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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2020 3:30am-4:01am PST

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breaking this morning, the president and first lady arrive in india for a whirlwind six-hour visit that includes a massive rally and much more. coronavirus has reached pandemic stages and fears of the virus are causing stocks to fall. bernie sanders leaves las vegas with a new wave of momentum and the rest of the party leaves with steam. thousands of fans pour into the staples center to pay respects to kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven others killed in last month's
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helicopter crash we'll bring you the latest. mardi gras is in full swing kicking off celebrations around the world ahead of fat tuesday "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. according to wall street, stocks are opening the moves come as investors are said to be watching the rapid rise of the china-born illness as it spreads to other countries outside of china as of now, there are more than 77,000 cases of the virus and the global death toll stands at over 2,000 china has reported more cases. in south korea, cases have surpassed 700 with eight deaths. iran has raised its death toll to 12 and italy now has 219
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cases including five deaths. one example of the extreme precautions. fashion designer georgio armani held his she in an empty theater and italian officials have cut short their carnival as they try to stop the spread in europe. india says nomos dei to president trump. massive crowds greeted him he touched down just hours ago in the largest city in prime minister modi's home state he spoke before a raucous crowd before 100,000 people in the world's largest cricket stadium. nbc's bill neely is live with the latest bill, this seems to be more about pomp than policy. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, frances. more about pomp. it was a big show. donald trump loves a shoers a s
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he certainly got one its capacity is 110,000. mr. trump said there were 125,000 here he does love a good large figure and he spoke with india's prime minister modi. quite similar. they both rode to power on that kind of wave, and they were full of praise for one another, but president trump also doing his diplomatic duty here, full of praise for india just take a listen as he spoke about this, the world's biggest democracy. >> the potential for india is absolutely incredible. india's rise as a prosperous and independent nation is an example to every nation all over the world and one of the most
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outstanding achievements of our century. >> reporter: don't expect any great trade deals as a result of this visit indeed, president trump was downplaying that here he praised prime minister modi, but he also said everybody loves him, but he's a very tough negotiator, so don't expect that president trump has now gone to agra, another city, where he'll visit the extraordinary 17th century jewel of india, the taj mahal. he'll be there with the first lady, melania, and then to the capital of delhi, and there there will be talks with political and business leaders here he's never had a rally like this most of his rallies are around 20,000 people here, there were about 110,000, and he seemed to enjoy it. back to you. >> a jam-packed day before he
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returns home bill neely for us. thank you, bill. let's turn now to the 2020 race bernie sanders dominated in the desert with a big win in nevada. nbc news is projecting his win in the caucuses, winning 47% of the delegates. biden reached 20%. bernie sanders took his new momentum to texas where marianne williamson endorsed sanders. good morning joe biden is hoping to get his own huge endorsement in south carolina. >> reporter: mm-hmm. that would be congressman jim clyburn, the house majority whip, the third highest ranking democratic official in the u.s. house of representatives who represent this greater charleston area, the predominantly black part of this area of south carolina our own craig melvin confirmed
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late last night that he's expected to endorse joe biden today five days out from the south carolina primary this is significant. he's a respected voice here across south carolina, and for joe biden, after finishing second place with a significant lead over pete buttigieg in flf, this is a big moment, these next five days for him. if he's able to walk away with a victory or near second, he'll be able to really look to lay claim to being the best counter to take on bernie sanders the rest of the way through this democratic nominating process. we should note pete buttigieg, his campaign was initially protesting some of those results after reporting errors which nbc news confirmed, but when you're looking at the final results with most of them tabulated, there's a significant margin between these two candidates we should note also at the same time, michael bloomberg is still very much a part of this race. he'll also be on the debate stage tomorrow night
