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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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$750 million plan to fight homelessness. a live report on what the mayors may push for. plus, testing for coronavirus delayed in california. this after inconclusive results. what state health officials are saying happens now. and rough road ahead. what has to happen for the bus only lane idea to fly on the bay bridge. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we all know our marcus garcia loves crocs. we can't wait to see how he reacts -- the company has a latest project coming up. we'll reveal the all new shoes being released in partnership with kfc. and the item is really a must see. >> these are my good crocs.
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>> these are my going to church crocs. >> you need more heading out the door. >> and temperatures in the upper 30s right now in livermore. and it will turn out to be a nice day. as we go hour by hour at noon we're feeling temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s heading into the mid-60s by this afternoon. it won't be as warm as we've seen recently so you can put the shorts away. mike says don't hit the wooden pallet on the bay bridge. >> kind of good advice no matter where you drive. the bay bridge had a report of a wooden pallet on the incline westbound. these folks are slowing at the toll plaza. it is just a bunch of pieces of wood so somebody must have hit it. they may have turned the metering lights on to slow
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traffic because people will be tapping the brakes. we'll follow that and the progress over there. the rest of the bay a light, easy drive, laura. back to you. 5:01 right now. happening today the mayors of the bay area's largest cities will weigh in on the state's plan to fight homelessness. governor gavin newsom is calling for $750 million to fund local communities, but it's how the money could be divided that's raising some eyebrows. kris sanchez is crunching some of those numbers and we all drive around. we all see it, chris. >> reporter: i'm in fremont and you see the signs behind me the city has opted to move forward with with services to get them off the streets and into more permanent housing. that's what's happening here in fremont. you can see people living in
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encampments no matter where you live. a quarter of homeless people in the entire united states live here in california, most are unsheltered. based on the latest homeless count more than 8,000 homeless people in alameda county. there are 8,000 people who have no permanent housing. 2,300 in san mateo county. today governor gavin newsom, $750 million plan to fund solutions, among state and local leaders. the proposal is to push the funds out through regional administrators chosen by the state. the bay area's biggest mayors will also have a chance to weigh in about what's happening in our local communities and here is what the mayor could talk about today. san francisco mayor london breed
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pushed homeless navigation centers, worked to create legislation to help treat people who are homeless and living with mental illness and addiction and secured funding for homeless adults with disabilities. libby schaaf could talk about the more than 4 million residents able to stay in their homes because of the oakland house program. more than 900 people went from homeless to house last year and the city doubled shelter capacity. certainly we hear our leaders say all the time there isn't just one solution and it is a community solution. that subcommittee meeting, budget subcommittee meeting is happening at 10:30 this morning. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you. 5:04 right now. a slight setback when it comes to bracing for the deadly coronavirus here in the u.s. the cdc says some of the test kits sent out including here in
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california are defective. the kits are meant to speed up the test results. for now the tests will have to be sent to the cdc. more than 1,300 people have now died mostly in china and more than 60,000 infected worldwide. another case in the u.s. means 14 confirmed here since the start of the grout outbreak. the latest case is in san diego. the patient was among the americans who were recently flown back. so far no one who was quarantined at travis air force base has shown any symptoms. for more details united airlines is now pushing out its flight cancellations between sfo and china. flights will be canceled through the end of april. initially it was the end of march. the last nonstop flight to china from sfo is tomorrow. the airline is giving refunds to all impacted passengers.
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a small earthquake rattled parts of the south bay. the 4.0 earthquake near tres pinos happened about 7:30 centered in the same place they've seen a number of other recent small to moderate earthquakes. luckily it cause nod damage. bay area transit leaders are getting the first real sense what they're up against to make the idea of bus only bay bridge lanes a success. according to "the chronicle" and mtc executive director yesterday laid out some of the numbers. in order to keep the commute time traffic flowing like it does now there would be at least a 20% reduction in automobiles meaning 1,600 fewer drivers hourly. that's not to mention putting up a physical barrier to keep those cars from sneaking into the lane and getting buses into places on the approach. dozens would be needed if the program becomes a hit. all of this still obviously a long way down the road.
