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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 25, 2020 11:00am-11:31am PST

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decisions to ruin somebody's life. >> and the people who are living near the accident scene are putting flowers down. and creek side school is where lana was this sixth grade and her older sister was in the eighth grade and we have spoken to the superintendent, and of course, they are in shock, and they have grief counselors not only in creekside, but other schools, because they say it is a tight knit community, and so we are waiting for the suspect joshua byrne of the hayward neighborhood and he does not live there in the neighborhood, but he was doing construction work and came down and hit lana and according to the chp now, it was hit-and-run and he is going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. i'm trying to see here, because it looks like they are about to bring him out, and he turned
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himself into the castro valley authorities this morning at 8:00 with his attorney present. chp said they knew in advance who he was based on the information that they had from the surveillance camera of the collision, but they were not putting that information out, because they did not want to do anything to spook him or have him not turn himself in, but they are glad that he turned himself in, and as i mentioned with the interview and the investigators, he did not answer any questions and it is a short interview, and you can see with the photo that they provided to us earlier, you saw him from the backside and joshua byrne with his hands cuffed. he has been arrested. right now, we are waiting for chp to come out and put him in the chp suv to take him to the hill over castro valley 580 to where he would be baooked into jail with these charges coming. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much.
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we will have more tonight at 5:00 as well. in the meantime, search for answers in the deadly tesla crash that killed a driver in mountainview. two years after the deadly accident, the national transportation safety board is talk about that crash and the role that tesla's self-driving technology might have played. >> and kris sanchez has been watching the hearings and what have you found out? >> well, it is a meeting that is under way, but it is scathing reports and criticism of tesla and the driver himself. that driver was killed when the tesla suv swerved into a median in mountain view in march of 2018 and then hit by two other cars, and the scene was devastating. the ntsb determined that the tesla was in the autopilot mode and the driver did not attempt to brake or steer to avoid that crash. the ntsb chairman says that the driver bears some
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responsibility, but so does tesla for implementing the technology while ignoring ntsb recommendations to prevent what they call the foreseeable misuses of the technology. >> when driving in the supposed self-driving mode, you can't sleep. you can't read a book. you can't watch a movie or a tv show. you can't text, and you can't play video game, and yet, that is precisely what we have found that this driver was doing. he was playing a video game on his smartphone when his car veered over into the median. >> now, after a different crash in 2017, the ntsb issued recommendations to six automakers requesting they respond within 90 days and it has been 891 days since, and tesla is the only manufacturer who did not respond at all. the ntsb also issued a call for companies to ban personal electronic devices while driving
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and specifically mentioning apple which is where the victim of the mountain view crash worked as an engineer. the chairman stressed more than once that there are no self-driving cars on the market, and you cannot buy one right now, and so if you have a self-driving car or auto assist, you have to be in control at all times, and the driver assist technology in tesla and other vehicles require the driver to be fully attentive and ready to take over the control at any time in case something goes wrong. marcus? >> thank you, kris. plo looking at the big board, you can see that the dow is down 734 point ashs on the investors are nervous about the coronavirus and how it could affect the markets. yesterday, we saw that the dow lost more than 1,000 points and the biggest single day drop since 2018. we are learning more about a chaotic scene in san francisco. police say it started when the driver of a white suv was driving recklessly in haight
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ashbury. the driver of the car is believed to be okay. and they say that the driver struck a building at the same time that someone called 911 about shots fired in the peaks area. >> they were driving on the streets back of me on crown terrace and they saw a car with a high rate of speed and the officer tried to get out of the way, and the car actually struck the police car. >> nobody was hurt and they were able to take the suspect into custody. there is concern about the coronavirus across the globe. doctors in croatia and austria and spain have confirmed the first cases. and now canary islands is on lockdown after one person tested
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positive and in iran, the border is to be sealed after deaths rose to more than 2,700 people who have die d in china. and now, there is a push to speed up the vaccine and protective equipment, and now a federal judge is going to order a hearing and to locate the quarantine for travis air force base to costa mesa. and now, a peek at san jose city and the bay, and the unseasonably warm weather is continuing throughout the bay. >> and kari hall is with us for the latest. >> yes, this is the sky ahead and the temperatures are well above normal and right now we are at 71 degrees in san jose. it is 68 in livermore and oakland is 63, and it is 70
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degrees in napa and given that the normal high temperature is 64 degrees in the south bay and it is warming up fast. we are right now 12 even 13 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. and so as we get ready to go out to lunch, a lot of the tree pollen is floating through the air, and now it is 28 days since we have had rain, and we haven't had anything to wash the pollen out of the air, and so we could set some records here. i will talk about that and how dry it has been and the sierra snow pac and how it is doing, coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. seven democrats are going to be taking the stage tonight in charleston making the final pitch on the national stage before the critical south carolina primary and next week big super tuesday votes. bernie sanders is leading joe biden according to latest marist poll, and that is within the
