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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 19, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they're whole restaurant is. a little burger war there. >> wendy's is always feisty on social media. >> wendy is that funny one. >> and she's always on. >> bad girl that wendy. coming up at 6:00, new overnight video of a hiker rescued in the north bay. coming up a live report with how he was found plus the search for two additional hikers who remain missing. and happening today, democratic ressal hope -- presidential hopefuls go head-to-head and for the first time michael bloomberg will be on the debate stage. the attacks that could come his way. and two more people quarantined at the travis air force base come down with the coronavirus. the treatment they're getting at a bay area hospital. a third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. third hour. yeah, with we start at 4:30. we're here early. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
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>> and i'm marcus washington. mike will get us through the commute but first we start out with the forecast. >> beautiful today with temperatures well above normal. reaching into the upper 60s up to about 69 degrees in san jose and even 70 in morgan hill. we'll be slightly cooler than yesterday but this is all still well above normal as that sunshine continues in the forecast. we'll take a hook ahead to the weekend. mike, you were concerned about the san mateo bridge. >> it is not on the chp blotter but our live camera let us see what is going on. still flashing across mid stan and slowing now from the toll plaza view. now the sensors haven't shown a major problem but the starting to turn, you see that yellow, we'll watch that. i believe that issue will be cleared in the next few minutes but the dumbarton is just fine. the rest of the bay shows a light volume so right back to you. >> thanks, mike. new overnight for you, an elderly man is recovering after he disappeared while hiking in the th -- in the north bay.
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this is the second of two cases believed people disappeared while hiking. >> bob redell joins us live in marin county with details on how the man was found and big concerns about the elderly couple still missing zmnch correct. the search for them will resume shortly. the man who was rescued last night, the man who shot that rescue said he was arrive but barely conscious. we don't have an update on his condition from law enforcement. his name is robert bennett. he is 76 years old. rescuers found him around 11:30 last night. he disappeared monday afternoon while hiking in marin county. first responders extricated him and sent him to the hospital. law enforcement did find his vehicle at head of the valley stone trail which helped to lead to his location and as you you could see in the picture tweeted out by the marin county sheriff, two k-9ed named luna and -- did help locate bennett. also in marin county, family members and volunteers are will
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head back out in a few hours to try to find carol kiparsky and ian irwin a couple this their 70s who are from -- and vacations in inverness and left her rented cabin on friday leaving behind phones and wallets and hiking gear and haven't been since seen. >> they wouldn't leave all of their stuff and leave their car and just vanish. so, yes, i think it is very strange. >> we have not switched our efforts from search and rescue to recovery. >> reporter: the couple's son who you first heard from are hopeful he's still alive because the weather up there has been mild. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. 6:03 now and decision 2020 and president trump's visit to bakersfield today. right now president trump is in las vegas of ahead of the nevada caucus. this is new video of him arriving overnight. and live pictures of las vegas strip at this hour.
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president trump visits that area as democratic hopefuls take the debate stage tonight. and there will be one new candidate on the stage. "today in the bay" tracie potts is live in washington to explain how the top five just became the top six, tracie. >> reporter: that is right, marcus. ab michael bloomberg, you've seen him in ads and not seen him answer questions live on tv. especially some of the questions that his opponents, other democrats are asking about his record. billionaire michael bloomberg live in las vegas tonight for the first time debating the top five democrats. >> you have any advice for him in his first debate. >> no. he doesn't need that kind of advice. he's been doing it for a long time. >> in a tie with elizabeth warren in our latest nbc news/wall street journal poll as bernie sanders takes a double-digit lead. >> i'm not worth $60 billion.
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and we don't have a campaign with unlimited amounts of money. >> reporter: bloomberg under fire from opponents for spending $381 million of his own money on tv ads. >> it can get your name recognition up, but it can't erase your record. >> i don't think people look at the guy in the white house and think to themselves we need someone richer. >> reporter: the former new york mayor is sure to tase questions tonight about his stop-and-frisk policy, criticized for targeting african-americans. >> i know i can't change history but i can do it learn from my mistakes. >> reporter: pete buttigieg heads into tonight's debate with the most delegates. criticizing bernie sanders medicare for all health plan. >> there is a gap of $25 trillion in his plan. which which is bigger than the whole u.s. economy. >> reporter: warren is hoping to catch up with union support. >> when workers unionize, then workers win. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: one more candidate in nevada this week.
