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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and there you have it. they cleaned it up and they're engaged again. never forget that. right now at 6:00, the mayors of bay area's biggest cities are taking on the governor's $750 million plan to fight homelessness. up next a live report on what those mayors may push for. coming up, what state health leaders are saying after inconclusive results. and the oakland zoo going where no zoo has gone before by saying no to plastic. the items no longer available at the zoo starting today. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. >> i'm marcus washington out here. >> in here is good. >> your head is so big. >> worldwide. >> fashion trends, i don't know so much. we know marcus loves his crocs.
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we can't wait to see how you react to a company has a new project keeping up with another company. we're going to reveal new shoes released in partnership with kfc. >> teaming up with m-dub, marcus washington. >> so nice that you would think twice if you didn't get one. >> that kari and laura would like them. >> it would be fancier than this. >> thanks for displaying. >> the classic black. let's get on out the door this morning, leaving those crocs at home. >> do you want to see my shoes now? >> temperatures in the lower 40s and a cool start to the day. another nice one, just not as warm as it has been. it's been weird and feeling springlike. we'll talk about what else is going on and, mike, you're seeing unexpected slowing.
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>> out of the south county we know we'll have the slower drive right on schedule. maybe stretching further north than we expect. year the exit of the golf course a disabled vehicle slowing things down. that's what the report says from the monterey chp report. the rest of silicon valley, the peninsula and the east bay and tri-valley look great. a slower drive into hayward and the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:02 right now and the mayors of the biggest cities are weighing in on the state's plan to fight homelessness. governor gavin newsom trying to find solutions in local communities. it's how the money could be divvied up that is surprising a lot of people.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live, crunching some of those numbers on the homeless account across the entire bay area. it seems you drive and see it everywhere. >> one of the solutions is the navigation center that's going up here behind city hall. you can see people living in encampments anywhere you live or work, nearly a quarter of all homeless people in the country live here in california and most are unsheltered. the largest homeless population, you can see 8,000 homeless people in alameda county. 8,000 in san francisco. more than 2,000 in contra costa county. 1,500 in san mateo county and more counties here in the bay area.
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today governor gavin newsom's plan to find solutions will headline state and local leaders. newsom proposes pushing the funds out through regional administrators which will be chosen by the state. the bay area's largest mayors will have a chance to weigh in about what's happening here. programs to help keep people in their homes before they get homeless and along with how to treat mental illness for the homeless who really need it. kris sanchez, "today in the bay". a slight setback when it comes to bracing for the coronavirus in the u.s. the cdc says some of the test kits sent out to some labs and states were defective. >> it's meant to speed up test results. test also still have to be sent
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to the cdc. more than 1,300 people have now died, mostly in china. another case in the u.s. means 14 confirmed here. >> the latest case is in california and in san diego. that parent was among americans recently flown back from china and quarantined at miramar. so far no one at travis air base has shown symptoms. >> united airlines pushing out flight cancellations between sfo and china. the flights will be canceled at least through the end of april. initially it was the end of march. the last nonstop flight is tomorrow. the airline is giving refunds to
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all impacted passengers. the 4.0 quake centered in tres pinos. it happened about 7:30 and was centered in the same place where there have been a number of other recent small to moderate quakes and cause nod damage. making it in the bay update. berkeley councilmembers approved a new safe parking program for people who are living in rvs. the pilot program will offer places in six cities, lots for up to three months. and each day the rvs will have to vacate. they plan to release more details including lot locations. >> living in your vehicle is the reality for some 10,000 people. >> and alameda county has the highest living in their cars or rvs.