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for now moving those plans forward. making it in the bay update for you. berkeley councilmembers approved a new safe parking program for people who are living in their rvs. it will offer places in six city lo lots. next week councilmembers plan to release more details including some lot locations. it's a sobering fact in the bay. living in your vehicle is the reality some 10,000 people wake up to each and every day according to census data. that's where we find bob redell trying to help these people out. bob, tell us about it. >> reporter: over 2,800 people live in their vehicles according to that data. most have to park on the street
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and if they're lucky they could be accepted into the city of oakland's safe car parking program. one of the locations behind us. this is where the homeless can stay in their cars overnight. a lot that is well lit, fenced, and patrolled by security. >> as you can see it's a small car and not as comfortable but we make it work. >> reporter: it pain this is mother to think this silver sedan is the best home she can provide for her two children. >> i have a 10-year-old and a 17-year-old, and they don't deserve this but i'm doing the best that i can do and they're wonderful kids even during the situation. >> reporter: when her grandmother passed away last year she and her children were forced out of her grandmother's apartment and into her car. too embarrassed to reveal her identity she works two jobs while the kids are at school. her goal to save the $4,000
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deposit for a studio apartment that at $2,000 to $3,000 a month she's not even sure she can afford. >> it can happen to anybody. i never thought i would be in this position. my kids are keeping me motivated but it's hard. i've been in the bay area my whole life and i just can't afford it. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 a.m. the story of a man who had it all, lost it and is trying to rebuild his life while living inside an rv. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you see what people go through. it's tough out there. thank you, bob. we have been having some high temperatures throughout the week. unusual for us. pleasant. >> very springlike. >> very springlike and we're
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seeing the trees blooming and pollen floating through the air. we will have a nice sunny day but will feel a slight cooldown. in mountain view we start out at 43 degrees. it's a lot of tree pollen right now. everything else is absent or low. keep that in mind as you make plans to head out to the park today and enjoy the warmth. ni mike, the new normal at the bay bridge. >> timing for the metering lights, it's 5:10 and registered on now at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're seeing that consistently before 5:15. we talked about that when we give that you segment on making it in the bay. nearly twice as much and before 5:00 in the morning. a smooth drive right now across all of your tolls and aside from
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the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems. not a major concern. we have a half hour from livermore and the altamont into hayward. back to you. 5:11 for you now. up in smoke. still ahead for you at 5:25 here on "today in the bay," the new claims being made against san francisco-based juul. coronavirus fears leads to the consolation of a major tech conference. ♪ and i will always love you plus, i will always love you. i will not even attempt to sing that one. whitney houston on the top list of valentine's day songs, but it is not number one. say what? we'll tell you the most romantic
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xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. right now at 5:14 on this thursday morning as you step out the door in oakland, expect temperatures in the upper 40s and it will slowly warm up today.
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a few clouds in the mix. the changes ahead and i'll let you know what's happening in the sierra up next. and we know we'll have changes. 680 heading to the split with 24 and the walnut interchange. an easy light drive. b.a.r.t., the parking lot in the foreground moving nicely. no problems. a little farther over to highway 4 there may be a new crash. good morning. a very happy thursday. we see ups and downs as coronavirus goes from worry to not worry and back to worry. yesterday was a no worry day. markets hit new records. today more worries. the chinese have upped their estimates on infections and a major mobile electronics show in barcelona, spain, has been canceled on virus fears. back here at home congress will hear from this woman as the senate thinks about confirming her to the federal reserve board.
