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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 19, 2020 11:00am-11:31am PST

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bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> i'm laura garcia. the hayward police have been at the crime scene since 6:00 this morning. kris sanchez is lye on the scene at wynton avenue near the airport. and what is the latest, kris? >> well, laura and marcus, you can see that the crime scene tape is still surrounding the crime scene here at the jack in the box near the hayward airport
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and we don't know what the woman's condition is at this point and how is it that she was injured and we can see the scene this morning, and that she was surrounded by evidence markers there, and the woman's personal belongings here at the jack in the box. this is west wynton avenue and hayward police got the call at 6:20 this morning and the paramedicscs were here and took that woman to the office, and the hayward police are asking anyone with information to give them a call, and that the man who is working next door says that how busy the location is, that he would assume that somebody has to see something. >> there is a lot of people around here, and like probably thousands of people come here everyday maybe, you know, and, yeah, there is a lot of and lot of people. >> i just talked with the hayward police spokesman and he said that there is information that police have that they just cannot put out at this point, and though i will say that the restaurant, and he said that they seem like they will clear the scene within the next few
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hours while the investigators continue behind the scenes n. hayward, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. and health organizations say that the mortality rate at 2%, coronavirus is several times more deadly than this season's flu bug, and there are 10 possible cases inn the bay area andt a least two of them were at the travis air force base and now in isolation of the north bay hospital, and tom jenson is live for us outside of travis air force because where a number of people were under quarantine and now they were home or heading home and still questions about the others, tom. >> there is. a lot of them have returned home, and marcus, good afternoon or morning, still. 53 though from the second flight that came in from wuhan, and they are still there from travis air force base along with 750 people nationwide under quarantine in the u.s. those 53 could be released as
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early as tomorrow as soon as they pass a health test according to a cdc person a short time ago and a handful of those from the first flight and the first 180 from here at travis are still in the bay still waiting to finalize the travel plans home today and maybe some tomorrow morning and he said one interesting note of the 14 who came here from the latest flight from that cruise ship in japan, he says that the cdc has not independently verified that any of them in fact have the virus and those early results that all 14 who have the virus have held the officials, but the cdc has not confirmed any of the cases and china is going to restrict the movements of 760 million people and more than double the entire u.s. population and 150 million are in lockdown and the lockdown is the quarantine in history. >> and whether they are
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restrictive, but there is a lot at stake here. >> now, hundreds of people who were allowed to get off of the japanese cruise ship and today, following the quarantine, people were in japan where 600 people were infected with the vaccine, and how are so many of those people on the ship still able to get sick to get this virus even though they took great measures to contain that virus once they verified the first two people who had it, and the first cdc person said they had a team to repatriate coming off of that ship, but he did not know how many if any would be quarantined here at travis when they returned home. live in fairfield, i'm thom jensen. >> thank you and we will continue to follow. thank you, thom. six days since the couple from the peninsula disappeared
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in the north bay and still no sign of them. the search has resumed as nbc bay area reporter bob redell says that the focus is shifting offland. >> the search for the elderly couple who disappeared in marin county has shifted into the waters and on to the shorelines behind me. this morning, divers with the marin county sheriff's office left the inverness yacht club where we are right now took off in boats out into the bay to use a canine and submarine remote control sonar to look for any signs of the missing couple. the marin county sheriff's couple says they have no new information that the couple would be out here, but a logical extension of the search now into the sixth day. carol kaparsky and ian irwin were vacationing in inverness and left behind the phones and wallets and hiking gear and have
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not been seen since. >> any implication or indications of foul play? >> we don't have any imd pndicas of foul play and they are searching financial records and talking to friends and family and reinterviews and no indication of foul play, but we don't know what happened to them. talking to the family yesterday, it is like they got beamed up to outer space. >> the nbc bay area did speak to the couple's son and he thought that it was strange for his mother and father to leave their stuff in the car and just vanish. >> they would not leave all of their stuff and their car and just vanish, so, yes, i think it is very strange. >> reporter: the couple's son who you heard from and the searchers, they are all hopeful that the couple is alive because the weather has been so mild. in an unrelated story here in marin, the searchers found another man who disappeared. they pulled robert bennett from the woods and he is 76 years old