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president trump stops through on friday. and then the next day on saturday, that is when nevada voters weigh in. their caucus set for the end of the week. set for this weekend. marcus. >> a lot of people talking about that one. trace kwi, thank you so much. and nbc news and msnbc will broadcast the third primary debate live from las vegas tonight at 6:00. now to the latest in the coronavirus outbreak. new video of passengers finally leaving the diamond princess cruise ship in japan. the two week quarantine ended today but critics say it failed to stop the spread of the virus among passengers. one american passenger from the cruise ship who arrived this week at travis air force base has now tested positive. another is showing symptoms. those patients are being treated at a medical center in napa and that's are where "today in the bay's" thom jensen joins us live this morning. thom? >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you we've not heard
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back from hospital officials about a news conference where we're supposed to get more details about the patients but we can confirm from county health officials that as you said one of those patients here at the hospital, there are two here of the 14, one has tested positive for the coronavirus and the other one has symptoms and is undergoing testing and they are two of the 14 americans rescued from that cruise ship you were talking about where with more than 350 people became ill with the virus. taken to travis air force base and then taken to area hospitals isolation rooms. nearly 74,000 people have been infected by the virus and 2000 have died. most of the deaths and infections are in china where the outbreak began this winter and where there are now 100 new deaths daily and 1,700 new infections according to the world health organization. because of a limited number of isolation beds in solano county
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he's two ended up in napa and it is not clear if one or both patients have the virus. >> one of them is being tested to be ruled out for novel coronavirus and the other one is somebody who is asymptomatic with a positive test in japan and continuing to get testing until the virus is demonstrated to be cleared. >> reporter: in an emailed statement the communications manager at saint joseph health said, quote, out of caution, the patients are being monitored in special isolation rooms that have negative pressure to minimize the risk of exposure. we are following established infection control protocols and working closely with our partners at the cdc and napa county public health to ensure the safety and well being of our caregivers and patients and visitors. she also said that the hospital staff here is well trained in scenarios like just like this
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and that the operations at the hospital, none of the other operations here are impacted by the two patients being here. live in napa, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, for the latest there. happening today, a judge will decide how pg&e should move forward. after the san bruno explosion he's considering whether theute lilt have to hire their own tree trimming crews to comply with the wildfire plan and the julugs looking at restricting bonuses for supervisors until pg&e agrees. it is 6:09 right now. hey, i wanted to show you, laura and marcus, this cool picture that we have. it is not a spaceship or not anything like that -- >> it looks like a painting. >> it does. and this is a picture sent out by shasta trinity national forest of mt. shasta and this has people talking because they
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saw it on facebook it is a lenticular cloud and i put up my picture that i took in the sierra. this happens on down wind mountains and showing turbulence in the atmosphere and up there the winds are rushing at 30, 40, even higher and it shows there is a lot of turbulence here. but these clouds appear to stand still for a long amount of time. as opposed to other clouds that we see kind of dissipate or move on within a few minutes. so this one sat here for at least four hours while we were out there snowmobiling in the sierra. so i posted another picture like this on instagram. make sure you're following me. i'm at karihallweather. have you seen it in person. it happens mainly in the mountains. as we get started this morning, we're taking a live look at low cloudiness in parts of the north bay. some fog we've seen developing and it is reduced the visibility in santa rosa down to a quarter of mile and else with where it is clear and we'll talk about what is ahead in the temperature
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trend coming up. and mike is seeing a slow move across the bridge. toward the flashing lights that have just cleared from the flat section. i believe whatever was going on has cleared. i don't know for sure because it was never reported to chp. thank goodness we have live cameras to show you the slower drive for 92. if you have a easy choice, it is the dumbarton bridge. and the san mateo bridge does show the slowing. the nimitz southbound starting to build. a lighter volume of traffic, we see this every time we have the winter break for the south bay schools, a nice smooth flow. the incident at 680 around sunol, maybe some debris in the roadway and we'll follow that up. back to you. >> 6:11, coming up next, ring door bell cameras are very popular and you probably have one yourself but how safe are they from hackers? up next, we'll tell you what the company is now doing to keep those devices protected. for the first time in history, we are seeing a high
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tech company unionizing. >> interesting. we're also going to dive into this amazing video. a kayaker plunge down a waterfall. how he finished next. you're watch withing "today in the bay". into this amazing video. vo: a great president and an effective mayor.
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leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message.
