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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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california delegates in cash. president trump and democratic presidential hopefuls descend on the golden state ahead next month's primary. them. a live report on fundraisers happening today. and plus two more bay area schools set to close over lack of money. coming up, the communities em pacted and the number of students that now have to find new schools. and it is friday and the weekend is looking sunny and warm. meteorologist kari hall has the forecast for us coming up in just seconds. third hour of "today in the bay" continues on this valentine's day. a very good friday morning. valentine's day to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. 70 degrees tomorrow sounds good to me. meteorologist, kari hall, we have no excuse about getting out there and celebrating with what people say national's singles day. >> tomorrow. >> today is for lovebirds. tomorrow is for the single folks.
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>> okay. tomorrow you could end up single. and you could celebrate both. >> that could go either way. >> we'll see. >> good tor the forecast. >> right. >> just talk about the temperatures. >> right. and no singles in this forecast. we're at least 70 degrees for our inland areas tomorrow. and we're starting out nice and cool. taking a look at a mountain view this morning. upper 40s as head out of the door. a mix of sun and clouds and cooler than yesterday but still very nice. a look at all of the microclimates and see how the day shapes up. we're in the low 60s by 2:00 today and if you're going out for a nice romantic dinner tonight, it is going to start to cool off. we're in the lower 60s and we'll talk about this and the warm weather ahead this weekend with. hike, the compute is creeping up on us. >> and creep isn't a word we like to use on valentine's day but it is easing in. how about that. toward the bay bridge, from time to time right here at the bottom you'llee a coup -- you'll see a couple of cars behind me name but we do have a
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slowdown just starting. no metering lights i just checked and no lights there. we have a dresser still reported in lanes for highway 4 but haven't seen a problem over near railroad and the rest of the bay at green. we'll check on this in fremont. back to you, laura. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:02. cashing in on california, the presidential candidates are sbeep sweeping our state to pick up cash. the latest poll shows bernie sanders with a 10% lead over vice president joe biden. michael bloomberg coming in in third place followed by pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar. now this poll was conducted by the morning consult, the morning after the new hampshire primary. those candidates now have their eyes on california's nearly 500 delegates and the money here. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is following that part of the story t story for us. >> reporter: good morning. you know that candidates have been able to count on california for cash because when our
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primary was so many months after super-tuesday, it really was our best way to have a say so now we have delegates and we have money. first in town is mayor pete buttigieg who will be in save this morning and then here in palo alto at 11:30 this morning for fundraisers ahead of a town hall in sacramento at 4:00 it this afternoon. bernie sanders will be in the second base on monday, in richmond and using paradise as a back drop in campaign ads to talk about climate change. michael bloomberg opened a field office in pleasant hill yesterday trying to reach boaters who cast absentee ballots early and if you have noticed he's spending a lot of money on tv ads. on the republican side, president trump will cash in on contributions at a fundraiser next week hosted by oracle larry ellison and also make a stop in the san joaquin valley that we don't have the details just yet. so some of the candidates may not stop in person in
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california. but they are moving their personnel, their staff around and we may see new faces on that front here in california trying to redeploy that staff and cash if on the cash. our primary, again, coming up march instead of in june so now we count not just with our money but also with our delegates. in california, and in palo alto, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all happening around the corner. thanks. well our website alsos a great resource for you as you prepare to cast your ballot. we have a complete voter guide and it breaks it down and highlights where you live in every county. just head to guy. happening today, attorney general xavier becerra will update a shooting when it happened last fall when two young boys were killed in the parking lot of an elementary school. 14-year-old sean weddington and
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the 11-year-old ken hernandez were shot as they sat in a minivan. new evident expected to be presented today at news conference. we'll be there to update you as well. and facebook is canceling the global sales meeting in san francisco due to coronavirus concerns. and the cancelation will cost some businesses a lot of money. now here is the latest on the that outbreak. there are now more than 1400 deaths, mostly in china. more than 64,000 people are infected worldwide. and the u.s. now has its 15th confirmed case in texas. meanwhile, the last united nonstop flight from china to sfo is taking off today. at least for the next month and a half, that is. service to china now canceled through april. the worst confirmed for two elementary schools in a struggling east san jose school district, both shutting doors at the end of the school year. evergreen school district board
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members voted late last night to close laurelwood and dove hill. the district facing a $12 million budget deficit and declining enrollment and the closures are will impact 700 students but the district superintendent said there won't be any layoffs. 6:06 now. incredible drone video shot by a bay area filmmaker. >> trying to of save wildlife. >> after the devastating wildfires, the drone helps spot animals in the wilderness area that remain in tact. but with so much of the habitat gone or damaged it are will take a lot to help them survive. >> with the infrared drone you fly over and they give off a heat signature and you could pick up where the animals are and the rescue crews can go and capture them if needed. >> he has used the technology to help wildfire survivors in california find lost pets.
