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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 17, 2020 4:00am-4:29am PST

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sheba. what cats want. community service for free surgery? the lengths that some will go to avoid medical debt delicious high-fiber raisin brad n.yoces. and the nba all-stars pulled i am. fiber is good for digestive health. out all the stops to honor kobe good choices never tasted so good. bryant, then went on to deliver kellogg's raisin bran. one heck of a game we've got you covered as we kick off this president's day "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with breaking news on the deadly coronavirus that has now claimed the lives of at rain forced the drivers off the least 1,700 and infected over florida track after only 20 laps they will get back on the track today at 4:05 eastern. well, that wasn't the end of the excitement for the president did you know that febreze air effects 70,000 this weekend nearly 400 american passengers the president also attended the uses 100% natural propellant? who have been quarantined aboard cheaper aerosols use artificial propellants. wedding of his senior adviser the diamond princess cruise ship stephen miller last night at the that's why febreze works differently. in japan for the last two weeks are headed back to the u.s. the trump international hotel in plus, it eliminates odors d.c. miller tied the knot with katie with a water-based formula and no dyes. evacuees departed on two charter flights on sunday. waldman. miller is a speech writer and for freshness you'll enjoy. one of those flights landed the chief architect for many of earlier this morning this comes as hundreds on the the white house's most stringent ship have tested positive for immigration policies the virus. the new nba all-star format for the latest on the virus we check out this unbelievable turn now to nbc's bill neely made things interesting this year let's get straight to the footage out of mexico. integ n hong kong. the popocatepetl volcano highlights of team lebron and erupting and sending smoke and process that these evacuees will team yanis ash way up into the night sky. each winner nabbed $100,000 for this spectacular show of lava
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their charity. and ash happened twice over the undergo once they've landed team lebron won the first one weekend, once on friday night and again on saturday. here scoring 53-41. >> reporter: we are one step and then team yanis rallied in >> it's a beautiful display the second they got that one 51-30. there. let's toss it back over to closer to home but not home yet that one ended with a wild janessa webb to see how the rest because they now face another 14 of today's going to go days of quarantine in the u.s. half-court buzzer beater by good morning >> good morning. are you excited about the warmth after a difficult ten-hour hawks' guard tre young that's going to surge in from flight during which they were the south to the plains to the both teams tied at 31 apiece so told to wear extra layers of northeast? enjoy this because we're going clothes, bring their own food, all that money rolled over to to see a temperature divide by the fourth quarter late dallas 80 degrees, they had to wear pretty team lebron was down nine in reinforced face masks that were tulsa, 64. you're nine to ten degrees above that last quarter but they would really respirators average. it continues to surge across the the officials on board all wore come back to edge out team south into the northeast hazmat protective suits. by tuesday afternoon philadelphia a high of 53, but so it was a long flight on a converted cargo plane. then that blue starts to work the most interesting thing was giannis 157-155. its way back in. throughout the night the league look at that minneapolis late that 14 americans who tested was paying tribute week, 9 degrees, yikes positive for the virus wero or we'll be right back. autiful. three days ago but support the leg! they did not have any symptoms nbc's sarah harman has more. when i started cobra kai, and they were isolated from the rest of the passengers in a the lack of control over my business >> reporter: this one was for special isolation unit made me a little intense. kobe and gianna, touching 24.2 but interesting that they were but now i practice a different philosophy. allowed on a second flight is due to land quickbooks helps me get paid, at lackland air force base in second tribute honoring the manage cash flow, lakers' legend and his daughter and run payroll. texas in roughly the next hour
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or so. and now i'm back on top... many americans chose to stay in chicago >> fors to be able to honor with koala kai. behind one lawyer said he just didn't kobe bryant and his legacy, it hey! want to get on those planes was a beautiful time more mercy. because of the risk of >> reporter: it was the first (vo) save over 40 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. infection. big meeting of the nba since the another woman was due to get on. the easy way to a happier business. she pulled back at the last tragic crash minute and felt that she was and number 24 was on everyone's i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. minds. former president barack obama under great, even aggressive recalling his final conversation and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. pressure from military doctors with bryant. >> i asked him do you miss so a lot of people chose to stay my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, behind, and around 40 americans basketball he said i don't miss it at all, are still in japanese hospitals. and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor those people are still on the i don't touch basketball he said before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. because i am now just as take it seriously. ship, will be able to get off it competitive and focused on this on wednesday but they won't be able to go second phase a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher >> reporter: the all-stars were doesn't get everything clean. back to the u.s. until march the personal for kobe. i tell them, it may be your detergent... he was the youngest player ever 4th at the earliest. to compete in an all-star game that's why more dishwasher brands so a complicated picture and a recommend cascade platinum... difficult journey back for those named mvp four times ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. who took those planes, guys. in one of the weekend's most for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. >> sounds like a very arduous poignant moments the nba cascade platinum. situation there. all right, bill neely covering commissioner announced the the very latest fo south with all-star game's mvp award will millions on alert for major be permanently renamed to honor flooding evacuations are underway in mississippi ing resident now the lakers' hero >> no one embodied all-star more nbc's blaine alexander has the latest from jackson, than kobe bryant >> reporter: the community mississippi. >> reporter: typically this area behind me is a popular fishing rallying to remember a legend gone far too soon. and, i area, a road that leads to a
