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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 20, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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5:00, at least one uber driver targeted in the bay area. he says he had to fight off three attackers. there are reports of other attempted carjackings. a live report on the overnight attack and the new warning from police. plus -- >> an obscene amount of -- >> should you have earned that amount of money? >> yes. i worked very hard for it. and i'm giving it away. >> democratic showdown, our washington insiders breaking down the biggest moments from last night's debate and this morning's spin on michael bloomberg's performance. and coronavirus earns concerns. the new death raising fears as patients prepare for release just hours from now from a quarantine area here in the bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. another nice day ahead? >> it's going to feel like spring again this afternoon
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starting out cool and a lot of sunshine heading our way. out in oakland if you're on your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, temperatures in the upper 40s and it warms up nicely. mid-60s by 1:00. >> i like what i see. the cash lanes open, they will see this clear up. for these lanes to the left. more folks are feeding off, no disturbance shows up. slowing on the berkeley curve. the rest of the bay looks great. a lot of democrats causing the latest presidential debate the most fiery one yet. the first appearance by michael bloomberg took plenty of shots from the rest of the field. "today in the bay's" tracie potts was up late. she's breaking it all down.
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it's early for us, 6:30 california time, but you're on the east coast. >> reporter: early for you but it was pretty late here. it was riveting tv to watch. the first time michael bloomberg appeared in one of these debates and the candidates went after him almost immediately. >> we'll have donald trump for another four years. >> reporter: it took less than five minutes. senator elizabeth warren threw the first punch. >> a billionaire who calls him fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. and, no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> reporter: on defense all night challenged to explain his stop and frisk policy that targeted people of color. >> it got out of control. >> it's not whether he apologized or not, it's the policy. the policy was abhorrent. >> reporter: they urged him to release tax returns. bloomberg said they're on the
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way. and change the tax code so the rich pay more. >> why are you complaining? who wrote the code? >> you did. you and your campaign -- you and your campaign contributions electing people to represent the wealthy and powerful. >> reporter: warren went after bloomberg on female employees who sued alleging a hostile work environment. >> mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? >> they signed those agreements and we'll live with it. >> reporter: pete buttigieg went after senator amy klobuchar for forgetting the name of mexico's president. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb or are you mocking me here, pete? >> i'm saying you shouldn't trivialize it. >> you have not been in the arena doing that work. you've memorized a bunch of talking points. >> you don't have to be in washington to matter. >> reporter: they all want to be in washington but getting there is getting tough.
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> senator bernie sanders' campaign suddenly finds itself in a war with words. this is with pg&e workers sparked by what sanders' supporters are saying in a political ad posted on yuk last week. >> if we're going to be paying for everything pg&e does, we should have a say in how it is run. >> it does not call specifically for a takeover but he has previously slammed them for wildfires and sweeping power outages. >> you assume public ownership somehow guarantees a utility would always have perfect judgment. you're wrong. you assume the public ownership would significantly and quickly change the risk of fire from the grid. you're wrong. >> that's the leader of pg&e's electrical workers union.