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happy wednesday. right now it is 6 of:14, let's head to cupertino. it warms up pretty quickly
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today. a lot of sunshine. it will feel like spring as we reach up to 66 degrees here. we'll get a look at the rest of the microclimates and the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. and the san mateo bridge moving a little more smoothly but my concern is the damage done to that part of the commute. the disabled vehicle still trying to figure out what it was doing on. you see the back-up coming out of hayward. well, good morning. very happy wednesday to you. the new ceo of bed, bath and beyond said he wants to declutter the stores, sell less stuff and hake the stores look more streamlined and clean. look for that. tuesday i told you about apple and coronavirus. apple one of the rare nasdaq stocks that measured on the dow industrials and when apple said it was having trouble with production due to coronavirus, it pulled the dow lower. nasdaq eeked out a gain and set a new record. we get the fed minutes today. the notes from the latest
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interest rate meeting. i know it sounds boring but they're like tea leaves on the economy. we cant to know did they talk about coronavirus and how worried are they? our chris chmura is flying on american airlines sent this picture in of an online booking app asking him if he had been to china lately. chris flies a lot. in the past he said some flights, domestic flights, were full of people wearing masks. other news for the first time in history, full time workers at a high-tech company have voted to unionize. kick starter. it will be interesting to start whether the employees will threaten to strike over certain projects. maybe they're offended by a project and threaten to strike to stop it. this is a porsche taycanthe first all electric car. apparently one caught fire in that. that is about all we know but electric cars catching fire have been a problem. we'll continue to track that investigation. and a look inside of genomics,
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this is a wall street sweetheart and ipo hast year and investors made a fortune. this week we'll talk to one of the cap venturists and how to recognize good investments. >> the disadvantage a brand-new investors is he or she has not seen that before. the disadvantage you have is you have seen that before. both are true. >> true. agreed. >> how do you fight that. >> i spend my life trying to prove myself wrong. >> as i talk to older venture capitalists in their 50s and 60s because of the dotcom boom they've seen ideas before not work and then now they are working. you have to be careful not to say, ah, been there and done that. so my podcast, sand hill road, anywhere you find podcasts. google and even spotify. if you are heading out of the door. you plan to use ring to check up on your home, there may be log-in changes. the cameras will now have a two
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factor authentication after hackers were taking control of cameras. if you want to log in, you need your password and a one-time only special code. that is sent to your phone or email. well this is trending. we all remember tlc telling us don't chase waterfalls but if you like adventure you might like this waterfall chase. a-free style kayaker champion dan jackson successfully scaled this 135 foot tall waterfall in chile. this time he attempted with a kayak and filled it up with water and jackson was unable to paddle away. but he did manage to celebrate his victory on some nearby rocks so he made it down safely. >> look at the rainbow. i like adventure and thrill rides but in that case you need to know what you're doing. >> that is why red bulls was there. they're the ones would posted that video. with the drone or something. how did he even get those the
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shots. >> probably with a drone. >> but you have to know what you're doing. it is different than a water slide. >> maybe a little bit of the unknown is good because you're like oh, it is fine and then -- he's okay. >> okay. sell operating on the rock. >> let's get out this morning. as we get ready to head out of the door we've seen drifts of fog moving through. light patchy fog in san francisco. we could see it from this view looking from our san bruno mountain camera over san francisco. we'll get a clear start to the day in the south bay as the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. we're heading over to evergreen. we're at 41 degrees at 7:00. and then we are normally reaching 62 degrees for a high temperature. we'll be there at noon. continuing to go up a few more degrees from there. as we head up to 69 degrees in downtown san jose. milpitas reaching 68 and 70 in danville. half moon bay reaching 57 degrees and redwood city up to
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66 degrees. 62 on the embarcadero today. and 68 in napa. we're going to see some minor changes in our weather pattern ahead. we'll see an area of low pressure diving into the south and this will for the most part miss the bay area with some of the rain but could bring in scattered showers for parts of southern california if you are going this, heads up about that. and then also seeing another one moving in early next week. this could possibly bring us rain between thursday and friday. we'll see if it even starts to bring in some spotty showers by wednesday. but the next seven days, pretty much dry. and for our inland areas, springlike weather and temperatures reaching the upper 60s and low 70s. san francisco will see highs reaching up to the low 60s and the possibility and slight chance of spotty rain on friday. mike, you're tracking a problem for the south bay. >> kari, it is going on a for a while. and i want to shout out because locals though this area. if you don't know the road, you
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don't go there but highway 17 moving smoothly coming into the south bay. that is all right. but getting to or from highway 17 may be an issue. we've had a report of a big truck stuck off bear creek road. a hairpin turn are there for locals who know that and that is why big rigs are not allowed there. so i'll let them sort those details out and maybe rehinders but that may be an issue if you use bear creek to or from highway 17. the rest of the south bay is a typical pattern. no more flashing lights across the flat section and this should hold steady and a build throughout the east bay toward the peninsula side. that is your commute this direction across the map to the west. and a smooth flow of traffic toward the bay bridge and the jam off the 880 overcrossing is cleared but now a build west 80 through berkeley. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:21. and coming up on "today in the bay," we have this story to tell you about. a video of a woman wide awake
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during brain surgery. you have to see what she was doing the entire time. plus more amazing video, a man trapped in a burning car near sacramento. next how fast-acting police officers got him out.
