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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2020 6:00am-6:58am PST

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michael bloomberg to take the debate stage for the first time tomorrow. up next, how he made the cut. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we've got to get to traffic right away. westbound 80 has been such a mess since this overturned big construction in places experts obama: he's been a leader rig. >> folks though this as the freeway to the bay bridge, down through berkeley and richmond. the live picture from the rooftop camera watching this all morning. throughout the country for the past twelve years, let me explain, the column of mr. michael bloomberg is here. cars, the single file lane, the vo: leadership in action. slow one is going past the scene mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together of this crash right here. in the fight for gun safety laws, there is an overturned rig. you see that, the shadow. to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help this is the top of the rig. it is on the side. a tow truck has arrived in the last 15 minutes. i saw that arrive on scene. teens gain the skills needed to when washington is divided inie but i think they're waiting for a second bigger tow truck to old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when right this and be able to clear we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. it. rig could not drive away once bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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they get it so we'll see what happens. right thousand the traffic so slow past the scene. it is jambed up for miles. about five miles of back-up, maybe more now coming down out of richmond down to ashby and powell. in the back-up we've seen other crashes. this is san pablo avenue. san pablo road will take you toward highway 24 around that and waze does suggest that as analia an -- as an alternate. and everything else is great and clear. >> we're also seeing some clear visibility. we're in for sunshine today as our inland temperatures reach the low 70s. we'll see our temperatures throughout the -- throughout week and other spring like weather. san francisco will reach 62. cooler into the end of the week into the weekend. but we'll talk about a cool sight that you may have missed this morning coming up in the forecast in about six minutes. right now at 6:12 on this >> thank you. tuesday morning. well good news for we're waking up to an all clear coronavirus evacuees at travis skyment to worries about fog. air force base.
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many of the 170 people now there martinez is in the low 50s and will soon be going home. another beautiful springlike day with a lot of sunshine and warm this is after two weeks of temperatures. we'll get a look at rest of the quarantine at travis and more isolation overseas. forecast and our microclimates in less than five minutes. and a huge jam, a traffic more than 1,800 people are dead mainly in china. 73,000 people have been alert on the east shore freeway evacuated worldwide and there is westbound 80 is a nightmare out now at least 29 confirmed cases of richmond down to the crash. an overturned rig past ashby. here in the u.s. after 14 new patients were flown -- were and you could take the richmond bridge to the north bay and get into san francisco by that route. i have tough the east bay. flown in yesterday. thom jensen joins us from the good morning. happy thursday to you. air force base. now t closed worries about and when will the people finally be able to head home. coronavirus, apple in >> reporter: we don't have the particular. calling attention to it. expect hour but we do know from we were warning about this early base officials they'll begin in as groups later on this morning people were not coming back to gradually releasing the 170 or work after the lunar holiday. so released today. apple now warning coronavirus these are the first people to be and the restrictions placed on people in china will affect the evacuated to travis air force base and begin later this apple supply chain. morning and continue throughout the chinese updating us on the the day until all of those numbers, 760 million people in
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designated to b the country face some kind of released. weeks, a 14-day quarantine. restriction because of the last night we were able to talk virus. walmart reportedi its profits a to one woman and she told us her short time ago. family story via facetime. they were lower than analysts she and her daughters expected but walmart did not make a big deal out of quarantined here separated from coronavirus. a lot of what you buy in walmart her husband who is back home in starts in china. walmart said a slower christmas hurt them but not coronavirus. wisconsin. >> can't wait to see my husband on monday we're talking about and meet up with some friends. some of the conferences that were canceled or at risk of the kids are really excited to meeting.on as high-tech firms see him after a few weeks being apart. we're going to get our temperature checked tomorrow facebook canceled a marketing morning and then we're going to conference in san francisco,loy receive a document to show that we're ready and healthy to get exposed to the public. also in you may not even remember these. they were announced years ago >> reporter: daisy ross was and then never appeared. visiting family in wuhan when this year. now musk said they're coming the outbreak began starting the very soon. evacuation. and we're expecting no question elon musk is brilliant. pu he's also really inconsistent family reunions to start later with facts. he got into trouble with the in morning. and while the saga ends, the two government for i sag he had an