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6:06 now. >> with we were talking about this time lapse of this iceberg that was sent out from antarctica, a glacier melting. and this is looking over 12 months. temperature rising, we just talked about it recently, a record 65 degrees. so you know that ice is melling, it is breaking off and they're saying that in the future this will contribute to sea level rise up to about 10 feet. so it is it is really astonishing to see that video and it is what we're -- we've all been talking about, climate change. all right. so let's get back here to the bay area. as we talk about our pollen count, warm temperatures and the trees and grasses starting to bloom and grow right now. now we've had a moderate amount of tree pollen floating through the air so that heads up to take the allergy medication before you go out to the park today.
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we're starting out with temperatures in the low 50s in sonoma. if you're enjoying time in the park expect noontime temperature at 55 degrees, sunshine and feeling much more comfortable through the day as we reach the low 60s and also all of our microclimates inland reaching the low 60s as well with. so we'll talk about what is going on in the sierra in a few minutes. but mike has more info on a krsh in treatment. >> i do. but good news. because for some it is a three-day weekend and some have minimum day leading in so that might mean earlier slowdowns. we'll talk about that. in fremont, south 680 and i mention that crash more details showing a car went through the fencing over on the shoulder. it is off the roadway but flashing lights. no injuries reported and no slowing shows up on our sensors. west 24 at pleasant hill, it is a hit-and-run. if you hear anybody talking about a crash, encourage them to call chp. no slowing on the sensors and though slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza just a couple of folks paused to pay once in a
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wild for cash. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:08 this morning. coming up next, pixar new film "on ward" is due out next month. before the curtains rise there is a lawsuit tied to a band in that movie. coming up we'll let you decide if a bay area woman is correct in accusing the studio of, shall we say, vehicle theft. meanwhile, i'll tell you the tale of the a secret high-tech sabotage. [ cheering and applause ] up next, $10,000 halftime shot that is going viral. the fan made the shot, but didn't get all of the cash. we'll tell you why, next. >> where is my money. >> between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay area. but you don't love the traffic, high-priced homes and seeing our neighbors struggle.
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so let's find a way to make things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." tonight we break down the housing crisis, meet the people fighting for survival, and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area.
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it is 6:12, if you have a long holiday weekend and heading to the sierra, we have great weather for travel getting there and look at squaw valley and alpine meadows. temperatures reach the upper 40s and light snow flurries on sunday but all clear if you head back to the bay area on monday. we'll talk about our forecast in less than five minutes. still no back-up at the toll plaza. a smooth drive for westbound 80. west 92 seeing more traffic and we'll show you thousand that plays out on your sensors ab
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you're commute. good morning. very happy friday. markets bank a bit after the chinese readjusted their estimates on how many people contracted the coronavirus. as you might have guessed, they readjusted upwards. intel will lay off about 120 worker and i mention layoffs at various companies coming in drips and drabs. amazon convicted a federal judge to order the government to slow down on a big military contract with microsoft in a major escalation in the battle between the fed and huawei. a federal prosecutor has charged the telecom with racketeering. not only does our government suspect walk wau of working with the chinese intelligence, the company has been charged with federal crimes. member i was talking about this woman judy shelton this work. president trump waned her to join the federal reserve. it looks she'll not get the job. enough republican senators at this hearing voicing enough
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concern it is likely the white house will pull the nomination. shelton has some very out of the mainstream ideas and strong loyalty to president trump. even some republicans fear she would do trump's bidding which would end the fed's independence. joe kennedy of louisiana had some really tough things to is a about her. he said, quote, nobody wants anyone on the federal reserve that has a fatal attraction to nutty ideas. here is a strange story. a car doing a brake check on a robotic car from waymo. so we're seeing from the point of view from waymo and police in tempe, arizona, said he's the mystery man who would drive out in front of cars to try to get them to hit him. and samsung will sell the galaxy flip and it is $1,300 but still expected to -- >> it is a tiny computer.
