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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 21, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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over after the first female chief was suddenly fired. coming up in a live report, the bombshell decision to let her go. and plus it is friday and meteorologist kari hall is tracking that all important weekend forecast. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. that was a lovely look at the golden gate bridge. >> no, this is a lovely look right here. >> when it is all on you, baby, pretty soon. >> well i'll share it with you. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to look at what you could expect from the forecast today. how is it looking out there for us? >> very nice. it starts out cool in martinez but upper 40s as you head out of the door and reaching the low 70s in the inland valley. check out this temperature trend. it is 48 degrees at 8:00 and a mix of sun and clouds today. you still need the sunglasses. at 2:00, 72 degrees and our temperatures in the valley reaching the mid-70s today.
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so warmer tan yesterday and a breezy wind. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up. mike, you've been tracking some breaking news still happening on the peninsula. >> in fact, that is haking -- is making us alter our report. a very pleasant friday for almost all of the commute, as you expect light at 6:01. at the peninsula where we have the continuing situation. bob redell had been out there talking about the deadly crash and reporting the clean kw-- th clean-up and the investigation. a good samaritan was hit and killed after stopping for a previous kra previous crash and then the distraction northbound, southbound, bob redell has been asked to move the crew which indicates they're clearing the lanes any minute so we're looking for relief but el camino is a bet surface street and 92 toward the san mateo bridge and we'll follow that as we follow the back-up, right back to you. >> thank you very much. well this morning there is a new interim top cop in oakland.
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the assistant police chief is taking over after chief ankirkpatrick, the first ever woman in that position, was fired late last night. sharon katsuda joins us live at police headquarters this morning. stunny news that took people by surprise, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, laura. we're here in oakland and the police commission made up this decision, made up of volunteer citis, to fire the police chief who mayor schaff just hand picked three years ago. now right out of executive session the head of oakland police commission regina jackson made the motion to dismiss the police chief during a news conference following the announcement the mayor said she supported the decision while also praising the progress made by oakland's first female police chief. she was the pick three years ago to lead the department in the mid of a sex exploitation scandal involving five officers. during her tenure kirkpatrick
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started an anti-racial profile policy that reduced stops of black and brown residents. >> there are a lot of improvements but the d-- but th disparities continue to exist and there are a series of other issues that contribute to losing the confidence. >> under her leadership oakland has seen a reduction in gun violence as well as in officer-involved shootings. >> reporter: the police officers union issued a statement praising her progress and voiced disappointment with with the decision saying in part fighting for oakland's residents and police officers alike does not endear you to oakland's unelected police commissioner and mayor. p and the termination without cause which means they will offer her one years pay, about $200,000 if she signs an agreement. and darren allison will be
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acting chief today. and we've talked to several people and they're surprised to hear that the police commission has this much power to fire the police chief. so a lot of developments to look into today as well as hearing from kirkpatrick herself. reporting live in oakland, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> that is interesting. we'll continue to follow and have more on the midday newscast as well. in the mentime, breaking news since we came on the air. out of san mateo, a pedestrian was hit and killed by a driver. >> 101 just reopened so what is happening there now. >> reporter: southbound 101 at third avenue, san mateo, has reopened and that is why we're on the side streets just off of 101. a yng man was trying to help another driver in a accident this morning when that driver -- when that good samaritan was hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. the driver of a blue scion,
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collided with the sound wall and stopped in the middle of the traffic. a couple of more cars collided with that vehicle. the good samaritan, a man in his 20s or 30s, pulled up in his bmw and turned on hazards to alert oncoming traffic and got out of his car to help the driver and that is when he was struck and killed by the hit-and-run driver. >> he was standing outside of his vehicle which is inherently unsafe any time you're outside of your vehicle standing in lanes. with we appreciate when people do try to help out, however, any time that you're in active lanes of traffic it is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the driver of the blue scion involved in the initial accident is in the hospital with major injuries. the drivers of the other vehicles are okay. chp still looking for the hit-and-run driver who a witness said isco ins debtly also driving a blue or gray scion. bob redell, "today in the bay." the chronicle is tieing
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someone in the mayor's office to the now -- the now fired public works director. mohammed nuru has resigned amid improper payment so the criminal complaint cited a so-called girlfriend one and sources tell "the chronicle" that is sandra zuniga who works at the neighborhood services office and suggested that she on accompanied nuru at times he received the improper gifts. zuniga has not been charged and she did not respond to "the chronicle" request for a comment. the search for a missing palo alto couple in marin county has turned into a recovery mission. carol kiparsky and ian irwin were last seen a week ago. they were supposed to check out of an airbnb in inverness but the wallets and phone and vehicle were left behind and that led to a search over the last weekend. crews used k-9 units with boats
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to search for the couple. the recovery effort will continue through monday in the bay. layoffs could come for the san francisco school teachers. the district superintendent sent a letter to teachers warning of budget cuts amid $26 million shortfall. he expects those cuts to double for the next school year. the teachers union is currently negotiating other cost cutting options besides layoffs. 6:07 now. check the forecast with meteorologist kari hall on this friday morning. beautiful live look outside. no rain in sight. >> we were just talking about how if we don't get any rain, during the month of february, this will be one of the records set for the driest february that we've had since the 1800s. and it was a drought year in the 1800s, 1864. and it is possible that we could see drought conditions developing here in the bay area. right now we're abnormally dry.
