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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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root now at 4:30 a standoff down that's been going on for hours. what we're learning from officers at the scene. plus, budget woes. one of the largest school districts moves forward with a plan to cut teachers and expand class size. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. before we start anything, can you all smell it? it's not me but it is love in the air. >> i felt it. >> to each their own, kari. >> valentine's day quickly
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approaching. love is in the air for some people. that might depend on where you live. coming up we'll talk about the best dating cities across california for singles. >> interesting. >> if you're single out there, listen up, some place to visit. not for you. >> not for me. >> we showed all that video of people walking outside. the weather is good for that. >> it has been amazing and we've enjoyed very warm weather. as we start out this morning a few light patches of fog. we've seen it drifting around and as we start in willow glen some mid-40s. it won't be as warm today but still comfortable going into the afternoon checking out our south bay high temperatures up to 66 degrees in downtown san jose. a look at all of our micro climates coming up. mike, you're checking on some folks who have been working all night. behind me the flashing lights indicating we're going
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home over here, north 101 at willow. the expansion project, hov and express lanes expanded through the entire stretch of the bay shore freeway. the cones will be picking up, in many spots they already have. no slowing there. fog in the north bay. a disabled vehicle should be cleared from the richmond bridge but i did see it on the reports so i left it there. i will double-check if there's anything new. new overnight a san jose neighborhood getting back to normal after an hours long standoff. this is video of a large police presence as you see there near tulle and white road. officers had been staked out there since 6:00. officers were looking for a wanted fugitive. our photographer on the scene saw an ambulance leave around
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3:30 this morning. police have been leaving. police have not told us what the suspect was wanted for or their identity. new for you that morning deep budget cuts are coming for one west contra costa school district. >> school board leaders approved to slash $8 million from the budget last night. the scope of the cuts still not fully clear. 250 teachers may still lose their jobs. school leaders are considering cutting campus police officers at its middle schools and thinking of cutting funneleding for music programs, food and administrator travel. the group moms for housing are holding a protest in observing demanding alameda county sheriff's office take responsibility for what they call exaggerated use of force, following an early morning eviction last month. sheriff's deputies served an eviction order on two mothers and their children who were
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illegally living in the home. the group is demanding the charges be dropped. there is an agreement to sell the home to the mothers from the owner. a hit-and-run driver is in custody after striking three people critically injuring two of them. it happened yesterday afternoon when the driver of a prius turned from 23rd street on to mission. witnesses say the driver hit someone in the crosswalk and pinned him against a muni bus. he then hit two people getting off the bus. it left bystanders very stunned and shaken. >> when that hammed, i'm really -- i feel bad because i don't know if the guy has died or no. it looks really bad. >> police say the driver with a passenger inside initially left the scene but returned minutes later. while he appeared to be under
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the influence it may have been a medical condition. a new push in california to limit home dna testing companies from sharing information. sto sto southern california state senator has introduced a new bill, banning companies like ancestry and 23 and me from disclosing to third parties without the customer's prior written consent. the bill would not impact law enforcement access to data. state lawmakers are considering a proposal cracking down on package thieves. the punishment would apply to people convicted of theft three or more times. if approved those criminals could face up to three years in prison. many have noticed yourself if you ride b.a.r.t. but just how big of a hit it's taken from fewer riders. losing 10 million passengers
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over the past four years during evening and weekend service alone. riders say they're not traveling as much and weekend trains are too sparse. they also cited crime and the number of homeless people onboard. the agency plans to discuss the new survey during a workshop later today. 4:36 right now. our investigative unit has been taking an in-depth look at b.a.r.t. you can watch the entire series on our website happening today a new chick-fil-a could be in con court. the plans will be reviewed today. if approved it would be on willow pass road. it will take over the vacant building. campbell city leaders there denied a plan for the chick-fil-a because of traffic concerns. 4:36 this morning. rolling ahead with no end in
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sight. still ahead the growing cost to build california's high-speed rail system just got even higher. plus, going meatless. the company better known for tony the tiger and fruit loops is making a run. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. how will it last the rest of the day? mike will tell us in just a bit. obama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs.
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obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain?