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still ahead the new season parking lot, a good amount of of "stranger things" is cranking it up to 11. welcome back dry land but it's nothingbut water now. plus, the soaring kindness sky-high medical bills are a and officials say that this growing burden for a lot of level will continue to rise of sanrstrge through the morning. a couple gets a mid-air surprise households across the country. and the uncertainty about how to in jackson, mississippi, the with their newly adopted baby. pay is leading a lot of mighty footprint of the pearl americans to take extreme river is growing measures to cover the costs. >> just like your whole street nbc's anne thompson explains flooded with water tee-time savers. >> reporter: across central mississippi, submerging softball >> we raised ove and especially medicare part d savers. crushing medical bills in fields, seeping into homes, and americans seek cures for continuing to rise so you probably know making walgreens your churches >> and i want to say thank you >> this is a precarious preferred pharmacy means up to $5 off on copays i don't want to - situation. >> reporter: fed by water from the reservoir, the river is >> reporter: online fundraisers, and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. expected to crest at 38 feet [ laughter ] medical campaigns the number one because you're smart like that. colinasthe third highest le category on go fund me, and viral videos >> all you have to do is ask for save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901. an itemized bill with every in kentucky, teams s searching for brandy osborne charge >> reporter: despite a strong stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. economy, medical costs are she was walking to meet a friend in the flooded area and golifeo try clean freak! rising faster than incomes, it has three times the cleaning power pushing americans to extremes. sailing from door to door urging to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. a study last year found medical people to get out, and carrying bills led to nearly 60% of it works great on bathtubs. at least four to safety. individual bankruptcies. and even stainless steel. >> if you're facing an illness >> please be diligent in what try clean freak from mr. clean. with a huge medical bill, you you're looking at. get creative and if it's time to evacuate, >> reporter: dr. david blumenthal heads the please evacuate. >> reporter: hers is nearly one
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commonwealth fund. of 1,000 homes in harm's way i'm truly amazed at the effect thathank you, bob!ple. and that he says means lowering >> if the water wants to take costs. is it a question of people not it, take it. >> i did the most responsible thing i could do was get me and being insured or is ita question of people being my family out of that house. discover a new world >> reporter: and the governor ♪ underinsured >> it's both says that once the river crests, it will likely be another three 30 million americans still lack to four days, possibly another health insurance, and many, many week before we start to see the millions of others have waters recede. and behind me you can really see discover what's good - insurance that is not adequate why. what you're looking at is water to protect them against the pantene nutrient blends gushing from the reservoir into costs of care. the pearl river, another major >> reporter: troy bauer says his reason that this water will is raised with no allantibiotics ever. chicken, 12th ankle surgerysix years continue to rise through the [ music winding down ] pushed his family to the brink they're a great decision for snacktime. morning. frances? >> thank you allowing the band to practice at your house... overseas now to australia. of bankruptcy. in a new mission for their not a great decision. >> we still carry a burden from past surgeries that we're still keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers. working on that debt military, nursing injured koalas >> reporter: desperate to and helping them bounce back after a season of deadly relieve the pain but unable to afford it even with insunc wildfires. nbc's matt bradley has more. giving patients the option to >> reporter: you can call them australia's koala corps. pay cash, finance the surgery or these australian soldiers spend pay it off in volunteer their downtime cuddling koalas feeding them, even helping to opportunities. >> it's a great opportunity for build them new homes patients to be able to get care most of these baby bears, called that they need that they otherwise wouldn't be able to joeys, were rescued from the afford >> reporter: bauers signed up
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fire scorched kangaroo island for 400 volunteer hours. jeff jensen has friends and and brought here >> and now we are here helping strangers helping cover his 560 hours instead of a $12,000 bill. cleland build this enclosure >> i would have had to take out behind us, and also we are the equivalent of a car loan to helping feed the koala joeys do it. three times a day, soldiers are >> i've had a number of patients that have said to me thank you coming here and feeding the joeys. >> reporter: it's a mission that for allowing mmylf still requires camouflage, a few deck joys and the occasional >> reporter: doctors and patient dolla s finding new ways to afford marsupial massage. but there's hope on australia's better health without being horizon. for the first time in six months buried in bills. australia's fires are under >> wow control in the country's most i think everyone can relate, populous state ratliff and russell got 30 days knows somebody who's had that >> not all fires are out, but and disciplinary segregation. all fires are contained so we situation. the medical bills are just crippling. what did he say 30 million can really focus on helping people rebuild >> 80 days, this whole entire americans are uninsured. it's frightening to think about. >> reporter: last september fires have destroyed nearly 30 trip come that is more than >> any time anybody gets sick or half my time i have been here. million acres of bushland, an accident, you think about killedd about a billion i have an anger problem that in the medical bills to ♪ have an anger problem come >> and then you think there's got to be animals. now the same soldiers who helped "stranger things" heads north in the season four teaser. subdue australia's bush fires it looks like. help to nuture their nation back to health. matt bradley, nbc news a sweet story of an >> a former justice department this will be the final season. impromptu