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as you get ready to head out, you don't need the umbrella this time. temperatures in the low 50s in san francisco. leading into some mid-60s throughout the day and as we look at our high temperatures we'll reach into the low 70s. a few spots may hit the mid-70s so we'll get a closer look in a tew minutes. mike said we should see recovery now through san mateo. in the last couple of minutes you heard from bob redell, they asked him to leave the freeway because they reopened lanes south 101 at third after the dead hi crash toward popular where there was another crash in the back-up and that still has the slow lane blocked, far right lane. so that is an additional issue from sfo down toward third in san mateo. still slow on the southbound side. but it is all the way over opposite the center divide in the northbound direction that the distraction for northbound commuters is gone. we should see some recovery off of 92 and toward sfo and san francisco.
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the good news is that it is friday. so a lighter volume for most of the bay means not really much slowing and that good chance for recovery again for north 101 but still south 101 slow down toward popular. back to you. >> thanks, mike. still ahead, 6:09 and nbc bay area investigates the dangerous bay area doctors face as well as nurses on the job. meanwhile, it seems as if people are avoiding san francisco. more cancellations in some of our conferences. we want to give our advice about parenting because we've learned so much. >> so much and in a short amount of time. up next comedian amy schumer's advice on how to keep your little one withes happy. stick around for this one. you're watching "today in the bay." >> so what happens when we live in a world where any image, any video, any audio recording can be faked?
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well then nothing is really real any more. >> i'm candice nguyen with the nbc bay area investigative unit. tonight at 11:00 we investigative a wave of deep fakes. how through threaten your privacy and the dangers they pose to our elections. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate. brzezinski: take a look at this.
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chase. make more of what's yours. happy friday. right now it is ever:12. if you're going to the sierra this weekend, check out squaw valley and alpine meadows. all of the lifts and runs and trails open this weekend as we still have some dry weather. we'll talk about what is headed to the bay area, that is coming up in less than five minutes. and southbound 101 still slow from sfo heading down toward popular where there was a crash in the back-up. the earlier crash at third has cleared from the roadway. so some em provements for the northbound commute. the bay bridge toll plaza some
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slowing as folks gather for the fast track lanes. and very good morning to you. and a happy friday as well. let's talk about the dow industrials. good morning to you. the nasdaq, the dow hit really hard yesterday. by those coronavirus fierces and that is happening again today. depressing the bets, so much so they're feeling black and dark about the whole thing. let's talk about coronavirus here at home. facebook and sony playstation have pulled out of the game developers con treference at th mascone center in san francisco. i think we may have video of that. you may have recalled a big cell phone conference in barcelona shut down. we don't have video or anything behind me. i'll just talk to you and try to fix it in the meantime. i'll go back to talk to laura and marcus here in just a second. facebook canceled a marketing conference in san francisco
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earlier. laura and marcus, ibm said it will not let employees attend the rsa security conference at mascone center either. >> scott -- >> we'll try to get the kinks worked out. in the meantime, this is kind of funny. you know comedian amy schumer, she's a new mom and now she's sharing some of the wisdom of the mothering world with the world world this morning. she has a very inventive toys for babies in your life and it is free. >> you get a big box, okay and clean it out and make sure there are no staples in it and then you put blankets around it -- >> yes, you use a box for a bedment schumer recommends putting an egg crate at the bottom of the box to make that surfaces even softer. they welcomed a new baby about nine months ago. >> clearly they had it shipped to her house. >> you think about nine months, that is the time that they start
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to crawl around and -- get into everything. >> good luck keeping them in the box. my jack, not in the box. all right. so that is something we'll have to see more about. let's get ready for the day. as we head out on the friday morning. temperatures in the low 40s, especially north bay. and also down in the south county as well as livermore, we have some low 40s. as you get this friday started, low 50s along the coast. then our temperature trend in concord will be at about 45 degrees at 7:00. and then going to 61 degrees at 10:00. a very quick warm-up again today. look at this. at 1:00 we're at 70 degrees with high clouds moving but a nice day. high temperatures in the south bay, downtown 73 degrees in san jose. now that is warmer than it was yesterday. and the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. pittsburg expect a high of 74.
