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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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coronavirus having a global impact as the number of cases rises in more countries including italy and iran and here in the u.s. preparations are ramping up. this morning president trump is speaking before tens of thousands in india as he meets with the prime minister with a full agea ahead. after a trouncing in nevada the democratic field hopes to regain some steam in south carolina, following bernie sanders' domination in the desert a report this morning says queen elizabeth wants harry and meghan's departure from the royal family over and done with. and the streaming wars heat up with the highly anticipated,
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high-priced "friends" reunion. "early today" starts right now good monday morning. i'm phillip mena >> good morning. i'm frances rivera cases of the deadly coronavirus continue to spike and not just in china there are now more than 77,000 cases of the virus detected in over 20 countries. chinese health officials are reporting 150 additional deaths and over 400 new cases but south korea, italy, and iran are also seeing the surging cases. south korea cases have surpassed 700, with seven deaths iran has 43 confirmed cases of the virus with eight deaths. and italy now has 152 cases including three deaths the continued spread of the virus is affecting everything from the economy to business and the fashion world. italian officials have cut short venice carnival events as they try to control the spread of the coronavirus in europe. in just one example of the extreme precautions fashion designer giorgio armani held his milan fashion week 2020 show in
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an empty theater, without any press or buyers, due to coronavirus concerns this as the virus rattles markets around the world the dow is set for a steep drop at the open. breaking news. india says namaste to president trump. massive crowds greeted the president as he arrived for his first trip to the country since taking office. he touched down just hours ago in ahmedabad, which is the largest city in prime minister modi's home state. he's there to speak before a raucous crowd 6 over 100,000 people at the world's largest cricket stadium. nbc's carol lee joining us from india with the latest. this seems to be more about pomp than policy.for a visit. all four of them have had run- ins with the law. deputy justin pl [ no audio ]n pl
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>> all right obviously having problems with our audio there. we apologize for that. we'll try to work that out and get carol back let's turn to the 2020 race. senator bernie sanders cementing his place as the democratic front-runner nbc news is projecting his victory in nevada, winning 17 delegates. and joe biden will be the only other candidate to reach the 15% threshold, likely earning seven delegates. meanwhile, nbc news has learned that carbiden is expected to get a coveted endorsement from south carolina congressman jim clyburn. this could give biden a huge advantage. >> reporter: they are still counting votes in nevada but we know the winner. senator bernie sanders getting launched out of this state building a machine to get south carolina which votes next and the super tuesday states which vote a few days after that sanders has a ton of momentum coming off his strong finishes in both new hampshire and nevada what was particularly notable about his finish here in nevada
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is that sanders proved something that his doubters had wondered all alodge, which is can he win over voters of color he was the winner among latino voters here in nevada. that bodes well for his campaign going forward. the other candidates had gotten a bit of a boost out of nevada at least as it appears so far, is joe biden he finished in a distant second place here but that's his best finish of any state so far and it matches up with his argument that he is also well positioned to try to win over minority voters in those other minority-heavy states that are going to vote over the next couple of weeks. he's rolling into south carolina dmou, trying to claim momentum there. that state has always been his firewall it's probably a must win for him now because he's got the same problem that pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren all now face too, which is they can compete one stay at a time but how do they scale up to run nationally on the scale bernie sanders is doing? we saw bernie sanders holding huge rallies in texas over the weekend, which votes on super
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tugs none of the other candidates can match his ability to be everywhere all of the time with money and manpower they've got to string together victories one at a time, hope they can compete nationally on super tuesday. the other x factor we're still watching are the two billionaires who have been silent in nevada, tom steyer spent more money here than any other candidate but got squashed essentially in nevada. he's playing heavily in south carolina as well he's been polling reasonably well there can he jefrnt anything in south carolina or is he just throwing good money after bad and then of course there's michael bloomberg who will be on the debate stage a second time coming up early next week. he's got to improve on his performance in the debate stage if he's going to remain credible but he's playing in all those super tuesday states as well while it won't be on the ballot in south carolina his performance on the debate stage could again shake up how we look at the super tuesday states, which will be make or break in this race. >> garrett thanks.
