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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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where the candidates stand right now among california. plus one final flight for now. the lat plane leaving sfo for china and the deadly concerns over the coronavirus. it could be six months, they're saying it could be years that the animals are really going to go need human intervention. >> stepping in to save lives. the bay area filmmaker using unique technology to help animals in australia wildfire ravaged region. >> good morning. thanks for starting your valentine's day with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a lot of hearts and love and it is valentine's day and if you are searching for love, you're not alone. one man is taking his hunt for a partner to the extreme here. listen to this. >> we all as single people try
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bumble, tinder, hinge, whatever the latest is but we only do it because that's all that is available to us. i'm trying to develop a better way. >> well, coming up, we're doing to look at his website that he's created and a major reward he said he's willing to give to whoever helps him find a girlfriend. >> oh. >> we'll jazz up that video for you if we're going to find you a girlfriend. >> borrow someone's dog because that is a cute dog. >> that is a funny story. we'll get to that. and right now we want to talk about the forecast because it is a nice one today. >> it is it is going to be beautiful. we're starting out with clouds and teams -- with temperatures upper 40s and lower 50s and then into the afternoon low 60s. so slicely cooler and mag sure you're wearing a jacket as he head out for dinner, at 7:00 at 50 degrees in danville and 50 in novato. so we'll talk about the weekend.
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mike, we just love the bay bridge. >> we have one with of these going on because there is to traffic on a friday at the bay bridge at 5:01. good stuff. >> that will change but so far an easy drive and a nice build here out of the east bay. to problem for contra costa county. a crash around magazine on 80. trying to get the direction sorted out from chp but not causing any slowing heading toward the carquinez bridge and south bay and peninsula look great now and easy flow of traffic and again we showed you the golden gate bridge. there are some construction cones there thereme, the northbound side only has one lane available. presidential candidates are are sweeping the state trying to pick up cash. and vermont senator bernie sanders with a 10% lead over joe biden. michael bloomberg coming in third place followed by pete buttigieg. and then amy klobuchar. this is conducted by the morning consult after the new hampshire
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primary. those candidates now have their eyes on california's nearly 500 delegates. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is following that part of the story for us. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. s as you well know, california is not a big factor in the general presidential election. but with this primary being moved up by several months it seems to be making a difference. it is also a place where candidat candidates know they could come in for cash even if they can't count on the votes. first up in town, democrats pete buttigieg will be in san francisco this morning and then here in palo alto this afternoon tor fundraisers ahead of a town hall in sacramento. that is at 4:00 this afternoon. bernie sanders will be in the east bay in richmond on monday and using paradise in back drop to talk about climate change. michael bloomberg opened a field office yesterday trying to reach absentee ballots early and you
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notice he's spending a lot of money on tv ads. president trump will cash in on contributions next week at a fundraiser hosted at oracle ceo larry ellison's home and also a stop in san joaquin valley. some of the candidates may not be stopping in california in person. but a number of them are redeploying their staff, moving on from other primaries that are already happened and moving into california ahead of super-tuesday which is march 3rd. if palo alto, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> our website is a good resource as you prepare to cast your ballot. we have a complete voter guide highlighting issues in every county, just head to guide. facebook is canceling a meeting due to coronavirus concerns. the meeting was supposed to bring in more than 4,000 people and the cancelation will cost some businesses a lot of money.
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here is latest on the outbreak. there are now more than 1400 deaths mostly in china. more than 64,000 people are now infected worldwide. and the u.s. is now has the 15th confirmed case. this latest in texas. meanwhile, the last united nonstop flight to china from sfo is taking off today at least for the next month and a half. service is china is now canceled through april. >> happening today, police plan to update a shooting that shook up a lot of people last fall. two young boys were killed in the parking lot of an elementary school a few days before thanksgiving. 14-year-old sean witherington and 11-year-old kevin sanchez was shot in a minivan. last month police released surveillance of a possible suspect vehicleme, today police plan to reveal new evidence gathered from the scene.