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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i got you. >> look at that. this is heart-stopping new video outside of sacramento in elk grove.
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you saw the police officer pulling the man to safety out of the car that was on fire. this happened more than a week ago. police say that that driver is expected to be okay. the cause is still under investigation. and the fate of disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is in the hands of a jury. >> deliberations began yesterday. weinstein charged in two separate incidents involving two women, one in 2013 and one back in 2006. he denies any and all claims insisting all encounters were consensual. and encouraging update this morning for nascar race driver ryan newman. hes was involved in the crash at the end of monday's daytona 500. he is awake and speaking with family. after the crash the car caught on fire and clipped crossing the finish line upside down. his family appreciate everyone's concern. this is a solemn day in american history. 78 years ago today president
6:26 am
franklin roosevelt signed executive order 1966 which authorized the internment of japanese americans. >> more than 100,000 people were forced to relocate and sent to camps here in california and now it is honored as a day of remembrance. tomorrow state lawmakers in sacramento will consider a resolution for an official apology. 6:26 for you. and we're getting our first glimpse at some amazing new video. >> medical technology allowed surgeons in the u.k. to remove a woman's brain tumor while shes was playing the violin. ♪ >> she's a professional musician, diagnosed with a tumor after suffering a seizure. during a 2013 performance. despite the fact that it was benign, it did continue to grow. the operating room performance helped doctors avoid damaging areas of her brain that were activated as she played. isn't that amazing. >> it is so amazing to see what
6:27 am
they're able to do and see what seize -- see what she's doing as they're operating on her brain. >> it is amazing. fascinating. 6:26. san francisco public works krupg scandal, suggesting mayor london breed may have received a gift from the center of the investigation into a woman found dead if a san jose home and this morning officers are searching to a suspect. coming up in a live report what neighbors are telling us that may proside some clues into the case. you're watching "today in the bay." vo: four years ago,
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donald trump beat the democratic establishment. and then he outlasted democratic insiders in washington on impeachment, despite his obvious crimes and corruption. romney: the president is guilty. vo: now, if we don't do something different this time around, he'll win again. that's the hard truth. we simply can't afford to nominate another insider or an untested newcomer who doesn't have the experience to beat trump on the economy. we need to think different. tom steyer is a progressive businessman who left his company and is using his time and money to beat big corporations and address climate change. he can expose donald trump as a fraud and failure on the economy. tom steyer: he's running on the economy. he running on the idea that democrats can't grow an economy, are a bunch of socialists, you can't afford to vote for him. my job is is take on mr. trump and kick his ass on the economy.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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good morning, welcome to wednesday morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. kari hall is tracking every inch of the forecast and how is it looking this morning. >> look at this sunrise. it is nice and clear. we've seen light patches of fog in the north bay but the tri-valley not dealing with any of that. as we get a live look outside in dublin. look at how cold it is. 35 degrees through 8:00. and then it warms up quickly going through the day. so you need a nice warm coat for the morning and then short sleeves for the afternoon. we'll get you prepared for not only today but the weekend. more coming up in a few minutes. and mike is looking at a smoother drive to the peninsula. smoother, not quicker necessarily. but smoother. westbound with the flashing lights and appeared to be a disabled vehicle and never found
6:31 am
out because chp didn't have any information and the bridge crew take care of this. and it is a little bit faster than it with was before. westbound toward the peninsula across highway 92 and the build focusing on hayward around the bend on west 92 and south 880 building and the dumbarton bridge seeing slowing as folks approach the cash lanes, slow out of fremont and newark toward the peninsula. south bay typical build, 101 and 87 and 85 north through san jose pushing you into the rest of silicon valley and the build at the bay bridge which started early and a problem, but not since then and a smooth drive with with a gentle build. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 6:31. and developing this morning, the search is on for a killer after a woman was found dead inside of a home in southeast foothills. kris sanchez joins us live from the neighborhood. and neighbors are saying this home was used as an airbnb rental? >> yeah.