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week quarantine period is just beginning for the 14 other offer to take tesla private, he people, those ans just did not. and he assured thoughts it would evacuatedo you were talking abo make no sense to sell for stock in dock in japan after more than and then last week tesla sold more stock. on monday marcus and laura 350 people on board got sick told you california wine was with the virus. we sure hope to -- and we'll be getting cheaper because of a out here trying for the rest of the morning to get these happy bumper great crop. the u.s. government announced it reunions as they take place and will not increase tariffs and hope to have some of that for taxes on french wine. you by midday. so pour an extra glass. live at travis air force base in my oldest son works in a fairfield, thom jensen, "today restaurant and sometimes he in the bay." >> it is a long road. brings me french wine, chateau but they can finally say i'm going home. more details to tell you de p from the -- about. the cruise industry is taking a big hit due to the coronavirus. garoone. and the effects may be felt >> the australian one. right here in the bay area. >> and he looks at me>> oh, dad the sf chronicle reports more than 100 cruise ships are scheduled to dock in san >> thanks, scott. francisco over the course of the 6:15 now. and leaders in cupertino may be year. port leaders say they're ready to take more action to monitoring that outbreak. happening in just a few hours, president trump is help stop vaping with teens. scheduled to arrive in california for the first of they banned the sale of flavors several events including a meeting in beverly hills with a
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tobacco and now they might extend the ban. the council will hear public los angeles olympic organizing comments before tonight's committee. meeting. they will brief him on so take a look at this. preparations for the 2028 summer trending this morning, sometimes olympic games and tomorrow he'll the most unlikely pairs can visit the central valley and become friends. talk with tarmers there. lundy is a little chihuahua with 6:05 now. special needs. he can't walk on his back legs. breaking overnight, michael bloomberg will qualify for the herman obviously a pigeon but first presidential debate ahead of the saturday nevada caucus. unable to fly. this is a live look at las vegas they connected at a new york where preparations are well animal nonprofit and became fast and little cuddly friends. underway for tomorrow night's showdown. a new poll gives bloomberg 19% more than 6 million people have viewed a picture of the pair on support which is more than facebook. enough to qualify and that is look at them cuddle. even though he's thought listed isn't that sweet. on the nevada ballot. >> a little buddy. >> right. other leading democrats are now >> i wonder what they talk taking aim at billionaire including front-runner bernie about. [ laughter ] >> they talk about the day with sanders. >> mr. bloomberg, like anybody the pigeon in new york city else, has a right to run for flying and before he lost his ability. president. he does not have the right to >> back in my day. >> back in my day when i used to buy the presidency. fly above people. all right. so let's talk about getting out >> michael bloomberg with of the door this morning. $62 billion can buy every ad he and we are seeing some clear wants but he can't, in fact, visibility and it is a nicer wipe away his record. start to the day. take a look at this view.
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>> now bloomberg only needed 10% it is so gorgeous as we take a support to qualify for the look at the sun starting to rise nevada debate and even though over the south bay. and a few high clouds overhead. he's not on the ballot he could use the debate to focus on 14 and so as we go through the day, other states including it is going to be very nice. california where voters cast ballots march 3rd. nbc news and msnbc will another springlike day reaching 66 degrees at 2:00 and normally for the middle of february we broadcast the third debate live from las vegas. you could watch it here tomorrow see high temperatures at 62 so night at 6:00 p.m. testimony is scheduled to sunnyvale is above that. resume this morning in the highs up to 70 in downtown san deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing case. the trial has been chaotic at jose. gilroy reaching 70 degrees. times. and low 70s for the inland east with defendant john lee cowell kicked out of the court at least bay. parts of the of the tri-valley reaching up to about 70 and 71 twice. last week on the witness stand degrees. and oakland today reaching 66 he admitted to stabbing nia wilson and her sister a ne guil degrees. in redwood city expect a high of 67. reason are of insanity. the embarcadero today reaching 63. and the north bay up to 69 in 6:06 and state energy regulators begin the first of santa rosa and 70 in napa. and we'll have a light wind two days of what they call informational workshops covering still with nice, dry conditions, the pg&e latest wildfire safety plan. springlike temperatures but i'm pg&e is in the midst of major seeing a change in the pattern which will eventually lead to changes to technology and the some rain in the forecast. policies in response to recent but as of right now, we're still wildfires blamed on failing
