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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 21, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we'll have a live report if from the scene and the impact on your commute. plus -- >> there are a lot of improvements but the disparities continue to exist. >> this morning oakland's police chief is suddenly out. the commission's reason for the firing and what is next for the city's top brass. and looming cuts front and center in san francisco. the message from the district raising big concerns. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning on this friday. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're going to start with that breaking news. that accident on 101. good samaritan tried to help and then they were killed. >> it is a tragedy over on the peninsula. we'll get it located with the maps. as we look at the overall picture at 5:00 in the morning, very light traffic flow. a problem out of san francisco and down to san mateo southbound 101, you jammed up. the first bit of slowing, it focused right here at third southbound 101, a majority of
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lanes blocked by an overnight crash and jammed up toward aza and jammed at popular and then lanes closed toward highway 92. as we mentioned, it was a good samaritan. bob, someone died as a result of the crash. they weren't even in the car. why was someone standing on the freeway out there? >> reporter: they were trying to help the person who was in the initial accident and that is -- a good samaritan. and he was hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver. we'll have more on that. his shoes are out here in the nidal of southbound 101 and if you pan up and tilt up, you could see that blue scion van, that was the initial vehicle. that driver has been taken to the hospital with major injuries. that driver bounced off the side wall and ended up here in the southbound direction of 101. a couple of other cars hit him. the good samaritan pulled up in his bmw and saw what was happening and trying to help the diver but when the good
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samaritan got out of the car another driver in a blue or gray scion sadly similar to the initial vehicle came and hit that good samaritan and sadly he was killed here on 101. >> he was standing outside of his vehicle, which is inherently unsafe any time outside of your vehicle standing in lanes, we appreciate when people do try to help out, however any time that you're in active lanes of traffic it is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: as far as the closure here on 101, you've got all lanes shut down except for the far right lane. so traffic is backed up quite a ways, at least a mile by my estimation here on southbound 101 before third. chp is trying to take measurements, they still have to remove that vehicle, the initial vehicle in the accident so they're saying it might be another 30 to 60 minutes. that is their hope, before they have all lanes open.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, we all learn a lesson. don't get out of your car on the freeway there. it is 5:02. kari hall, a nice start to the morning. >> starting out with to fog and milder temperatures as you get ready to head out of the door in oakland. upper 40s. from 49 to 67 at lunchtime and 69 degrees by early this afternoon. we're going to reach into the low to mid-70s today. it is going to go feel very much like spring as we reach up to 74 in morgan hill. we'll get a look at our microclimates and talk about the weekend. that is come up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you. a historic hiring up in flames. oakland police commissioners dropping the bombshell last night. abruptly firing the first city's female police chief. we have the firing and where the department goes from here. sharon? >> reporter: marcus, the police commission made the decision to
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fire the police chief who mayor schaff just hand picked three years ago. right out of the executive session, the head of the police commission regina jacks made the motion. following the announcement the mayor said she supported the decision while also praising the progress made by the oakland first female police chief. anne kirkpatrick was the pick three years ago to lead the department in the midst of a sex exploitation scandal involving five officers. kirkpatrick started an anti-racial profiling policy that the mayor touted as reducing problematic stops of plaque and brown residents. >> there are a lot of improvements but the disparities continue to exist and there are a sears -- a series of other issues to losing confidence. >> under his leadership oakland has seen a historic reduction in gun violence and as well as
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officer-involved shootings. >> reporter: the police officers union issued a statement praising her progress and voiced disappointment with the decision saying in part fighting for oakland's residents and police officers alike does not endear you to oakland's unelected police commissioners and mayor. this no cause termination means they will offer her one year's pay, about $270,000 if she signed an agreement about the decision. now darren allison will serve as acting chief starting today. and we're told that kirkpatrick was told about this decision right after the meeting. reporting live in oakland, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there. 5:05 now. "the chronicle" is tieing someone in the mayor's office to the now fired public works director at the center of the san francisco corruption scandal. mohammed nuru has now resigned amidst allegations of improper payment. the complaint cited a so-called
