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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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5:00 for you this morning. here on "today in the bay," we begin with the breaking news. this is p in oakland where where you could see a very active scene as firefighters have been putting out a house fire this morning. this is just off of 880 and 98 avenues near san leandro. >> it is near the san leandro border. you could see the schoke off of 880 this morning. the flames just about half an hour ago were billowing into the air. let's check in with pete suratos. he's live there at the scene. firefighters still on top of roofs of the homes, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you guys. it is a bit hard to hear. what you are saying. this is an active scene in oakland just off of malta court. want to show you the home that caught on fire.
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actually we were it route to another story, we saw another area and then on the way back we saw this fire that was still going. you see a number of fire engines there. we're hoping to get an update it there oakland fire but it is at least affecting that home and another home to the right where there is exposure to that area. now thab -- now neighbors shaw the smoke and a number are outside and giving us some information. some tell us there may have been an elderly man inside of the home and i'm working to confirm that piece of information. some neighbors just smelled the smoke and called 911 and that is when we saw what you're seeing at the big scene unfolding. i've counted four owe five oakland fire engines on scene battling this fire. you could hear the noise back there as i believe they may be working on that roof area on one of the homes. that was exposed to the fire. but working to get more details. we'll see if there is any injuries. the cause of the fire obviously
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is too early to tell but a number of crews on scene and we're hoping to get an update from oakland fire to see what is happening and also to see if anyone was injured as a result of this fire, guys. >> well, let's hope not. i know they tried to tackle that from all angles. we'll check back with you throughout the newscast. thanks, pete. and right now a look at meteorologist kari hall tracking the forecast and what about the winds out there in the area. we've been dealing with those throughout the weekend. >> we had some high winds yesterday and in oakland hills with gusts over 60 miles per hour. we do still have a wind advisory for our hills around the bay area. as we could see still some high wind gusts. but yesterday we had a gust at mt. diablo at 75 miles per hour. up to 87 in mt. saint helena and in the santa cruz mountains some 80-mile-per-hour winds. it is still going to be windy today. especially into this afternoon. look at our 10:00 wind speed forecast showing vacaville, 48-mile-per-hour winds and that is coming through the delta into
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parts of the bay area later today. mike, you were looking at that fire in oakland. >> i am. where pete shows us the breaking news at the top of the report here. we're looking at the northbound direction of the nimitz coming in toward the coliseum, had there is 98th and there you see the smoke shouldering through the area. we don't really see the flames any more. we didn't see it in the live shot but all of the smoke still pouring out of the area on fire near those homes so that is the issue. maybe a distraction as the sun starts to come up. if the smoke is still there it will be visible to folks traveling north on the nimitz but just as you approach 98th, that is what is going on on the east side of the trae. not impacting the speed through area. and perhaps a crash in pleasanton and we'll talk about had a coming up. back to you. more breaking news to tell you about. several people hurt after a late night shooting in hayward around 10:30 at a home on medford avenue near meek park and
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mission boulevard. right now the area is blocked off. police aren't telling us how many victims were taken to the hospital and if there are more than one shooter at that area. right now the area is blocked off. police aren't telling us what is going on. we'll continue to work on that to find the latest information. laura. now to decision 2020 and the presidential race. it is the last day before the nation's first primary in new hampshire. and candidates are hitting the ground hard hoping to sway undecided voters. "today in the bay's" alice barr has the latest from manchester. >> reporter: in a marathon campaign it is down to the final sprint in new hampshire. candidates running the diner circuit hoping for a last-minute edge in a game of inches. >> it is in the bag. >> so we have three votes at this table. >> reporter: a broad field vying for a narrow group of undecided voters. >> i'm a democrat but i have not made up my mind yet. >> reporter: pete buttigieg
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hoping for a boost after last night the iowa democratic party officially gave him the highest delegate count from this contentious caucus. actor michael j. fox rallying for the former south bend mayor telling us he believes in his vision. >> honest and sincere and inclusive and i said this guy has got it. >> asking people to think -- >> reporter: he's been running neck-and-neck with bernie sanders who won here handily in 2016. >> everybody is still so high on sanders. it is just still a huge movement here. >> reporter: joe biden and elizabeth warren both hoping to close the gap. >> i think she's the best candidate to unify the democratic party. >> and amy choklobuchar is surg from behind raising $2 million after a strong debate performance. new hampshire could be key in shifting momentum as undecided democrats search the menu of options for the candidate who can win in november. alice barr, nbc news,
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manchester, new hampshire. >> and stay with new hampshire news because tomorrow morning the "today" show will have coverage of the new hampshire primary with savannah guthrie live in manchester. now to development in the deadly coronavirus outbreak. happening today, santa clara county supervisors will meet to discuss declaring a local health emergency. the cdc is reporting five people currently quarantined at travis air force base are showing symptoms. all arrived last week from near the epee center in china. there is no confirmation yet on the test results. now the number of dead in china is scheidtly more than 900. that is more than the number of people killed in the sars outbreak almost 20 years. at least 40,000 more people in china are infected. happening today, another bay area city talking about taking control of the pg&e ower grid. a town hall will talk about the power shutoff. and the challenge facing future