6:32 am
this is what they were saying. a couple of neighbors say this was a high traffic airbnb. the roadway is open again but the investigation continues. we haven't gotten a description of the suspect. i'll show what you the scene was like last night as the investigation was underway and it actually start -- started during the daylight hours. this is 4:00. this is mountain near gordon avenue. our night crews saw deputies going through trash cans and inviewing neighbors. two men were staying at that very home where the woman was found dead and they say that they never saw a woman in there. we will say that deputies did interview them and released them. neighbors tell us the home was rented out on airbnb by the room which had one man feeling pretty uncomfortable. >> i knew something bad was going to happen over time. you get that many people staying at your place, it is one of 100 it will turn bad and sure enough here we are. >> we're going to interview
6:33 am
everyone in the neighborhood and speak with all witnesses and collect any evidence that we can. >> reporter: so they're hoping that they could get evidence from a security camera on the neighboring houses. they've asked the neighbors for that information but at this point, again, deputies have not given us a suspect description. they are asking for tips from the public. you can report that information anonymously and find the number on my facebook page and twitter feed. the victim, we don't know anything about her. the santa clara sheriff's deputy hasn't said much and the coroner has to identify the woman and notify her family and then we'll find out how it is that she died. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we're going to continue to follow that. the defendant in the b.a.r.t. stabbing trial pushing things to the brink with a judge. john lee cowell took the stand last week admitting that he killed nia wilson at the b.a.r.t. station back in 2018.
6:34 am
he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. the east bay times reports he's refu refulzing -- refusing to return to the stand. the judge said the testimony may be stricken from the record if he refuses to return to the stand. the trial is scheduled to resume today. a new report in the examiner links london breed closer to two men at the center of the public works corruption probe. last week she admitted to taking a $5,600 gift from former public works director mohammed nuru to fix her car. she's known him for more than 20 years. now emails indicate that the other man at the center of the probe nick bovis paid $1,200 to cover the cost of her float in the 2015 pride parade. the examiner concludes it may have been an illegal gift. but the mayor tells the examiner, she would have paid for her own float. head to the investigative unit
6:35 am
section our home page for more coverage on the public works scannal. pg&e earning forecast is for a rate hike. the utility shared the investor outlook saying it expected to be more profitable after emerging from bankruptcy and requested a rate hike each year for the next four years for fire safety upgrades. pg&e reported $3.5 billion in losses over the last quarter and more than twice that amount for all of last year year. and a bill meant to help california homeowners with fire coverage, lawmakers say that the bill would guarantee fire insurance for homeowners who met new safety standards in high risk fire areas and also require insurance companies to offer incentives tor safety upgrades. safety advocates will give input for a protected bike lane along the san francisco water front. spur will discuss the plans which are being worked out by
6:36 am
the city. mta representatives will also attend today's meeting. in january an e-scooter rider was critically injured after being hit by a cement truck on the water front. a petty cab driver was injured in that same area last year. >> safety is a concern out there. >> boy, especially because there are so many beautiful things to look at and tourists in the area and folks lose track of where they are. that is the concern. i'm sorry i cut you off. >> we were on the same page with that comment. >> don't let that happen again. >> okay. >> i'll see you after the work. >> the people i work with are so forgiving. the commute not forgiving but going easy. 101 and 85 slowing and 87 as well north past curtner. an issue for the santa cruz mountains, to or from highway 17 a shoutout, bear creek road connector by the hairpin turn there is a disabled big rig.
6:37 am
it is stuck there. that is why they are not allowed there. we'll let that discussion happen between law enforcement and the people involved but that may be a factor to or from highway 17. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. the incident on the san mateo bridge has cleared but the commute is building up for westbound 92 across the peninsula and westbound across at richmond-san rafael bridge. we have a good wait and a good sunrise. so you focus on what you want. i focus on the traffic. >> i'm focusing on the weekend already. >> there you go. >> hopefully a lot of fun. >> and warm weather. we'll continue seeing that into saturday where inland areas reach into the low 70s. the bay will reach about 67 degrees and 63 degrees for the coast. on sunday it is pretty much the same. just a couple of degrees lower for the valleys but up to 62 degrees along some of the bay area beaches. there is going to be a mardi gras carnival happening in redwood city.