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girlfriend one and the girlfriend is actually sandra zuniga who works in the neighborhood services office and she often accompanied nuru at the time he received improper gifts. and she did not respond to "the chronicle" request for comment. new details in the stabbing death that shook up the south bay. a man accused of killing bamly larson in her san jose home last february is due in court today. the attack sparked new debate oversanctuary city. he is undocumented. he beat and stabbed larson. his attorney called him mentally ill and he still has not entered a plea. transportation leaders say ride sharing need to step up efforts to make you safe. uber and lyft need better background checks and more drug and alcohol testing and they sent a letter outlying the
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problems. a former cpuc commissioner said she faults them for not being transparent in releasing safety records. >> it is more than just farther giving safety reports it has to regulate the companies with a record of problems. >> the cpuc plans to reveal the policy of keeping records confidential. we asked both companies for a response. uber passed and lyft said it will file its response with the cpuc. and a new state measure looks to stop the pg&e tax breaks in response to the puc plan to allow pg&e to be compensated for spending -- to fire improvements required by law. in response to the disasters the east bay times reported that jerry hill introduced legislation to keep pg&e from receiving more than $1.5 billion in tax breaks. he believes pg&e should be on the hook for damages from fires
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caused by its equipment. layoffs could come for san francisco schoolteachers. the examiner is reporting that the superintendent sent a letter to teachers warning of budget cuts amidst a $26 million shortfall and expects the cuts to double for the next school year. the teachers union is negotiating other cost-cutting options besides layoffs. happening today, the deadline for striking uc santa cruz graduate students to turn in their grades or lose their teaching assistant jobs. they have been on strike for two weeks de handing better pay. they accuse them of with holding the grades as leverage. theyi they issued an ult pate -- ulti it is not sure how soon they could follow through with it. the deadly crash we have here. bob redell is on the scene gathering information from the chp. three southbound lanes are blocked. two are open.
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you see traffic slowly getting past the scene just before you get to third avenue. northbound side getting into san francisco is just fine. this is how it plays out on the maps, folks. overall your commute looks pleasant. green as you would expect this time. 5:09 on a friday but up into san mateo this is where traffic approaches third just shy of the off-ramp with only two lanes open and two slow lanes and the block by the crash and the person that stopped to help with the first crash was hit and killed. that is the assessment by chp out there right now. the back-up is just shy of popular and between anza and popular another crash so two between sfo and 92 for southbound 101. that is a problem. but el camino is the surface street past the scene and 280 clear as an alternate as well. kari on the east bay side a smooth drive toward the bay bridge which just has a little bit of a back-up. a quick update on the drought released yesterday morning.
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showing that now we do have a moderate drought developing this parts of the central valley and elsewhere we're seeing abnormally dry conditions. here in the bay area, each day that passes without rain we add on to the deficit of how much rainfall we need to catch up to normal. in santa rosa it is about 9.5 and in san joses it over 6 inches. we'll talk about what is coming down the pike in the next couple of weeks coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> thanks, kari. 5:10 right now. a scene straight out of a hollywood blockbuster. still ahead. a suv flying through the air and falling three stories and then landing on another car. the aftermath left behind and what may have caused a really rough situation. plus more companies this morning staying away from san francisco and our conferences. we want to give our advice about parenting. because we've learned so much --
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>> trending for you this morning, all squoeks aside, as the brand-new mom comedian amy schumer is giving out advice. her new video blog and tips that will give you a good laugh. >> so what happens when we live in a world where any image, any video, any audio recording could be faked? >> well then nothing is really real any more. >> i'm candice nguyen with nbc bay area investigative unit. tonight at 11:00 we southeast a new wave of digital altered media called deep fakes. how they threaten your privacy and the dangers they pose to our elections. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area, we investigate. tv just keeps getting better.
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mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the 101 still has a majority of the highway jammed up because of a deadly crash and investigation as you travel into san mateo. this is causing a back-up for the friday morning commute. we'll talk to you and explain
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what happened. and right now at 5:13, if you're heading to the sierra this weekend, squaw valley and alpine meadows have all of the lift and runs open and temperatures reaching into the upper 40s and low 50s. good travel conditions getting there and back. we'll talk about where we may see rain in less than five minutes. and good morning. very happy friday to you. china and south korea are reporting new cases of coronavirus. that is depressing the futures, the bets that the traders make on the open. now the dow fell really hard yesterday before recovering. and this is the recovery as the markets take the epidemic more seriously. coronavirus also affecting us here at home. facebook and sony place station have pulled out of the game developers conference at mascone center in san francisco. you may recall the cell phone conference in barcelona was shut down.