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and disappeared early monday afternoon while hoo hiking in the unincorporated area, and he was found barely conscious before taken to the hospital, and no update on the condition. as you can see the picture tweeted out two canines luna and zinca helped to locate him. here live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. the search is on for a killer after a woman was found dead inside of a house at san jose's east foothills. the deputies were seen searching through the trash cans and interviewing the neighbors there, and they say that the home was rented out by air bnb by the room which one man says is always an uncomfortable feeling. >> i knew that something was bad going to happen over time, and 1 of 100, it is bad and sure enough, we are here. >> and so they were going to
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interview everybody in the neighborhood and speak with all witnesses and collect all evidence that we can. >> we have not responded and right now deputies don't have a suspect description, and no information is going to be released until the family can be notified. >> and the governor is laying out his vision for the annual state of the state, and he is expected to touch on the homelessness budget, and the governor pushing for the status of a economic powerhouse and we remain the fifth largest economy in the world, and 118th consecutive months including net job growth, and this is a live look at the speech right now, and monitoring it in the newsroom, and streaming it live on the right now, a check of the forecast and live look at walnut creek where it is nice and sunny there, and the warm weather is continuing throughout the bay area, and you know what, i am not mad at this. >> and well, you know, it is
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nice. it is really nice, and we know that we still have several months of the dry weather, and still nice to get some rain in here to have a look outside, and so we are seeing some sunshine continuing as you get ready to head out for lunch. right now it is 56 degrees and 56 in livermore and 61 in concord and we are seeing some mid-50s in san francisco and oakland and right now, it is 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, and for a big swath of the bay area, and so we are going to have a slight cooldown here as our high temperatures reach into the upper 60s. we will talk about what is ahead in the rest of the forecast and more of the microclimate weather coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. a live look in las vegas where the candidates are getting ready six hours from the democratic debates which you can only watch right here on the nbc bay area, and tonight's debate in las vegas could be a game-change e for former new
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york mayor michael bloomberg on the stage for first time and the other candidates are making it clear, they are ready for a fight. kristen welker reports. >> as the democratic presidential candidates prepare a roll the dice in las vegas, all eyes will be on former mayor of new york mike bloomberg. he has surged in polls after pouring $300 million of his own fortune into the campaign ads and the billionaire is bracing for a rocky reception from the rivals. he could face tough questions including about this video resurfacing overnight. first reported by buzzfeed news, it is showing bloomberg criticizing the democrats last year saying they are too progressive and too far left creating an opening for president trump in 2016 and then making this comment about the transje transgender community. >> if the conversation in the presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and
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whether he, she, it can go to the locker room with their daughter, that is not a winning formula for most people. >> a campaign spokesperson said that bloomberg is describing how many others might describe the issue, including that mike understands the transgender community has been under attack for decades and so the candidates have been attacking bloomberg including bernie sanders on cnn overnight. >> mr. bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president, but he does not have the right to buy this election. >> elizabeth warren calling him an egomaniac billionaire. pete buttigieg telling nbc news that he is going to face questions about the record in business and mayor and past support for the controversial new york police tactic stop and frisk for which he recently apologized. what specifically do you think that mike bloom beg has to answer for on the debate stage? >> for the treatment of others and the language and the attitude that seems to have
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dismissed the humanity of a lot of people. >> reporter: it is coming as a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll is showing bernie sanders opening up a double-digit lead over the democratic field with 27% support nationwide and virtual four-way tie for second place with joe biden at 17%, and warren and buttigieg at 15%. all this before nevada voters have their say. you can watch the democratic presidential debate live from las vegas tonight at 6:00. later today, president trump is flying to bakersfield to celebrate what he is calling a victory for farmers. trump is in the central valley increasing the water supply to agriculture, and critics say it is rolling back protections for the endangered fish in the delta. this is pictures of the president arriving ahead of saturday's nevada caucuses.