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they argue the push has touted the creation of millions of new jobs with the union. developments overnight in the coronavirus outbreak. two new deaths are being reported in japan. the man and woman who died both passengers on the cruise ship quarantined off the coast of japan. they say both were in their 80s and both had prior illnesses. a new round will be released in a matter of hours. "today in the bay's" sharon kutsudo is live. you have new news about when they could go home? >> reporter: i just got the news. i was told this morning, just minutes ago, three buses will be taking off this morning consisting of those people who were quarn teed the past two weeks. two of the buses will be heading to sfo, meantime others are still here waiting tore te inin
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again for the coronavirus. all of 12 people, 5 tested positive in japan. they are waiting for a test taken in the u.s. one bay area man got disturbing news. wright was moved last night to a hospital in san francisco. this makes others in quarantine nervous. >> i was tested three days ago. they swabbed my throat as i was leaving the ship, and they came to me about an hour ago to say that he was testing positive for the virus. >> it's hard to say if we were exposed on the buses or plane or if they could have been exposed on the ship. and now they're testing positive. it is frustrating. >> reporter: after being quarantined for two weeks off the coast of japan, bus loads of cruise passengers left the ship. japan's health ministry reporting last night that two
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cruise passengers in their 80s have died from the coronavirus. both the people you saw in our interviews said they were upset with how the cdc handled the case but, again, a lot of mixed emotions out here. some people very excited to be going home. reporting live, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you. 5:07 for you this morning. our making it in the bay ariir continues, limiting the number of vie cant home in the east bay. the new measure was by the moms who moved into a vacant home. money would then go towards rental assistance. when it comes to winter and snowfall, it's been a bare start to the year up in tahoe. while the calendar says
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february, lake tahoe looks more like spring and for some drought concerns have already returned. maybe the silver lining is it's an easy drive. resorts have most if not all of their lifts open. it makes it tough for these warm days up there to keep them open and keep that snow cold. >> even as they make snow they're having to keep it cold. and so now we're losing our snowpack, seeing our statewide average of the sierra snow, about 53% of where we should be. if you're going to squaw valley, expect more of the warm weather. we do still have the list of runs open. we are looking good in terms of getting out there and skiing in some of the upper mountain areas. people are maybe hiking instead. over to mike as you're tracking the commute.
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we call it hike week for the kids who have school off. a smooth drive. some slowing on 280. it may just be a couple slower moving vehicles. less of a backup in the cash lanes and more starting for the fastrak. we have some breaking news in san francisco where we have a report of as many as three uber drivers targeted in separate carjackings overnight. >> kris sanchez is live for us. kris, what are you hearing about what happened last night? >> reporter: well, we heard one of the accounts from one of those drivers who said three people tried to carjack him and he tried to fight them off this is a wild story this is an uber driver. he asked us not to use his name. he was driving on harrison street on to 9th when he knew something bad was about to happen.
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>> three people come running around the corner and just came to my car, all three of them are trying to get in. one got in the back seat. one was trying to get in the driver's seat with a gunpointing it at me, and i just kept whacking at the barrel and not letting him. he kept trying to only my door, finally opened it and tried to yank me out. i kept fighting him the whole time. finally i got back into the car because he almost had me out. i realized there was a person still in my car and i told him, get out. >> reporter: now that driver is shaken up but is okay. he got away and fortunately found police at a different unrelated scene where he reported that crime. sfpd captain told us they had another report of another attempted carjacking earlier in the night. a woman said suspects broke the window of her car but she screamed and the suspects ran away. another driver reported another attempted carjacking.
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this is the third in the same time span. it's not clear whether the suspects are the same in each of these attempted carjackings but we're trying to find out. when we do, we'll let you know. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." it's 5:11 and tangled up in trouble. still ahead here on "today in the bay," video you have to see this morning. what a northern california paraglider gets caught in the power line. >> wow, that is amazing and scary. in the economy, growing pains this morning. ♪ because all of me loves all of you ♪ >> the sexiest man in the world is sharing his story created by singer john legend.
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vo: a great president and an effective mayor. leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people.
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bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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minute flashing lights. at least one tow truck arrived. there may be six involved. if you see the backup, one tow truck repositioning and another called. this is a bad time to have something happen as the lights should be turned on any second. all right, scott -- >> we have to fix your mic, mr. mcgrew. >> how about that, i think we have it up and running. >> the mic is up and so are the markets. >> in fact the nasdaq will open up as an all time high. l brands is the company of victoria secret.