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bob redell with a new program to help those in need. bob? >> reporter: marcus, according to that -- people live in their vehicles. some are able to park here in the safe car parking lot in oakland. but these type of places are extremely limited. these people have to make do elsewhere. >> i just let the lord decide what's going to happen for me and i try not to worry about it too much. >> reporter: michael moran ran a successful consulting business, lived with his wife and daughter in a million dollar home in marin but lost it when he pled guilty to a federal crime. michael found a business in the east bay to let him park his rv legally within this property. in return michael cleans the
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yard and keeps an eye on the place. in addition to a warehouse job making barely minimum wage, he wonders when he'll be able to make it back into permanent housing. >> i would rather stay in my rv than shell out $2,000 in an apartment living in some place i probably might not want to live. >> that was bob redell reporting there. it's nice they have the programs to watch over these people but so sad to see everywhere. >> a lot of people left with no other options. 6:08. a look at the forecast. not looking too bad. >> we talk about homeless and how cold it is during the morning hours, that also is a factor dealing with these elements. we're in the low 40s in concord, at 42 in livermore. 46 in san jose. 51 in oakland. if we're going to be heading out to the park today enjoying the sunshine, it won't be as warm
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but comfortable as we start out at 46 degrees in livermore. at noon 60 degrees. some low 60s going into the afternoon. don't forget the allergy medication. we have a moderate amount of tree pollen floating through the air due to warm temperatures and, mike, you have an update now for the hazard out of morgan hill. the disabled vehicle around coyote creek has been cleared. we should see good recovery but still slow into morgan hill because that is the morning commute. the south bay shows that little blip we see north of 680 for 101 but no other issues. slowing across the san mateo bridge. we talked about the timing earlier this week for making it in the bay. maybe you won't be surprised and hope for improvement. slowing for the upper east shore freeway. metering lights were turned on.
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the lights turn on. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> getting crowded out there. 6:09. up next on "today in the bay," starting today one less item available for anyone buying food at the oakland zoo. but it goes above and beyond the actual menu. >> just two weeks ago elon musk said tesla did not need to raise any more money. today tesla will raise more money. scott and laura, are you all making your valentine's day play list? >> you know we're just friends. >> i'm engaged. >> not for each other. >> marcus. >> the secrets you learn. look, we're going to tell you about the top romantic songs for the big day. they're out and you want to mo what they are so you can put them on your list. we're going to have it coming up. ♪ and i >> you probably thought that was
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the one. it's not. we're going to tell you the number one song that you want to have on that play list coming up for you next.
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it's thursday morning and 6:13. in cupertino expect a cool start. it won't be as warm today but still pretty nice as we reach into the low 60s with sunshine
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and nice weather for valentine's day. looking at the sierra in less than five minutes. westbound 237, a slower drive in to san jose. a bigger look shows that 38, a live look shows you where that is. north 101. we'll talk about the rest of your commute coming up. and a very good morning. a happy thursday to you. we see the ups and downs as coronavirus goes from worry to not worry. yesterday was a no worry day. today more worries. the chinese have upped their estimates on infection. here at home tesla, all eyes on tesla and a blockbuster announcement the company will issue more stock. about $2 billion worth. shares under very heavy pressure
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this morning. tesla says the sale of stock will strengthen its balance sheet. how much money on hand has always been a concern. just two weeks ago elon musk said it wouldn't make sense for the company to raise new funding. the stock price went up after he said that. investors do not like when a company goes back to the well because it dilutes the strength of their own shares. lorena gonzalez, the author of the ab-5 law has a new law in mind that would prevent delivery companies like door dash listing restaurants and would require delivery companies to share customer data with those restaurants. we're back with sand hill road. this week we talked to pioneering venture capitalist
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about her early days as a woman in venture capital. >> i joke that every board i'm on is inherently more diverse because i'm on it. >> that makes sense. you can even ask alexa to play it. robotic, people in their own office talk about things you wouldn't expect them to. >> cameras can be intimidating. >> not for us. >> we'll talk about anything. >> thank you, scott. hey, we're talking about the oakland zoo this morning proving to be even more friendly to the environment. as of today the zoo is no longer selling plastic bottled drinks and is cutting back on single use plastics altogether. it's the first suit in california to do so. the zoo is unveiling three huge
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sculptures that show the plastic pollution problem that's happening throughout our world. >> good move there. valentine's day trending. spotify is out with its top-rated love songs. >> take a look at that number one on the list. >> it goes a little something like this. ♪ because all of me loves all of you ♪ >> see, i was going to attempt to sing that one. very talented. john legend's "all of me" top spot. according to spotify is the most added song on the love play list and the most popular for both men and women and has been added to more than 29 million play lists. other songs include ed sheeran's "thinking out loud." bruno mars "just the way you are." whitney houston's "i will always
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love you." and elvis presley's ♪ i can't help falling in love with you ♪ >> there you have it. serenaded by marcus this morning. maybe marcus will like this. if you're thinking of saddling up with the colonel do it in style. partnering up with crocs to offer kentucky fried shoes. they say they even smell like chicken. they put charms inside of it. the shoes are going to be available this spring. the crocs and kfc website there for about $60. we bring up you because you love your crocs. >> i brought mine to show you. they're nice and soft. i don't want a chicken on here. >> don't they sell those things
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you can put in there for kids, though. >> the grown look is this right here. >> okay, there you have it. >> not at all grown and sexy. >> i didn't say sexy. grown. >> a lot of doctors and nurses wear them. let's get start this had morning talking about our cool temperatures and warm afternoon that starts today as we get out the door. notice something a little different here. a few more clouds overhead. this is a different shot compared to what we've seen every morning this week. temperatures at 58 degrees in san francisco. notice it won'ting as warm. during the middle of the afternoon. we'll stay there going into 4:00 and then starting to cool off.