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all right. take two now we're going to go back out to india and nbc's carol lee with the very latest here so carol, what is the purport of the president's trip here? >> reporter: well, basically, he wants to highlight what he sees as a strong partnership he has with india, with particularly prime minister modi, and he's really hitting on all of those notes in his speech. he's talking about what a profound honor it is to speak in this stadium, which appears to be at capacity at 110,000 people it's a very raucous crowd. he's stressing the importance of the relationship, the friendship, the economic ties. india's economic potential defense cooperation. things like that but it's really just -- president modi has -- or prime minister modi has promised president trump a big spectacle. and he's getting it. when they took the stage it was a raucous crowd. there are men in the audience wearing hats that say namaste trump, similar to the make america great again hats that
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are such a signal of trump's campaign he arrived here and received a warm welcome with the red carpet and dancers and music and prime minister modi when he spoke really praised the president he called him a man who thinks big, he has big ideas, he lavished prize on first lady melania trump, on the president's children who were in the audience so it's really just about strengthening the friendship here and putting on a big display for president trump, and we expect that to continue toward the taj mahal soon and then he'll travel to new delhi where he'll spend the rest of the trip and have special meetings tomorrow. zplt two have really developed a special relationship over the years. carol lee from india this morning thank you so much. the mayor of new orleans has banned tandem parade floats for the remainder of this mardi gras after a man was run over and killed by a 345rd gra float in new orleans. the accident happened saturday
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evening during the krewe parade. officials believe the man was reaching for beads when he was hit by the tandem float and dragged underneath it's the city's second deadly mardi gras accident this year. when it comes to posting on tik tok the tsa has now. grounded the agency announced employees will no longer use tic tac on personal devices for tsa-related outreach the new policy came offer senator chuck schumer raised concerns about potential national issues involving the china-owned video app. the senator says given widely reported threads the feds cannot allow the use of the platform to fly. we're in the midst of the 2020 flu season and it's still going strong the cdc estimates that so far there have been at last 29 million flu illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 deaths from the flu. sadly those death numbers do include children the agency says a total of 105 children have died from influenza-associated illnesses according to the new report from the cdc, getting a child
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vaccinated reduces the risk of going to the doctor with flu by 55%. a verdict may be imminent in the trial of harvey weinstein. jury deliberations resume today. on friday jurors indicated they were deadlocked on two of the most serious counts against the former hollwoods mogul the predatory sexual assault charges involving "sopranos" actress annabella sciorra. the jury was unanimous on the other three cases involving jessica mann and miriam haley. weinstein has pleaded not guilty in the case. actor jussie smollett is scheduled to be back in a chicago courtroom today. the former "empire" star is being arraigned on new criminal charges for allegesly staging at tack on himself last year claiming he was the victim of a hate crime this after the original charges of disorderly conduct were dropped by the cook county state attorneys last month march in a surprise move. that prompted a investigation by a special prosecutor an 84-year-old banked the putt of a lifetime saturday. watch as she lined up the
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94-foot putt at the ole miss basketball game. we'll watch here there it is. and it goes right in there she nails it and the ole miss mascot is right there to congratulate her. she has reason to celebrate besides having an amazing putt she also won a 2020 nissan altima >> that is so incredible >> right even her form. >> yeah. she's got to be a golfer all right. nbc meteorologist janessa webb joining us >> starting off the week even though the weather is slightly hectic here, we have our next storm system that's brewing across the southern plains this is going to transition into our next winter storm across the upper mid-west into the midwest. and also some soaking rain still continues for parts of the deep south. about an inch for montgomery all the way into jackson this afternoon. because of our next snowmaker we could potentially new york cit
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well highs can't get much better than this we're back in the 60s. pretty spoiled by the 50s, but man, this is a good weather maker. we'll have more on this coming up >> that is eila reality slap inh face the bucks became the first team to secure a spot in the season's playoffs. this is the earliest the team has clinched in nba history. after two goalies were injured the carolina hurricanes were forced to play an emergency goalie zamboney driver david ayers, 42 years old, making his nhl debut. and he helped the team to victory. he blocked eight of ten shots on goal tyson fury beat deon the yay