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>> it is. i think it looks like makeup compact. and we all sh flip phones in the day. i'm a smash box kind of guy. i don't know if you knew that. but yeah sh did. >> it does look like that. >> it is just my makeup compact. >> to be secure. you men wear makeup. >> yes, we do. this is bronze highlights. warm matte. >> nice. you better go contour. a case of art imitating life. a san francisco artist claims her unique van is showing up at a pixor movie without her consent. the sf gate reports sweet sicily has a passion for unicorns and painted one on the side of her van and the van got a lot of looks with pixar renting it once for an event. well, then she spotted it, what she believes was her van, reproduced if the trailer of the
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new pixor movie. she's claiming the company basically copied her van. take a look. you be the judgment here is the van side-by-side. see any similarities there? >> i do. but i'm not a jury or a judge. take a look at this. a home coming that will warm your heart this morning. after being in space, yes, far away, for near ly a year, a emotional reunion between christina koch and lbd, little brown dog for short. the tail a mile a minute. not sure who was more excited. glad she remembers me after a year. she returned to earth last week after spending 328 days on the international space station making history up there. >> look at it. so excited to see her through the window. >> mommy is coming. and when it comes to valentine's day some owe arguing it gos to the dogs and make the cats for that matter.
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because we humans are expected to, get this, spend more than $1 billion on our pets this year. the national retail federation said one in four people buy a gift for pets and almost half of them cutle up with the dog more than the partner. that is not fair. the average person will spend roughly -- ruffly $12. >> my dog is getting a bath this year. talk about being robbed. here is how one iowa student score yet missed out on $10,000. if he made a layup, free throw and three point shot within 24 secon seconds he would win $10,000. he completed the task. >> and the crowd goes wild. but it turns out that the half court shot came aa hair after time ran out.
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can you believe that? so instead he won $2,000 which should still get something there. but -- >> $2,000 is better than nothing. >> i know. but he was so close. he was right there. come on. >> just make you want to -- >> need a gofundme for all people at the stadium. put in $2. >> $2,000 is more than he came in with. i would have been that person in the stands. >> pass. >> so let's get ready. valentine's day in case we haven't told you already. we've been saying it all morning. but to make sure you don't forget. so let's get started as with we get ready to head out of the door. a live look outside in oakland and we're not dealing with with any fog. the sky is mostly clear. we'll see a few clouds rolling by throughout the morning. but it is time to pack up those valentine's for your kids class. and get ready for the day. now backpacks loaded up. also jacket on as our temperatures start out in the upper 40s as they head out throughout the day, we'll see
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those temperatures slowly warming up as the sun starts to make an appearance. but we'll have a nice sunny afternoon. we're having up to 57 degrees in oakland. 62 degrees in san jose. and 63 in antioch. notice all of the temperatures are a little bit cooler than the way we started the week but this is actually normal for hid february. this is the way it is supposed to be. so it is very nice and also very dry. all of the rain is still well to the north of us. as we haven't seen any change in our pattern, high pressure still dominated off to the west and keeping the storm systems away. we know we have haven't had any rain all month long. so we're wondering how are those reservoirs doing? usually we're looking at our reservoir saying where do we stand before we start to flood. that is not the case this time of the year. we're looking at all of the reservoirs across state and they're still doing well for most of them. folsom lake is a little bit low, almost 50% of capacity and then looking at lake mcclure, at
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about 62%. but st. louis reservoir is about 76%. castaic lake at 70% and pine flat at about half of where we should be and we know that we're starting to enter into a drought for much of central california. some of the central valley i should say. now through the forecast, still no significant storms headed our way. a couple of weakening systems that bring us clouds but we'll still see a lot of sunshine and well above normal temperatures. mike, you're looking out for someone in lafayette. >> a light flow of traffic but i'll explain. here light flow of traffic at bay bridge, still no metering lights. it is 6:20 on a friday. great throw of traffic. remember, this is a holiday monday for a lot of folks so it is pre-holiday weekend. a lot of folks tend to skip out on the morning compute or go in minimal. later and leave earlier. and over here 24, i'm concerned about this person over on the shoulder. they were hit by a hit-and-run car. the other car took off and chp