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shutoffs. others have talked about turning pg&e into a public utility. 5:0 now. and happening today, b.a.r.t. is making changes to get you out of the door earlier. b.a.r.t. said the changes will affect every commuter to some extent. it includes earlier week day service on some lines and increased peak service to and from concord. pleasant hill trains will be labelled concord as well and expect later service are from san francisco to the fremont warm springs station. and b.a.r.t. is launching the ambassador program. ten b.a.r.t. ambassadors wearing district uniforms will walk trains in teams of to along the busiest routes. ambassadors will not carry weapons. the six-month pilot program is costing more than $600,000. sm haking it in the bay. mark delsor is taking the bill
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for new funding for infrastructure loans tied to housing and development focused around transit hubs and he said that it would ensure people have full access to transit, affordable housing and jobs. and continuing with making it in the bay coming the bay bridge housing crunch. the recent study found more and more bay area workers are becoming super commuters. that is people who drive long distances because they can't afford to live close to work. bob redell is live in livermore. and bob, when we talk about this super commute or the commuter, how long are we talking about? >> reporter: marcus. a super commuter is generally someone who drives more than 90 minutes each way to work. you could see a number of them right over my left shoulder here. they're driving down the altamont pass here in livermore from the central valley where roughly 1 in 11, 1 in 12 people are super-commuters like the man you are about to meet, they
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farther away to afford a nicer home. three acres of land, 2400 square feet of living space. including a decent sized kitchen. for this silicon valley hairdresser, his home is a dream come true. >> best thing i think i've ever done. but the commute is becoming really hard. >> reporter: the castle comes with a big price tag. that is measured in hours on the road. this morning he needed to leave at 6:15. otherwise he won't make his 8:30 appointment at his hair salon in campbell located here. his house, way down here in solidad, 90 miles and two hours and 15 minutes away. you think your commute is bad. >> it is a choice that we made. to have a better life.
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but facing the consequences of traffic, thinking about it, it is rough. but i do time it, for me it is kind of worth it. >> catholic radio is his co-pilot and his tea his fuel and his large clientele his motivation. >> my whole clientele is out there. the money i make, no. i mean, yeah, you could do it here, but you will make half of what you're making. >> my work is my sanctuary. it's -- i like doing what i'm doing. >> reporter: that is not to say ferman sometimes doesn't regret not buying a home in the south bay back when it was affordable and much closer to work. >> i had a second chance, yes, maybe. >> reporter: today he's 15 minutes early. traffics was lighter than usual. his commute this time around
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only two hours. >> i'll walk in and say good morning. and a lot of my co-workers say are you crazy? i can't believe you walk this with a smile still. after all of the traffic. that's life. that's how it is. >> reporter: ferman does not have the longest commute in the bay area. we touched base with a man who lives outside of sacramento and commutes to his job in san francisco. it is over 100 miles each way. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> wow! >> give it up to them. >> and take into account the wear and tear on the car and the gasoline and the hours. it is tough on people. >> and the wear and tear on the person as well. >> of course. >> well let's look over here. because we have two issues. we had traffic and we have also that breaking news we're following out of oakland where pete suratos is following this. now you see this it looks like fog but it is smoke that is still going on for a fire still going on at malta and bernard
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just off the nimitz. here is 880 northbound and 98th crossing over the freeway just south of the coliseum. now traffic flows smoothly on that live camera but you did see how close that schomoke is and the sun comes up that may be a distraction toward the coliseum. two incidents by the dublin interchange. 580 a disabled vehicle pushed off at darty and southbound 680 a report of a tire in the roadway but no slowing there. we did have strong winds but chp canceled the advisory for the bay bridge in the last few hours. >> it is still breezy in some spots. as we look at the bay bridge now in san francisco. our temperatures today will feel very nice but we will have some high winds. i'll be tracking this as our temperatures head into the upper 60s and a few low 70s. we'll talk about what is ahead for the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. >> we look forward to it. >> 5:12 and a star-studded night
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at the academy awards. >> "parasite". >> there you have it. next here on "today in the bay," the historic first at the oscars and the moment involving kiana reeves on the red carpet going viral. and the oscars kind of fell flat, laura. >> and new fallout for elizabeth holmes, the legal battle the one time theranos founder faces today in court. >> nbc bay area presents "making it in the bay." in every newscast we break down the housing crisis. tonight at 11:00, the rent is rising and you are reaching your breaking point. >> either i pay the rent or i eat. >> what if you just stopped paying? they did. meet the bay area tenants on strike for months. how this gives new hope to renters all across the bay area. tonight at 11:00, "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area news.