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right now at 4:39 we do have a clear start to the day, but some spots are dealing with some patches of fog. here is a live look outside in dublin where we are going to start out with temperatures in the lower 40s. cool they are morning. also cooler this afternoon. a look at this and the rest of the micro climate forecast coming up. >> and there they are in action. clearing from both sides of 101 north of university. they're getting done with their day. we're just getting started. we'll show you what else is going on for those slowdowns. good morning. i'm rahel solomon and here are today's top business headlines. wall street set to open in the red this morning following loses in asia as the number of new coronavirus cases spike in china. stocks rallied yesterday as investors put aside worries about the impact the virus may have.
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quite a dins the day makes. today's report on unemployment and consumer prices. kellogg's incognito brand this summer following the lead of impossible foods and beyond meat. it is part of the company's morning star line. both will be available in grocery stores in june. others are creating their own products to reach consumers looking to reduce their meat intake. the market could be worth $85 billion by the end of the decade. and how much do you love amazon? apparently amazon is the most beloved brand by consumers. brand intimacy firm, the largest study based on emotions.
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disney and apple were second and third followed by jeep, ford, bmw and playstake. reports measure the bonds we form with the brands we use. marcus and laura? >> it's pretty fascinating. >> anything you need, look on the phone. >> i think so, too. jeff bezos has famously said he is consumer obsessed. apparently it's working. >> it's fascinating finding out what people like. they even watch you in stores. >> you told me about that. >> i find market research so fascinating. >> second career. >> always watching. thanks, rahel. up next, kari hall checking the thursday forecast. think we need to shop for some sunglasses? >> later today. we're dealing with fog and light and patchy elsewhere. we'll talk about this and look ahead to the weekend coming up next.
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and i'm analyzing these consumers. they must love the bay bridge because they're always hanging out there. we'll talk about the bridge to the north. first nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: it's one of the few things we are forced to buy when we're signing all those papers. we have no idea how it works and we don't bother to question the price. even if you're clueless about title insurance when you're buying a new home know that it's negotiable. the california department of insurance says you can save money by comparing rates and depending on the price of the home that can mean hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in your pocket. send us your consumer questions. the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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on it with jardiance. check out my triple bonus jack! check it out with an extra patty! yeah! ok! let's ride! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. and good morning to you. a foggy start in san francisco this morning but, hey, it's thursday. we're close to friday. >> we don't care if it's foggy or not. >> we're almost there. >> that's the way we look to look at it sometimes. we start out with clouds over san francisco. that's something we haven't seen all weeklong and our temperatures are a little bit milder thanks to that little blanket of fog and some clouds that we're seeing. temperatures in the low 40s and in livermore. 46 in san jose and 45 in san francisco.
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as we check out our morning commute we're starting out in antioch at 43 degrees and you may have some light touches of fog but not enough to slow you down. we'll slowly warm up. a few more clouds in the mix and won't be as warm as yesterday. you want to start out with a jacket for the first part of the day and short sleeves as you check out the seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen. we're looking at highs today in east san jose. 65 in morgan hill. for the east bay danville reaches 68 degrees and oakland in the low 60s. palo alto, 66 degrees. we are going to feel some cooler air in san francisco reaching 59 on the embarcadero. 57 in clear lake today. as we check out what's going on
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we can see a long line of clouds that will be approaching the bay area heading into the weekend as high pressure moves away that will allow for some changes in our forecast, mainly slightly cooler temperatures and rain to our north. we will get our dry seven-day forecast and will see temperatures coming down still above normal but looking very nice for saturday, sunshine, 70 degrees. more clouds on sunday and then we're back to the sunshine and warm weather early next week. mike, you were checking in at the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> i had to check to make sure the camera was working because there were no cars, no movement. now there's a few cars moving west. eastbound a report after disabled vehicle coming off the span. that has been cleared from the chp report. no activity for the last 45 minutes. a little build here typical of this time. there may be some fog drifting
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through the north bay. novato down to san francisco right now 40 minutes. you wait until 6:30, 7:00, adding time. almost double by the time you get to 7:00. we're showing a smooth drive. no major issues. very light right now. we have time to take another look at what making it in the bay means for commuters. that's what we focus on in the traffic center. what it means for commuters and today we'll look at the stretch of freeway. from sfo and san bruno down to san jose and silicon valley. the amount of time we spend stuck in traffic there increased almost 93%, almost doubled between 2010 and 2019. growing up here in the bay area the commute was heading into the city, north to san francisco. they may only know that it's been south.