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said they're kind of shaking up. they're over on the shoulder but use caution. if you could empathize shift over to the left because this will give them extra lane and cars won't whiz by. and waiting for chp. this crash on the shoulder, off the off-ramp toward mission but that is a cut-through between 680 and 880 so that may be an if issue out of fremont toward warm springs. do be careful there at the fremont funnel. you see how everything funnels down over there toward that cut over there. meanwhile in the south bay, a light flow of traffic. there is 101. back to you. >> 6:21 now. coming up next on "today in the bay," it is not bikes or scooters but a close relative cluttering the streets of one east bay city. we'll show you next. plus after looking for love in all of the wrong places, this man coming up with a new plan to find a life partner. why there is even something in it for you, yes, you at home, if you can actually help him in this quest. we're going to tell you all about it and how you could get
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some cha ching in your life. 6:21. coming up, you're watching "today in the bay." tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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6:24 on this valentine's day. and nbc bay area responds to a redwood city woman with hold flowers that were a flop. >> she asked chris chmura and histreme to sprus -- to spruce things up. >> if you got our gave flowers
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today let's hope your experience was better than karen kettler. she ordered two arrange thes and this is the one she bought for $134 and this is what she said the recipient got. it falls short missing some of the decorations an blooms. karen complained to teleflora and they gave her a $17 cred. >> that was not enough to make her happy so we reached out and told us we apologize for the experience and have refunded her order and provided a complimentary replacement bouquet. karen got the $134.03. if your valentine's day flowers didn't deliver delight ask your val entire to take foet -- photos and ask for a refund. contact us at or call us at 888-996-tips.
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dockless mopeds are causing issues in the east bay. one company rafael is facing $13,000 in fees for parking fines in oakland. because riders are are leaving the mopeds in red zones, driveways, even construction zones. they said riders are responsible for any parking tickets incurred within 24 hours of ending their ride. trending, there are many ways to find love but one kansas city man is taking his quest to a whole new level to find his wife. >> jep gephart launched and offering money for his future wife. >> we all as single people try bumble, tinder, hinge, whatever the latest is. but we only do it because that's
6:27 am
all that ais available to us. i'm trying to develop a better way. >> he's also develop a personality survey with a psychiatrist to help filter out applicants who have similar or nonsimilar characteristics to him. and he's an entrepreneur. he probably has a great second career in p.r. in marketing himself, i guess. >> maybe he renovates homes or something. i don't know. >> it is interesting to see that. good luck to him. i want him to find love. i really do. 6:27 this morning. coming up on "today in the bay," what happens when police storm the wrong house looking for a suspect? well that happened in the south bay. and i gave the keys to the police so they could open the door and not break it. >> scary situation there. so next we're going to sort out all of the footing and -- who is
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footing the bill for the damage done by the police. plus b.a.r.t.'s push to lure back riders. we'll have a report laying out the agency's new ideas to get you back on the trains. friday is here and your weekend forecast with kari hall is just minutes away. always one to celebrate. we'll talk about it coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." >> my biggest inspiration in life is my grandfather. a man born in the segregated south putting himself through college, becoming an educator and he always said his greatest goal was to make sure all of his students and his family become productive citizens. growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages.