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obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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we're coming up on 5:16 and the wind will still be a big story today. as we still have a wind advisory that will be in effect for the bay area. hills gusting to 60 miles per hour. we'll talk about how high the winds were yesterday and what is ahead for the rest of the week coming up in lethan five minute and chp is warning about the altamont pass and the bay bridge is expecting more crowd and it is building now. we should see the metering lights in the next couple of minutes. and good morning. very happy monday. you know netflix got tripped aup the oscars, 21 nominations and only one with. zoom video is continuing to rise as we worry about coronavirus. zoom does vid conferences. airbnb will issue refunds for beijing popular among tourists
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and two people have died in beijing. interesting factoid, a jump in the applications for new home construction in california at the end of the year. economists think that is because home builders were trying to get in under the deadline as of this year builders are required to add new solar panels to new construction. which adds to the price. all this week on every newscast we'll take a look at housing here in the bay area. what solutions might help to get people into homes. one of the things i'll do is take a look at house prices here and in other cities where bay area people are flocking to. austin and portland are two really popular ones. we're going to have some fun with that coming up. with your bay area prices elsewhere coming up at 5:55. and i was talking about solar earlier. a new probe launched to head to the south and to take a peek at north and south poles. we've never seen the top or
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bottom of the sun which is interesting. in the solar system there is an ellipse, so everybody spins and it is above it or below to see the bottom, we've never done that before. >> don't hook at it. >> it has little sunglasses. >> thanks a lot. 5:18 now. star-studded night at the academy awards and then something never happened before. a foreign language film won best picture. >> "parasite". >> we never imagined this to ever happen. we're so happy. >> not only did the south korea movie make history, it also took home three additional oscars including best director, for bong joon ho sand best international film and original screenplay. politics made some appearances when brad pitt, he is a hit, won best supporting actor "once upon a time in hollywood."
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th >> they told me i only have 45 seconds up here which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton this year. >> and joaquin phoenix won his first actor for the squoeker and renee zellweger playing judy garland in "judy". and trending for you, kiana reeves oscar date, it is not the reason you may think. now you see here the two of them on the red carpet. like other a-listers he was accompanied by his mother, designer patricia taylor. many in the media mistook her as his girlfriend. here is a look at his actual girlfriend. that is artist alexander grant. this is from her instagram page. reeves took a break from making the movie "the matrix" here in the area in san francisco. >> both are lovely ladies. >> beautiful. another beautiful thing that we could have today. we're talking about that weather
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out there. >> it is nice to see the sunshine. but then when you step out of the car, step out of the building, it goes woosh. and we had a lot of high winds yesterday. >> exactly that sound. >> we're going to hear that again today. s as you open up those doors and even in spots like the valleys we're going to have the winds calming down but check out the wind gusts in the hills. looking at mt. saint helena, 87 miles per hour. well that was the reason why we had all of the power outages yesterday. and so also they had this that came out from the national weather service in the sierra, they said kirkwood measured a wind gust of 209 miles per hour. now the california record was 199. well i put some question marks beside it because now they're saying that may have been an error. and they're checking into it. so we'll see if this actually goes down as a record for kirkwood. as we start out this morning, live look outside in walnut creek. we're heading out of the door to teams in the low 40s. still breezy and the winds pick up through the day.