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she's judy shelton, one of two trump picks for open positions. we talk in the past president trump wants the fed to do his bidding even though it's supposed to be an independent nonpolitical body. shelton has said she thinks the fed should move closer to the president's desires. on cnbc shelton has lots of controversial positions including a love for the gold standard, something america hasn't abided by in decades. her hearings start this morning. making it in the bay. coming up we'll take a look at what you can get elsewhere for the median cost of a home in silicon valley. state lawmaker gonzalez, the author of that controversial ab-5 law has a new law in mind that would prevent delivery companies like door dash from listing restaurants unless the restaurants gave permission. it would require delivery companies to share customer data with those restaurants.
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back with a new series of our podcast. her early days as a woman in venture capital. >> every board i'm on is more diverse because i'm on it. so i've never been on a not diverse board. >> you can find sand hill road and even ask alexa to play the latest episode. >> it's important to have diverse boards. i want a couple of them and eve seen the evolution of them as well so it's been nice. >> now california law requires it. >> good deal. hey, want to go to space? >> depends on who is there. >> nasa is hiring. the application process for the astronaut corps opens next month. christina koch lived in space for almost a year. the longest amount of time by any woman. >> within the first two minutes
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of being back on earth i saw more people's faces i had seen in a year so that was really exciting. and it's just fun to interact with people again. >> man's best friend. trending, spotify is just out with top-rated love songs. >> take a listen to that number one hit. ♪ cuz all of me loves all of you ♪ >> i love this song. >> nice lyrics. >> it really is. that's john legend, "all of me." this is the most added song on love play list and most popular for both men and women. it's all been added to about 29 million play lists. now the songs on the list include ed sheeran's "thinking out loud," bruno mars "just the way you are." also whitney houston's "i will always love you" and elvis
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presley -- ♪ i can't help falling in love with you ♪ i love that song. >> a little serenade. >> that's "all of you." something else to talk about if you're thinking about saddling up with colonel sanders in the spring kfc wants you to do it in style. the dhan is partnering up with crocs to offer kentucky fried shoes. >> are you looking at those? what? >> not my style. i'll show you my style in a bit. they even smell like chicken. inside that footwear, that's where the smell comes from. will be available through crocs' website until -- you want to pay
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$60. >> what a weird commercial, too. >> i don't want to smell what those look like. >> it has holes and airs out. >> those are only appropriate for children and nurses. >> okay, then i'll be a nurse. >> and doctors. >> i'm my mother's child. >> absolutely not, no. >> okay, i wouldn't wear them on a rainy day. >> you saw where marcus' hands were. don't shake his hands. >> give me a hug, guys. come on. >> maybe they make them with a little kitten heel, kari. >> still. >> that could be an issue for some people. leave those things at home. >> yes, ma'am. >> temperatures in the 40s in palo alto.
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take a look at this clear shot. a bit of a change for us. we will see clouds throughout the morning and temperatures going from the mid-40s. in palo alto and san jose and 67 in clear lake. san francisco, a little bit cooler there as well with some drifts of fog. upper 50s. rain and how much we need to catch up to normal. the sierra, the snow has been melting after a pretty decent december, january has been pretty dry. now we continue into february with some dry conditions. we're right now at 59% where we should normally be for the sierra. snowpack this is our water storage. right now not looking too good. good travel conditions getting
5:22 am
there as well as getting back. temperatures in the mid-40s so a light jacket needed as you go skiing in squaw valley. we will see this light snow. the line of clouds moving closer, more clouds. a slight cooldown but not making a big difference. our temperatures still well above normal reaching into the mid to upper 60s. valentine's day will be perfect for a picnic outside, going for a long walk. maybe even the beach. a beautiful start to the weekend. you have a new crash in the east bay. i did. i had to ask for help on that response. the bay bridge toll plaza filling in all lanes. on 680 no problem as far as the speed sensors go.
5:23 am
let's check with our team, nbc bay area wazers. that's one of our team members on the northbound side. aside from the one crash, no major issues out there. plenty of teammates to join wazers. back to you. thanks, mike. 5:23. a close encounter on the pacific. next on "today in the bay" must see video of the surprise when a southern california got on a cruise. the four legged answer to a missing engagement ring mystery.