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in hayward 73. and upper 60s in half moon bay. san mateo reaching 71. 72 in the mission district. and it is breezy today. north bay high temperatures in novato reaching 75 degrees. well there is a chance of rain close by. keep in mind that if you're travel ago long the central coast, down to southern california, we have this disturbance moving in and it will bring in a very slight chance of rain for monterey and parts of the south bay. possibly along the coast. late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. but for the most part, the bay area will stay dry as that system moves across southern california. we're expecting rain there today and tomorrow. and then as we go into the next several days, a lot of the storm systems will stay well to the north of us. so still nothing significant here as we go into the next couple of weeks. so you may be asking, where is the rain for the bay area? well, they've had a lot of it for the pacific northwest. in fact, seattle measured almost
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eight inches of rain in the past month and a half. for san jose, a tenth of an inch of rain. so that is the rain for the bay area. even though we're seeing changes in the pattern, we're still not seeing any rain into next week. temperatures will warm up. it is going to feel more like the end of spring as our inland temperatures reach near 80 degrees by next thursday. and, mike, you've been tracking the roads, still keeping an eye on the parts of the peninsula. that is right. because of the deadly crash that happened southbound 101 at third avenue or shy of the off-ramp. bob redell reported they were asked to leave the freeway. and northbound side the distraction is gone because of all of the flashing lights but still another scene there southbound 101 same direction in the back-up from the original crash, we have your slow lane blocked, your far right lane. so traffic is jammed up south of sfo toward popular where the crash is located. the off-ramp is open at popular and that is causing more
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slowing. now a lot better traffic flow. so as we look at waze, they're going to talk about a couple of things. one is that south 101, a half hour delay still for the stretch, one of the wazers have reported that. and so look down here to nbc bay area wazers which is the team that i would love for you to join as well. a big difference here. if you are coming down 101, the green route, 54 minutes through the back-up. it used to be over an hour so it is about 15 minutes faster now as we had that one crash clears but down 380 toward 92 and back over to 101. a longer ride and faster route. back out to the maps. a lighter friday flow of traffic on 280 and around the rest of the bay, south bay a mild build just for san jose, 101 and 87 passing the downtown area for 87. a crash over at the castro valley -- hasn't been a problem and out of lanes and the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were thought turned on until 6:00 in the morning and it
6:19 am
is now 6:18 and you nt the back-up but more heavily built up there. and i know it is small print. just go to the cal train website if you have plans to take it it over the weekend because you can't go north past the bay shore station between san francisco and the bay shore station, they've shut down trains this weekend and for five more weeks, i believe. they're doing part of the electrification project for cal train. >> but they will have a bus bridge. >> yes. >> so you don't have to walk the rest of the way. thanks. 6:19. and nbc bay area investigates. doctors and nurses always save lives but should they have to risk their own lives to do so. >> reporter candice nguyen spoke to medical workers who have seen a growing number of violent patients making it difficult to provide care for everyone else. >> reporter: health care workers are four times more likely to experience a violent attack than other workers according to the
6:20 am
national labor statistics. in 2017 they enacted safety standards requiring hospitals to report assaults against workers and develop a plan to prevent future attacks. since then cal osha has received 23,000 reports of assaults which range from a nurse being kicked to someone actually killed. state data analyzed by our unit revealed after most assaults hospitals reported taking no action to improve safety. the cal osha chief said the agency has issued dozens of citations for hospitals for failing to protect workers from violence. but admits it is too soon to know if the knew rules are making a difference. you could see our full investigation online where we've also posted a detailed breakdown showing the most common areas where attacks could happen all on our website at and of course if you have a story for our investigative unit give them a call or go to the website at
6:21 am 6:20 this morning. and talk about a soft touch. next here on "today in the bay," a pilot landing the plane without any gear. this is as bystanders are holding their breath. see that video coming up. and also at 6:30, a new confirmed coronavirus case in northern california. but good news on the fight against the virus in the south bay. but first we're helping you wag into the weekend. we asked to you share some of the photos of your pets with us. and certainly you delivered. you posted some of them on my facebook page. it was love of pet day yesterday. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. we thank you so much for sharing all of these pictures. this is aa lot of furry love in the bay area. we even had some horses on there and iguana i think. it is nice to see all of the love. year round. you can see the rest of these photos online on my facebook page laura garcia nbc.
