know where where mine are. >> oh, i do. going to call my dad. 4:42 now. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari is tracking the weekend forecast.
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maybe the top down? >> absolutely. if you are riding around napa. but you've got the top up this morning because it is only in the upper 30s. we'll talk about this and that weekend warm-up coming up next. and we only see from the top up here at the bay bridge. i was scared i wasn't going to have anything to show you. there is the fog on the deck. we'll talk about this and i'll give you a different view and talk about what we found out right now at 5:00, working about the incident over in san to stop a growing outbreak. another flight loaded with jose. plus a dream come true for americans fleeing china just the excited new owner of an landed in the bay area. iconic painted lady. as with we learn the bay area lab that is cutting down the the remodel work still ahead for the buyer. time for results. and in d.c. this morning -- >> it's a celebration because we between the gorgeous sights and amazing food and diverse culture, you love the bay have something that just worked bridge. out. i halloween it worked out. but you don't love the traffic, the high priced hopes and seeing >> savoring a senate victory. our neighbors struggle. so let's find a way to make how a washington insider bdownr things better. nbc bay area news presents military official faces backlash "making it in the bay", all next heforng crisis, week we break down the housing stadium concerns and police tactics. the top issues the mayor of the
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crisis, meet the people fighting for survival and find real east bay's biggest city is solutions. making it in the bay, all next expected to address today as we roll into the next half hour of week only on nbc bay area. "today in the bay." country. and a very good now friday week only on nbc bay area. was, morning to joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. week only on nbc bay area. this morning pizza-gate is on. and to return power to the american people. the u.s. city claiming it is the capital of the world when it comes to ties and the growing i started need to impeach online debate. to hold this lawless president accountable. we'll talk about that and -- i i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... wish we could have a taste test as well. >> well it is early. can we put in a request for an ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. order. >> we'll talk about that debate coming up in just a bit. as president, i'll declare climate change and mike will have a look at an emergency on day 1. that. >> i'm looking at the pizza. and, use those powers >> we have a chilly start this to finally address the climate crisis. morning but it will warm up and turn out to be a nice day. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful if you're about to step out of international business. the door in concord, expect the lower 40s and a lot of sunshine. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - at noon we're at 60 degrees and and beat him. continues to go up from there i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - and some of us will reach 70 degrees today. because there is nothing more powerful we'll talk about that and what is ahead for the weekend coming than the unified voice of the american people. up. mike, you're following up on a
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wrong-way driver report. >> very
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