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it will go private, the ceo who has run the company for 50 years will step down. i thought it was important we show video of what victoria's secret is so everybody understands but i was overruled on that. mgm resorts says a security breach may have exposed guests names and numbers. they say no credit card information or addresses were exposed. growth will not rise above 3%. he said it would have annual growth of 4%, 5%, maybe 6%. we have not seen that. we almost got there, 3%, in 2018. the latest numbers for 2019 2.3%. white house economic advisers say 2020 will likely stay under 3%. the good news is inflation doesn't seem to be a factor. we got the minutes and notes from the latest meeting of the federal reserve this morning or yesterday to be more precise
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showing fed governors think interest rates are right where they should be and seem relatively unconcerned about coronavirus. they'll keep their eye on it, they say. and the company you probably know way better as taser says its next generation of police worn body cameras will allow them to broadcast live to their supervisor. they will broadcast live back to the police station if the officer draws a gun or turns on lights and sirens. >> the sergeants, the captains can look at live monitors and see what's happening, send backup if necessary. >> very interesting. 5:17 this morning. new for you if you can't get enough of the quarter pounder, a golden ticket. they will roll out a new line of products and swag inspired by the quarter pounder.
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it has a candle. i don't know if i want my house smelling like that. you house can smell like ketchup, pickles, onions, or just like a fast food restaurant which we don't want but maybe this will work if you have a cookout and the food is not so good. >> you just light a candle? >> i'm not a big fan. or if you're on a diet and just want to smell the foot. hey, let's move on. trending this morning, does this guy look familiar? you could call him terry bradshaw big crush but he's also actor who played mr. big on the smash series "sex in the city." his latest, mr. little. the now 65-year-old posted a photo of his newborn baby and they have a 12-year-old son. mr. little. that's cute. this is a love story for the
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books. singer john legend added to his facebook dear john. it chronicles how he met his wife. the latest installment in italy. he realized he was in love. >> we took boat trips around the lake. we want to all these wonderful italian restaurants. as we were saying good-bye at the airport i knew i had fallen in love. >> that's rich love right there. they met in 2007 when he was shooting a video for his song. 12 years later they now have two children, the world watches their every move and he is the sexiest man alive, of course in "people." >> it just looks funny, the cartoon version of them.
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>> because you know them so well. >> maybe it makes you feel really happy to watch it. it's a little chilly. temperatures in the upper 30s. 38 degrees in san martin. compare that to oakland where it's 50 degrees. it depends on where you are. we have a clear view in palo alto and no fall to worry about. we are not seeing any dense fog today and temperatures there in the low 40s. mid-60s by noon. 70 in cupertino. up to 70 in livermore. some upper 60s, 65 on the embarcadero and 71 in napa. where is that rain? still missing the bay area.
5:21 am
go to our south and we could only see a few spotty sprinkles around the coastal areas. a few more storm systems north of us. we will continue on with a lack of rain going into the next seven days. temperatures will also warm up. the low 70s today to the upper -- rather, the mid-70s by the middle of next week. it's a bad time for a crash at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i think there's never a good time. cash lanes just off the 880 overcrossing. see how the cars are feeding in off the nimitz. section vehicles involved in the crash. no major injuries. a big distraction for folks coming into the area. two tow trucks, perhaps a bridge
5:22 am
crew as well trying to clear this over to the other toll plaza on the right. that will be an issue. you do see a number of vehicles. it's not so much of a distraction coming off that side as you come down the east shore freeway. the rest of the bay bridge looks smooth. the bridges move smoothly. the south bay no major issues but we will have a distraction because of the deadly crash off the jackson avenue. you may see flashing lights up to berryessa. a new twist in the violent death of drew carey's fiancee. an all new future with new questions. what the final days for prince harry and meghan markle. you're watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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5:25 for you that morning and deliberations resume today in the harvey weinstein sex assault trial. the drama tied to a jury. the defense asked to remove a juror reading books about predatory older men and has reviewed at least some of those books online. the judge allowed the female juror to stay ruling she's done
5:26 am
nothing wrong but the same issue came up during jury selection. this is day three. the violent death of hollywood therapist amie harwick, the former fiancee of drew carey. pursehouse is an ex-boyfriend. prosecutors have now filed first-degree murder charges saying he was lying in wait before throwing harwick over a third floor balcony of her home. new video this morning and talk about an unexpected landing. a paraglider crashed into power lines and rescuing him wasn't easy at all taking more than three hours just to free him cutting power to some 200,000 people. great news this morning that's pretty hard to believe. this shows race car driver ryan