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5:26 for you right now. delta airlines now faces a second lawsuit in connection with the sudden dumping of jet fuel over cities and schools in southern california. that incident happened last month when a pilot was making an emergency landing and released about 15,000 gallons of fuel. some people suffered skin irritation and nausea. three whittier high school students filed suit yesterday similar to the one filed last month by four teachers. delta is not commenting. san francisco-based juul is facing yet another lawsuit tied to the teen vaping epidemic.
5:27 am
massachusetts' prosecutors have filed suit accusing juul of targeting children in its ads. the suit says the customer service rep went as far as to tell underaged customers how to get around age restriction laws. juul has not been able to review the complaint just yet and it's working to combat under aged issues. a south african couple had a bit of a rough go recently. their dog, get this, swallowed her engagement ring. >> can you imagine? oh, what a proposal for that pup's stomach. well, sure enough when the woman took the dog to the vet an x-ray revealed it was right there. we won't go into many details but with a little help the couple says they finally got it. and sterilized it. got to keep it on your finger. >> i'll do it for you for valentine's day. 5:27 this morning. the top stories we're following today including the new round of
5:28 am
housing demands made by mothers who took over a vacant home. plus b.a.r.t.'s ridership doing a deep weekend dive. the problems riders say just making them go elsewhere.
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right now at 5:30, a tense police standoff shuts down a south bay neighborhood for hours. what we're learning from officers there at the scene. budget woes, one of the
5:31 am
largest school districts moves forward with a plan to cut teachers and expand class size. a lot of those problems throughout the bay area. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. this morning i'm sure can you smell it, love it in the air or is it? it might depend on where you live. coming up later we'll actually break down the best dating cities across california for singles out there. you don't want to miss that. >> we saw people walking hand-in-hand. it's great weather to go outside for a walk. check the forecast with kari. >> we know we've had warm weather throughout the week. we are seeing some light patches of fog drifting by even as we take a look at the city in the distance. our temperatures starting out in the upper 40s, low 50s in oakland but we are in the upper 30s in livermore. highs today cooler than yesterday.
5:32 am
still very comfortable as we reach into the upper 60s. we'll talk more about this in a few minutes, mike. >> the big view shows predictable pattern here. there's a little showing at foothill expressway. i'll let you know if there's anything of note. 680, contra costa county northbound past highway 4. reports of a crash in a middle lane. we do have the backup there. that san jose neighborhood getting back to normal after an hours long standoff this is video of a large police presence near tulle and white road. the suspect was taken into custody with the help of a k-9. they had been staked out there since about 6:00 p.m. yesterday.
5:33 am
police are saying that they will continue to clear up that area as they have that suspect in custody. it's 5:32 right now. talk about cuts, $8 million in cuts is what the east bay school district is facing this morning. the school board approved the move last night. sharon, the thing is we're talking about a huge impact here. 30,000 students? >> reporter: that's right, laura, and about 250 teach remembers wondering how their jobs will be affected. it's the first round of cuts to balance a $47 million deficit in two years. it's still not clear where specific cuts will be made but music, travel for administrators and police at middle schools. >> the cuts will change the way we provide services to our
5:34 am
students and families. >> reporter: the district is made up of 32,000 students, 250 teachers may lose their jobs but they won't know until march 15th when by law the district needs to notify teachers if they will be laid off. another vote that the board made last night was to change the woodrow wilson elementary name to michelle obama elementary and they say that fits the school's core values. >> sharon, thank you. later for you that morning the group moms for housing is holding a protest demanding the sheriff's office takes responsibility for what they call exaggerated use of force following last month's early morning eviction we brought you live on "today in the bay." deputies cleared out the two mothers and their children illegally living in the home.