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of course, he was not making big plays in the early stage focusing on super tuesday on march 3rd, but for michael bloomberg, he's looking for a better second debate performance. he'll appear on wednesday so he can better prepare as the campaign said to take on bernie sanders tomorrow night here in charleston phillip and frances? >> joe biden really needing that win in south carolina. all right. vaughn hillyard. thank you, sir. it's been a month since the helicopter crash killed kobe bryant, gianna, and seven others tomorrow night everyone will say their final farewells. nbc's jay gray joins us live from l.a. with a preview of what we can expect. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frances. yes, it should be an emotional day here a bit later in the morning. the date of this memorial, no
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coincidence. 2/24, the jersey numbers of kobe and gigi bryant. but it's clear evidence that bryant's legacy stretches far beyond the arena here where he play and where he'll be remembered later this morning. murals and merchandise line the streets of los angeles the city still in mourning. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: the loss of a hero. >> his heart, his drive, his passion to the game. >> reporter: the passion for kobe bryant, his daughter gigi, and seven others lost last month. >> we have lost a family member. >> reporter: it was clear from the moment their chopper went down 250,000 or more gathered outside the arena where the all-star played later this morning, 20,000 will be inside. >> it's just a beautiful thing to get that many people that would otherwise never be united united. >> reporter: more than 80,000 fans were part of the online
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lottery for tickets to the celebration of life. the service won't be broadcast on the screens outside of staples center the businesses and surrounding streets will be closed, police urging people without tickets to watch from home. >> we ask people who are not part of this event to honor the family's wishes and to allow this event to go in as smooth a process as possible. >> reporter: an event many fans hope will ease the mourning here. >> after everyone gets that closure in l.a., i think there will be more happiness in l.a. for him and his daughter. >> reporter: and seven of his friends taking way too soon. the price of tickets to this morning's memorial range from $24.02 to $224, again, a nod to kobe and gee's jersey numbers. proceeds will go to benefit bryant's mamba and mambacita's youth sports foundation.
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francis and phillip, again, it should be a veryheavy day for us here in los angeles. >> thank you, jay. you can watch the entire kobe bryant memorial service on our sister station msnbc starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we take a look at the weather with janessa webb. good morning. >> good morning. there's another system making its way across the pacific northwest impacting the rockies throughout the afternoon gusts will pick up at 35 to 40 miles an hour as the cold continues to stretch across colorado expect significant snow accumulation for the higher elevations look at this from mile city to dasmarck, the kotas. a of los angeles
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today. daytime highs, they're going to be sitting in the mid-60s. so we're thinking winter was over not just yet we have a full week before the official start of spring so watch this. >> oh, boy a nice slap in the fate of cold before we get to that. with ash wednesday two days away, carnival celebrations were in full swing with glitzy sambadrome parades it wasn't all about humans you have four-legged friends that were dressed up for the ra. h pade the "friends" cast is reuniting. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx.
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actor anthony anderson some of the night's biggest winners were lizzo who was crowned entertainer of the year. the film took home outstanding and rihanna received the president's award. after saying good-bye more than a decade ago, some of your best friends are back. the mega cast of the popular tv show are coming together for a special reunion episode, but the homecoming is not cheap. erin mckbllaughlin has more on their pay. >> reporter: after 15 years, the break is over. the "friends" reunion is officially happening, expected to air a one-night screening special. >> for the fans, it should be the super bowl. >> reporter: the special available along with the entire
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"friends" catalog. warnermedia's pivot thwart "friends" reportedly cost over $425 million to lure the library away from netflix for five years. the latest splurge in the so-called streaming wars the classics go to the highest bidder nbcuniversal starting a new streaming service called peacock, reportedly earned exclusive rights for "the office" at over $500 million reportedly max paid $600 million for five years for the big bang thooefrmt netflix signed out for "south park. >> there's so much changing in consumer behavior. >> is this sustainable >> i think when it comes to determining winners and losers in this field, it will come down to the old maxim, people watch
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shows. they don't watch value there's a lot of value on these shows that can be comfort food for the audience. >> reporter: what's more comfortable than familiar friends. erin mclachlin, nbc news. >> easy for them to get together they're friends in real light. might as well get paid for it. >> they all have instagram accounts now. a heavyweight champ is crowned in heavyweight boxing. don't act like you're not impressed. why the legend of ron burgundy lives on breathe happy with febreze plug. [son] mom! yeah... [son] i fell. okay there's bandages in the cabinet. [son] i'm bleeding. grab two. sheba. what cats want. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean.