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equipment. pretty dry and even a couple of it is also trying to merge from low pressure systems that we've seen moving closer get here. bankruptcy. last week the utility submitted the new wildfire mitigation plan as we see them rolling well to for the year. the north of us, there is which the cpuc expects to sign another one by the middle of next week dipping maybe just far off by june. enough south to bring us some rain by next wednesday into right now at 6:07, some of thursday. we didn't have a lot of rain the astronomy geeks may have during the month of january when been up the lunar normally we measure in san jose about 2.8 inches and during the occultation that happened this month of february this is what is normal but we haven't morning. first time it happened since measured a drop. as we head through march, we 1998 when mars went behind the moon and it was a beautiful shot normally see less but it would pe nice -- be nice to get norma you could have seen. and this is a picture posted by amounts of rain before we do nasa so it is cool to see this into the dry months into the spring and summer. rare celestial event happening looking at the seven-day and we look at this shot sent in forecast, we're dry going into the rest of the week, into the by nasa. you may see pictures on your weekend. only very slight spotty rain social media feeds today. chances here and there. at least the sky was clear. and then for san francisco starting out with a clear vie as expect high temperatures to cool we check out the start in dublin off by just a tew degre-- by a this morning. and so a lot of people up and out on the roads without having degrees into the end of the
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to deal with some fog. week. mike is trying to figure out the and so as we go through the day, progress out of emeryville. we'll see some sunshine. temperatures warming up into the >> any progress and what the process is. upper 60s and lower 70s. over here i saw the tow truck mike, you're looking at hours of arrived and came over here and back through traffic and then delays right now. came back over here again and i potentially. but folks, watching this, think they're waiting for another tow truck but my guess is there are processes to figure out whether they can stand the big rig up by just using one tow truck. and we're looking at the big jam you do need to avoid this in though coming toward ashby and emeryville. it there was a traffic break for a few minutes on the one lane powell and the frontage road that gets buy past ashby and so i believe they're waiting for a flooded and the east shore second tow to help right this freeway jammed out of richmond rig. for over five miles. this is blocking lanes and let's go with our partners at causing a huge back-up over five waze and time out an advantage. and if you're coming down the miles out of richmond toward the east shore freeway, between 90 scene. we do have san pablo avenue, picking up more volume and more slowing through the city streets minutes and two however hours for all morning. down toward emmeryville through and san pablo will take you a berkeley and san pablo will take you up from the upper east shore few clearer miles out of orinda, freeway toward orinda just of t. west 24 and toward the bay
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bridge and that is clear because of the hold up on the east shore and the rest of the bay an easy freeway. the other route is the drive and that keeps the bay bridge clear. richmond-san rafael bridge. if you're heading on 580, that and that will take you into san is a bonus. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, we'll look at the new action as soon as francisco via the golden gate today that may make it even bridge. the rest of the bay is a smooth drive. there is a crash near the castro harder to find vaping products in the south bay. valley but off of 580 and 680 plus coronavirus, we talked about it a lot. but it continues to grow as a worry particularly for apple. through pleasanton starting but this is not bad for a tuesday. and this is just a really remember, a lot of folks can touching tuesday moment. consider this winter break and my kids consider it tuesday to a rare friendship blossoming be ready for school. between a dog and a bird. back to you. >> this is ski week for local up next, how they found each kids. coming up next on "today in other. the bay," oakland looking for new ways to tackle the homeless >> life in the bay area will look and feel very different crisis. than it does today.r. and that crash seen around the world. next an update on racer ryan >> if you do not adapt, then you're going to go be in trouble. >> tonight at 11:00, we newman after this fiery crash in investigate all of the new the daytona 500. construction in places experts we'll tell you his condition say will soon be flooded. coming up. vo: four years ago, >> are there enough local officials who are paying
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attention to this? >> today, no. >> it is incumbent on all of us to work on this issue together. >> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate.