6:38 am
if you are going there, it is beautiful. reaching 66 degrees at 4:00 when it kicks off and then as we go into the evening, cooling off to about 55 degrees at 9:00, so make sure you have a jacket with you. here is a look at that live view in squaw valley. beautiful start to the day. we are going to see more of that snow melting. get -- better get there soon. temperatures in the lower 40s and 50s with more dry conditions. in nap a valley, comfortable temperatures. a few more clouds on friday but still reaching 73 degrees. sunshine and up to 70 degrees on saturday. and sunday in the upper 60s. if you're going to carmel valley this weekend, expect it to be a few degrees lower. especially as we go toward saturday and sunday. reaching 61 degrees on saturday afternoon. and if your weekend plans include l.a., expect it to reach 68 degrees. there is a chance of some showers on saturday. and then sunday clearing out. make sure you're following me on social media.
6:39 am
i'm at karihallweather on twitter, facebook and on instagram and we'll check out today's south bay temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:38. coming up next, the california primary now just 13 days away. up next how democratic hopefuls are tracking with voters. the white house said the president is on the way to occupied territory. he's coming out to california. the big board, the dow starting positive tor the first day. 29,300. and it is a throw-back wednesday. michelle obama posted her prom photo and started a craze. next, who else is posting prom pictures. laura -- >> i don't think you need so see mine. >> come back to see if we see it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:42. let's head to mountain view. we'll see our temperatures in the low 40s at 7:00. going from 40 to 62 at 1:00 today. a nice warm up and it will feel like spring again today with sunshine. we'll look at the rest of the microclimates coming up in less than five minutes. and a smooth drive right here. sun coming up. folks, taillights heading south to the south bay through palo alto. no problems in either direction of the bay shore freeway and a smooth drive across that richmond-san rafael bridge. and a smooth drive through the
6:43 am
north bay. we'll show you how things are shaping up around a couple of other bridges. new overnight, a wrong-way crash and chase leads to an early-morning closure on interstate 680. pleasanton police say around midnight officers tried to pulled over a truck downtown but the driver took off and round up going the wrong way on south stone ridge. now while officers stopped their pursuit, police say the suspect ditched the vehicle and another vehicle hit it. one suspect was arrested nearby. the freeway was closed for about two hours. and a live look in napa. at the queen of the valley medical center. this is where we're expecting doctors to talk later about at least one patient there testing positive for the coronavirus. that person and another person now showing symptoms where were taken to the hospital from travis air force base. they were among the americans recently airlifted from the cruise ship in japan. meanwhile, passengers finally being able to leave that ship this morning. the two-week quarantine ended but critics say that it failed
6:44 am
to stop the spread of the virus. the evacuation efforts are expected to last several days. developing now, a very tragic story unfolding in the central valley. where a firefighter has been killed. a second firefighter can't be found this morning. after a fast-moving fire swept through a library yesterday afternoon in porterville. this is my home town. i used to go to that library as a little girl. it is in between fresno and bakersfield. they found it just wasn't safe enough to enter the building, firefighters say the library didn't have a sprinkler system. it was old. it was build in the 1940s. tragedy this morning. bernie sanders is showing as california's clear front-runner. the public policy institute of california poll shows sanders getting 32% support. joe biden and elizabeth warren second and third with 14% and 13%. followed by mayor michael
6:45 am
bloomberg and pete buttigieg. by the way, they're all debating in las vegas tonight and watch it right here on nbc bay area at 6:00. 6:44 now. and the president said that he's the top law enforcement officer in the country. >> that might come as a surprise to the attorney general, scott mcgrew. >> he might have thought he was the top cop. we've talked about president trump's relationship with the department of justice and bill barr. we now learned that poll, the attorney general, considered stepping down as president trump's tweets about criminal cases put barr in a bad light. made it appear as if barr was doing the president's bidding. which would not be proper. the justice department is supposed to be an independent nonpolitical entity with the attorney general as america's top cop. but listen to what the president has to say about that. >> he's a man with great integrity. the attorney general is a man with incredible integrity. just so you understand, i chose
6:46 am
not to be involved. i'm allowed to be totally involved. i'm actually i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country. but i chosen not to be involved. >> he is not the chief law enforcement officer of the country. certainly his oath requires the president to uphold the laws in the constitution. but the attorney general is the top law enforcement officer in the country. all of this controversy started with the president pushing the doj to weaken its recommended prison sentence for roger stone. trump's adviser and campaign aide. stone will be sentenced tomorrow. now on top of all of it, the president is now pushing the federal judge in the stone case to grant stone a new trial. conservatives flooding twitter claiming that the jury foreperson in the stone case was biased. here is a headline from the conservative daily caller revealing that the foreperson had run for congress years ago and that was proof she was b buy -- biased but stone's