5:27 am
newman leaving the hospital with his two daughters. if you somehow missed the crash, it's why the image is so hard to believe. he's up and walking. some feared newman did not survive the crash. this was during the daytona 500. trending for you that morning we now know when prince harry and meghan markle will officially give up their titles. it's march 31st. >> and april 1st they will no longer be the duke and duchess of sussex. the palace says it's open for renegotiations. the family will revisit their deal in a year. so interesting. new developments in the golden state killer case. the crimes rattled california for decades. why prosecutors are asking for new evidence. plus, the next time you have to complete or complain about your uber driver, you can report
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i heard someone got sexually assaulted here, and it's like, wow, it's just terrible. >> right now at 5:30 a terrifying attack inside a bay area gym. a live update for you on what happened during a zumba class and what others did to make sure that suspect was caught. plus, mangled messes, two
5:31 am
overnight crashes. one with a deadly outcome. the investigations into what went wrong. and working to house the homeless. the new action governor newsom is taking to help those on the streets in the north bay. and good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a tesla gets tricked. coming up some video as a lot of drivers are talking this morning. what researchers did to fool this car into accelerating from 35 to 85 miles per hour disobeying speed limits. >> that's an interesting one. a look at that forecast for you. we've been experiencing nice weather. there it goes. >> highs in the 70s for the inland areas, more sunshine and our morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. for san francisco we're up to 65 today. you are probably where is the rain.
5:32 am
we'll talk more about that and look ahead to the weekend in six minutes. mike, you're tracking crashes at the bay bridge. >> an arrow right there you see the metering lights are on. this is complicating those lanes. look here, this tow truck now pulling one of the vehicles all the way across all lanes. people are cooperating and you do see chp running interference to get to the toll plaza parking lot. those pylons are collapsible as the cars go through them. they'll get clear of there and should be a couple more cars you see on the right shoulder as you approach the toll plaza so that's a distraction off the 880 overcrossing. that's really the activity for the bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. an attack in a bay area gym
5:33 am
in the middle of a zumba class. >> he may be in court within hours. "today in the bay's" bob redell outside that 24 hour fitness. explained what happened. this was in the middle of the gym. >> reporter: correct, in the middle of the class with other people. this attack happened monday night during a zumba class in fremont. police say this mon walked into that class and without warning attacked a woman doing push-ups next to other people. he pulled down her clothes and tried to sexually assault her. another person intervened. the gym manager would not talk to us about this incident. some gym members tell us that they heard about the attack from other members, one woman we spoke with wishes she heard something directly from management. >> i'm not really that afraid to
5:34 am
come back. because i have to work -- not have to work out but i like to work out and come here. at the same time i feel they should put out a notice. >> reporter: police say they have video of the attack from the gym and want to know if there are more victims out there. anderson is 33 year old, a transient, according to police, on probation for a prior dui and grand theft. his first court appearance in dublin at 9:00 on charges of sexual assault. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> frightening for those gym goers. prosecutors are reportedly asking for new dna evidence from the suspected golden state killer. the sacramento bee reports attorneys are fighting over new dna samples from deangelo. prosecutors want more evidence
5:35 am
to help build their case. the judge is expected to make a decision in march. they say dna evidence linked deangelo to six murders and dozens of sexual assaults in the '70s and '80s. two teens of gunning down two people will be in court. they are charged with killing two boys last november. they were already in jail on other gang related charges. the latest in the hearings of pg&e's bankruptcy plan will take place later this morning in san francisco. the commission is holding several hearings on pg&e's efforts to exit bankruptcy on july 1st. today's hearing comes one day after a federal judge ripped into pg&e for putting money before safety efforts. making new calls for a state
5:36 am
takeover of pg&e. governor newsom has to sign off on the plan before it gets final approval from the bankruptcy judge. today the california general assembly will hear a resolution that would apologize for the state's role in sending japanese americans to internment camps during world war ii. more than 100,000 people were forced to relocate. the state assemblyman, pushing for the formal apology. he says he wants to ensure that history does not repeat itself. >> and today, ever since 9/11, the fear of the other on muslim americans. >> you heard the executive director is also weighing in saying in part, quote, hopefully the resolution will help to make the public aware this injustice occurred and we hope that it will unite others to stand up for their rights and not to let this ever happen again.