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reaching 66 degrees by early this afternoon. we have high pressure blocking that rain. and keeping all of the clouds away from the bay area. but these pressure gradients with where we have high pressure close to low pressure, that is what causes the air to rush over the bay area yesterday. and then as we go into today, it is still breezy. as that high pressure still remains just off to our west and low pressure stays to our east. as with we head through the weekend, it looks like there will be a slight chance of rain. but that is about it. and in fact a lot of computer models drawing that up for us, we know it is a dry start to february. looks like that continues at least for most of the rest of this week. and mike said choose wisely at the bay bridge. >> yes, choose wisely. because we're looking toward the fast track lanes which are not the fast lanes, the cash lanes less back-up but it is building but even if you have fast track, to use the cash option it is a different price but still getting time so that might be
5:22 am
valuable to you. it is valuable to me. you're time i'm talking about. no dedays around contra costa. and a wind advisory canceled by chp and the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge and still talking about the altamont pass as being gusty and bob was talking about the super-commuters and slowing there still at altamont but that is about it. no problem for the tri-valley. we want to continue following the news that pete was talking, about the fire off the nimitz trae. and there we have the live look. the smoke has gone away so still an active scene but the nimitz will not see the smoke right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:22 right now. and never forgotten. next here on "today in the bay," the memorial service being held for those who died in a helicopter crash alongside nba star kobe bryant. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:25 this morning. and today in southern california a memorial service for three members of the same family who died in the helicopter crash that killed nba star kobe bryant. other coast college baseball coach john antobelli and his wife kari and their daughter alyssa were among the nine people who died in calabasas. a public memorial will take place today at angel stadium in thyme following the vigil held
5:26 am
last week at the altobelli home town of newport beach. developing now, one of the new york city police officers shot in an ambush in the bronx has been released from the hospital. that shooting happened on saturday when police say a gunman opened fire on two officers in a patrol van then ran off. one officer was shot in the chin and the neck. a few hours later police said the same gunman walked into a presichk house and started shooting at officers hitting one in the arm. that is when the suspect placed his gun on the floor and surrendered. testimony resumes this a few hours in the sexual assault trial of movie mogul har yes weinstein. this week the defense presents his case. weinstein has maintained any sex was consensual. new details on the theranos scandal. holmes will be in a san jose court. she and her business partner accused of fraud promoting their
5:27 am
blood machine as something that could detect hundreds of diseases. the two pleaded not guilty. if convicted they could face up to 20 years in risen. the trial could begin as soon as this summer. 526 this morning. and coming up, the top stories here on "today in the bay," including the damage done across the bay area from the strong winds and the clean-up now underway. plus a student walkout planned at one bay area high school amid sexual assault claims. >> nbc bay area presents "making it in the bay." in every newscast we break down the housing crisis. tonight at 11:00, the rent is rising and you are reaching your breaking point. >> either i pay the rent or i eat. >> what if you just stopped paying? they did. meet the bay area tenants on strike for months. how this fight gives new hope to renters all across the bay area. tonight at 11:00, "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area news. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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right now at 5:30, breaking news. homes going up in flames overnight in oakland. our crew was there moments after it started and that fire crews arrived. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. this morning the strong gusty winds still moving across the bay area. a hot of damage over the weekend as well. caused some downed trees and power lines. look at this tree that came crashing down upon a car. imagine walking out to that. we're going to take a look at some of the damage done across the bay area. but first let's check in with kari hall tracking the forecast and what we're in for today, kari. >> still breezy winds across the bay area as you get ready to head out. and athe wind advisory continues for the hills today. that is all of the areas shaded in yellow. that will stay in effect until 11:00 tomorrow morning. we could still have some gusts up to 60 miles per hours but look at how high those winds were yesterday. mt. saint helena had a wind gust
5:31 am
of 87 miles per hour. and in the santa cruz mountains, 80-mile-per-hour winds. mt. diablo 75 and still reports that we have more than 25,000 people without power in the east bay right thousand. so we'll continue to monitor that. mike, you were saying the bay bridge toll plaza is filling in. it is. and they have power there. because he turned on the metering lights which caused the back-up and look behind me the winds kari is mentioning and overnight chp has given a wind advisory and they lifted the advisory for other bridges but over here the antioch bridge is an issue as far as that is concerned right now going on still. now looking at the rest of the bay, no major problems as far as the speed sensors go. over there in oakland just south of the coliseum, our camera was following this fire and it had a lot of smoke billowing up that has calmed down. still an active scenechch the nimitz freeway is not impacted but you have more because pete