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donald trump beat the democratic establishment. and then he outlasted democratic insiders in washington on impeachment, despite his obvious crimes and corruption. romney: the president is guilty. vo: now, if we don't do something different this time around, he'll win again. that's the hard truth. we simply can't afford to nominate another insider or an untested newcomer who doesn't have the experience to beat trump on the economy. we need to think different. tom steyer is a progressive businessman who left his company and is using his time and money
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to beat big corporations an he can expose donald trump as a fraud and failure on the economy. tom steyer: he's running on the economy. he running on the idea that democrats can't grow an economy, are a bunch of socialists, you can't afford to vote for him. my job is is take on mr. trump and kick his ass on the economy. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. here comes hamlin up the outside. crash into the wall. into the air. that is newman. >> did you see this? boy, frightening near tragedy ending to last night's daytona 500. doctors are saying racer ryan newman is in stable condition. he survived that crash. it happened just a few feet before the finish line. so he was in first place when he got clipped. it sent the car airborne before
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t boned by another car. it erupted in flames before crossing the finish line. >> he's been transported to halifax medical center undergoing further treatment and evaluation. we've been in dialogue with the race team and the family. >> denny hamlin won the race becoming the fourth driver in history to win back-to-back daytona 500 titles and the second closest finish in race history. >> nbc bay area investigates. a new report due out in the coming weeks shows climate change and rising sea levels could affect the bay areaoothan >> stephen stock got his hands on the data. >> reporter: this 730-page report called adapting to rising tides shows more than a dozen communities that are at risk to this rising threat. including 91,000 housing units
6:14 am
as well as highways, airports, trains and subways but our team found major construction projects are still allowed to go up in the threatened flood zones. according to state planners this is area could see a rise in 12 s by 2030, just ten years from now. scientists say the rate of sea level rise is now growing exponentially because of an increase in ice melt and the warming of the oceans. >> what does the public need to understand about this crisis? >> that there is no longer any way to stop it happening. >> even so, our investigative unit found two dozen major recent or current developments worth more than $13 billion still going up in these high-risk flood zones where planners know that sea level is rising faster than first predicted. coming up tonight at 11:00, we do directly to the people responsible for green lighting these projects to find out why
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this is being allowed and we map it all out for you to show you what sea level rise might look like in just ten and even 30 years from now. that is tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. if you want to get ahold of stephen or anyone from the team give them a call at 888-996-tips or log on to our website at 6:25 and in our "making it in the bay" coverage, homelessness will be a hot topic tonight in oakland. when council members will discuss a special commission to battle the epidemic. it is possible they'll review the homelessness declaration which allows for more funding. last month deputies evicted two homeless mothers who moved into a vacant home in west oakland. now the current owners plan to sell the home over to a trust to allow the mothers to move in. and those plans are still
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being negotiated. the rapper eminem hit another major milestone. his music video for the song rap goddess has hit over 1 rapper. us video to hit that billion view barrier. the other two are not love the way you lie. featuring rihanna. after he did that surprise performance at this year's oscar awards where he performed to song "lose yourself." 17 years after skipping the show and winning an award. a long delay. >> yeah. 6:37. coming up on "today in the bay," the wild side show playing out in the streets of san francisco. why sfpd said officers are were still unable to hake arrests. and still no sign of a peninsula couple who went for a weekend stay in the north bay. >> he was going to come down and
6:17 am
watch my son play a game on monday so he have every intention of coming back. >> but they disappeared. why this disappearance is so puzzling. and breaking news. major delays right now about one mile from the maze. a big crash on westbound 80 that has traffic at a standstill. take a look at it right now. up next, a live report on how long this mess will last plus mike inouye is finding your way around all of this mess. that is all coming up in just minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." >> we break down the housing crisis and meet the people fighting for survival and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," every day, every newscast, on nbc bay area.
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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right now at 6:30, a traffic nightmare unfolding before our eyes in the east bay. a live look at a big crash. that shut down westbound lanes of interstate 80. we'll have a live report and check of the roads in just moments. but first good morning to you. happy tuesday. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so let's get right to mike inouye tracking the mess at 80. and what is happening now? >> we still have the over turned big rig. i'll talk about what we see activity wise but i mention to the south bay commuters the diridon station is closed for police activity and cal train so we're following that in the newsroom as well. we'll let you know if there is anything other to report there. and this is going on all morning. the overturned rig right here. tow truck moved to the side of the road and back over again.