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it is not clear if they are ready to release more information. now to a follow up. a driver accused of hitting three people with his car in the mission district on wednesday is now facing criminal charges. 62-year-old steven kernan was arrested for running a red light and not stopping. alcohol and drugs are not believed to be a factor. they believe he had a medical condition. the worst for a struggling east san jose school district. both shutting doors at the end of the school year. evergreen school district board members voted to close laurelwood and dove hill. the district is facing a $12 million budget deficit and declining enrollment. the closures will impact 700 students but the district superintendent said there will not be any layoffs. well take a look at this incredible drone video. pretty foggy but it is incredible. it was shot by bay area
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filmmaker using his technology to save australia wildlife some on the brink of extinction following the wildfires. the equipment drone helped animals in the wilderness areas and remain in tact but with so much of their habitat gone or even damaged it will take a lot of effort to help save them. >> with the infrared zone, you fly over and they give off a heat signature and you could pick up where the animals are and the rescue crews could go and capture them if needed. >> thorn has peeveusually used technology to help wildfire survivors in california find lost pets. we have some interesting video that we want to share with you. as we get ready to head out this morning. take a hook at this time lapse that was sent out by the european space agency. they posted a time lapse of the satellite images of a glacier
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melting over the past 12 months and as the edge of the pine island glacier in western antarctica came apart there was a huge piece of a ice sheet that covered about 115 square miles, that is about twice the size of new york staten island that broke off and they're saying this could produce a sea level rise of about 10 feet over the next several years. so it is avenue really amazing video to see. and it is one of the signs that we've been talking about, that climate change and some warming is underway. now as we get ready to head out of the door, we are seeing a clear start to the day in dublin. our temperatures are in the mid-40s here leading into some mid-50s. it will be a very nice day but well above normal. and we continue on with some dry conditions. as we head over to mike, it is an easy friday morning right now. >> that is right. and i hope you didn't jinx it because i didn't say anything. looking over here, we expect this early on a friday 5:08
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almost 5:09 no delays on the south county and even out of altamont. a crash closer to 780, only a quarter mile away there magazine and on the shoulder so no injuries and slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza an easy flow. contra costa county looks great and a live look showing you oakland, 880 traveling north with the taillights past the chris couple and easy flow here at speed. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:09, the idea one bear artist claims the company took from her without permission. >> and trending, back on earth a touching reunion between an astronaut and her best friend. >> plus police say they may have caught a secret high-tech saboteur and i'll tell you about it. and at 5:25, searching for clues, the items that will determine where kobe bryant's
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right now at 5:12, if you're heading to the sierra this weekend, squaw valley and alpine meadows looking good but warm. temperatures reaching the up 40s for today and tomorrow and by sunday light snow flurries but not a significant snow. we'll talk about what is heading to the bay area for the weekend in less than five minutes. and maybe you're heading to the summit of the san mateo
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bridge, light traffic here. a crest on west 92 and the latest on that one as we reach the san mateo side. good morning. a very happy friday. markets tank a bit after the chinese readjusted their estimates on how many people contra contract the coronavirus and as readjusted outwards. -- will lay off 120 workers and they are coming in dribs and drabs. amazon has convinced a federal judge to order the government to slow down on a big military contract with microsoft. amazon suspected president trump stepped in and pushed the pentagon to choose microsoft over amazon. that is suspicious further strengthened by some of trump's tweets. it would not be legal for the president to step in toin tluns a contract in that way. a major escalation in the battle ten the feds and the chinese firm huawei.