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and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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6:30 now. good friday morning and thanks
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for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> and it is valentine's day, a day of love. >> a day of lots of flowers. >> flowers here and there and everywhere, kari. >> so poetic. >> this is a live look at the san francisco flower mart where they are going to be so busy. this is a wholesale area where florist goes to get the flowers. >> i wish i could get a few myself. you wait until the last minute to do some things here and there. >> with well you kind of have to wait for the last minute to get flowers or else they start to -- >> this is true. maybe i could find someone's garden because i'm sure those flowers are blooming right now. >> great. >> all right. let' get out of the door this morning. with a live look outside in palo alto. i think we're going to love this forecast. upper 40s to start out and a few clouds. and then we'll get sunshine today. in the low 60s by 1:00. here is a look at all of our highs. get out and enjoy this beautiful day. our temperatures very
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seasonable. reaching the low 60s inland and some upper 50s in san francisco. we'll talk about what is going on this weekend coming up in about seven minutes but mike said no meetups at the bay bridge. >> and marcus, there some flowers on the border out seven-day forecast of t -- border outside of the parking lot. the hov lanes are not backed up. they've med up. look at that. over here. that is great. great for the bay bridge approach. no delay and slowing out of concord and the crash near lafayette, the pleasant hill exit for west 24. approaching whipple road report of five vehicles on shoulder and no injuries but a distraction and that is causing the slowing coming out of hayward and union city. the rest of the bay looks great. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new details on b.a.r.t.'s push for ridership and increasing safety and heeders are looking to lower the fares to fill
6:33 am
trains. as b.a.r.t. deals with another violent atrack on board a train. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at the orinda b.a.r.t. station with that and the effort to beef up security. >> reporter: that is right, marcus. it is very busy here and b.a.r.t. riders tell me they like the convenience of b.a.r.t. but they still have concerns which adds the assault that happened this week. now b.a.r.t. police say they arrested a suspect who was wanted for an assault that happened on tuesday night. surveillance tootage shows him talking to a man on a train before getting into a fight. police say the suspect hit the other man with a chain and got off at lake merritt station and nothing was stolen. victim was treated. at a recent b.a.r.t. workshop the san francisco examiner said the agency talked about how hiderships that dropped by 20 million in the last years and b.a.r.t. is considering whether to distribute 1 million free
6:34 am
weekend tickets to boost ridership. riders say crime and cleanliness are a concern. >> taking the first train out of orinda to go to the airport and finding somebody sleeping on four of the seats. and that kind of example -- >> the cleanliness and the safety needs to be better. but it takes time. with the homeless population, what are you going to expect. >> the examiner said b.a.r.t. is also considering discounted tickets for rides at night and on the weekend. and they say all 4,000 cameras in the system are are operational now and so that should help with security. live in orinda, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you. our investigative unit is look at b.a.r.t. and you could watch the entire series on our website at 6:34. students at concord high school are mourning the death of one of
6:35 am
their fellow classmates. the 18-year-old killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking earlier this week. it happened on monday. on the port chicago highway on-ramp to highway 4. yesterday the mt. diablo school district confirmed the victim joe barrett was a senior at concord highme as the chp is stl on the hunt for the driver. a recent deadly shooting but one homeowner caught in the standoff that led to the arrest is now stuck with a big clean-up bill. the standoff ended yesterday morning on vista verde drive. police shot teargas into the home believing the suspect was inside but it turns out they were a little off. the homeowners is hoping the city picks up at least his deductible. >> i just hope someone will help us because we had nothing to do with this. >> officers aest ared the standoff suspect outside of the home next door. he and another man are tied to a
6:36 am
san jose murder case from last month. a follow krupp on the fa-- the sexual assaultal dwags made by a berkeley high school student. she said a classmate tried to rape her and students walked out of school following the revelations and last week a list popped up in a stall in the girl's bathroom warning them about certain students. according to berkeley's side this week the district sent an hale to parents saying that they're meeting with students. plans are are now in the works to dedicate a coordinator to handle sexual assault claims along with with more training as well as more education about consent into a live look at sfo, you could watch planes up close. a new observation deck is opening. it is if terminal 2. you don't need a plane ticket or a board pass because it is located before the security che checkpoint and every every day
6:37 am
from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to take a seat. >> on beautiful days, that is nice. but then we also know that sfo, they have fog. >> sometimes. not today. it is clear. and i think it will help keep the kids entertained before you board the flight. >> whatever you can do. >> so this valentine's day we're making plans. how about some romantic jazz music. well there is a winter jazz fest happening in san jose in palo alto this evening. starting at 7:00 we'll be at 54 degrees. a clear sky. just a light jacket as you get ready to head out after dinner and then on tomorrow we're looking at 64 degrees up to 74 in the inland valley and still cool for the coast. on sunday expect a breezy wind a a slight dip in temperatures. into the too much. still looking good as we see the valley temperatures in the mid-60s. if you plan to go to the beach, half moon bay a high of about 55 degrees.