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a suspected hit-and-run driver is in custody after striking three people in san francisco's mission district critically injuring two of them. the driver of a prius turned from 23rd street on to mission. witnesses say the driver hit someone in a sidewalk and pinned him against a muni bus. then hit two people getting off the bus. the incident left bystanders stunned and shaken. >> i feel really bad because i don't know if the guy died or no. it looks really bad. >> police say the driver had a passenger inside. they initially left the scene but returned mince later. police say it may have been a medical condition. >> there's reportedly a new push
5:36 am
in california to limit home dna testing companies from sharing customer information. state senator has introduced a new bill that would ban companies like ancestry and 23andme from disclosing information to third parties without a customer's prior consent. new for you that morning state lawmakers are considering a proposal aimed at cracking down on package thieves. it calls for tougher penalties of habitual offenders, those convicted of thefts three or more times. if approved they could face up to three years in prison. >> do you ride b.a.r.t.? new numbers show how bad it has taken a hit from so many fewer riders. b.a.r.t. collectively lost 10 million passengers over the past four years during evening and weekend service alone. riders say they're not traveling
5:37 am
b.a.r.t. and weekends are too sparse. the agency plans to discuss the new survey during a workshop later today. an in-depth look at b.a.r.t. on our website right now. happening today a new chick-fil-a could be in the works in concord. the design review board, if approved the restaurant would be on willow pass road. it would take over. leaders actually denied a plan for chick-fil-a because of traffic concerns. new video. an up close encounter caught on camera. a gray whale swam up to and
5:38 am
under that boat. this is near orange county. >> look at passengers. they were almost trying to pet it like a dolphin. it's a whale. it even popped its head up out of the water for a rub. they called it very unusual because whales usually stay away from boats especially while making that big migration right now. i would have been frightened, though. >> i would have, too. >> you need a bigger boat. >> it may lift up that whole boat, all of those passengers on it. >> how cool that was. >> very up close. let's get ready for some whale watching of our own. >> not that close. >> valentine's day is tomorrow. how about taking your lover to the jazz festival happening in san jose. and it's going to be starting out at 64 degrees tomorrow and then cooling down as the evening goes along.
5:39 am
it's going to be nice. 64 for the bay. as we check out sunday's forecast, 58 degrees in the coastal areas. 60 for the bay. santa cruz will be a nice place to check out this weekend with some low 60s. a little bit more cloudy and breezy on sunday. napa valley also a romantic place to head with some upper 60s tomorrow and more of the same going through the rest of the weekend. mike, you were looking for a crash in the east bay. we have a smooth drive through contra costa county, a little build through pittsburg and the backup at the toll plaza, metering lights on since 5:10 this morning. 880 slowing, a crash just before you get to that off ramp.
5:40 am
that adds to the build off 238. the surface street traffic. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. things are very calm right now. we focus on the commute in the traffic center, of course. the bay shore freeway, highway 101 and your commute heading south out of san francisco. from sfo in san bruno down to san jose, silicon valley. according to caltrans the amount of time we are stuck in traffic has increased almost 93%. growing up here in the bay area i used to equate the commute with traveling north into the city. san francisco. some folks who moved here recently know only the commute heading into the south bay which hits later in the morning. that is why the expansion
5:41 am
projects continues along the same corridor. the hov lanes hoping to alleviate the pressure. our making the bay area continues in 15 minutes. we'll show you how much a house -- or how much house you can buy in the bay area for $1.1 million. and what can you get with the same money in other cities. probably a lot more. 5:41 right now. some extraordinary people gathered and you were a part of it. >> i was honored to emcee the event for women that gathers a great group of women have across the bay area. a lot of different companies as well. jessica aguirre also helped host the afternoon event. i did the morning session. so it was all at the san jose convention center and there were over almost 7,000 men and women,
5:42 am
mainly women attending this event. the annual conference focuses on real world work place issues related to gender equality. but you talk about finances, you talk about moving ahead. meghan rapinhoe was there as well giving inspirational words. she will be back if april before heading to the 2020 olympics. nbc bay area a sponsor of the concert. it's nice to be empowered by women. >> you talk about how it grows. >> it's huge. they need a bigger venue they're saying. it's really nice to see. 5:42 this morning. rolling ahead with no end in sight. the growing cost to build the high speed rail system just got even higher. congress moves to take away the power for the president to use the military in iraq and possibly iran.