5:32 am
has been out there all morning. >> it is the breaking news we've been following since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. flames tearing through two homes. smoke is still billowing over parts of 880. >> pete suratos is live there the at scene. and do we know if anyone was hurt in the fire? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. as mike mentioned, you could see that fire at least when we were driving on 880 north near the oracle arena and you could see the fire. but here you could see an active scene. the fire is out on malta court. but we are getting some more information from oakland fire. and i want to show you some video on the flames that went that fire was a bit more active at about 4:12 a.m. and that is information from oakland fire. they're confirming what we already saw here on the scene and there -- there was one home that caught on fire and there were two people inside of the home. one of the folks inside they saw in the home was taken to a
5:33 am
hospital with injuries. but some neighbors say they may have been even more people inside of the home. now to the right of that home there was another home that was exposed to the fire. so there was some damage to it. there was a family inside. i chatted with them off camera. they did get out safely thanks to neighbors jumping in and informed them about this fire as it was really getting very big at about 4:00 a.m. in fact, we want to hear from one with of the neighbors who informed them to get out of the home. here is what they had to say about the scene this morning. >> it just smelled like gas at first. so my dogs went out and she came back to get me, dragged me out and then everybody was kind of -- everyone in my house was already out here see what was happening and we started getting the neighbors and getting everybody awake and then started hearing the glass shatter and everything was breaking. >> reporter: so back out here live on the scene at malta court in oakland. where this home fire took place.
5:34 am
you could see plenty of damage to that home. it did cause a bit of damage to the home to the right. and it is still unclear exactly what causes this fire. way too early to tell. one neighbor mentioned it could be heater related but we are waiting do confirm that from oakland fire. one person in the home was sent to a hospital with injuries. neighbors tell me it may have been an elderly person but we're still waiting to confirm that information and still an active scene here on malta court and we'll provide any updates as they come in. >> pete live for us this morning. lanes of 101 back open after a pedestrian was hit and killed last night north of grand avenue. chp said that someone was on the freeway walking into the center divide facing oncoming traffic when the crash happened. its not clear why the person was on the freeway. it is 5:34 and later this morning testimony is supposed to resume in a deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing trial in oakland.
5:35 am
john lee cowell pleaded not guilty to stabbing and killing nia wilson on the mcarthur platform back in 2018. her sister was critically injured. prosecutors say the attack was unprovoked. last week jurors saw graphic surveillance video of the attack. today is day three of the trial. john burris is now representing the family of a man shot and killed by an off duty richmond police officer in vallejo. he did photos of a gathering for eric reason. last november he was shot and killed as an argument escalated over a parking shot. security video shows reason getting a gun from his car and the armed officer could be seen firing several times at reason even as reason was running off still armed. prosecutors declined to charge the officer. the same kind of legislation sparked by moms for housing in oakland is now reportedly gathering momentum in other bay area cities. oakland council members are considering a new policy set in
5:36 am
motion by the mothers who occupied a vacant home. one of the new policies would be to give tenants or housing nonprofits the first chance to buy certain real estate for market value as opposed to investment companies. san francisco already has a similar policy. the east bay times reported that palo alto are among the cities considering similar rules. students at berkeley high school plan to walk out of class, the protest in the wake of allegations of made in a new lawsuit filed by a former student. she said that administrators did not take action after she reported a male classmate tried to rape her. and a list appeared in the girl's bathroom indicating, quote, boys to watch out for. that list apparently goes on to accuse some students of rape. students say school staff had it removed. happening now, in some bay area neighborhoods, clean-up from strong winds yesterday that in some cases took down trees and knocked out power in a
5:37 am
couple of cases, the trees damaged homes and cars. no one was injured this. in san francisco someone left their window open on the 41st floor of the millennium tower when strong gusts of wind withes shattered the glass and acame crashing down to fremont street below. people hoping to visit salesforce park arrived to find the area closed. >> they had police up there and had everything closed off and roped off. even starbucks was chosed. >> and havoc on bay area tliefls and some were diverted to san jose and where we saw planes wobbling as they landed or took off. a handful of the pilots had to do an abort initial landing as a go around to try to gain momentum and land again. >> look at that. it really was intense. i was taking pictures in the backyard of our trees. and my kids kept asking, why are you taking pictures.