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facebook canceled a marketing conference in san francisco earlier. ibm said it will not let employees attend the rsa security conference at the mascone center in san francisco. you heard me say san francisco a lot there. our town is no more or less exposed to the disease than anyone else. so there is no need for extra alarm. we just happen to host a lot of conferences where people get together in tight spaces and those are definitely a risk. numbers on home sales today. now mortgage rates are at a three-year low. that is pushing housing sales up. as part of our "making it in the bay" segment we'll look at home prices here and else with where to see what you could buy. that is coming up at 5:55. and bank wells fargo may soon be able to put the worst behind it. "the new york times" said the bank is in talk with the feds to reach a final settlement that could be announced as soon as today. in january the feds announced
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fines and punishment for individual people, former wells fargo ceo john stumpf has been banned from working in a bank for life. seven other wells fargo executives face fines of $60 million for their roles. as you remember, wells fargo got caught in a number of issues. the biggest was bankers signing up customers for millions of accounts that the customers didn't want and in a lot of cases customers didn't know they had. >> right. >> so then affecting their credit as well. >> yes. >> thanks. well 5:16 this morning. look, new, scott, look at this one. "star wars" fans are doing a happy dance. disney has unveilsed the new misdemeanor for the mandalorian it includes lego sets and dolls and board games but as you you already know baby yoda is a stealer and still a new
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animatronic edition available. it retails for $60. it is not clear when you can plunk down the cash but it should be coming soon. there you go. 5:16 now. prince harry creating a buzz after posting a fake conversation with music legend squ jon bon jovi. they will attend thein victus games. he said he was living on a prayer and thinks he should sing back-up but harry said he won't sing but will give it a shot. >> kind of funny. amy schumer sharing a big piece of wisdom with the world this morning. she said she has a very inventive toy for babies in your life and it is free. >> you get a big box, okay, and clean it out and make sure there are no staples in it. and then you put blankets around it -- >> it is like a fort. so schumer remembers putting an
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egg crate at the bottom to make it softer. she welcomed a new baby nine months ago. >> the things you learn as a parent. later they just want to play with that box. >> and you buy them a nice present and they play with the box. >> she's using that as a crib? >> like a little play ben. >> sell it on a boutique online. $100,000. >> amazon is going to be busy. so let's get started this morning. a live look outside in san jose. as we get started in campbell. at 46 degrees. high temperatures in the middle of february up to about 40 -- 62 degrees. we'll see 63 at noon. and continuing to warm up going into the afternoon. eventually we'll see our high temperatures reaching into the low to mid-70s and a lot of sunshine. the seven-day forecast is already at the bottom of the screen as we check out what is going on here.
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notice all of the clouds and even some rain just off of our coast. this is a system that is continuing to bring some rain to the central coast and will stay with that area through at least tomorrow morning before it dies in the southern california area. if you're going to monterey or areas to the south keep in mind there will be showers through tomorrow morning. but most of the bay area will only see about a 10% to 20% chance of rain or less. and then it clears out quickly going into the rest of the weekend. this will be storm systems just to the north going into next week. but it is still looking dry for us as the ridge continues to build and that makes temperatures warm as the air gets compressed and sinks down close to the surface. so we're going from mid-70s to lower 70s by the weekend. and sunday is -- is looking comfortable with highs in the upper 60s and then in the mid to upper 70s next week. some spots wouldn't be surprised if we hit 80 degrees. so it is going to feel very
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weird out there thinking this is february, still no rain. and our temperatures will continue to warm up. mike, you're still tracking that deadly accident on 101. >> kari, we're getting more details and i want to sort them out. bob on the scene at southbound 101. someone has died as a result of a couple of crashes here on south 101. chp on scene and the coroner has been on scene and they have to check out the debris and measure vehicles and there are thee vehicles to be removed. look at the map. only a couple of lanes in the live shot past the three left lanes, the ones closest to the center divide are blocked. flashing lights but no slowing just yet. this is heading south shy of third avenue. now closer back toward popular, another crash in the back-up. and so this is complicating things as with we track that. it sounds like at the initial report there was a good samaritan that arrived to help in the initial crash and that person was killed. it does sound like there are
5:21 am
maybe some vehicle that they are looking for that may have left the scene. bob will bring them what they have. but that is moving very smoothly, back to you. talk about using a soft touch. next here on "today in the bay," a pilot landing a plane without any gear. stick around to see that. plus finally caught. what it took for crews to hunt down that mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old girl here in the bay area. but first we're helping you wag into the weekend. we asked to share photos of your pets. it was love your pet day. and boy did you deliver. these are a few that we found on my facebook page, laura garcia nbc. we love to see it. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. look at all of the babies out there. we love our furry friends.