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now, we know the trump strategy-
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try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation.
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a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. 6:24 now. take a look at these live pictures from southern california. yeah, that is a bear walking around live on the loose. could you tell he's in a yard there with with a security sign posted there. this is happening in monrovia, east of pasadena. this is concerning because it is a neighborhood near an elementary school. he doesn't seem to be very scared off at all.
6:25 am
just wandering around, a lot of front yards looking for garbage. the last couple of days there have been numerous bear sightings in that area. so far no police or animal control units have not arrived. news crews are there. to take that live look. >> you could imagine that morning call. whoa! . gladis, there is a bear outside of your house. a scary landing, two people safe after the plane touched down without landing gear at florida's daytona beach airport. look at sparks flying there. the plane skidded down the runway eventually coming to a stop. talk about a great escape. gone all wrong. do you see that right there. that woman inmate was trying to escape in dayton, ohio, falling through the ceiling into the arms of the deputy. on top of attempting kidnapping she was facing, she's now looking at escape and vandalism charges as well. meaning at least one person this morning not having the sense of
6:26 am
humor about all of this. look at that. she didn't think that through. >> 6:25 now. so far this year 640 viewers have asked our consumer team and telemundo 48 for help. >> chris chmura is here with the recent wins. >> reporter: good morning. 640 is a lot of people, enough folks to fill almost every single seat on a 12-car b.a.r.t. train. let's start with our telemundo counterparts consumer investigator arlen fernandez helps jose tina after a check had expired. she couldn't get the check reissued until the respond squad stepped up. there is no standard expiration date for checks so cash them if you have them. we helped ben in fremont, a year long delay moving into a newly built home. he expected $52,500 for
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unplanned rent payment and after we stepped in the builder settled that case. to our growing total together we have now recovered $4.29 million for viewers like you. you could send us your consumer tips at 888-996-tips in english or 844-408-4848 in spanish. have a great weekend. >> thanks, chris. it is 6:27. coming up next. a live look at san jose state campus where dozens of college students spent the night outside. they're concern about homeless chas mates. what they want done now. and toxic troubles at an east bay high school with the discovery of a cancer-causing chemical. why the students still don't know when the campus will reopen. you're watching "today in the bay."
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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right now at 6:30, a man struck and killed on highway 101 on the peninsula. next, the help chp officers say he was trying to give when another car hit him. plus happening now, fighting homelessness. dozens of students camping outside overnight at san jose state. next, a live report on what they're asking from lawmakers. and it is friday. and meteorologist kari hall has your weekend forecast. "today in the bay" continues for you right now. good friday morning. thanks for joining us.