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poll's margin of error, and tom steyer could play spoiler. and 10 points ahead of the next closest to him, and also costing joe biden critical votes. here is andrea mitchell. >> reporter: bernie sanders is threatening to be the frontrunner and the candidate to beat in the debate tonight. >> we have the energy and the excitement that we need to create the largest voter turnout in the history of this country. >> reporter: both biden and buttigieg releasing ads against bernie sanders. >> i think it would be a good idea if president obama faced opposition. >> i did not give any consideration to run for president until november of
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2017. and the guns in rural states are different than urban states. >> reporter: and also critical of the praise of fidel castro's programs. >> when he came into program, you know what he did? he had a massive literacy program. >> reporter: sanders defending his position. >> i have been crystal clear about authoritarian regimes all over the world and cuba. and it is showing a tight race in south carolina and biden is leading sanders by four points within the margin of error, and biden is ahead of sanders and sanders has been catching up. >> south carolina is going to determine who is the next president of the united states is going to be. really are. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. >> and today in the bay is working two or maybe three jobs. and that is the bay area city ranked as one of the hardest working in the country.
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and whales are diniing off of te coast in years and why efforts to save them have stalled. >> we will be right back and here is our instagram show "synced in." and we will look at important ballot measures in 2020. guys, super tuesday is come up, and all this week, we are looking at boston measures and different cities that are on the ballot. this is the past that would add $148 to the property taxes each year over the next 20 years to improve parks and recreation areas and homeless shelters and protect storm drains. you can find more on the measures of the city and the site. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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>> an investigatety unit has learned that hundreds of whales have died off of the coast and many of them endangered. >> the explanation of the government plan to stall all because the government has reached out to the wrong people. and so it is killing whales at the highest levels at more than a decade. five years ago the federal government has started a voluntary slowdown of ten knots to protect whales, but we have learned that most of the vessels are not following it, and coast guard monitoring it found that the coast guard broke the speed limit 54% of the time, and the lack of the compliance is largely staying the same for three years. of the 74 shipping companies that sent the vessels into the bay in 2018, only 23% followed the requested speed limit. noaa is the federal agency in charge of the slowdown and says that one reason for the lack of
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cooperation is that they may not have contacted all of the right people of the shipping companies to educate them about the speed limit. but, remember, this policy has been in place for about five years. so, in so, noaa is reaching out with more information and hefty fines. and the slowdofor more informat to new at 11:00, women may want to ask for an mri at the next breast cancer screening a. new study found that the 10 minute mri is doing a good job of breast cancer. however, mri did lead to more
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false positive results. the medical association tracked 1,500 women using both a mri and a 3d mammogram. and now, juul is going to use a new vaporizer that is only going to unlock for users that are at least 21 years old and the device is tied to an app that requires an i.d. juul is going to ask for an application it must file to keep the products in the u.s. and now, today in making it in the bay, there are limiting housing developments fees which could add tens of thousands of dollars to the price. and the local governments use them to pay for roads and parks and yet lawmakers are not dec e deciding yet how that money is going to be replaced. a warehouse is to be renovated for homeless, and it
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is near bay christian school and highway. right now, there is more than 2,000 homeless people in contra costa county, and alameda county has four times that amount. a new distinction for san francisco and a new survey has named it america's hardest working city. >> and that is because people have to work two jobs to get by. anchorage, alaska, is the toughest spot, and freemont is four, and san jose is 40, and oakland is 49. wallet hub compared the hours worked and the unemployment rates of each city. and check this out, a live look at new orleans this morning where the party is in full swing, and people all over the world are gathering at the big easy to celebrate mardi gras, and we celebrate with the first toast to take off and the french quarter is filled with green, purple and gold, and the beads. fat tuesday celebration draws more than a million visitors every year, and for many, it is
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a time to indulge and overindulge before fasting for lent. >> we could make it to new orleans, but we are celebrating the mardi gras right here. take a look at meteorologist kari hall making some traditional king cakes for us, and trust us when we say that they are the king of our stomachs. >> and she is the queen of the newsroom. >> i had a couple of bites. >> and look at the map there. and certainly, the festive spirit. and you can tell her what you are planning to do to celebrate mardi gras on twitter, facebook and instagram. and she is there to give us a lot of information. c kari, you put your foot in it. >> and it is not hard, because i found a shortcut and i have been posting it on the social media. i also posted a live camera where you could watch mardi gras happening, and so marcus and laura, if you never been there, you can at least smell it. >> i hear it is very fragrant at the end of the day. >> you don't want to do that.