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as you make weekend plans you probably wouldn't to know how the snowpack is looking. well, it's been a while since we've had a big snowstorm. our snow continues to melt. our statewide average at about 59% of average. if you're going to squaw valley or alpine meadows expect it to reach in the upper 40s. melting snow. a few light snow flurries coming down on saturday so you have some good travel conditions getting there as well as back to the bay area by the weekend. this is what will bring the snow. a long line of clouds extending from the pacific northwest. it will move through fairly quickly and bring an increase in clouds here but not a lot rain and snow. this is where all the action is if you'll be traveling this
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weekend, heads up a lot of rain for much of the mid-atlantic coast and the northeast. they have some snow going on. high pressure remains in control keeping it dry, keeping all the storm systems to the north of us. that will remain our pattern into the end of the month. no surprise the drought monitor came out today and 10% of california is in a moderate drought and we have abnormally dry conditions here. mike, you're starting out with slowing in contra costa county. >> it's just because that's the commute pattern. 680 splitting off with 24. dragging a little bit more. no delays for mass transit. lots of options for you.
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highway 4 slowing into walnut creek. metering lights have been on since 5:10. more slowing through and out of hayward. the little build for the south bay. the san mateo bridge is slowing. we'll see if the flashing lights are just maintenance. up next, new allegations juul was after teens trying to buy ads on websites geared towards them. up next what the websites are. some of the names you and your children might recognize. hank aaron opens up about the toughest moments of his life. all of us are on social media. i'm sharing a touching moment between one of my best friends
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and that red bracelet she gave me right there. i'm wearing it right now. head to my facebook page, laura garcia nbc to find out why. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. we'll be right back with a lot more news ahead. brzezinski: take a look at this.
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tom steyer... berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: up eleven points from october. that is dramatic. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government. that's what's going on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's.
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welcome back. 6:25. juul is facing yet another lawsuit tied to the teen vaping epidemic. prosecutors filed suit accusing
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juul of targeting children in its ads. the suit says the customer service rep went as far as to tell underaged customers how to get around age restriction laws. juul will only say they're working to combat under age issues. delta airlines now facing a second lawsuit in connection with the sudden dumping of jet fuel over schools. that happened last month when the pilot was making an emergency landing and released about 15,000 gallons of fuel. three whittier high school students filed suit similar to the one filed by four teachers. delta is not commenting. we mark black history month. >> it doesn't get more iconic than hank aaron. playing for the 1950s to the 1970s. but being black in america
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during that period certainly wasn't easy. listen to mr. aaron telling craig melvin about that experience. >> i was surprised to read in what should have been the most exciting period of your life chasing babe ruth's record, it wasn't. why not? >> i couldn't go out of the ballpark without an escort. i had to stay in another hotel rather than with my teammates. it was the toughest moment of my life. >> you don't think about that but it shows you how strong he was and is. >> we, our younger generation, he's so iconic and that's how it is. we've evolved so much. >> we have. he also played in the negro league and you can watch craig melvin's full interview right
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after "today in the bay." a living legend. a nine-hour standoff in the south bay ends overnight. and we're live with new details on $8 million worth of cuts going to schools there. growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages.
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and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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right now at 6:30, a tense police standoff shutting down a
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south bay neighborhood for hours finally comes to an end. the details of man police were after. budget woes, one of the largest school districts moves forward with a plan to cut teachers and expand class size. a live report moments away. 6:31 now on your thursday morning. thank you for joining us. it turns out winning isn't everything. another dog is now having its day even though sheba, the standard poodle, took best in show, we're going to tell you who is now taking the internet by storm. >> that cracks me up every time. it's like a wind machine. >> like an afro from the back. a big, beautiful afro. 6:31. let's check the forecast. my dogs have been wanting to go out for a walk. every day is gorgeous. >> so nice.