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a montana state student pays tribute to kobe bryant as he nails that full court shot the student heaved the shot. nothing but net. the crowd went bonkers for the wildcat student. he ran across the court. you saw the flashback, 2 and 4 for kobe he also won over $11,000 for that >> what an amazing shot. it's hard enough to get the ball that far down the court. it has been a month now since that devastating chopper crash that killed lakers legend kobe bryant and his daughter gianna and today 20,000 mourners will be flooding the staples center in los angeles to say their final farewells during a public memorial nbc's steve patterson is here with the preview steve? >> reporter: yeah, phillip, in just a few hours downtown los angeles will be covered in purple and gold as fans come together to honor the memory of kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter gianna with a massive public memorial.
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20,000 ticket-holding mourners are expected to fill the streets near the staples center, the so-called house that kobe built. there screens around the arena will go dark while the immediate area will be gated off to ticket holders only more than 80,000 people applied to the ticket lottery. proceeds of course going to kobe's mamba foundation. the lapd obviously realizes that this is a huge moment of grieving and they are encouraging tributes and displays of mourning throughout the city, but they are also asking residents if you don't have a ticket do not go. security is expected to be very tight in and around the venue. the date here is of particular significance, 2-24-20. 2 was gianna's basketball number 24 is obviously the number that kobe wore on his back for so many years and 20, both being the number of years that kobe played as a laker and the length of his marriage to his wife, vanessa.
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this all of course comes in the midst of an investigation into the crash that killed bryant, his daughter and seven others. it was recently found that the pilot in that crash had violated federal flight rules in 2015 when he flew into busy air space near los angeles international airport after being told not to by air traffic control federal authorities have said, though, the incident was sort of a bunoff and it did not indicate a pattern of bad behavior. conclusions from the crash investigation are expected to take several more months and since the crash the city has been in this constant state of mourning an estimated 250,000 fans have come to the staples center in and around the area just to pay tribute over the past few weeks. kobe's celebration of life starts at 10:00 local time expected to last a few hours phillip? >> it still seems unreal steve, thank you still ahead, bieber does it again, climbing to the top of the charts
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tomtrump on the economy.ald his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. your flying eggs are pretty impressive, mr. egg man. but let's face it, you'll never catch me >> confident a fool's substitute for intelligence >> "sonic the hedgehog" held on to its number one spot at the box office, earning $26.3 million in its second weekend.
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not far behind in second place is "the call of the wild," which opened with $24.8 million followed by "harley quinn: birds of prey" with 7 million. justin bieber has done it again. the pop star scored his seventh number one album on the billboard 200 with his long-awaited album "changes. it's bieber's first album in four years and has become the third highest debut of 2020. legendary hollywood star kirk douglas leaves behind an incredible gift after passing. the actor reportedly left his $61 million fortune to charity douglas passed away earlier this month at the age of 103. according to the "daily mirror" he's leaving $50 million to the douglas foundation beneficiaries include st. qulaurns university, culver city's kirk douglas theater, and children's hospital of los angeles. his son michael was not a beneficiary. it seems even the queen is tired of this whole megxit situation. sources report that she just wants the whole ordeal over and done with. in a profile for "vanity fair"
4:21 am
sources close to the monarch say prince harry and meghan markle's decision to leave the royal family has been hurtful to queen elizabeth. the queen's reportedly been keen on getting their departure resolved because she sees it as damaging to the monarchy the couple is also abandoning their sussex royal brand and will step away from royal duties at the end of march. i thought it was over and done with when she decided all right -- >> there's a whole negotiation over the name and the branding and all that >> got to be a lot uglier than we even know janessa's forecast is up next >> plus some foul play in france the carnival goes to the birds ? great question, no. but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. can the hilton app help us score? you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi. can it help us win? hey, hey! we're all winners with the hilton price match guarantee, alright? man, you guys are adorable! alright, let's go lose this soccer game, come on! book with the hilton app.