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new video of a scary landing. take a look at it right here. look at the flames. two people are safe. this is after the plane touched down without landing gear. this is at florida's daytona beach airport. you saw the sparks flies and the flames as the plane skidded down the runway to stop. but they are safe. 5:24 right now. take a look at this. you see the bmw there on the
5:25 am
roof. there you see it. it got there after flying off the third story of an l.a. parking structure. it struck a war that was being driven on the ground. appraisingly the driver on that car was not hurt but the other driver is now in the hospital. the garage does have concrete barriers and restraining cables but still not clear as to why it wasn't enough to stop that bmw. the search for a missing palo alto couple in marin county has sadly turned into a recovery mission. carol kiparsky and ian irwin were last seen one week ago, supposed to check out of their air airbnb but their phone and clothing and wallets left behind. crews used k-9 units to search for the couple. they will continue to look
5:26 am
through monday. a attack over the weekend at ranch san antonio preserve. a mountain lion was found in the tree on wednesday. they euthanized her due to the lingering threat to people. mark should reopen today. may sound like something out of a cartoon but a sprink police chase just unfolded at the sacramento airport and it was all caught on campaign. that is a coyote spotted on the runway. the airport had to shut down due to safety concerns. a helicopter was called in to try to scare it away. it eventually left that area through a nearby drainage pipe. 5:26 this morning. and next here on the "today in the bay," top stories we're following including toxic trouble at a east bay high school. >> directly across the street -- >> parents are are demanding answers after a harmful chemical is discovered. how long classrooms will be off
5:27 am
limits. plus the latest on the coronavirus outbreak with all new cases reported in california this morning. between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay bridge. but you don't love the traffic and high-priced homes and seeing our neighbors struggle. so let's find a way to make things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." every day on every newscast. we break down the housing crisis, meet the people fighting for survival and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," every day, every newscast on nbc bay area.
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breaking news to tell you about, a deadly overnight crash on the peninsula. the action by a good samaritan that ended in tragedy. and mike is tracking the impact of your commute. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm laura garcia. and let's get right to hike.
5:30 am
he's monitoring the breaking news on the roadway. >> right back out to the live pictures. headlights over here with where i'm stepping into the shot, tease are north 101 and from highway 92 some of the folks off the san mateo bridge. these folks here, blocked heading south toward third. they may be heading toward the san mateo bridge as well and the left lanes, three left lanes still blocked. a number of vehicles of involved. debris in the roadway and there is chp and the coroner was on the scene and bob redell is getting more details. folks are slowly getting carefully by the scene and we don't want to have any more injuries over here. southbound 101 is jammed up approaching third starting before anza by popular where there is another crash also in the lanes closest toward the center divide. so both of those combined to cause a back-up approaching third, el camino and 280 are clear and then cut over on 92 to get across the peninsula. as we're looking at the big jam, we also have broadway which was
5:31 am
the great escape out of the back-up but now i think it is not extending far enough north for the folks. and it is jammed south from sfo toward third for the tragic situation. at least we have help. roadways are dry and they could do the investigation clearly. and it looks clear here in dublin. temperatures are milder compared to yesterday with mid 40 toss start. at 10:00 at 54 degrees and mixing clouds filtering the sunshine as it continue it its to warm up. reaching up into the 60s. and we'll track a storm system that could bring rain across the central coast in southern california. we'll talk more about that and look ahead to the weekend in about seven minutes. 5:31. right now dozens of students in the south bay are sleeping in protest to help others make it in the bay.