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they just had anothing through. the only area coming through is the shoulder. that is not even a lane of traffic heading toward the bay bridge. ashby just past ashby approaching powell and over five miles of back-up out of richmond through the area. san pablo is getting flooded with traffic and san pablo dam road is a good option around the scene. but the guy who went right into it, bob redell is out there. it took you quite sometime. what do you see out there? >> reporter: and we weren't able to get to the accident scene because of the back-up. we're about a mile and a half away from that accident. at university avenue here in berkeley and you could see the headlights, those are westbound 80. and this is the back-up trying to get through this accident scene that is still about another mile and a half for commuters trying to get through. this back-up extends as far as the eye could see. i would say at least another mile long, perhaps even longer. another live look at that accident.
6:22 am
you could see it is an overturned big rig, this accident happened around 4:45 this morning and involving the big rig and a white sedan. fortunately injuries are minor but because that big rig turned over and because it isom time t upright. the issue, of course, is getting that tow truck and that wrecker out there. i drove past the scene and was able to gra-- glance down and t wrecker is out there it is a matter of hinging up it to that truck and get it upright. there is not then estimated time of reopening. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> very nice sunrise this morning. as we look outside in the south bay and we're going to get a lot of sun into the afternoon. in evergreen, expect a start in the upper 4 and quickly warming up. we're at 66 degrees at 1:00 today and normally we're seeing high temperatures at about 62.
6:23 am
looking ahead to the weekend and i'll show you that forecast coming up in about five minutes. >> thank you. now to developments overnight in the coronavirus outbreak. now here is a live look at travis air force base in fairfield where more than 170 people quarantined will finally get to go home. they are part of the first wave of people to arrive coronavirus hot spots overseas and they're expected to be released a little later this morning. so far the virus has killed nearly 1,900 people, mostly in china and has infected more than 72,000 others. now breaking news to tell you about this morning. diridon station in san jose closed right now because of police activity. mike was just telling us about this. bta is tweeting about this. all northbound cal trains are starting in santa clara instead. we're not sure what is going on. but we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest here on "today in the bay" as we get it.
6:24 am
it is 6:34 now. and teams in the north bay picking up the search for a missing palo alto couple. over the past four days they've been combing rugged terrain in inverness but haven't found them. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live in marin county this morning. such a mystery. the couple seemed to have just vanished. >> reporter: they seem to have vanished, laura. and there are more than a hundred searchers at it for three days and what little they have town leads to more questions. they're looking for 77-year-old carol kiparsky and 72-year-old ian irwin were missing saturday when they failed to check out of the airbnb rental in inverness. the last update from searchers is grim. the county sheriff said after searching on horseback with daup dau daupgs -- with dogs and a helicopter they are confident they are not calling for a help in a 1 1/2 mile raid kwdius fro
6:25 am
cottage. the couple left their phones and car and hiking gear and other belongings behind at that airbnb. they missed b an appointment on sunday and family plans on monday. >> he was going to come down and watch my son play a game on monday. we were just arranging for that time. so he had had every intention of coming back. >> okay. it we lost kris's live shot. but this is another look at the couple that has been missing. the search will resume today and they've got a lot of search crews they're going to continue to comb that rugged terrain out there. 6:36 now. a popular park in the south bay still shut down following a mountain lion attack. rangers believe the animal
6:26 am
injured a 6-year-old girl at athe rancho san antonio preserve. a family fend was able to fight the mountain lion love and the little girl got shots as a precaution. it is the first mountain lion attack ever at that park. happening today, milpitas leaders debate regulations for short-term rentals. council members talked about pd byl days per year and including francisco, oakland and san jose. san francisco police looking at this video hoping to make aare -- arrest in a side show at about 10:00 p.m. on sunday night at geneva and naples in the excelsior neighborhood. the supervisor for the district said as other cities crack down on side shows, the activity is moving into san francisco. he's calling for police to crack down. >> we're talking about seizing their vehicles to inhibit their ability to do this again. >> police say there is also body
6:27 am
cam video they're looking at. they say part of the reason they didn't make arrests at the time is because they were simply outnumbered. >> and those side shows could be dangerous. not for the people in the cars but the people standing right. and this could cause a major back-up in the area. >> we've seen incidents where they stopped traffic on a freeway. but my concern is always for the people on the side there because those cars are heavy. all right. over here we're look at what is going on. this is in the middle of the freeway westbound 80. l bob was talking the second tow truck arrive. so now there are two trucks and use them in tandem to sort of tried to coordinate and lift the rig. it is on the side as it has been all morning. they removed the broken axle in the freeway but westbound 80 still jammed solid back for more than five miles coming back out of richmond and now slowing off the merge off of that bridge from san rafael. that is eastbound 580.
