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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2020 3:00am-3:30am PST

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breaking this morning, the president and first lady arrive in india for a whirlwind 36-hour meeting that'll touch on trade and much more. coronavirus has reached pandemic stages with events in italy canceled and now preparations in the u.s. are being met with mixed results in just a few hours thousands will pour into the staples center to honor the lives of kobe bryant, his daughter, and the seven other victims of last month's helicopter crash and mardi gras is in full swing with carnival celebrations around the globe ahead of fat tuesday. welcome to a new week. "early today" starts right now great being back with you.
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i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking news. india says namaste to president trump. massive crowds greeted the president as he arrived for his first trip to the country since taking office. he touched down just hours ago in ahmad bad, which is the largest city in prime minister modi's home state. he's there to speak before a raucous crowd of over 100,000 people at the world's largest cricket stadium. nbc's carol lee joining us from new delhi with the latest. carol, this trip seems to be about more pomp than policy. >> reporter: yeah, phillip, that's exactly right the president arrived here about two hours ago and it's been nothing but a glitzy ceremony for him so far he was greeted at the airport by prime minister modi. there was a red carpet there were dancers and music and then he motorcaded to ahmadbad people were flooding the streets. there were tl were thousands of people they were cheering, waving american and indian flags.
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his first stop was at the spiritual sanctuary of mahatma gandhi from there he had a tour with the first lady of the sanctuary and from there they went to the stadium where he is going to deliver a speech and moments from now that's expected to be one of the largest crowds that the president has ever addressed. the stadium can hold 110,000 people and prime minister modi is billing this as namaste trump. that's the headline of what the event is being called.manage inmates while they were in jail. less the number of coronavirus cases is surging around the world. there are now more than 77,000 cases of the virus detected in over 20 countries. the death toll now stands at over 2,000 people, most of them in china this morning chinese health officials are reporting 150 additional deaths and over 400 new cases. but the virus is quickly spreading outside of mainland
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china. south korea cases have surpassed 700, with seven deaths iran raised its death toll from the virus to eight with 43 confirmed cases. and italy now has 152 cases including three deaths italian officials have cut short venice carnival events as they try to control the spread of the coronavirus in europe, which now has the largest number of cases outside of asia. just one example of the extreme precautions, fashion designer giorgio armani held his milan fashion week 2020 show in an empty theater without any press or buyers due to coronavirus concerns this as the virus rattles markets around the world the dow is set to drop about 400 points at the open let's turn to the 2020 race. senator bernie sanders cementing his place as the democratic front-runner nbc news is projecting his victory in nevada, winning 17 delegates. and joe biden will be the only
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other candidate to reach the 15% threshold, likely earning seven delegates. sanders took his new momentum to texas where former candidate marianne williamson endorsed the senator. for more on the state of the race here's nbc's jennifer johnson. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders already campaigning in delegate-rich texas, one of 14 states that votes on super tuesday, march 3rd. sanders looking ahead at the campaigning biggest prize after winning the nevada caucus, surprising critics by grabbing votes across demographics. >> in nevada we have just put together a multigenerational, multiracial coalition which is going to not only win in nevada, it's going to sweep this country. >> reporter: sanders now says he was informed about a month ago on russians attempting to interfere in his campaign and president trump's. the acting national intelligence director joseph maguire briefed congress on russia's meddling but was ousted by the president
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friday his national security adviser denies there's evidence. >> i haven't seen any intelligence that russia's doing anything to attempt to get president trump re-elected >> reporter: sanders believes he can beat president trump, but moderates fear the self-described socialist's liberal policies will scare off swing voters >> if you're voting for him because you think he'll win the election because he'll galvanize heretofore sleepy parts of the electorate, then politically you're a fool. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden and pete buttigieg finished a distant second and third in nevada >> my job is to go in and make the best case i can, and i think we're going to do well >> reporter: biden and pete buttigieg are hoping for a win in south carolina, the next primary. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington a federal judge has rejected stone's request for a new judge in his trial stone's lawyers accused u.s. district judge amy berman jackson of bias and called for her recusal. stone was sentenced last week by