5:32 am
usually the struggle is very real for students just paying for college and then add on top of it trying to find a place to live in one of the most expensive cities in america. >> kris sanchez is live in downtown san jose with the message students are sending at this hour. kris? >> reporter: this is a very quiet protest as the housing advocates and supporters are sleeping in tents here behind us. so not a lot happening in terms of noise. but a very powerful visual of what some of the 53,000 csu students go through every single year. this is new video from earlier this morning. this is the 14th year of the pofrly und -- of the poverty un stars camp out to push for assembly bill 1314 to chu housing in the total cost of college. that way students could apply for cal dpragrant money to covee housing costs and not just tuition. >> we're just here in solidarity and trying to fight for them.
5:33 am
>> reporter: now through the program sjsu cares in the last academic year this university said it provided 53 students are financial aid grants, 21 students with financial aid loans and 18 emergency assistance funds and got six students temporary housing with an average say of about 18 days. now through this protest and other work the students -- the student housing alliance got san jose state administrators to make more resources available by this fall. adding in january of this year the university announced it will build a thousand below market apartments available to faculty and of staff and some students as well. those -- that construction will take about five years. at san jose state, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. our "making it in the bay" coverage includes berkeley mayor proposing a new policy aimed at easing the city housing crunch. he wants renters to have first dibs on properties that hit the market. supporters say it will give
5:34 am
tenants more leverage and help keep a roof over their heads. last year the average cost of a home in berkeley was $1.3 million. they plan to vote on the proposal later this month. the coronavirus outbreak. santa clara say the person listed as the first case in the has now fully recovered. the health department just released him from the home quarantine. more than 2,000 people have died and 76,000 are infected. in california a new coronavirus case has been diagnosed in humboldt county and right now california alone nearly two dozen people are to be monitored for the virus. in the bay area 16 people are still recover i after being evacuated from the cruise ship in japan. classes are canceled at oakland mcclymonds high school after the discovery of the toxic chemical tce. the district chosed down the school on wednesday and it will stay that way until further
5:35 am
notice. tce is a carcinogen. at an emergency meeting they talked about the discovery and trying to reassure parents and teachers. they say it comes too close to the problems two years ago when unhealthy lead levels were found in drinking water. >> we don't know anything definite. but we do know that there is a potential that there may be some danger based on what we may get from the testing. >> teams are supposed to be conducting soil samples on campus through the weekend. happening today, a judge is expected to here arguments on san francisco's taxi cab medallion debacle. the credit union seeks $155 million tied to drivers who took out exorbitant loans for medallions now worthless letting the industry dry as ride-sharing services took hold. they will decide if the case
5:36 am
should go to trial. parking on the peninsula will get worse before it gets better. parts of the parking garage at mill gray station will be closed. first floor is closed to build construction on the passenger loading area. that loading area is expected to open in march. the station will then restrip the garage to create more parking for all of the riders. >> we need smaller spaces so be careful. and be careful here. narrow space here. northbound coming toward us southbound is where the deadly crash happened. bob redell continues to follow this scene. we're looking at the estimate from chp. 6:00 a.m. when they have the left lanes of southbound 101 reopened, they hope. vehicles and debris across the roadway and chp for investigation. southbound 101 on the maps, we'll show you the jam approach toward the third avenue just shy of the off-ramp. all are cleared but the back-up extends back to anza so south of
5:37 am
sfo toward highway 92 is a problem. if you are closer to 280 use that and cut over to 92 because that is a clearer route even though it is a few more miles. >> thank you, mike. and friday and that means the weekend is on us. >> a lot of things going on. >> a lot of things going on from mardi gras celebrations to also we have the black joy parade that will be happening in oakland on sunday. now tomorrow we're looking at more sunshine and there will be a slight chance of some spotty sprinkles early in the morning but the rest of the day is looking clear. as our temperatures reach the low 70s on sunday. expect it to reach 62 for the coastal areas and some upper 60s for the inland valleys. as we check out the mardi gras carnival in redwood city, in the upper 50s and continuing to cool off. so wear something nice and warm and the breezy winds will make it feel cooler but enjoy the weather on sunday. in livermore, at hageman ranch starting out in the 60s and then
5:38 am
temperatures at about 61 degrees. very comfortable. going hiking in muir woods, slighter cooler with with upper 50s and 61 on sunday. if your plans take you to the coast. today is the warmest day before the system rolls in bringing cooler temperatures between saturday and sunday. and then heading farther to the north, if you're planning to go to lake shasta this weekend, expect mid-60ss. upper 50s by sunday. and rain happening in l.a. this weekend so expect the showers off and on from today through tomorrow. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend in the south bay coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. well trying to get the perfect selfie could get you a hefty fine in the north bay. so solano county sheriffs posted a psa for people wanting to visit the almond orchards but people are trespassing on private property to snap the perfect picture when the trees are in bloom.