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>> yes. >> and we have fresh air here, and the temperatures are warming up, and as you are ready to head out to lunch, here is a live look outside to walnut creek, and we are enjoying the spring-like weather and the temperatures heading into the upper 70s for this afternoon, and up to 77 degrees between 3:00 and 4:00 and also starting to see some very warm weather, and that will possibly be near record highs today. we are going to see antioch reaching 75 degrees and napa 68 degrees in san francisco. and that live look in san francisco where we have 27 and now coming up on 28 days without some rain, and it looks likely that we are going to set a new record here for the driest february since 1864. we have been talking about that. we have also been keeping an eye on the sierra snow pack, and looking at squaw valley, there are still some places to get a fair amount of snow and especially for skiing.
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we are going to see as we are heading through the next several days more of the snow melting and maybe asking how we are doing here for the central sierra around the area of lake tahoe, and we are at 48% of the normal amount of snow that we will see at the point in statewide and less than 50%. and so as we are looking at what is coming our way, still fairly quiet out there, and we have seen a couple of weak in, and t one that could bring in sierra rain and snow, and it looks like the bay area is going to miss out on the chances, and you can see it here sunday into monday, and there is a very slight chance that we could see some activity there, and as we are going through the rest of the week, the temperatures are warming up, and we may be setting new records here, and especially on thursday as the forecast and the high temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s in a few spots. by friday, it is still warm and sunny, and we will see the changes heading in on saturday with the temperatures dipping
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and going from 76 friday to 65 degrees saturday, and a windy 61 degrees on sunday. so as you are making the weekend plans, head's up, it is not going to be as warm, and the gusty winds may have you running back inside for a little while. so we will keep an eye on that with more updates over the next several days. marcus and laura. >> yes, the top down and the hair up. well, you. >> and more coming up at midday. >> and the popular drink that sierra nevada is making. and two baby cheetahs are born for first time using in vitro fertilization. izzy gave birth to one male and female cub at the ohio columbus zoo. the scientists say it is a huge milestone to help save the cheetah population from extinction. we are back after the break. today on "california live," it is fat tuesday and malou is
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serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include tiredness, appetite loss, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are pregnant or nursing. my relentless reason: it's them. my choice with my doctor: it's verzenio. ask your doctor if everyday verzenio is right for your first treatment. new at 11:00 for you, a
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california brewing company is stepping out of the beer world for the first time. >> sierra nevada is planning to release its own brand of kombucha. the strange beast will have ginner and lemon and hibiscus along with the bright pink coloring. santa cruz is exp ected to be te first to get the new draft. >> i will take one. >> and we are also looking at nice warmer weather for the next few days. it has cooled down with the inland temperature, and gusty winds on sunday and as we check out san francisco, we are going from 72 thursday to 57 on sunday. and a big drop in temperatures and also a lot of the high winds on sunday expected. >> a teacher told me that when the winds are crazy, so are the kids. isn't that interesting?
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>> and the full moon, too. >> i will check it out this weekend. send them to uncle marcus' house. all right, we are leaving you with a live look at the mardi gras in new orleans. >> new orleans. wall street banks took advantage of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color.
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in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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>> right now on "california live," dani is diving into deliciousness. >> because dining should be a celebration. >> and malou is getting her mardi gras on, celebrating fat tuesday up in the bay. >> we are firing up some shrimp creole and hurricanes and fried alligator. >> and then ladies, is your hair falling out? we may have a fix just for you. plus, lisa is taking us to a luxury pop-up picnic that you have to see to believe. >> we are taking the concept of the picnic on the beach to the next level with the picnic collective. >> it is all happening right now on "california live."


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