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they don't have to run outside and back in. we have a lot of dry weather. mid-60s inland. the weekend also looking bright and sunny with a few more clouds by sun guy. upper 50s. we'll focus on the weekend forecast and what's going on coming up in seven minutes. bring the sunglasses. >> sun rise coming up here as we look to the south have to adjust the iris because things are well lit. folks heading south on 101 at university avenue. the commute is building. we'll talk more about that trend. right now things are moving smoothly. we'll talk about the effect on the commute in the next segment. i want to make sure that smooth drive for the south bay across the san mateo bridge a little more focused into concord and 680.
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the bay bridge toll plaza. the normal at 5:10. new for you overnight a neighborhood getting back to normal after an hours long standoff. a large police presence near tulle and white road. police tell us the suspect was taken into custody with the help of a k-9. officers had been staked out since at least 6:00 last night. $8 million in cuts. that's what an east bay school district is facing this morning. the west contra costa school board approved the move last night. live in richmond this morning, sharon, that's a lot of money. i'm sure that will have a huge impact. >> reporter: it sure is, marcus. 250 teachers are waiting to see if their jobs will be affected.
6:34 am
a deficit in two years. it's still not clear where specific cuts will be made but areas talked about include music, travel for administrators, and campus police at middle schools. >> the cuts will change the way we provide services but we're confident we'll be table to make tho those. >> reporter: the district made up of 32,000 students, 250 teachers may lose their jobs but they won't know until march 15th when by law the district needs to notify teachers if they will be laid off. last night the board also voted to approve the name change from wilson elementary to michelle obama elementary. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay."
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moms are demanding the alameda county sheriff's office takes responsibility for what they call exaggerated use of force. it follows last month's early morning eviction. we brought that you as breaking news on "today in the bay." deputies cleared out two mothers and their children illegally living in that home. the group is demanding all charges be dropped. a suspected hit-and-run driver is in custody after striking three people in the mission district critically injuring two of them. it happened yesterday afternoon when the driver of a prius turned on to mission hitting someone in the cross walk and pinned him up against a muni bus and hit two other people getting off of the bus. >> i see when that happened on the corner so i feel really bad because i don't know if that guy has died or no.
6:36 am
>> they did have the critical injuries. the driver with the passenger inside initially left the scene but returned minutes later. police say it may have actually been a medical condition. 6:36. there's a new push in california to limit home dna customers from sharing information. california state senator introduced a new bill that would ban companies like ancestry and 23andme from disclosing information to third parties. it would not impact law enforcement access to hope testing data. >> new numbers show just how bad of a hit it's taking from fewer riders. "the chronicle reports b.a.r.t. lost 10 million passengers the last four years during evening
6:37 am
and week service alone. weekend trains are too sparse. they cited crime and number of home also people onboard. they plan to discuss a new survey during a workshop later today. our investigative unit took an in-depth look at b.a.r.t. you can watch on our website so here we are on a thursday, friday eve as we like to call it, heading into the week. valentine's day. getting out will be on a lot of people's schedule. >> you should make plans getting outside. as you want to kick it off happening at 7:00, 56 degrees. we will have nice and clear weather. a breeze.
6:38 am
the bay reaching 64 and inland up to 70 degrees. slightly cool er area wide. 64 degrees in the valley. santa cruz low sick on friday. on sunday partly cloudy and 63 degrees as well. just a few clouds here and there but it will be very comfortable and we'll continue to see that sunshine throughout much of the weekend. mike, you are looking at what's going on now in richmond. >> i want folks to take a look. we have a beautiful view. the sun is coming up. now look down, the slowdown. the traffic is what i have to focus on.
6:39 am
you see the centers but overall we're doing all right. the focus now smoothing out in bay point. pittsburg a nice drive. a build for northbound route through san jose. there may be a crash on 17 near 85. we'll let chp get more information. the slower drive develops. from the east bay down to 880 first hitting the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge right on schedule heading over to the peninsula where later morning that's where things kick in. another look at what making it in the bay means. today we're going to talk about the bay shore freeway, highway 101 and up commute south from san bruno, sfo. look at this map, folks, this direction getting down in towards silicon valley, san jose. the amount of time we spend
6:40 am
stuck in traffic has increased almost 93% nearly double from 2010 to 2019. i used to talk about the commute and everybody talking about heading into san francisco, the city. these days we're heading down to the south bay. some folks know that only as their commute and that is why the expansion project continues. right now it's moving smoothly but overnight lane closures and slowing, focusing on the stretch between palo alto and right here looking at this interchange which will be really jammed later on this morning, 101 and 92. we hope the express lanes and the car-pool lanes will help relieve pressure. right now we're just watching for the construction. thanks so much, much. 6:40. mike and the rest of the team, scott mcgrew and scott budman have been breaking down how bay area home prices have been
6:41 am
stacking up. see what they managed to uncover as our special making it in the bay series. >> very important people gathered at a great event in the south bay. >> it's the water mark conference for women. itches fortunate enough to be asked back to emcee along with jessica aguirre at the convention center and close to 7,000 people attended this event. the tickets sell out in like 20 minutes. it's crazy. it focuses on women empowerment, how to get great financial advice, ask for a raise from your boss. meghan rapinhoe was there. she will be back before heading to the 2020 olympics.