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a federal prosecutor has charged the telecom with racketeering. not only does our government suspect huawei of working with chinese trillion dollars and inl crimes. >> judy shelton's con firmtation hearing in the senate and it looks like she's not going to get the job. enough republican senators voiced enough concern it is likely that the white house is going to pull the nomination. shelton heston out of the mainstream about the fed and money and used to criticize the fed for the low interest rates during the obama administration but now thinks that the fed should set interest rates at zero. she speaks fondly of the gold standard which the u.s. hasn't recognized in decades and questions whether the fed should
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be independent. one senator said, quote, nobody wants anyone on the federal reserve that has a fatal attraction to nutty ideas. here is a strange story. that is a car. it is doing a brake check. it is doing a brake check on a robotic car from the google waymo. the mug shot is a former safety driver. police in tempe, arizona, said he is the mystery man that would drive in front of waymo cars and get them to hit him. but he was out there trying to drive into autonomous cars. >> interesting. well from cars to vans. right now new it this morning, a case of art imitating life. a san francisco artist claims her unique van is showing up in a pixar movie without her
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consent. she has a life long passion for unicorns. >> who doesn't. >> so she's gone as far as painting -- that is what you see her van and she got a lot of looks with pixar even renting it once for an event. well then danny spotted what she believes is her van reproduced in a trailer for the new pimar movie on ward suing pixor saying that they copied her van. and she's are the vans side-by-side. >> similarity. >> very similar. >> but the fact that they had had had rented it before. it is that is interesting. there is a little connection. >> she may have a case there. >> i have to spruce up my van. well take a look at this home coming. it is a warm your heart here. this is after being in space for nearly a year and emotional reunion between astronaut christina koch and her best friend. her name is little brown dog or lbd for short. >> look at that dog.
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just so excited. clawing at door and the tail moving a mile aminute. she said not sure whos was more excited, glad she remembered me after a year. she returned to earth last week after spending 328 days in the international space station. >> you see that on videos with when military people come back home an athe dogs are are like -- >> i see that in the afternoon. dogs are like, you're home! >> they of love you. >> take me for a walk. when it comes to valentine's day, some would argue it is it is going to the dogs and the cats for that matter. because with we humans are expected to spend more than, get this, $1 billion on pet this is year. the national retail federation said one in four buy gifts for pets and cuddle with their dogs more than their partner. they will spend $12 in gifts for pets.
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>> i think that is true. >> there is many ways to find love. one kansas man is taking his quest to find a wife to a whole new level. >> so this is the story we're talking about. he's offering a reward. just gephart has launched his own website called date just and offered $25,000 for the person who referred him to his future significant other. there is even a video online we can learn all about him. >> we all as single people try bumble, tinder, hinge, whatever the latest is. but we only do it because that's all that is available to us. i'm trying to develop a better way. >> gephart is developed a personality survey with a psychiatrist to help filter applicants to ones that have similar characteristics and he's an entrepreneur and second career perhaps in pr. we'll see where with this goes.
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>> sounds like a spinoff from linked-in. just fill out the form and get some endorsements. >> maybe that is all it takes. >> i think he likes some music. >> that music. you're just like -- >> doo doo doo. >> we love you jeff. >> i could help him out. i'll be his wing man. or people tell me you go to church, you find a good women. >> so there is $25,000 in it for you. if you could help him. >> save that for the first date. >> and you have to put them in connection -- >> there you go. all right. so we're getting ready for valentine's day and looking for love and you'll find hots in the weather today as we check out the bay bridge heading out of the door we'll start out with clouds but clearing out for a nice day. if you're out at the park, maybe taking a long waulk, take the
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allergy medication because the nose running is not sexy. a day with a lot tree pollen floating through the air but rm whatter temperatures as we reach into the low 60s for the inland areas. for the east bay and north bay, upper 50ss in oakland and some san francisco. and then heading out this evening, to go out for dinner, dining out your forecast will be in the upper 50s in palo alto. but then cooling down so make sure you have a jacket as you make evening plans. okay, so we've seen very dry weather. and it continues today. still a lot of rain targeting seattle and portland and then moving off toward the east. so we haven't seen much of a change in this pattern but we'll see high pressure backing off. that is the reason why the teams have come down a few degrees. as we go into the weekend, we'll see an area of low pressure just to the north. making it a little bit more breezy here in the bay area. and so our winds will pick up once again on sunday and temperatures coming down to the upper 60s for the inland areas. once that moves out, we're back
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to our warm and sunny weather going into them. week. low 70s heading our way. in san francisco the upper 50s to mid-60s on monday. mike you're following the crash on highway 92. just an update because we got more detail. i want to look at the entire bay. the commute is great. the crash is over here on the san mateo side of the peninsula there of the san mateo bridge. west 92 at delaware. so it is just past highway 101, that crash on the shoulder of the off-ramp. so if delaware is your off-ramp, that is the only place to worry about activity. there might be a tow truck and i'll let you foe but so far an easy drive. easy here, brentwood and vasco road at 18 minutes, under 20 toward 580 moving at speed with slowing now creeping over just past grant mine road for the westbound commute. through contra costa county, a little slowing over here. coming in out of the north bay
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just past the distraction at magazine and 780 but that crash on the shoulder. and nothing shoulder to shoulder over here at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> looking good out there. light so far. and next on "today in the bay," the action passengers and flight attendants took for a couple flying from colorado to california. and the very special moment they were celebrating. but first here is something that a lot of people are talking about on my facebook page. join me for that conversation there. it is a -- it says telling male friends i love you is a muscle guys need to flex every day. and growing up, we didn't say i love you to guys in the family but i made the conscious effort to tell my close male friends, i love you. especially on valentine's day. >> yeah, go call your man crush right now. >> follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. you're watching "today in the bay." happy valentine's day.