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at 5:45 as we head outside a clear sky. temperatures in the low 40s heading into the low 60s by noon. the drought monitor just updated.
5:46 am
we'll look at that in less than five minutes. moving much more smoothly than it would appear from this shot. a nice drive, the speeds out of san carlos into san jose. we're looking at half an hour. now speeds are at the limit. did donald trump interfere with the sentencing of one of his campaign aides? that question will now land the attorney general before congress. good morning. attorney general bill barr has agreed to appear before the house judiciary committee next month, the same committee that conducted the impeachment hearings led by democrat jerry nadler. did barr get directly involved in the sentencing of former trump campaign aide roger stone. the president seems to have already confirmed that he did, thanking barr in a tweet for taking charge of the sentencing.
5:47 am
the next question, did the president pressure barr to do it? trump has come down on both sides of the question. he says he didn't talk to the justice department, but he should be allowed to ask his aides to get a lighter sentence if he wanted to. to repeat what the president said, he didn't talk to the justice department. what he did do was tweet. he thought the sentence prosecutors were asking for was too long. the next day the doj did just that. stone will be sentenced next week. bottom line, eight days after the end of the impeachment democrats are back to asking tough questions. >> something egregious like this demands the inspector general investigates and the chair of the judiciary committee hold a hearing now. >> today the senate will vote whether to remove the president's authorization of use of military force which originally was granted to george w. bush after the 2001 terror attack.
5:48 am
you see two democrats, two republicans showing bipartisan support to pull the president's power. note, that's susan collins, the one who said president trump learned his lesson from impeachment. the senate votes this morning. we'll be watching that carefully. you can follow me on twitter. 5:48 for you. the cost of building california's high speed rail system got higher. releasing the new business plan. the total cost is forecast tore $80 billion. this is $1.5 million more than last forecast. with the entire line still on life support the rail authority is posting a target date to open a 130-mile stretch. it's pegged for 2029. that's 14 years after the construction first started. >> i'll be an old lady by the time it's done. new for you that morning
5:49 am
jeff bezos broke records paying $165 million for this l.a. home. the priciest home in l.a. called the warner estate named after the original head of warner brothers. >> it's amazing, isn't it? the beverly hills estate includes 13,000 square feet. bezos worth about $131 billion. the property less than 1% of his net worth. won't even scratch the surface. trending just in time for valentine's day a new ranking for best dating cities. san francisco actually cracked the top 20 for college educated singles. only 19% say they're satisfied with the dating pool there. the number one city is san diego and for women it's columbus, ohio. i don't understand.
5:50 am
>> no matter where you are i want you to listen to this and they say stay clear of certain items from a menu when you're out eating. so almost 30,000 voters out there for garlic -- saying garlic should be eliminated from any dish while you are out on a date. they also say that messy barbecue ribs, that came in second place, onions came in third. i don't know about the barbecue but if they say so. other surprises on the list, gel y jellied eel. >> i'm surprised it's on the menu. >> i'm going to have garlic, would you like to have garlic, too? >> no. that blind date's over. >> if you want a kiss at the end of the night, no. getting out the door heading to work and thinking what am i going to do for valentine's day,
5:51 am
we're going to have this nice weather we're enjoying but slightly cooler. check out martinez and how our day shapes up. low 40s as you start out the door. as we go through the day it will feel much more comfortable with a lot of sunshine heading into the low 60s. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. it's not as warm as it has been but this is still pretty good. 6 for a high. 66 in ukiah, san francisco reaching the upper 50s. there may be a few more drifts of fog coming by. as we look at a wide view of the satellite. a line of clouds coming in that will provide some light snow between saturday and sunday. where we are seeing some active weather for the east coast a lot of rain and snow heading across the northeast. high pressure has kept us dry.