6:38 am
56 for tomorrow and sunday. and then nap a valley will enjoy more comfortable weather. mostly sunny skies today, mid-60s and even up to the upper 60s into the rest of the weekend. carmel valley also a valentine's destination and we'll say for possibly the holiday weekend looking at low 60s by the end of the weekend. and a mix of sun and clouds. as we head over to mike, you've been track a couple of crashes on the nimitz. >> i have, kari. we're looking at the big view as we look at your commute. it is a typical friday. a pre-holiday friday so even lighter in one key spot. but toward fremont southbound 880 and another in hayward into union city, south 680 is the most recent crash and we do have one labe blocked. supposedly in the middle of the roadwaym that is a problem for the build. there is mission from 680 so as both freeways meet, the commute toward milpitas is slowing as a result. chp should arrive shortly.
6:39 am
this crash has five vehicles reported on the shoulder but a distraction where we typically see a build coming down south of highway 92 out of hayward and then at the border at whipple with union city. as we zoom out and show the rest of the traffic flow, it is a smooth easy drive. as we expect on a friday and a pre-holiday friday with we tend to lighter flow at the bay bridge toll plaza just off the 80 overcrossing slowing. but everything else is moving spo smoothly because it is friday. what making it in the babe means every day for commuters. we're looking at different sections. we've been rotating around the bay and today we look at contra costa county. i have may have a surprise. listen up, in the morning we see this big commute over here at walnut creek heading toward orinda and the maze via the caldecott tunnel. the amount of time we spend stuck in that traffics had decreased by 46% gone done
6:40 am
almost half. there is a couple of reasons. right now this are two tunnels available for drivers in either direction. all day long. both directions i guess. didn't used to be the case. folks who know that before 2013 the bore was open, a fourth bore allowing traffic both directions all day with two tunnels, before that was the case the traffic heading counter commute was only getting one bore. it is confusing. there were three and two for -- >> and they would switch it. >> so now two bores are available for each direction and the evening traffic will actually benefit. that is why the total delays through the area were we -- we could get off of this graphic. and i talked about that i was trying to get off of it. >> the three and then switch to one and now they have two. not for everyone. >> folks are surprised to know the middle tunnel would change direction for the traffic. >> that's in the old days.
6:41 am
not that old because we were here there. >> that is true. >> all right. >> kids. 6:40 now. it is sad to say but living in your vehicle is a reality for some 10,000 people living in the bay area. alameda count has the highest number of people living this cars or rvs but there is actually a new program to help those in need. watch that story at our website at it in the bay. trying to help make a difference for people. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," now that pot is legal in california, one california city is re-thinking decades of convictions. why tens of thousands people this morning are probably exhaling a sigh of relief. >> you know the end of the impeachment was last week. and already we have a laundry list of things that white house is now dealing with that are brand-new. let's take you out to the big board in new york city. the dow down mildly just nine points. those roses you bought for
6:42 am
your valentine's, good chance they might have come from here. i'm bob redell. live to the san francisco flower mart where they're seeing some of the best business in years. that is coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." as soon as i started talking about
6:43 am
putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety.
6:44 am
the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. happy valentine's day. it is 6:44. with we start out with some clouds clouds, a live look outside in san jose and our temperatures in willow glen go from 49 degrees to 60 degrees as the sun starts
6:45 am
to come out. we'll start out with clouds but nice weather ahead. we'll talk about the weekend in less than five minutes. talking about 880, this crash bogging down in hayward and union city and a crash there at whipple and then farther south another crash for the southbound direction at dimmon landing road. both are problems entering and leaving the fremont area. the senate has handed the president a major defeat. republicans and democrats voting to take away some of the president's war-making powersm good morning. the powers come from the authorization of use of military force. first begin to george w. bush after the 2001 terror attacks. the senate in a bipartisan vote voted to take those powers away from president trump. that vote now goes on to the house. the president is likely to veto it. he has urged senators to vote against measure. so this is a very big story.