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welcome back, everyone, it is 5:25. stop for a second. yeah, take a look at this. to movie there. but, a bmw, that is just taking flight. the high-flying crash happened yesterday in long beach. a security camera caught the car launching into the air after a driver missed the round-about. look it go. the driver was luckily not
5:26 am
seriously hurt. but she's now facing dui charges. >> wow! 5:25 now. ntsb investigators are reportedly looking at cellular data from the devices on board kobe bryant's helicopter to get more clues about last month's crash. the l.a. times said the aircraft was flying low enough for ipads and cell phones. the chopper had no black box and investigators have concluded poor weather conditions and pilotor error are likely the cause. the sunday nba all-star game with honor bryant and eight others who died. we learned that jennifer hudson will be part of the tribute. here is shaq o'neill talking with "today" about the loss of his former teammate. >> i'm 47 clears old. i've never seen a legend that i can't touch. and this is going to hurt forever. >> the staples center will host a public memorial for bryant and the other victims on february
5:27 am
24th. 5:26 now. and it appears actress lori loughlin's day in court will have to wait longer than planned. lawyers for laughlin and her husband mossimo giannulli said they won't be ready until 2021. prosecutors want the first of two trials to begin in october and that the couple should be tried in that first group. ultimately the judge decides when the trial will start. some people may not be trilled sharing aa plane with a newborn baby but a plane full of strangers made one couple's experience special. a southern california mother said that back in november a southwest flight attendant announced the new parents and they held an impromptu baby shower using pens and napkins to send they will congratulations. the babies only eight days old and the parents had tried for
5:28 am
years before adopting. >> that is great. >> love to see that. >> 5:27 this morning. comi coming up, following stories including pushed out. where people who are living on a north bay trail end up being forced to move. plus -- >> i'm not okay. but there is thought much i can do. >> shattered glass and the smell of teargas is what remains after a standoff in the south bay. we're talking about the problem this homeowner is dealing with and the mistake he said police made.
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right now at 5:30, walking out of class and demanding change. a school district responding to growing criticism from students over the handling of sexual assault claims. plus working to improve your commute. the live report on the new action b.a.r.t. is taking to tackle crime on trains and boost ridership. good morning, thank you for starting with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. happy valentine's day. >> same to you. >> well this morning ahead of the big date, do you need a little relationship advice? well, coming up, we're breaking down the most googled relationship questions in california. and other states as well with. and one is a heartbreaker. >> do we want to find that on google, though? we'll talk about it. >> the love doctor is in. so is kari hall. let's check the forecast for today.