5:52 am
this is no surprise as the drought monitor was updated today, now areas included in the drought. about 10% of the state of california now declared in a drought. so that's something we'll be watching for us still abnormally dry. we're lacking 7 1/2 inches of rain in the north bay and san jose needs almost 5.25 inches. a little more for the water year. that's something we'll be watching. heading over to mike you've been tracking the roads. any new issues? >> the update we have is the crash did clear. i want to make sure our interest decisional slowing up to oakland road, that's what we expect and that's what we see. a nice easy drive.
5:53 am
southbound 880. the earlier crash cleared and we're holding steady. the san mateo bridge, westbound, those commutes are just starting to see more pressure. no problems and no surprises. slow through bay point and pittsburg. i want to use waze to show you a crash reported by one of our wazers. highway 4 heading up to the antioch bridge. back out to the maps, join wazers. that's about the worst of it. southwest says it's keeping the boeing 737 max out of the air to help reduce last minute cancellations and delays. the faa is still reviewing the changes made by boeing. much more ahead on "today in the bay" including all new this
5:54 am
morning put a cork if it. one city says no to a winery's plans to add a hotel to its concert venue. why the plan isn't toast yet. making it in the bay. we'll introduce you to people who work and earn a paycheck but can't afford four walls and a roof. and, bad dog. price is a thing when you learn what ended up in the belly of this adorable pooch.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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5:57 for you. if you ever thought about crashing out and moving out of the bay area, you may have browsed some houses on zillow to see what you could get. >> scott mcgrew has been looking at more and more expensive houses here on "today in the bay." this morning, scott, you're at a million -- $1.1 million? >> the median price of a home in silicon valley. as always we'll start with what can you get in san jose. $1.1 million will buy a small house, two bedroom, two bath, 1,200 square feet. smaller than many apartments but newly renovated. it is an attached home in central san jose. we've been looking at two other
5:58 am
cities, destinations for people moving out. portland and austin. let me look at portland. in portland you will get a house with its own name, sky view house. it sits on two acres up above the city. has two separate living quarters. there it is. another view inside. welcome to sky view house n. austin, $1.1 million and a little bit of change will get you a house four times as big as that san jose house. and this is on the grounds of the austin country club. the hardwood floors are made of pecan. it has a deck 2,000 square feet. marcus and laura, this deck is bigger than the house i showed you in san jose. the deck. >> a nice deck at that. >> thank you. he's going on and on. >> i like the house.
5:59 am
wow, that is nice. >> thanks, scott. 5:58. new details this morning on plans for a new hotel at mountain winery in saratoga. they say it's essentially off the table. >> the winery wants to add about 300 hotel room. the plan fell on deaf ears at a packed planning commission meeting. the winery needs the city to sign off on a zoning change which planners would not approve but technically there is still a chance here. the full council will rule on the planners decision next month. a south african woman had a bit of a rough go resevenly because her dog swallowed her engagement ring. >> can you imagine? what a proposal for that pup's stomach. when the woman took the dog to the vet is clearly in the x-ray. the vet gave the dog something to help cough it up, i guess,
6:00 am
and there you have it. they cleaned it up and they're engaged again. never forget that. right now at 6:00, the mayors of bay area's biggest cities are taking on the governor's $750 million plan to fight homelessness. up next a live report on what those mayors may push for. coming up, what state health leaders are saying after inconclusive results. and the oakland zoo going where no zoo has gone before by saying no to plastic. the items no longer available at the zoo starting today. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. >> i'm marcus washington out here. >> in here is good. >> your head is so big. >> worldwide. >> fashion trends, i don't know so much. we


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