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berman jackson to 40 months in prison for obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering. in a statement the judge called the request "nothing more than an attempt to use the court's docket to disseminate a statement for public consumption that has the words judge and biased in it." it's been a month since the devastating chopper crash that killed lakers legend kobe bryant and his daughter gianna. today 20,000 mourners will be flooding the staples center in los angeles to say their final farewells during a public memorial nbc's steve patterson is here with a preview steve? >> yeah, phillip in just a few hours downtown los angeles will be covered in purple and gold as fans come together to honor the memory of kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter gianna with a massive public memorial. 20,000 ticket-holding mourners are expected to fill the streets near the staples center, the so-called house that kobe built. screens around the arena will go dark while the immediate area will be gated off to ticket
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holders only more than 80,000 people applied to the ticket lottery. proceeds of course going to kobe's mamba foundation. the lapd obviously realizes that this is a huge moment of grieving, and they are encouraging tributes and displays of mourning throughout the city but they are also asking residents if you don't have a ticket do not go security is expected to be very tight in and around the venue. the date here is of particular significance 2-24-20. 2 was gianna's basketball number 24 is obviously the number that kobe wore on his back for so many years and 20 both being the number of years that kobe played as a laker and the length of his marriage to his wife, vanessa. this all of course comes in the midst of an investigation into the crash that killed bryant, his daughter, and seven others it was recently found that the pilot in that crash had violated federal flight rules in 2015 when he flew into busy air space
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near los angeles international airport after being told not to by air traffic control federal authorities, though, have said the incident was sort of a one-off and it did not indicate a pattern of bad behavior conclusions from the crash investigation are expected to take several more months and since the crash the city has been in this constant state of mourning an estimated 250,000 fans have come to the staples center in and around the area just to pay tribute over the past few weeks. kobe's celebration of life starts at 10:00 local time, expected to last a few hours phillip? >> all right, steve, thank you surveillance video captured the moment a uk driver made a dangerous uturn onto a highway during rush hour the footage released by staffordshire police in england shows the truck driver the wrong way along an exit ramp there before maneuvering straight into oncoming traffic according to police, no one was hurt in the incident the truck driver was sentenced
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to six months in jail and prohibited from driving for 15 months all right. it is monday let's start that off by saying hello to janessa webb. good morning >> hey, good morning good morning, everyone it's the new week and we have a new storm system that's already brewing in the southern plains, making its way to the midwest fairly quickly you thought winter was over. here it comes. chicago into the upper midwest, look at this forecast. it's not solid just yet. some of our models still in disagreement but we are looking at heavy snowfall for chicago into milwaukee, potential of six to eight inches and that starts for tomorrow pacific northwest, lots more sunshine and temperatures are going to continue to drop across minneapolis. today daytimheast. enjoy it we're going to see near-record
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highs from new york to boston. and you all thought winter was over here it comes for chicago. we'll watch this system really closely. >> probably going to knock down those temperatures we've been used to having thank you. take a look at the largest food fight in italy. this annual celebration, the ballot of the oranges, went on despite new coronavirus worries in the country people wearing red suits arrived in the town square of ivrea, pelting spectators with oranges from the top of the truck. thousands gathered for the event, which is scheduled to continue until tuesday >> oranges, i would think that would kind of hurt it's not tomatoes. >> exactly just ahead, megxit meltdown. the queen's latest response to prince harry and meghan's royal departure. >>and a> on roll. an 84-year-old sinks the putt of a lifetime >> no way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better.