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>> he think we're going to love the forecast. as we check out martinez, a lot of clouds to start and up evepes and as we see a blanket of clouds overhead. upper 50s by 1:00, it is cooler compared to the way we started out of the week but still nice as we enjoy sunshine today and highs in the low 60s for the inland areas. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up. but mike, so far so friday. >> that is right. we know what that means at bay bridge toll plaza but being valentine's day, that means no meetups right now at bay bridge toll plaza. everybody is flowing through car by car and great flow of traffic to the scene. saw more volume but to problems through contra costa county. i'm going to talk about actually some improvement on highway 24 coming up and talk about "making it in the bay"m coming up. >> and new details to push ridership and increased safety in b.a.r.t. leaders are look at lowering
5:33 am
fares to fill certain trains and losing a lion share of riders as b.a.r.t. is dealing with another violent attack on board a train. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us live at the orinda b.a.r.t. station with details and b.a.r.t. has been making an effort to beef up security out there. >> reporter: that is right, laura. it looks like b.a.r.t. is trying to rebuild the image with riders after an assault just this past week. take a look at this video. b.a.r.t. miss say that arrested a suspect who was wanted for an assault that happened tuesday night. surveillance footage shows him talking to a man on a train. before getting into a fight. police say the suspect hit the other man with a chain. then got off at the lake merritt station. nothing was stolen. the victim was treated for minor injuries. at a recent workshop, the agency talked about how ridership has dropped by 10 million riders in the past four years. violent crime was up 4% last year. and b.a.r.t. is considering
5:34 am
whether to distribute 1 million free weekend tickets to boost ridership. riders say crime and cleanliness are a concern. >> taking the first train out of orinda to do to the airport and finding someone sleeping on four seats and that is the kind of example. >> reporter: the examiner said b.a.r.t. is considering discounted tickets for weekend and night riders. so they are also saying that they've had operating now 4,000 cameras in the system so that should also improve security. reporting live in orinda, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thanks, sharon. our investigative unit has been taking an in-depth look at b.a.r.t. watch the series on students at concord high school are mourning the death of an 18-year-old hit by a
5:35 am
hit-and-run driver and then killed while walking this week. it happened monday on the port chicago highway on-ramp to highway 4. yesterday mt. diablo school district confirming joe barrett was a senior at concord high. chp is still on the hunt for the hit-and-run driver. police may now have a suspect in a recent deadly shooting but now a homeowner is stuck with a clean-up bill. the standoff ended on vista verde drive and police at one point shot teargas canisters into the home believing the suspect was instead but they were off. the homeowners is hoping the city at least picks up his deductible. >> i hope someone helps us because we have nothing to do with this. >> officers arrested the standoff suspect outside of the home next door. he and another man arrested this week are both tied to a san jose murder case from last month.
5:36 am
a follow-up on the fallout from sexual assault accusations made by a former berkeley high school student following a woman's lawsuit acuting administrators for not taking action after she said that a classmate tried to rape her. students walked out of the classroom and this all popped up last week in br-- in bathrooms warning about certain situations. they agreed that the students called for a dedicated coordinator to handle the sexual assault claims and hor training and more constant education. now to prosecutors deciding to drop all charges against the moms for housing activists evicted last month from a vacant home. "today in the bay" covered this drama live as it all unfolded. now two mothers and two supporters were charged with misdemeanors tied to obstruct eviction. alameda district attorney has not released a statement into 5:36 now.
5:37 am
and our continuing coverage of "making it in the bay." we're finding out more about people pushed out of a homeless encampment. look at them gathering belongings. last month sonoma county evicted people at the joe rodota trail. more than half are in temporary housing and emergency shelters or motels. the joe rodota trail is closed for clean-up and is expected to last through the month. well, live look at sfo where starting today you will get the first chance to watch planes up close. a new observation deck is opening. it is in terminal two and you don't feed a plane ticket or even a boarding pass since it is located before the security checkpoint. it will be open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. that is pretty nice. a sit down and watch planes. but we could all go out are there -- >> and have a nice conversation when planes come landing.