5:39 am
now you could get arrested and be fined up to $1,000. >> sheriffs say if you have to get the perfect pic, do it legally and not impacting traffic and not on private property. the blooms are gorgeous. >> sometimes you could get it from a distance. >> personal space. >> 5:39 right now. >> coming up, a group of warehouses go up in flames and a drone is called in to help. we'll explain why that drone ended up causing more problems. i have a big update this morning out of washington. the real story perhaps emerging on some big shake-ups. and the future of the a's up in the air. a big deadline today for a possible stadium at jack london square. now, we know the trump strategy-
5:40 am
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live look at deadly crash scene. the investigation looks like it is moving toward the clean-up stage for the debris. we see the brooms out. chp had hold us they are hoping to try for 6:00, maybe 6:15 reopening this is approaching san mateo. traffic is jams up heading south from sfo. we'll time things out for you. and right now at 5:42 as you get out of the door in antioch, temperatures in the upper 40s. a nice warm-up today and a lot of sunshine. we'll talk about what the climate prediction center said is our outlook for the next three months in terms of rain.
5:43 am
that is coming up in less than five minutes. and still ahead for you, teachers in san francisco suddenly fear -- may be coming. ahead at 6:00, the dire sipp laid out by the district and what is being done to try to save jobs. new video this morning of a warehouse fire in stockton which firefighters say started when a grass fire spread. but then those problems started. >> police were trying to assist by flying a drone to provide an aerial view but it crashed into a power pole. pg&e had to shut out power while firefighters battled the flames. luckily no one was hurt but no word on the cause. a huge update to a story we brought you yesterday. >> scott mcgrew new clues as to why president named a new head of intelligence. >> let me walk you through this, marcus and laura, update on what we talked about yesterdayment thursday we reported that president trump has named richmond grenell as the new
5:44 am
acting director of national intelligence. it was an unexpected move. grenell has little experience in intelligence gathering but it wasn't beyond the pail. trump clearly trusted him. he is the ambassador to germany. yesterday in my reports to you i said grenell if apoved by the senate would replace dan coats, another trump appointee who had been dni but trump fired him. trump had issues with coats, particularly when with coats would talk with about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. so we had grenell and we had coats. i had intentionally skipped mentioning this guy, he's joe maguire, the current acting dni put into place by trump after trump fired coats. i didn't think maguire was worth mentioning but it turns out maguire is key to all of this. "the new york times" was the first to report that maguire gave a classified briefing to both parties in congress that
5:45 am
the russians were planning to interfere in our 2020 presidential elections just like they did in 2016 and the russians were supporting donald trump's re-election. the times said trump was irate and fired maguire in response. now we have absolutely known the russians planned to interfere in our 2020 elections. congressional hearings, warnings from the fbi, independent reporting, we've known this is coming. we knew the russians wanted president trump to win back in 2016. his own son acknowledged that in a series of emails before meeting with russians alongside trump's campaign manager paul manafort and jared kushner. emails that said this will be part of russia and the government support for mr. trump. and promised dirt on clinton if it is what you say, responded trump jr., i love it. now after that long investigation by robert mueller we learned that the trump campaign had not colluded with
5:46 am
the russians. knew about the help, yeah. worked with the russians, no. these are all just established fact. president trump is alternately acknowledged the russians interfered in 2016 then said they did not. at one point in the file video you saw from helsinki trump and putin meeting, when asked if he believed his own intelligence agencies, american intelligence agencies or putin and trump said i have no reason to disbelieve putin. so we're watching this new development out of washington and now we know the real story, had a cording to "the new york times," we'll be watching it and follow me on twitter, i'm @scott mcgrew. >> thank you. a lawsuit filed within hours of the president's visit, seeking to allow more pumping for irrigation. new rules would let farmers extract higher levels of water from sacramento and san joaquin river basins and critics say it endangers fish -- fish species.