5:38 am
because i don't want the trees to fall down. >> it was bad yesterday. and you think of spots like mt. saint helena at 87 and imagine being where the plans are trying to land. and then into today it is still breezy. you could see where there is the bright purple indicating high wind gusts throughout today and then we gradually see the winds calming down. into the weekend, there is a slight chance of rain in the forecast. between saturday night and early sunday morning. shouldn't affect your weekend plans. and right now those rain chances are very slight as we head into san francisco. looking at the forecast up to 60 degrees on saturday. and that chance of showers early sunday morning. i'll be watching that for you. we'll talk more about it as we go throughout the week. and mike you're watching the traffic and we're seeing a lot of green sensors. things looking did now. it is 5:38 and we're seeing the volume start to build but no major so thes or no unexpected slowing. we see a bit over here at the
5:39 am
dublin interchange and out of the altamont pass for our supercommuters and bob will talk about that. and the bay bridge toll plaza where where we have the back-up because of the metering lights and in the north bay the volume building for highway 101. that is right now. we know it will build. but i want to continue with our focus on making it in the bay. because if you think your drive is getting worse in the morning and i know a hot of folks talk about that. well today we've got your numbers to show it and i want to make sure you could see the tv. so come over here and take a look. we have some numbers. we have some graphs and i've been working with caltrans to look at historical data on what is called vehicle hours of delay and that is a fancy term of how many hours each you yand i are stuck in traffic. look at the hours. bay area wide and speeding below 35 miles per hour, look at these from as far back as 2006, under 100,000 vehicle hours of delay and that is a lot but only
5:40 am
100,000. throughout the nine counties each year. now check this out. remember we're still in a recession in 2009, 2010. and as the country and the bay area started recovering by 2011. we're seeing the traffic con shunnin keess shunnin -- traffic continuing and we've doubled the delay from back in 2011. it took five years tor the doubling of the delay and from 2017 to present, we're averaging even longer delays. more than that, about two and a half times the level when we first started the gaf, that is just a decade por that to happen. so when you tell your relatives look at this traffic and the traffic you've gone through and you tell them it has gotten worse and you have the numbers to back you up. i'll back you up and write you a note because that is a lot of traffic. i feel like we should call my traffic segment delay in the bay instead of making in the bay:
5:41 am
>> well flying cars aren't here just yet. >> but maybe this and -- >> i dream of jeanne. >> exactly. all right. 5:40 now. as we know, $500,000 here not the same as $500,000 in the rest of the country. in minutes, scott mcgrew will show us how much half a million dollars will buy you outside of the bay area. in this case, going viral backfires. coming up next on "today in the bay"k a look at the video that led to airport workers losing their jobs. plus into thin air. a look at what is being done to crack down on the sale of contaminated vapes in southern california. and what rupp trump and wha ukraine is doing after the impeachment. we'll take a look at that "today in the bay" continues. ♪
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5:44 am
bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. right thousanow at 5:44, brn the bay area and keep the dress down today. we'll have the high wind gusts as temperatured reach the mid-60s. we'll talk about what is going on in concord and the rest of the bay area in less than five minutes. >> and though wind advisory for the high-rise across the san
5:45 am
mateo bridge. a smooth drive but the volume builds. we'll talk about the slowing and are where the chp warned us about and what kari is talking about, the wind. >> thanks. and if you are heading out to b.a.r.t. this horning, be prepared, a hot of schedule changing today. we'll break it down for you to make your morning a little bit smoother. that is coming up in about ten minutes. >> and trying to do what we can to help. 5:45 right now. forget about being grounded. four airport workers in fresno have been fired for a video showing them having too much fun on the job. >> the ground crew members posted this four weeks ago on tik tok and it went viral and they tell nbc they were at the tail end of the shift so they decided to have a little fun. they never thought that so many people would see that video. the airport called it inappropriate work behavior saying had a the contracting company has since taken corrective action. quarter to 6 right now.