6:31 am
i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to look at that forecast for you. a lot of people have plans this weekend so it is a nice sunny day. >> actually warmer today compared to yesterday. but we'll have a slight cooldown for the weekend. let's check out martinez. starting out at 47 degrees at 8:00. and a quick warm-up at noon. we're at 68 degrees and 72 at 2:00 today. here is a look at our microclimates. reaching into the upper 70s and 60s into the middle of the day. we'll look at that weekend forecast in about 6:00. and mc -- and mike is still seeing slowing on the peninsula. >> a block still at southbound 101. the deadly crash you saw in the video at the top of the show, that is clear. but definitely a tragic situation early in the morning. and in that back-up, we had another crash which is still there slowing you from sfo heading down toward popular. a distraction and the commute northbound from 92 slows through the area. the rest of the bay moving smoothly. there is back-up at bay bridge
6:32 am
for the metering lights. back to you. >> right now dozens of students in the south bay are sheeping outside in protest to help them and others make it in the bay. usually that struggle is real for students trying to pay for college and then you add on top of it trying to a place to live. >> and we are joined by the message the students are trying to send out. kris? >> reporter: well, hi there. activists are sleeping so it is very quiet out here but this is a very visual and powerful reminder of the 5300 -- 53,000 csu students who experience homelessness every single year. this is video from earlier this morning. the 14th year of the poverty under the stars camp out. this time the students mission is to push for the passage of bill 1314 which would include housing in the total cost of college so when students apply for cal grant money that would cover their housing costs and not just their tuition.
6:33 am
>> we're just here in solidarity and here and trying to fight for them. >> reporter: out through the program as sjsu cares the university provided said they provided 53 students with financial aid grants and 21 with financial aid loans, 18 emergency assistance funds and got six students temporary housing with an average stay of 18 days. bare in mind there are 4,000 students here at san jose state that experience homelessness. through this protest and student homeless alliance got the administration to make even more resources available by this fall. and back in january the university announced a plan to build about a thousand below market apartments that would be for faculty, staff and some students but that will take five years for that construction to be complete. at san jose state, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. 6:33 now. berkeley mayor proposing a new
6:34 am
policy aimed at easing the housing crunch, wanting renters to have the first dibs on market. it this would help them keep a roof over their heads. the city council plans to vote on the proposal later this month. we're going even more in depth online with our "making it in the bay" segment. had head to and check out how far your money will go in other cities compared to the bay area. through developments in the coronavirus outbreak. santa clara county health leaders say the person hissed as the first corona case in the south bay has now fully recovered. the health department just releasing him from home quarantine. and 76,000 have been infected but in california a new case has been diagnosed in humboldt county. right now in california alone nearly two dozen people are to be monitored for the virus.
6:35 am
in the bay area 16 people are still recovering. this is after being evacuated from that contaminated cruise ship in japan. and chases are suddenly canceled at oakland's mcclymondss high school. they canceled classes yesterday and it will stay that way until further notice. tce is a carcinogen, at an emergency meeting last night they talked about the discovery and tried to reassure parents and teachers. they say it comes too close to the problem two years ago when unhealthy lead levels were found in drinking water. >> we don't know anything definite but we do know that there is a potential that there may be some danger based on what we may get from the testing. >> teams are set to conduct soil samples on campus through the weekend. rangers have now euthanized a mountain lion that clawed a
6:36 am
6-year-old girl in a south bay park over the weekend at ranch san antonio preserve in cupertino. rangers found the 60 pound mountain lion in a tree on wednesday. they euthanized her due to the lingering threat to people. the park should reopen today. a strange police chase unfolded at a sacramento airport. it was all caught on camera. do you see it there. that is a coyote, spotted running on the runway yesterday. the airport actually had to be shut down temporarily due to safety concerns. they called in a helicopter to try to see where it was. it eventually just scared away. >> left that area through a nearby drainage ditch and we should point out that there was no sign of the road runner. >> that coyote looks pretty wylie. >> that thing is running, scared of that helicopter. >> everything is okay at the acme airport. >> exactly.