5:37 am
>> in our making it in the bay, new efforts to help ease homelessness. governor gavin newsom says they will receive ten fema trailers from the state this week to be used as homeless shelters. each can house between four and six people. more than 250 people were evicted along the trail in santa rosa. uber has a safety feature allowing riders to report an incident that makes them feel unsafe. they can click on the safety tool kit and there's a blue shield icon. then you click report safety issue. the rider can describe any issue such as harsh stops or inappropriate comments. >> this is a video laura was talking about, owners may need to watch their cars more closely. they fooled a tesla with a piece of electrical tape.
5:38 am
they changed a 35-mile-per-hour sign to read 85 miles instead and it made a 2016 tesla on speed assist and cruise control surge well past 35 miles an hour. tesla stopped using that technology and is not responding to the researchers' claims. that's not a good thing, mike. >> also, i always tell the kids, garbage in, garbage out f. that's faulty information coming in, that's when a person has to interve intervene. these people pulled all the vehicles straight across. the backup at the bay bridge should sort itself out to pretty normal. we see speeds recovering at the berkeley curve. the metering lights are on. as we look at the rest of your bay, a smooth drive. the rest of the commute, a
5:39 am
little bit lighter. a lot of kids on ski week, on vacation. >> this weekend is looking pretty nice, too, and we're looking at more sunshine across the bay area and warm temperatures. along the coast highs up to about 63 degrees. 67 for the bay and the inland areas. as we head to sunday we're still looking at more sunshine and some mild weather. enjoying the parade and festival in oakland this will have temperatures in the low 60s reaching up to 67 degrees as the day goes along. absolutely perfect for the festival. expect a chance of rain and snow on saturday but other than that it's warm and we'll see more dry weather as we head tomorrow into sunday and then looking at
5:40 am
russian river valley. we're going from 72 degrees on friday to the low 60s on sunday. we're making plans to get out and enjoy it. a look at that temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. a northern california town dealing with shock after the tragedy of two firefighters dying in the line of duty. this is in central california. coming up we'll have more on the arrests that have a lot of people asking questions and how police linked the suspects. plus, roger stone -- plus, sworn in. the new four legged mayor of one down that's going viral. and we're celebrating all pets coming up.