6:47 am
lawyers knew that during jury selection and he worked you worked on campaigns for congress? the foreperson said i ran for congress. you ran for congress? i worked on my own campaign. president trump will be back in california today. he was in l.a. yesterday. nevada this morning. his director of domestic policy said about the visit to california, the president will be in occupied territory. we'll be documenting what the president does and says on twitter. follow me there at scott mcgrew. trending this morning, a new challenge started by former first lady michelle obama to get young people registered to vote. it is the #prom challenge. you could see michelle obama posted the picture from her prom back in 1982 and asked social media to join in and have schools share how they're getting students to register to vote. people with the best photos could win a free prom for their school. that is pretty cool. so social media answering the
6:48 am
call. celebrities from actors to basketball players posted their pictures all online as you you see right here. and you know what, we wanted to show off support as well. >> no, we didn't really want to. >> well we are, so kari and her date and now her husband. >> look at kari in the white. isn't that is mazing. yours worked out. ours not so much. >> a fun time. >> i loved my date. >> and my date is cool. >> jamila. >> and mine is patrick. >> she has a husband and two kids now. >> and is her husband patrick. >> it is paul. >> that would have been interesting. >> right. >> my picture is not up there, folks. >> did you not go? >> i didn't. thanks for rubbing it -- no, i did -- junior prom one of my best friends friends with my sister to this day and sorry allen, we didn't have access to
6:49 am
my parents to get a picture. >> i have mine in the wallet. >> she keeps her prom picture but i didn't realize you had gone to the prom with your husband. >> well, it has been a hong time. >> and what is in his wallet. >> i'll ask him this morning. let's get started out as head out for work. we're just watching out for a couple of areas where some fog is drifting around mostly in the north bay. and along the coast. here is a look at our current visibility where it is down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. so slow down in that area. elsewhere we're seeing a mostly clear start to the day. also take a look at how chilly it is. especially in the inland valleys. we're at 35 in santa rosa. 34 in napa. and it is 35 in livermore. after this cool start, take a look at where we're headed today. we reach into the upper 60s and low 70s in the south county.
6:50 am
uky a 67 and oakland reaching 66 degrees. so here is what is going on. we take a look at how the overall pattern is looking out there in the pacific and we are seeing a long line of clouds moving closer to the bay area. now this will get here on friday. and actually moves just to our south that could bring in southern california some spotty rain. and also we could see a couple of spotty showers near the coast. but for the most part we'll see -- missing that rain and moving to the south. now as we go into next week, this is when we may have a chance of rain. at least we're seeing a change in the pattern which could open the door for rain as we head into march. it is still dry here over the next seven days. and some springlike temperatures as we reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. up to 72 degrees on friday. as more clouds move in. mike, you're looking at a crash heading into san jose. >> i am. or the effects.
6:51 am
i'll explain. i want to show the big view with no big problems. that is great right now. san mateo bridge showing the most slowing but dumbarton picking up westbound. we'll talk about that in a second. south bay pretty standard as we check with partners at waze, we had one partner on nbc bay area wazers with that whole community reporting a crash north 101 approaching dunn into morgan hill toward san jose but the slowing just cleared in the last couple of seconds during the refresh. that is the problem with live traffic is it might be gone by the time you get the report. join our team. so back out to the maps. dumbarton bridge still at speed past the toll plaza. slower across the san mateo bridge and in the 40s and 30s and between the two, south 880 slowing down toward the 40 and 30-mile-per-hour range. we'll track that information toward the bay bridge, your typical build and metering lights and slowing down through berkeley. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:51. happening now, northern lights
6:52 am
are shining bright in finland for two nights in a row the wintry sky lighting up in a spectacular display. last night the dancing lights could be seen in finland, norway and sweden. spring is one of the best times to see the northern lights. >> still ahead, a look at top stories. all new video overnight of a missing hiker found safe in the north bay. how he was found plus then update on the search for two other hikers still missing in marin county. and a woman found dead if the south bay in a home police suspecting foul play. what neighbors told us that may provide clues. more news for you right after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." now, we know the trump strategy-
6:53 am
try to win by attacking,
6:54 am
distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. (shouting) earning on headphones! huh? earning. earning. still earning. always earning. i don't know where you're pointing. not that one! the big one. you can't sneak a good earning opportunity past me. in fact... i've got a hand modeling gig that starts right now.