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and coming up, last week the mayor had announced a gift from the former public works director and the reason that she is under fire for another disclosure. and attorney general william barr is talking on facebook and twitter and also a change that is going to change social media forever. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00 -- vo: four years ago,
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donald trump beat the democratic establishment. and then he outlasted democratic insiders in washington on impeachment, despite his obvious crimes and corruption. romney: the president is guilty. vo: now, if we don't do something different this time around, he'll win again. that's the hard truth. we simply can't afford to nominate another insider or an untested newcomer who doesn't have the experience to beat trump on the economy. we need to think different. tom steyer is a progressive businessman who left his company and is using his time and money to beat big corporations and address climate change. he can expose donald trump as a fraud and failure on the economy. tom steyer: he's running on the economy. he running on the idea that democrats can't grow an economy, are a bunch of socialists, you can't afford to vote for him. my job is is take on mr. trump and kick his ass on the economy. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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attorney general bill barr has been the target of criticism over the past few days, but today, he is the one directing the fire. >> an internet company, scott mcgrew. >> yes, google and facebook he is directing the fire at and the attorney general is asking questions about the law to shield the silicon valley laws that says they are not responsible for what is posted and this is the internet's backbone for years. and today, the top law enforcement is called into question the laws, and i can't
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change the law and that is congress' job, and under the section, that is the question, and it should alarm the social network. >> and the early days of the online public bulletinboard like aol are replaced with consistent algorithms and recommendations and targeting, and with these new tools, the line between passively hosting third-party speech, and actively cure rating and promoting the speech starts to blur. >> we also learned over night that barr has thought to be re-signing while trump is pressuring him to do what he wants and most recently pushing him to lower the recommended sentence for the president's campaign aide and long time adviser roger stone, and the doj did it, but it is not because the president told them to, and now the judge in the case should
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throw the case out entirely and start over with a new trial for stone. that does not appear to be happening and marcus, he is going to be sentenced tomorrow for lying to congress and witness intimidation. >> scott, thank you. the fate of harvey weinstein is in the jury's hands and it is now the second day of deliberations or assault trial of the movie mogul, and this is weinstein entering the criminal court in new york city, and weinstein is charged with raping one woman, and sexually assaulting another, and he is denying all claims of sexual misconduct and denisays any sex encounters were consensual. and now, mayor breed says that after last week admitting to a $5,600 gift from mohammad nuru to fix her car, and she had known him for more than 20 years, and now the examiner is saying that the e-mails the other man at the center of the
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probe nick bovis paid $1,200 for breed's float in the pride parade, and the examiner says that it may have been an illegal gift, but the mayor is telling the "examiner" she would have paid for her own float. head no the invest gaytive unit on the home page for more coverage of the public works scandal scandal. >> well, there you have it, the opening bell of the new york stock exchange and right now the dow is up 154 points and the s&p is raised to an all-time high as the tech shares are leading the dow gains. >> and now, a new plan to fight the proposed plan for a upscale restaurant. according to the "chronicle" the area is too gentryfied. and so it is going to be in the space occupied by empress of china. the new residents are saying whether the building should be
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used to house a restaurant, and the owner says his goal is to bring authentic cultural identity to the community. and the advocates are planning to raise the issue at the planning community. >> and mike pence is marking the 75th anniversary of iwo jima and the vice president and his wife attended the national ceremony of the marine corps in northern virginia this morning. vice president pence placed a wreath to commemorate the battle which was in world war ii and best known for the photo showing the marines raising the u.s. flag. meanwhile, this is a solemn day in american history, and 78 years ago today, president franklin roosevelt signed an executive order to implement the interment of japanese immigrants. >> now it is being honored as a day of remembrance. tomorrow, lawmakers in sacramento are going to consider