6:28 am
and westbound 580 is an alternate. if you're heading to san francisco go across san rafael and toward the golden gate bridge. that is a smoother route. you have to pay two tolls. but remember we had a three day weekend for many. some kids are getting this week off so some parents are out, others are going to work with a smoother drive right now. >> but those caught in the back-up, no doubt they're thinking about the weekend already again. >> yeah. and a some places you may be heading, we're still going to have some really nice weather here in tay highs inland reachig into the upper 60s and low 70s. and then in san francisco just a slightly coo up to 62 degrees, on saturday as dry weather continues, head out hiking muir woods is nice just need a jacket with temperatures reaching 65. on friday 61 degrees is the high on saturday. and a slight cooldown as that weekend dos along. in santa cruz more sunshine
6:29 am
there. with our high temperatures in the low 60s on saturday and as well as sunday. if you're heading up to lake shasta -- or these lassen, temperatures up to 46 degrees on friday. 50 degrees, very warm on saturday. but then a big change on sunday as we start to see the rain changing over to snow there. let me know where you're headed this weekend. at kari hall weather on twitter, facebook and instagram and help you out with the forecast of the destination you're headed to this weekend. we'll talk about today with our temperature trend in the south bay in about three minutes. >> i love it. you're like a travel planner too. coming up next, the action tri-valley teachers union is taking in about 45 minutes surrounding the contract talks. and live pictures of the las vegas strip. coming up, the new addition to the democratic debate lineup for tomorrow which was just announced overnight. in washington, this morning,
6:30 am
growing doubt about bill barr his job. in new york city big board is active. it was closed yesterday for presidents' day. dow industrials down just 105 points as we continue to worry about coronavirus. >> and this will make your tuesday. how fellow passengers on a flight made sure this father did not miss a very special engagement. we'll tell you all about it and who the two little ones are as well, coming up.
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chase. make more of what's yours. try to win by attacking, now, we know the trump strategy- distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now at 6:43. we have a nice sunrise, a few high clouds moving through. and we'll see a mostly sunny sky today. in campbell we start out with some mid-40s and then reaching into the mid-60s today. still well above normal temperatures today. and through the next several days. we'll talk about if there five minutes. and this scene still the same as far as a container truck blocking all of westbound 80 and jamming up the east shore freeway and all of the systems go through diridon station which is out of service because of police activity. that is affecting your transit lanes. san ramon valley teachers are inching closer to a strike. they plan to hold a 30 minute
6:34 am
march. the next step is to bring in a negotiator to find common ground with the district. 6:44 and breaking overnight, michael bloomberg will take the stage tomorrow as qualifying for the first presidential debate ea nevada which is more than enough to caucus. a new poll gives him 19% support qualify for tomorrow's showdown. we have a live look at las vegas where preparations for the debate are under underway. it is important to note that bloomberg is not listed on the nevada ballot. nbc news and msnbc will broadcast the third primary debate tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. today is the last day to register to vote in california primary. happening march 3rd. and for all things election, just head to guide. quarter to 7:00 now. more trouble for the president's attorney general this morning. >> scott mcgrew, federal judges say they're worried about bill barr's ability to do his job. >> the pressure, marcus, against barr really is growing.