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that's why the expansion project continues for this stretch when we saw construction and closures overnight. those are mostly picked up. the express lanes to alleviate the pressure is right here, 101 around 92. fingers crossed. back to you. >> thanks for breaking it down for us. our making it in the bay continues. we'll go live to bob redell standing by in a parking lot loaded with people sleeping in cars and rvs. decision 2020, the wife of tom steyer now in south carolina campaigning for her husband two weeks before the next primary. kat taylor resigned as ceo of the california based bank and relocated to the east coast. the south carolina primary will be at the end of the month. with the end nowhere in sight, the cost to build high
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speed rail system just got higher. the rail authority released its new business plan and the cost is now forecast to be $80 billion. 1.5 billion more two years ago and still on life support the rail authority is now posting a target date to open a 130-mile stretch through central california. it's pecked for 2029, that's 14 years after construction first started. plans for a new hotel at mountain winery in saratoga now essentially off the table. >> the winery wants to add a 300-room hotel. the plan fell on deaf ears last night at a commission meeting. for the project to fly it needs the city to sign off on a zoning change which planners would not approve. technically there is still a chance the full council will rule on the decision next month.
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a piece of bay area history, all you need is about $12 million. check out this sausalito waterfront compound that has taken almost ten years to restore from its original building constructed in 1893. a six bedroom mansion and two other smaller homes. >> well, that's off the market and so is the next one. coming up on "today in the bay," the record selling home purchased in southern california and the billionaire behind that buy. >> pretty gorgeous. 4:52. no tsunami warning in effect after a powerful earthquake strikes off the coast of japan and russia. it was a 6.9 earthquake hit about 2:00 a.m. our time below the ocean surface. officials say it's not likely to be any injuries because of the depth. a lot more news ahead.
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it's 4:52.
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4:55. new this morning, when you're the richest man in the world, no simple mansion will do for you, right? it's reported jeff bezos just broke records paying, get this, $165 million for an l.a. priciest home called the warner estate named after the former original head of warner brothers, beverly hills estate includes a 13,000-square-foot home that hollywood stars like marilyn monroe once stayed. >> isn't it amazing? 13,000 square feet. so bezos can afford it. he's worth about $131 billion. we did the math. the property is less than 1% of his net worth.
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isn't it amazing? you get lost in it. amazing. wow. all right, if you find your love or you need one in time for valentine's day when it comes to dating in california maybe it depends on where you call home. according to apartment list san francisco cracked the top 20 cities when it comes to college educated singles. if you live in our state capital, you might be lonely. only 19% of single renters say they're satisfied with the dating pool in sacramento. the number one city where men say they're the most happy is san diego. for women it was columbus, ohio, which is really interesting. strange but interesting. >> no matter where you live, on valentine's day you might want to stay clear of some of these things from the menu. take a look at your screen.
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almost 30,000 voters say garlic tops the list this is the list of worst foods to eat on a date. messy barbecue ribs placed second and onions third. i'm going to question the messy barbecue. if you can roll with me, we might have a future. >> says a lot about you. >> i like to keep it real. other surprises on the list, jellied eels. where do you go where you say i'd like the eel, please? >> i don't know. >> maybe put hot sauce on it. it's better. >> just like the barbecue. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," check in with kari hall. inching closer to the weekend. temperatures in the mid-40s. a lot of sunshine in the forecast and we'll talk about that up next. and if you're looking for
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jellied eels a wooden pallet on the incline. i see traffic moving smoothly. i'll investigate more coming up. plus, making it in the bay. next we'll introduce you to people who work and earn a paycheck but can't april forward four walls and a roof.
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right now at 5:00, a growing crisis. the mayors of bay area's biggest city taking on the governor's
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$750 million plan to fight homelessness. a live report on what the mayors may push for. plus, testing for coronavirus delayed in california. this after inconclusive results. what state health officials are saying happens now. and rough road ahead. what has to happen for the bus only lane idea to fly on the bay bridge. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we all know our marcus garcia loves crocs. we can't wait to see how he reacts -- the company has a latest project coming up. we'll reveal the all new shoes being released in partnership with kfc. and the item is really a must see.


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