5:38 am
>> it is fascinating. >> especially for the kids. >> keep them entertained. >> and that and the trash man. what is it with that. >> fascinating. >> absolutely. >> come over and watch. cool. >> put that on my calendar. >> so let's make some valentine's day plans. how about checking out some nice jazz music around san jose and palo alto today. as it starts out at 7:00, we'll be in the mid-50s. and then cooling down as we go into the evening until about 50 degrees. the sty -- the sky stays clear. upper 50s for the coast. up to about 70 degrees for the inland areas so make some plans to get outside and then on sunday look at more sunshine. but it may be more breezy as our temperatures come down. up to 64 inland on sunday. now as we check out our coastal forecast, we're at half moon bay, if you plan to go to the beach, bring the blankets and jacks and it is come and breezy
5:39 am
on sunday as high temperatures only reach 56 degrees. as we get ready to head over to mike, you're tracking one crash in contra costa county. >> that is right, kari. but one big view of the bay. folks pick out your route. it is probably green. this is great. this is friday in the bay area. and we'll get toward the crash a strong move to highway 4, that is your commute direction westbound around railroad avenue you see the surface streets picking up more traffic but not the freeway. but there is a report of a wooden dresser in your slow lane. so do be careful. maybe a traffic break out of antioch toward pittsburg. and the light volume keeps things moving smoothly. it is friday so we do have a light drive on 24 but i want to focus on what "making it in the bay" mean for contra costa county. and a surprise for many in the volume. we still see a big volume. traffic from walnut creek over here toward the bay bridge and westbound 24 through the
5:40 am
caldecott tunnel. that is where we hear about all of the time. but according to caltrans, the amount of time folks send on that route has decreased by 46% between last year and 2019. and there is a couple of reasons. first there are two lanes right now available for drivers if either direction all day long. that didn't used to be the case. in 2013, remember, folks, the fourth bore was opened allowing for more traffic. folks saw that change throughout the day. before that traffic headed back to the city and the evening for the westbound counter commute direction in the morning, that evening commute used to bog down and now two tunnels available to doubling the volume available for that direction an that is probably releasing the traffic delay and the traffic shift and laura you know this, off of 24 they would change the direction and they don't do that and no more confusion or crashes as and that helps speed things up. >> in the good old day.
5:41 am
we don't need to say what year that was. >> we had color tv. its was great. >> hey! >> thanks, mike, our "making it in the bay" coverage continues. at 5:55, scott mcgrew compares what you could get for $1.3 million here in the bay area and other cities across the country. 5:41 right thousand. not proteching your privacy. next on "today in the bay," california law enforcement under fire over automated license plate readers. why auditors say their policies are coming up short. >> last weekend we saw the end of the impeachment. this weekend we have a laundry list of things that the white house is dealing with that are brand-new. those roses you're buying for your valentine's, good chance they originated here. i'm live at the sf flower market where they're seeing one of the best valentine's day in a couple
5:42 am
of years. that is coming up. for this multitasking, number-cruncher, time is money.
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so, i go to floor and decor where i get rock-bottom prices on tile, wood, stone and laminate. plus, i score free in-store design services. now that's time well spent. explore floor and decor in person or online. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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it's 5:44 and let's get you ready for the day in los gatos. we'll start out with clouds and upper 40s this morning, we'll see the sky clearing and a beautiful dayme, reaching 61 degrees at 1:00. we'll talk about the weekend in less than five minutes. >> and look at this map. all green but eye spy with my traffic eye, a ladder and i don't see a back-up at the bay
5:45 am
bridgement -- bay bridge. a highway crash in the south bay. that crash happened around 2:00 in the morning. lanes are back open and the motorcyclist has not been identified. >> a new state audit is raising concerns about license plate readers. the devices could help find stolen cars, wanted criminals ab missing persons but they are citing the marin sheriff's office and three other law enforcement agencies for not following laws protechinging people's privacy. the audit finds the lapd has kret to come up with a privacy policy. both agencies say they're now revising those policies. 5:45 right now. and a major defeat. >> republicans and democrats voting to take away some of the war-making powers. >> that is right. the authorization for the use of military force aumf, first given
5:46 am
to george w. bush after the 2001 terror attacks. the senate voted to take those powers away from president trump. that vote now goes to the house. the president likely to veto it. he had urged senates to vote against the measure. that is a big story we could talk for several minutes about what this all means. but once again there are so many things happening so fast in washington it's kind of hard to decide what to talk about. we could talk about how attorney general william barr went on tv and criticized the president for his tweets saying it is making it hard to do his job and then we ignore jon kelley criticizing the president tor his behavior. former chief of staff and always loyal and staunch republican or former marine or the res blackmailing the state of new york into dropping investigations into him yesterday on twitter.