5:47 am
state regulators are backtracking on a rolear rooftop requirement. they could build homes that don't come equipped with with solar panels, instead builders could take credit for electricity generated by off site solar farms. well today may end up being a critical day when it comes to the future of the a's new ballpark because city planners have circled today's date for submitting an environmental impact report. the a's plan to build a new stadium at howard terminal near jack london square. last year they had a land deal dependent on the eir. first pitch could come as soon as 2023. 5:27. new developments in the women soccer team gender lawsuit. they are asked to reward $66 million in damages. usa soccer asked for the case to be dismissed. unique wal pay has been a big topic during the women's 2019 world cup.
5:48 am
players voice concerns about how the women are back-to-back world champions but still being paid less than the men's team. the trial is still expected to start in may. turning this morning, the response to a heartbreaking moment no parent ever wants to experience. a young australian boy with dwarfism told his mother that he was thinking about suicide because he was being bullied. >> it is so sad. but now social media is coming up to lift up 9-year-old quaiden bales. brand williams who also has dwarfism saw this video and that is what the mother posted,le boy was crying because he was bullied at school all day but now people are reaching out and helping out. williams setting up a gofundme page saying bullying not be tolerated and quaiden is a wonderful human being who deserves joy. the page now has raised over $200,000 to send bales to disneyland. >> i love that. another feel good moment.
5:49 am
an elementary school in tennessee raised money for one of the staff members after noticing how hard he works just to get to his job. so robert reid is much loved custodian and said that he has to catch three buses and walk two miles to get home. colleagues took notice and started a gofundme to raise money for a car. well they surprised reid with the news and his reaction as you see right there was priceless. and i saw this story, this is a suburb outside of memphis, germantown where they did that and it is just beautiful to see that moment. >> he's styling. that is great. that is nice to see. >> beep beep. >> everybody who helped make their day much better, unheralded. >> feel good stories. something to make you feel good is the forecast. a nice sunny one too. >> a live look in san francisco. starting out with a clear sky and it will be a beautiful day. let's talk about the lack of
5:50 am
rain that we've seen as we look at the month of february. and it this year we haven't measured a drop of rain in san franciscoch the last time that happened was in 1864. a long time ago. and it's been still very dry as we look at what is coming our way going into the next couple of weeks. but one thing has started to change. our pattern is not looking exactly the same. we don't have this strong area of high pressure. in fact, there is a very weak storm system that is just to the south and it will bring in some rain as we look at southern california, parts of the central coast, some light showers expected. as we look at some rain now approaching monterey at this point. a very slight chance that some of the rain could hake it into some of the coastal areas and the south bay late tonight as the spell quickly moves off toward the east. then as we go into the weekend, high pressure building, and our temperatures go up. and the storm systems that we see next week will still affect the pacific northwest where the
5:51 am
jet stream has been lined up throughout the winter. so the rain has been there and they've had a lot rain over the past couple of months. in fact, since january 1st they've measured nearly eight inches of rain in seattle. compare that to san jose where we had about .80 inches of rain so tipping the bucket. and the climate prediction center came out with the out look for the next three months, march, april and may we are below average based on their predictions and now mike is seeing progress in san mateo. we're still following this overnight, early morning deadly crash. bob redell is on scene and they are still making progress and we see the tow truck pulling one of the vehicles smashed up in the original crash there at south 101 shy of third. still have three laned blocked and past the scene and the map
5:52 am
will show you on waze the timing difference. use 280 because out of san francisco and down toward 92 it takes just 26 minutes to go around the scene using 280. you go through that jam which backs up past anza and you'll take over an hour. so these less than half of your time saving half an hour. nbc bay area wazers. we'll get you back out to the other traffic maps and show you el camino picking up the volume and there are a lot of signals there. aside from that on the peninsula which we hope will clear by 6:00, everything else is clear, marcus. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, 440 people in the philippines are celebrating wedding bless. the couples exchanged vows in as mass wedding yesterday. officials gave surgical masks for the couples and visitors and had them undergo health checks before the ceremony into with we know you're busy but stick around. there is much more coming up on "today in the bay." for the past couple of weeks we've been showing you just how far your money will go in other
5:53 am
cities. part of our "making it in the bay" series. but is the grass really gener elsewhere. mike inouye will go over possible road blocks next. and the public corruption scandal centered in san francisco is growing. coming up, the former public works director charged with bribery now being linked to another city worker. >> so what happens when we live in a world, with any image, any video, any aud yow recording could be faked? well then nothing is really real any more. >> i'm candice nguyen with nbc bay area investigate unit. we investigate a wave of deep fakes. how they threaten your privacy and the dangers they pose to our elections. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate. tv just keeps getting better.