5:46 am
south bay trying to get out in front of the teen vaping epidemic. a workshop today in san jose to help identify vaping addictions and find solutions to prevent more lung-related illnesses from happening. cdc said vaping illnesses have killed 60 people and sickened more than 2,000 others. in a special report, the nbc news investigative team joins the lapd on the hunt for contaminated thc devices and tracking down illegal suppliers. >> we shut them down and they're back in business the next day because it is a billion-dollar operation. >> tune into "today" to see what law enforcement teams can and cannot do to crack down on the threat. now to decision 2020. fresh off the narrow victory in the iowa caucus and following tomorrow's new hampshire primary, former south bend mayor pete buttigieg plans to head to sacramento. he's expected to appear at a
5:47 am
town hall on friday. still no word on the exact location of the event. the president still has hiize on joe biden. >> even though, scott mcgrew, the former vice president didn't do well in iowa. >> came in fourth but biden is one of the president's biggest worries. i think he and many of us thought joe biden was going to be a lot farther ahead than he is right now. the new hampshire primary as you point out are tomorrow. nonetheless we've learned trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani continues to investigate the former vice president. this is vindman. we talk about vindman. this is one of the people that the president has dismissed along with ambassador sondland. this came after the impeachment. sondland told the truth under oath in the impeachment. as did vindman and both have been dismissed from their positions by the president. i'm wondering if we could talk a bit about what was happening in ukraine. we discuss that. so what is happening is we have
5:48 am
learned that the president is still very interested in what is going on in ukraine as it comes compares to the bidens. so on cbs this week we learned from lindsey graham the president continues to investigate biden. take a listen. >> has the department of justice been ordered to investigate the bidens? >> no. the department of justice is receiving information coming out of the ukraine from rudy -- >> already. >> to see -- he told me they have created a process that rudy could give information and they would see if it is verified. >> the country is called ukraine. the ukraine is what the russians use. so as you just learned, the biden investigation which is part of what got trump impeached is continuing. even after he's exonerated. so, again, this is vindman we talked about him. this despite susan collins assurance that the president had been properly humbled by his impeachment and had learned his
5:49 am
lesson. the president will release the budget today calling for cuts in social security and aid. and we could go back to the moon. we'll take a look at the budget tomorrow after the release but keep in mind with the democratic house it is unlikely that the president's budget will be the country's budget. we'll take a look at that tomorrow. you could follow me on twitter as always. it is @scott mcgrew. >> thank you, scott. well nevada has become the latest state to ditch parallel parking as part of the driving test. the dmv dropped it last month. to get a license you still have to park in and back out of a perpendicular spot. 17 states including california no longer include parallel parking as part of the skills test. and coming up, putting the "today in the bay" team to the test. >> i learned back in college. if you wanted a good spot, you learn fast. >> if you live in san francisco you do. >> 5:49. trending this morning.
5:50 am
your daily dose of cuteness goes to this girl in texas. >> 2-year-old madeline has never seen snow before and when she did she followed the footsteps of her favorite disney character. ♪ >> i love it. she had the moves down. look at that little elsa. the video of madeline immediately went viral on facebook. she's like uh. right now the video has over 500,000 views. i like the big finish. the snow never bothered me. >> whether or not she wanted to build a snowman. >> probably. that came next. >> it was cute. all right. and we don't have any of that here or in the sierra. it is been pretty dry here lately. and then taking a live look outside in dublin, we're getting out the door to milder weather. still breezy as that wind kind of funnels through the altamont pass through the tri-valley.
5:51 am
and it will be breezy as we go into the rest of today. check out these numbers here. we're in the mid-40s as you head out of the door. we'll stay there through about 9:00. and the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. as we warm up quickly today and at 1:00 we're at 62 degrees. we'll continue to go up a few more degrees from there. but i want to show you the wind speed forecast. we're already starting out with some gusty winds from oakland over toward san francisco and then as we go into the rest of the day, the winds get higher going through parts of the sacramento valley, coming into the delta and moving across the bay. now we'll see winds at 30 to 40 miles per hour today. and then starting to calm down and relax later on tonight. we're heading into the upper 60s. even a couple of low 70s here in the north bay. oakland reaching 67. and we're also going to see a high of 67 degrees today. now here is what is going on. it has been so dry. and the reason why we have high
5:52 am
pressure that is blocking all of that rain, stirring it up and around. but there is low pressure nearby. and because of that low pressure close by high pressure it is making that air rush across the bay area. and that is the reason why we did have the high winds. as we go into the weekend, only slight rain chances. and a lot of the models drying it up. we will continue to possibly keep that hope alive for that slight chance of rain between saturday night and early sunday. but in the meantime, it is just dry and warm. peeling very springlike throughout the week. mike, do we have a possible vta delay. >> i do. this just came in through the chp report. this is reported around kertner just off of 87, there may be a crash involving a vta bus i believe. but we're going to get more detail and i'll let you know as the details coming from in the newsroom which is busy at work right now. that is a possibility for the south bay. right now we know the certainty is here. the back-up at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering
5:53 am
lights are on. and now a wind advisory for the benicia and bay bridge have been both cleared and the antioch bridge cleared as well. and vasco road, half an hour out of brendwood and altamont has the advisory from chp. so that is one warning. the rest of the bay is smooth. we'll talk about what is going on with vta when i get more deails coming up. back to you. happening now, thailand is mourning the death of 29 people in the nation's worst mass shooting ever. this happened yesterday afternoon at an airport-themed mall about 50 miles northeast of bangkok investigators say the gunman was angry over a dispute with his commanding officer and responding officers eventually killed that gunman. 5:53 now. much more ahead on "today in the bay." another bay area city considering taking over pg&e. and making it a public utility. we're going to take you where.