5:47 am
here is the former director of government ethics, the absolute scariest thing is the media and the public not reacting when trump attempts ukraine-level quid pro quo extortion in plain sight on twitter. before this nonreaction i was alarmed. i'm now scared. do we talk about that? the media is often accused of bias. i don't think we're bias but there is an inherit bias in what story collection and what do we concentrate on. the thing that got lost today is this, and it is obscure. probably escaped most people's notice. the president's appointed this man, john macatee as the director of white house personnel. he's the guy kicked out of the white house by jon kelley when he was chief of staff because of huge questions about his security risks. he couldn't pass the security background checks. kelly, who, remember, was a mean and previously the secretary of
5:48 am
homeland security, did not trust this man to be on the white house grounds. much less a member of white house personnel. now this man is the director of white house personnel. we're tracking everything. as best as we can. follow me on twitter at scott mcgrew. >> you know what we're doing today. we're smelling the roses in san francisco. >> bob redell is. >> the busiest play in the bay area. and see what is going on behind you. i might have an order now you to help me out, brother zrfrmg. >> reporter: oh, here, could i get you some purple things or some of the white things. i have no idea what we're looking at. >> these white things. >> you know what they are? >> nope, i don't. >> reporter: i didn't mean to be too technical. flowers from holland and here flowers from central america. and then we're going to ping back over here, here is what people will be seeing in their vases today at work and home, we're talking about the roses. this is the san francisco floral
5:49 am
flower market and this is a wholesale market so this morning you have florists and event organizers coming in here to buy flowers and for valentine's day and mother's day are some of the biggest days of the year. i want to catch lupe here. he's a growing and i'm sorry to interrupt we're talking about valz, how does this valentine's day compared to other days? >> i tell you the last two years, it was a lot of left over roses. but this year, we have plenty to buy and we didn't buy much but. >> reporter: you're afraid to buy because of demand. >> because it is demanding. >> and worried about the holiday. >> and people want to go out of town and not going to buy. >> reporter: but it worked out for you. i don't mean to put you off. >> i don't mean to cut you off.
5:50 am
>> happy valentine's day. >> reporter: bottom line is valentine's day was thought to be bad but it is good. national retail federation found team with spending roughly over 20% more this year than last year. so happy valentine's day. >> those are valid concerns. >> my family grew roses and that is critical. valentine's day and mother's day would make or break you. >> thanks, bob. trending this morning. talking about google love. people across nation are asking google for relationship advice. why don't you just send me an email. so a survey showing most google relationship questions for each state. in new york people are asking to you to break up. that is a hard one but i have an answer. in washington is it am i in in love if and in louisiana, how to get dates. >> in california, when to text back. >> after you get it. >> hard to get texting.
5:51 am
on the day of love tick the time to text your crush and tell them how you feel. >> go for it. >> or try to avoid that three dots -- >> oh, yeah, when you're waiting. playing games. >> if they send you something long don't just say okay or thanks. send at least two sentences. >> wow, love lessons here. >> hang out. we have more relationship advice from marcus. let's get started this morning as we check out our temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. it is it is warmer compared to the past few mornings because we're seeing some clouds rolling by. and i just love valentine's day. getting the kids ready for school, you're packing up all of those valentine's day cards for the class so it is a nice day for the kids, heading out of the door temperatures in the upper 40s. they do need a jacket for the start of the day but as it goes along, long sleeves will be comfortable as our temperatures reach up to 62. in oakland and in san francisco,
5:52 am
expect a high of 57. so we're still dry. we're going to continue to enjoy our sunshine across the bay area. all of the rain and the clouds well to the north of us. but as high pressure starts to move away, we're going to have our temperatures coming down a few degrees. and then the storm systems that have been to the north start to dip just a little bit farther to the south but we're still dry throughout our seven-day forecast. so get out there and enjoy the springlike weather we've been feeling. we're in the low 60s today. a little bit warmer tomorrow. and then next week back in the 70s as the sunshine continues. mike, you've been tracking a couple of things through contra costa county. >> well, we'll point them out because not supposed to be on the road. watch your speed here. southbound 680 toward la vorna with word of a ladder. the middle lane through alamo. that may be an issue but no slowing. another dresser reported in the slow lane at railroad through
5:53 am
pittsburg out of antioch. but highway 4 no, slowing no problems no problem through concord and great caldecott tunnel and the bay bridge toll plaza no back-up or metering lights. back to you. happening now, a cruise ship finally docked in cambodia an being turned away by five countries. they spent two weeks at sea looking for some places to dock and cambodian doctors say 20 passengers have reported stomachache and fever and some have been isolated. 5:53 now. much more ahead on "today in the bay" on this friday morning including amazing drone videos from australia. coming up, meet the man filming these sites and what his mission is behind making all of the videos. >> and did we mention, yes, we did, it is valentine's day. and are whether you love it or hate it, you definitely appreciate this couple. we're going to tell you why they're making the guinness
5:54 am
world record. >> between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay area. but you don't love the traffic, high-priced homes and seeing our neighbors struggle. so let's find a way to make things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." tonight we break down the housing crisis, meet the people fighting for survival, and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area.