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in today's quick hits, the milwaukee bucks made history over the weekend with the washington wizards' loss, they got the first place in the playoffs it's not even march yet. it's the earliest a team has clenched in history. an emergency goalie. who was he zamboni driver david ayres he blocked eight of the ten shot on goal. >> disney movie coming susan. britain's tyson fury defeated american boxer deontay wilder to take home the title of heavy weight champion. after his big win, fury who's known as the gipky king said not bad for an old guy with a fat punch. a new game will give players a chance to read the news ron
3:50 am
burgundy style but before that, let's get the latest on how the coronavirus is hitting the markets with cnbc's geoff cutmore. geoff, good morning. >> good morning, frances the italian stoxx exchange off over 4%. we've had a fourth confirmed death from coronavirus in northern italy ten towns are now being quarantined as the number of infected cases rises to 152. it mirrors some developments we're seeing in other countries like south korea where there's also been a significant spike in cases. at the moment, u.s. futures are courting your markets to open down at this stage, but we'll watch developments. let's move on. "anchorman," "stay classy, san diego," that was the catch phrase of ron burgundy you now get the chance to play that role in a new "anchorman"
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game call ed inteleprompter. you have the the ability to disrupt, reading the teleprompter by putting inappropriate comments on that script i don't spoerks frances, you would ever do such a thing to phillip. >> unfortunately they may be the reality for some news teams out there, but not this one. >> might be a fun game to play every once in a while. >> reality to people. >> playing with your job janessa's forecast is up next. up next, a fruit fight that is not from concentrate. pick th? great question, no. but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. can the hilton app help us score? you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi. can it help us win? hey, hey! we're all winners with the hilton
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♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ ♪all strength, no sweat the annual italian celebration, the battle of oranges, went on despite the fear of coronavirus. people wore orange and hit people with oranges from atop a truck. here's janessa she's back with a look ahead. good morning, everyone we're seeing plenty of sunshine for the pacific northwest. it's the rockies that's a different story. we do have a storm system that's making its way through it should ing brsunshine across
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in today's "top stories," a 5.7 earthquake has caused devastation at the border of iraq and turkey. more than a thousand buildings collapsed in turkey. rescue crews began searching for people travelled under rubble. officials say three of the nine people killed in turkey were children. barbara elaine smith known to the world as bea smith has died her husband announced on facebook that she died late saturday at their home on long island smith began her career as a mod
3:57 am
the 1960s, becoming one of the first african-american women on the cover of "mademoiselle". she later was on shoes they mourned smith's death with tributes on social media dead at the age of 70. a daredevil mike matt hughes has died attempting to launch into space the 64-year-old was apparently performing a stunt for an upcoming show called home made astronauts his rocket crashed in the nevada desert he's known for his homemade rockets and the belief that the earth is flat. when it comes to posting on tik tok, the taa has now been grounded they can no longer use it on their personal devices
3:58 am
it came after senator chuck schumer raised concerns about potential national security issues involving the china owned video app. he said given the widely reported threats, the feds can not continue to allow the use of the platform to fly. a couple in their 70s who vanished in the california woods oval entine's weekend have been found alive. they left their vacation cottaged a got lost on a hike. after nooerm a week of searching, volunteers heard the couple yelling for help and found them in a densely forested area they survived by drinking out of a puddle helicopter crews airlifted the couple to a hospital to be treated. turning to this story, dozens running through belgrade, braving the code wearing nothing but their undies and jogging shorts the half naked participants ran along the area here. this was part of the event it's the idea that encourages
3:59 am
serbia's youth to do sports. the event was organized by the belgrade racing club and it's the fourth of its kind they did it along the river in 46 degree weather. 46 is not bad.
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coronavirus having a global impact as the number of cases rises in more countries including italy and iran and here in the u.s. preparations are ramping up. this morning president trump is speaking before tens of thousands in india as he meets with the prime minister with a full agea ahead. after a trouncing in nevada the democratic field hopes to regain some steam in south carolina, following bernie sanders' domination in the desert a report this morning says queen elizabeth wants harry and meghan's departure from the royal family over and done with. and the streaming wars heat up with the highly anticipated


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