6:37 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. the back-up did form gradually and the metering lights were turn on just after 6:00 a.m. and the build up is showing good movement. this is the bay bridge toll plaza after all. but it is friday so we sometimes see a light he flow. a crash west 80 at gilman involving a truck, a big rig and in the middle of the freeway. another crash farther up at el portal moving to the shoulder so two things to slow down the east shore freeway. the rest of the bay is hoffing smoothly aside from this slow south 101 approaching popular, the second of two crashes that happened into san mateo and now i think we see recovery as well. >> we just needed to calm down out there. we need to slide into the weekend. >> just next door. >> we're pretty much there. and our nice weather continues. we'll continue on with some well above normal temperatures. reaching into the low 70s inland tomorrow as the sunshine breaks out. it will be a nice day but there will be some clouds early
6:38 am
tomorrow morning. a couple of sprinkles possible too. but then heading into sunday, more dry weather and highs reaching into the 60s. and we have this mardi gras carnival in redwood city. if you're checking that out, grab a light jacket. it is in the upper 50s during the start of the festival and then going into the low 50s as the evening goes along. and then on sunday you're enjoy warmer weather and sunshine in livermore as sunday at hageman ranch this is a family friend event and temperatures reach into the mid-60s during the middle of the day. if you're hiking in muir woods from the upper 60s to 50s and great hiking weather. and then in santa cruz also be a little bit cooler heading into the rest of the weekend after hitting 71 today. we'll see some upper 50s tomorrow. and some low 60s on sunday. if you're planning to go this weekend to lake shasta, it is all clear. beautiful sunshine. reaching into the mid-60s for
6:39 am
today and tomorrow. but heads up there will be some rain in southern california and we'll see some rain in l.a. between today and tomorrow but it will be drying out on sunday. make sure you're following me on social media. i'm account kari hall weather on facebook and staug. we'll look at our south bay temperature trend in minutes. still ahead, the future of the a's home base up in the air. the big deadline that could make or break the stadium plans. and the aft rose sign stealing scandal hinting pint size players. the way big leagues is affecting little leagues. out in washington, a story that seemed fairly minor to begin with is now turning into something much, much bigger. out to the big board in new york city. dow industrials down 156 points, better than we were expecting. the kids say it is fri-yay.
6:40 am
be careful where you take selfies. that is a warning from a bay area sheriff. we'll tell you where the shutdown for the selfies is happening right here in the bay area. tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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happy friday. right now it is 6:42, a live look at the sunrise over the south bay. isn't this nice. it is a great way to start out our weekend. and we'll see our temperatures in evergreen in the upper 40s. but a few more clouds will start to move in. but it will be a very warm day.
6:43 am
we'll talk about what is going on this weekend coming up in less than five minutes. and look at this map. contra costa county looks great. good news for the two crashes there. el portal and gilman both with crashes and both move to the shoulder. minor distraction. and slow toward san mateo and i'm not just talking about the san mateo bridge. although you're hook at it. and when you look like we have a new disabled truck on the right side. i'll point it out. >> thanks. all lanes of 101 on the peninsula back over after a deadly hit-and-run crash. >> just before 2:00 in the morning in san mateo. the driver of a blue scion crashed into a sound wall. but then a good samaritan in a bmw pulled out and got out to help. that is when the chp said he was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> he was standing outside of his vehicle which is inherently unsafe any time outside of your vehicle standing in lanes, we appreciate when people do try to
6:44 am
help out. however, any time that you're in active lanes of traffic it is extremely dangerous. >> now the driver of the car that triggered the initial incident suffered serious injuries. police believe the car that took off is a blue or dpgray scion. 6:44 and a huge update to a story we brought you cred. >> new clues as to with why president named a new head of intelligence. >> good morning. so much to update you about. we did talk about it yesterday. so on thursday. we reported to you that president trump had named richard grenell as the new acting director of national intelligence. it was an unexpected move. grenell has little experience in intelligence gathering but it wasn't beyond the pail. trump trusts him. he is the ambassador to germany. yesterday in my reports to you, i said grenell, if approved by the senate, would replace dan coats. another trump appointee who had