6:42 am
learn a lesson from and support each other. a great day of support. >> great to have an event like that, go out, come together and rally up. >> that's right. 6:42 this morning. coming up here for you mayors of the bay area's largest cities unite to fight homelessness. up next, what they hope to add to the governor's $700 million plan to do just that. in washington the senate may take away the president's power to fight in iraq and even iran. and sheba might have won the top spot but the internet is going nuts over another dog. we'll show you who coming up next.
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the time is 6:45. let's head outside in dublin. not a clear start to the day. we've had light patches of fog drifting around and our temperatures are a little bit milder. we're in the low 40s heading into the low 60s for early this afternoon. still pretty nice, though, right. we'll talk about this and what's ahead for the weekend in less than five minutes. the low clouds, visibility okay through dublin. folks are not taking the cutthrough and that's where we see the slowing jamming up.
6:46 am
we'll show you the rest of the tri-valley and the build coming up. happening today the mayors for the bay area's biggest cities will weigh in on the state's plan to fight homelessness. governor gavin newsom is calling for $750 million to fund new solutions. san jose mayor sam liccardo has pushed for. london breed in the midst of a navigation center boom and libby schaaf says the city recently doubled its shelter capacity. based on the latest count more than 8,000 homeless people living in san francisco and alameda county and close to 10,000 in santa clara county. with the end nowhere in sight, costs to build the high speed rail system just got higher. the rail authority released the new business plan. the total cost is forecast to be $80 billion. $1.5 billion more than the last
6:47 am
forecast two years ago. the rail authority is now actually posting a target date to open one 130-mile stretch is pegged for 2029. that's 14 years after construction first started. 6:47. did donald trump interfere with the sentencing of a campaign aide. >> that will land the attorney general before congress. it will, good morning. bill barr has agreed to appear before the house judiciary committee, the same that conducted the impeachment hearing led by democrat jerry nadler. at issue did barr get directly involved in the sentencing recommendations for former trump campaign aide roger stone. the president seems to have confirmed that he did thanking barr in a tweet for taking charge of the case and the sentence recommendations.
6:48 am
based on this tweet he did it. trump says he did not talk to the justice department about his friend's sentence but said he should be allowed to influence the justice department if he wanted to. the president said he didn't talk to the justice department. he did tweet. he thought the sentence was too long. barr ordered the prosecutors to give stone a shorter sentence. all four federal attorneys in the case responded to that order by quitting the case. one quit his job altogether. this is not the only major crisis for the white house this week. on sunday lindsey graham revealed a special investigative system, a special channel between rudy giuliani and the doj to investigate joe biden. the bottom line is eight days after the end of impeachment
6:49 am
democrats are back to asking tough questions. >> something egregious like this demands that the inspector general investigate and demands that the chairman of the judiciary committee hold a hearing. >> the senate will vote whether to remove the president's authorization for the use of military force which was originally granted to george w. bush after the 2001 terror attacks. showing bipartisan support to pull the president's power. we're watching what's happening in washington. as always there is a lot. you can follow me on twitter. new for you that morning those details coming out about plans for a new hotel in sayer so ga. >> the winery wanted to add a hotel to complement its concert
6:50 am
series. the winery needed the city to sign off on a zoning change which planners wouldn't approve. technically there's still a chance. trending this morning the internet is going wild over one of the finalists from the westminster dog show even though the standard poodle siba won best in show some fans believe one very good boy was robbed. that's siba this is what everyone is talking about or who, daniel the golden retriever. he was a crowd favorite at the show and even won his sporting group. fans are sharing photos of him carrying his prize winning ribbon in his mouth. a beautiful dog indeed. >> so cute. look at that. so excited, he wanted to eat it. >> i deserve it. all right. a good day for the dogs. get them out there.