6:46 am
we could talk for several minutes about what all this means. but once again things are happening so fast in washington. it is hard to decide what to talk about. with we could talk about how attorney general bill barr went on tv yesterday and criticized the president for his tweets. barr saying the tweets make it hard to do his job. this amidst the whole roger stone controversy. but if we spend our time on barr, we've be ignoring jon kelley's staples criticizing the president for his behavior. the trump former chief of staff and always loyal, staunch republican, former marine. or do we talk about the fact that many are accusing the president of blackmailing the state of new york into dropping investigations into him. that happened yesterday on twitter. here is the former director of government ethics. the absolute scariest thing is the media and the public not reacting when trump attempts
6:47 am
crane-level quid pro quo extortion in plain sight on twitter. before this nonreaction i was alarmed and now i'm scared. again the former director of government ethics. and the media is cused of bias but i don't think we're bias but there is in story selection. what do we concentrate on. today the thing that gets lost in the laundry list of crisis is there, it is obscure. the president has appointed john mcentee as the director of white house personnel. who is that? he's the guy kicked out of the white house by jon kelley back when he was chief of staff because of huge questions about security risks. he couldn't pass the security background checks. kelley, who was a marine and previously the secretary of homeland security, did not trust this man to be on the white house grounds. much less be a member of white
6:48 am
house personnel. and now this man is the director of white house personnel. we're following everything that is happening in washington and as i said, it is a lot. you could follow me on twitter @scott mcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. it is 6:48 now. and new overnight a motorcyclist is dead after crashing on the connector ramp from highway 87 to interstate 280 in the south bay. the crash happened at about 2:00 in the morning. the lanes are now back open and the motorcyclist has not been identified. a judge is dismissing 66,000 marijuana convictions in los angeles county. the l.a. times is reporting more than three quarter of convictions impacted minorities and some of them date back in 1961. due to the dismissal, 15,000 people no longer have a criminal record. >> while love may or may not be in the air for you this morning, we're smelling the roses in san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is at one of the busiest places in the bay area.
6:49 am
a lot of flowers out there. can you name them all? [ laughter ] >> reporter: yellow things. small green things. i know those are petunias, i think. i didn't want to get -- there is a lot of lay people out there so i'm trying to keep it simple. i though these are roses. we're in the san francisco flower market and you think today is the busiest day. they said maybe wednesday when you have a lot of florists here and event organizers buying flowers in preparation for today. so what you have today, if you were seeing that hady there earlier, these are last-minute orders being tilled. if you compare this year to the last couple of years, i talked to a couple of wholesalers and they said business is better this year despite the fact the holiday is on a friday. it is a three-day weekend and you might not have as people people buying flowers because they are going out of town and
6:50 am
they are gone and men procrastinate and it is not a good thing so in spite of that business has been good. here is the general manager for the through-- for the flower ma >> san francisco is different and the bay area is different. we have everything from the standard red rose to some of the younger generations that go for that, they go for maybe the palette of the flavori -- favorite colors. >> why is that. >> everybody wants to be different. no one wants to do what mom or dad or grandma and grandpa did zwlnch so if you're not familiar with the flower market, right now it is only opened to event organizers but at 9:00, john q. public could come in here and they will sell flowers, it is a popular venue here around since 1956. so it is kind of an institution here in s.f. so if you are still looking for
6:51 am
something for your valentine's, this is could be a destination as you are procrastinating last minute. live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i hope you didn't ask for that assignment to cover your wife sherry. [ laughter ] >> smart man. >> thanks, bob. we have a quick valentine's day quiz for you this morning. what is the top romantic comedy people of california search for on google? >> right now? or all time? p.s., i still love you. >> love actually. >> any guesses? >> sleepless in seattle. >> no, it is actually -- answer -- "clueless". >> what? >> isn't that kind of funny. >> i get it. >> there you see the other states. new york, the most topped searched for rom com, "when harry met sally." kind of east coast.