6:45 am
been the dni. but trump fired him. trump had issues with coats lar lar -- particularly when you would talk about interference in the 2016 election. so you have grenell and coats. i had intentionally skipped mentioning this guy, joe maguire. he's the current acting dni put into place by trump after trump fired coats. honestly i didn't think yesterday maguire was worth mentioning. turned out maguire is the key to all of this. "the new york times" was the first to report and now nbc confirms maguire gave a classified briefing to both parties in congress that the russians were planning to interfere in our 2020 presidential elections just like they did in the 2016 elections and the russians were supporting donald trump's re-election. trump was irate and he fired maguire in response. the big thing to take away from this, the thing that has
6:46 am
washington in the latest upset is the president fired the u.s. head of intelligence because the president didn't like what the head of intelligence had to say. the blockbuster news is not that the russian support trump. we've known that for years. congressional hearings warning from the fbi, cia, dni, independent reports all say they interfered and warned they would be back to interfere in 2020. donald trump jr. released emails showing before his meeting with a woman he knew to be a russian government attorney, he was told this meeting will be part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. the emailer promised dirt on clinton. if it is what you say, responded donald trump jr., i love it. trump jr. posted the emails to his twitter. now to be clear. after that long investigation, robert mueller testified there was, quote, insufficient evidence, to establish
6:47 am
conspiracy with the russians. did the trump campaign know about the russian help? yes. president trump has alternately acknowledged russians interfered and said they did not. at one point in helsinki trump with putin when asked if he believes his own intelligence agency or putin and trump said i have no reason to disbelieve putin. so we'll be watching this latest thing in washington. much bigger story than we thought it was yesterday. i'll tweet about it @scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. still ahead, encrypted apps like what's app are supposed to be unbreakable until now. >> we're going to get all of the data from your icloud back-ups and see where you've been, who you are calling, who you're messaging and the contentsp your messages. >> in 15 minutes on the "today" show, the simple way hackers are now gaining access. well 6:47 for you and
6:48 am
trending this morning. the response to a heartbreaking video of a young australian boy with dwarfism telling his mother that he was think being suicide because he was being bullied in school. >> it was tragic. but now social media is coming up to try to lift up 9-year-old quaiden bales. cod -- comedian brad williams set up a gofundme page for bale saying bullying is not to be tolerated and that quaiden is a wonderful human being who deserves joy. he sure does. the page has raised over $200,000 to send bales to disneyland. new fallout from the sign-stealing scandal. little league organizations everywhere are rethinking using astros as the team name. one little league has made the decision. here is a league board member
6:49 am
explaining why. >> the team that they cheated is negative to the whole baseball community and the banning of the name is a good way to show kids that it is not good to cheat. >> that is a pennsylvania little league team. so far little league international has no plans to impose a strict ban but supports any such decision made at the local level. >> trying to get the perfect selfie could get you a fine. at least in the north bay. solano county sheriffs posted a psa for people wanting to visit almond orchards. people are trespassing on private property to snap the perfect picture when trees are in bloom. it is beautiful, but you know you can be arrested for trespassing and fined up to a thousand dollars. sheriffs deputies say if you do want to get the are perfect picture, do it legally. you have to park on the roadway, not impacting traffic and certainly you shouldn't step on to private property. a lot of ag land in california.
6:50 am
>> my family included, with farming in the background. >> mine too. >> people love to take pictures by the crops. make sure you're not stepping in the crops. >> very important. very important. >> it is a great weekend. though i think picture are perfect for the bay area. we're enjoying sunshine. it feels like spring and it is going to warm up. today one of the warmest days of the weekend. a live look outside in palo alto. a clear sky here. a few clouds starting to mix in throughout the day but still very warm. we're going from 45 degrees to 63 degrees at 11:00. and eventually reaching into the upper 60s by early this afternoon. and we are talking about the blooms. if you're standing there taking the pictures, of course tree pollen is high. we've seen the top allergens from pine to elm to juniper right now. and the temperatures reaching into the low to mid-70s. 75 in napa. 73 in oakland.