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officials are calling for flight of southwest airlines attorney general william barr to a couple was flying to resign more than 1,100 former doj california with their adopted employees who worked under both newborn daughter when the flight republican and democratic administrations wrote a letter attendant heard theiy and laans made urging barr to step down on the intercom. it says she's just been adopted they say his intervention in the by her parents karen and dustin roger stone case has sullied the and is making her way home flight attendants then passed out napkins asking the reputation the judge overseeing the passengers to share words of roger stone case is ordering wisdom for the new parents both sides to pick up the phone and the couple had 60 napkins by tomorrow the district court judge will hold a telephone hearing to discuss the status of the case the end of the night ahead of sentencing on thursday. >> good advice and diapers i'm the unusual move comes after all sure at this point always welcome. >> great first story for a four prosecutors resigned baby's first flight. following attorney general talk about a power couple barr's push for more lenient here these two pro athletes finally sentence on stone. said i do. prosecutors originally houston texans' defenseend recommended seven to nine years for his role in the russia scandal. jj watt marries soccer star ♪ the 2020 race is heading out kealia ohai. west this morning. after three years of dating they early voting is already underway right now at 4:30, tied the knot in the bahamas for the nevada caucus. developing now. but candidates aren't done fighting to win over voters. coronavirus evacuees touching
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right now bernie sanders is he tweeted that it was the best down in the bay area overnight. leading in the polls day in his life. the difficult journey and the but the next debate on wednesday and considering all th conditions tail now face. night could shake things up. plus -- let's check in with nbc's trace >> they were following jj watt's >> outline came out of the pots who joins us with the dating life the whole time bushes and crabbed ahold of her latest we could see a new candidate calf. >> a rare lion attack shutting there on the stage and brian cushing who is a >> reporter: the wildcard here down a south bay park this morning and the quick thinking is michael bloomberg he still has another day to former teammate. that helped save a child's life. it's pretty cool qualify for this wednesday and a live look across the debate where there are five still ahead the extreme ways that people are paying off their bay area. candidates who have qualified so san francisco and san jose and far. but all eyes on bloomberg medical debts. and mexico's volcano puts on some parts of the bay area on this monday morning. including these candidates who a spectacular nighttime show have started to attack him in . a very good morning and nevada thanks for joining us. >> he just can't hide behind the entresto is a heart i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. let's get to the forecast for you throughout the day. airwaves he has to answer questions and look at how we're starting >> he thinks he can buy this it was proven superior at helping people stay alive out today. >> that is a hot of fog through election the tri-valley. an well, i got news for and out of the hospital. mr. bloomberg, and that is the american people are sick and heart failure can change the structure of your heart, tired of billionaires buying so it may not work as well. elections. >> reporter: so we'll see what entresto helps improve your heart's ability happens with bloomberg but for now there are five to pump blood to the body. candidates who have qualified and with a healthier heart, for this debate coming up on there's no telling where life may take you. wednesday. you mentioned bernie sanders who's leading the polls. don't take entresto if pregnant; then we've got pete buttigieg it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.n'
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who is leading in the delegate count. you saw amy klobuchar there, also elizabeth warren and joe biden, both of whom need to do some catching up after iowa and new hampshire. so it's going to be an interesting race, an interesting debate and then of course the caucus is on saturday. >> watching how the dynamic will change when bloomberg is there as well. thank you, tracie. you can watch the democratic debate this wednesday night. in the uk one of the strongest storms the north atlantic has seen in years it is sweeping through scotland, england, ireland and wales with winds gusting more than 100 miles an hour. it made for for a challenging landing for this plane at london's heathrow airport. let's see what's in store for us and i'm figuring out we're going to get some mild temperatures. let's see how long here's janessa good morning >> yeah. that's the good news
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mild weathers continues to pump in across the south and southeast. but the major flooding threat will continue at least for the next seven days. today we're going to start to see those floodwaters recede but tomorrow the storms pick up once again, potentially across mississippi into alabama could see another 1- you're dryt with lots of sunshine to start off the week, mid-70s. the big question, how long will the that coming up. that's what we all want to know. justin bieber's got a new album. and he also has a new look he shaved his infamous mustache. >> good news for wine lovers
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