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leading the news, a 5.7 magnitude quake struck at the border of turkey and iran. the quake killed at least nine people in turkey and injured dozens of others in vilages and towns in both countries. more than 1,000 buildings collapsed in turkey. rescue crews began searching for people trapped under the rubble. officials say three of the nine people killed in turkey were children a couple in their 70s who vanished in the california woods over valentine's day weekend has been found alive the two had been missing since leaving their vacation cottage and getting lost on a hike after nearly a week of searching volunteers heard a couple yelling for help and then found them in a densely forested area. according to officials, they survived by drinking out of a puddle helicopter crews airlifted the couple to a hospital to be treated. >> wow an american soldier stationed over 6,000 miles away helps chicago police nab two burglars, and it's all thanks to his doorbell camera app. richard wharton is stationed in iraq he watched on his smartphone as two men left his garage with power tools.
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he called parkridge police and within minutes they found those suspects andres gutierrez and brandon shaw were charged with burglary. parkridge police thanked warren for protecting his country and his home >> that's impressive this is impressive in a whole new way. 84-year-old sank the putt of a lifetime saturday night. watch here as she lined up the 94-foot putt at the ole miss basketball game. so there it goes and you can see -- >> wow >> nails it. right in there got the mascot right there to congratulate her she has a reason to celebrate besides that putt. she also worn a 2020 nissan alt ma >> that is so impressive >> look at her, setting it up, getting in the zone. >> i would think the grooves on the wood would make it a little harder even if she hit it flush it would get pulled one way or another. that's impressive. >> i wonder how she actually is on the green >> i know, right you walk away and never pick up a club after that. that's incredible. all right. the royal rift is getting rocky.
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with sources reporting that the queen just wants this whole ordeal over with, over and done with in a profile for "vanity fair" sources close to the monarch say that prince harry and meghan markle's decision to leave the royal family has been hurtful to queen elizabeth. the queen's reportedly been keen on getting their departure resolved because she sees it as damaging to the monarchy the couple are to abrand the sussex royal brand and they will step away from their royal duties at the end of march after a whole flood of headlines, for a while there was a little lull where we weren't talking about it >> like a day maybe? >> she agreed to let them go and now it seems it's stirring up with it >> she's done with it. the big winners at the naacp image awards ok> and skating into the history bos.we'll take a look back at t miracle on ice 40 years later. luckily there's febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours.
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this is my first birthday being here. hopefully i will be out before my 21st birthday. coming up, the this is a night of celebration. a show to honor the very best in black excellence >> the naacp image awards were held over the weekend. the annual event that celebrates black artists in entertainment, media, music, and more was hosted by six-time winner actor anthony anderson some of the night's biggest winners included singer lizzo, who was crowned entertainer of the year the film "mercy mercy" featuring michael b. jordan and jamie foxx took home outstanding motion picture. lil' nas x was named
3:19 am
breakthrough artist and rihanna received the president's award four decades ago the miracle on ice captivated the world. the u.s. ice hockey team skated into history with their stunning victory over the soviet union. nbc's jose diaz-balart sat down with the members of the team to look back at the epic 1980 olympic games. >> reporter: it was one of the greatest moments in sports history. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> reporter: the u.s. men's hockey team shocking the world, beating the powerhouse soviets in what is now known as the miracle on ice does it seem like it was 40 years ago? >> it does when we try to play >> reporter: team captain mike eruzione scored the winning goal >> eruzione! >> mike eruzione >> we believed in what we were doing, we had trust in what herb was doing, and like i said we went into that game -- you've got to think you have a chance >> reporter: the ussr had won five of the last six olympic golds. the american team led by legendary coach herb brooks was made up of college kids and
3:20 am
amateurs they were the youngest team there that winter. >> we were young unknown guys at that time but looking back 40 years later you say that was a lot better team than we gave them credit for. >> reporter: as the clock wound down the improbable looked possible >> did you feel then we've got this >> we didn't feel good until the clock went to zero >> reporter: that win launched them to the finals where they took home the gold america's first in 20 years. and it boosted america at a pivotal time >> usa >> reporter: in the middle of the cold war in the grips of inflation. and during a hostage crisis in iran >> it's like look at those guys, it's something to hang our hat on about the u.s. and it's something good about this. and whether somebody knew something about hockey or nothing about hockey, this was an exciting thing and it just caught everybody's attention >> we represent everybody in this country and our event happened to take another step because of the political climate and people embraced us. >> reporter: four decades later
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the feelings of friendship, teamwork, and patriotism are still strong >> herbie taught us that we were capable of accomplishing far more than we ever dreamed of by working as a group and coming together as a group and doing it as a team. and there's no better feeling than that. >> we represented what makes this country so great, is people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work >> our thanks to jose for that report for some of us who are too young to even remember that you've got the books, the movies all about it too makes you want to watch them now 40 years later >> yeah, i wasn't around when that happened but it was one of the first underdog stories i ever heard as a sports fan >> we all know about it. just ahead janessa will have a look at our week ahead and the rnaloecaiv gs to the dogs the rough revelry on the streets of rio >> ruff. tion, no. but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. can the hilton app help us score? you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi.