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earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. oooh. my hand looks good. chase. make more of what's yours. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out of the door, here is the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> rescuers found an elderly man disappearing hiking in the north bay. 67-year-old robert bennett was located before midnight in marin county. he was reported missing on monday. there is no update yet on how he's doing. meanwhile, teams this morning will resume searching for the elderly palo alto couple who also disappeared in marin county in the inverness area. carol kiparsky and ian irvin
6:56 am
left their rented cabin last friday and haven't been seen since. developing now, the search is on for a killer after a woman was found dead inside of a house in san jose's east foothills. this is a live look near the home on mountain view avenue. deputies were seen searching through trash cans and interviewing neighbors. neighbors say it was listed on airbnb and right now deputies do not have a suspect description. as for the victim, no information will be released until her family could be no notified. the shooter of kate steinle on pier 14 are expected to be back in court. in 2014 jurors acquitted jose zarate and now they want to try him on a gun possession charge. today a status conference is scheduled to discuss the next steps in the case. happening today, a judge will decide how pg&e should move forward an the san bruno explosion considering whether the utility will have to hire
6:57 am
their own tree trimming crews to comply with the wildfire plan and the judge is looking at restricting bonuses for supervisors until pg&e agrees. looking live right now at las vegas. this is where the stage is set for tonight's democratic debate. which you could watch right here on nbc bay area. that coverage starts at 6:00. the race is heating up ahead of the nevada caucus on saturday. this is michael bloomberg's first time on the debate stage. and ahead the "today" show will have more coverage for you. and are where you see fog out there. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. another look at the sunrise over san jose. kari has a look at our forecast. >> it is a nice day. once that light fog that we're seeing in san francisco and some dense fog in the north bay, once that clears out we're going to see temperatures reaching into the upper 60s in the inland areas and a few more clouds moving in by friday but our
6:58 am
temperatures warm up to 72 degrees. and as we check out san francisco, expect some low 60s for the next couple days and then a few rain drops on friday. a disturbance close to the coast and may bring in a slight chance of spotty sprinkles there but elsewhere it is dry and our temperatures stay very warm for this time of the year. >> and before you head out, tell you about a crash in berkeley. >> a new crash. we'll take you over to the maps and showing the east shore freeway which is an important part and it does slow through berkeley but you notice the crash itself is farther over there off the freeway. important road though, shaddock at 60th. a good deal south of cal and i want to shout out because folks will be traveling to the area after of highway 24. highway 24 moves very smoothly through walnut creek toward the caldecott. south bay shows that build with a little bit of volume hiding heading up through san jose. and the haze in the air. the big issue for the peninsula, traffic flow is fine for the
6:59 am
folks heading south but you need the sunglasses for folks south from san francisco. >> good deal. before we go, we want to talk about a trending classic rock song still a hit. >> taking you back to the '80s. reaching 1 billion views on youtube. landing it in the history books. remember this one? ♪ take on me. >> that is a cool video for the time. aha's take on me. it is one of several old school videos to join the billion views club. and the list includes guns and roses "november rain" and queen's "bohemian rhapsody." >> i like that keyboard, doo doo doo doo doo. >> i know that rundown. >> exactly. >> at first i was like what? >> i hope we don't have to charge royalties. put it on my bill. >> that is what is happening on "today in the bay."
7:00 am
we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and our midday newscast coming up at 11:00. more news, more weather and more fun. until then we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. good morning pardon power with the stroke of a pen, the president clears 11 convicted criminals, including former illinois governor, rod blagojevich, set free from prison overnight >> my gratitude is forever >> the so-called junk bond king from the '80s and new york's infamous former police commissioner, as trump makes a bold statement on the law of the land >> i'm the chief law enforcement officer of the country >> just ahead, what prompted the president's pardon spree and what had the attorney general threatening to resign?


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