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all this month we're talking about "making it in the bay" and i'm posting about a financial workshop that is going on tonight in san jose. it is hosted by the african-american community service agency. it talks about credit and money management. they talk about everything from budgeting, savings, debt reduction, around tax season this is the perfect time. it is free but you have to sign up so go to my facebook page and i'll post ton twitter so you could go to that. it is free. 5:56 right now. and as part of our series "making it in the bay," scott mcgrew has been playing real estate agent looking at what you could buy in certain areas for a certain price point. >> and scott, you say you found lots of very nice homes in concord. >> i have found in concord. and then we compare those homes to elsewhere where and this week we picked boise, idaho, phoenix, arizona, two places californians go to find cheaper housing. so we go up the property ladder
5:57 am
from $500,000 on monday which will not buy you much of anything here in the bay area. today it is friday, we've reached $1.3 million. that is the useful amount of money. in concord it will buy this very large home. i would cut back the trees but it is huge and nice and five bedrooms, 4,000 square feet and very secluded. so yeah, we're on friday. high up at the property ladder, $1.3 million will get you a nice house anywhere where. in phoenix that is going to get you an even bigger house than here. this is 5,000 square feet, wet bar and walk-in pantry in the neighborhood voted the best neighborhood in all of phoenix. by a local newspaper. take a look at that backyard and that bed that would be awesome to host people and have a party out here. there is say pool. this is fabulous. in boise, an even bigger house yet. you could get a six bedroom, got
5:58 am
a nice pool as well, hot tub, two -- count them -- two laundry rooms, four-car garage and absolutely amazing. look at this staircase. you could stand here at the top of the staircase and survey all you own. mike, that four-car garage, i mean four cars. we can't get them all on the highway at the same time but if we're moves to boise and phoenix and austin and all of the other towns we've talked about, we're jamming up their highways. >> probably. and maybe, if it you brought the tesla, maybe you could automate a caravan. we'll see what that holds. and we've talked about haking it around the bay. and we talk about how bad the traffic has gotten here but some of the cities has been highlighting, we're comparing those over the last two weeks. let's take a look at aust where the newspaper reports the average austin driver spent 66 hours stuck in traffic in 2017. a level of congestion similar to
5:59 am
what motorists in dallas, san diego and portland experienced that same year. how bad is portland? well the oregonian reported traffic got worse in 2017 leaving the average driver stuck in congestion another 3 hours a year and that is the 12th worth in the nation and in idaho in boise aired a story that called out growth in that metro area citing the addition of over roughly 100,000 drivers between 2003 and 2018 on the roads has translapted into an increase of 12 minutes for the area and city plans expected twice that volumvolume increase by 2040. >> right now at 6:00, breaking news on the peninsula. someone trying to help another driver on highway 101 is struck and killed by another car. a live report from the scene just moments away. and developing in oakland, a new interim police chief takes
6:00 am
over after the first female chief was suddenly fired. coming up in a live report, the bombshell decision to let her go. and plus it is friday and meteorologist kari hall is tracking that all important weekend forecast. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. that was a lovely look at the golden gate bridge. >> no, this is a lovely look right here. >> when it is all on you, baby, pretty soon. >> well i'll share it with you. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to look at what you could expect from the forecast today. how is it looking out there for us? >> very nice. it starts out cool in martinez but upper 40s as you head out of the door and reaching the low 70s in the inland valley. check out this temperature trend. it is 48 degrees at 8:00 and a mix of sun and clouds today. you still need the sunglasses. at 2:00, 72 degrees and our temperatures in the valley


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