6:52 am
and nevada was "prettywoman." and what do you think of "you've got mail" with meg ryan. >> seattle. >> no, kansas. >> so sleepless in seattle. >> that is the one. >> kansas. >> they should do a mix-up. >> when you said rom com, i knew i would fail. >> you don't watch. >> i do but i would have never put. >> it is hard to stay inside and watch movies because. but i think some people will. enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. and we start out with a layer of clouds across the bay area and the nice cool start. let me show you the view from above the clouds checking out mt. tam. a buhl start to the day. but we don't see that here on the grounds so here is a look in dublin. we're in the upper 40s and then leading into a cleary sky. and warming temperature reaching into the upper 50s by early this
6:53 am
afternoon. that will be cooler than the weather we've had earlier this week. but still this is normal as we reach into the low 60s and in the south bay and 57 in oakland and san francisco. santa rosa reaching 61 degrees. heading out for a nice romantic dinner this evening. it is going to cool off so palo alto at 58 degrees at 5:00 and then dropping down to about 54 degrees at 7:00. all of the rain still to the north of us. we continue on with dry weather. now normally in february we're looking at the reservoirs like how much farther do we go before we start to flood. with we are not even near capacity at folsom lake. at about 50%. and then doing a little bit better in trinity lake but going around the state we're seeing some very low levels of reservoirs. lake mcclure is about 62% and san louis reservoir in 70%. 50% at pine flat and castaic
6:54 am
late is at 73%. no rain through the next seven days so days, so dry weather and warm temperatures even going into the middle of the next week week. mike, you're checking out the bay bridge. any crowds yet? >> no. no crowds. that is the big head line. no metering lights. and a nice flow in. i'm bothered by highway 24 traffic flow. i'll butt t-- i'll put the deta my facebook page. and 880 toward whipple a crash on the shoulder and at dixie landing hopefully clearing to the shoulder soon. happening now, a cruise ship turned away by five countries. the ms wester dam looked for someplace to dock amid the coronavirus concern. now passengers are being tested. cambodian doctors say 20
6:55 am
passengers from reported stomachache or fever and have been isolated. and a look at decision 2020 and the battle for california delegates and cash. the presidential hopefuls descending on the golden state ahead of the next month primary and the upcoming visit from president trump. >> plus to more bay area schools closing. ahead why the teachers at the schools may be breathing a sigh of relief. and what does tracking the coronavirus look like? go inside of the cdc war room coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show. but we're back with "today in the bay" with more local news for you. you're watching "today in the bay." >> between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay area. but you don't love the traffic, high-priced homes and seeing our neighbors struggle. so let's find a way to make things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." tonight we break down the
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housing crisis, meet the people fighting for survival, and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," only on nbc bay area. which of your devices are protected by daily security updates? daily security updates... daily? i don't know. the only thing... i'm struggling with this. some providers you have to manually download updates to each device. comcast business securityedge updates every 10 minutes to help keep your connected devices protected against new ransomware, malware and phishing threats.
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every 10 minutes feels pretty good. comcast business security edge automatically helps protect all the devices on your network. call today. comcast business. beyond fast.
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welcome back. before you head out of the door it is 6:58. >> breaking news just into the newsroom. a san francisco flight heading to london is now being held on the tarmac because of coronavirus fears. sky news which is owned by our participant company comcast is reporting a passenger with suspected coronavirus was on board that flight this morning. passenger on united airlines flight 901 told sky news the captain told passengers to stay this seats after landing because someone was ill. the passengers said the cabin crew were not wearing any protective clothing, including face masks. the presidential candidates are hoping to cash in in california. coming off a gi performance at
6:59 am
iowa and vermont, pete buttigieg are will be in the bay area late they are morning. first he'll attend a fundraiser in palo alto and then head to san francisco to raise more money. also president trump plans to visit southern california next we're for a fund raiser hosted by roy ellison. ever dpreen school district voted to close laurelwood and dove hill schools. the district is facing a $12 million budget deficit. 700 students are impacted. last look at that valentine's day forecast. >> it looks really good. get outside and enjoy it. even though it is cloudy now. we'll warm up to 63 degrees and 70 tomorrow. nice weekend ahead and also it continues next week. >> wow, looks good out there. need to talk about a traffic break. >> southbound 880. at dixon landing road with a crash with a car in the roadway, warm springs is a goodality that.
7:00 am
>> that is what is happening for "today in the bay." we're back in half an hour. >> it is valentine's day, make sure you tell someone you love that you love it. >> we need to do this end the show. love ya. >> so cheesy. i think it's time to stop the tweeting. >> good morning. pushing back. attorney general william barr takes a shot at president trump for sticking his nose in high-profile justice department cases. >> i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody. >> the attorney general saying the president is making it impossib to do his job. this morning, the surprising response from the white house. bitter blast. nearly 200 million americans from coast-to-coast, waking up to brutally cold temperatures this morning. just ahead, al tells us how long this dangerous arctic chill is expected to last. crackdown.


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