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♪all strength, we ain't stoppin' believe me♪ ♪go straight till the morning look like we♪ ♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ ♪all strength, no sweat become common. of the officer candidates make it as jail deputies, every day they have random searches that are computer-generated. ash wednesday just two days away carnival celebrations were in full swing this weekend in rio de janeiro, famous for its sa a sambadrome parade. pet lovers showed off their four-legged friends in rio's annual pooch parade. let's take a look back at the week ahead here's janessa once again. >> good morning, everyone. 345rd gra, new orleans, people headed down to canal street. we are still dealing with the flooding rain across the deep south. by mid-week things are going to start to dry out but the cold etnsnitely rur you're watching "early today." we'll be right back.
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a chair, or the heating vent. they have slats and they can rip these off. this is common. you can carry this, nobody would know. your flying eggs are pretty impressive, mr. egg man. but let's face, it you'll never catch me >> confidence. a fool's substitute for intelligence >> sonic the hedgehog held on to its number one spot at the box office, earning 26.3 million in its second weekend not far behind in second place is "the call of the wild" which opened with 24.8 million followed by "harley quinn: birds of prey" with $7 million >> i don't think anyone expected sonic the hedgehog to be -- >> after all the controversy and people not liking the original one they came out with >> couple weeks in a row they did something right. a verdict may be yip nent in the trial of harvey weinstein.
3:27 am
jury deliberations will resume today. on friday they indicated they were deadlocked on two of the most serious counts against the hollywood mogul. the predatory assault charges involve "sopranos" actress annabella sciorra. the jury was unanimous on the other charges involving jessica mann and haley justicee smollett is scheduled to be back in a chicago courtroom today. the former "empire" star is being arraigned on new criminal charges for allegedly staging an attack on himself last year claiming he was the victim of a hate crime this after the initial charges of disorderly conduct were dropped by the cook county attorney's office in a surprise move the 2020 flu season is still going strong the cdc estimates that so far there have been at least 29 million flu illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations, and 16,000 deaths from the flu. and sadly the death numbers do
3:28 am
include children the agency says a told of 105 kids have died from influenza-associated illnesses according to the new report from the cdc, getting a child vaccinated reduces the risk of going to the doctor with the flu by 55% students at penn state university raised over $11 million at their annual dance marathon the 46-hour event donates money to the four diamond fund that's an organization that helps those impacted by pediatric cancer look at all these students, supporters, and child cancer survivors and their families participated there in the dance marathon the event has been called the world's largest student-run philanthropy and i can imagine with that success it's just going to keep getting bigger >> that is so impressive $11 million. a montana state student had a chance to win over $11,000 all he needed to do was hit a full court shot to make it happen the shot, look at that is, catapulting it all the way across 94 feet nailed it. everybody going bonkers for him.
3:29 am
that bobcats stum student ran across the court he throws up a 2 and a 4 for kobe bryant. he won $11,111or f
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breaking this morning, the president and first lady arrive in india for a whirlwind six-hour visit that includes a massive rally and much more. coronavirus has reached pandemic stages and fears of the virus are causing stocks to fall. bernie sanders leaves las vegas with a new wave of momentum and the rest of the party leaves with steam. thousands of fans pour into the staples center to pay respects to kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven others killed i


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