5:55 am
when it comes to your business internet, which is more important? ♪ ♪ okay, i wish i didn't have to choose. like the more i think about it,
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the more i want to jump to each room. what if i said you can have it all? ♪ ♪ comcast business gives you connectivity that goes beyond. that's what we want! that's speed, reliability, and security, all from one provider. touchdown! get started with internet and voice for an amazing price. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. 5:56 this morning. and when it comes to "making it in the bay," all this week scott mcgrew has been playing real estate agent trying to sell us on beautiful homes. >> you've been going up in price every day. so we're at $1.3 million.
5:57 am
>> that is exactly right. which is kind of close to the median house price in san jose. so we've been looking at austin and portland as comparisons. those are two towns where we found people in the bay area are moving. there is high-tech in both and those of us in northern california like to see. so $1.3 million in san jose. this is a nice house in the bay area. this is a three bedroom and two bathroom home on timberwood court in san jose. good schools near the alameda creek trail. now in portland, that kind of money would get you a three bedroom in san jose gets you this house. this house inside has a movie theater, a game room, guest katrinas, a three -- a guest quarter and this is the entrance way and isn't even the living
5:58 am
room. as for what you could get in austin, texas, this looks good at the beginning but so much to this. it has a pool, five stories in the back, 5,400 square feet and this is the inside of one of the boo bathrooms but here is where you start to understand what is happening. outdoor recreation area is on half an acre and including this outside kitchen and pool and jacuzzi and on the grounds of university of texas golf course or hook them horns or slice them horns or keep your head down. >> no, you keep your eye on the ball. >> thanks, scott. well happening today, contra costa county will perform the count clerk's version of destination wedding. instead of the courthouse ceremonies, they'll take place at the california theater in pittsburg beginning at 10:00 this morning. the county clerk's office they're official off site
5:59 am
weddings every times each year. >> i bet they're busy today. >> i bet they are. and setting records of love. the oldest married couple is taking the relationship advice. >> they're talking about it all. john and charlotte henderson are 107 and 105 years old and skrena bush hager went to texas to get to know the two lovebirds. the love story started in the middle of the great depression when the two met in class at the university of texas. and they say they never looked back. >> can you ever imagine if you weren't seated next to each other in that zoology class? can you imagine your life without miss charlotte? >> well, i don't know. never tried it. >> and he better not. >> you could see the full story on the "today" show right after "today in the bay" and find out just how long they've been married. >> i bet it is a long time. right now at 6:00 for you, decision 2020 and the battle for
6:00 am
california delegates in cash. president trump and democratic presidential hopefuls descend on the golden state ahead next month's primary. them. a live report on fundraisers happening today. and plus two more bay area schools set to close over lack of money. coming up, the communities em pacted and the number of students that now have to find new schools. and it is friday and the weekend is looking sunny and warm. meteorologist kari hall has the forecast for us coming up in just seconds. third hour of "today in the bay" continues on this valentine's day. a very good friday morning. valentine's day to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. 70 degrees tomorrow sounds good to me. meteorologist, kari hall, we have no excuse about getting out there and celebrating with what people say national's singles day. >> tomorrow. >> today is for lovebirds. tomorrow is for the single


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