6:35 am
on monday more than a thousand former doj employees signed an open letter say they're worried about barr's neutrality and ask that he step down. now federal judges, sitting federal judges, say they will hold an emergency meeting to discuss their concerns about the honesty and independence of the attorney general. this, of course, after bill barr stepped in to reduce recommended sentence of trump ally roger stone. barr insists that the president wanted him to do that is totally coincidence. he stepped in to reduce the recommendation before the president tweeted about it, he said. so do we trust barr? a thousand former doj employees say no and we'll find out what federal judges think but we do know if we look back at last year barr did not tell us the truth about the content of a memo released by robert mueller, back when barr had the memo but
6:36 am
we did not. when america saw the memo, it did not say what barr claimed it said. former national security adviser john bolton made a public appearance last night and said his new book will reveal much more than what happened in the ukraine scandal. that is the thing that got the president impeached. these pictures, by the way, have no audio behind them because our crew in north carolina was not allowed to record bolton's audio so let's ask the same question, do we trust bolton. he seems to have a lot to say to help us understand the threats to the republic, but seems to want to keep it all in a book to the point ever telling news crews they can't record what he said on a book tour. playing with this idea of trust for a minute, the president te-- tells us now to trust nancy pelosi and fd adam schiff, that is political. the two led his impeachment. who can we trust on the president's side? at one point the president said we could trust whatever these people said. john bolton was doing a very
6:37 am
good job, said trump. he couldn't be happier or more impressed with john kelly. jeff sessions an honest man the president said. rex tillerson world class. now the president said this man is a liar who begged him for his job. john kelly is a man who whimpers and was in over his head. he's a former marine general. mentally handicapped moron, the president's words, except he didn't say handicapped, he used a different word with mental hi and then tillerson dumb as a rock as hell, said mr. trump. we're watching what is happening in wash with attorney general barr. follow me on twitter at scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. new video of what is now being called the leaning tower of dallas. so here is how it all happened. and where it all went wrong. a demolition that did not go as planned. crews packed an 11 story building with dina piet over the weekend but when the dust settled an elevator staff was
6:38 am
still standing. now people are taking pictures with some saying that it is the texas version of the leaning tower of pisa. but a wrecker is on the way to finish the job. 4:49. a dad it that makes his twins' night thanks to the help of other airline passengers. so mike good was trying to get home from nashville because of thunderstorms most flights were canceled or delayed. he finally got the last spot in the back of a plane and when the plane landed the flight attendant announced good was trying to make his twins father/daughter dance and if other passengers would let him get off the plane first and did he it. grabbed the bags and land and lucy and em ill i said to enjoy the dance. >> that is a big feat to let everyone stay seated and let the person in the back get off. >> i remember standing on my dad's shoes. >> oh. >> it is really sweet.
6:39 am
>> and he's like, laura, you're not a -- you're not a kid any more. >> great memories. as with we head out of the door, no fog as we start out. and drive to work, let me show you the view there from dublin where yesterday we couldn't see any of this. so this is a big improvement. and we're starting out with some clear skies. let's head over to mountain view. we're at 46 degree at 7:00. and then going from 46 to 56 at 100. 1:00 we're at 64. so another really nice day. as you make plans to get outside, we have a high amount of tree pollen right now and things that are ploomi-- bloomi pine, elm and juniper and it is smil stg we'-- we're seeing earr because of the lack of rainfall. today up to 70 degrees in livermore, antioch, concord and in san jose. in oakland today expect a high of 66 and 69 in santa rosa.