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a resolution for an official apology. and now, much of mississippi is under a flash flood watch. storms are moving in as they could bring as much as two inches of rain, and jackson, and the mississippi department of wildlife is now on patrol, and using these boats to go door to door and the officials are warning and others to stay out of the water because of snakes and other dangers and rivers across 14 states are flood level and many of them are expecting rain until thursday. >> and more coming our way west. >> just a little. >> yes. >> they have had so much rain the past couple of weeks, and then at this time of the year, upstreak, you will get some of the snow melting and coming down the mississippi river and that is rising every spring, and we are combining those two things every summer and then we have been bone dry all month long, and so, as we look outside, it
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is a live look of san francisco and even though he is out to enjoy it, and take in the spring-like temperatures, and even though something is missing here, and there is a live look here in san rafael, and there is patches of fog in the north bay and now everything is clear and the temperatures are starting to warm up, and if you are starting to be heading out for concord and going out the lunch, expecting the temperatures for 62 degrees rising up to 67 and going steady tone the afternoon. make some plans to go out and enjoy it as you check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, and you will see more of this into the rest of the week. in fact, the high temperatures into the south bay are very much like yesterday, but in a few spots slightly cooler and not much of a difference with milpitas reaching 68 and las gatos, 63. in the east bay, we will see oakland with a high of 68 there, and livermore and half moon bay in the upper 50s and daley city
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reaching 59. and san francisco is up to 62 on the embarcadero and novato is up to 67 today. so still well above normal temperatures, and we will see the slight changes here. and now what i am seeing as we are taking a look at the satellite imagery, it is showing a wide swath of clouds moving to the bay area, and this is going to arrive friday and doesn't look to bring us much rain, but it is going to dive to the south, and going to bring southern california a chance of some showers. i will put a slight chance of rain in the forecast for some to coastal areas, and does it look like a significant storm, but going into next week, it is going to open up the door for some more low pressure systems to come in, and a little bit closer, and it could bring us some rain chances before the end of next week. still, very dry and a lack of snow in the sierra and look at how warm it is in squaw valley going into the weekend and upper 40s and low 50s and still dry.
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we are seeing that as well in the bay area, and checking out the inland forecast and upper 60s and low 70s and up to 72 degrees on friday and even as more clouds are moving in, and into next week where we are still seeing the flowers bloom, and the trees are starting to bud and also a lot of sunshine in this seven-day forecast. laura and marcus. >> looks good. thank you. >> coming up, if you are wondering why everyone is sharing prom know toes today we can explain. it all started with a former first couple michelle and barack obama and why everybody is getting in and the prom challenge. you might even see gaffes, some of ours. >> and first, happening now, if you are eating lunch, look away right now, because burger king is removing artificial colors and flavors and preservatives from its items. they ended the burger covered in mold and said it is the beauty
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of clean food so those who want to know what is in the food, and the changes that is expected by the end of the year, all whoopers are going to be artificial free. the news continues after this. the "california live" hitting the slopes for the week. we will meet some snow buddies and snow-covered trails and check out winter fly fishing. it is brought to you by decathlon, the world's sport store. vo: a great president and an effective mayor.
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leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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well, also this morning, a new challenge started by former first lady michelle obama to get people to vote and it is called hashtag prom challenge. >> she posted this picture from her prom in 1982 and asked for social media to join in and ask schools how they are getting people to vote, and those with the best votes could win a free prom for the show. and so celebrities to basketball players and others posting their prom picture, and so, we are sharing ours, too. >> there you have it. >> and there you can see, kari, she went to the prom with him and ended up married.
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>> yes, people thought we were married because we wore white to the prom. >> that is sweet looking back in time. >> and a last look at the forecast. >> no, that is it. >> it is going to be nice and sunny. >> okay. >> my ancestors were slaves in alabama and during the great migration they moved to louisville, kentucky, and the sacrifices they made allowed me to become who i am today and i am hoping that our children use the family stories and achievements to achieve even greater things. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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right now on california live, susansomers is in studio and spilling her secrets of turning 73. ♪ let me entertain you >> and malou is all bundled up in an old fashioned fashion show. >> and we will show you styles for the next outdoor adventure. ♪ i'm better off without you >> the winner of "the voice" jake hoot is here to share the magical moment that changed his moment. plus, we salute the crew that is getting you r


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