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♪all strength, no sweat whoo whoo >> all right sounds like just a bunch of noise, right but that's a popular event at france's oldest carnival it's literally for the birds contestants in dunkirk faced off to perform their best seagull imitation. the seaside city has been holding that contest for the past eight years >> i feel for anyone who lives anywhere near that neighborhood. they showed up >> i'm there >> come on now >> that's kind of my event >> that's your vibe? all right. >> we'll see we're going to watch this storm threat across the south as the system makes its way up to the upper midwest by tuesday into wednesday afternoon. we'll be right back.
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but certain, today is one of dozens of inmates, baptized at the jail surveillance video captured the moment a uk driver made a dangerous u-turn onto a highway during rush hour the footage released by staffordshire police shows the truck driving the wrong way along an exit ramp before maneuvering straight into oncoming traffic according to police, nobody was injured. the truck driver was sentenced to six months in jail and prohibited from driving for 15 months >> safe to say that truck driver should have known better that's his job >> well, he's going to have six months to think about it >> learn from it, right? after saying good-bye more than a decade ago, some of your best friends are back. the cast of the mega popular tv show is coming together for a
4:27 am
special reunion episode. but the homecoming isn't cheap nbc's erin mclaughlin has more on their incredible payday as the streaming wars hit a new peak >> we were on a break! >> reporter: after over 15 years, the break is over the "friends" reunion is officially happening set to reunite for a one-off unscripted special part of the may launch of hbo max, a new streaming service from warner media. >> for the fans it should be the super bowl >> reporter: the special available along with the entire "friends" catalog. >> pivot pivot! >> reporter: warner media's pivot toward "friends" reportedly cost over $425 million to lure the library away from netflix for five years. a way to splurge in the so-called streaming wars with the classics going to the highest bidder nbc universal, the parent company of nbc news, starting a new streaming service called peacock, reportedly purchasing exclusive rights for "the
4:28 am
office" for over $500 million. >> i want people to be afraid of how much they love me. >> reporter: in addition to "friends" hbo max reportedly paid out $600 million for five years' worth of rights to "the big bang theory. netflix shelled out for "seinfeld" rights and "south park." >> i'm a bad man >> this is just an incredible time in the business of media and television there is so much changing consumer behavior. >> is this sustainable >> i think when it comes to determining winners and losers in this field it really will come down to the old maxim that people watch shows, they don't watch networks there's a lot of value on these older shows that everybody knows that can almost be comfort food for an audience. >> and what's more comfortable than familiar friends? erin mclaughlin, nbc news. >> i still don't know. >> of course you can still do it the old-fashioned way by watching network and watching us at this time in the morning. we sure appreciate it. >> streaming did change
4:29 am
everything syndication was always the goal when it comes to these sitcoms but 400, 500, 600 million dollars we're talking about for five-year deals. >> a lot of hours of tv. >> a lot of competition out there. >> we thank you for waking u
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i couldn't believe it. >> we have lost a family. >> right now at 4:30, a final farewell. the public memorial happening in hours for kobe bryant and ate others killed if a helicopter crash. we'll take you to the staples center with more on bryant's celebration of life. plus growing coronavirus concerns. the new cases in italy being reported emptying seat streets and the legal battle brewing in california over what is next for those quarantined. good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll get to the morning compute in just a bit. but first the forecast is kari. >> it looks


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