6:51 am
and in palo alto as well as san jose. and morgan hill will reach 74 degrees. but there will be some changes going into the weekend. especially if you'll be taking some of the road trips traveling just to our south is a chance of showers. look at the swirl of clouds and rain moving along the central coast. and it is heading into southern california. a lot of this will stay to the south of us. but we're seeing some of the light rain already moving into monterey. and it will mostly move into southern california and for us there will be just a slight chance of some spotty sprinkles as we heed into tomorrow morning. but the cliemtd prediction center just putting out outlook for march, april and may and showing that most of northern california will have well below average rainfall over the next three months. probably something that we already knew but here we go. it looks like we continue on with this dry pattern as we go toward the end of the month. and our temperatures will feel more like the end of spring as we reach near 80 degrees for
6:52 am
those inland areas by next thursday. mike, you spotted a problem on the san mateo bridge. >> i did, kari, it is not in the climate prediction plotter but it is on the bridge. i put an arrow there. a disabled truck. i believe it is disabled. it may be a service vehicle but that is not a good time to be in that very narrow shoulder. west 92 so adding distraction. you do see some folks tapping brakes as they catch a glimpse of that and smoothly moving past the scene. but only slows traffic even more in your commute direction as you build across 92 right on that portion heading to the peninsula. now on the peninsula, as you look at the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. on the peninsula, one thing we'll see when we zoom in is it is still slow southbound 101 but recovering approaching popular. chp has not cleared this report. they say one lane was blocked a few minutes ago but i do see the speeds recovering from sfo down to popular. i believe that is clear for the second crash of the morning
6:53 am
heading in toward san mateo. finally all lanes clear there. lanes clear here as well, west 80 at el portal and at gilman, you saw the back-up after the crashes in lanes just a few minutes from the toll plaza. the metering lights are on and the back-up with the toll plaza and mild build through the north bay. back to you. 440 people in the philippines are celebrating wedding bless. 220 couples exchanged vows in a mass wedding in the central philippines yesterday. officials handed out surgical masks for the couples and visitors and they had to undergo health checks even before the ceremony. a quick look at top stories including police department shocker. oakland police chief fired seemingly without warning. what is next for the department. and another school district dealing with cuts. dire warning for san francisco teachers and parents. and stick around because guess who is on the "today" show?
6:54 am
♪ >> yeah, you know who that is. that is bts. they're live on the "today" show at 30 rock and it is still buzzing all morning. check out the lines there. oh, my my my. oh, my my my. bts is coming up at 7:00 for you right after "today in the bay." and we're back with top stories in just two minutes here on "today in the bay." now, we know the trump strategy-
6:55 am
6:56 am
try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
6:57 am
6:56 and welcome back to you. here is a quick look at the top stories this morning. >> a bombshell announcement in oakland with a sudden firing of the city's first feel police chief. the commission delivered the news after voting unanimously. the oakland mayor libby schaaf appointed anne kirkpatrick years ago. the city will offer kirkpatrick one year's pay, about $270,000, if she signs an agreement about the decision. starting today the department is now being led by interim chief darren allison. new this morning, layoffs may soon come for san francisco school teachers. the superintendent note tied them this week saying the district is looking to cut $26 million from the budget. and the shortfall could double next school year.
6:58 am
the teachers union is negotiating other cost-cutting options besides layoffs. live look at san jose state university where students are raising awareness about the struggles of making it in the bay. they are holding a poverty under the stars. you see all of the tents there. it is a camp out. the protest is meant to show that many students in the csu system are dealing with homelessness. the mission this year is to get lawmakers to pass a bill which would chu housing into the total cost of college. meaning students could apply for cal grant money to cover housing and tuition. >> we're just here in solidarity, we're here and we're trying to fight for them. >> san jose state announced this year to build below market apartments for faculty and staff and some students. 6:58. today may be critical with when it comes to the future of the a's new ballpark because city planners have circled today's date for submitting an environmental impact report. the a's plan to build a new
6:59 am
stadium at howard terminal near jack london square. last year they had a land deal dependent oeir. if everything goes as plans first pitch could be as soon as 2023. a large bear on the loose in monrovia and live pictures of the bear near l-- near an elementary school. running around in the front yards. we'll bring you updates but certainly a scary way to start the morning down there. >> it is frightening how comfortable they are. >> more charming. >> oh, my -- >> we have some nice weather for you today as you get ready to head out and tomorrow will be slightly cooler in a few spots. but more sunshine throughout the weekend. >> smooth commute. >> except for the san mateo bridge where theres was a truck on the shoulder. it is still there under the arrow, right side but not in lanes. >> all right. that is what is happening. we're back at 7:25 with a live update and keeping track of the
7:00 am
bear in monrovia in southern california. >> walking around the neighborhoods. it looks like everyone is safe. you would see pictures online and people with cell phones, not a good idea. >> look as you see him right there. have a good friday. good morning nearing a meltdown new revelations from inside the intelligence community today a u.s. official telling nbc news it is chaos inside, after the president dumped the head of national intelligence. and new this morning, the stunning reason why. breaking overnight, mass hysteria protesters take to the streets in ukraine over fears of the coronavirus. even attacking a bus full of evacuees from china amid false reports the passengers were sick under arrest, the idaho mother whose children have been missing since september, turns up in hawaii


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