6:40 am
here is a look at the dry pattern that we've had. but i am starting to see some changes here. we don't have this big dominant ridge of high pressure that is kept all of the storms to the north. in fact, there will be a couple of low pressure systems coming in. they're just dry when they get here. but then as we do into next week, there may be one area of low pressure that may have enough moisture with this to bring us rain. so as we go into next wednesday and thursday, we'll be watching out for some rain chances. we're still dry though as we look at our seven-day forecast. we haven't had any rain since -- any significant storms since early january. so we're seeing some warm temperatures and that continues at least into the week. do you see any progress in emeryville. >> in the last seven minutes we've seen some movement. first i want to note that the -- the axle in the lanes early in the morning, that is the reason why the tow truck went over and it brought the axle out of the roadway. and the second tow truck has
6:41 am
moved around facing the other direction and they're starting to use the crane or the boom over there. i believe to try to lift this rig. now before they do that, i'll guess they have to stop all westbound traffic and only getting buy on the shoulder. it is crawling through the area. as you see the back-up over five miles between golden gate field and richmond. in waze they've calculated san pablo dam road and using lesser known arlington over there but that will save you half of the time and maybe more than that because we're registering at almost two hours coming through all of the mess. so waze and nbc bay area wazers. the rest of the bay, aside from the east shore, fine, 680 showing the build. the rest of the bay is fine but again watching the issue causing the police activity and the closure at diridon station. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now, the boy scouts
6:42 am
filing for bankruptcy as the organization fights lawsuit as . in a statement the boy scouts of america ceo apologizing for failing some children. he also encourages victims to come forward and file claims so they could receive compensation. well next a quick look at topri working on including more live coverage from near interstate 80 which is now shut down. also san jose diridon station is off limits, for all trains and passengers. the update on the threat that led to that closure and how the trains are being rerouted. and very soon, more than a hundred people under quarantine at travis air force base in fairfield getting the all clear to go home. how those people are preparing and the excitement coming up next. we're back with more news for you right here on "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out of the door, it is 6:56. the top stories on "today in the bay." . >> straight out to bill belichick near the scene of the crash we've been following all morning. i-80 shut down due to an overturned big rig. how is it looking thousand. >> you have the back-up and we're a mile and a half away
6:46 am
from the accident just before hall street in emeryville and as you look eastbound, those headlights are the commute direction heading westbound on 80 and you could see how far back this back-up extends. we believe it goes five miles. so if you could find another way or if you could delay your drive into work, you might want to take that advice. here is a live look of the accident. this started around 4:45 this morning. a big rig versus a white sedan. fortunately the injuries are hinor. but the issue of that big rig is blocking at least three lanes of traffic on westbound 80 just before emeryville. there are wreckers out there but it is a matter of getting them linked to the big rig. it is a heavy vehicle obviously and going to take some time. chp has not given us an estimated time of reopening. live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> tough morning there. thanks, bob. well breaking news in san jose diridon station. it is closed off because of
6:47 am
police activity and we've learned from police due to a bomb threat. here is a live look at the scene now. all northbound cal trains are starting in santa clara instead. you could see firefighters there at the scene as well. now, corridor trains are not stopping there and vta train service is being rerouted. we'll bring you updates as soon >>as developments overnight in the coronavirus outbreak. this is a live look at travis air force base in fairfield. that is where more than 170 people quarantined for the aft two weeks will finally get to go home. they're part of the first wave of people to arrive there are from coronavirus hot spots overseas and they're expected to start being released we should say later this morning. so far the virus itself has killed nearly 1900 people, mostly in china. and it is infected more than 72,000 others. let's get a look at that forecast for us.
6:48 am
which is nice looking. >> take a look at that sunrise behind us. and we'll see more sun today. temperatures reaching 70s in the the week. s and more weather >> still monitoring t crash on 880. >> still trying tontainer truck. let's take a live look. bob redell told us about the east shore freeway at 80 and turning to the overturned truck with a container from the part and facing the wrong direction so that jackknife they have to stand it up and it is jammed down the east shore freeway. at an hour from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza but that keeps the toll plaza clear and then diridon station affected by the police activity, the bomb threat. >> exactly. so a hot of people will be late to work today. we'll keep on those stories developing and we have a local news up state at 7:25 and every half an hour after that and online we'll update twitter. >> and have the updates during the midday newscast at 11:00. thanks for joining us here on
6:49 am
"today in the bay." hope you have a great morning. good mornin good morning. breaking overnight, fiery finish -- >> crash into the wall, into the air! >> a scary end to the daytona 500, as ryan newman, the driver leading the pack, crashes in the final moment. his fellow drivers t latest on his condition. new fears. officials reveal hundreds of passengers on that cruise ship that docked in cambodia may have been exposed to the coronavirus before they scattered back around the world. this morning the desperate scramble to find them and
6:50 am
contain the threat as the hospital director at the epicenter of the outbreak in
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