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right now at 5:43 let's head to the south bay with a live look outside. a clear start and a lot of sunshine. evergreen in the mid-40s and head to 66 degrees. a look ahead to the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. and this bridge out of richmond may see more traffic. folks are trying to avoid the bay bridge. no need to avoid. things are better in oakland. two bad wrecks in the south bay, one person is dead after flipping their car on 680 in san jose. this happened around 2:30 this morning. police tell us a solo driver took out a road sign, a light
5:44 am
pole and hit an electrical sign before flipping the car along jackson avenue. and six people were being treated in different car crash. this happened when two cars collided 1:30 on northbound 17 south of 85 in los gatos. one of the drivers may have been going the wrong way. another driver says he pulled up to the scene and that's when a motorcyclist hit some debris and crashed. a motorcycle slid through. he had a badly damaged leg which i put a tourniquet on. >> police are looking into why one of the drivers might have been going the wrong way. new details on that deadly fire in the central valley. >> firefighters found the remains of a missing colleague, the second of two firefighters who died. the fire itself happened at the
5:45 am
library about 4:00 p.m. between fresno and bakersfield. that's where porterville is. police arrested two 13-year-old boys accused of starting it. officers say they were seen running from the flames. a firefighter for 13 years with the fire department, jones just started serving three years ago. will the president pardon roger stone? >> scott mcgrew, will stone learn his sentence today? >> it may well include prison time. the president tweeting he thought the sentence prosecutors were recommending, as much as nine years, was too long. the very next day attorney general bill barr reduced the sentence recommendation insisting he did it completely independent of the president's tweet. now stone, a longtime adviser to the trump campaign, the sentence will be up to the federal judge
5:46 am
in the case. trump attacked her, too, on twitter. stone will not go directly to prison. the judge is considering an appeal the trial was unfair. president trump will appoint grenell the next director of national intelligence. he has years of experience in washington and politics. he is going to replace dan coates as dni. coates is also a trump appointee also, for that matter, a former u.s. ambassador to germany. coates very vocal in agreeing with every single other u.s. intelligence agency that the russians interfered in our elections which angered president trump. coates was fired back by tweet in july. this is video of him testifying about the russians. president trump tried to replace him with john ratcliffe but ratcliffe could not get the
5:47 am
senate's approval. we'll be watching that sentencing today. you can follow me at scott mcgrew. ucla is pulling an about-face on plans to role out a controversial racial recognition program for certain restricted areas. the idea sparked student backlash and fears the system would backfire. one group claims ucla is the first to look into the use of technology to monitor students. a small colorado town has a new mayor this morning and many would say he's a really good boboi boy. >> mayor of georgetown, colorado. >> is he wearing glasses? >> very intelligence. it was a packed house when he was sworn in on tuesday. if he maybe looks familiar he's featured on the denver broncos
5:48 am
nationally televised games. he's quite popular. it's actually national love your pet day. all right. well look, today if you love your pet enough, go outside, go to the dog park. it's a good day to do it. >> it's been really nice, feeling springlike. this could go down in one of the driest februarys we've had in quite a long time. san francisco hasn't measured a drop of rain. it is possible we could see this being the driest february since 1864 which was also a leap year and then in 1953 we measur measured .04. we are seeing this low-pressure system and more clouds moving in it will only bring us spotty
5:49 am
showers and a lot of that rain misses us. this is what we're expecting going into saturday and sunday. keep in mind that it will be raining off and on and there will be a few more storm systems going into early next week but it looks like it's still rolling just to our north and so our temperatures will be warming up and for the inland areas we're looking at some low 70s. we're up to 71 degrees today. 73 tomorrow. and then some mid-70s by early next week with san francisco reaching into the mid-60s as we go through the next several days. mike, you're giving us a look at the commute. how is it looking in the south bay? >> things are looking great as far as overall speeds. a little bit of slowing and we expect that. monterey road picking up more volume. my concern is over here as you're making this 680 bend going past jackson avenue. a car went off the roadway.
5:50 am
the lanes are not blocked but flashing lights, tow trucks in the area. looks like chp cleared from the scene. we're looking at a smoother drive for the rest of the bay, the peninsula, picking up a little volume, a little slowing for hayward, south 680. typical patterns in the tri-valley. also out of richmond just the early east shore freeway. the backup got dramatic as the crash was there. six vehicles involved. three had to be towed over. those lanes are cleared. there's actually recovery so good that we can see these fastrak lanes starting to loosen up. it does affect the volume all around the bay. the peninsula with no problems and that construction picked up
5:51 am
without any rich there from whipple to 380. marcus, back to you. the american red cross and cancer society are putting out calls for donors called give blood, give time. donations drop in the winter because of bad weather. it's estimated that 1.8 million will be diagnosed with cancer this year. and there's much more ahead on "today in the bay." making muni run faster. the moves transit leaders want to make. and senator bernie sanders surging in the polls nationally and in california but pg&e's largest union not feeling the burn. what the union says sanders isn't getting right. plus, who is the celebrity father of this bundle of joy? we'll tell you next.