5:54 am
plus heading to the pump this morning to fill up? there is some good news, gas prices are down. so coming up, how long will they keep dropping? and the glitz and glamour of hollywood on full display. did you watch the oscars? the buzz is still starting. we're going to go talk about it all coming up. who was wearing what on "today in the bay." >> nbc bay area presents "making it in the bay." in every newscast we break down the housing crisis. tonight at 11:00, the rent is rising and you are reaching your breaking point. >> either i pay the rent or i eat. >> what if you just stopped paying? they did. meet the bay area tenants on strike for months. how this fight gives new hope to renters all across the bay area. tonight at 11:00, "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area news. and i see this jean jacket.
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5:56 this morning. and all this week on every newscast we'll be examining the housing crisis and what you can do here to make it in the bay. one solution, leave. scott mcgrew handled that part of the team coverage. you want people to leave -- >> no. we have to been honest. and we'll take a look at homes here in the bay area and care them to the same price point in two very popular cities. we're seeing a lot of bay area folks move out. portland and austin. so last night or scott budman started at the $400,000 price point and yeah, there are homes for $400,000 in the bay. i'm going to take us to $500,000 this morning and go up $200,000 each day. and for half a million dollars in the bay area, a two bedroom and one bathroom duplex, 900 square feet. it is close to oakridge mall and
5:58 am
you get your own parking space. you get morehouse for $500,000 in austin or portland. certainly more than 900 square feet. here is what we found in portland. 3400 square feet, twice the size of of my house, five bedrooms, two baths, $500,000 exactly. it was built in 1938. it is got lots of trees outside and exposed beams inside. as for austin, and $500 k, a four bedroom and three bathroom, 3,000 square feet and a new elementary school under construction down the street as well. again, we're taking a look at austin and portland all week because those are so popular with bay area folks. tonight on the evening news scott budman will take over at $600,000 and i'll take it to $700,000 coming up tomorrow morning. >> some comparisons there. happening today, another bay
5:59 am
bridge city debates taking control of the pg&e power grid. oakland mayor libby schaaf will join council members for a town hall to talk about the last year power shutoff and the pg&e reliability and the challenges faced with future shutoffs. leaders in san francisco and san jose have also talked about turning pg&e into a public utility. some relief at the pump for drivers. the gas rices are lower. national average fell 7 cents to about $2.50 per gallon. the bay area average is at least $1 more. in oakland it is about $3.53. san francisco is $3.61. and san jose is slightly lower at $3.46 a gallon. and right now at 6:00, two breaking stories overnight. including a fire ripping through an oakland neighborhood and we're just getting word of the people hurt in this fire. and in hayward, gunfire sent
6:00 am
several people to the hospital. new details next. all eyes on new hampshire for the first presidential primary tomorrow. we'll have a live report on how candidates are ramping up their war of words. >> plus the wind sticking around today after hammering the bay area yesterday. and in the sierra mountain wind gusts clocked in at more than 200 miles per hours. meteorologist kari hall is tracking all of that. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. and good monday horning to you. thanks for starting your week with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll get to the wind in a second. but did you watch. people buzzing over the movie "parasite" this morning. the first foreign film to win best picture in oscar history. we'll talk about that and all of the big winners coming up in about 15 minutes. fun to see the glitz and glamour. >> if you didn't know about "parasite", now you kind of want


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