6:51 am
>> get outside, enjoy it. warm weather. not a lot of rain here. more time to get outside. let's get started with a live look outside in san jose. you're noticing something different here. compared to all the other days this week we're seeing some clouds rolling by and so this is already showing that we have a little bit of a change in our weather that will bring temperatures down a few degrees. as we go through the day the sky will soon clear. it will be a pretty nice day heading into the low 60s. up to about 66 degrees in san jose. up to 65 in morgan hill. a high of 60 degrees. we have some low 50s in half moon bay. we'll bring it up to 59 on the embarcadero and novato reaching 64 degrees so here is what's going on. do you see this long line of clouds extending off the coast that will be moving in by the
6:52 am
weekend. it will bring light snow flurries. for us a few more clouds. a lot of the rain will dry up before it gets here. a change in our pattern as high pressure moves off to the west. it will allow for a few of those low pressure systems that we've seen over the pacific northwest to dip further to the south so we'll have a little bit more of a breeze, a slight cooldown. but overall still no rain here in the seven-day forecast. we have temperatures in the upper 60s for valentine's day. more clouds moving in on sunday and temperatures in the upper 60s by early next week. mike, you were trying to sort something out. >> we talk about the slower drive. i did check out this camera view and north 280 almost to traffic for a couple minutes. we're sorting back out -- it's a
6:53 am
building flow here at the 17/880 interchange. that smoke in the distance is building there that puts out exhaust. we do hear about a fire further back. north 280 near the off ramp there's a roadside fire reported there. doesn't sound like a major issue. that's what our camera sees over here much lighter. we sorted that out. that will be an issue coming off 101 at 280. anywhere north to cupertino. the smooth pattern for the rest of the day. a build here off 880. dumbarton bridge, more flow and slow on either coast and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you, laura. 6:53. keeping the boeing 737 max out
6:54 am
of the air until at least august. airline says the move will help it reduce last-minute cancellations and delays. planes have been grounded for nearly a year after two deadly crashes. the faa is reviewing the changes made by boeing. coming up what leaders are saying about inconclusive results. the stock is dropping this morning. stick around because coming up on today l.a. has a brand-new voting system that has been ten years in the making. not everyone is a fan. coming up right after "today in the bay." we have much more local news coming up in just minutes. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
6:55 am
is better than the criminal in the white house.
6:56 am
we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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welcome back. it is 6:57. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> new details on the coronavirus here in the u.s. the cdc says some of the test kits sent out to labs and states including california are defective. test also still have to be sent to the cdc. as for the latest numbers more than 1,300 people have now died mostly in china. over 60,000 infected worldwide
6:58 am
and another case was diagnosed in san diego. now bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the u.s. to 14. more details united airlines pushing out flight cancellations between sfo and china. a live look this morning. the flights will be canceled at least through the end of april. initially through the end of march. now according to "the chronicle" the last nonstop flight from china to sfo is tomorrow. refunds to all impacted passengers. a major announcement from tesla, the palo alto-based company will issue more stock, about $2 billion worth based on today's stock price. tesla shares under heavy pressure this morning. a live look at a tesla plant. the sale of stock will strengthen its balance sheet. how much money tesla has on hand has always been a concern to company officials and investors. and a live look outside from
6:59 am
across the bay area today. san francisco a bit foggy there this morning. it will shape up to be a nice day. >> all the clouds we're seeing this morning will roll out of here. we're still in for some sunshine today and it will be just a few degrees cooler. we know it's been unseasonably warm. so we're going to try to bring you back closer to normal. we're looking at upper 60s for today and tomorrow and 70 degrees and sunny this saturday. mike has more info on a fire distracting drivers out there. >> causing san jose drivers to slow down. the map will show you, it sticks out the red section, northbound 280 at ray street in a palm tree so probably visible. we're not hearing about any structures involved. >> okay, that's good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." a live local news update. remember, it's friday eve. >> get out there and enjoy it but not before you check us out coming up at 11:00.
7:00 am
a great time for you. join us. until then have a great day and we'll see you back tomorrow morning. >> on valentine's day. >> i love you. >> love you more. love you, too. >> thank you. good morning. what a mess. tens of millions waking up to nasty weather. everything from tornadoes and flooding to snow and ice. right behind the massive storm system, a bone chilling arctic blast. some of the coldest temperatures of the season. al is acking it all. breaking overnight, dramatic rise. thousands of new coronavirus cases reported, the death toll skyrocketing while the situation for americans on that quarantined cruise ship grows more dire. on the defensive, michael bloomberg apologizes for defending a controversial police


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