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. as part of our making it in the bay coverage, scott mcgrew comparing house prices here with house prices elsewhere. >> and this week we're using concord as a home base. you like concord. >> i like concord. you can get nice houses in concord for standard bay area prices.
5:55 am
we are working up the property ladder. i think this is great at 1.1 million. that's about the median price for a home in the bay area and, boy, does it get you a lot. look at how big that garage is. plus four bedrooms and the realtor tells us out back, olive trees, backs up to hiking trails, this is my kind of house. this week we've been comparing concord to boise, idaho, and phoenix, arizona. in phoenix 1.1 million will get you this home. it has a pretty pool out back as well. it is enormous, 4,000 square feet. that will buy you a historic home, it is also very pretty. also 4,000 square feet.
5:56 am
a look around the corner and this lovely patio. our look at boise has gotten the attention of people in boise who is, as i was mentioning earlier this week are a bit concerned about all of the californians that are moving in. he got this message from somebody in boise. thanks for convincing more californians to move to boise and offers a word we had to block out. i happen to know people from boise are fine people, raised well. i assume it says you very talented reporter. i've known scott budman. >> he's a great guy. >> yeah, thanks a lot. maybe it's really welcoming. we love them. >> is that what is on the license plate? >> thanks, scott. muni is looking at new ways to speed up your ride. "the chronicle" reports moving
5:57 am
bus stops and adding more tow away zones to give buses priority over cars. transit leaders are floating the idea of raising fares by 25 cents though supervisors are looking at possible ways to work around it. >> a bill that may improve job chances for medical marijuana users. it will require public and private sectors for those who cannot pass drug tests, not those who must comply with federal drug laws. a new dad in town. >> does this guy look familiar? remember mr. big? he was on "sex and the city." he can add another name to his title. mr. dad. this is his latest little mister. he posted a photo of his newborn baby with his wife and they also
5:58 am
have a 12-year-old son. mr. big and mr. little. so cute. >> love it there. i want one now. >> okay. >> i have things to do first. >> yes. 5:58. an uber driver describes being attacked in san francisco. >> just came to my car, all three of them, trying to get in. one got in the back seat, one was trying to get in the driver's seat with a gun pointed at me. >> the latest connection to other similar attacks overnight. >> presidential candidates didn't hold back in their latest debate. the look at the highlights. and more evacuees get to go home today as the coronavirus quarantine ends. the latest on the status of patients in the bay area who tested positive and the third hour continues right now.
5:59 am
that's "today in the bay," of course. >> have you gone network on us? >> i'm back. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. >> let's check the weather with al. >> i'm here. let's get start this had morning as we get ready to head out the darr. we don't have the fog but it is a cool start in the 40s. a few more clouds moving in today but nice as we warm up into the low 60s. our high temperatures in the low 70s for the inland and the north bay. we'll check out what's going on for the weekend in a few minutes. you're seeing some recovery. >> things were moving nicely up until three or four minutes ago. fastrak lanes and that does indicate a lighter volume. cash lanes are backed up and it did clear without any further
6:00 am
incidents. a smooth, easy drive, mild slowing through san jose and north in san martine into morgan hill. back to you. >> thanks for the latest, mike. reports of as many as three uber drivers targeted in separate carjackings. >> kris sanchez joins us live this morning. what are you hearing now, kris? >> reporter: we heard this account from one of the drivers himself. one of the drivers driving as an uber driver when he was carjacked by three people, at least one of them with a gun. this uber driver asked us not to use his name. we're respecting that. he said he was driving on to 9th around 2:30 this morning when he knew something terrible was about to happen. >> three people come running around the corner and just came to my car, all three trying to


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